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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. delaware police detective arrested for something wilmington' mayor calls deeply troubling. the eight year veteran of the force now faces a long list of charges including arson and conspiracy. good evening i'm lucy noland. investigators say it started when that detective reported someone had set his own car on fire. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at the wilmington police department. chris? >> reporter: lucy, on most nights you would find wilmington police detective omar reddick out here on the streets investigating some of the citi' most violent crimes. well tonight he's the one being investigated arrested tonight for arson. on tuesday, eight year police veteran omar reddick called his own department to report his car was set on fire.
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doused with gasoline in a liquor store parking lot. now, two days later, reddick is accused of paying someone to set that fire. detective was arrested by wilmington police on charges of second degree arson, conspiracy and criminal solicitation. he was placed on administrative leave pending a formal suspension hearing. no word from police as to why they think reddick did it. >> naturally i'm disappointed, number one. >> very much so. >> as public service officer, we're to protect and serve. >> reporter: the man who answered reddick's phone hung up on us. fellow officers leaving police headquarters weren't talking either. only the city's mayor commenting officially saying he's troubled and saddened by reddick's arre arrest. >> reddick was released on $17,000 bond. he remains on administrative leave tonight. lucy? >> all right, thank you chris. sheriff's deputy in critical condition tonight after an elevator accident inside the criminal justice center in
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center city philadelphia. that building will stay closed tomorrow. fire officials say an elevator used by judges and jurors and employees was on the top floor by a mechanical room when it sd suddenly crashed through a concrete ceiling of the elevator shaft. debris fell down that shaft and hit another elevator that had a woman inside, and she has my nor injuries. >> i am not aware of any cable snapping there was a failure of either some equipment or some structural member and the elevator did move downward. >> thank god there was not more people on the elevator because it could have been worse than what it is. >> the pennsylvania department of labor and industry is now investigating. meanwhile, documents show the city was already making plans to renovate the elevators inside the cjc as early as march of this year. and they did pass inspection three months later in june. however, the philadelphia department of labor and industry refused to release those
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documents saying they're now part of the investigation into today's incident. at least 19 elevators need renovation. that will cost the city about 6 million bucks according to documents. a spokesperson for the mayor' office says that number could climb the 7.5 million. cjc opened in 1995. developing to night, police are on the hunt for the man behind a sorry reece of violent crimes in juniata. investigators think this man might have also sexually assau assaulted four women killing one of them on july 12th. now cops say he snuck up behind a 24-year-old woman as she was walking along the 3800 block of jasper street and choked her until she fell unconscious. investigators say he then sexually assaulted her. they say he matches the description of the person behind three other attacks in the area. >> he's not afraid to physically assault somebody. like i said the women were
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beaten very very severely. they were assaulted very severely. they weren't minor injuries. they were extensive. i would say he's extremely dangerous. >> the violent attacks date back to april and in some cops say he was armed with a knife. on your radar, storms are threatening to dampen your weekend. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11, kathy. >> the good news, lucy, only going to be part of the weekend, and only on saturday. take look at the radar. right now on ultimate doppler you can see moisture lifting up from the south. the main threat is a front back towards chicago that's going to take little time to make its way into the delaware valley. we're going to see heat and humidity build over the next couple of days as that front approaches from the north and the west. squeezing all of that moisture up the coastal plain so showers and thunderstorms saturday afternoon. in the immediate future, we're talking about comfortable conditions. overnight low temperatures in the 60s. as you head down toward the southern shore in the 70s with milder ocean water temperatures.
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here's our forecast for tomorr tomorrow. more clouds late. still pleasant. the high temperature 85. if you are planning your afternoon breakfast in the 60s. lunch in the 70s. by the afternoon, we're talking 80-degree temperatures. down the shore tomorrow looking great. 79 some storms for the din are in hour on saturday. and of course sunday a land breeze no sea breeze 84. on the seven day forecast we're looking real good. 80s for friday. 90s and storms for saturday. but look at that. sunday, monday and tuesday perfect if you planned a trip down the shore and as you look a it head to the seven day forecast, wednesday hot and humid. thursday showers and storms. lucy it's back to heat and humidity by the mid period of next week. i'll talk more about the storms and the timing coming and later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> see you in a few kathy. two days after man zone your win yum lynn wound ought of prison a judge set retrial date for the former philadelphia church official. this video is from app earlier appearance.
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prosecutors will retry lynn on may first. they say he tried to cover up priest sex abuse. prosecutors have said the 65-year-old endangered a boy by transferring a suspected predator priest to his parish. now he maintains he is innocent. lynn is the first u.s. roman catholic church official ever convicted of helping to shield child molester. mob take bon and reputed philly mob boss is back behind bars along with 47 other suspected gangsters. federal prosecutors charged joey merlino and nearly for dozen other suspected mobsters with crimes that read like a hollywood script. the indictment goes on and on charge like racketeering, gambling, loan sharking, arson and firearm offenses as well as health care fraud dating back to 2011. that's when merlino first got out of prison on a federal racketeering convic conviction. >> unfortunately i think he got
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right back into the world he came out of and that's why he's jammed up again. >> the trial is likely more than year away. if convicted it would be her loon 93's third federal conviction. develop tonight officials in delaware just secured money to fight the zika virus. health officials around the world have been focused on stopping the spread of the mosquito born virus for months now. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in media with those details. dave? >> reporter: lucy, this comes just a couple of days after delaware county officials got word that the cdc warned pregnant women not to go to miami because zika was found there. traps like this will zoop be popping up across delaware county to secure test and treat mosquitoes that county officials say carrying the zika virus part of a new $47,000 grant delaware county pick up from the state to boost its surveillance of mosquitoes. >> it were allow for additional equipment and for personnel to do that job. >> reporter: technician from the penn state extension office will do the leg work as they
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already sprayed to prevent the west nile virus which has hit the county in the past. >> technician from penn state good report and they test water, storm sewers retention base since and they're looking for mosquitoes. >> reporter: delco health officials stress zika is not in delaware county but they say they anticipate it could happen at any time so they want to be ready. lucy. >> always good to be prepared. thanks so much dave. quarter ton of cocaine and six men add up to what philadelphia police are calling one of the biggest cocaine seizures ever in our area. police say they seized all that cocaine from a drug ring in east kensington. investigators discover the drug hidden under trapped doors in car. routine traffic stop at east lehigh and trenton uncovered all of this. police found more cocaine along with money counters and loads of cash at a warehouse. >> you're taking your loads off the street. they're taking your money and they're teague ago significant
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cut of their proceeds approximately $23 million. you are actually within battle in the war. >> the cocaine street value $23 million. investigators say this is a trance national criminal group and more arrests could come. you know after all of the talk on social media about swimming in dumpsters today, our bruce gordon went in search of the men behind the idea for the so heave called dumpster pool. only to learn they have few other tricks up their sleeves for beating the heat. bruce is live in ken sipping t ton. bruce considering not wait to hear what you found. >> reporter: well, with all the talk about dumpster pool turns out the creates have for several years now be beating the summer another in another creative way. a water filled water land in the back edged justin myers '93 chevy s10 pickup truck. >> what's it like in there. >> it's warm. toasty. i love it. >> reporter: myers and has roommate jake long have been creating this curb side oasis
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for happy hour for past three years. slip and slide liner, braces for the truck and couple hundred gallons of water and you're the most popular guys on the block. it's a great way to meet mew neighbors old and young. jake and justin made headlines last weekend when they rented a dumpster, cleaned it, lined and filled it using a city fire hydrant. city officials were not happy. the truck pool jake and justin say it's legit the water comes from their own garr didn't hose. >> any reason to believe the city will have a problem with this set up. >> no idea. i didn't know they were going to have problem witness dumpster so --,. >> reporter: dumpster pool has cost them their block permit permit privilege. as long as nobody steals the truck again they still have a way to beat the heat. >> thank you so much, bruce. a surprise left on the
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windshield of a depth pee' cruiser getting a lot of attention. what a stranger wrote to that deputy making such an impact in before you make your big weekend plans one state supreme court has a message for you. why it says do you not have the right to shop at home depot. save drinking water is obviously important. the philadelphia school district is testing the water throughout dozens of its buildings. the last time it did this it tested nearly 300 buildings. that took a decade. it's that time again. these new tests will start this month and last for about four months testing about 40 buildings. district says it's trying to make sure letter is not contaminating its water and that it may seek epa standards.
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♪ this is all that is left of home in vernon connect asking after it exploded today. at least seven people are hurt. first responders say when they arrived, three people were outside and four others were still trapped in that pile of debris. what set off the blast still isn't clear. gas company workers are on scene trying to figure out if some type of leak is behind the explosion. you see it. you shoot it. our fresco users helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. iain, what's going on tonight? >> lucy getting our first look at destruction left behind from
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tropical storm earl that tour through belize as category one hurricane packing 80 miles an hour winds. earl will continue moving west and will weaken but it will still bring torrential rains to parts of central mexico and port richmond drove taken to the hospital after flipping over in car crash. we know one other car was involved. authorities say the accident accident happened around 4:00 their this afternoon at east allegheny avenue and tulip street. you can see in this video from our fox 29 viewer anna avila the extent of that damage. screaming will be heard coming from the east state penetentia penetentiary. zombie audition held for the 2016 terror behind the walls organizers of today's auditions were hoping to hire 200 zombies to scare visitors. it is ranked among the top haunted houses in the nation. the sleeking begins in a little more than a month on september 16th. so when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and make sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> some of that stuff is nicely
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shot i might say. in florida the marion county sheriffs department is feeling the love after a stranger left a note on the deputes windshield. may god bless you for all that you and your fellow officers do to keep our country safe. blue lives matter. department spokeswoman says during this difficult time in our country the support goes a long way. >> it was very profound note and very honest note. i think it really touch his heart in lot of ways. >> the person who left the note simply signed it a marion county citizen. tonight in your money it is not, not your constitutional right to shop at home depot. that ruling comes from the california supreme court after a lower court banned a man from all home depots in the state after his conviction on shoplifting charges. now he argued that the ruling stopped him from entering large areas of the state. the court says that is clearly an exaggeration it says the man remains free to drive on public
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highways, visit a doctor, go to work, all that stuff just not step foot in home depot. cherrios will become the latest food to adopt pumpkin spice flavor for the fall hi hitting store shelves in the next few weeks. flavor was no brainer pumpkin spice is a flavor so many look for that the fall. in your health tonight, an interesting fertility link new study shows women without tonsils or appendix get pregnant easier. researchers think that's linked to either behavioral changes for some reason or the removing of inflamed organs but they note that having eatery moved does not directly increase fertility. the studies from the university of dundee and university college london. a new birthing trend is changing the way doctors perform c sections across the country. a new procedure called the gentle c section let's babies have more contact with the moms when they enter the world.
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the incision is the same as regular c-section but what happens after the baby delivered is different. doctors say they use a clear drape and set the room's tone so that the mom can much more comfortable. >> once the delivery is performed we actually put the baby by the drape itself so the mother can hold the baby for mother are so. there's more bonding, more skin to skin. mom interacting with baby immediately. baby is breast feeding immediately afterwards. >> dr. kim mill la from new york delivered dozens of babies this way and it's getting so popular that moms are actually requesting it now. in plainsboro, new jersey, two police officers crashed a summer camp but the campers they did not mind at all. (cheers and applause). >> that is fabulous talk about an entrance. that's corporal russ finkelstein and detective scott bait tea having fun on the old slip and
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slide yesterday at the princeton alliance church. the plainsboro officers decided to jump right in on the camps water day activities. kathy orr, i don't know about you, but i used to love slip and slide. >> i still do, lucy. what are you talking about? >> let's set one up out back. >> that looks locate a lot of fun. you'll need it for few days in this extended forecast. let's take look at the next five days. you can see philadelphia looking good. our suburbs in the mid 80s for friday. saturday typical slip and slide weather. temperatures will be in the 90s. heat, humidity and some storms. they could be scattered but some will be strong. possibly a few severe. and then sunday, monday and tuesday we really have a nice stretch of weather. then we get back in the heat and humidity for wednesday, hot and humid. thursday, showers and thunderstorms. temperatures back in the 90s there. as we look at our shore temperatures, they're looking pretty good as well. mainly in the 70's and climbing into the 80s by the beginning of next week. our fox future cast this is our 4-meter resolution as we get
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closer a higher resolution mod model. you can see saturday morning not much going on. but as the heat builds during the day, we see some showers and thunderstorms popping up across the region. of course the timing we're looking at a philadelphia area i-95 corridor after 2:00 o'clock and then clearing down the shore between the five and 8:00 o'clock hours much that's the very latest on the saturday weekend storms. lucy we'll send it back to you. >> thank you kathy. china may have found way to beat traffic by putting a bus over the road. check this out. it's a road straddling bus. can you imagine anything hike this on philly streets? clearly, not a normal bus. while transporting its riders the bus let's cars drive be 19 it like a moving tunnel. the bus can carry as many as 300 passengers. nearly 73 feet long, 26 feet wide. and 16 feet high. >> wow! now a man who is never short op pin the one and only howard eskin. >> the only one actually there's another howard eskin in the area. >> there is. >> yes, there is. >> i'll have to stop saying th
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that. >> same middle initial. does anybody -- just through that in there. does anybody really think about the first question they ask when a player sign as new contract. >> i'll have the answer and my comment coming up next. ♪ what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania!
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have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'!
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♪ the world of sports one in which a lot of us live in. too many times is not about the game. but the money in the game. now why are so many people obsessed with the money in the game think about every time a player signs in a sport one of the first questions is about the money. so how much did he get? be honest, isn't the first question that you ask? sure, it is. the latest example is oklahoma city russell westbrook. he resigned with the thunder. but the first question you have, all right, how much did he get? well the answer is 85 million over thee years. but the story is that he resigned with his team. nick foles signed today with kansas city. and i heard the question. the answer by the way is
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1.75 million for this season. but so why are so many people obsessed with the money? not many people watching are going to make $100 million. if you do, then congratulations. so why do we care? i wish i had an answer. but isn't it time to get back to loving the players and not how much they just got in their contract? lucy? >> all right. thank you much. andro ya couldn't stand says bill crosby trying to bully andism tim date her. cosby wants his lawyers to have a seat at the table for constand's deposition in her civil suit against former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor. cop couldn't stand says the presence of cosby's attorneys is designed to harrah's her and also gather evidence for his criminal case. happy birthday to president obama. he's 55 today. but he's probably really looking forward to the big party he's having at the white house tomorrow night. names on that guest list according page six beyonce', jail see ellen did he generous and stevie wouldn't.
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the obamas are heading to martha's vineyard to veigh condition on saturday never been to martha's vineyard. >> beautifully. >> it's his birthday tomorrow. >> it's today. but they're celebrating tomorrow. >> it's my daughter's birthday tomorrow. >> happy birthday to the young orr. that's fantastic. >> love it. >> thank you. >> she didn't get an invitation. >> no. >> shock none of us got invited. >> worry not popular enough. >> more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29tmz and dish nation. tighe stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back at 4:00 a.m. for your fox 29 morning news. it's not that long. we should stick around and hang out with the morning show. see you on good day. have great night.
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geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: if you are a homeless dude, do not ask mariah carey for money. >> do you think i carry money around? [bleep] for me? >> he performed for her. he was actually doing his act. >> this guy wasn't trying to get mariah to sign him to a label. he wanted 20 bucks. harvey: if mariah carey wasn't there, we wouldn't be talking about this guy. this is this guy's wildest dream. >> we will be see where he is in one week. >> same place he is just hungrier. >> kris jenner, driving out in her brand-new rolls-royce and we're told a prius ran a red light and she collided with it. she may have broken her wrist. >> it sucks when you hit old people. harvey: what? >> you hit a young person and they're fine or whatever. you hit an old person and all of a sudden their whole body is


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