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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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to powerful union boss john dougherty. >> there was a long procession of investigators carrying out box after box after box of evidence. tonight there are big questions about what exactly is going on here. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. we are covering this story from several different angles tonight including dougherty's history, background and significance in our community. we begin our team coverage tonight with bruce gordon near johnny dock's house in south philadelphia. bruce? >> reporter: guys, at the moment far more questions than answers regarding this massive multi location raid and given the length and complexity of many federal probe could be awhile before we know specifics. one thing is very clear. when the fbi comes knocking at your door, they're not there to invite to you a picnic. after a several hour search of john dougherty's south philadelphia home, federal agents emerged carrying boxes of documents and a computer monit monitor. a long time union boss said he was surprised by the raid, but
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not worried. >> the government has a job to do. let them do their job. okay? i'm very comfortable with where we're at right now. once we get this ugly scenario by everything will be fine. >> reporter: targets of multiple searches fbi spoke man would say only they were part of on-going investigation included the headquarters of ibew local 98 the electrical workers union where johnny dock is the long-time business manager. ibw training facility anbar owned by dougherty. >> nothing for anybody to find. >> there's nothing there. i'm the most vetted guy in philadelphia in 20 years. >> reporter: federal agents seized boxes of documents and other materials from the city hall office and the home of city councilman bobby heenan. bew official and long-time dougherty pro thai jay. back at dougherty's home spokesman frank keal notice the feds have been after dock for years. >> it's somewhat puzzling they're investigating john's home because nothing in john's home or about john's home has changed in the last 10 years
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since the last time the fbi rated john's home. >> reporter: his political influence perm me yates city hall. we spoke to a pair of dock's beneficiaries at an open streets event. >> this is not exactly a shining moment for the city. we don know what it is yet. all we know there's -- there was information that was requested and people -- fbi went out to get information and i'll sort through it and come up with some conclusion. >> johnny is a stand-up person. he tells you what he thinks and, you know, he's very loyal person. if he's supporting you he's with you 1,000%. if he's opposed he'll against you and let you know. >> reporter: back on doughert dougherty's block neighbors are circling the wagons to protect their friend. >> he's a great, great guy and they should just back off. >> reporter: whatever else you want to say about john dougher dougherty, he certainly inn gender as lost loyalty among friends and associates. that spokesman frank keal we saw a moment ago was actually let go by johnny dock and the union after years on the job without much warning about a month ago, but keal told me this morning when the call came in his former
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long-time boss was in trouble he did not hesitate to come out gone to work. >> chris and dawn. >> this is the not the first time dougherty has made headlines. >> he's been in the center of controversy in the past. fox 29's jeff cole is here to fill us in about john dougherty's past run ins. jeff. >> standing tall well over 6 feet with a shock of snow white hair john dougherty union leader, bar owner, power player is a very well-known resident of this city. tonight, he appears to have challenges ahead. >> it will be a safer neighborhood. >> reporter: john j. dougherty known widely an johnny dock is easily one of philadelphia's most powerful union leaders whose harness that strength into success in politics. his electrical workers union local 98 places feet on the street in the camden campaigns of favorite politicians often combined with donations of campaign cash. earlier afternoon friday, in this startling scene of agents hauling box after box of
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financial statements and canceled checks from union headquarters is a clear sign dougherty has caught the attention of the federal government. as we've reported, the union leader says everything will be fine and it is unclear just exactly what agents are looking for. >> anything that you may have told the feds? >> attention has turned to the role of politically prominent lawyer and lobbyist john estey who has pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in a federal corruption case. multiple press reports have revealed estey wore a wire for the feds possibly for years. fox 29 spoke with him friday. >> i'm jeff cole from fox. >> i don't really want to talk to you. thank you very much. >> can you talk to me at all? >> no. >> do you know anything about what's going on in the city with dougherty? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> reporter: anything that you may have told the feds would have led to what's going on here? >> really can't talk to you about it. thank you. >> reporter: dougherty, once the treasurer of philadelphia democratic party and a failed candidate for state senate found
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trouble earlier this year when he he was accused of of hitting a non union electrician in the face. the worker said dougherty struck first. his spokesperson said dougherty was not the aggressor. john dougherty's brother kevin is a newly elected justice of the pennsylvania state supreme court. he won with the help of union support after serving as a family and administrative court judge here in the city of philadelphia. chris, back to you. >> all right, jeff. fox 29 broke this story on tv and oh line all the latest developments on and on our twitter and facebook pages just look for those links on our home page. today the city of chicago released video showing what happened right before and right after police shot and killed an 18-year-old last week and we want to warn uh-uh may find this video disturbing. (gunfire). >> officers are seen purchase seeing a man identified as paul o'neill a suspected car they
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have through a yard in a neighborhood. you can hear multiple gunshots in the video. the police then handcuffed a m man. new policy calls for the city of chicago to release videos of police involved shootings win 60 days of the incident. now, police say the actual shooting was not captured on the video because the officer's body camera was not recording at the time. a lawyer for the o'neal family says this is unacceptable. >> because those police officers murderemurdered paul o'neal decd that we couldn't see it. decided that they would control this. we won't see it. and so the coverup has gun. >> the police superintendent says the department has stripped three officers of their powers after preliminary determination that they violated policy. autopsy results show o'neal who was unarmed died from a gunshot wound to the back. hey, beautiful friday if
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your fox 29 weather authority. temperatures remain manageable for the middle of summer. tough to complain about this week. the heat will soon be back, though, we're already tracking the next possible heat wave. so says meteorologist scott williams. hey, scott. >> hi there, chris. of course, yes, today temperatures below average. we had a lot of cloud cover but it's going stay dry for tonight f you're stepping out on the town live look at center city. so as we look at the current temperatures, 84 degrees right now dew points in the low 60s. look at ultimate doppler we're dry and quiet but our next system off to the west. that will bring us a line of showers and storms for a part of the upcoming weekend. so the rain will stay off to the west and south for tonight. 81 in wilmington. 79 right now in atlantic city. low 80s in wildwood. really a comfortable beach day. 77 at the boardwalk. we have 81 right now in avalon. so hour by hour, scattered clouds out there. once again staying dry we're looking at temperatures by 11:00 o'clock right around 77 degrees.
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the overnight low temperature 60s in the burbs. 74 degrees in the city. and then of course we'll talk much more about what's headed our way coming up. back to you. >> scott, thank you. the attorney for jailed mob boss joey merlino says he will seek bail next week and will take the case to trial. edmond jacobs says that he spoke to merlino in federal prison and the 54-year-old wise guy has every intention of fighting the new racketeering charges against him. merlino was arrested yesterday in florida on federal charges with 40 others. including members of five organized crime families. the indictment contains charges like racketeering, gambling, loan sharking, arson and firearms offenses as well as health care fraud dating back to 2011. >> i've been representing joey since the mid 80s. and every time we think we're out, we get drawn back in as they say. this indictment came out of the blue. i had no hint it was coming.
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if you've read it you see there doesn't appear to be great deal of detail. great deal of substance to it. so i'm anxious to find out what if anything is behind it. >> that's when merlino first got out of prison on federal racketeering conviction back in 2011. in you decide tonight, donald trump finds himself up against the wall once again. hillary clinton is going after the gop nominee with some new force with some help from republicans. >> this as the donald finds himself having to step back on some things he said on the campaign trail this week. fox's doug mckelway has the latest for us now from washington. >> reporter: donald trump walks back a claim that he saw a secret video of an airplane that unloaded $400 million in cash to iran. >> the airplane coming in and the money coming off, i guess, right? that was given to us, has to be, by the iranians and you know why the tape was given to us? because they want to embarrass our country. >> reporter: now 24 hour turn around trump tweeting this
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morning "the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane geneva switzerland not the plane carrying 400 million in cash going to iran! >> that's ridiculous. that doesn't make any sense. >> president obama challenging another trump claim that the election might be rigged. and then in the same press conference yesterday, went on to suggest trump start acting more presidential as the gop nominee prepares to receive classified briefings. trump's campaign manager fired back at the unsolicited advice. >> we certainly are not cruising him as a role model. here's a president whose going around the world apologizing for everything the united states has done over the last hundred years. >> reporter: clinton camp out with a new ad hoping to score points with republicans and independents it features prominent gop voices who are skeptical of a presidential trump. >> ♪ >> if he ever consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. >> add mike morrell to that course. while endorsing hillary clinton the former cia director said trump poses a threat to the
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national security. donald trump responded by point to go hillary clinton's home e-mail server as possibly putting america's classified information at risk. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. already know that texting and driving can get in you big trouble. but if a new plan becomes law in one part of the area, you could get in trouble for doing a few other things behind the wheel. plus progress from above tonight in the fight against the zika virus. the aerial weapon against the mosquito menace and why some people are worried about more than just health. and saving the sight of people who don't even realize their slowly going blind. what local doctors are doing that will soon be used around the country. plus, new at 6:00 how this big check is going to make getting around town a little more easier for some locals. ♪
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. police are hoping someone can help them identify two men who burglarized a hotel room in south philadelphia. it happened back on july 15th at the penrose hotel on 20th and penrose. police say these men got into a man's room and stole his laptop, his wallet and other personal belongings. they went into the room several times to steal more items. if you recognize these guys, give police a call. philadelphia's criminal justice center remains closed today after a freak elevator
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accident yesterday. 50 year old sheriff's deputy sergeant paul owens was inside the elevator car when it crashed through a ceiling. he was critically injured in the incident. the justice center was evacuated as firefighters rescued two victims trapped inside the elevators. investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong. well, officials say they'll make a decision on sunday whether or not to open the courthouse on monday. if you need emergency protection from abuse over the weekend, you can go to the center's basement which will remain open. some lawmakers in new jersey have proposed a bill that would have police in the garden state cracking down even harder on distracted drivers and that means some big fines for something as simple as eating while you're behind the wheel. >> but not everyone is on board with the proposed bill as fox 29's bill anderson explains why. >> reporter: new jersey is involved in constant battle to crack down on distracted driving. talking on cell phone or teching
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is already illegal but at least one legislator believes that's not enough. >> the bill specifically prohibits a driver from engaging in an activity not related to the motor vehicle operation that would interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle. >> reporter: penalties would be up to $400 for first offense and license suspension for multiple offenses that may seem a little severe, but perhaps not when you consider the consequences of distracted driving. driving distractions cause over 400,000 injuries each year and over 3,000 fatalities. these are injuries and fatalities are easily preventible. >> reporter: as expected the response from new jersey drivers was mixed and was passionate. >> whether i'm distracted by coffee or children or music, there's always some form of distraction. so it's a decision we each have to make by our own conviction. >> people are still texting and talking on the phone. so i don't know if another law
5:17 pm
would be any good or not truthfully. >> reporter: similar bill new jersey legislature have failed in the past mostly because elected officials couldn't agree on how severe they should be. and talking to new jersey drivers that may well be the case again this time. >> you can, you know, just change the station on your radio takes more time than anything, and anything could be a distraction. >> i would say it's a good thing 'cause, you know, even if it's inconvenient for people for a moment or two, if it can saves lives why not. >> assemblyman said that several of the headlines are misleading talking about drinking a cup of coffee behind the wheel of a car or eating would be punishable offenses. he said that that is not the case. the point is to get people to pay attention and hopefully safe lives. i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. pennsylvania's highest court has decided not to intervene in the criminal case against the state's top prosecutor. clearing the way for jury selection to start this monday. the state supreme court today turned down attorney general
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kathleen kane's request. now, kane wanted the court to take up her claim that the grand jury that investigated her was unlawful and unconstitutional. the first term democratic attorney general is accused of leaking secret grand jury material in another matter and lying about it under oath. kane's attorney argued that the lawyer who served as a special prosecutor and ran the grand jury lacked authority to act as a prosecutor. new jersey governor chris christie says the nba's decision to move its all star game from charlotte, north carolina, because of a law limiting antidiscrimination protections for lgbt people was grandstanding. christie made the controversial remarks on a radio show this morning. republican governor asked if the nba is going to evaluate every law in the state or just a certain law. the nba pulled the 2017 all star game from charlotte because of the state' news law limiting discrimination protections against lgbt people. >> the city of philadelphia urging people not to swim in
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dumpsters after pictures like this one started raising eyebrows. it went viral and forced the city to issue a warning. it's a warning they say that really does not require an explanation. >> we sent bruce gore on over to the neighborhood to find out more only to learn these guys behind the dumpster pool have found other ways to beat the heat. >> reporter: what's bet on warm summers' evening than a cool dip? in the back end of a 1993 chevy s10 pickup truck. you'll find jake and justin during happy hour. >> it's warm. toasty. i love it. i'm all about the river life this summer, you know, i'm just trying to get out and get in the water as much as possible. >> what's not to like? it's 90 degrees out and you can sit on the sidewalk and have a beer at your house. >> reporter: liner from a child's slip and slide a couple of hundred gallons of water and some braces to keep the truck bed from bottoming out. >> it's all good. >> reporter: you've got yours seven a curb side oasis that's
5:20 pm
the talk of the neighbor. a portable pool is a good way to meet new neighbors. 18 month old bentley stopped by with his dad. there are occasional problems that arise this is a city environment after all. >> my pool has been stolen three times and i get it back every time. it's just destiny to be here on this block. >> reporter: the truck has actually been swiped and you got it back every time. >> every time. >> kensington car share. >> reporter: jake and justice tin made headlines last weekend they rented a dumpster, cleaned it, lined it and fill it with a city fire hydrant. city hall was not amused. not with the dumpster idea or with the source of the water. but truck pool, that's strictly legit. water comes from a garden hose leading from their own home. >> any reason to believe the city will have problem with this setup. >> no idea. i mean i didn't know they were going to have a problem witness dumpster so --,. >> reporter: best of all, happy hour is over, draining the pool is faster than you can say niagara falls.
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>> bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> big traffic disruption across the uk. this is for reason you'll be familiar with. protest movement that has traveled across the pond. plus, the things we do for love. a man who spent 10 days in a chinese airport he's planning to meet the woman of his dreams. but there's a lot more to this story. and this man is making the rounds in an ice cream truck. this summer and he's serving up something sweet but we're not only talking about ice cream. how he's inspiring young people for the future. ♪
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there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at >> deadly forest fires creating quite the site while threatening homes in spain. at least 2500 people have been evacuated from la pope ma isla island. the fire was sparked
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accidentally by a german man who set fire to toilet paper he had used. water carrying helicopters and planes are working to put out the three-day long blaze. so far one forest worker has died trying to fight that fire. black lives matter protests are not just happening here in the united states. >> no, protesters are making their voices heard all around the globe. >> representatives the u.s. based group blocking a road to heath dough airport ink land's biggest and busiest. they yelled no justice, no piece, traffic was backed up to the airport with police able to open about two of the four lanes. officers making some arrests after protesters refused to move. police say the protests were timed with several more throughout the country. olympic torch made it to brazil's christ the redeemer statue earlier today. ahead of tonight's opening ceremonies in rio.
5:26 pm
former brazilian volleyball player and olympic med list isabel sal gad dough carried the torch joined by the mayor and archbishop of rio de janiero. three-hour ceremony happens tonight. >> progress from above tonight in the fight against the zika virus. the current aerial weapon against the mosquito menace and why some people are worried about a lot more than health. plus, saving the sight of people who don't even realize they're slowing going blind. what local doctors are doing that will soon be used around the country. scott? >> chris, right now it's dry and quiet but get ready for some weekend showers and thunderstorms even heat that could feel as high as 100 degrees. ♪ what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania!
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♪ welcome back with live look at bush kill falls from our camera in the pocono mountains. beautiful week is coming a pretty great ending. will your weekend shape up to be just as nice? meteorologist scott williams has the answer coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. right now at 5:30 the irs confirming for fox 29 it is involved in raids spanning the city linked to powerful labor union boss john dougherty. they joined fbi agents and state police in the raid of docker dee's home in south philadelphia this morning. a nearby union bar and electricians union headquarters
5:30 pm
and the office for city councilman bobby heenan were also searched. investigators are not saying what exactly they're looking f for. >> philadelphia prim criminal justice center still closed today after an accident yesterday involving its elevat elevator. officials say they will make a decision on sunday whether or not to open court on monday. 50 year sheriff deputy paul owens was inside the elevator car when it crashed through a ceiling. he was critically injured. firefighters also rescued two other people trapped inside other elevators. investigators still not sure exactly what caused this freak accident. the fight against zika continues in florida as officials try to isolate the virus to prevent a widespread epidemic. health is still a major concern here but it is not the only concern. >> tonight officials are worried zika could create a ripple that has devastating long-term effects. fox's phil coating in miami with the latest. >> reporter: local officials reporting better than expected
5:31 pm
results after miami dade county's first day of aerial spraying. the insecticide misting showed 100% killed in the mosquito traps collected in the 10 square mile zone north of downtown miami. >> we can take 10 blocks in the northwest corner and say we don't believe there's any active tran mission of zika. >> reporter: politicians from both sides of the aisle hitting the streets in response to the local outbreak. >> the only area in this one square mile radius north of downtown miami. >> president weighing in during a briefing at the pentagon yesterday. >> the money we fight to zika is rapidly oning out. the situation getting critical. >> reporter: zika fears extending beyond health issues after the centers for disease control and prevention issued a travel warning to miami's wynnewood neighborhood specifically for pregnant women only sparking concern for small businesses and the local econo economy. >> we understand that it's a real difficulty, a financial burden on businesses in this
5:32 pm
area. we wish we didn't have to do it but we have a duty to warn. we have a duty to n people. >> reporter: mosquito control teams continue spraying on the ground going house to house focusing on where these specific mosquitoes lived, breed and feed on humans. cdc reporting more than 1800 people living in the states and d.c. have or have had the zika virus but in puerto rico that number now stands at more than 4,000. in miami, phil keating fox news. ♪ >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. another pretty nice day, of course, everyone wondering about the weekend. >> i am. it was nice out there today. can we duplicate that one, scott. >> it looks like tomorrow, chris and dawn, we're talking heat, feels like temperatures around 100 degrees and also some scattered showers and thunderstorms. so all good things must come to an end as far as the nice weather that we've seen for your friday. we have some cloud cover across the area but we are dry. but off to the west, look at
5:33 pm
this front that will be the weekend system that will bring a line of showers and thunderstorms our way. not a complete wash out but certainly watch the clock and watch the timing much here's tomorrow morning. waking up to fog across the area. mostly cloudy skies. and once again it will be dry start running those errands but look at the clock. by 11:00 north and west as we move toward the pocono mountains, the lehigh valley. watching for some scatter showers and thunderstorms by 1:00 o'clock north and western suburbs. moving into montgomery county, bucks county and then approaching that i-95 corridor here's 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon once again some of those storms could contain some gusty winds along with a little bit of small hail but right now we're not under a threat for widespread severe weather out of the system. here's 5:00 p.m. still watching along the i-95 corridor moving into south jersey, parts of delaware, down the shore, we're looking at 6:00 o'clock, then diminishing after about 8:00 o'clock. so once again, we'll break down
5:34 pm
that window of opportunity to see some of those storms. so saturday afternoon lehigh valley between 11:00 and 2:00. moving toward the philadelphia area north and western suburbs between 2:00 and 5:00 tomorrow. south jersey, delaware, between 5:00 and 8:00 o'clock. future feels like temperatures at out ahead of that front the heat and the humidity take a look at 2:00 o'clock. feeling like 96 philadelphia. 97 in millville. close to 100 degrees in dover. so the heat, the humidity it makes a come back for tomorrow. the tropics have been fairly quiet as of late. but we're talking about earl right now in the gulf of mexico, the southern gulf of mexico moving into mexico right now. earl maximum sustained winds at 60 miles per hour its movement off to the west bringing a lot of torrential rain there. as far as the forecast, down the shore, once again tomorrow looking pretty good for most of the day. late afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms,
5:35 pm
84 degrees will be the high temperature there tomorrow. sunday 86 degrees. we're looking at that land breeze and also we're looking atwater temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. the weather authority seven day forecast as we talk a little bit about tomorrow, hazy, hot, humid, scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. look at those temperatures. 92 degrees tomorrow. feeling like close to 100 degrees for some. 87 sunday the pick day of the upcoming weekend. a little warmer monday. upper 80s. look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we're talking about another potential heat wave with that seven day forecast. so little bit of a break today. but the heat is coming back. >> that makes it number what heat wave. >> five. >> all right. thanks, scott. all right. we're not breaking any news by telling you that smoking is a deadly habit. overall more and more americans are kicking the habit, but some of us may not be getting the message. we'll tell you who coming up. plus the man who spent 10 days in a chinese airport.
5:36 pm
he's planning to meet the woman of his dreams but there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye. plus, hillary clinton is in washington, d.c. today and addresses accusations she's not trustworthy. what she is saying tonight about beating that perception.
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♪ new footage of the aftermath of the atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima is just now coming to light. japanese authorities just releasreleased this footage taky sylvia troops meterly after the bombs were dropped near the end of the world war ii. the film has been donated to the city of hiroshima it shows the destruction of the bomb from the ground level including a destroyed mitsubishi factory and torpedo plan. two separate bombing killed at least 129,000 people. tomorrow marks the 71st
5:40 pm
anniversary of the bombing. it is a story making international headlines tonight. a dutch man flys to china to meet an online girlfriend but when she doesn't show, he decides to wait it out. the plot thickens. alexander, stayed insider the airport for 10 days hoping that his 26-year-old cyber date would meet him ultimately the 41-year-old had to be hospitalized because apparently he didn't eat or drink enough. he has diabetes and hospital staff said he put himself in a life-threatening situation as he waited for his date after recovering he spoke about his future plans. >> go back home. see what my girlfriend and i are going to do in the future. >> so what happens what happened? his girlfriend says she did not meet him because she recently had plastic surgery and couldn't go outside. likely story.
5:41 pm
>> i don't know about that. something you did last night could affect your risk for stroke and if you're doing it having a stroke in the only thing you might need to worry about. the new study you need to know about. plus, saving the sight of people who don't even realize they're slowly going blind. what local doctors are doing that will soon be used around the country. sean? chris eagles dealing with few injuries after another physical day at camp. offense not really liking some of the things defense is doing. who is hurt and for how long coming up later in sports.
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♪ turning to your health now a warning about your sleep. too little or too much sleep may be a risk factor for stroke. it may also hinder the sufferers ability to recover. researchers reviewed 29 studies and found that sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea are related to stroke risk and recovery. the team found sleep disturbances were more prevalent in stroke patients than in the general population. so those experts suggest stroke patients be diagnosed and treated for any sleep disorders as a way to protect their health. those findings appear in the
5:46 pm
journal of neurology. some americans are still lighting up big time researchers from the centers for disease control and prevention look at smoking data from 2002 to 2005 and 2010 to 2013 and while smoking rates fell overall for whites, african-americans, asians and hispanics sub groups smoke even more. among them american indians and alaskan native saw rates go up by 2% during that time frame. study authors say we have to look beyond broad racial and ethnic categories to come up with better strategies to get people to quit smoking. a local effort to find and treat eye diseases before they rob people of their site now may become a model fort and tire country. local doctors are trying to help people who don't even realize they're slowly going blind. the key catching the diseases early. >> we first told you about this program last year. and tonight fox 29's joyce evans shows us the findings doctors call both stunning and rewar
5:47 pm
rewarding. ♪ >> take picture of the optic nerve. >> you see the light? >> yeah. >> great. >> we shoot the images back over to wills. glom coma specialists are reading them. and then we invite the patients back for a full eye exam if they have an abnormal image in perfect. keep looking right at it. >> reporter: so far about 800 patients have looked into the light of a wills eye hand-held camera. for many of them their very first eye exam ever. >> when was the last time you had an eye exam? >> i haven't had none. >> reporter: for 57 years eric graham never got to it. and knowing there's something wrong. >> are you on medications? >> because every time i think my sugar is low or hi my vision gets real blurry. >> reporter: he settles for the sharp pest focus he can match from the reading glasses
5:48 pm
on a stand. >> i'm doing it wrong. i'm doing wrong. >> reporter: you knew you were wrong? yeah. my wife, too. >> reporter: golden opportunity for eric. adele new man -- >> how is your vision? >> it's a little fuzzy. i guess because i'm getting older. >> reporter: and for darrell. >> have you ever had that before? >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: no. >> they all just happened to have other medical appointments on this day at the mary howard health sent. >> it's a blessing because i've been wanting to get my eyes check again. >> reporter: lucky for adele wills hi eye hospital set up free tele medicine study program here funded by the cdc. >> if we can detect glaucoma earlier in high-risk populations, then we can get people into care and we can reduce the risk of blindness. >> reporter: but the highest risk populations are the least likely to have access to screening and treatment for glaucoma and other site robbing diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.
5:49 pm
>> truly gives us the opportunity to meet the patients where they are and more importantly to have their diagnosis or their conditions managed, it's all at this site. >> reporter: at other clinics and primary care doctor offices. >> if i had to give my rating it would be a plus. >> reporter: really? >> yes. because they doing something for the community that can't afford it. >> reporter: they're hoping to stop what wills eye experts believe is becoming an epidemic in cities like philadelphia. >> the treatment is critical. >> reporter: back at wills eye, dr. jonathan myers co director of glaucoma services examining the initial images. taken from hundreds of patients at off site locations. >> what did you find? >> these optic nerves are not normal. they show signs of glaucoma and clear damage from glaucoma and this patient didn't know they had problem. this just the sort of patient we're hoping to find. >> reporter: walking around without a clue, no symptoms but
5:50 pm
slowly going blind. years of damage and never saw it coming. >> tissue of the optic nerve is thinner than we would like, so this optic nerve shows even thinner rim tissue in fact over here it's hard to identify any of that pink orange rim tissue that is normally present in the optic nerve. >> reporter: this patient will be sent to a specialist and retested with their eyes dilated for closer look. significant damage here cannot be reversed. >> use either eye drops or laser or surgery to prevent the blindness that glaucoma can cause. >> reporter: if this person does nothing -- >> they probably will lose their sight and this person is not that old. >> reporter: this is phase two of the study we first told you about more than a year ago. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> reporter: they were just wrapping up screening of about 1600 people in senior centers. >> almost 40% had some type of
5:51 pm
glaucoma or glaucoma suspect. >> reporter: and they're already detecting more glaucoma and other eye ailments in phase two says wills eye research director dr. lisa hark. >> after your first story we got a lot of calls and people want to know where to go and what to do. >> reporter: all darrell, adele and eric had to do was say yes to the tests. when they came in for their routine doctor's appointments. >> i haven't seen you guys i probably would have kept on sliding on by. >> reporter: sliding by is over. adele's eyes are fine but both eric and darrell are diagnosed with cataracts and now they become part of the group treated and monitored for the next three years. >> i'm going to do what i got to do because this is what i need. >> reporter: joyce evans fox 29 news. this man is making the rounds in an ice cream truck this summer and he's serving up something sweet but we're not just talking about ice cream.
5:52 pm
how he's inspiring young people for the future. coming up at 6:00, before you grab that coffee to go, think again. where drinking it behind the wheel could get you in trouble in the future. >> plus hillary clinton in washington, d.c. and addressing accusations that she's not trustworthy. what she's saying tonight about beating that perception. ♪
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♪ there are plenty of things to learn about in philadelphia's independence national historical park dan officials recognized group of teenagers from philadelphia and camden who just completed a program all about gardening. the six week course teaches chirp about keeping a garr end encourages them to be citizens gardeners. >> we called it growing hope and that's exactly what we've done. we work in gardens with garden partners all throughout philadelphia, um, we had some statistics win six weeks we worked 1800 hours. >> pretty impressive. hard work paid off. program organizers say all the participants are excited to take part next year as well. well you better not call him the ice cream man. no, no, no. call him the dream chaser. >> that's right. he's traveling the state of connecticut in an ice cream truck giving out sweet treats and asking children to tap into their hopes and aspirations for
5:57 pm
the future. fox's katie has his story. >> all right. ice cream in here. roar report there's a lot of ice cream in this ice cream truck. but abdul isn't an ice cream man. and he doesn't make a penny off his customers. >> nice. >> reporter: abdul takes his truck all around connecticut. today he's in hartford. >> going over to, um, parker memorial. >> reporter: business ice cream isn't for sale. >> okay. everybody just calm down. >> reporter: instead of dealing in dollars -- >> ice cream for dream. >> reporter: you have to answer this. >> what's your dream? >> his currency is dreams. >> little kid will come up to the truck and say something like, i want to, you know, help other people, i want to, you know, make hartford better. those are my favorite kind of dreams report roar ice cream for dream hands out about 10 thus sand ice cream sandwiches a year isn't what's your dream. >> my dream is to be a lawyer. >> a lawyer. nice. a doctor? >> entrepreneur. >> okay. that's a good one.
5:58 pm
i like that. >> work on cars. >> yeah. >> yo, might be a hair model. >> what i'm hoping is that by asking them and, um, showing them all of the different types of dreams they can have it inn inspires them to do wonderful an mazing things in their lives. >> what's your dream? >> to be a become player g i knew you were going say that. what's your name. >> kobe. >> you got the right name. >> reporter: planting a small seed that can grow into something big. >> i just want them to be able to dream bigger like to be able to see that there's so much more they can have in this life and soap more they can do. >> reporter: if you think the struck only serves kids, think again. >> you pick it. no, no i want to hear from you. >> you're never too old for a little bit of ice cream and imagination. >> be fly, don't be shy. >> what's your dream. >> my dream to be ice cream trucker just like you. (laughter). >> that's what i'm talking about. you got to give it away for free or charge people? >> 50% off. >> 50% off. >> that's what my philosophy in life s never stop dreaming much
5:59 pm
that's way i want everybody to do never stop dreaming. make it happen. >> the truck has a full schedule of stops and is available for pep rallies, work and community events. ♪ raids all over philadelphia tied to powerful labor union boss. federal and state investigators even gathering evidence from his home. >> were you surprised when you learned they were here this morning. >> there's no ready for them to be here i guess i would be surprised as would you. >> where the fbi search took agents through the city. ♪ plus eating and drinking behind the wheel could get you pulled over. where lawmakers are equatin equg this to texting while driving. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. fox 29 broke this story. we've been on it all day long. federal and state agents fanning out across the city searching several properties linked to powerful labor union boss john dock consider tee.
6:00 pm
good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. we have seen a whole lot of activity since early this morning. but still there are many questions about what federal and state investigators are looking for. we start tonight with bruce gordon who spoke with dougherty as the search was being carried out. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. this is john dougherty's south philadelphia neighborhood and let's be clear he's a popular guy on this block. problem is, among those who pay him a visit at his home from time to time fb um agents carrying search warrants. for the second time in a decade, union boss john dougherty watched as federal agents carried boxes of evidence from his south philadelphia home. we claim to be surprised by the raid, he also insisted he's not worried. >> i'm very comfortable with where we're at right now. once we get this ugly scenario by, everything will be fine. >> reporter: among the targets of coordinated raids, was the headquarters office of ibew local 98 the electrical workers union. johnny d


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