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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news
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at 11:00. construction worker caught in crossfire now fighting for his life. he was simply heading to a job when the bullets started flying in southwest philadelphia the this afternoon. witnesses describe a terrifying scene. good evening, i'm lucy noland. only on fox our dave schratwieser spoke to a co-worker standing feet away when his friend got shot. live now at penn presbyterian hospital. dave. >> reporter: lucy that worker was carrying some construction supplies down the block to a construction site on local street in southwest philadelphia when he walked right into a barrage of gunfire. >> sounded like a small caliber gun. >> reporter: it was just before 11:00 tuesday morning, ken was sitting on his front porch in the 800 block of cecil street. suddenly, gunfire rang out. >> pop pop pop pop pop. >> reporter: he quickly ran inside when the barrage of gunshots ended he peek out and saw 30-year-old construction worker harry bon notice et
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bleeding heavily. he was an innocent bystander caught in a hail of gunfire. >> he's a hard worker and he was trying to, you know, better himself, better his life. >> reporter: steven hassan is bono's co-worker they are rebuilding two homes on the block. >> you know an innocent man got caught in the crossfire just trying to do his job. >> reporter: police say the shots came from a passenger in a burgundy car that pulled on to the block and stopped in front of a home here. >> the man with the gun starts firing multiple times. we believe as many as eight shots are fired. >> he just what happened to make the neighborhood a better place. >> reporter: police say none of the intented targets were struck. no one else on the block was injured. tonight police continue to review surveillance video looking for that car and the suspects. lucy? >> all right, dave, hopefully they fine it. video we first showed you weeks back a man throwing a rock into the windshield of a coatesville police officer. but it's what the suspect's family just did that caught officers at the coats valleys department by surprise. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in coatesville with the
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unexpected gesture. chris? >> reporter: lucy, that's right. after police arreste arrested a 29-year-old man for hurling a rock at a coatesville police car, police never thought they'd see what happened next. the suspect's parents coming right here to the coatesville police department walking inside the station to say i'm sorry. when police arrested 29-year-old eric watson for tossing a rock into the windshield of a coatesville police car last month, police officers didn't expect an apology from the suspect's father and mother. >> she wanted to apologize for his conduct. she wanted that check on how the officer was doing that was -- ended up being injury. >> reporter: watson' watson'sesr a retired police officer blew from jamaica to coatesville simply to say sorry for what his son had done. his son suffers from psychological problems. then came to the apology letter he wrote thanking the officers for not using lethal force.
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>> being in law enforcement he understood the severity of the attack and he understood how bad it could have gone. had deadly force been used. >> reporter: now, watson remains at the chester county jail under $100,000 bail. he did ask a judge to be sent back to gentleman mica. he appears in court later this month. lucy? >> all right, thank you, chris. national night out nationwide which is why it's called national bringing police and the communities they serve together in westampton township, burlington county, folks had big fun at a block party along academy drive. officers and township officials and residents enjoyed free food and music, a car and truck show even fireworks tonight. most of all they got chance to just hang out and get to know one another. on to your weather authority looks like the rain is finally out of here. at least for few days much meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11:00. kathy. >> we'll take it lucy we deserve it. right now we're looking at dry
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conditions across the delaware valley and clear skies that is a welcomed change and refreshing breeze expected overnight tonight. your forecast, for tonight in the city 67. in the suburbs 62. almost sweater weather for the morning. by the afternoon 84. partly sunny and noticeably less humid and as we look ahead to your fox authority forecast for the extended period, take look at this. less humid for wednesday, thursday and friday. back to the 90s with some storms saturday, still dry for sunday, monday and tuesday. with high temperatures mainly in the 80s. coming up i'll tell you more about why we'll have this cool down and why august isn't going to be as hot as earlier this summer. lucy, back to you. >> i like that. thank you kathy. developing story a family is mourning the loss of a young woman killed by a hit-and-run driver while they plead for answers. that driver cut short the life of 27-year-old aubrey service last night in galloway township, n. she was crossing white horse
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pike at sixth avenue. she had the light, she was in the crosswalk. aubrey's mother says her daughter had battled addiction in her life but was on the road to recovery. she was headed in the right direction, you know, she was doing better than she had in the last, you know, couple of years. she was my baby. no matter how old she i look at her she was still my baby. >> police are searching for the driver if you know anything that can help give police call torments night proposal that could shut down a local fire department is drawing criticism from whole lot of folks and first responders to find themselves without job. let's get right to fox 29's shawnette wilson live in chester where the community just gathered. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy, residents here are extremely concerned. they're worried about emergency services. if one fire department shuts down, nearly two dozen jobs are eliminated this is what chester residents are worried would. whether they'll have the same fire department to respond to
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emergencies when they need them. the city has a $5.2 million deficit. and has hired financial consultants to come up with the recovery plan. itaipu concludes many things and concluding cuts to police and fire. jay gray a cheddar city firefighter one of dozens of people who spoke during the public portion of a presentation on the plan tonight. he says closing one of two fire departments and cutting 20 personnel is not the answer. >> if you're going to eliminate 30% of our firefighters, and what it seems not replace them, you're putting the citizens in jeopardy and our safety at risk. >> reporter: the firefighter union president offed to make changes to their pension and health care to avoid the cuts. and back here live, city officials say that this deficit will only get worse if they don't act fast. meanwhile council could vote on the plan by august 27th. lucy? >> thank you shawnette tonight you decide chris christie is no longer standing behind donald trump at least on one issue. the new jersey governor says trauma pops criticism of the of
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the parents of an american killed in ear vac not okay. >> you're not going to find me being crit old mr. or mrs. khan if i may disagree with anyone particular statement they might make, it's just inappropriate for us in this context to be criticizing them and i'm not going to participate in that. >> among the other gop politicians weighing in, pennsylvania senator pat toomey who calls trump's criticism inappropriate and has yet to endorse trump. the first catholic official in prison for trying to cover up priest sex abuse is out of prison. a judge granted monsignor william lynn a new trial after the pennsylvania supreme court throughout his conviction. 65-year-old endangered a boy by transferring a suspecte suspectd predator priest to his parish. the district attorney is vowing to retry lynn even though courts
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have overturn his conviction twice. a judge originally sentenced lynn to three to six years. he has served nearly three and he's due back in court on thursday. a final farewell to fallen hero gabriel lee philadelphia firefighter passed away on jul july 23rd while working his shift at engine 50 ladder 12 in north philadelphia. family, friends and hundreds of fellow firefighters attended his service today. it's not yet clear why exactly lee passed away but it is clear that he was a man respected by all who new him. >> he epitomize add good guy and what men should strive to be, you know, he was great family man. >> gabe had a habit of all doing the right things. >> lee was a 17 year veteran of the department. doctors are sending out new warning tonight about zika in the us and it's not just for people in florida. what they say women across the country need to do right now.
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and middle schoolers who are athletes trying to find out of gangs. the one question they asked that got them off the streets and no jobs. if you're about to brush and floss your teeth while getting ready for bed. we got a lot of something for you. flossing may not prevent gum disease nor cavities? what. so says a new report from the associated press that comes -- that's compiled from reports from more than two dozen studies. the evidence for flossing is weak and quote very unreliable. hmm.
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♪ wake up call hotel guests won't soon forget. early morning fire at a construction site in phoenix, arizona prompted the evacuation of that nearby hotel. the fire was growing and getting dangerously close. 94 people were staying in the hotel and crews got all of them out just in time. the flames ended up scorching the side of the building but no one is hurt. you see it, you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. all righty, dawn. what's going on tonight. >> lucy, take look at this video out of montgomery county. fresco user capturing this car fire in hatfield about 11:00 o'clock this morning. that's right. it was along ledge bethlehem pike. firefighters quickly arrived punt out the fire before it spread to the building and the
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good news, no one was hurt. in south philadelphia, sad situation police have to shoot a dog and kill it after they say it attacked a woman. it happened about 8:00 o'clock tonight. it was on the 1500 block of dickinson street. police say when they arrived on the scene, the woman was screaming and the dog was going after her. first responders took that woman to the hospital. it's not clear right now who owns the dog. and a water main break in havertown, delaware county, forced a road closure earlier today. fox 29 viewer brian pierce zen us this video showing the scene at burmont and glendale roads. luckily, no residents lost any water. you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it then make sure to use the fresco a and to sent it to our fox 29 newsroom. lucy. >> you can make bucks. >> absolutely. >> jeep grand cherokee parent company facing a lawsuit late star trek actor anton yelchin's family is suing fee at chrysler.
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they claim the gear selector played a role in their son's death. 27-year-old actor died when his jeep rolled down his driveway and crushed him. yelchin's parents filed a wrong fell death lawsuit in la. automaker recall the suv because it's gear shifter confused drivers which can make the car roll away unexpectedly. doctors sense of people have reported injuries. a recall tonight that could affect starbucks lovers. the coffee giant is recalling stainless steal beverage straws told sold between 2012 of june and june of 2016. after reports of children cutting their mouths on it. all about trying to get rid of plastics. starbucks sold 2.5 million of them in the us alone. the recall also includes a half million straws sold in canada. in your health tonight, right now on new jersey governor christie's desk legislation that would let doctors prescribe medical marijuana to treat people with post traumatic
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stress diss or. state lawmakers approve the bill yesterday. supporters say it had help veterans diagnosed with ptsd. it's already legal in new jersey to treat such things as terminal cancer with medical marijuana. zika is grabbing spotlight the cdc now strongly encouraging all pregnant women who have been to miami since june to get tested for the virus and if possible officials say stay away from the area if you're expecting. health officials say mosquitoes are transmitting the virus here in the us now. and that 15 cases are tied to a one square mile area in miami. the cdc despite aggressive straying mosquitoes showing up in pretty high numbers. >> what we've seen is continued mosquito acts have more larva mow skeet he is toes, more add dull mosquitoes and cases found in the community surveyed that the florida health department did. >> officials say the mosquito that can spread zika is now in 30 states. the symptoms of the virus are generally mild p the biggest
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known danger to pregnant women because zika of course is linked to birth defects. now in georgia, we have an inspiration story for if you night involving four teens who just want to work hard and stay out of trouble. these four middle schoolers say gang members have been trying to recruit them. the smart boys said no. instead decided to look for work make a little money. they asked a woman at the le grange housing authority to give them job. she did. on the spot. they now garden, help with chickens and pass out flyers. the teens are hoping others will follow in their footsteps. >> i wanted -- owe want job so -- >> i want everybody younger to look up to this and do the same like get jobs or play sports and not get in a gang. >> got superman t-shirt on and he is super. the teens will work until they go back to school and will continue to be a part of a leadership program in the community.
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great stuff that makes us smile. i think the weather will make lot of folks smile. what do you think, kathy. >> i'm so. it will be great couple of days to be outside. now take look at the high temperatures for today. you'll notice something we haven't seen much this summer, temperatures mainly in the 80s with some 70s. maybe early summer but not as of late. i want to show you the forecast again for the next five days. it's not going to be all that hot. the normal high 87 for this time of year. tomorrow 84. thursday 86. warming up for friday 89. the next chance of showers and thunderstorms will be saturday afternoon and into the evening for south jersey and delaware. we spike at 94. and then sunday back into the 80s. humidity is going to drop tomorrow. the reason why that is area of high pressure anchored off new england you can see the flow a round it is clockwise get northeasterly know. we see temperatures in the 80s with lower humidity. it's not going to stick around into the weekend, but we'll have it for a little while. dew point temperatures little sticky now in the 60s. fall to around 60 or even in the
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50s by late tomorrow and you can see that in the poconos. that's much more comfortable air. the reason we're going to be seeing a cooler august than june or july is it's just kind of that time of year historically jet stream that's farther to the north. this is typically the time of year that the upper level winds aren't quite as strong for severe storms. and you don't have that intense solar radiation at the surface and you have warm air a loft. so you don't have that instability. so not as hot this coming augu august. and fewer severe storms. i guess we can be thankful tore that. that's the very late latest from the weather center. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks so much kathy. this incredible cuteness has people talking to night. this morning on good day mike jerrick was talking about car seat safety good day -- so cute. good day producer tori williams brought in her son noah to help out it did not go well and fox's bret baier showed the world tonight on special reports. >> every car seat is different. some of them max out at
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40 pounds. some go even longer it's car seat specific. >> this is the best demo ever done on a morning television show. what a going on, tori? >> i don't know. i'm losing him. >> i'm driving, say bye. >> should you never drive standing? >> oh good. he never got in the seat. >> love it. you can join good day starting at 6:00 if you're up early. fox 29 morning news starts at 4:00. can you top that howard. >> a lot of people that top lot of things but i'll find something. social media has at times become a nasty and a mistake for some. another professional athlete looks foolish on social media. i will have comment about this idiot coming up next. ♪
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♪ the guy i'm about to talk about camera on his phone you didn't want to see it social media has his pluses but it has its minuses and those negatives jump out so much times with professional athletes. now the latest disgrace was with that dirty player from the golden state warriors dre money green. he's not the only one but he is he is the latest with stewed did the. we can run down a list of idiots on social media in the professional swords of sports world. lesean mccoy having an argument with the mother his baby one time on twitter. now that one comes to mind quickly. other athletes have lashed out at people. the public can get nasty on twitter and facebook as well. but the latest was dre mon green taking a picture of himself that private area below the belt, you understand what i'm talking about. now if this was tmz i would be a
11:25 pm
little more specific. but you got to wait a few minutes for tmz. but you know what i mean. and now we all know about it. by accident he said he put it on snap chat. now he said by accident. at first he said he was hack. they all say that. >> they always say that. >> then admitted he lied and it was supposed to be a private message. so many ways to send private messages other than social mode ya but that doesn't happen any more either. there are so many way social median can be problem and the public can be haters on twitter as well. burt too many don't use it for the good. there is one thing athletes especially should always remember. when you're about to put things out, sometimes thought really should be simple. don't press send. lucy? >> i agree. carlos danger was hack, too. >> zach efron has dating trouble. he says that when he signed up for tinder that might have been his first problem nobody swiped
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right for him because people thought it was a fake account. the actor's stars in neighbors two. he recently said in an interview that dating is something he'll never be able to do and that it's very hard for him to have normal dating life. someone just hit empire tar terrence howard with lawsuit. former management firm claims he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars because he breached a verbal contract. howard fired the firm but the suit claims it's entitled to 10% of his empire earnings a hot of money. no word from howard's reps so far. we got more entertainment news for you straight ahead on fox 29. howard talk about it tmz and then dish nation. then stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for your fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia" as well. sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning. i can take breath now. been talking a lot.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> god help anyone who tries to intermeddle with vanilla ice when he's in a fight with delta air lines. >> they did not call his flight and he missed it and the guy behind him goes, you have to watch the monitor, man. harvey: how improbable was it delta never called the flight? they will say first class now ready for boarding. >> you don't hear anything after that though. [laughter] >> donald trump, he was flying in virginia and he posted this photo of him eating k.f.c. and he's eating it with a knife and fork. it's so weird. >> it's because those small hands can't hold a chicken wing. [laughter] >> jojo fletcher, the bachelorette, she picked jordan rodgers. >> how are you feeling? >> so good!


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