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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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elevator accident. the mystery officials c still cannot figure out tonight. we found the guys who went viral for turning a dumpster into illegal swimming pool. they're new solution after a city crack down. your news next.
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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ delaware police detective on the wrong side of the law tonight charged with arson and conspiracy. police say it all started when the wilmington detective's car was set on fire. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. investigators now say he set the wheels in motion. wilmington mayor calls it deeply troubling. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at the wilmington police department. chris? >> reporter: lucy, eight year police veteran is out on bail and off the job tonight here from the wilmington police department charged with trying to higher someone to set his own
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car on fire. wilmington police say it was tuesday night when detective omar reddick called his own police department to report an arson. someone had torched his car with gasoline in the parking lot of liquor store on the 3100 block of lancaster avenue. at the time police thought detective reddick was being targeted during on-going gang investigation. but when a suspect was identified, he told police it was reddick who solicited him to commit the arson to the car. after gathering more evidence including surveillance video from the liquor store, reddick was arrested by wilmington police without incident at his middletown home. among the charges, second degree arson, conspiracy and criminal solicitation. >> you got to stop and think we supposed to trust ya'll. >> reporter: wilmington residents are disappointed that a person they trust to up hold the law is accused of breaking it. also, putting firefighters safety at risk.
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>> naturally i'm disappointed number one because -- >> very much. >> as a public service officer we're to protect and serve. >> reporter: we called reddick at home for comment but whoever answered hung up n a statement wilmington's mayor says he's "troubled and saddened by the arrest". >> just because there's one bad apple doesn't mean the whole entire bunch is bad because i've seen wilmington -- wilmington police do some of the greatest things. >> reporter: now detective reddick was released on a $17,000 bond. he was also placed on administrative leave pending a probation hearing with the department. so far no motive on this, lucy? >> all right. thank you, chris. in philadelphia, police are on the hunt for the man behind a series of violent crimes in juniata. investigators think this man might have also sexually assaulted four women killing one of them on july 12th. cops say he snuck up behind a
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24-year-old woman walking along the 3800 block of jasper street and choked her until she fell unconscious. investigators say he then sexually assaulted her. they say he matches the description of the person behind three other attacks in the area. >> we can't tell you absolutely that all the jobs are connected. mo is is the same. same general area. it's the same basic physical description. he's operating 10 speed bicycle. >> authorities say the attacks date back to april and in some of the cases he was armed with 95. two people rushed to the hospital today after an elevator accident at philadelphia's criminal justice center. investigators say an elevator smashed through the concrete ceiling the entire building had to be evacuated. still be closed tomorrow. fox 29's sabina kuriakose explains. hit really really hard. >> reporter: juanita johnson was standing next to the court employees elevator at the cjc
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when she heard that immense sound. court officers yanke yanked opee elevator doors. >> they pulled the elevators door and nothing in it. the cord, the elevator cord you couldn't see anything else. >> reporter: just before 10:30 thursday morning firefighter officials say a sheriff's deputy was inside the elevator when it crashed on the concrete ceiling of the elevator shaft falling debris falling 15 floors on to another elevator car in the basement. this woman was inside that car. >> fell down on top of the elevator exploded. >> reporter: she's okay taken by stretcher into an ambulance for minor injuries. the sheriff deputy identified as fief year-year-old sergeant paul owens suffered critical head and neck injuries according to the fire department. officials say a fail safe mechanism kicked in to prevent the deputes top floor elevator from crashing down to the car below. >> the height of the building the entire, of course not it
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didn't do that. they're fail safe elevator systems to prevent an elevator from doing that. >> i thought it was honestly an attack on philadelphia. >> reporter: people say there was confusion as people felt the building rattle then the fire alarm went off. >> you can feel the courtroom shake. >> you can feel the courtroom inside that? >> it was like you heard the noise. and then everything just started to rattle and fire alarm went off. we didn't know what happened and then they evacuated ever of everybody from every courtroom. goodbye the time we got down the stairs to the first floor that's when they said somebody was in the elevator. >> reporter: her desk on the basement level of the cjc worker eileen kaplan sits right next to the elevator entrance. she says the noise of the elevator malfunction penetrating when it happened. she feels lucky more people were not hurt. >> just a miracle. vyke been in the elevator. it could have happened to me. you never know. it's a matter of timing. it was very scary. >> sabina reports the cjc will be closed again tomorrow. they have not explained how the
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accident happened and their investigation continues. on your radar, a great end to the week. it's been gorgeous. but kathy is tracking storms heading our way just in time for the weekend. kathy? >> but not the whole weekend. that's the good news. okay. we can handle this one. you can look at the radar right now. ultimate doppler the last three hours not a cloud in the sky. that's just the way it's going to stay. temperatures very comfortable as you look at the numbers. 73 in pottstown. in philadelphia 74. some good sleeping weather through millville, atlantic city, even in cape may. as you head north towards wrightstown temperatures in the 60s and tonight. down the shore we had sea breeze ocean water temperatures in the 70s so that's where we're hanging on right now. overnight, 68 in the city. 61 in the suburbs. mainly clear and comfortable. coming we'll talk about the heat coming back to the delaware valley. it's not going to last long but it will make a return. there is a severe threat this week and. of course we'll take look at the better, drier half of the weekend if you have plans. i'll see you laterred in broadcast.
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>> all right, kathy, thanks. judge set a retrial date for monsignor william lynn two days after his release from prison this is video from an earlier appearance. prosecutors will retry lynn on may first. he tried to cover up pre sex abuse. the 65-year-old endangered boy by transferring a suspected predator priest to his parish. lynn is the first u.s. roman catholic church official ever convicted helping to shield child molesters. and maintains his innocence. developing to night taking steps to protect people from the zika virus days after learning mosquitoes are carrying the virus in florida officials in delaware county made a move to try to protect their residents and we've learned county officials have secured funding to do just that. fox 29's dave kinchen life in media with the details. dave? >> reporter: lucy, health officials here in delaware county say they do not have any cases of zika here but they are working in the name of prevention. al johnson of springfield,
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delaware county, plays ball with his niece thinking about the zika virus reports he's seen on the news. he knows it's spread by mosquitoes. >> my niece be out here playing all the time, you know, they got a lot of mosquitoes out here. >> reporter: we told him about the delaware county council approving a near $47,000 grant application to boost its mosquito control efforts which will now test for zika along with west nile. >> i just hope they spray and keep it away, you know, that's the problem over there the olympics right now. they worried about that catching them and bringing it back, too. so hopefully, you know, they find a way to stop it. >> reporter: laura devlin directs the inter community health office of delaware county. the grant will pay for traps like this one used to secure, test and treat mosquitoes to watch for those carrying zika. >> it would allow for additional equipment and personnel to do that job. >> reporter: penn state extension technicians using trucks like this one to spray suspected areas. >> the technicians from penn state go out and test water,
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storm sewers, retention base since and that's what they're looking for mosquitoes. >> reporter: this comes days after the cdc pregnant women and their partners not to travel to my am me. experts say there are more than 1600 confirmed zika cases in the us with 61 in pa. and they have a warning to those traveling to the caribbean or latin mercury john's any time soon. >> if they're traveling you want to make sure if you're of, you know, plan on getting pregnant or pregnant receiver to your doctor to make sure you're doing everything you can to prevent the spread of zika. >> reporter: health experts here in delaware county tell us education is the best defense and they encourage research all you can about zika. iain? >> good advice, dave. thank you. food to service workers from citizens bank park band together for recall toll night. >> ♪ we are the union, the mighty mitty union ♪ >> a couple of hundred workers demanding their employer aramark
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pay better wages. they also want year round employment and want the company to move employees to other sports complexes during the phillies off season. union leaders from unite here also claim it's harder for african-americans to get higher-paying jobs at aramark. in statement aramark tells fox 29 in part "as an employer of more than a quarter million people aramark operates everywhere with the highest regard for all of our employees. that includes maintaining full compliance with labor agreements. aramark is proud of our commitment to diversity and inclusion ". president obama headed to the pentagon tonight for update on the fight against isis. >> the president says we are making progress in iraq and in syria because isis is not regained any territory it has lost. the terror threats are losing ground, president obama says islamic terrorism can still be a threat to the us. he says isis can inspire attacks that are harder to detect and prevent. the president says u.s. nodes to
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disrupt terror networks and incept the messages online that inspire troubled individuals. >> isil leaders are safe and we'll keep going after them. on the ground in iraq, local forces keep pushing isil back. in major success iraqi forces with coalition support finally liberated fallujah. >> the president also denied claims that the $400 million in cash air liv lived to iran in january was a ransom payment to free four detain americans. it just happened he says that's the same time. ♪ a couple of guys burst into this home looking for cash. they throw one of the men inside to the ground. what's worse, who people say they were targeting in this bold crime. all out brawl creates chaos inside this wawa. tonight, two are under arrest. what cops now say set them off. >> saving the site of people had don't realize they're slowly going blind. what local doctors are doing
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that will soon be used around the country and bruce? >> reporter: from the guy who's brought you dumpster pool, how about chevy s10 pickup truck pool. what do you say fellas, is this happy hour are a what. >> it's happy hour. >> coming up straight ahead. >> talk about a traffic jam. what was creeping along the side of this highway next to a police car that had traffic backed up for miles.
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. ♪ one big mob take down. fbi agents arrested reputed philadelphia mob boss in florida today. federal prosecutors charged joey merlino and nearly four dozen other suspected mobsters in new
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york city with crimes that read like a hollywood script. the indictment goes on and on charges like racketeering, gambling, loan sharking, arson and firearms offenses as well as health care fraud dating back to 2011. that's when merlino first got out of prison on federal racketeering conviction. >> unfortunately, i think he got right back into the world he came out of and that's why he's jammed up again. >> the trial is likely more than a year away. but if convicted it would be his third federal conviction. six arrests in major drug bust in philadelphia. so big authorities are calling it one of the biggest cocaine seizures ever in our area. we are talking more than a quarter ton of coke worth million and millions of dollars. >> it started with a traffic stop in the city earlier this week. fox 29's karen hepp explains. >> these are the actual kilos of cocaine. >> reporter: one of the largest hauls they have ever seized in our area. 238 kilos that's 23 million
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bucks worth. monday the case broke when investigators say they stopped a car here at east lehigh and trenton in philly and found 40 kilos of cocaine hidden in traps. investigators gave us an exclusive look at the actual hidden compartment under the back seat where they say they found all those drugs. at this warehouse on cambria street, they say they found another 192 kilos from puerto rico and the dominican republic along with $77,000 in cash. a money counter and a heat sealer commonly used by drug traffickers. >> we will cut your umbilical cord off and take your proceeds, we will take your load and we will arrest you whether you're a street level dealer or whether you're hierarchy. >> these six suspects were arrested. two are from our area. john, of philadelphia and argie yous of allentown. investigators say they're part of a trance national criminal
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organization bringing columbian cocaine to this country through the islands. joint federal state and local task force just created a few months ago to protect philadelphia's courts and borders helped to get all these drugs off the streets. >> we welcome new cars. we welcome fresh produce into the philadelphia area, but if i was tempt to bring pure cocaine into the area from overseas, you have a task force here that stands ready to stop that activity. >> karen tells us this is still an open investigation. authorities suspect there may be more arrests. philadelphia police arrested to people started a cry yacht inside a tacony was what because all because they tried to buy cigars. the melee was caught on cell phone video and now viewed more than million dollar million tim. prosecutors charged barbara and jonathan rodriguez with insight ago riot, criminal conspiracy and disorderly conduct. more than $700 in damage was done to to that store. the steve philadelphia is
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urging people not in swim in dumpsters after pictures like this started raising eyebrows. it's a warning they say shouldn't require an explanati explanation. >> yeah. yeah. so we sent our bruce gordon over to the neighborhood to find out more. only to learn the guys behind dumpster pool have another ways to beat the heat. live in ken sink ton. bruce, what you got? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, if you thought dumpster pool was unusual, let's face it, it was, wait until you see what was waiting for us when we arrived tonight on the 2400 block of cedar street. what's better on a warm summer months evening than a cool dip? >> whoo! >> reporter: back end 1993 chevy s10 pickup truck. that's where you'll find jake long and justin myers during happy hour. >> it's warm. toasty. i love it. i'm all about the river live this summer. i'm just trying to get out and get in the water as much as possible. what's not to like. it's 90 degrees out, and you can sit on the sidewalk and have a
10:19 pm
beer at your house. >> reporter: liner from a child's slip and slide a couple hundred gallons of water and some braces to keep the truck bed from bottoming out. >> it's not bad. >> reporter: you've got your set a curb side oasis that's the talk of the neighborhood. portable pool a great way to meet new neighbors 18 month old presently stopped by with his dad. he just bought a house down the block. occasional problems that arises this is a city environment aft all. >> my pool has been stolen three times and i get it back every time. it's just destined to be here on this block. >> reporter: the truck has been swiped unget it back every time. >> every time. >> kensington car share. >> jake and justin made headlines last weekend. they ren add dumpster, cleaned it, lined it, and filled it with a city fire hydrant. city hall was not amused. not with the dumpster idea or with the source of the water. but truck pool is legit. water comes from a garden hose leading from their own home. >> any reason to believe the
10:20 pm
city will have problem with this setup. >> i have no idea. i didn't know they were going to have problem witness dumpster so -- >> reporter: best of all when happy hour is over training the pool is faster than you can say niagara falls. (laughter). >> reporter: well, dumpster pool has temporarily caused jake and justin their block party permit privileges but as long as their truck doesn't get stolen they'll still have wet and wild way to survive the summer. iain? >> all right. bruce. interesting indeed. all right. a man walks into packed gross row store but not there to shop watch he said to the clerk so terrifying they handed over the cash. >> good deed gone wrong. restaurant fired him for giving free food to military veteran. why his bosses say not so fast. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. vine expressway still closed
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each and of night this week until about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow. the stretch between the schuylkill and broad street. so you jump off at 30th south or at spring garden and a brand new traffic pattern catching everybody by surprise. this will catch you for loop tomorrow. 202 between the 30 bypass and route 401 all six lanes ready for your driving pleasure. we'll check the jam cams and sue has the weekend forecast. see you tomorrow at four. and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured
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is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ guy walked into supermarket and threatened to shoot everyone inside if an employee did not hand over the cash. that is exactly what police in fayetteville, georgia say happened on tuesday. cops say the man probable until his 60s threatened the clerk but when it took too long to hand over that money, police say the man took off. they're not sure if he even actually had a gun. he never showed one. regardless they are now after him. we're learning more about the american killed in last night's 95 attack in london. police say 64-year-old darlene horton was from florida and was visiting with her husband. police are calling this spontaneous attack, not terrorism. they say the 19-year-old attacker may have mental health issues. attacker injured five others including another american but all are expected to survive. dylan roof the man charged in the shooting death of nine black parishioners inside a charleston, south carolina
10:25 pm
church was assaulted in jail. authorities say an inmate ran down the stairs from his cell attacked roof, bruising his face and back, medical personnel inside the jail check out the 22-year-old then sent him back to his cell. roof is facing the death penalty in upcoming trials. upstate new york police are trying to determine if a fire at an apartment of a black firefighter is linked to a racist letter that he got. >> the incident happened just two days apart. volunteer firefighter ken walker from ton wanda near buffalo. he's the only black firefighter on his squad and on monday, he got a letter in his mailbox that had racial slurs and threats against him if he did not quit the department. and then yesterday happened. a fire broke out at his apartment. walker and his family were not home but two of his cats died. the firefighter says he's devastated but will not quit. >> sending a letter that was a little intimidation, but, you know, it should never get to the point where you need to harm someone's home.
10:26 pm
i have children that live here. you can have a problem with me, you know, you can have problem with anything i may say or do but there was no reason to involve my home. investigators have yet to confirm the fire is arson but the fbi is investigating it as a possible hate crime. saving the site of people who don't even realize they are slowly going blind. what local doctors are doing that will soon be used around the country. our kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> we are, iain. we have one more day of really comfortable weather but some storms moving in from chicago land could put a dent actually some problems for the weekend weather. we'll talk about that coming up. and all new at 11:00 tonight before you make your big weekend plans, we've got something for you. what state supreme court says you do not, dorks not have the right to do. ♪ don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments.
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♪ philadelphia police are looking for three guys they say robbed two people at gun point in spring garden the incidents
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happened just minutes apart. the first happened on the 1900 block of north street. then a few minutes later, police say one of the men held up a woman walking on the 1900 block of green street. no injuries were reported but if you recognize any of these men, give police a call. atlantic county, new jersey, police are sharing new details about the hit-and-run that killed 27-year-old aubrey service. galloway township police say they're now looking for a light colored suv possibly a lexus rx. service was crossing white horse pike at sixth adversary. she was in the crosswalk. she had the light. but investigators say a driver plowed into her any way monday night. if you have any information about what happened, give police a call. local effort to find and treat eye diseases before did he rob people of their site may now become a model for the entire country. local doctors are trying to help people who don't even realize that they are slowly going blind. the key is catching these diseases early. >> we first told you about this program last year and tonight joyce evans shows us the findings doctors call both stu
10:31 pm
stunning and row warring. ♪ report take picture of the optic they have been. >> can you see the light? >> yeah. >> great. >> we shoot the images back over to wills. our glaucoma specialists are reading them. and then we invite the patients back for a full eye scam if they have abnormal image. >> perfect. keep looking right at it. ♪ >> reporter: so far about 800 patients have looked into the light of a wills eye hand-held camera. for testimony of them they're very first eye scam ever. >> when was the last time you had an eye scam? >> i haven't had none. >> reporter: for 57 years eric graham never got to it. and knowing there's something wrong. >> are you on medications? >> because of time i think my sugar is low or hi my vision gets real blurry. >> reporter: he settles for the sharp pest focus he can match from the reading glasses on a stand.
10:32 pm
>> i know what i'm doing wrong. >> reporter: you knew you were wrong. >> my wife, too. >> reporter: golden opportunity for eric. adele new man. >> how is your vision? >> it's a little fuzzy i guess because i'm getting older. >> reporter: and for darrell. >> have you ever had that before. >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: no. they all just happened to have other medical appointments on this day at the mary howard health center. >> it's a blessing because i've been wanting to get my eyes checked again. >> reporter: lucky for adele wills eye hospital had set up its free tell medicine study program here. funded by the cdc. >> if we can detect glom coma earlier in high-risk populations, then we can get people into care and we can reduce the risk of blindness. >> reporter: but the highest risk populations are the least likely to have access to screening and treatment for glaucoma and other site robbing diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.
10:33 pm
>> this truly gives us the opportunity to meet the patients where they are, and more importantly, to have theirs or their conditions managed and it's all at this site. >> reporter:. >> at other clinics and primary care dr. offices. >> if i had to give a rating it would be a plus. yes. because they doing something for the community that can't afford it. >> reporter: they're hoping to stop what wills eye experts believe is becoming an epidemic in cities like philadelphia. >> back at wills eye, dr. jonathan myers co director of glaucoma services examining the initial images taken from hundreds of partly cloudies at off site locations. >> what did you find? >> these optic nerves are not normal. they show signs glaucoma and clear damage from glaucoma. and this patient didn't know they had problem. this is just the sort of patient we're hoping to find. >> reporter: walking around without a clue. no symptoms, but slowly going
10:34 pm
blind. years of damage and never saw it coming. >> tissue of the optic nerve is thinner than we would like so this optic nerve shows even thinner rim tissue. in fact over here it's hard to identify any of that pink, orange rim tissue that is normally present in the optic nerve. >> reporter: this patient will be sent to a specialist and retested with their eyes dilated for a closer look. significant damage here cannot be reversed. >> use either eye drops or laser or surgery to prevent the blindness that glaucoma can cause. >> reporter: if this person does nothing they probably will lose their sight and this person is not that old. >> look straight ahead for me. >> reporter: this is phase two of the study we first told you about more than a year ago. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> reporter: they were just wrapping up screening of about 1600 people in senior centers. >> almost 40% had some type of
10:35 pm
glaucoma or glaucoma suspect. >> reporter: and they're already detect morgue glaucoma and other eye ailments in phase two. says wills eye research director dr. lisa hark. >> after the first year we got a lot of calls and people want to know where to go and what to do. >> reporter: all darrell, adele and eric had to do was say yes to the tests. when they came in for their routine doctors appointments. >> if i hadn't seen you guys i would have kept on sliding on by. >> reporter: sliding by is over. adele's eyes are fine but eric and darrell are diagnosed with cataracts and now they become part of the group treated and monitored for the next thee years. >> i'm going to do what i got to do because this is what i need. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. talk about traffic jam. what was creeping along the side of this highway next to police car that had traffic backed up for miles. and fighting hunger across the city.
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you new tool helping to get food to those who need it most. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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♪ major backups today in southern california wasn't because of an accident or construction. it was all over a goose. this goose was seen on the morning busy freeway that crosses the la river. you can see california highway patrol following the bird closely so it wasn't in any danger. traffic though is believed to have stretched back for miles. the goose eventually took off. >> there you go. safe and sound. in your money tonight, you can now get dough out of an atm and i'm not talking about the green stuff. clever inventors in ohio have created a pizza atm so if you're looking for late night cheesy snack you can get any time this is your machine. xavier university in cincinnati officially unveiling its pizza atm on august 10th next week. the first of its kind in north
10:40 pm
america can't dish out 300 hot pizzas every day. >> first daughter sasha obama has a childhood like few others lives in the white house but this summer she's working a summer job like a lot of other teens. boston herald got this picture of 15-year-old sasha working the register and busing tables at nancy's seafood restaurant in martha's vineyard starting this weekend. entire first family will spend two weeks there for summer yea vacation. seafood eatery a popular spot for the obamas when they visit martha that is a's vineyard. >> good deed gone bad. >> 19-year-old says his boss fired him from his job at a fast food restaurant for giving freebies to a veteran. alex lost his job at this jack in box in bakersfield california he says surveillance camera caught him giving a military veteran free tacos. he admits to giving the customers other freebies in the past as well because he's a veteran an regular. but sometime within the past couple of weeks the cameras were rolling and someone from corporate was watching.
10:41 pm
>> since he's a vet i don't think i should charge him at least for cough feature the not even dollar for coffee. i know i did wasn't right to them, but to me it felt right. >> jack in the box is now released a statement saying our actions in many case were not based on just one incident and had nothing to do with the guest's military experience. of course he admits he gave the vet on the complimentary food and coffee in the past as well. a couple of guys burst into this home looking for cash. they throw one of the men inside to the ground. what's worse who police say they were targeting in this bold crime. >> kathy orr tracking that big old weekend forecast. >> um-hmm. we have heat, we have humidity. it's all building, and we have those typical afternoon summer storms. but they could lead to severe weather. we'll track the temperatures as well as the storms coming up when we come back.
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♪ >> ambushed in their home and camera catches it all. detectives in pom pompano beach florida are on the hunt for the attackers. surveillance video shows it go down. this apartment resident a priest was counseling two people when the attackers burst through the front door. they forced everyone to the ground. tied them up. the men then ransack the home
10:45 pm
taking cash, jewelry, computer equipment and car keys. dumpsters full of food that could have been helped to fight hunger across the city of philadelphia. now a new app is helping to do just that. >> it got a test run during the dnc last week. it worked so well city leaders announced today it's here to stay. dawn timmeney explains. >> reporter: it seems like this in philadelphia. and what's in those garbage bags that caught the attention of mega. >> on my way home i would see the restaurants throwing the food out, and i look at that and i saw homeless people right across the street and i thought to myself, well, why is this happening? >> reporter: so the 28-year-old with a data and analytical background decided to do something about it. she came up with an app to connect you will at food that goes to waste from restaurants and caterers with area food banks and pantries. >> you search food connect, download the app. from there you can schedule a pick up, put your name, number and time frame, and we match it
10:46 pm
to meal site. >> reporter: for the sunday breakfast rescue mission asian on north 13th street which feeds several hundred people dale it's a lifesaver. >> because we are serving three meals a day, seven days a week we can take the food and put it on our next meal and really use it and it is so tremendously helpful. >> reporter: effort at a collaboration between the city's anti hunger organization. like philabundance helping make sure this perfectly good food gets safely to the people who need it. >> logistics are obviously really big part of this evident. we have trucks, we have drivers on hand, we have volunteers who are helping with this effort. >> the city launched the app during the democratic national convention and it was hugely successful. >> between july 21st and jul july 29th, operation food rescue recovered 9,366 meals. >> this is very simple. it's very simple we shall not waste food. we shall not throw food away and we shall share with each other
10:47 pm
harry hey is in the restaurant business he delivered leftover food from the dnc to local church. >> we just pulled up and pop the back and the guys donating were very helpful. their staff came out and helped us load it in. there's no reason not to do it. >> 40% of all food in this country goes uneaten every year. in philadelphia, one in four people face hunger every day. that's twice the national average. the hope is the food connect app will put a dent in those stagg staggers statistics. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> i don't know about you iain, i'm loving this weather. >> hard not to like this, kathy. >> picture perfect. low humidity, plenty of sunshi sunshine. warm temperatures. typical perfect day in august. we have a few more coming up. take a look at the high temperatures for the day. the normal high is 87. and we were pretty close in philadelphia and reading. wilmington, dover, millville and atlantic city checking in the low 80s. we call this the comfort zone right now in the city still 74
10:48 pm
in new york. 74 ocean city. that's maryland 73 but temperatures fairly uniform with an on shore flow. you see those coastal numbers in the 70s and we will be falling comfortably in the 60s overnig overnight. but tomorrow, we will see a surge of warmth. that will continue to build over the weekend. we have a cold front approaching from the west. and that is going to increase our heat and our humidity from the south. so tomorrow some clouds late. but saturday that's when we have the threat of showers some thunderstorms a few of those could be severe with damaging winds. let's time it out for your saturday. saturday morning you'll see mostly cloudy sky. and then as we work our way through the day, the noon hour 1:00 p.m. some of those storms heading through the lehigh valley then the i-95 corridor. and then moving offshore clearing the shore by the evening period. and after that, it's pretty nice. you can see late saturday night and into sunday some drying conditions. so as we look at the chance of precipitation and the timing lehigh valley between 11:00 and
10:49 pm
2:00 and then it's after 2:00 o'clock in philadelphia. suburbs and then south jersey and delaware after 5:00 p.m. clearing the coast by 8:00 p.m. we'll keep a careful eye on that the more sunshine we see the more severe the storms could potentially be. as you see the forecast overnight in the city, cooling down to skate in the suburbs 61. mainly clear, low humidity, tomorrow additional clouds moving in from the west. the high 85. still pleasant. southeasterly winds building in. as we look ahead on your extended forecast from fox 29 weather authority saturday some showers and storms. that's when the heat peeks. sunday pleasant. monday and tuesday nice and wednesday and thursday looking stormy and steamy again. it's a good chance to get down the shore those shore temperatures comfortable the next couple of days and heating once again into the 80s. orr was down the shore today in wildwood one of our favorite places. we had the baby parade. some baby parade winners showed up. these were the cutest babies it was their category and we also
10:50 pm
had an opportunity to meet some great people that are doing a lot of environmental work. these kids were learning about the environment we live in down the shore, about the sea life and we want to thank our friends at eco ventures for sharing all of their knowledge with us. speaking of knowledge, how about the guy that has lot of knowledge about sports? hey, howard. >> yeah, but i'm not worried about the marine life rot now. i'm worried about the eagles. all right. all right. eagles had had a couple of injuries which could keep the players out a little while. the defensive coordinator didn't have a good day. sam bradford had good things to say about what he's doing on the practice field. that's all coming up next in sports.
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10:53 pm
♪ the eagles they had some injuries problems today and some other issues that came up. neither one is good. all right. eagles couple of injuries malcolm jenkins left practice with hamstring strain and i'm told he may be out week and may miss the first preseason game
10:54 pm
which is next thursday. jason peters left with a quad strain. he may miss the first preseason game as well. and defensive coordinator jim schwartz well he wasn't happy with the play of his defense. what fine day but if you want good news the quarterback sam bradford feels better each day he comes out to practice and so do his players. >> i just feel much more comfortable in the huddle speaking that those guys on the field with those guys and just feel much more comfortable in the building here to be honest. i think that's probably why probably seems like i am a little more relaxed than last year. >> he's got energy about him. when there's three bad plays in row he's looking at guys, let's pick this up. that's what you want to see. you know what i'm saying. that's the sam people think doesn't exist but it does. when sam doesn't like something he'll let guys no pick this you. >> phillies going for the sweep they didn't pick it up with the series against san francisco. didn't happen because they can't score. let's go to citizens bank park.
10:55 pm
billy jean king in the house today. she's in with the philadelphia freedom. so she made little appearance before the game at the the ballpark. this is the bottom of the first. phillies already down one to nothing. valez quiz gives up a run. he doubles to right. top of the third may have saved a run. carlos ruiz throws angel pagan out at second. tied two-two in the eighth. aaron al tear which likes a great catch but he broke back on the ball first so he kind of miss played it but save a couple of runs there. now they go to the tenth. it's tied at two. but this is not good. sever reno gonzales some of these pitchers i don't know why they pitch in the big leagues. that wasn't a bad pitch but it wasn't good one either. span homerun inside the foul pole. phillies lose three-two in 10 innings. the eagles it's good to have the injuries early rather than
10:56 pm
late. >> right. >> only guy i'm concerned about jason peters because of his age. malcolm jenkins i'm okay jason peters i would be concerned about. but again it's early. we'll see what happens there. >> what's it like being out there with no music out there at practice. >> there is music. >> really. >> i'll get the tunes for you next time. get i was play list. >> yeah. >> i'll get everybody a play list. >> that would be really fun. a lot of people would be interested in that. >> i can get the play list for you. >> all right. good. >> okay. >> is it as loud as it was with chip. >> it's loud but it's different now because they're hitting when they didn't hit before. that part of it is good. everything is good when it's new. >> exactly. >> when it's new and its fresh we're trying to do with the 11:00 o'clock. it's new and fresh and it's go good. (laughter). >> that's what they're doing at practice with the new coach. we're all the same package. >> i like that. >> that will do it for us here at 10. lucy knoll standing by what's coming up fresh at 11.
10:57 pm
>> two people hurt when an elevator slammed into a and coat ceiling in a philadelphia building. what we've uncovered that happened with elevators in the same building just months ago and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. fox 29 news at 11:00 is next.
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♪ ♪ 4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 by air - 'cause i like to fly free ♪ ♪ 4 my country and how it all started out ♪ ♪ 4 the brave and every boy scout ♪ ♪ 4 doin' it yourself cuz you want it done right ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ♪ ♪ that's how we live ♪ 4 by 4ever
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. delaware police detective arrested for something wilmington' mayor calls deeply troubling. the eight year veteran of the force now faces a long list of charges including arson and conspiracy. good evening i'm lucy noland. investigators say it started when that detective reported someone had set his own car on fire. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at the wilmington police department. chris? >> reporter: lucy, on most nights you would find wilmington police detective omar reddick out here on the streets investigating some of the citi' most violent crimes. well tonight he's the one being investigated arrested tonight for arson. on tuesday, eight year police veteran omar reddick called his own department to report his car


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