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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. we have seen a whole lot of activity since early this morning. but still there are many questions about what federal and state investigators are looking for. we start tonight with bruce gordon who spoke with dougherty as the search was being carried out. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. this is john dougherty's south philadelphia neighborhood and let's be clear he's a popular guy on this block. problem is, among those who pay him a visit at his home from time to time fb um agents carrying search warrants. for the second time in a decade, union boss john dougherty watched as federal agents carried boxes of evidence from his south philadelphia home. we claim to be surprised by the raid, he also insisted he's not worried. >> i'm very comfortable with where we're at right now. once we get this ugly scenario by, everything will be fine. >> reporter: among the targets of coordinated raids, was the headquarters office of ibew local 98 the electrical workers union. johnny dock is the long-time
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business manager. federal agents went to the ibew training facility in the city and a bar owned by dougherty. fbi spokesman would say only the searches were part of on-going investigation. >> you know i've been under scrutiny my whole life. i don't understand why. maybe because i win too much. >> federal agents search the city hall and district offices of city councilman bobby heenan long hiv time ibew official and dougherty pratie thai. a spokesman for dock and the union could only speculate on the nature of the probe. >> allegations of financial impropriety is somewhat puzzling because ibew local 98 is subject to multiple audits throughout the year and multiple levels of scrutiny. so we're at a loss to explain exactly what they think they know or 11. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney is among local politicians who benefited from dougherty's support over the years. so is city councilman mark squilla. we spoke both today.
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>> all we know there was information requested and fbi went out to get information and they'll sort through it and come up with a conclusion one way or the other. >> not exact al shining moment for the city's political leaders? >> i mean any time you have fbi involved out there doing an investigation it's always a concern. everybody is innocent until proven guilt. >> as the last of the evidence was packed up and carried away from dougherty's home neighbors stepped forward to offer their support for this long-time power broker. >> he's been my neighbor for 16 years, and he's to me a wonderful man that i don't know what i would do without him. >> reporter: again, far more questions than answers regarding exactly what investigators are looking for but given the length and complexity of most federal probes it could be awhile before this story become clear. for the moment at least sure doesn't look like good news for johnny dock. chris and dawn. >> thank you, bruce. dougherty has been a powerful political force in philadelphia for many years. >> this is not been the first
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time he's in the center of controversy. fox 29's jeff cole joins us now live with more about the union boss. >> jeff. >> , you know chris so prominent in philadelphia. he's known by a tiny little word, dock. so when word got out friday the raids were raiding dock's place it set off a scramble not just among the press but likely in union and political circles as well. the massive hillary clinton for president sign on union headquarters and the moving truckloaded with financial records from the electrical workers union were competing images friday. this johnny dock's powerful union. its workers a potent force in political campaigns made stronger when combined with the union's campaign cash. federal agents hauled box after box of financial statements and canceled checks from the union hall friday. part of their stunning sweep across the city. fox 29 is reported dougherty says everything will be fine. dougherty known widely as johnny dock or just dock was once the
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treasurer of philadelphia's democratic party and ran but lost for state senate. friday's raids have focused attention on politically prominent lobbyists john estey. estey has pleaded guilty to federal wire fraud charge and wore recording device for the feds for years say published reports. we asked him friday about john dougherty. >> how are you. >> i'm jeff cole from fox. >> don't really want to talk to you. thank you very much. isn't can you talk to me at all? >> no. >> do you know anything about what's going on in the city. >> dougherty. >> with dougherty, no. >> nothing? >> no. >> anything that you may have told the feds would have led to what's going on here? >> really can't talk to you about it. thank you. >> reporter: dougherty burst into public attention last week when a non union electrician accused of of him of breaking his nose with a punch on south philly street. the union leader spokesperson says dougherty duck the electrician's first punch and countered with his own. john dougherty's brother kevin a newly elected member of the
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pennsylvania supreme court helped in his campaign by union support. he first served add administrative and family court judge in philly. facebook message from dock consider tee, all good here. been through this before. want to thank everyone for all their concern. chris, back to you. >> when this new broke fox 29 was on your tv on social media check the developments on follow us on facebook and twitter just look for the links on our home page. in chicago city officials released body cam video from a fatal police involved shooting. >> officers are seen pursuing a man identified as paul o'neal suspected car they have through a yard in a neighborhood. you can hear multiple gunshots in the video. police then handcuffed the man as he's bleeding. new policy calls for the city of chicago to release videos of police involved shootings. according to the police department, the actual shooting was not captured on the video
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because the camera was not on. the police superintendent says the department stripped three officers of their powers after a preliminary determination that they had violated policy. philadelphia police released the entities of the men they're looking for in a shooting that injured a 10-year-old girl in north philadelphia. detectives now have arrest warrants out for 23-year-old richard holmes and 29-year-old steven kearney. last week police say the two men fired shots at a third guy after some sort of argument along the 3100 block of rosewood street. one of those bullets hit a 10-year-old who was walking nearby. she is okay but if you know the whereabouts of these two men, call police. in moment county, a gymnastics instructor is accused of sexually assaulting a child. daniel herb of hatboro is facing several charges tonight including inn volunteer deviant sexual inter course with a child. an investigation revealed that herb sexually assault add girl multiple times this is according to police.
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the ages of the girl eight to 11 years old while the victim was in his care. the montgomery counties district attorney's office has not said if the girl was a student of his or where herb is a coach. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane announcing today that her office has charged three men with possession of child pornography. it marks the 500th arrest by the child predator section since kane took office. >> there's no socio economic or demographic rhyme or reason to where child predators live and hide. i made a promise i would hunt them down and we have done that and i think it's important for the public to know that we watch every single day and we will come and debt them no matter where they are. >> the office also uses predator trucks allowing agents to check if a computer has child pornography on it in about a half hour. all right. let's check with our fox 29 weather authority now. it felt a bit warmer today than the start of the week.
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but folks in flank lynn square out enjoying the day just the same. looks like a nice cool place to hang out. but some changes could be on the way. meteorologist scott williams standing by with a check of your every important weekend forecast. scott? >> that's all important weekend forecast, dawn. today was beautiful. temperatures topped out around 85 degrees. tomorrow the heat is back, the humidity is back, even showers and thunderstorms. 83 degrees right now after high of 85. dew points right now in the low 60s. folks out and about here in old city. it's first friday the weather is going to be beautiful. as we look at ultimate doppler we're dry and quiet but look at the cloud cover i was rosea cross the area. thicker clouds, showers and thunderstorms off to the west much this is our weekend weather maker. not a complete wash out. we'll have the timing coming up but look at the temperatures right now. pretty uniform. upper 70s to low 80s. if you're stepping outdoors out on the town looking pretty good. a nice evening. it's going to stay dry. some fog will develop for the overnight. but coming up we'll have the
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timing of those saturday showers and thunderstorms. increasing heat and humidity. and potential another heat wave brewing with that seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. in you decide 2016 hillary clinton's lead over donald trump is widening in two national polls following a rocky week for trump on the campaign trail. meanwhile, on that trail today hillary clinton spoke at a joint conference for the national association of black journalists in the national association of hispanic journalists. >> that conference is underway in washington, d.c. and this afternoon hillary clinton addressed a number of issues ranging from those affecting minorities, the e-mail controversy, that continues to hang over her and she also addressed perceptions that she's not trustworthy. >> i take this seriously. don't -- you know, don't doubt that. i tack it seriously. i know it doesn't make me feel good when people say those things and i recognize that i have work to do. but when i started running for the senate in new york a lot of
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the same things were said. i won. i worked hard for the people of new york. and i was re-elected with 67% of vote. >> hillary clinton has some of the highest unfavorable ratings of any presidential candidate in modern history. >> donald trump had been invited to that journalist conference but declined to attend. meanwhile the presidential nominee is walking back a claim that he saw a secret video of an airplane that unloaded $400 million cash in iran. a claim he made twice this week but in a tweet this morning trump now admits the plane he saw on television was a plane returning american hostages. and there's good news tonight from the july jobs report. more than more jobs were added last month than economists inspect expected. the labor department report shows employers adding 255,000 jobs in july. the unemployment rate holding at four-point 9%. average hourly pay also picked up in july. and more than two-point 5%
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higher than it was a year ago. still public perceptions of the economy largely negative during this election season despite low unemployment. when you think of distracted driving, teching, probably comes to mind but now lawmakers want to add a common behavior that could get you pulled over, and mean that you may have to pay big fines. plus how this big check is getting around town a little easier for some locals. sean? chris, physical day at training camp. the up tensity definitely went up a knowledge and offense not like wagon the defense is doing. i'll get to that coming up later in sports. ♪
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♪ >> proposed law in in order taking big steps to stop distracted driving. the legislation would allow police officers in the garden state to hand out some hefty fines for things like eating behind the wheel. fox 29's bill anderson tells us
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why not everyone wants to give this bill the green light. >> reporter: over 3,000 people are killed each year as a result of distracted driving. in response new jersey wants to expand their laws to include not only talking on cell phones or teching but anything that police determine to be distraction. >> i think the purpose of you having a cup holder in your car is for to you drink. so why would they have that law it's ridiculous. >> drink a cup of coffee, i can understand the cell phone, the teching but i've been drinking for long time. (laughter). >> i think i can handle it. >> reporter: assemblyman john wisnewski proposed a bill that would punish several forms of distracted driving with penalties as high as $400 for first offense and a possible license suspension for multiple offenders. >> when a person driving a vehicle takes their eyes off the road to look at a map torque look at an article in a
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newspaper, to look at a text, that five seconds may seem like a split moment to them but the car will travel over a football field in length. >> reporter: many of the people i spoke to agreed that we needed to something about distracted driving but they couldn't agree if this proposed bill was helpful or just intrusive. >> that's a little too much for me. getting a little invasive into my decision-making process for sure. >> i think that phone use devil something should be considered distracted but i think it's too far with drinking and eating. >> reporter: the bill still needs to pass the legislature but regardless of the backlash, assemblyman wisnewski believes this is a bill that's necessary because it will save lives. >> for anybody who believes they can safely operate a ton or two of steal oping at 60 miles an hour and not pay attention to the road, they ought not to have a license in the first place. what we have to do is recognize that we have a problem that we're losing people every year on injuries and accidents that
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are entirely preventible. >> reporter: the assemblyman acknowledges this is uphill battle he's introduced similar legislation in the past that failed but believes that it's worth it. he says if he keeps fighting the good fight hopefully this legislation will pass and will save lives. i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. today pennsylvania and city officials announce $21 million transportation project. what it means, big change for those who work near the navy yard in south philadelphia. they are now adding more shuttle buses all over the city to transport people to the area. also, in the works, construction of 10 bus stations for express service on the roosevelt boulevard all the projects announced today will help improve air quality. back to your fox 29 weather authority. and these kids in fairmount park taking a advantage of today's nice weather. they're taking part in just one of several of the camp that is were made possible by a partnership between philly play and philadelphia department of
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parks and rec. the goal to keep children active during the summer months and it look like they're very active. >> it was beautiful day to be out in the park outside. temperatures only made it to the mid 80s. but tomorrow we're talking feels like temperatures mid to upper 90s much the heat, the humidity even some storms across the area. but ultimate doppler we're dry but we had mostly cloudy skies across the area that kept those temperatures a little lower but here's the cold front off to the west. that will bring a broken line of scattered showers and downpours for a part of the day tomorrow. so don't cancel any plans keep an eye on the sky. we're talking about the afternoon. tomorrow morning it's going to be mostly cloudy start. some fog develops across the area. but watch the clock and watch the timing. north and west, we'll see that broken line of activity. a little earlier in the day. so here's 11am moving toward parts of the pocono mountains. the lehigh valley 1:00 o'clock still mainly north and west of the philadelphia area and i-95 corridor.
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but watch the clock. so if you have some afternoon plans, we're talking three, four, in the afternoon. right along the i-95 corridor, moving into parts of south jersey and then eventually down the shore. what's left of it. once again, widespread activity but we're talking the potential for some gusty winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. maybe some small hail and torrential brief downpours with that line of activity that moves through. that front will push the humidity out of here. so the second half of the weekend looking pretty good. here bottom line. lehigh valley with the timing. tomorrow 11:00 to 2:00. philadelphia north and west between 2:00 and 5:00 o'clock. south jersey parts of delaware between 5:00 and 8:00. that's your window of opportunity. 79 right now in atlantic city. 79 in pottstown. the forecast for tonight, upper 60s in the burbs. 74 degrees in the city with that patchy fog. heating up tomorrow's high 92 degrees. but take a look at future feels like temperatures. we're talking by the afternoon
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feeling like 96 philadelphia. 99 in dover. so down the shore for the weekend, 84 tomorrow. late afternoon evening storms. 86 degrees tomorrow with that land breeze and what about the pocono mountains kind of cloudy, foggy start to the day with showers and then beautiful on sunday. that extended weather authority seven day forecast showing we warm up. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday it looks like another heat wave. back to you, sean? scott, eagles camp... ♪
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♪ the eagles offense not liking the defense right now. this camp is physical. guys are flying around hitting eve other. it's the most physical camp has been in years. because you know chip kelly didn't really like players to be hitting eve other. jordan matthews left practice. zach ertz walked off with a possible concussion. that's all because teams have been hitting and being real physical with each other. but still offense they're not feeling it right now. okay? the guys are saying that the defense are giving dirty hits. not liking the low hits to the knees, the dirty blows down there. coach doug pederson like it, loves it and right now he's not worried at all about these guys getting injured. >> i just know this.
6:25 pm
football is a contact sport. this is going to happen. this is going to happen. and whether it happens today or whether it happens thursday night it's part of the game and i'm a big believer you never shy away from contact. i tried to get the message across too sometimes we just protect each other. try not to go low if you can. it's reactionary stuff. and, you know, you can't fault the players for trying to make plays. >> that's right. it's football. guys need to get hit before they actually go into games. despite all of that the guys love doug pederson. loves what he brings and only guy they love more is -- that's right, jim schwartz. schwartz out here bringing the juice and guess what, if you remember this right here, schwartz running up on jim harbaugh because he didn't like a hand shake. i'm not having it you're not disrespecting me at all. schwartz is a fired up guy. a guy who to get in there in the player's love him for it. >> i think starts with jim. he bring the energy and he's always excited. he want to see guys make plays and that's what it's about.
6:26 pm
when you got coach like that, that's excited, and running around and as hype as the players are that means whole l lot. >> to the phillies they need to move out west they're bawling out there. they went out to san francisco and won a series against a great giants team beating some of the best pitchers in the game. yesterday even in a loss they took it to extra innings. a great start to a west coast swing. they'll play the padres tonight at 10:40 pad dress not playing too well for and five of their last nine. definitely a game the phillies can get tonight and possibly wip these series. west coast swing for some reason they play really well out there, guys. >> nice to see eagles out hitting again. >> hitting each other. love it. doug pederson doesn't care. more of it, please. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. isn't we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock and at 11:00 o'clock. have a great night. april side edition is up next. thanks for watching.
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what was it like inside the car that rolled over and over? >> the car just flipped over and exploded. >> he lived to tell the tale. >> you're lucky to be alive. then, security scare for hillary rodham clinton. and did she cross the line by saying this -- >> trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals. and ♪ cold beer on a friday night." >> olympic car pool karaoke. let the games begin in rio. plus, lindsay lohan blowout. the shocking video. lindsay's dad reacts. >> were you concerned for her safety? then -- >> hey, officer, pull over. >> the reason i was trying to pull you over, you flew


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