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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 3, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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we begin with breaking news right now on fox 29. a carrie results into flames, how one police officer's quick thinking, may have saved the drivers life. and this: >> small caliber gun. >> an innocent bystander caught in a birrage of bullets in west philadelphia, only on fox, how the victim was trying to help the community before being caught in the crossfire. plus, a young woman loses her life walking in a crosswalk this morning, the search since for the driver who left her thereto die. and, a proposal that could leave some delaware county firefighters without a job. why the plan to shut down a fire station has a lot of people living in that area heated this morning. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 3rd, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. sue serio, let's turn right to
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you, and get a look at our weather on this wednesday. >> hi, lauren, i think you will like the number we chose today. it has been a while since we've had a ten. so let's get you one for today. thank you, we need more coy bells. yes, it is going to be ten worthy today. first of all we're cooler to start. so it feels nice out there this morning, 67 degrees. a 5-mile per hour breeze out of the northeast, 81% relative humidity, that will be going down throughout the day. sunrise at 6:02. look at mount pocono with only 60 degrees, 64 in allentown, 64 in lancaster, 68 in wilmington, we have couple of 70s in dover, and wildwood, that temperature will probably go down a little bit before we go back up again. dew points, this is the good part, now down into the lower 60s, 50's, in mount pocono with the lower dew points, feels a lot more comfortable today. so looking at a high temperature of 83 degrees, pretty nice day, lots of sunshine, drying out, with the humidity, and sunset time
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8:12. so, that's your mid week forecast. we're talking about the seven day coming up in just a moment. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, sue, we've got a hump day. 4:02, live look at some paving underway here, crews have been out and about along mcdade boulevard, all night long, down to one lane here. a lot of police and paving crews, and delaware county. no problems on the vine expressway. don't have any traffic, shutdown between broad street and the schuylkill expressway all part of the overnight construction, so again, if you are coming into or through the city with the vine expressway closed between the schuylkill and broad, until about 5:00, use anyone of the number streets. connect at spring garden, 30th, or at south street. and then watch for a traffic pattern shuffle here along route 202. they've been changing the patterns around, they were painting lines last night, between the west chester pike, all the way up to 401, again the same deal with the regional rails, make sure you get your p.m. rush hour tickets this morning so you're
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good to go for later on this afternoon. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. 4:03, to the breaking news out of the logan section of the city. officer saved a man's live, that man involved in a crash crash just moments before, steve keeley live near the scene, steve, what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: well, except for the sand in the middle of broad street, you wouldn't know anything even happened here at five minutes past midnight. you still see sands there as this car is driving over it, maybe hear some sound of shattered glass being driven on. you see the concrete median in the middle of broad street. we are right in front of the stinker lounge. that's where a man was driving a 2,008 dodge charger, at high rate of speed. police don't believe he was i am pardon, but something distracted him where he hit the median, then bounced off of it, and went flying north up toward two vehicles, a lincoln and a white van, and when he hit them his car went out of control and burst into flames, and a police on cute here had done paperwork at the 35th, headed back to where he
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works at the 39th district sees this car on fire, i first thought somebody ran after an accident. but he looks closer and he sees an unconscious guy slumped across the front seat. and he goes around the side, trying to get the guy out before the flames get more intense, they're getting more intense, he somehow unlocks the passenger door, afraid of hurting the guy even more but he has to get the guy out before he burns to death, pulls him out of the passenger side. at that point he pulls him out of the passenger side and immediately the car gets on fire fully. so, lauren, he saves the guy's life. the fire department come, puts the fire out. a private ambulance comes, takes him to einstein. >> this guy is in stable condition. everything is okay. they don't think the guy, again, drunk, just lost control, hit that median, people will sometimes see the median there, and sometimes they won't. that was the case maybe he was looking down, looking at his radio, who knows, but he is okay, he has to thank this officer, private ambulance crew, for saving his life. >> good news for us, thank
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you, steve keeley. also breaking overnight police say with the person is in the hospital after accident late last night. that's in prospect park. >> this video was taken by fresco user howard mccoy. the crash happened around 11:00 near the intersection of chester pike and route 420, we're not sure of the person's injuries at this hour. >> and police are investigate being late night shooting in cobbs creek there is happened just after 11:30, along south 54 street. we're told man in his 20's, shot multiple times in the legs and face, he was taken to pen presbyterian medical center and is in stable condition. no word yet if any arrests were made. only on fox, construction worker is fighting for his life this morning after being caught crossfire bullet. police say 30 year old construction worker harry was an innocent bystander in the shooting, it happened yesterday morning, along the 800 block of cecil street. investigators say the gunfire came from a passenger in a burgundy car that pull up in front of the house. steven has on said they were
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rebuilding two homes on the street and watched it all happen. >> he was hard worker. epp was trying to, you know, better himself, better hess life. >> i was 10 feet away from the shooter. i saw him get out. i duck behind my car. just trying to make a living who just takes a bullet to the leg. now, sitting in the hospital. >> harry was returned to pen presbyterian hospital. police now searching the area for surveillance video of the get-away car. >> a family is mourning the loss of a young woman killed by a hit-and-run driver, that driver ended 27 year old aubrey service's life monday night, galloway township new jersey, she was crossing white horse pike at sixth avenue. authorities have confirmed service had the light and was in the crosswalk. aubrey's mother said her daughter battled addiction in the past, but was on the road to recovery. >> she was headed in the right direction. you know, she was doing better than she had in the last, you know, couple of years.
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she was my baby, no matter how old she was, she was my baby. >> police are searching for the driver. if you know anything that could help, you are asked to call police. >> and police are on the hunt for the person who shot 26 year old cameron robertson several times in germantown. the deadly shooting happened in the 4500 block of germantown avenue earlier this week. right now, police say, there is no motive. if you have any information, give them a call. just tis city officials working on ways to cut the city deficit in a proposal which shutdown one of the area fire stations, dave kinchen live in chester this morning with some of the concerns people living there have. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you, a lot of controversy here, chester's proposal to cut down one fire station is all part of a plan to eliminate growing deficit of $5 million. but it is to had plans to shut down a fire station drawing the most fire from residents. there are two fire stations covering both ends of chester. we can tell you that city
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officials took heat from many residents in a packed city hall meeting over the proposal to close one of the stations and reduce its overall firefighters staffing. one of the variety of ways that the city trying to save finances, in a plan act act 47 drawn up by outside firm. the plan also recommends cutting the number of police officers in chester, given all of the violence a lot every people don't like that. of course it is the fire part that got blasted by most residents and a firefighter. >> if you are going to eliminate 30% of our firefighters, and to what seems not replace them, you are putting the system in jeopardy and our safety at risk? we cannot afford to shut a firehouse. we have old dwellings. they are match boxes. and whether or not you put the fire wall up through the roof, they are old match boxes, and they'll go up and if the response time is not short, we
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are going to lose lives. >> reporter: another idea is to close one fire department and open a new one in a central location in the city. that did not go over well either. meantime the firefighters union said it already agreed changes to things like pensions and healthcare, cannot only save money, in their view avoid cutting 20% in personnel. deficits here are nothing new, and they also say this is the fifth overall financial recovery plan the city has gone through in just years, lauren. >> still trying, dave kinchen, thank you so much. now to delaware where the death penalty law has been ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court yesterday. this all comes after the u.s. supreme court ruling earlier this year. a majority of the justices say delaware's laws violates the u.s. constitution, because it allows a judge to sentence a person to death independently of a jury's recommendation. first, catholic official imprisoned for trying to cover
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up sex abuse is a freeman. judge granted monsignor william lib a new trial, comes after the supreme court supreme court throughout his conviction, the first us roman catholic church official ever convicted of helping to shield child molesters, they say the six a year old endangered boy by transferring suspected preditor priest to his parish. district attorney is vowing to retry lynn even though his conviction has been overturned twice. >> this level of institutional sexual abuse, and the cover-up that ensued; something that the victims served just tis, people of the commonwealth choose to del into this. >> the da has been like this for a long, long time, to the extent that some of the material in his briefs have just been, you know, over the top, i think, inch accurate, and dishonest. >> has served nearly three years of his cyst tens. he is due back in court tomorrow. >> video after police cruiser under attack injuring one
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officer. and now, a surprising twist, what the suspect's family did that left the police department stunned. plus, president obama calling out donald trump as unprepared, and unfit, why the president is urging republicans to abandon the billionaire.
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what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ >> watching a disturbance south of jamaica, now tropical storm earl, storm with 60-mile
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per hour winds, and it is moving toward the west. so, it is near the honduras right now, and probably headed toward central america, the way it looks from this projection where the storm is headed t probably will also strengthen into a category one hurricane, before it makes landfall tomorrow, it looks like that will happen. so right now we couldn't be more tranquil here. we don't have anything to show you on radar. we have much cooler temperatures than we had yesterday. yesterday we were already in the mid to upper 70s, in many places, 67 degrees right now in philadelphia, 64 in lancaster, 60 in mount pocono, 68 degrees in wilmington, we are at 70 in dover, and wildwood. but checking those dew points, most of them are in the lower 60s now. we expect it to go down even more today. so that puts you in the muggy, comfortable range, only little muggy, pretty nice out there, 83 degrees should be our high temperature today, and eight a
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tomorrow. and another nice day on friday. although it does start to warm up a little bit by friday. and then we are talking about thunderstorms. next chance is on saturday. so three dry days in a row after we get rid of the storms on saturday, we have lovely day in store for sunday, and looks like that nice weather continues through the early part of next week. so, enjoy today, bob kelly, no chores required. >> hear that? can you sign a note for me? i need my note signed in order to go home with that comment. good morning, everybody, 4:15, hump day. crews are still out here. if you need a nice white stripe down the side of your car, go ahead and try it, cross the lines here, they've been line painting along 22 on the overnight between route 30, up through route 401. so, you see the blinking signs out there, also that stretch where they don't have the overhead street lamps, and getting ready to debut brand new traffic pattern, the gain after all of the pain here of
4:16 am
the construction zone, so any day now you'll see all three lanes available for that stretch of 202, for the gang from, say, malvern, the frazier interchange, all the way down to the 30 bypass. the ben franklin bridge looking good. no problems or delays at all on any of the area bridges, actually, still closed on the vine street expressway, that situation until about 5:00 between the schuylkill and broad street. and then later on tonight, we got a double bubble for you. we got the phillies, giants in south philly, josh grope end concert across the river over here in camden, so that's going to throw a lot of extra volume into our evening rush hour, then of course, an instant jam once both the game and the concert is over, later on this evening, into the nighttime. and if you are looking for that alternate, for the mass transit regional rail situation, again, the market frankford, broad street subway, they run trains every eight to ten minute, starting at 5:00 a.m. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, the dash cam video that stunned people across our area, a manna tacking a police cruiser sending the officer to
4:17 am
the hospital. now, a shocking twist, coming from the suspect's family, man identified as eric watson is seen on video toss ago rock into the windshield of a coatesville police car last month. one police detective was seriously injured with a broken sternum during the arrest. but what's more shocking for police is what happened next. a personal apology from the suspect's familiment watson's mother drove from north carolina and his father flew in from jamaica simply to say sorry. >> she wanted to apologize for his conduct, she wanted to check on how the offers he was doing, which ended up being injured. >> formal happen policy letter posted on the officer's website, it is with regret and admiration, written by eric watson, senior, he thanked the department for not using lethal force on his son, turns out watson's family has a long history of members serving in the military and law enforcement. they had not seen him in years until they saw news clips of
4:18 am
him last week. >> family, friends, and hundreds of fellow firefighters attended a service for fallen hero gabrielle lee. the philadelphia firefighter passed away on july 23rd while working his shift athen gin 50 ladder 12 in north philadelphia. it is not yet clear how lee passed away. but it is clear he was a manuel respected by all who knew him. >> he epitomized a good guy, and what men should strive to be. he was a great family man. he had a habit of always doing the right things. >> lee was a 17 year veteran of the department. let's talk politics, you decide. president obama urging the republicans to abandon trump insisting the gop nominee unfit for the most powerful job in the world. full story from the white house. >> unfit to serve as president, i said so last week, and he keep on proving
4:19 am
it. >> reporter: unfit. the president's remarks coming on the heals of the controversy surrounding trump's apparent criticism after gold star family. and comment he made expressing doubt about whether russian president vladmeere putin was ever authorized attack on neighboring ooh kreen, even though he already annexed back in 2014. >> the fact he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, in the middle east, in asia, means that he's willfully un prepared to do this job. >> the president even went a step further, urging leaders of the republican party to withdraw their backing from mr. trump eights candidacy. >> there has to comma point at which you say enough. and the alternative is that the entire party, the republican party, effectively
4:20 am
endorses and validates the positions that are articulated by mr. trump. >> trump immediately fired back in a statement he lumped the president and the democratic nominee's policies together, calling them obama-clinton. he criticized his rival says hillary clinton has proven herself unfit to serve, in any government office. adding, quote, we need change now. the president's sharp rebuke coming at white house press conference where he was joined by singapore's prime minister. at least 1gop congressman is heeding the president's plea to dump trump. his name is richards hanna, 56 years old, congressman from up-state new york, and he is retiring at the end of this term, but he says he will not throw his support behind the billionaire, and he said he will support hillary clinton. at the white house, kevin cork, fox news. >> well, one every donald trump's most vocal supporters is speaking out this morning, yvonne a trump coming to the defense of her father. she is responding to the president's comment,
4:21 am
criticizing her dad. >> i clearly disagree. i think he would be an excellent president, my father has built an enormous business. what does this country need? it needs jobs. he understands that. he under stands how to create that because he has created them, he understands how to maintain them because he has maintained them. he under stands how to put this count troy work. i think that makes him very qualified. >> donald trump set to appear at two rallies today, one in daytona beach, nun jacksonville. coming up next on fox 29 morning news, the if phil east made easy win into very difficult game against the giant. howards has a look at the wild highlight coming up in sport in one minute. but first, your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. this blew a six-nothing lead. here, in the eighth, tide eight-l, after they blew the lead, and aaron, had homerun earlier, five rbi's on the night, phillies win it over san francisco, the score there, 13 to eight. the eagles are eight days away from their first pre-season game. one player that they expect a lot from this year, would be linebacker jordan hicks. he played well, last year, in his rookie year, until he got
4:25 am
hurt in game ten. >> having a year under your belt, kind of getting a feel for everything, still with some changes, you know, changes in new defense, offense, everything. bridges a lit bit of new necessary to it, but the difference in, you know, ability to just go out there, stay calm, and keep your head cool is a lot better. >> oh, the phillies play again tonight against san francisco, don't expect. >> that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> the home plate umpire stopped the phillies game last night to eject a heckling fan. this all went down in the sixth inning. if you listen closely, you might be able to hear the guy yelling something about 69th street in upper darby. >> good luck hitting that pitch. you know, you got baumgartner up there, and he walks the pitcher, i don't care if it is baumgartner, good pitcher. bob david i had son is here from the giant dugout.
4:26 am
oh, no. he is actually going to eject a fan. who saw that happen? >> did you hear that, get that guy out of here. security guard quickly came and escorted the fan out of the ballpark, the phillies said the fan wasn't formally ejected but left on his own after he was confronted by security. okay, we now know what team usa will be wearing at the opening ceremony on friday for the olympics, but the uniforms are being criticized. some people think they represent another team entirely, navy blue blazers by ralph lauren, says the uniforms feature all american power of red, white and blue, but the team shirt has sparked a lot of comparison to the russian flag on social media so here is a side by side of the shirt and the russian flag will just leave this here for you to be the judge. all right, 4:26. let's turn things over to steve keeley following breaking news this morning, good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: the breaking part
4:27 am
is over, lauren, broad street reopens in dark, but it was very lit by flames, and shutdown for few hours overnight. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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a car goes up in flames moments after a man is pulled from inside. who was in the right place at the right time to rescue that driver? and proposal that could leave some delaware county firefighters without a job. why the plan to shut down the fire station has a lot of people living in that area upset and speaking out. >> plus, new information as government officials are warning pregnant women against traveling to certain areas of florida, affected by the latest cases of the zika virus. good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 3rd, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. sue serio, i have to tell you, yesterday was casino of perfect, because i like the breeze and the sun was hiding. >> right, that was from the beginning of the change now i bet you felt the difference, a lot keel out there, 67 degrees, instead of the mid 70s, where we were at this time yesterday. 81% relative humidity, but the wind coming out of the northeast, so we will see some clouds today. and temperatures are mostly in the 60s everywhere else, 70 in wildwood and dover. with clouds cleared eventually
4:31 am
yesterday, and we got up to 84 degrees, below the average high of 87. and we're going to 83 today, with mostly sunny skies, and our favorite words in the summertime specially in august, less humid. so, it will be a lot more comfortable than it was yesterday and yesterday wasn't that bad, get to 83 degrees today, of course the weekends, coming before you know it we'll talk about in a forecast coming up in just a few minute, here comes bob kelly. >> hustle on over there, good morning, everybody, 4:31, this wednesday morning, hello depford, new jersey, live look at the freeway, headlights coming in, no problems at the moment. you still have the work cute/there along 29a working out here along mcdade boulevard, all part of paving operation. so watch yourself the first ones out of the gate this early this morning, seeing some of the leftovers from the work crews, vine expressway still closed between the schuylkill, and broad street, until about 5:00.
4:32 am
you jump off at south 30th, or spring garden, you can use anyone of the other number street. also line painting here along route 202, we get ready for a new traffic pattern, between boot road, and malvern, and then, make sure to grab your evening rush hour passes, so you're good to go for later on tonight, on the regional rails. lauren, back over to you. >> thank you so much. following breaking news at 4:32 this morning, it is out of the logan section of the city. man in critical condition after officer rushes to save his life when he crashes in a car. steve keeley is live near the scene with the details. hi, steve. >> right on the main drag, thank god, officer on duty just got down filing paperwork at the 30th district on the way back to the 39th, driving down broad street at midnight, sees 2008 dodge charger, on fire, and thinks somebody must have crashed and left it to burn. >> fire growing, officer ran
4:33 am
around to the passenger side, because the passenger door window was down. he reached inside, unlocked the car, opened the door, and pulled the 47 year old driver who was still unconscious, pulled him out of the vehicle. >> the car then became fully engulfed in flames. the fire department paramedics pulled up on the scene and were able to revive the 47 year old operator. >> now, first glance, he didn't see the driver, because the guy was slumped across the street, across the seats, in the front, lauren, unconscious. gets the guy in the nick of time. the guy not under the influence of anything, just flying down broad street, speeding, and hitting the median, and then hitting a couple of cars, and losing control, and the 2008 dodge charger one of the fastest cars on the road on fire. criticized for taking lives during this country, this is a cop that saved a life, that they do every day, and doesn't often make the news, but it does here. lauren?
4:34 am
>> right place, right time, steve keeley, thanks so much. >> also, a story we're following from overnight, police say one person in the hospital after an accident late last night in prospect park. the video was taken by fresco user howard mccoy. police say the crash happened around 11:00 near the intersection of chester pike and route 420, we're not sure that far person's injuries at this hour. >> and, police are investigating a late night shooting in cobbs creek, happened just after 11:30, along south 54th street. we're told a man in his 20's was shot multiple times, in the legs, and face, he was taken to penn presbyterian medical center, and is in stable condition. no word yet in any arrests were made. >> in south philadelphia, police shot and kill a dog after they say it attacked a woman. it happened last night, on the 1500 block of dickinson street. police say when they arrived at that scene, a woman was screaming, the dog was after her. first responders took that woman to the hospital. it is not clear who owns that dog. >> from delaware county firefighters could soon be out after job. it is just one of the ways
4:35 am
chester city is considering trying to cut costs. dave kinchen live in chester this morning, with the plans to potentially shutdown a fire station, dave? >> reporter: yes, bit concerning here, chester trying to eliminate a growing $5 million deficit, and one plan is drawing plenty of fire from resident, there are two fire stations covering both ends of chester, city officials took a lot of heat from resident, in a packed city hall meeting over proposal to close one of the fire stations, and reduce its firefighters staffing. it is one of the variety of ways to save finances, in a plan called act 47 drawn up by outside firm. the plan also recommends cutting the number of police in chester, but it is the fire part that got blasted by most residents and a firefighter. >> reporter: i'm telling you right now, i don't care what you got to do in your budget it, ain't going no where, neither is the police department, any of our officers and risk their lives every day are headed into. you cut them out, they're going to be hurting just like the city is. >> i will tell you
4:36 am
specifically and we can proof it that the chester fire department's response from dispatch to your front door is under four minute. i defy anybody's fire department to make that kind of response. i live on the west end of the city. >> reporter: another idea is to close one fire department and open a new one in a central location in the city, that idea didn't go over too well either. mean team the firefighters union agrees to pensions, healthcare, to save month n a interview, to avoid cutting money and personnel. >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. dozen young girls kept inside a bucks county home, authority say, traded for financial help, now the case against the three people authorities say are involved is headed to trial. yesterday a judge ordered the girl's parent and another man to stand trial. prosecutors say daniel savilla gave their 14 year old daughter to lee kaplan in exchange for financial help. authorities say kaplan, who was in nice err ville,
4:37 am
admitted he impregnated the older girl twice. several other girls were also the daughters, the couple faces endangerment, charged him with sexual assault, all face a rain until the september. >> 4:37. coming up new information on the zika virus, government officials are warning pregnant women against traveling to certain areas of florida. light & fit greek crunch yogurt
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>> the way to protect the public from the virus, not working. here's fox news correspondent, phil keating to explain. >> in some every miami's trends yes, sir neighborhoods, the center for disease control is now strongly encouraging all pregnant woman, who visited here, since mid-june, to get tested for the zika virus, and in a historic move, the cdc is advising all pregnant women to stay away, total of 15 locally transmitted cases are all tied to this one square mile area north of downtown which cons tapes the wynnewood arts district mid town and edgewater. also under investigation, whether this mosquito is resistant to the pesticide being used. breath of spring has so far failed to sling the local population. what we've seen is continued mosquito activities, more larvae mosquitos, more adult
4:41 am
mosquitos. >> one of the 15 new cases of zika from domestic mosquito, his daughter said he only found out by getting tested. >> he's all right. he didn't feel no nothing. no fever, he didn't have nothing. >> the most pressing concern is for pregnant women, because the zika virus can lead to severe birth defect. >> we recommend that if you're pregnant, or thinking about being pregnant, go talk to your ob/gyn. >> florida governor and health department have sent additional personnel to spray for the mosquitos, cdc now has emergency response team on the ground. >> i worry about it. >> which mayor carlos has welcomed. >> i worry about it, taking all precautions necessary to make sure it doesn't turn into an epidemic. >> at this point, the florida department of health is not yet ricker every ob/gyn to automatically test every pregnant patient, for zika, especially, in the first and second trimester. as it stands, a pregnant woman has to make that request herself.
4:42 am
and, of the nearly 400 confirmed zika cases in florida, almost all of them traveled related, 55 of them involve pregnant women. in miami, phil keating, fox news. >> coming up next: on fox 29, morning news, we have a question for you. would you buy furniture designed by kanye west? the one furniture giant saying thanks, kanye, but no thanks.
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>> fishing on the jersey shore, boys made wild catch, a camera caught it all. fox 29's viewer, hanna kenny captured this video of the boys reeling in a shark at ventnor city beach. the boys were on a pier peer when they hooked a shark few hundred yards off the shore. it was quite a show, dozen every people standing around there. the boys did release it back into the water, it was able to swim safely away. >> what a cool story to go back and tell everybody when you go back to school. >> indeed it is, except we're getting in the water, and there there's a shark in there. but we kind of new that anyway, didn't we? anyway, watching there disturbance, which is now tropical storm earl, and it is just off the uketon peninsula here, of mexico, and it looks
4:46 am
like it will probably make landfall late tonight or tomorrow. as a category one hurricane, it has 60-mile per hour winds, right now, right now we don't have anything to show in you our area on ultimate doppler radar. just a little bit of rain in virginia, that's the closest we can find, that's a god thing, because we are planning on pretty decent day and what a night we'll have at the ballpark. how about last night? slug fest, when the phillies won, and hopefully they'll beat the giants again tonight. about 76 degrees, at game time, a lovely night, no rain, low humidity, and enjoy it if you have tickets to the game at citizens bank park tonight. temperatures, right now, a lot cooler than they were yesterday at this time. 65 degrees, in reading, 64 lancaster, 59 mount pocono, 70 down in wildwood. was there -- it was very muggy yesterday. not so much now, with these low 60s dew point, kind of inching into the comfortable range, when we look at dew point, and relative humidity. so, last week at this time, we were still in the midst of that seven day heatwave.
4:47 am
this week, it has been a little bit better. at least since sunday whether we got to 90 degrees. eighty-four on tuesday, the average high is 87. we will still be below average today. right around that, on thursday, on friday, saturday's hi, 90, right before the thunderstorms hit with a cold front. but that will clear everything out for a nice day on sunday. so, for outdoor plans, if you have a choice, the better weather day of the weekend is sunday. and quick look at the shore temperatures, we do have a sea breeze in store that coastal breeze for today, tomorrow, and on friday, as well. so, very refreshing, cooler by a mile, as they say in avalon, bob kelly. >> does your minds go to a drink when she says sea breeze? >> i know, that's what i'm thinking, too. >> 4:47. good morning, everybody, on a wednesday, and already about a half hour delay on septa's airport regional rail line. so if you are using the line to get down to the airport, just be where that first train running with some delays before 30 minutes,
4:48 am
philadelphia international airport itself off to good start this morning, and here is the latest again on the regional rails. same deal, want to make sure you get your p.m. rush hour ticket this morning. so that you don't have to stand in that line. the bottom line is they are now collecting tickets, leaving center city, for the evening rush hours, and they're collecting those tickets at the top of the platform. so if you want to go for the monthly pass, grab that, if you are doing a daily pass, you get the return trip when you purchase the pass in the morning. the market frankford, the broad street subway, still your two big work horses, and they're running trains every eight to ten minute, back to that free parking at nova care, in south philly, to gain access to the subway, and the frankford transportation center will give you access there to the market frankford line. the vine street expressway still closed, maybe another ten minute or so here, between the schuylkill and broad street. all part of that overnight construction, a live look at route 202, where again, they've been painting some lines all night long from about route 30, the bypass, here, all the way up into
4:49 am
route 401ment look out, the blinking lights andrews are still out there, again, until about 5:00, 5:15. otherwise off to good start, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much t seems not only did hillary clinton get a boost in the polls at the democratic convention last week, she also started increasing donations, for the month of july democratic presidential candidate raised nearly $90 million, as for donald trump, he raised about $35 million last month. and speaking of trump he is refusing to back house speaker paul ryan in his upcoming primary election, trump also said he is not supporting senator john mccain in his primary in arizona paul ryan is now saying he never asked for trump's endorsement, mccain has been a very vocal kit critic of trump but said he still plans to vote for him. >> the first lady's dress at state dinner last night is drawing rave reviews this morning, michelle obama wore a striking white dress to the black tie dinner for the prime minister. the dress was designed by lady gaga stylist, brandon maxwell, he also dressed his red carpet
4:50 am
stars of gwyneth paltrow, kristin wig, this is the obama's 12th state dinner. >> star track actor antoine's parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against fiat chrysler, the legal action comes less than two month after he was killed by his own karat his california home. fiat chrysler recalled the 2015 grand cherokee back in april because the gear shift was confusing to drivers. apparently he believed his suv was in park when he stepped out of the vehicle, but it instead rolled backward and pinned him against his home. the security there, parent, say not about the money but hope the lawsuit will save others lives. >> against nature when the parents bury its own child. this was a hope that this lawsuit our family never goes through the same hell we're going through right now. >> fiat chrysler says it
4:51 am
extends its sympathy to the family but can't comment on the lawsuit at this time. >> would you buy furniture designed by kanye west? the music icon recently expressed his desire to work with ikea designing furniture, kanye told bbc radio one, yo, ikea, allow kanye to create the swedish furniture giant, initially turned down the offer to collaborate, but they could be having a change of heart. late last night, ikea australia posted this on facebook, a design for an oversized bed with a caption, hey, kanye, we love to see what you create. we could make you famous. the bed a reference to west's video for his song famous which showed him in a large bed, with a number of celebrities. there is still no official word that a collaboration will indeed happen. >> coming up in the next hour of fox 29 morning news, vice president joe biden going above and beyond to make one couple's dream wedding come troop. the precious details later in the show. how can this have been washed 12 weeks ago and still smell
4:52 am
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>> 4:54, let's look at your hot headlines buzzing on line and social media. fall out over donald trump's criticism after gold star family continues, new jersey governor chris christie now addressing the controversy, it started after kahn gave emotional tribute to his son at the dnc, also mentioned his criticism of donald trump. >> finds me being critical of
4:55 am
mr. and mrs. kahn, even if i made this agreement anyone particular statement, they might make. just inch appropriate for just this context to be criticizing them. i won't participate in that. >> among the other gop politicians weighing in on the feud, pennsylvania senator pam too many i who also called trump's criticism inapropriate. the combined university of penn presbyterian medical center ranks as the best hospital in pennsylvania ankle monday the top ten in the nation. that's according to the new us news and world reports annual best hospital ranking. the children's hospital of philadelphia, ranked as the second best children's hospital in the nation. atlanta care regional medical center and virtual voorhees among the best in new jersey. speaking of new jersey man there is taking pokemon go, going all the way to federal court, to keep players away from his house. the west orange man says at least five people have knock on his door asking to get into his backyard to catch a
4:56 am
pokemon placed there virtually by the game man. filed lawsuit in california against the game's maker, nintendo and the pokemon company. >> bad news fresh prince every bellaire fans, we do not, we repeat, do not look for a revival of the 90s show any time soon. according to will smith, his rain as fresh prince every bellaire, ended along with series finale 20 years ago, in a interview the actor recently shot down the possibility of returning for a reboot of the popular citcom. >> a new proposal could leave some delaware county firefighters without a job. let's turn it over to dave kinchen, good morning to you. >> good morning to up, a effort to reduce deficit here in chester, but inch creeps dollars response time to getting to fires putting safety at risk. we'll hear from residents after the break.
4:57 am
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>> develop right now fox 29 morning news, carrie runts into flames, how one police officer's quick thinking may have saved the drivers life. and then? >> an innocent bystander caught in a birrage every bullets, in southwest philadelphia, only on fox, how the victim was trying to help the community before he was caught in the crossfire. >> and a young woman loses her life walk nag crosswalk. this morning, the search continues for the driver who
5:00 am
left her thereto die. >> and, a proposal that could leave from delaware county firefighters without a job. why the plan to shut down a fire station has a lot of people living in the area heated there morning. good day, wednesday, august 3rd, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. the rest every us are here. let's start things wolf sue serio with a look at your wednesday forecast, hi, sue. >> hi, not the number that i think you will like for today. been a while since we could say low humidity. so we go with a ten out every ten in your weather by the numbers. bus stop buddy decide to go camping today off to pleasant start with temperatures in the 60s, mostly 60s, hardly any 70s, so grab that sunscreen, since it is okay to go outdoors, it is not too humid out there. right now at 81%, but will go down that relative humidity throughout the day. sunrise 6:02. and here is your planner for the day with clear sky, cooler start, we will be close to 80 degrees, by lunchtime, with plenty of


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