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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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just arrest add reputed philadelphia mob boss and massive racketeering sweep. they not only grabbed joey merlino in florida but also nearly four dozen others suspe suspected mobsters in new york city. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. some of the crimes prosecutors say they committed sound like something straight out of a hollywood script. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live outside of fbi headquarters in center city with more. dave? report roar lucy, late this afternoon, a federal judge in florida set a bail hearing for joey merlino for next tuesday. his attorney tells me he will request bail. right now merlino is being held in federal detention center in miami until that hearing occurs. he faces some very serious charges. fox 29 cameras were rolling a few weeks ago when mob boss joey merlino was crying the jersey shore in a half million dollar rolls royce with the top down. thursday morning in boca rah ton he was riding in the back of an fbi vehicle headed to federal prison.
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>> unfortunately, i think he got right back in the world he came out of and that's why he's jammed up again. >> reporter: only fox 29 cameras were there in margate in mid july as merlino enjoyed what could be his last days at the jersey shore for a long time. now he stands indicted along with 47 others in a massive federal racketeering indictment that stretches from new york city to florida. >> this indictment is road map of what his entire organized crime career has been. it's more of the same. >> reporter: the charges date back to 2011 when merlino first got out of prison on a federal racketeering conviction out of philadelphia. the new charges ranged from racketeering to gambling, loan sharking, arson and firearms offenses as well as a health care fraud scheme involving a quote prescription compound cream. >> i was told that not only will you hear these guys but you will see these guys. not only technology real sophisticated and so it's audio and video tapes. >> reporter: also charged in this case is merlino associate
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bradley sir ken of boca rah ton recently the subject of a fox 29 investigates report on a new jersey recycling operation. two new jersey agencies are now investigating what went on at a landfill in palmyra that took dirt from the massive multi million i-95 expansion project and several local projects. >> the other thing i'm hearing is this may be the first wave and maybe two more waves coming. >> reporter: that's a possibility more charges down the road. edwin jacobs merlino's attorney told me this afternoon that the indictment is very general, not lot of specifics. he says merlino will challenge this and he says we usually win but tonight merlino is behind bars until that bail hearing on tuesday in south florida. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. four sexual assaults in juniata one of them a homicide and now cops fief think the same guy may be behind all of them. philadelphia police say these pictures show the guy they're after. on july 12th investigators say
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he approached a 24-year-old woman as she was walking along the 3800 block of jasper street and choked her until she was unconscious. that's when police say he sexually assaulted the woman. they say he matches the description of the person behind three other attacks in the area. and that he rides a around on 10 speed bike. a judge has set a retrial date for monsignor william lynn two days aft his release from prison this video from earlier appearance. prosecutors retry lynn on may first. they say he tried to cover up priest sex abuse. prosecutors have said the 65-year-old endangered boy by transferring a suspected predator priest to his parish. that's something lynn's defense says is flat out false. >> it's simply not mat of record. he hasn't read this record. he doesn't know what's in it, okay? he's shooting from the hip. what he said the other day was absolutely untrue. okay? totally untrue with he with respect to this man. he never transferred a pedophile
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priest. never transferred a single priest. >> lynn is the first u.s. roman catholic church official ever convicted of helping to shield child molesters. scary moments inside the criminal justice center in philadelphia today after an elevate accident sent two people to the hospital. officials say somehow an elevator smashed through a concrete ceiling. >> it sent debris flying towards a second elevator car. the whole thing had emergency crews evacuating the building. fox 29's is a bone in a kuriakose in the miffled it all. joins us live now outside the criminal justice center in center city. sabina? >> reporter: lucy the most seriously injured person here a sheriff's deputy we're told he is in surgery with a broken back, authorities tell me they don't yet know whether these injuries are life-threatening. >> hit really really hard. >> reporter: juanita johnson was standing next to the court employees elevator at the kim matt until justice center.
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court officers yanked open the elevator doors. >> they pulled the doors open and nothing in it. >> the core, the elevator cord you couldn't seeing anything. >> before 10:30 thursday morning fire officials say a sheriff's deputy was inside the elevator used by judges and jury roars when it suddenly crashed through the concrete ceiling of the elevator shaft sending debris falling 15 floors on to another elevator car in the basement. this woman was and side that c car. >> things fell on top of the elevator exploding. >> reporter: she's okay taken by stretcher into an ambulance for minor injuries. the sheriff deputy identified as 50-year-old sergeant paul owens suffered critical head and neck injuries according to the fire department. officials say a fail safe mechanism kicked in to prevent the deputes top floor elevator from crashing down to the car blow. the height of the building the entire, of course it didn't do
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that. fail safe system to prevent an elevator from doing that. >> i thought it was attack on philadelphia. >> people felt the building rattle. the fire alarm went off. >> you can feel the courtroom shake. >> you could feel the courtroom beside that? >> it was like you her the noise it was like dupe and everything started to rattle and fire alarm went off. we didn't know what happened and then they evacuated everybody from every courtroom. >> by the time we got down the stairs to the first floor, that's when they said somebody was in the elevator. >> reporter: her desk on the basement level of the cjc worker eileen kaplan sits right next to the elevator entrance. she says the noise of the elevator malfunction was penn straighting when it happened. she feels lucky more people were not hurt. >> it's just a miracle. i could have been in the elevator. it could have been happened to me. you never know. it's a matter of timing. it was very scary. >> reporter: the cjc will be closed again tomorrow as authorities continue their investigation. now sources tell me that this
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deputy had just left the courtroom where the hearing for monsignor lynn's retrial had just taken place when all of this happened. lucy and iain, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. documents show the city was already making plans to renovate the elevators inside the cjc as early as march of this year. >> and they did pass inspection three months later in june. jeff cole joins us in the studio with more. jeff. >> reporter: the bank of elevator that is go up and down the 14 floors of the cjc needed an overhaul because of the age of the equipment. how it operates and the availability of parts. how do we know? this request for proposal put out by the city back in march. tonight the state department of labor and industry which inspects elevators says it certified contractor pm associates of lower gwynedd inspected and passed the elevators in june of 2016. labor and industry refused to release inspection documents today saying they are now part of the investigation of today's incident. some 19 elevators are planned for renovation costing some 6 million bucks according to the documents but the mayor
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spokesperson said that could go up to 7.5. cjc opened back in 1995 and if you have ever been there you know those elevators are heavily used. again the elevators passed state inspection in june but steed documents show tonight that they are apparently in need of renovations. i'm jeff cole. lucy, back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, jeff. kathy orr back down the shore tonight. i just like the ring of that. beautiful day to head at the beach and the weather is perfect in wildwood. >> hey, kathy. guys, it is beautiful out here today. everybody is just happy. everybody is just in a great mood. here comes the tram car so we better get to the weather. let's take look at the temperatures around the delaware valley. philadelphia we peaked at 85 degrees. the right now 82. 83 degrees in allentown and down the shore we have temperatures that are in the 70s. been there pretty much all day we have had a sea breeze and that sea breeze made it all the way into hammonton and also into
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millville. you can see on our visible satellite we drew the line and you can see to the westward side of that some cumulus clouds but on the east side near the shore that's a sea breeze and that's where we have those cooler temperatures. now, as we look down the shore for your forecast over the weekend tomorrow come down early the high 79. a few showers and storms for the dinner our saturday and sunday looks great. ocean water temperatures warming up. we're in the 70s. some of the warmest water of the season. we do want to let you know there's a severe weather risk and that is going to come on saturday. we have a marginal risk for severe weather just to be aware over the weekend to keep your eyes and ears out for that. we'll talk more about the potential for saturday thunderstorms coming up later in the broadcast but coming up, there's a lot of people over to my right. you will meet them and find out what they are doing and actually learn something with the forecast coming up later in the broadcast. i'll just leave you with that thought. >> hmm. all right. thank you very much, kathy. you decide 2016 a prominent
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philadelphia name could end up on the white house staff if hillary clinton wins. former philadelphia mayor michael nutter is reportedly under consideration for a possible cabinet post should clinton be elected. politico is reporting that nutter could be in the running for transportation secretary and secretary of housing and urban development. the article speculates clinton cam is that interested in emphasizing cities and drawing on urban experience. a table covered in coke and cash in philadelphia today after investigators find the multi-million dollars stash in a warehouse what tipped police off to this incredible discovery. and local food banks and businesses are teaming up to mack sure excessive food doesn't go to waste. the simple new tool they'll use to help fight hunger.
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us.
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i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. ♪ major drug bust in philadelphia so big authorities are calling it one of the biggest cocaine seizures ever in our area. six men face charges tonight for their involvement. >> police say they seized more
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than a quarter ton of cocaine from the drug ring in east kensington. this is the incredible colossal haul, that's $23 million worth. investigators pulled over car monday at east lehigh and trenton and discovered 40 kilos of coke hidden in traps when they got to warehouse on cambria street. they say they found another nearly 200 kilos of cocaine along with money counters and 77,000 bucks in cash. >> you're taking their roads off the street. taking their money and taking a significant cut of their proceeds approximately $23 million. you are actually winning a battle in the war. >> two of the men arrested from our area. investigators say this is a trance national criminal group and there could be more arrests. fighting hunger in philadelphia just got little easier with an app. >> the food rescue app got a test run during the dnc and it was so successful that today leaders announced its here to stay. fox 29's dawn timmeney shows us. >> reporter: it seems like
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this in philadelphia and what's in those garbage bags that caught the attention of mega. >> on my way home i would see the rust aunts throwing the food out and i look at that and i saw homeless people right across the street and i thought to myself, well, why is this happening? >> reporter: so the 28-year-old with a data and analytical background decided to do something about it. margay came up with an app to connect all the food that goes goes to waste from restaurants and caterers with area food banks and pantries. >> i used food search food connect down load the app and schedule a pick up. put your name, number and time frame and we match it to meal site. >> fort sunday breakfast rescue mission on north 13th street which feeds several hundred people daily it's a lifesaver. >> because we are serving three meals a day seven days week we can take the food and put it on our next meal and really use it and it is so tremendously helpful. >> reporter: zest a collaboration between the city's anti hunger organization like
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philabundance helping make sure this perfectly good food gets safely to the people who need it. >> logistics are really big part of this effort. so we have trucks, we have drivers on hand. we have volunteers who are helping with this effort. >> reporter: the city launched the app during the democratic national convention and it was hugely successful. >> between july 21st and jul july 29th, operation food rescue recovered 9,300 and 66 meals. >> this is very simple. very simple we should not waist food. we shall not throw away. we should share with each other. >> harry is in the restaurant business. he delivered leftover food from the dnc to a local church. >> so we just pulled up and popped the back and they were -- the guys donating when very helpful. their staff came out and helped us load it in. >> there's really no reason not to do it. >> 40% of all food in this country goes uneaten every year n philadelphia one in four people face hunger every day.
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that's twice the national average. the hope is the food connect app will put a dent in those staggering statistics. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. ♪ kathy orr is back down the shore tonight. weather is perfect in wildwood like always. always nice in wildwood. i don't care. hey, kathy. >> this is for you, iain. little dab. we are having -- we are having a great time here i want to introduce to you lindsay and the north wildwood beach patrol! >> whoo! >> lindsay, tell everybody what you guys are doing here. >> we're doing zumba. we do zumba classes at the rec center down on second street every day all day -- all week long. kind of fun, great time. so we'll give you a little taste of zumba what we do. >> all right. we'll see how it goes. have you ever done zumba. >> not at all. >> we'll stick together. have you ever done zumba, matt. >> yes, i have. >> with lindsay. >> and who else did i work with? >> and bob kelly.
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>> bob kelly. >> we'll see how bob and i match up later but first let's talk about the weather. take look at the high temperatures for the day. philadelphia we made it to 86. reading we made it to 85. elsewhere you can see lower 80s but comfortable through dover, wilmington, millville and even ac. as we look ahead, we do have the threat of severe weather on saturday. just be aware of that. if you have any plans outdoors. this is how it's going play out. the showers and storms begin to the north and west around noon. they move through the i-95 corridor mid afternoon. and then they'll be moving off the coast after the din are in hour. here's the timing lehigh valley after 11am. philadelphia north and west after 2:00. and south jersey and delaware five to 8:00, 8:00 clearing the shore. overnight tonight 68 degrees in the city. 61 in the suburb. crack the windows if you're home or down the shore. it's going to be very comfortable. during the day tomorrow, let's hit the beach early. we have more clouds coming in late the sooner you get down here the better. the high temperature 85 degrees. still very pleasant. and we will have a southeasterly breeze. on the extended forecast from
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your fox 29 weather authority the peak of the heat will be saturday with showers and stor storms. sunday 85. 86 on monday. tuesday 88. back into the 90s on wednesday and then thursday 93 as well. shore temperatures in the 70's and 80s. okay. i think it's time to start our zumba. you guys, you ready? >> yeah. >> okay. ready? >> ♪ >> all right. this could get little tricky. i'll stand next to my guy who has never done it before. okay. i'm next to march rah. march rah is set to be an expe expert. how many years have you been doing this? >> 16 years. >> 16 years. you don't look old enough. >> ut-oh. i'm not doing it right. >> that was good. all right. okay. matt, do you think i'm doing better than bob kelly? >> much better. >> all right. that's all i needed. all right, guys, we'll send it
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back to you. i'm going to hand this over to matt. here, matt. >> all right, kathy. two injuries today at eagles training camp. i'll get to those. but a monumental year for one person 40 years as an eagle broadcaster. that will be merrill reece. that will be coming up when we come up with sports. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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other day of eagles training camp but two injuries today. malcolm jenkins has hamstring injury. jason peter as quad injury f what i'm told they're for about week and probably not going to play in the first game on thursday. but who will be there come on in here merrill this is a special night. because we are celebrating tonight. that's why i'm here. the 40th year of broadcasting eagles games and that will be eagles broadcaster merrill ree reece. >> i was 12 at the time. (laughter). >> when you think back, how did that all happen? >> i don't know where the years went but this is the 40th season it doesn't seem like it but hopefully there are a lot more to come because i love it. i enjoy it. i look forward to it every single year. >> all right. so we've heard a lot of great calls. people i mean we got joe cochlin mimicking you on wip, people talking about you. you're favorite call is what? >> well my favorite call really is not so much my call but my favorite moment.
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>> right. >> was the end of the most dramatic eagles come back i've ever seen and that was decembe december 19th, 2010 and you know it when desean jackson looked up and muffed the punt from -- from matt dodge and picked it up and the red sea parted and he won the game. it was the walk off grand slam. >> my favorite play we'll listen to my favorite play of your ca call. >> across the 20, westbrook takes it, looks for running room, the 20, 30, 45, 40, westbrook -- brian westbrook he's going, he's gone! touchdo touchdown! brian westbrook, 84 yards. no penalty nags. i don't believe it. brian westbrook has just explodeexploded this place is ia state of shock. (laughter). >> i'll never get -- this place is in a state of shock n state of shock. >> that was great play and dramatic, too. >> thank you. but it was -- it was amazing.
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>> here's the funny thing. do you know that was on the 19th of october, and then desean's was the 19th of december. >> i know. then the miracle meadowlands the original herman edwards was the 19th of november. >> all right. i'll play chip kelly offense because we got to go to the next play. congratulations. 40th year doing eagles football. back to you guys in the studio. >> that's wonderful. >> howard thanks. >> love that. >> he's got such a great voice. >> he does. 40 years incredible. >> that is it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00, though. inside -- and at 11:00. inside edition is up next. >> we'll leave you with a live look at wildwood. they're doing zumba down there. >> what's the difference between that and aerobic. >> i don't know. i don't either. >> you do golf. >> a lot of golf. ♪
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all in one. purina one. >> furious melania trump. she is fighting back own claims about her immigration status. and stadium of boos. >> boo. >> why american olympic soccer star hope solo was booed in rio. >> and a beautiful jogger murdered in broad daylight. the new gadgets women can use to stay safe. >> what every female jogger needs to know. >> and was it homicide? navy seal in training. now his loved ones want answers. >> it was his life-long dream. that was taken away from him. plus, fit to serve. first daughter sasha obama's summer job. then bombshell. the woman


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