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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 5, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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sound like a hollywood movie, a philadelphia mobster, arrested in florida, the charges, facing joey merlino and four dozen other suspects, right now. plus, it has been called the largest halls ever seized, 23 million-dollar, in drugs, discovered right here in our area. how a routine traffic stop end with a quarter ton of cocaine. scary scene inside philadelphia's criminal just advertise center after an elevator accident, mystery officials still cannot figure out and when court will be back in session. good day it is friday august 5th, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off and apparently so does sue serio at least she's delayed showing up, right, dave
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warren. >> a little delayed, this morning, as long as we delay that heat as well because that is back in the forecast. we're talking with heat and humidity coming back. today we will put it right back at an eight, not a ten. not perfect. cloud increase later today and humidity starts to increase a bit tonight. you will not feel that much of the day to day, certainly not now. stepping outside to 60's and a 07 in philadelphia one or two suburbs down to 61 like doylestown, pottstown close a at 62. but, washington township has 59-degree temperature this morning, and millville is at the 60, dover is a at 68. radar is all clear but we will keep a close eye on this, so not much today to see these cloud increasing by noon, i'll say three or 4:00 this afternoon wind pick up out of the south, bit breezy and overnight tonight we will see cloud increase and storms back in the forecast tomorrow that is coming up in the seven day forecast but coming upright
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now a lot at roads, with bob kelly. >> 4:02 on a friday morning. lets get ready to get weekend started. here's a live look at route 202 where a brand new traffic pattern debuted, over last couple days, all three lanes on the north and southbound side are opened, so we now feel the gain after all that pain of the construction there as you rolled through chester county. looking good on the freeway coming in toward philadelphia. you know it is a friday in the summertime. we will sing on the way to cape may and heading the opposite way if you head to the cher today you will want to be up and over walt whitman and on your way by 2:00 o'clock or pack some snacks for the kid and be prepared for the jam heading down the shore. vine street expressway, still closed here on the eastbound side until 5:00 o'clock. coming off the schuylkill you'll to have use spring garden, 30th or south, westbound side is opened and again, that closure in effect until 5:00. otherwise slow go here on the
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turnpike between valley forge and downingtown an overnight crew there but otherwise if to go on the the schuylkill, in problems on the turnpike through fort washington, same situation with the regional rail lines shortage of cars, the crowded trains, and then make sure you have that return ticket if you are planning to leave center city this afternoon. get the round trip as they are not taking cash on the platforms here in center city. lauren, back over to you. lets get to some breaking news n west philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that sent a man to the hospital in critical condition this was the scene on the 2200 block of south 69th street around 11:45 last night. man was shot multiple times, no a rests have been made. a staff sergeant is critically injured after an elevator malfunctioned at philadelphia a's main criminal courthouse. jenny gist live in center city with more on exactly what happened, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, lauren. investigators are still trying to figure that... but a
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female court employee was brought out of the cjc on a stretcher yesterday morning after pieces of concrete crashed down on to the roof of the elevator that she was riding in. fifty year-old sheriff deputy sergeant paulaens was more critically wounded in the malfunction. owens was in a second elevator one used for judges, jurors and court employees on the top floor of the building, and his car suddenly crashed through a concrete ceiling in the elevator shaft. deputy fire commissioner jesse wilson says safety mechanism kick into prevent the two from crashing into one another. people inside the courthouse at the time describe a loud scary boom. they didn't know had was going on as they evacuated the courthouse. >> i thought honestly, just philadelphia. >> noise was so loud, so scary and penetrating like an earthquake. >> it just sounded like a really, really big thud and
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hit hard. >> fell down on top of the elevator. >> there are two elevator in a common elevator shaft. there is evidence of structural failure, debris from that failure fell down the common shaft and then hit the second elevator. >> our jeff cole did a lot have research yesterday and found out that the infrastructure at cjc is old, in need of repair, the city put in a request for repairs in march. multi million-dollar project that had in the yet begun, well, labor and industry will in the release elevator and inspection reports citing the investigation, mayor kenney says that these elevators were justin expected in june and they passed. now investigators trying to figure out what exactly went wrong, lauren. >> jenny joyce, thanks very much. a federal mobster's take down land joey merlino in jail, philadelphia mob boss
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was arrested in florida with dozens of other alleged gangsters. steve keeley joins us from center city with the list of charges. good morning, steve. >> reporter: list of charges and list of nicknames of these 48 so-called mob members is a kind of case life life imitating art now a long with skinny joey merlino, who dave schratwieser and crew captured in margate just a couple weeks ago enjoying the summer season and in his convertible rolls royce, at a half million-dollar, that will get the a tension of authorities, defense attorneys say, because he is a mater d in a restaurant and ex-conn and not many are driving around in half million-dollar rolls royces down the new jersey shore but along with so-called skinny joey, how about tugboat both, tony cripple, muscles, anthony the kid, nicki the wig and mustache pat a monk the other nearly 50 members of the mob around the country,
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merlino arrested at his other home in south florida, due back in federal court on tuesday. >> joey went to florida, said he was out of it. that was president the case if this indictment is correct because he got right back in and doing same thing that he always done which is in a way disappointing. i think he really enjoyed life in florida. i was told recently about his golf game, he was really into that. you talk to different people and it is basically they do what they to, they don't do anything else and this indictment is a road map of what his entire organized crime career has been, it is more of the same. >> reporter: he has only been freed since last april, so that is about 15 months, lauren and again, you cannot help but think of that famous line from godfather three, al pacino who looked like joey merlino in the first godfather movie when he says every time i think i'm out, they pull me back in.
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lauren? >> sound like that is what happened here. steve keeley, thank you. quarter ton of cocaine, six men, add up to what philadelphia a police call one of the biggest cocaine seizures in our area police seized all that cocaine from a drug ring in east kensington. investigators discovered drugs hidden under a trapdoor in the car. routine traffic stop in east lehigh and trenton, uncovered all of this, police, then found more cocaine along with money counters and loads of cash at a warehouse. >> you're taking their load off street and their honey and significant cut off their proceed, approximate thely 23 million-dollar. you are actually winning a battle in the war. >> cocaine street value 23 million-dollar. investigators say thinks a trans national criminal group and more arrests could come real soon. now to our top stories, billion air carl icahn put the blame on the casino worker union for killing their own jobs in their own city. he issued a letter to the
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unemployed workers of the taj mahal. he accused their union of insighting a longest casino strike in ac industry forcing taj mahal to close. eye can said casino will shut down at labor day but an exact date has not been set. food services worker from citizens bank park are banding together for a rally. >> we are the union. >> the mighty, mighty union. >> a couple hundred workers are demanding their employer ara a mark pay better wages and they want year round employment and want company to move employees to other sports complex during phillies off season. union leaders from unite here also claim it is harder for african americans to get higher paying jobs at aramark. in a statement aramark told fox 29 in part as an employer of more than a quarter million people, aramark operates every where with the highest regard for all of our employees.
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that includes maintaining full compliance with labor agreement, aramark is proud of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. save drinking water is obviously important a at one philadelphia school district as they are testing the water throughout dozens of its buildings. the last time dit this it tested 300 buildings. it took a decade from the year 2000/2010 and it is that time again. the new tests will start this month, last for about four months, testing about 40 different buildings. the district is trying to make sure lead is not contaminating its water and it meets epa standard. taking steps to protect people from the zika a virus how officials in delaware county are making moves to try to protect us. president obama says america is making progress in the fight against isis, where extremist can still have harder to protect and prevent. where things come from?
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you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! good morning i'm dave warren. it is friday. we have made it. nice weather continues for now. but we have a little hiccup to talk about for tomorrow, 60's and 70's right now nice and comfortable when you step outside. nothing on the radar this morning. things change future weather shows we will have clouds increasing, later tonight, maybe a bit of the breeze picking up out of the south say ten to 20 miles an hour and that will start to bring in the heat and humidity. we will feel that tomorrow. heat comes in.
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storm risk is there as this front approaches and it will be moving through the area, between about noon and say seven or 8:00 o'clock. you do have a chance to see a strong or possibly severe storm tomorrow, and this is as the heat is building. so hot and humid in the morning, there they are a at noon in the north and western suburbs, by three or 4:00 o'clock moving through i-95, corridor there, maybe not every where seeing a storm but certainly possible to see a brief shower or a heavy thunderstorm, seven or 8:00 off the coast once this moves out it gets a bit more comfortable but ahead of that it is muggy there, temperatures in the 70's now climbing in the 80's and 90's with that heat index, close to 100 degrees, but that is just, for saturday, sunday we will see a nice improvement. here's 92 tomorrow. nice gannon sunday down to 85 degrees. getting warmer on monday. the tuesday's heating up and heat is back there on
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wednesday and thursday, hot and humid with showers, and thunderstorms, and temperatures climbing back into the 90's. the as you make room for bob kelly, we will talk about the the roads. >> keep it moving here no traffic jams in the studio. 4:15. good morning everybody. we are live on the 42 freeway as headlights coming towards city, fridays in the summertime the opposite direction, heading to the shore is where we will see the jams in the traffic cams. i always like to say you want to be up and on your way by 2:00 o'clock. if not, it is okay, just no complaints because they are certainly going to have jams or hang tight in the city, happy hour maybe catch a hoff i late dinner and head down later on. heading down the shore after 8:00, no problems at all. do you hear that at all lauren johnson heading to the the shore, live look at 202 between route 30 and route 401, active construction zone, this is good because they are wrapping things up. it is a brand new traffic pattern, all of the
4:16 am
construction. i sipped through here yesterday like wow, check this out. three lanes, espresso from paoli all the way down to the 30 bypass. so, they were painting some lines, pulling all of the cones out of there. this will be a nice treat for chester county folks. otherwise good to go on the schuylkill, problems on 422 and mass transit looking good as well. the lauren, back to you. police are on the hunt for a man behind the series of violent crimes in june yacht a investigators say this man might have sexually assaulted four women killing one of them. july 12th cops say he snuck up behind a 24 year-old woman as she walk on the 3800 block of jasper street. he choked her until she fell unconscious. investigators say he then sexually assaulted her. he matched the description of the person behind three other attacks, in the the area. >> we cannot tell you absolutely that all jobs are connected, the mo is the same, it is the same general area, it is the same basic physical description. he is operating at a ten speed
4:17 am
bicycle. >> reporter: authorities say the attacks date back to april and in some cases the suspect did use a knife. days after learning mosquitoes are carrying zika virus in florida officialness delaware county just made a move to try to protect people in our area we have just learned county officials secured funding to to just that. fox 29's dave kinchen has more from media. >> reporter: he plays ball with his niece thinking about the zika virus reports that he has seen on the news. he knows it is spread by mosquitoes. >> i'm playing all the time, they got a lot of mosquitoes out here. >> reporter: we told him about delaware county council approving a $47,000 grant application, to boost its mosquito control efforts which will test for zika a long with west nile. >> i just hope that they spray and you keep it away, because that is a problem over there in the olympics, they are worried about that testing and bringing them back too. hopefully they will find a way
4:18 am
to stop it. >> reporter: laura devlin directs inter community health office of delaware county and say grant will pay for traps like this used to secure test and treat mosquitoes as needed to watch for those carrying zika. >> it will allow for additional equipment and personnel to do that job. >> reporter: penn state extension technicians using tracks like this one to spray suspect area. >> technician from his penn state get out and they test water, storm sewers, and retention basins and that is what they are looking for mosquitoes. >> reporter: added effort comes days after cdc warned pregnant woman and partners not to travel to miami after zika was found circulating there experts say there are 16 hup confirmed zika cases in the u.s. with 61 in pennsylvania and they have a warning to those traveling to the caribbean or latin america region anytime soon. >> if they are traveling, make sure if you're planning on getting pregnant or pregnant refer to your doctor to make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent the spread of zika.
4:19 am
>> reporter: dave kinchen fox 29 news. encouraging signs in the research for researchers trying to come up with a zika vaccine. three experimental vaccine prevented monkeys from infection for virus. that is raising hope in humans. scientists hepp to test a traditional vaccine on people this year. at least two other experimental zika a vaccines are being tested in humans. this has been in the international olympic committee has approved the 271 russian athletes for the olympic games in rio. this means 70 percent of the country's original team will compete after a doping scandal dominated build up to the games. more than 100 russians have been excluded including 67 just in track and field alone. olympic games officially kick off tonight. president barack obama says we're making progress in the fight of ice is in iraq and syria. this is because isis has not regained any territory it has lost. while terrorist are losing ground, president obama says
4:20 am
islamic terrorism can still be a threat to the u.s. he says isis can inspire attacks that are harder to detect and prevent. president says u.s. needs to disrupt terror network and intercept messages on line that inspire troubled individuals. >> isil's leaders are not safe and we will keep going on after them. on the ground local forces keep ice sill back. in a major step, iraqi forces with coalition support, finally liberated fallujah and... >> president denied claims that the 400 million-dollar in cash, air lifted to iran in january was a ransom payment to free foreign detained americans. he says it just happened at the same time. we're learning more about the american killed in the knife attack in london. police say 64 year-old darlene hearton was from florida and visiting with her husband. police are calling this a
4:21 am
spontaneous attack and not terrorism. they say the 19 year-old attacker may have mental health issues. the attacker injured five others including another american, all of them are expected to survive. man charged in the shooting death of nine black parishioners inside a charlton church was assaulted in jail. authorities say an inmate ran down the stairs from dylann roof's cell and attack him. bruising his face and back. medical personnel inside the jail check out the 22-year old and sent him back to his cell. roof faces the death penalty in his upcoming trial. sam bradford had good things to say about what he is doing at practice every day for eagles, it is all coming up in sports with howard eskin but here's check out your winning lottery numbers.
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17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ good morning, i'm howard eskin eagles have had some injury problems yesterday and other issues that came up, and, the eagles, have had a couple injuries, malcolm jenkins left practice with a hamstring strain, and i'm told he may be out a week and miss first preseason game. jason peters left with the quad strain and may miss first preseason game and defensive coordinator jim schwartz not happy with the play of his defense. quarterback sam bradford feels better each day when he comes out to practice and so does his practice. >> i just feel much more comfortable, and speaking to those guys, and being with
4:25 am
those guys, i feel much more comfortable in the building here to be honest. the that is why it seems like hanging more relaxed then last year. phillies lost a tough one, to the ballpark tenth inning tied two-two. gonzales, that is just not good. the home run. three-two. sam fran wins one game in the series, they win three-two in ten innings. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. the international olympic committee agreed to add new sports to the next summer games. games slated to be in tokyo and will include five additional sports, baseball, softball will return to the olympic a rena after a 12 year absence, skateboarding, surfing, karate and sport climbing will join the games for the very first time. international olympic committee says new sorts will add 18 event and 474 athletes to the games. okay. 4:25. steve keeley live in center city with one of the biggest
4:26 am
stories, oh, we don't have steve keeley in we will check with him in a second. later on good day almost everyone loves bacon but it is eating turkey better. the answer may not be as appetizing as you think.
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a philadelphia mobster is arrested in florida, joey merlino and four dozen other suspect facing a long list of charge these morning. scary scene inside the philadelphia criminal justice center, a free falling elevator send people into a panic, when, court will be back in session after the mystery accident. and from the guys that brought you the dumpster pool, how about this, a chevy pick up pool new way couple philadelphia guys are beating the system and beating the heat. good day it is friday, august 5th, 2016. dave warren, you are up early with us this morning. people will start to get creative when it gets hot outside. >> do that again tomorrow, but also today, hey, it is oyster day, buddy is out, he has fresh oyster bucket ready to go, at 4:01. other than that nice cool start, temperatures are in the 60's this morning. one or two, 50's, so nice,
4:30 am
comfortable, low humidity. ultimate doppler is clear thousand but we will watch it the closely throughout the day-to-day. clouds will start to increase at 10:00 o'clock this morning they are moving in the western suburbs and that wind will pick up later this afternoon. maybe ten, 20 miles an hour notice it out of the south and bringing back that heat and humidity, cloud increasing by 4:00 o'clock, still comfortable despite that breeze but overnight tonight humidity increases and we will start to put rain back in the forecast for tomorrow. seventy right now dew points till down to 62 but that dew point will climb and it will be much warmer tomorrow morning, so it is muggy at a muggy air is coming back as that wind picks up overnight tonight. temperatures in the 70's and 60's right now, one or 250's in the suburbs in south jersey. not a bad start. we are nice by 3:00, peeking in the mid 80's mark here humidity returns and heat comes back in the 90's tomorrow. we will see how long that last in the seven day forecast in a bit, coming up, here's bob
4:31 am
kelly for a look the at the roads. >> good morning, tgif, exactly 4:31 at this moment a live look at the schuylkill expressway near montgomery drive, kind of quiet, off to a good start to begin our weekend, live look at bennie, no problems come in up and over ben franklin. all bridges are in good shape. we have no bridge openings on the line up here this morning. as we check out the maps in warrington 202 and county line road watch for an accident police are on the scene there. notice something brand new rolling up and down 20 2a brand new traffic pattern all that construction pick up and gone, we have six lanes for your driving pleasure, three on the north bound side, three on the southbound side between 401 and route 30. remember friday gone to the shore, shore jams start to build around 2:00 o'clock. you want to be on your way by one in order to prevent the traffic jams or hang out, happy hour maybe late dinner and then head down after that
4:32 am
8:00 o'clock hour. dave mentioned some storms coming through here this afternoon. that could impact afternoon travel down at philly international and mass transit at the moment we are looking good. breaking news from west philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that sent a man to the hospital in critical condition this was the scene on the 2200 block of south 69th street around 11:45 last night. man was shot multiple times, no arrests have been made. fbi agents arrested a fail mob boss in florida. joey merlino with 50 other alleged mobsters are a accused of crimes that read like a hollywood script. steve keeley joins us from center city with a list of those charges, hi steve. >> reporter: if you ask these organized crime members they will tell you view of the beach just never as good through one of these thin federal penitentiary windows in the middle of the city like it is where they were before they got pick up like joey merlino only 15 months of freedom. he has gone from a summer of cruising around margate in the
4:33 am
shadow of lucy the elephant in his pearl white convertible rolls royce to back under the scope of the federal surveillance cameras and microphones. yesterday morning, living the good life in south florida, when rudely awaken early yesterday when taken out of bed and put back in handcuffs and back in the federal detention center near miami. one of the 46, charged along the east coast as leaders of what is left of the organized crime families. new york's police commissioner william bratton said these man stores use every scheme aron, shakedowns, violent, health care fraud... >> okay, we will get back to steve keeley in a few minutes. lets get to our other top story, an elevator malfunction at the criminal courthouse leaves a sheriff sergeant critically injured and investigation into what happened is underway. we are trying to find out more information about exactly what
4:34 am
happened because they are still confused about how an elevator, dropped an elevator shaft on to another elevator, woman inside was injured. sheriff's deputy was also injury. we will get more details about that story as well. philadelphia police looking for three guys, they say robbed two people at gunpoint in spring garden. the those incidents happened just minutes apart, first happened on the 1900 block of norris street. then just a few minutes later, police say one of the men held up a woman walking on the 1900 block of green street. no injuries reported there. if you recognize any of the men in the video you are asked to give police a call. atlantic county new jersey police are sharing new details about the hit and run that killed 27 year-old aubrey service, galloway township police say they are looking for a light colored suv possibly a lexus rx. service is crossing white horse pike at sixth avenue. she was in the crosswalk and had a light, investigators say a driver plowed into her anyway on monday night.
4:35 am
amtrak rolling out the last of the seven new locomotives in service by even of the month. they are used in the the keystone service between philadelphia and harrisburg as well as northeast corridor between washington d.c. and boston. new engines are more technologically advanced then older ones and they've electric tronic screens if they can tell an engineer what problems to look for before it even happens. amtrak says new trains reduced delays by almost 25 percent. the state of new jersey is taking in more syrian ref goose an analysis, found 194 refugees have settled in new jersey since last october. most of the recent arrivals went to elizabeth and new jersey city. home land security secretary jay johnson says the increase is as a result of the surge of employees from the state and home land security departments, volunteers to work in refugee camps. almost everybody you know loves bacon, right? but is eating turkey better? the answer may not be as
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new mom texting is american just fun, it is often your life line. and elevator malfunction at philadelphia's main courthouse leaves sheriff sergeant critically injured and investigation in the exactly what happened is underway. jenny joyce joins us live from center city with the details on exactly what happened, jenny? >> reporter: good morning. if you were scheduled to report to the cjc for a trial as a witness or juror you no longer have to... officials investigate yesterday's elevator malfunction. our cameras were rolling as a female court employee was brought out of the cjc on the stretcher... crashed down on the roof of the elevator that she was riding. fifty year-old sheriff deputy paulaens was more critically injured. he was in the second elevator one used for judges, jurors and court employees on the top floor of the building.
4:41 am
his car suddenly crash through a concrete ceiling in the elevator shaft. deputy fire commissioner jesse wilson says safety mechanism kicked into prevent two cars from crashing into one another. people inside the courthouse say they didn't necessity what was going on they heard a loud boom and evacuated. >> an explosion. >> we heard a very, very loud explosion. >> it felt like an earthquake. >> there are two elevators in the chon shaft. there was evidence of the structural failure, debris from that failure fell down this common shaft and then hit the second elevator. >> it just fell down on top of the elevator. >> our jeff cole did some research and found that because the infrastructure at cjc is about 20 years old and in need of the repair the city put in a request for repair plans in march, multi million-dollar project, that had not yet begun, while labor
4:42 am
and industry would not release building's elevator sports citing the investigation mayor kenney did and he said that this elevator was last inspected in june and it passed, lauren. >> jenny joe's, thank you for the update. next a pool in the bed of the truck. how does that sound. new way a couple of philly guys are beating the system and trying to beat the heat. blank blank light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch.
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we are starting with nothing on the radar screen, things are clear, on ultimate doppler. that will change though. one thing that will change is radar and next temperatures. they are nice and comfortable as they have been but heads up as well as the humidity, it is coming back. enjoy numbers like this right now. it will not be like this tomorrow morning. little change tomorrow afternoon, could be the risk for severe weather. we are in the marginal risk for severe storms mainly northern and western suburbs that area does go down through much of the new jersey, and parts of the northern half of the delaware there. let's time these storms tomorrow. first north and western suburbs, this is by tomorrow morning not today, say 11:00 o'clock developing here north and west if you could see strong or even severe. they will work their way through i-95, not a solid line but some areas could see a brief downpour, maybe a gust of wind as these storms move
4:46 am
two and 3:00 along i-95. seven or 8:00 they are off the coast. this is nice cooler air coming back behind this. look at the heat index what it feels like when you factor in the heat and humidity. ninety close to a hundred, it won't be an extended period because it is just in the morning say early afternoon, by the evening, that cool's air returns. we have seven day forecast where 85 up to 92. storms are around tomorrow, and then mid 80's, nice and comfortable, sunday, monday, tuesday nice stretch of dry weather returning there but heat comes back with a few storms, by wednesday, and thursday, next week, 90's with showers and a few then are storms. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 4:46. tgif. as we get the party started live look at the roosevelt boulevard right here near fox street no problems or delays, kind of quiet. friday mornings are usually quieter then the other four days of the workweek as we get
4:47 am
ready, with folks taking an personal day on a friday if you have a a shore house to get down there for a three day weekend. no problems at all on the vine street expressway. overnight crews picked up a and we are ready in to business coming downtown. the busy weekend on the camden waterfront. they have had cool concerts, tonight snoop dog, i love 90's tomorrow with the salt and pepper and vanilla ice and sunday fifth harmony. we will see a lot of concert there in camden, new jersey. keep that in minding to the cher today, tomorrow or sunday even coming back on sunday all that volume will be using ben franklin bridge. and then tomorrow night cold play takes over lincoln financial field. so a big event which will throw a extra volume, like i-95 and schuylkill expressway. crash this warrington 202 and county line road, and then market frankford, broad street subway line both using shuttle buses until 5:00 and then once trains kick in they will run every eight to ten.
4:48 am
we have free parking at novacare lot and plenty of free spots available at frank for transportation center. lauren, back over to you. do you remember this yesterday? we told you philadelphia is urging people not to swim in dumpsters after pictures like this one started raising eyebrows. it is a warning that the city says should not require an explanation. we sent bruce gordon to the neighborhood to find out more only to learn that the guys behind the dumpster pool have other ways now to beat the heat. >> reporter: is what better than a warm summer evening then a cool dip in the back even of the 1993 chevy s10 pickup truck where you'll fine jake long and justin myers during happy hour. >> it is warmer, toasty i love it. >> i'm all about the river life this summer. just trying to get out and in the water as much as possible. >> what is not to like, it is 90 degrees out and sit on the sidewalk and have a beer at your house. >> reporter: liner from the child's slip and slide, couple hundred gallons of water and
4:49 am
some brace toes keep the truck from bottoming out you've got yourself a curb side oasis that is talk of the neighborhood. portable pool is a great way to meet new neighbors 18 month-old brently stopped by with his dad who just bought a house down the block. there are occasional problems, this is city environment after all. >> they get it back every time. destined to be here on this block. >> reporter: truck has been swiped, you get back every time. >> yes, kensington car share. >> reporter: jake and justin made headlines when for their block party they rented a dumpster, cleaned it, lined it, filled it with the city fire hydrant. city hall was not amuse had not with the dumpster idea or source of the water. but truck pool well, that is legitimate, water comes from a garden hose from their own home. any reason to believe the city will have a problem with this sit up. >> i didn't know they were going to have a problem with
4:50 am
the dumpster so... >> reporter: best of all happy hour is open, draining pool is faster then you can say niagara falls. bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> yesterday president obama celebrated his 56th birthday receiving well wishes from all around the world but we are sure no one's word meant more than the ones he got from his wife. mrs. obama posted an all wordy message on instagram to commemorate his special day she posted this photo writing 55 years young and that smile still gets me every single day. happy birth the day barack, i love you. vice-president joe biden wishing the president a happy birthday. he celebrated oath case by tweeting a picture of the joe and barack friendship bracelets the president made for the duo this summer. happy 55th barack. a brother to me. a best friend forever. the vice-president wrote alongside that picture. the white house will throw
4:51 am
a party tonight to celebrate, some names on the guest list according to page 6b an say, jay-z, ellen degenerous and stevey wonder. the obama's are then heading to martha's vineyard for vacation beginning tomorrow. they are rio ready ahead of the olympics which officially kicks off tonight. this years u.s. swim team believes its version of the car pool karaoke. >> ♪ big stars like michael phelps, ryan lochte, all got in on the action.
4:52 am
michael phelps will carry flag for team u.s.a. in the opening ceremonies which begin tonight. lots of fun for them. chaos inside a local wawa, two people under arrest, what people say set them off. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
4:53 am, and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings.
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4:54. taking a live look at olde city. lets look at your top headlines spreading on line
4:55 am
and social media motorcycling and car collide in toms river, new jersey this happened just after 10:00 o'clock on glean island road, that sent the motorcycle, underneath the vehicle. at least one person was transported to the hospital for serious injuries. also in new jersey, number of zika cases in the state has tripled since june health officials now say there are 80 confirmed cases of that mosquito born virus but they are travel related. it is unclear if any pregnant woman are infect. the state leaders are seeing an increase in zika cases because more people are a wear and now getting to tested. philadelphia police arrested two people that they say started a riot inside a tacony wawa, all because they tried to buy cigars. mala was captured on cell phone video and has been viewed more than a million times, prosecutors charged the suspects with insighting a riot, criminal conspiracy and disorderly conduct. no serious injuries were reported but police say more than $700 in damage was done
4:56 am
to that store. wildwood, new jersey signs a two year contract to bring three beach concerts to the island in 2017 a 18. the city is hoping to draw top musical acts to the island as it did this year with tim mcgraw's independent day concert and kenney chesney beach show in 2012 no word on who the performers could be. 4:56. lets toss things out to jenny joyce covering our top story, hi there, jenny. what caused an elevator to malfunction at cjc...
4:57 am
4:58 am
we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit.
4:59 am
stand up, it sound like charges in a hollywood movie wait until you hear them philadelphia mobster arrested in florida. we will tell you about what he is facing and nearly four dozen other suspects. plus, it is being called one of the largest halls ever seized in our area, 23 million-dollar worth of trucks discovered, how a routine traffic stop, end with a quarter ton of cocaine being found. scary scene inside philadelphia's criminal just advertise center after an elevator accident. the mystery officials cannot figure out this morning and when court will be back in obsession good day it is friday august 5th, 2016. karen hepp joining us bright and early on this friday morning, good morning. >> when you walk in the door we're both in pink. it is a pink friday. we hope you are in the pink as
5:00 am
well. >> that is right. >> dave warren woke up early with us. >> is he wearing pink. >> he is not. >> well, you will bring us nice rosie weather. >> that is right, we will start on our scale today we're in the quite a ten but up to an eight. we have weather blues this weekend. heat and humidity comes back. enjoy these numbers right now 60's, mid to low 60's in the surrounding suburbs. trying to see a few 50's, doylestown is close and hazelton there is 59 degrees, one or 250's to the south here washington township, millville, just above 60. nice and comfortable with that low humidity when we talk temperatures like this this time of the year at this hour. all changing though overnight tonight. things are clear on the radar but watch what happens as that wind picks up, not out of the south east but the south, clouds will increase, not looking at much in the way of rain today, just by 7:00 o'clock but overnight between seven


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