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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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close. who the owner is blaming to night. a local little league tribute to fallen officers. what they did in their championship game that inspired the team to victory. your news is next. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons...
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took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. grainy image what police are using to track down the teen who's targeted and humiliated a little boy at a local play ground. the 11-year-old was just playing basketball when the older boys started chasing him. what happened when they caught him is -- infuriating. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm dawn timmeney. iain is off tonight. the attack has parents very concerned tonight. fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke to police and local families. dave is live at police headquarters tonight for us. dave? >> reporter: dawn, this crime sent a shock wave through the community around the olney rec center tonight. parents and
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police calling it despicable and hoping the public will help investigators identify the teenaged suspects. leonard lucas took his family to play ball at the olney rec center wednesday night disturbed to find out that an 11-year-old boy playing hoops here had been chased from the courts by teenagers, stripped naked at gun point in nearby alley and beat beaten. >> i think it's terrible. one, where are the parents? you see i have my crew. where are their parents at? >> to be 11 and have to go through that, you know, it's not right. >> reporter: police released a photo of one of the four teens they believe chased the young boy from the rec center courts to this alley off a street. detectives pulled a gun and hoarded him to take his clothes off here. took a picture of him with an iphone and then beat him. >> ridiculous. despicable. >> reporter: philadelphia's top cop had strong words for at tack he noted the suspects were just 14 or 15 years old. his thoughts are with the 11 year old. >> he must have been in absolute
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fear, and for that, you know, my heart goes out to him and his parents. >> to hear something about that is bad. >> reporter: darnell lee took his son to his first football practice at the rec center wednesday night much he's making sure his son is safe when he comes to play here. >> we all bring our kids here in a safe environment, you know, thinking everything is safe to play football and basketball. >> reporter: police patrols have been stepped up since the attack on july 12th. detectives are hoping the public takes a good look at this photo and helps identify the teens responsible for the crime. >> also, where did that gun come from? these are still kids. >> what 11-year-old wants to come to playground haven't to go through that. >> reporter: now the young victim was not seriously injured. to night special victims detectives continue to review surveillance video from the rec center hoping to identify those suspects and make arrests. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. another atlantic city casino is preparing to shut its doors just months after getting a new owner comes the announcement
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trauma much taj mahal will close after labor day. in a statement trop can neighborhood taken many which manages the taj mal had a hal says it's losing millions per months and sees no path to profitability. the company says a worker strike by members of the unite here local 54 was part of the decision to close. the workers walked off the job 35 days ago over health insurance and a pension benefits dispute. workers say they will hold firm with their demands even with news of plans to close. >> from here, we take it day by day. we stay on strike until -- until it's either we come to some type of settlement or the place is closed down. >> top of ma hal will be the fifth casino to close down in atlantic city since 2014. it's been a fixture on the boardwalk for 26 years. republican presidential nominee trump opened the casino in 1990 but another billionaire eventually bought it carl ican
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trump once owned the taj but cut most ties with the city by 2009. trump kept a 10% stake in return for the use of his name but a bankruptcy court wiped that away when carl i cancan took over in march. >> what commuters are rely on septa regional rail have been waiting to hear. today septa announced when riders will see its silver liner five cars return safely to the tracks. the agency removed a third of its cars off the rails after engineers found structural defects. fox 29ss chris oh he connell is live with a plan to get things back to normal. chris. >> reporter: thousand dollars of thousands of regional rail commuter were going to wait a little longer ride on few more crowd every crowded trains at least for a couple more months before regular rail service is back to normal. >> we're going to work, you know, as hard as we can to get the cars back. >> reporter: septa's top brass
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says help is on the way forts fleet of defective rail cars. >> it's been kind of hectic. everyone is getting a little anterior see. >> reporter: good news for passengers who say the last month has been frustrating dealing with pack platforms and canceled trains. >> a lot of standing room only. crowded trains and awkward schedules. but you got to do what you got to do, right. >> reporter: pictures provided by septa show engineers now working around the clock doing fatigue testing on new weight-bearing equalizing beams. it's week long tests are successful the repaired cars 10 per week will be phased in starting by labor day. full normal train schedules are expected by october. >> we see what our customers are going through. it's nothing we ever wanted for them. >> reporter: septa says the cost of the defect is running more than a million dollars a month. cost it says manage manufacturer hyundai rotem will cover.
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passengers say it's been a frustrating month since the 120 silver liner five cars were taken out of service. they welcome the news that things will start getting back to normal. >> there's a way to really grasp i guess sort of believe it when you see it type deal. >> reporter: septa officials say passengers must be patient. september will be a transition month but that is when they will see those long awaited rail service improvements. dawn? >> an end in sight, thank you, chris. on your radar what is shaping up to be the perfect end to the week live look right now from wilmington on beautiful evening. most of us in the low 70s. people out enjoying a cooler evening on broad street in north philadelphia. much different site from a week ago. that is for sure. kathy, can we enjoy these temperatures for few more days? we can, dawn. >> hopefully. >> you know what you see some of those people they have pants on. no! it's not fall. not just yet. we do have some more 80s and
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some 90's coming our way. not cloud in the sky and no precipitation to talk about on ultimate doppler. you can see the temperatures. 72 in philadelphia right now. 75 degrees in reading. trenton 69. and as you go little bit further to the toward the shore atlantic city at 67 degrees much this evening, temperatures will be falling very quickly in the 60s overnight. 65 in the city. we're looking at 61 in the suburbs. mainly clear and comfortable. now, coming up, you know it can't last that much longer we'll talk bout weather changes. temperatures will be below normal. heat and humidity returns and timing out those saturday storms so you can plan your weekend i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> talk soon, kathy. scary scene tonight in north philadelphia a car barreled into the side of a house. skyfox over the scene just after 8:00 this evening. police say the driver lost control an old gone of a crashed through the lawn slammed into the home. no one was inside the home. the driver somehow or another only has scrapes and some bruises. police have arrested him for d
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dui. a local father's life tragically cut short right in front of his little girl. he was driving home from work with his daughter in the back seat when the bullets started flying. police say he was an innocent victim caught in the crossfire. fox 29's karen hepp shows us how investigators are tracking down the shooter. >> reporter: al ford clearly loved his little girl. their smiling faces beamed from so many happy photos. police say the hard-working dad had just left his job and had come here to the children's nest to pick up his three-year-old last thursday. seconds later, he was dead, she was sobbing because gunfire had erupted all around them. >> we got his daughter out the back seat before anything. the daughter was still strapped in. it was horrible because so many people was around seeing that horrific incident. you know what i'm saying? >> just like in this photo police say al was driving and his little girl was in the car seat on the phone her mother who asked to speak with the baby. as he turned police say the bullet struck him temple. >> we believe that he possibly
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protected her, um, and that bullet actually unfortunately could have struck and killed his daughter. >> reporter: prayer candles burn before a life in pictures. so many wonderful moments. but police say it was all taken away boo two groups of men with bad blood and guns who didn't care about anybody else opening fire on a crowded street. >> it's sad when you can't go to work, take care of your responsibilities and just continue on with your life and you got to be worried about if i get caught up in crossfire at a next man dumb situation because the situation that be taking these lives they be dumb situations like it's not over anything a life should be taken for. >> reporter: police say they have excellent video of the scene and are interviewing people right now to identify suspects. captain clark personally spoke with the heart-broken family. >> i talked her personal. she's very very distraught and i promised her we would do our very best to make an arrest very short thely. >> reporter: there's $20,000 reward in connection with this case. heart broken family of the victim has set up a gofundme
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page. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. for the first time in our country a law enforcement officer is arrested for terrorist related charges. federal prosecutors have charged 36-year-old nicholas young with allegedly trying to provide money to isis. young is described as a disturbed man and a convert to islam. court documents show young was on the fbi's radar since 2010. young's next court appearance is on friday. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. you decide 2016. vice-president joe biden back in the city of brotherly love near days after the dnc. he spoke to the world affairs council at the hyatt at the bellevue in center city. the council honored the vice-president for his leadership the president's initiative to speed up research to find cures for cancer. vice-president biden lost his own son former delaware attorney general beau biden to cancer in may of last year. donald trump hitting the campaign trail in florida.
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>> meanwhile a feud with the parents of a muslim-american war hero threatening to throw trump's campaign into turmoil. trump's refusal to apologize for his remarks about the gold star family has some republicans now endorsing hillary clinton. but trump's campaign manager says all is fine inside the candidate's camp. clintoclip spent the day campaig in colorado while tim kaine held a rally in north carolina. ♪ routine traffic stop put a cop's live on the line when a driver nearly ran him over. what that driver admits was happening in the back seat that had him so distracted. veteran attacked right in the middle of a grocery store. >> i hear boom. felt something on the top of my head. >> what was written and that veterans hat he says spark the ambush. a local hospital says these buses are sending fumes right into their air vents. what happened when fox 29
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started asking questions. and a local little league team honored. officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice. >> it's all about teaching them the game of baseball but i let these guys know there's more important things these days than winning a baseball game. >> what inspired their coach to lead the way for this touching tribute. ♪
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ philadelphia police officer hailed a hero tonight after his quick thinking saved a man's live in a matter of seconds. officer joel rice was driving near broad street and bell field avenue when he saw a car crash. rice rushed to one of the car's
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involved when he saw the driver was unconscious. police say rice got the driver out of the car just before it burst into flames. that driver is in the hospital but authorities tell us he will be okay. a local little league team from new jersey is getting a lot of attention for these jerseys. instead of the player's names and numbers on the back, the team did something very different and special. >> that's right. they did indeed to honor police officers killed in the line of duty. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in galloway township with a story that will inspire you. shawnette. >> reporter: very inspiring. you're right. what the team did as you mentioned is definitely an hahn to fallen police officers but it's very dear also to their coach's heart. he just returned from the police officer funerals in dallas when the idea was presented to him. a lot of people out there i don't think really recognize the police as the good guys. now, like arc lost people are like protesting at them. but they're the people risking their lives every day for us. >> reporter: sean docker teen
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his south jersey sand sharks teammates of proud of what they did during their championship game in hershey last weekend. their coach gary brenner is too. >> the way things have been lately with law enforcement and a lot of the tragedies we've had, we wanted to remember our brothers and sisters who have been lost. >> reporter: take close look at the team' jerseys. there's something different about them. >> went back and found some names of some officers and their badge numbers and put them on the back of our jerseys. we have a badge of mourning band on our shirt. as well as american flag. >> reporter: each player's jersey bears name of an fallen officer instead of their own name. coach brenner says parent came to him with the idea as a way to honor officers. it touched coach brenner who is also a 14 year veteran of the galloway township police department. and it appears the fallen officers were with the team in spirit during the game.
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>> our championship game we were down a couple runs. last inning they said, hey, we're doing it for these guys and put on the jersey and we came back and wouldn't it. >> reporter: the team brought home the trophy but what they did is about much more than that. >> it's all about teaching them the game of baseball but i let these guys know there's more important things these days than winning a baseball game. teach them live. >> getting to the kids these days, get to them early. i'm not just -- police are the good guys. we're out there to protect and help you. >> reporter: and back here live, the family of one of the players has a business called creative firnishings. they covered the costs of all those jerseys. the team plans to send the jersey to the officer's famili families. dawn? >> all right. shawnette, thank you. three men are under arrest after police say they were runninrunning elaborate edible marijuana business out of their south we have philadelphia home. these are photos of the some of
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the marijuana infused products were being sold out a house on the 1900 block of federal street. investigators say the suspects were using social media to sell pot laced cookies, cereal bars, doughnuts and all kinds of other products to customers. jason jones, shannon reynolds and mark charged with possession with intent to deliver. self months ago two of the suspects were featured in a fox 29 segment on marijuana edibles. new jersey someone set fire to an lgbt flag flown outside a hair is a son since the orlando nightclub shootings. jersey city mayor says authorities will treat this as a hate crime. >> reporter: as intolerance led to the deadliest mass shooting in us history vigils fort orlando victims popped up all over the country and jersey city amongst those who stood tall. it was on that night that natalie who just opened montgomery street salon found a pride flag neatly rolled up outside her doorstep. she put it up outside her business. >> ever since then, it's been
10:19 pm
great little spot. i keep a little zest chairs outside and people come by and taking a picture with it. so i felt this great positive energy about bringing this little bitty symbol of life and september tans to this lyle corner of jersey city. >> reporter: this is what's left of that flag today. that symbol of acceptance too much for some who's idea of voicing an parent involves vandalism. natalie found the flag burned its burnt down as she returned to work tuesday just so happens the salon is across the street from city hall where the mayor told us the incident is and will be prosecuted as a hate crime. >> it doesn't reflect jersey city at all. we have the largest lgbt community in the state of new jersey. we're proud of that. and you know, we will investigate this. there's video footage and we'll pursue it aggressively. hate has no place here. >> reporter: no one wants to believe that as much as natalie whose hoping good will come from what's happened here with a chance to make this point. >> i want this to kind of just be more about -- more than just
10:20 pm
someone destructioned my property. you know, it's about love and acceptance and we're all here in this world together. we all need to learn to get along. >> reporter: as for the video that the mayor mentioned police see two suspects in it. they would not release it to f fox. when police can identify suspects on their own they do not release it out to the publ public. perhaps that's what's happening here. arthur chen, fox news. >> surveillance cameras caught this pick up smashing through the front of this store. the men inside hopped out and got to work. the one thing they tried to haul out of there. and we've all seen players ejected from baseball games. even coaches, but a fan? how that guy is defending himself tonight. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for that closure of the vine expressway through the overnight into early tomorrow morning. shut down between the schuylkill and broad street. the skit at 30th south or spring garden and use anyone of
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the numbered streets and then tomorrow it's afternoon baseball. a lot of unusual midday lunch time delays. folks heading into the ballpark and then, bam, instant traffic jam once that game is over later on tomorrow afternoon. we'll check the traffic jams. sue has the forecast. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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smoke, flames and mayhem on a runway has investigators tonight trying to figure out what went wrong in due by. em rate 777 made a hard landing skidding then bursting into flames at due by's main airport this morning. flight came in from india. fire sent black smoke billowing into the air and stopped all flights at the middle east busiest airport for hours. a firefighter died battling the fire but all of the 300 passengers and crew members did make it out alive. six of those passengers are from the u.s. the us supreme court has put a hold on virginia judge's order that would have loud at a transgender student to use the boy's bathroom at his high school. the court said the gloucester county school board can block 17-year-old gavin grim from using the bathroom. grim was born a female but now identifies as male. the school has argued allowing
10:25 pm
grim to use the boy's room raises privacy concerns. a traffic stop and distracted driver and almost tragic crash. camera caught the whole thing. dash cam video shows a car shelby township, michigan right near detroit come within inches of hitting sergeant jeff bella mow. the car jumped a curb going about 45 miles an hour. shelby township police say the drive's baby distracted him. >> 3:30 in the morning driving around with day or two old newborn in the back seat and this person had no criminal history whatsoever. the person actual started crying when he found out what he did and very remorseful and we ended upset sending him on his way. >> prosecutors have not filed any charges and police are reminding drivers just to pull over when you need to tend something like newborn baby on the road. a local hospital says these buses are sending fumes right into their air vents. what happens when fox 29 starts
10:26 pm
asking questions. and kathy orr tracking your forecast. kathy? >> that's right. we are talking about dry conditions for now. but our next front has terrible timing with rain for the weeke weekend. we'll take look at the time as you plan your weekend coming up. >> all new at 11:00 tonight police say she found a woman's purse left hyped in shopping cart and was nice enough to give it to customer service but it doesn't end there. what else went down that has cops trying to find her tonight.
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♪ >> breaking news right now. deadly 95 attack in london much police say one woman was killed and five others injured in the attack in the center part of the city in russ sells square. authorities arrested the attacker. officials say terrorism is a possible motive. no word on the condition of the other people who were injured. the attacker has not yet been identified. fox 29 investigates concerns about local bus company operating out of chinatown. we've been digging into questi questions about bus fumes and several companies using a single bus stop along race street meant
10:30 pm
for only one company. now city officials are taking action. >> dave schratwieser has tonight's fox 29 investigates report. it's cheaper and it's convenient. >> reporter: that's what riders have to say about this bus company that has set up shop at ninth and race in chinatown. while they like the price and the location where they catch the bus to new york let's say they're not exactly overwhelmed. >> no different than riding bolt or path. >> reporter: still plenty of people ride the bus each day. they come here to the bus stop next to temple university school of body tree at trick medicine mark united bus and travel and they wait. this woman collects the eight or $12 fair and off the bus goes to new york right on time. >> is it safe. >> i would say it's safe. >> reporter: while riders say they're satisfied with the bus company some here along this stretch of ninth street have complained about the number of bus companies actually using the stop. designated for united bus and
10:31 pm
travel and about exhaust fumes from buses idling there for too long. >> we did hear reports that there were issues related to the exhaust from the buses impacting the temple university's site there. >> reporter: acting streets commissioner mike carol says his office investigated the bus company recently after the folks at the temple university facility complained that fumes from the idling buses were entering this air vent near the bus stop and spreading through the building and clinic here. temple confirmed those complaints to fox 29. and said they were waiting for response from the city. >> we'll be putting signs up indicate there's no idling and hope if that will help as well. >> reporter: carol went ton say the streets department was concerned about the number of bus companies using the ninth and race street stop. >> we had some evidence there were multiple companies operating at that location which is permitted just for united bus. >> reporter: in fact, fox 29 investigators also found several different bus companies using
10:32 pm
the bus stop. some buses were marked hair mope yous grand tour bus company. ticket taker actually handed out schedules with h and g bus company, ink. we found some buses actually did belong to united bus and travel. but all of those buses that stopped here were registered out of massachusetts where harmonious grand tour is actually located. >> we warned united bus they needed to comply with the terms of their permit. >> reporter: the woman sitting in this lexus suv parked across the street from the bus stop appeared to be supervising the operation here. and collected money from riders on the bus. through a translator who did not want to be identified, we asked her why so many companies were using the stop designated for united bus and travel? >> who is hg bus company? >> translator: her company that she works for. she just sells the ticks. she doesn't know how the operation of her boss is.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: there were also complaints from businesses and residents in the area about these rate shares mysteriously popped up along temple university facility in late may. they lined the sidewalk for weeks and while restaurants and bars need an l and i permit to put chairs and tables outside, city officials told us no such permit is required for the bus company. >> who put those chairs along here? >> translator: she says somebody said she could put it there and she removed them. >> it's something we're evaluating. >> reporter: wee asked streets commissioner carol why the bus company was allowed to pitt dining room chairs on public sidewalk along ninth street while other businesses are required to have permit from the city. >> there's no explicit restriction against that that we've implemented as part of the permanent process. we understand that they're trying to accommodate the passengers. you've got elderly passengers, sometimes who can't stand for long periods of time. so we want to work with them to make sure the impact is minimum as possible. that there's space available for
10:34 pm
pedestrians to get by. >> reporter: we wanted to see if other bus companies operated like this. so we went to visit the bolt bus and mega bus site near 30th street station. we found customers lined up waiting for buses along this stretch of 30th street designated for bolt bus and mega bus. there were no chairs on the sidewalk and workers were equipped with electronic devices that take payment and issue tickets. >> it's a business. they saul to figure out how to run their business and the best way for them. we don't want to restrict that business. we want to encourage bus but we are evaluating it and want to make sure the impacts are minimal. >> reporter: commissioner carol told fox 29 he's taking some action against united bus and travel. they've been warned not to allow on the companies to use their sight. they've also been told that buses can no longer idle at the bus stop near the temple air ventilation vent. >> if they continued to it, what happens. >> we can issue violations and if necessary revoke the permit. >> streets department plans to
10:35 pm
most bus stop up the block away from the temple air vent where all those fumes were entering the building. >> that should address the issues we feel with respect to their impact on temple with the location of their air vent the there. >> reporter: a spokesman for united bus and travel and harmonious grand tours says the company is aware of three complaints about the bus stop. they're addressing those complaints with city officials. in the meantime, city officials have yet to move that bus stop up race street here but they have posted these no idling signs here on race street. we'll keep you up to date on any other progress in the future. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. surveillance cameras caught this pick up smashing through the front of this store. men inside hop out and get to work. the one thing they tried to haul out of there. and have we got something for you tonight. why tomorrow we could all score
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and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ♪ donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever...
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you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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♪ in georgia, thieves caused extensive damage while stealing an atm all caught on camera. you can see this pickup truck bashing into a bp station in atlanta suburbs. several men hop out, should have the atm in the truck and speed away. the crime actually did more damage to the store than the thieves got away with. officials say they caused more than $50,000 in damage. in your money, office depot announced plans to down size it's closing another 300 stores just last year office depot said it was closing 400 locations by the end of this year. those extra 300 will shut down bite end of 218. it's trying to cut $250 million in costs. office depot has been scrambling since the sales merger with
10:40 pm
staples. chock will the lovers, rejoice. you have an extra reason to munch on some sweet treats tomorrow. >> yes. >> that's because august 4th is national chocolate chip cookie day. >> wonderful! >> i now you'd like this lucy double tree by the way by hilton is giving away cookies and you don't even have to have reservation at the hotel. >> double tree around here. >> i think there is. >> i'll have to find one. latest -- >> broad street. kathy knows. >> kathy said broad street. thank you kathy late at the time installment of harry potter series is disappearing off store shelves. kind of like magic already become the uk's fastest selling book in decade and it just hit book stores at one minute past midnight on sunday. here in the us harry potter and the cursed child sold 2 million copies in just 48 hours. here or across the pond folks have lined up to get their hands on a copy. >> i'll have to go home and read it and go full crazy and go full harry potter.
10:41 pm
>> fans have been waiting for this moment since rumors of an eighth book began in 2013. it's not a novel, though. it's a book version of the london play script and already the top of usa today's best sellers list. a veteran attacked right in the middle of a grocery store. sucker punched by another customer. what was written on the veteran's hat that says -- he says spark the ambush. we've all seen players ejected from baseball games. even coaches. but a fan? how that guy is defending himself tonight. and our kathy orr tracking your forecast. kathy? >> that's right. the heat will be building as we work our way through the weekend but that means the threat of storms. we'll check them out and time them out coming up with your seven day forecast.
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♪ in florida an army veteran says a man physically attacked him because he was wearing a trump hat. ricardo garcia spent 20 years in the military. he says he wears the make america great again message because he believes in that message. while shopping at a sam's club outside of tampa he sneeze the man next to him not only did not say bless you but the guy punch thed him. >> he said, i cannot give you a
10:45 pm
blessing because you wear that stupid hat. my hat went on the ground. my glasses sideways. and then i look out and saw standing there looking at me like like what you want? >> authorities arrested 36-year-old patrick thickens for bat receive an elderly person. ejections from baseball games are not uncommon but what happened at citizens bank park has whole lot of people talking. last night an umpire ejected a fan from the stands. >> only in fill, right? >> not quiet. our bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: fans stepping up to the phillies tick window at citizens bank park once again found themselves reacting to behavior that was not suitable for all audienc audiences. especially a short tempered umpire. >> that's crazy. that is a lot of power. i can even imagine that happening to me. i don't see how and why. >> reporter: it's a lot of power for an ump to have.
10:46 pm
>> yes it is. >> reporter: in the top of the sixth inning of tuesday night phillies/giants game home plate umpire bob davidson stopped the gave game and gave the whole heave hoe. not to a player. >> get that guy out of here? >> he's actually going to eject a fan. >> when law when was the last time you that was happened davidson explained to pool reporter he had heard enough vulgar comments from a fan in a section behind the giants dug out. decided to toss him from the stands. >> they're getting this guy out of here. >> reporter: that fan we'll use only his first name jeremy explained himself wednesday morning on wip radio. >> honest whole he came over i didn't think he was looking at me. then when the guard came down then i could have figured out hey, man, he is looking at me so i just -- i left. i said nothing offensive. right. >> reporter: a number of fans could be seen cheering the umpire's decision to bounce the unruly fan and on this day after fans we talk to at the ballpark were still shaking their heads.
10:47 pm
>> what do you think about an ump kicking a fan out of the stands? >> well, hey, fans are getting really crazy today. so i'm sure that far one wanted to have a good time and the um per trying to make sure it was a safe and family oriened even. it's a shame that could happen to the game. you know ruined it for some people i'm sure. >> it's physical. what can i say? he probably deserved it. >> reporter: we were una able to reach jeremy either by phone or at his delaware county home. though he's been quoted as saying he left the ballpark voluntarily to avoid further incident. as for the umpire bob davidson he's actually done this before. throwing a fan out of the game in milwaukee back in 2010. fun at the old ballpark. at citizens bank park, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. not only in philly. however in philly we do not want to eject the weather person out of the weather authority because you've been bringing us fabulous weather. >> i know. it's gorgeous tonight out there, kathy. >> i was going say don't eject me. >> no. >> not any time soon. >> never. >> look at this beautiful view
10:48 pm
of old city philadelphia. really quiet out there. great night just to be outside maybe go for a walk. 72 degrees right now the high today 85. normally we're around 87. so you'll find this month will be a little bit below average or right on par. right now temperatures throughout new england, the delaware valley or even into virginia not much of a range in temperature. we have 70s to the north and some 70s to the south. we have a persistent easterly wind. it's impacting everyone so an east southeasterly wind brings us that on shore flow that ocean marine influence and keeps us cooler. courtesy this area of high pressure sitting right over new england. the same type of flow will be with us during the day tomorrow. that high pressure will influence our weather. it will be a day much like tod today. with similar high temperature around 85 degrees and plenty of sunshine. it's dry for friday as well. but by the time saturday rolls around we have front moving through. create lift in the atmosphere. nothing severe but it looks like by late morning early afternoon we see some showers especially north and west of the city maybe some thunderstorms.
10:49 pm
going through philadelphia during the afternoon and then the late afternoon during the evening period heading into south jersey. and that's the way we'll roll for saturday. looking at the tropics we do have hurricane earl category one storm with mack mum wind of 75 miles an hour moving west at 14. it will bring eight to 12-inches of rain and life-threatening flooding and mudslides to belize that country right there overnight tonight or early tomorrow. overnight locally 65 in the city. 61 in the suburbs mainly clear and comfortable. during the day tomorrow the high 85. mostly sunny a gorgeous day. and tomorrow orr will be down the shore i put it on twitter. where should we go? most of the voting said wildwood. we are going to wildwood. we'll be on the boardwalk right in front of the convention center lots of fun come out and say hi. mostly sunny and 82. on your extended forecast from fox 29 your weather authority, friday pleasant, saturday showers and storms in the afternoon. the high 93. then back to the 80s for sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday
10:50 pm
when we start to warm up again. but fairly dry with those low temperatures getting down into the 60s. shore temperatures looking good. peeking on saturday with the heat. sunday looks good. next monday, tuesday and wednesday if you picked that week for vacation, you picked a good one. guy that's very really on veigh condition. hey, howard. >> always working hard. >> i'm going on vacation right now. how is that? >> you are? >> yeah. you guys can take care of this. eagles did something today that has not happened for three yea years. the coach and the players will talk about it. phillies lost a player to injury for while despite another wild game against the giants. all that's coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
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♪ okay. i've got question for anybody -- everybody. all right. does anybody know who phil klein is? anybody? >> no. >> i've never heard of i'm either before tonight. but he was the phillies starting pitcher tonight when the phillies put aaron nola the 15
10:54 pm
day disabled list with an elbow strain. so the phillies had to start klein against san francisco. let's go to the ballpark. there he is. phil klein, yeah, i had no clue. no clue who the guy is. all right. first inning, two run sin by buster pose so make it two to nothing. the giants actually went up four to nothing against klein after three with the seventh inning ryan howard this is like a slice on a golf course he slices it inside the foul pole. that's a first run against johnny cueto, four-one the next pitch, cameron rupp he hits one little bit deeper and little bit harder. it's four-two. all right. the the phillies are close. eighth inning. two out. maikel franco. cueto still in there. two run single in the bot. to eighth makes it four-four and guess what? they're four-four they're now in the 12th inning. eagles changed things up today at training camp it's actually a change for the first time in three years. it sounds crazy but really is
10:55 pm
true. there were really two new elements at practice beginning today. the practice was close to thee hours long, which didn't happen under chip kelly, but more than anything else, there was hitting. actual contact. it's football. strange but under chip kelly there was never any hitting in practice. the philosophy now is different. >> tackle football, and, you know, it's a physical game and, you know, the other thing about it, too, it's that competition. just knowing that we're actually going to put the pads on and go to the ground today. >> you really don't want that first game to be the first time you hit another person. that's when, you know, maybe a loft missed tackles and that comes actually not tackling in practice. >> guys embraced it. i thought it was extremely competitive and beneficial for our team. >> crazy way to score hock company goal. let's go to russia, and this is -- >> what? >> penalty shot. he puts the puck on the stick. now he turns the stick. tell me how that puck stayed on
10:56 pm
the stick. i'll play donald trump right n now. they're cheating. all right. because they cheated to get the olympics the winter olympics because they paid off other countries. and found ways the russians cheat. i'm not talking bout russians here in the united states. i'm talking about the russians in russia. all right are cheaters. i'll talk about the olympics coming up. i have a comment about something that i don't particularly care for any more in the olympic. that will be coming up later. >> piqued our interest. >> all right. we're loving this forecast, kathy. >> it's looking really good. if you want to spend any time outdoors a good couple of days especially thursday and friday. saturday some showers in the afternoon but the rest of the week into next week looks pretty good. >> good weekend for vacation. >> yeah. great weekend. >> all right. that is it for us at 10:00 o'clock. lucy noland is standing by with what's coming up at 11:00. hey, lucy. >> good evening dawn and kathy and howard. police say she found a woman's purse accidentally left behind in a shopping cart and was nice
10:57 pm
enough to give it to customer service. isn't that great? hmm. doesn't end there. what else went down that has cops asking for your help to find her. and your wake up weather in the first five minutes. remember your powerball lottery drawing that's coming up next and good luck to you. ♪
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