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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 2, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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. bill: now on "chasing news" -- >> reporter: enter melania trump on the cover of the "new york post." menage a trump. you see melania topless basically girl on girl interaction. >> couldn't it be a false operation to distract away from what's been kind of a rough week. >> god bless you, and god bless america. >> came out of fire house and this car backed up and ran over him. they put the car in drive and ran over him a second time. reporter: his widow anita is devastated by the loss of her husband, she and her attorney believe they know exactly what
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happened. >> hard to believe the fire department would cover this up, that they would be living with a murderer. >> you don't mind if i announce your celebrity judges today, do you? >> check out what the auctioneers have skillwise as a celebrity judge. . >> how do you judge an auctioneer's contest? >> i -- >> the 2016 presidential campaign. almost like no other. front page of the new york post sibile, potentially the future first lady. what do you got? reporter: melania trump is one election away from being the first lady. does she have what it takes or does her body of work speak for itself? our most beloved first ladies include laura bush, barbara bush and michelle obama. the most arguable is running for president and made history simply for doing that. enter melania trump on the
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cover of the "new york post." menage a trump, and you see pictures of melania published in the french max magazine, now-defuncted in 1996. melania was 25 years old. three years before she met trump. there's been a huge reaction to the pictures. you see melania topless with another topless model, basically girl on girl interaction. you see nude pictures of melania, and a lot of the pictures weren't even published in the french magazine, they've been published now by the new york post. >> god bless you and god bless america. >> we all remember melania trump at the recent gop convention where she was ridiculed all over the internet for plagiarizing michelle obama's 2008 speech. now that the pictures have come out, what's the reaction? what impact will it have on trump's campaign and run for president? here's trump's reaction to the pictures coming out. melania is one of the most
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successful models and do many cover shoots. this was a picture taken for european magazine prior to my knowing melania. in europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common. i wanted to know what impact the nude pictures of melania trump will have on the conservative right on evangelical votes. >> they're looking for a moral compass, leaders that will be a good example for families, for their children, for future generations. i would say this would have a negative impact. >> she had a life before she ever thought she would be in a position to be a first lady so. you got to give her a break on that. >> i agree 100%. she was a model. carabrunei was married to the french premiere. if trump has problems, it's not with the first lady. she's a class act. he doesn't know what's going on in foreign policy. he has no idea if the russians are in or out of the ukraine,
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that's what you got to judge trump on, not his wife. his wife is great. >> cited material from melania from 1996. this is a great opportunity to know who melania is today and now. >> allow me to tap into conspiracy theorist, to distract away from what's been kind of a rough week for him. >> doesn't sound like conspiracy at all. everybody talks about in every election there is october surprise. what is it going to be? you drop a big bomb at the end. >> my question is, does hillary ask for equal time? wow! you don't want to see that. careful what you wish for. no. >> take a look at this video that was taken over the weekend of people forming a human chain to save this woman from massive flooding in ellicott city, maryland, gushing water. two people have died from the flooding, not involved in this video.
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came out of fire house, and he walked down to the sidewalk to get a ride from his friend, and this car that had been idling backed up and ran over him, and the witness said they heard this ungodly scream, but to make matters worse, they put the car in drive and ran over him a second time, and then heard a second scream and that was it. reporter: george was killed on march 6, 2015, in front of the place he loved the most. he was a firefighter for over 50 years at lincoln hose fire company's 4 fire house in somerville, new jersey. widow anita is devastated from the loss of her husband but more devastated no one has come forward in the killing of her husband, she and her attorney believe that the people from lincoln hose fire company know exactly what happened but they're
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protecting their own. she's filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the fire house but it's not about money. but to gather information on her husband's death. >> if anyone knows anything, please come forward because the hardest thing that i'm dealing with is how is this person who did this sleeping at night? how could you put your head on a pillow? how could you go around every day and lead your life because right now, my life and the life of my family is totally upside down. reporter: i asked anita's attorney, this is a civil wrongful death case, how is this not about money? >> our hope is that now is a lawsuit that has been filed, that we can subpoena witnesses to find out what they know. if they know something, they're going to be required to disclose that. that's the resource that police officers do not have. reporter: the somerset county prosecutor's office would not comment on the pending criminal investigation, if you know anything, please come
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forward. the family wants anyone with information to contact a law firm. there's a $15,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person responsible, and guys, you know i will certainly be there when this hits course. >> hard to believe that the fire department would cover this up, that they would be living with a murderer and covering this up. >> imagine losing one of your own. >> how about to protect your own life because of something dangerous. >> hard to tell, we're going to try to get to the bottom of it. there is a new prosecutor in somerset county, he's going to take a look at the havings. we might have news soon. >> nothing will bring george back, and i know that, but i really need justice. i need peace and i need closure.. bill: chasing a story, a case of mistaken address with a 911 operator leads police to the wrong house, an exchange of gunfire and a man is in the hospital. what do you got?
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reporter: i'm in camden, standing in front of cooper university hospital where gerald sykes is recovering from being shot by police in his home late friday evening. >> i was shocked, i never heard a thing about it. but i'm not surprised you wouldn't be hearing anything because the house sits so far back down a lane and it's back far. reporter: now the police were responding to a 911 hang-up call at location that they believe the call was traced to. later on it was discovered it was the wrong address. >> it's just a sad situation. i feel sorry for everybody involved. reporter: it happened in upper deerfield, and what we do know are a few details. here's what they are. just before midnight on friday evening, sykes wife heard her dog barking, she went down to the backyard sliding glass door with the shotgun. two new jersey state police
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were in the backyard, like i said, they were responding to a 911 hang-up call that, at that time, was believed to be traced to sykes' house. according to the new jersey attorney general's office. five shots were fired. four by one of the officers, one by sykes. he has been downgraded to stabile condition. now i called the new jersey state police and got a statement from them, they told me that the police officers are recovering from minor wounds and they're currently on administrative duty. >> you know, it's one of those thing, such a crazy circumstances that led to this. i talked to eric scott, the news director at new jersey 101.5 and says their source says it's likely sykes fired first. we don't know. the investigation will come through, and as the troopers came up announcing who they were. so it sounds like a horrible, unfortunate turn of events. >> you know what? this sounds like a bad
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situation, a bad misunderstanding, and it's a mistake on maybe both parts. >> this could have easily been a discussion of a dead home owner. ♪. reporter: politicians in trenton are at it again, there's another bill to raise the gas tax. i went to the morning radio show on 101.5 and talked to new jersey state senator mike dougherty and assemblyman don bramnick about the latest bill to raise new jersey's gas taxes 23 cents. the assemblyman voted for the gas tax but firmly against it now, at least this version. >> you're going to need governor christie to pass gas tax, and governor christie and i are on the same page with respect to a lesser substantial tax reductions, unless is tax fairness, we are not going to increase the gas
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tax, period. >> couple of candidates were surprised to find a carton of nuts with the top off and it turned out that the squirrel was taking the top off. look at this little guy. gets up in there, grabs a couple of nuts. delicious. >> packed and shipped personal care packages to u.s. deployed troops. >> here today with the new york society of auctioneers to raise money. how do you judge an auctioneers's contest? >> you don't mind if i announce the celebrity judges today, do you? >> woo! >> okay.. have a story we should know about? help us chase it down. >> hang on, hang on. >> by logging
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. >> what did you say? are you ready? you don't mind if i announce the celebrity judges today, do you? >> woo! >> jessica, you are a celebrity judge, and you took in some baseball for a good cause. what do you got. >> td bank stadium is known for minor league baseball team, the somerset patriots. ♪. >> however, the new jersey
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auctioneers and operation shoe box take center stage. i was alongside the auctioneers as they were doing their thing. >> whoops. >> yeah! >> i got to check out what the auctioneers have skillwise as a celebrity judge. >> what do you think of his style? >> operation shoe box packs and ships personal care packages to u.s.-deployed troops. a service which in the 1970s was created by sending shoe boxes to soldiers in vietnam. >> no kidding? >> we had about 400 people show up, and we packed 1200 personal care packages that will be shipped overseas and here with the new jersey state society of auctioneers to raise money to pay for the packages because it's very expensive proposition to get everything shipped overseas. >> met with the new jersey
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state society of auctioneers who gathered to compete in a traditional bid-calling contest. up for auction are several pieces of sports memorabilia and one hot ticket item was the only base you can't steal. >> the only base you can't steal. >> the first base bag. did you know that? >> eh. i learned it this morning. >> sold! $200! thank you so much. >> the top competitors had their chance to show off.. >> it's for a good cause, it's not about the competition, it's about the contributions to operation shoe box. >> it's all about the love for operation shoe box. you can't have a competition without judges so we gathered the best there was to offer, including me. are you judgeing? >> yeah. >> we, too. jessica, nice to meet you.
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i . >> what you're judging for today is an introduction of themselves. those that understand what they're selling and describe what they're selling and engage the crowd. and overall performance. >> i submitted my scores. i'm giving him an 8. then the winner was crowned. >> so second, ray came in second. [applause] >> i guess it's only fair, i believe his boss is the winner. joe wagner. >> we were fortunate to be part of a good cause, creating care packages for soldiers overseas. you can visit operation shoe box for more information. >> love operation shoe box. how do you judge an auctioneers's contest. >> i was an easy judge and
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gave them all 98's. the winner i gave to the outfits. these guys were such characters. that's a nice outfit. look at that suit. >> that's how the winner won? bill: guys, you heard me talk about this before with, almost a million law enforcement professionals in the country. tens of millions of interactions with the public, arrests and traffic stops and only a handful ever go awry, when you listen to the media, you might think that every interaction with police is bad. some of us have stepped up and said you know what? enough of the narrative, let's change it, one of the folks is mayor dave freed. thanks for coming on "chasing news." you are the mayor of robbinsville and you decided it's time to have something dedicated to the officers that keep your community safe. >> absolutely. wanted to change the tone, the sentiment that is incredibly negative and do something positive and talk about the positive things we're doing.
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bill: you want to introduce your officers? >> we have officer eddie vincent who works in the high school, and newly apoint lieutenant swanheart. >> good to have you. >> thank you. bill: how tough is it being a police officer these days? >> in today's climate, it's a lot harder. everybody loves to do the job, loss of the interaction with the public and helping out. sometimes it feeds into the negative stuff but we have a job to do and continue to do our job and enjoy it. bill: officer, what's it mean to you to have your civilian-elected leader make this grand gesture and say it's time we start recognizing what the cops are doing? >> been great, working with mayor freed and that's one of the things that's great is he's not afraid to speak his mind. >> what are you doing to help recognize the work that the men and women do? >> the one thing i tell people, if you can close your eyes and imagine what it would be like if you dialed 911 and no one came. these are the front line. they protect us from everything that can possibly
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go wrong. in robbinsville, we're putting cameras in every police car to protect the officers and the public. we make sure that we're focusing on training. we don't do everything right. when we do something wrong, we use the videos to make sure it doesn't happen again. we have a tremendous problem in this area with heroin. instead of arresting people and putting them in jail, we are arresting people for drugs and putting them in treatment promise as opposed to being incarcerated and having no opportunity to have a job when they come up. bill: what are you asking to do? put up blue lights. >> blue lights, law enforcement signs. one of the things is restaurants don't serve police officers. the it breaks my heart. i want them to appreciate us. bill: guys, thank you very much. >> east harlem is known for creativity and artwork. >> incredibly powerful for
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engaging community, connecting neighbors. >> we love engaging in the diaspora. >> i love learning about harlem like this.. a baby born with a tumor, now a
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. bill: coming up next, best proposal ever. >> on a scale of 1-10, i give this proposal a 2, and i say that's being generous. bill: it wasn't a
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. >> needs a home, he's up for adoption at the spca. i met him on the radio show on 101.5 this morning, bill, and i were having a segment offering up the callers, they all have a chance to win a dog. yeah, puppy giveaway! take me home! professional skydiver luke aikins doesn't use a parachute
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at 25,000 feet. he live streamed himself jumping out of a plane into a net a quarter of the size of a football field. now he's the first person to jump out of a plane without a parachute or wingsuit because who else would be crazy enough to do this? . on a scale of 1-10, i give this wedding proposal a 2, and i say that's being generous! this guy thought he was being creative. he had three queens cops pull him and his girlfriend over. they're looking like they're doing a drug and weapons search. when they pop open the trunk, there's flowers and balloons and the couple is engaged but the cops could be in trouble. this incident is now being investigated by the nypd. last time sergio and i chased the streets of harlem, we checked out a new trendy
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mexican restaurant called oso co-hosted by the son of alex trebek. we hit up east harlem known for latin flavors, and i'm telling sergio he better know how to speak spanish on the streets. >> do you? >> how do you say hello in spanish, start off slow. >> how do you say hello in spanish? como esta. no, hola! >> between fifth avenue and second avenue. reporter: jorge rodriguez who has many great works of art throughout east harlem showed a few of them. they are a great addition to the chaotic streets like lennox avenue and 106th. it is dedicated to preserving and promoting creativity and artwork throughout east
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harlem. >> the art is incredibly powerful for engaging community, connecting neighbors, making people aware of what kind of talent is thriving in east harlem. reporter: we checked out the marcus garvey park, and i got to say it should have the same acclaim as central park. it's massive. it has olympic size pool, and right there, we found more art, shakespeare in the park. ♪. >> you can be like the understudy. >> i could be the main part. cleopatra. watch out. >> it was purposeful to not only try to provide jobs for people of color, you know,
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back stage, on stage, our audiences are diverse. we love being able to produce things within a diverse diaspora. that's the core of who we are. reporter: bill, what we learned is art is an essential part of keeping the authenticity of harlem and also great for the local economy. bill: between your trips -- i'm learning more about harlem than i ever knew. what's the next one. reporter: the 125th street, the heart beat of harlem. bill: nicely done. reporter: saving sandy, a baby born with a tumor, now a parent's fight to save their little girl. could this miracle surgery save her life? next "chasing news." i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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