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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from here, we take it day-by-day. either we come to some type every settlement or the place is closed down. another atlantic city casino preparing to shut its doors, the trump taj mahal, the latest to say all bets are off. what this means for the already struggling shore town. >> and police help after a little boy is how many ate dollars at a playgrounds, the video to help track down those responsible. >> developing story out of london, attack of possible terror suspect carried out leaving one person dead, five other injured. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, august 4th, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. sue serio, bob kelly and i are still holding down, sue, you get a ten for your perfect ten
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forecast yesterday. >> you know what? i'll staying it, if i have to take the blame when it is bad, oh, well. but it is going to be another ten today. the same weather pattern as yesterday. basically, bus stop buddy, he's by the pool, he's got his sunscreen, as we all should have, because we want to spend a lot of time outdoors on a day like today. temperatures in the 60s to get you started. so pretty comfortable out here with 68 degrees in the city. 78% relative humidity, with calm winds, and 6:03, your sunrise time. fifty-four cool degrees in mount pocono, 62 in allentown, we have 68 degrees here in the city, and 63 in wildwood. dew points, that's what makes the difference in how it feels outside. this is our measure of humidity, dew points on either side of 60 degrees. it means comfortable weather. no rain to show you on radar. so let's plan it out. plenty of sunshine by 7:00. the sun will certainly be up. 80 degrees by lunchtime. that's when you might be headed to the ballgame today.
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phillies have a day game. by 3:00 we will have reached our high of 85 degrees, and the sun, just staying up there, and just beautiful day all around. we'll tell when you things change, whether it happens over the weekends, coming up in a few minutes, and that's a look at your forecast. bob kelly, how is it looking from your end? >> i'm sensing good nap day. 5:02, good morning, everybody, live look at the platt bridge, no problems here at the moment. but we have an afternoon phillies game, sue mentioned, 1:05 down at the ballpark, see a lot of unusual traffic problems headed into the ballpark, around lunchtime, then instant traffic jam later on once that game is over. good morning to downtown philadelphia. live look at the ben franklin franklin parkway, where folks typically zip around the circle here, all part of that detour with the closure of the vine street expressway. good news, the vine is open for business between the schuylkill and broad street, so we're starting to wake up as you get up and grab your coffee and get out the front door. going to the next camera, say good morning to downtown philly right out front of the
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studios here at market street. septa, just started running with the broad street subway, and the market frankford line. trains are running there every eight to ten minute, talcony palmyra just complete add bridge opening, so we're good to go there. and mass transit for the most part off to a good start. lauren, back over to you. >> thank you so much. the trump taj mahal preparing during the longest casino strike in atlantic city history. steve keeley live in ac where there will soon be one less casino. hi, steve. >> reporter: well, lauren, you remember when you first got here, atlantic sit had i it worse year ever, four casinos shutdown in 2014, and gaming experts predicted back then, more were going to shut down, and now they seem to be right. two years later, a fifth casino and atlantic city's biggest says it is closing at the end of the summer jersey shore season after the labor day weekend. what an awful irony. putting 2100 people out of work the day the country celebrates its working men and women and union employees.
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>> talk to the workers, not since june 30th. offered nothing other than what he put them out on strike over. now, because he doesn't know how to deal with workers that stand up for themselves, he's decided to take his ball and go home. this is playground bullying tactics, and i believe that it is not going to work with the workers. >> reporter: well, this shut-down, if you combine the 8,000 people who lost their jobs when the four casinos closed two years ago, putting the total number of casino hotel jobs lost in atlantic city, above 10,000, and that doesn't even count. all of the other jobs lost from all of the other local businesses who do business with the casino industry and supply the casinos from the phenominal for micah bakery that won't need to make as many rolls and breds as it once did, so it had it first layoffs ever recently, to the linen suppliers. now, both with less staff, since way less beds and bathrooms are being used, and
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so many of these unused huge hotels shutdown. all this, as atlantic city continues to be like that little hermit crab out on the beach, sand trying to crawl it way back into the ocean, but keeps getting tossed back on the sand by some big bad waves of bad news. lauren? >> all right, thanks so much, steve keeley. monsignor william lynn due back in court two days after he was released from prison when child endangerment conviction was overturned. jennifer joyce covering the story for us in center city standing by life. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, monsignor william lynn released from prison just two days ago, already due back in court because of the district attorney's offers is pushing for a new trial. we do expect the trial date will be set today. he was released on tuesday after serving nearly three years behind bars. lynn was the first us roman catholic church official ever to be charged or convicted of
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helping to shield child molesters. his 2012 conviction has been twice overturned days ago. the state supreme court through out the case saying the trial judge let too many church victims testify who were not directly linked to the case in question. lynn's attorney says because his client has already served 33 months of a 36-month sentence, the maximum sentence he could receive in a new trial would be two month, the district attorney's offers explains why this case is so important to them. >> it is the da's position that this level of institutional sexual abuse and the cover-up that ensued be is something where the victims deserve justice the people of the commonwealth deserve to del into this and have this matter come to a conclusion that is in accordance with the law. >> reporter: since lynn's release, he has been staying with relatives. we are expecting this hearing to get underway mid-morning. lauren? >> jenny joyce, we'll be
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there, thank you so much. police investigating two separate shootings in fairhill, the most recent happening after 2:00 a.m. told the man was shot in the back, in the leg, along north american street. police officers took him to temple hospital. he is expected to be okay, and the other shooting happened just before 9:00 last night. this one was on the 3,000 block of north second street. someone shot a man in the stomach and shot him in his arm. officers also rushing him to the hospital. he's list in the critical condition at temple university, no arrest haves been made in that shooting. >> and police are also looking no a late night shooting in kingsessing. this happened just after 10:30, along beaumont avenue. told a man shot in the stomach, taken to penn presbyterian medical center. no word on his condition or if any arrests were made. >> one person is dead after being hit by a septa train in delaware county. this happened just after 9:30 last night, a septa spokesperson says a train traveling on the media elwin line hit the person near the fernwood yeadon station about 90 passengers evaculated from the train. they were transferred to septa
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buses to complete their trips. the victim has yet to be identified. >> the hectic commute for septa regional rail riders will soon return to normal. septa announcing silver liner five cars will return safely to the tracks starting next month. the transit agency removed a third of the cars off the rales a month ago, avenge nears found structural defect. engineers now working around the clock running at the time cents started by labor day, repaired cars will be phased in, ten cars per week, and the full normal train schedules are expected by october. >> we see what our custom remembers going through, it is nothing we ever wanted for them. >> a lot of standing room only, crowded trains, and awkward schedules. but you got to do what you got to do. >> septa officials say september will be a transition month when they say passengers will start seeing long awaited service improvement, and they also say the costs of this defect is running more than a million dollars a month for them. >> the brutal assault of 11 year old boy from playgrounds
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in north philadelphia has police pleading for your help. authority are seeking group of four teenage boys about 14 or 15 years old. investigators say the 11 year old was playing basketball at the olney recreation center when the teenagers chased him down. they corner him in a nearby alley, pulled out a handgun, forced him to take off his clothes and started beating him. this happened july 12th, police released a picture of one of the teen suspect yesterday. >> i think it is terrible. one, where are the parent? you see, i have my crew. where are their parent at? >> to be 11 and have to go through that, you know, not right. >> police say the reason for the attack is unknown. they are asking anyone with information to contact the special victims unit. police patrols have been stepped up since that attack. >> now to a developing story out of great great britain. london police say terrorism is possible motive for deadly knife attack and the central part of the city last night. one woman in her 60s was killed, five other people were injured. the alleged attacker is now in
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custody and police say they'll have extra officers on the streets today. turning now to you decide 2016, the race for the white house, future with the parent of a muslim american war hero is threatening to throw donald trump's campaign into complete turmoil. the republican president a.m. nominee is refusing to apologize or even back off the controversy. that decision has some republicans like former ebay ceo meg whitman, new york congressman rich a hanna, now endorsing hillary clinton. trump's campaign manager says all is fine inside the candidate's camp despite fox news reporting trump allies are planning an intervention after what they're describing as a disastrous 48 hours. yesterday, donald trump was in daytona beach florida where he told supporters his campaign is, quote, doing really well. >> meanwhile, democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is in colorado pushing her plan for improving the economy, while ending where the former secretary every state criticized donald trump's use of out sourcing at
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his companies. she has already visited colorado multiple times in the general election and is leading over trump in the polls there. >> vice president joe biden headed back to the city of brotherly love, just few days after the dnc. biden spoke to the world affairs council at the hyatt, at the bellevue in center city. the council honored for his leadership of the president's initiative to speed up research to find cures for cans earl. vice president biden lost his own son former delaware attorney general beau biden to cancer in may of last year. >> up nicks for the first time in american history, us police officer is facing charges for supporting the islamic state. how he allegedly tried to help that terror group. >> and local mother behind bars for hiding her daughter from her own father. how long authorities say she kept the child away.
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today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> long lines to see the corpse flower in washington, d.c., smells like rotting flesh, discusting, only bloom every few years, some every few decades, when they do, their scent attract pollinators like dunk beatles and fleshflies that help it reproduce, at least seven have bloomed in the past few months, experts say very strange phenomenon. they would like to stud at this more. since they bloom so rarely, it is a real tough mission. sue, glad we're not in the
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building. >> a lot of crowds, reminds me of audrey feed me see more, anyway, so here we are with hurricane earl, just made landfall within the last couple of hours, in belize city, with 80 pile per hour winds then, now it is down to 75 miles an hour, now that it has made landfall. still category one hurricane, there is a look at where belize is, and where it is just so much rain, so much storm surge powers out, the winds are hi, nasty situation down there. as we track the storm, we see it continues to move westward, over the next couple of days, and loses strength. but still, we'll dump a lot of rain on that part of the world. now for us it is the opposite. it is very tranquil, and we have an afternoon game for the phillies today. they've done pretty well against the giants the past two games. last night was 12 innings. but at least it was good weather. and today we can say the same. 82 degrees when the game begins. beautiful day. don't forget the sunscreen.
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it is going to be nice. specially when we win. 68 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixty-three lancaster. cool 54 in mount pocono. nice and comfortable in wildwood with 63 degrees, atlantic city international at 61. checking dew points, summer in the upper 50's, with definitely put us in the pleasant to comfortable range in our dew point scale. >> average high is 87 degrees, we've been below average the past couple of days, and continuing that today. two more really nice days today and tomorrow. tomorrow might get little more humid. by saturday, more up to 90 degrees before those thunderstorms hit. and that will probably happen in the afternoon. so keep that in mind making your plans during the day outdoors on saturday if you can move everything to sunday, that would be perfect, because we've got another gorgeous day scheduled for then. bob kelly? >> good morning, sue. good morning, everybody, it is 5:16. on a, what's today, thursday morning. good morning to reading,
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pennsylvania, no problems at all as we get ready for the sunrise, nice and quiet out in the suburb, no problems yet coming in on 422, however, southbound on the northeast extension, we do have accident between quakertown and lansdale. we jump to the next camera there, going to the platt bridge, where we look live from our airport camera. no problems at the airport, by the way, should and good day to fly in and out of philly. starting to seat beginning of the sunrise over southwest philly. the platt bridge okay right now. talcony palmyra, just completed an opening. the vine expressway is open in both directions, so, starting to get ready and start to see the beginning of a morning rush hour. as we go to the neck one, good morning to market street, downtown philly, right out front of the studios here at fourth and market, the septa buses, and trollies, running with no delays. the market frankford, the broad street subway, running with trains every eight to ten minutes. we mentioned regional rail situation, same deal, the shortage of cars, watch for the adjusted schedule, the earlier you can get on the
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train the better chance you will have to get a seat. and make sure you have your return ticket purchase that this morning, good to go for later this afternoon, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. learning more about the young father tragically killed when he was caught in the crossfire in east germantown last week, police say 25 year old al ford was a hard-working dad, who just left his job to pick up his three year old daughter from day care. suddenly, gunfire erupts around him. police say two groups of men started shooting at each other, on that crowded street. the bullets hit ford while he was in his car. >> we got his daughter out the back seat before anything, though, but the daughter still strapped in. it was horrible. because so many people was around seeing that horrific incident, you know what i am saying? it was just tragic. >> we believe that he possibly protected her, and that bullet actually, unfortunately, could have struck and killed hills daughter. >> police say they have a video of the scene, they're interviewing people right now to find who that young father's killer is. >> bill cosby's lawyers asking a judge to suppress taped
5:19 am
phonecalls that he had with the mother every his accuser andrea constand, in motions yesterday the comedian's lawyer say the phonecalls violate pennsylvania wiretap laws which require two party consent. prosecutors say the phonecalls happened after constand's mother learn of the sexual abuse allegations, and actually called cost bee from her home in canada. lawyer for constand argue the tapes fall the law in canada was a recording took place. >> lower makefield police arrest 48 year old holly, on monday, they say she has no fixed address but here's where investigators do know, she failed to return her daughter to her father, and would not tell him where the five year old was for more than a month. police found the little girl unharmed in florida. they're not saying who was caring for her, mom now behind bars, unable to post bail. >> three men are under arrest after police say they were running an elaborate edible marijuana business out of their southwest philadelphia home. these are police photos of
5:20 am
some of the marijuana infused pots, narcotic detectives say were being sold out after house 1900 block every federal street. investigators tell us the suspect were using social media to sell pot-laced cookies, cereal bars, donuts, and other products to the customers. >> first in our country. police arrested law enforcement officer for terrorist related charges, 36 year old metro transit officer nicholas young was in federal court yesterday after prosecutors charged him with trying to help isis. the fbi says young brought nearly $250 in gift cards, with the intent of giving them to isis, but unknowingly gave them to undercover f.b.i. agent. the criminal complaint describes young as disturbed man who tortured small animals as a child. officials say young was easily influenced by isis on social media. >> we know that part of this strategy used by extreme is groups around the world including isil is to use social media to try to re crowd followers around the
5:21 am
world. >> little weird, little closed off. >> court documents show young was on the fbi radar since 2010. his next court appearance is tomorrow, if convicted, he faces as long as 20 years in prison, and he'll have to pay a $250,000 fine. >> up next: concerns continue over the zika virus spreading here in the u.s. what many state leaders are doing to be pro-active. >> and chocolate lovers, have we got something for you. why today you might be able to score some free chocolate chip cookies. >> first your winning lottery numbers.
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>> scientists announced lawn every of clinical trial of inter brent al zika vaccine, comes as the pentagon says 33us military members have contracted the mosquito born virus. more than dozen people in miami are believed to have become infected from bites, transmission of the zika in the continental us has many state leaders being pro-active
5:25 am
in prevention, including, caring out insecticides sprague campaigns. >> for the first time in history, bottled water is more popular than soda, concerns about the lead crisis in flint, and growing move towards more heavy living have boosted sales of bottled water. americans spend more than billion and half on bottled water each year. the sale of soft drinks now at 30 year low. that's good news, in your monday think morning, warning for anyone who uses the chip on your credit cards. say could be serious security flaw with the cards, concern over the magnet i strip intend today tell a payment machine to use the chip. but researchers say card thieves can simply re-write the strip's code to make it appear like a chip less card. allows the thieves to keep on counterfeiting. >> dills any worlds has new type of technology, tracking
5:26 am
guests through their feet. program would use censors and cameras to help identify particular visitors by taking a high-tech snapshot of your feet when you enter theme parts. currently tracking by bands, hotel keys, fast passes and credit cards. chocolate lovers, you better get excited. you have an extra reason to munch on some sweet today. that's because august 4th is national chocolate chip cookie day. giving away cookies even if you don't have reservations at that hotel. those are good. they have them warm on your pillow waiting. >> local tribute to fallen officers, what they may have done that may have inspired the team to victory.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! this morning, another shutdown at the shore, the trump taj mahal, the latest atlantic city casino to call it quits. what this means for the cash strapped town. his conviction was overturned, so why is a local roman catholic official headed back to court? the answer coming up next. >> carli lloyd has the opening
5:30 am
goal of the rio olympic for the united states. >> you know the name. new jersey native carli lloyd get to work at the us olympics scoring the first goal of the game. more on the us women's team, big win, good day everybody, it is thursday, august 4th, 2016. chris murphy enjoying a day off. sue serio, is still here, with these fabulous forecasts we have this week. hi, sue. >> yes, things really changed from last week, when we were in the middle of the oppressive seven day heat, why couldn't we have this this weather during the convention, right? anyway, that's the way it is, comfortable start, temperatures in the 60s, bus stop buddy poolside with the sunscreen, in the, there is no muggy the dog today, even though it is, you know, great day to walk the dog. 78 degrees, 78% relative humidity, 68 degrees, with 6:03 as your sunrise time, so coming up in about a half hour. once again, no rain to show
5:31 am
you, on ultimate doppler radar, none in the forecast, so let's get right to it. the planner for today, for plenty every sunday shine, offer to comfortable start with temperatures in the 60s, pretty much everywhere, except the mountains, where it is in the 50's, 08 degrees by lunchtime, and maybe the time you're headed to citizens bank park, for a daytime phillies game, another beauty, no matter what you are doing, and high of eight a degrees. so, we would love to keep this going through the weekend, but you know things will change. we will talk about it in the seven day forecast. high, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody, 5:31, bamm, she mentioned it, stadium, ballpark, there you are, citizens bank park, where it will all go down, 1:00 afternoon baseball, so even not going to the game you will feel the effect. see the unusual traffic pattern around lunchtime, and then, bamm, instant traffic jam once the game is over. flooding the schuylkill, and 95. so just something to keep an eye out for. going to wilmington, good morning to i-95, no problems at all, right at the 95, 495
5:32 am
split, as we are waking up, stepping out the front door, grabbing our coffee and keys, as they start to see the beginning after morning rush hour, going to the next jam cam. looking live at i-95, coming out the northeast philadelphia, through the construction zone here. the construction curve, at cottman, as you head down into girard, schuylkill expressway looking fine at the moment. mass transit running with though delays, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so many. trump taj mahal preparing to shut it doors during the longest casino strike in history. steve kylie live in ac where there will be one less casino after labor day. high, steve. >> reporter: well, we have the beauty of east coast sunrise, coming up over the beach, down this one end of the boardwalk, and then there is the awful ugliness, of the end every long time casino carreers, showing at this end, as these workers walk in a circle, and the picket line, like they have since july 1st, and when this place opened, on april 2nd, 1990, it was the biggest casino in the world.
5:33 am
and when carl icahn took control of it 22 month ago he said he would inch advice $100 million in upgrades. then stopped because he said if north jersey casinos get the voters approval in november, new jersey, that's going to hurt his business. now, many wonder if the planned shutdown in september after labor day will only be temporary. if voters say no to the north jersey casinos, and you can then reopen with cheaper non-union staff, and invest in the upgrading, and reopen a nice new place. >> any time he want, if he would just settle the contract, with the same healthcare everyone else has in the city, then these worker would go back to work. but since he is not willing to do that, and he is not willing to treat workers with respect, only treats them when they are on their hands and knees and begging for something, and these workers aren't going to do that, then carl icahn is the bull that i he really is. >> heart and soul in this place, so ... 22 month, he
5:34 am
should expect to take a gamble on us the employees. >> reporter: hard to hear that phrase losing money, lauren, last numbers release show the taj grossed 51 million bucks just from the first three month of this year, that's about 2% down from 2015, but still, tens of millions of dollars that the remaining seven hope to dif i up after this place shutdown. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. monsignor william lynn due back in court two days after released from prison when his child endangerment conviction was overturned. jennifer joyce standing by in center city with more on this story. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, monsignor lynn's attorneys say not surprised the district attorney is pushing for new trial. he says his client can't be re sentenced because he already served nearly his three-year sentence. lynn is a free man, as of tuesday. he was released from prison
5:35 am
after serving nearly three years behind bars, lynn was the first us roman catholic church official ever to be charged or convicted of helping to protect preditor priests, since 2012 conviction has been twice overturned, days ago, the state supreme court through out the case saying the trial judge let too many church victims testify who were not directly linked to the case in question. lynn was charged with endangering a boy -- >> he continue to want to beat up on this guy. and i think we all know where he stood, meaning, where lynn stood in this hierarchy, we all understand that lynn never touched the kid. we all understand what the supreme court did twice. yet in the face of all of that he want to retry it. well, we're ready to go. >> reporter: lynn's attorney says his client has already served 33 month of a 36-month sentence. even with a new trial, the mack numb sentence co-receive
5:36 am
about two month, his attorney also says lynn's spirits are pretty good despite some recent medical issues. he is expected to be back here, his hearing, expected to start mid-morning, lauren? >> jenny, thank you so much. >> and police are investigating two separate shootings in fairhill, the most recent happening just after 2:00 a.m. told a man was shot in the back and the leg, this was along north american street. police officers rushed him to the hospital. no word on his condition, or any arrests. the other shooting happening just before 9:00 p.m. last night on the 3,000 block of north second street. someone shot a man in the stomach and his arm, officers rushed him to the hospital. he is listed in critical condition at temple university. so far no arrest haves been made there. police are also look nothing late night shooting in kingsessing there is happened just after 10:30 along beaumont avenue. we're told the man was shot in the stomach. he was taken it penn presbyterian medical center. no word on his condition or if any arrests were made. >> one person dead this morning after being hit by a septa train in delaware county. it happened just after 9:30 last night.
5:37 am
a septa spokesperson says the train traveling on the media elwin line hit the person, near the fernwood great on station, about 90 passengers evacuated from the train, and transferred to septa buses to complete their trip. the victim yet to be identified. >> after the break, going for the gold. the us women's team getting off to a great start in the summer games. how new jersey's own carli lloyd helped lead the team to victory. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza.
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a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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phillies put starting pitcher area on nola on the 15 day disable list with a elbow strain, and started a pitcher i didn't know existed as a phillie, phil kline, wild glad. to citizens bank park, mikhail franco ties it in the eighth with this two run single. phillies win over san francisco five to four. and the eagles did something different yesterday at practice, the team practiced for three hours, for the first time in three years. and they hit and had contact, which they didn't do either in the three years under chip kelly. but that's the way it should be. >> tackle football. you know, it is a physical game. and, you know, the other thing about it, too, that competition, just knowing that we're actually going to put the pads on, and go to the ground today. >> we get the tackle as level of intensity you usually don't get. it is always fun going up against the guys on the team, and trying to see who can win
5:41 am
today. >> that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> speaking every winning, the olympic opening ceremonies still about 36 hours away, the competition already kick off. soccer, starting off with the range worlds cup champ's, women's soccer team taking off new zealand in the opening game. ninth minute, new jersey native carli lloyd burries the header one-0us. so let's move to the second half. in the 46 minutes, morgan finds the net, right here, there she goes. the score goes up to two-zero, that won't up being the final score. next game is on saturday, against france. and the olympic torch has arrived in rio, just ahead of the summer games. it arrived by boat at naval boat, steered by crew of brazilian olympic sailors. then hearted the sport to rear owe's mayor. pick michael phelps to carry the us flag during tomorrow's opening ceremonies.
5:42 am
>> up next, local little league tribute to fallen officers. what they did in their championship game. that will may have inspired the team to victory. whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned.
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discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at >> showing you ultimate radar, isn't that much to look at, unless you work out here, down virginia and west virginia, there is rain there, but because of high pressure, controlling our weather, that rain is not expected to make
5:45 am
it here. so let's talk about the weather at the phillies game today, starts at 8:00, 82 degrees, low humidity, beautiful day, just don't forget the sunscreen, and hopefully we'll get that broom out, and sweep the giant today. going down the shore, you have a chance to meet kathy orr in wildwood today at the boardwalk convention center. for the five and the 6:00 news, it will be comfortable 82 degrees, little bit after sea breeze there, that looks good. 68 degrees, right now, as you walk out the door in philadelphia. it is 54 in mount pocono, 63 lancaster, and atlantic city international 61 degrees. that's how we're starting off with low humidity, we keep the dew point low the rest of the day with 85 degrees, today and tomorrow. by saturday, inning up to 90 degrees, and then cold front comes through with some storms late in the day, for philadelphia, i would say, any time after 3:00 start looking for the storm, and then, it sweeps away all of the humidity against, looks like nice day sunday. and actually, the rest of that seven day forecast, looks pretty good, as well.
5:46 am
so, one little fly in the ointment, bob kelly, saturday in the after none. >> that's all it takes. good morning, sue. good morning, everybody, thursday morning, ' we get ready 5:46. nice sunrise over the platt bridge, southwest philadelphia in the background, looking live from the airport camera. no problems on the platt. as sue mentioned, we've got some baseball this afternoon, 1:00 business meeting at the stadium complex. so we'll see some volume headed in and out of the stadium during the lunchtime hour. going to the next camera, live look, hello wilmington. right at the split for 95 and 495, remember, that whole stretch of 495 through wilmington is pretty much a raised roadway there, but no problems at all, up and down i95, at the moment, going to northeast philadelphia, say good morning to 95 through the construction zone, now they're painting new lines speaking of construction zones, out along route 202. and all six lanes are open. three north, three south, the stretch between 401, and the
5:47 am
route 30 bypass, so that will catch you by surprise, this morning. mass transit, again, still dealing with the situation with the regional rails, but the subway and the mark frankford line looking good with no delays. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. pole numbers out new fox news poll shows hillary clinton as 49 to 39% lead over donald trump, that's four points better for mrs. clinton than a pole taken last month, 61% of voters view clinton as dishonest. but majority believe she is qualified to be president. meantime, trump campaigning in the key battlegrounds state of florida, clinton headed out west, fox's joe wald man with more from washington. >> donald trump in daytona florida attacking his favorite target, hillary clinton. >> the two separated in the sunshine state, by just a fraction everyone percentage point. >> hillary clinton want to make your taxes much higher, i'm cutting taxes, big league.
5:48 am
>> five day feud with the parent every muslim american war hero is threatening to throw trump's campaign into turmoil. trump's refusal to apologize or even back off the controversy has some republicans like former ebay ceo meg whitman, new york congressman, richard hand a, now endorsing democrat hillary clinton. trump's saying all good news inside the tram many camp, planning intervention what they're describing as disastrous 48 hours. >> the campaign is focused. the campaign moving forward in a positive way. >> hillary clinton stopping in colorado today, a state she leads by eight-point according to the average from real clear politics the as her runningmate, kane made his way to north carolina to drum up democratic support. >> i got a question for you. does anybody in this room believe donald trump? >> reporter: when asked earlier about trump's non-endorsement of house speaker paul ryan, his
5:49 am
runningmate mike penned was quick to support ryan's re-election calling him a long time friends and strong conservative leader. in washington, joel wald man, fox news. >> a symbol of the dnc remains in town nearly week after the convention wrapped up. you can still finds the donkeys around the city but not much longer. local officials result the final results of the donkeys around town program and scavenger hunt that went along with the promotion. delegations from the different states now allowed to take those donkeys back home. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell says the program was a huge success with more than 2200 people participating in that scavenger hunt. the donkeys will be off the streets by august 23rd, 4 of them will be auction off on line, their delegations were unwilling to pay the shipping costs. >> actor bradley cooper talking about the controversy surrounding him and democratic national convention. so we told you last week some fans pretty upset he attended the dnc. cooper said it caught him off guard and that quote republicans were up in arms
5:50 am
that i was there watching the president speak? cooper portrayed navy seal chris kyle in the 2014 film american sniper. some feel the dnc appearance insulted kyle's memory. the south jersey sharks baseball team honoring fallen police officers. during the championship game in hershey last weekends, instead of their names, they replaced the jerseys with the name of fallen officers. it is touching to their coach gary brenner who is also a 14 year veteran of the galloway township police department. >> went back, found some names of some officers, and their badge numbers, put them on the back of our jerseys. we have a badge of mourning band on our shirt, as well as as the symbol line the american flag. >> it seems the officers were with the team in spirit. down couple every runs, and the very last inning, they thought of the officers, came back, won the game, later this morning on good day the coach and several players will be
5:51 am
joining us in the 8:00 hour. >> that's exactly what will happen. it will be cool to meet with those players. >> the sand sharks. >> from new jersey. >> they had new jerseys. >> oh, confusing. >> what did delaware? a new jersey. good night everybody. all right, ladies, it is your turn. let's go to wide shot if you would over here. >> okay. >> i have an entourage. >> really? >> ladies, come in here. let's line up behind lauren. >> okay? >> georgetown. the university of florida for some reason. okay, these are interns. this is the next two weeks, especially this week, you're taking your kids to college for the first time, right? >> right. >> so what's the concept of this segment today? we want you to do? >> talking about the needs and the non-needs you don't need to bring to college. >> so the do's and don't's, the needs, did you say not
5:52 am
needs? >> not needs. >> the knot needs. >> the knot needs. >> stuff you don't need, you waste your money on when you take your kid to college. >> give me example of not need? >> i'm commuter so i don't really need to bring -- >> get out of here, summer? >> temple, what's a not node? you. >> don't need a bean bag. >> oh,. >> the bean bag chair? >> ya. >> you don't need that. >> okay. >> just for decor. >> that's the idea. >> you need the shower cap though? >> you do need that, and do you need shower shoes. >> see you over at temple in a dorm room, okay? sounds good. oh, also, last night, i'm going to jump, hope solo, you know they're already playing soccer games in the olympics? they get started early, so she posted that on instagram couple every days ago, afraid of zika, still in rio. the crowd booed her mercilessly every time she touched the ball. >> what? >> ya. and also, forget about drinking red wine. red wine supposed to be good for you, fight off
5:53 am
altzheimer's disease, now it comes in a pill form. would you take it in a pill form? i would rather drink it. >> no, i want to pop the pill. yes, the effect is quicker. all right, we'll talk more about wine. >> zika is quicker. >> that's true. >> all right. coming up after the break. a proud us set van want to show support for the nation he fought for, but his landlords telling him to take down his american flag. why he says he will not do it. >> don't do it. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
5:54 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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5:56 am
>> an apartment complex in las vegas threatening to fine an army veteran for flying his american flag. kim jackson has lived in the crystal creek amounts for the last five years. and for the past three, jackson's been flying his five by 8-foot american flag on the patio. it is not only patriots i can, it act as a shade, jackson says, people love it. and often honk their horns to show their support, as they drove by. but now, he says, the management company will fine him $25 a day because the flag is not on a pole. >> how does that make you feel? >> pissed. >> really mad. >> because i have a right to fly the flag. and i toll her, i'm a vet. i should have the right to fly t she goes you do have the right to fly it, you have the right to hang it, but it has to be on a pole. >> jackson says he'll just
5:57 am
move somewhere else if they make him take down the stars and stripes. >> next on good day, another atlantic city casino preparing to shut it doors. the trump taj mahal, what this means for the already struggling shore town. his conviction was overturned, so why is this local roman catholic official headed back to court? the answer after the break.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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>> from here we take it day-by-day. >> the taj mahal, becoming the fifth casino in atlantic city to shut its doors in just two years. oh, all of the jobs, they're going to be gone. what this all means for the struggling shore town of atlantic sit. >> i plus the first catholic off initial prison trying to cover up priest sex abuse, due back in court, the latest as the controversy continues. and then this: >> carli lloyd has the opening goal of the rio olympics. >> i know, the olympics have started before they started. carli lloyd, scores! the 2016 rio olympic games have not even officially started, but the us is already off to a good start. we take you to brazil, and show you


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