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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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gun battle that wounded a 10-year-old girl. the killing words she said she heard from the man who shot her. forget texting and talking on the phone. what you do while you're driving every day that could soon be outlawed. your news is next.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. federal and state investigators fanned out across the region today to essential properties connected to well-known union leader john dougherty. it's a story we first broke this morning on "good day philadelphia". good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. investigators could be seen swooping in and out of dougher dougherty' properties with boxes full of evidence all day long but it's still not clear tonight exactly what they are looking for. fox 29's dave kinchen has been on top of this story all day. he's live in center city with the latest. dave? >> reporter: good evening to you. we can tell you numerous properties were searched by
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federal investigators but the big question remains tonight, why? boxes full of documents and electronic records sit april side the federal building in center city philadelphia tonig tonight. this after day of extraction from the south philly home of ibew local 98 boss john dougherty. fbi working in tandem with the irs bringing out box after box after the political king maker and his neighbors look on. >> the government has a job to do. let them do their job. joke i'm very comfortable with where we're at right now. once we get this ugly scenario by, everything will be fine. >> reporter: philly council bobby heenan saw his city hall and district offices stormed as part of the probe. still unknown tonight what exactly are the feds looking for in that evidence. >> if i'm representing johnny dougherty i'm hoping there's nothing in those records that implicates there's been a crime committed. >> reporter: fox 29 legal analyst attorney ken roth
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wheeler not representing dougherty or heenan but investigators must be on to something big to conduct such an operation. >> there's something for something specific. so it has to be related to that affidavit. now what they're trying to do is substantiate from the material that they seized that a crime has been committed. they have to link up the two. >> reporter: evidence of something also taken from the electrician's union headquarters training facility and dougherty's bar. >> that has to be a connection between the probable cause that a crime was committed and some connection to the location where they want to search. >> reporter: but big questions remain. >> nothing for anybody to find. >> there's nothing there. >> i'm the move vetted guy in philadelphia in 20 years. >> i think johnny dougherty and his lawyers right now know very crimes that the authorities say there was probable cause that was committed in this case. >> reporter: meantime a source close to the union does say that they undergo routine audits and several at that and also they
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say they undergo many levels of jute feature chris and dawn? >> all right, dave kinchen, thanks. this is to the the first time john dougherty has made the headlines. the union boss has been in the center of controversy in the past. >> fox 29's jeff cole has more tonight on johnny dougherty's past run ins. >> reporter: john j. dock consider tee known widely as johnny dock is easily one of philadelphia's most powerful union leaders whose harness that strength into success in politics. his electrical workers union local 98 places feet on the street in the campaign of favorite politicians combined with donations of campaign cash. early afternoon friday in this startling scene of agents hauling bock after box of financial statements and canceled checks from union headquarters is a clear sign dougherty has caught the attention of the federal government. as we've reported, the union leader says everything will be fine and it is unclear just
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exactly what agents are looking for. >> anything that you may have told the feds. >> attention turned to the role of political prominent and lawyer john estey who has pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in a federal corruption case. multiple press reports have revealed estey wore a wire for the feds possibly for years. fox 29 spoke with him friday. >> i'm jeff cole from fox. >> i don't really want to talk to you. thank you. >> can you talk to me at all? >> no. >> reporter: anything about what's going on in the city with dougherty? >> no. >> reporter: nothing? >> no. >> reporter: anything that you may have told the feds would have led to what's going on here. >> i really can't talk to you about it. thank you. >> reporter: dougherty once the treasurer of philadelphia democratic party and a failed candidate for state senate found trouble earlier this year when he was accused of of hitting a non-union electrician in the face. the worker said dougherty struck first. his spokesperson said dougherty was not the aggressor.
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>> that was our jeff cole reporting. dougherty posted a message on facebook late this afternoon and i say this is a quote, "all good here, been through this before. want to thank everyone for all their concern ". fox 29 broke this story on tv and online. all the latest developments on and our twitter and facebook pages just look for the links on our home page. and now it's on to the fox 29 weather authority. meteorologist scott williams joining us with more on that all important weekend forecast. scott. >> important weekend forecast indeed, dawn. it was a beautiful friday across the area. we saw a lot of cloud cover. the high only made it up to 85 degrees. but our next storm system it's off to the west. that will be headed in our direction for your saturday. look at the temperatures right now. low 70s atlantic city. mid 70s philadelphia. a pair o sevens right now in allentown. temperatures for tonight we're looking at 60s and 70s. patchy fog could level but look
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at tomorrow. future feels like temperatures in the afternoon, 98 philadelphia. 100 in dover. coming up we'll talk much more about the timing of those saturday showers and thunderstorms plus another potential heat wave chris brewing next week. >> all right, scott, thanks. local and federal authorities have arrest add man from syracuse, new york, after they say he drove down to gloucester city, new jersey, to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. 37-year-old steven epaulette tee is in jail tonight. cops say he started chatting online with an undercover officer posing as a young teen. he is charged with attempting to lure a minor. prosecutors in montgomery county have charged a former gymnastics instructor with sexually assault assaulting young girl. 33-year-old daniel herb of hatboro sexually assaulted the girl from the age of eight years until 11 years old he's in jail tonight on half million dollars bail. a judge ordered herb to have no contact with minors under the age of 18. police say they now know who is
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responsible for shooting a 10-year-old girl in north philadelphia. police say two men were arguing last week when gunfire broke out north rosewood street. >> authorities are hoping they can get get the bad guys off the street. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose joining us live from police headquarters. sabina. >> reporter: dawn torque night two arrest warrants put out and the family says these names are familiar to them. >> 10-year-old milan still has the bullet lodged in her flesh after she was caught in the crossfire of a north philly gun fight thursday. police say two men began shooting at each other over an argument as the child and her grandmother walk home from shopping at 6:00 in the evening. milan says the map who shot her lives on the same block of north rosewood street as her family. she carries a -- pain of becoming the victim of a grown up's conflict. >> when i saw he shot me i knew he didn't care.
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and it hurt my feelings. >> reporter: police hunting for these men 23-year-old rich holmes and 25-year-old steven kearny. holmes shot the child out kearny fired out nearby window. the far get was another man who did not fire a gun. her loved ones are shocked and baffled why two neighbors would open fire on a block full of children. >> thank god that she made it. she's one of the kids out of a whole lot of kids that been killed by gun violence. she made it. but she still has the bullet in her. >> reporter: and if you know where these men are, call northwest detectives. coming up at 11:00 what this little girl says the alleged shooter said to her that made her blood run cold. chris? >> wow! scary stuff, sabina thanks. tonight police are hoping surveillance video will lead them to two hotel burglars. it happened back on july 15th at the penrose hotel on 20th and penrose in south philadelphia.
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police say these men got into a man's room stole his laptop, his wallet and other personal belongings. they went into the room several times to steal more items. if you recognize them, please give police a call. well, septa is trying to ease its riders transportation woes by ad adding more rides to warminster and lansdale lines. announcement comes after one third of septa's regional rail cars were taken off the tracks due to a defect. the added trains will run during morning and evening rush hour times. septa changed some times for trains to manayunk and trenton. you can see a full list on city officials are waiting until this weekend to decide when they'll reopen philadelphia's criminal justice center. it remained closed today after a freak elevator accident yesterday. sheriffs deputy sergeant paul owens was inside an elevator car when it crashed through a ceiling. the 50-year-old was critically injured. investigators are still trying to figure out just what went
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wrong. if you need emergency protection from abuse over the weekend, you can go to the center's basement which will remain open. ♪ just released shocking video of a fatal police shooting in chicago. why the footage has police officers under investigation. and tragedy strikes again when not one but two babies are left in the back seat of a hot car. (inaudible). >> what police say their father was doing before he left them in the back seat. and there's some high-tech thieves out there that don't need tools to steal your wheels. which cars they're targeting. one real estate company is trying to take advantage of just how unpopular two presidential candidates are. what they're offering to anyone that doesn't like their choices. ♪
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♪ high tension in chicago after a number of graphic police videos made public today by city officials. they show scenes surrounding a deadly shooting in which an 18-year-old car theft suspect was shot in the back by police. >> it appears the teen suspect was unarmed. now an attorney for the late teen's family is accusing chicago police of taking street
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justice into their own hands. >> reporter: nine graphic chicago police body cam and dashboard cam video made public showing scenes around the deadly police shooting of 18-year-old car theft suspect named paul o'neal. >> if he did steal that car, that is for the courts to deci decide. but instead the police officers decided to be the judge and execute him the way they did. >> reporter: on july 28th, police say o'neal crashed a stolen car into police vehicles then fled into a residential area. weren't videos show police officers shoot tag car careening down the street. another shows police handcuffing he neal mortally wounded shot in the back. police are heard of accusing eye o'neal of shooting at police officers. one officer questioning whether police were shot at.
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>> no gun was found on o'neal or at the scene. 91 of the videos clearly show o'neal being shot. police say that due to one officer' body camera not recording at the time. police say they're looking into why it was not working. >> you need to step down right now. >> shooting videos are now sparking outrage and angry demonstrators blocked news conference friday at chicago police superintendent was set to speak. o'neal's sister is calling for answers. >> it was disturbing. very disturbing. not the way anything supposed to be done. i want everybody to know that paul had goals. >> reporter: at this .3 chicago officers have been stripped of their authority. as an initial investigation they may have violated department policies. the attorney for jailed mob boss joe gee merlino says he'll seek bail next week and take the case to trial. edwin jacobs says he spoke to merlino in federal prison and
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says the 54-year-old wise guy has every intention of fighting the new racketeering charges against him. merlino was arrested yesterday in florida on federal charges with 40 otherings including members of five organized crime families. the indictment contains charges like racketeering, gambling, loan sharking, arson and firearms offenses as well as health care fraud dating back to 2011. >> i've been representing joey since the mid 80s. and every time we think we're out, we get drawn back in as they say. this indictment came out of the blue. i had no hint it was coming. if you read it you see there doesn't appear to be great deal detail or substance to it. he'll anxious to find out what if anything is behind it. it was back in 2011 when merlino first got out of prison on federal racketeering conviction. it's a haven for dogs and their owners alike. a space for pups to stretch their legs in the city.
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but apparently some pet owners, well, they're not following the rules. >> and those who are reading the signs and following the guidelines want everyone to do the same. fox 29's joanne pileggi is live at the schuylkill river dog run along the schuylkill banks. joanne? >> reporter: dawn, chris, there is of course a list of rules for dog owners and their pets at the dog run and in the adjoining park and it appears that some of those rules are being broken and so other dog owners and some residents around here are asking people to do the right thing. it's a happy kind of space and place for dogs and their opene openers. the schuylkill river park dog run. >> it's kept up really well. it's really lovely and nice part of the community. >> reporter: there's a problem of late. some dog owners are breaking the rules at the dog run and adjoining public park. >> you have people who follow the rules and you have those that do let their dogs run around, you know, without leash and possibly not pick up after their pets.
10:18 pm
>> i've also noticed this because the dogs are often let loose on this big play ground which is really designed for people and i've also had my children bitten by dogs who have been let loose before. >> reporter: a elene in a lives nearby. her kids love dogs but some dog owners are not at all responsible. >> i would say clean up after your dog, and follow the rules that are posted all over the park. which is keep them on leash. >> reporter: the didn't take long. we spotted a half dozen unleashed dogs near the dog run and in the park. clearly a violation. >> if people aren't following the rules there's a number to call the park ranger. no i think most of us probably dope do that. maybe we shall. >> reporter: we asked this dog owner why his pet was off leash. >> she's a service animal. she flys on planes with me. i think she can handle being off the leash in a park. but i get it. i get it. like some people don't have dogs
10:19 pm
that are well trained and i can see how that would be a nuisance. >> reporter: elene in a would like to see park rangers enforce the rules. many dog owners say everyone should simply do the right thi thing. >> i think the rules are great if people new to follow them. >> reporter: now the dogs are of course allowed off their leash once they're inside the dog run but when they come outside in the park they're supposed to be on leash. we contacted the department of parks and recreation. they did not call us back. on their website they say that the park regulations are strictly enforced subject to fines. chris? >> joanne, thanks. it is a mess for one mayor. the leader of one virginia town caught up a sex scandal. what he's accused of using to lure possible in. and some good samaritans rush to help after a floor collapses inn saad a fast food restaurant what left one of the employees trapped and badly injured. and we already know texting and driving can get you in some big trouble but if a new law goes into effect in one area you
10:20 pm
can get in trouble for doing a few other things behind the wheel. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. busy concert weekend tonight they're over here on the camden waterfront snoop dog and the gang. tomorrow i love the 90's conce concert. salt and pepper and vanilla ice. to and from new jersey back and forth to the shore this week and you'll have that extra crowd coming over the ben franklin tomorrow night big concert down there at the linc. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ i approve this message.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ poke punch police in michigan say fight between two men over, yes, pokemon go ended with one guy in the hospital and the other guy in jail. police say this man 33-year-old ryan steiner punch add guy who apparently took issue with him
10:24 pm
playing the popular app. it happened yens night in mount clemens, michigan. police say after steiner deck the guy he went into a bar to brag about it and someone called police. 53 year old victim is recovering in the hospital from some serious injuries. steiner is in jail tonight charged with assault. in new york, prosecutors charge a former volunteer firefighter with setting fire to a home of another firefighter. police say this man, matthew, admitted to burning the home of ken walker. walker and he were former fire fighting training classmates. just this monday, walker who is black said he found a letter in his mailbox filled with racist statements and threats to leave the fire department. well, two days later his home was torched. >> he did tell police that he knew who wrote the letter, um, but he did not want to say. so at this point, if it's true that he knows, i think the law enforcement will be trying to
10:25 pm
get that information. >> despite reports of this note police say they do not have motive. authorities are holding him on $50,000 bail. a northern virginia mayor accused of of trying to trade drugs for sex. >> he was busted in an undercover sting operation mayor r. scott silver thrown was arrested last night after a meeting at a hotel. investigators say the mayor used a website to a range sexual end counters with other men who were actually undercover detectives but police say the intention was to exchange drugs for sex. >> silverthorne provided methamphetamine to an undercover fairfax county police detective and was subsequently arrested and charged with that felony offense. >> police say the mayor is exchanged meth for sex at least once before. silverthorne is also a substitute teacher. tragedy strikes again when not one but two babies are left in the back seat of a hot car.
10:26 pm
what police say their father was doing before he left them in the back seat. we all heard the stereotype of police officers liking doughnuts a little bit too much. why these officers were hanging out on the roof of a dunkin' donuts. scott williams tracking your weekend forecast. >> hi there, dawn. it was a pretty nice friday. the high 85 degrees. right now temperatures in the 70s but coming up the timing of some weekend scattered showers and storms. keep it here. .
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♪ raid to bust this guy uncovered a lot more than police expected. gloucester city police arrested 34-year-old george walker on child pornography charges this morning. but as they were searches his house they found 81 guns including high-powered assault rivals. so far walker is only facing charges related to the possession of child pornography but authorities say charges for all those guns are pending.
10:30 pm
tense moments in newark, new jersey, after two people are confronted by a homeless man with beebee gun. it happened this afternoon according to investigators. officers found two people who had gone up on to the roof of a large commercial building to hide from the man. police rescued the two who they say were the new owners of the building and walking through when the man confronted them. police took that person into custody. no word on whether he will be facing charges. heartbreak for georgia mother after the death of her twin 15 month old girls. >> police say the girls were left in a hot car by their father. fox's pat pee pan has more tonight. (inaudible). >> brie he will elisa mother and the worst pain imageable. they lost her twin toddler girls ariel and elena the 15 month old
10:31 pm
sisters died thursday after their father asa north left them in a hot car. >> he's a great father. he just mid a mistake. >> their lives on this earth were short but in that amount of time, they were loved. >> they were amazing. they, um, they smile every day. always happy. always. they never -- >> police say they were called out to this apartment community op tillman drive thursday evening. the girls father asa had apparently found them in the car and ran to neighbors for help. according to the incident report when officers arrived, they found the two girls in a small plastic swimming pool with ice packs police say ariel and elena were not responsive. soon after authorities arrested their father asa north. police say north was not drunk at the time but had been dripping earlier in the day and that could have played roll in the incident. >> heart broken.
10:32 pm
he broke down crying, yes, ma'am. he know he made mistake. >> that was patti penn reporti reporting. asa north i charged with two counts of manslaughter and reckless misconduct. >> this wildfire season in calf confidential one of the most expensive in recent memory and the state is asking washington for financial help. according to cal fire there's been about 4,000 wildfires in california this year. they burned about 350 square miles of land in the drought stricken state the message from the forest service to congress in order to fight these fires there needs to be more crews on the ground and that of course means more money. >> that will keep us from having to rob peter to pay paul to take restoration and management dollars and use them for fire fighting. >> the forest service has spent about 60% of its budget for the year fighting fires and officials say the season is not even at its peak. congress has yet to act on a forest service request to declare the biggest fires
10:33 pm
natural disasters. that would allow them to get additional emergency funding. hillary clinton is keeping the heat on donald trump as he surges ahead in the latest poll. that's even as democratic nominee is doing some explaining of her own. the former secretary of state appeared before reports today in the nation's capitol. >> her republican rival donald trump tried to row gape momentum in iowa and wisconsin. fox's doug mckelway has more from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton using her appearance today before a joint meeting of black and hispanic journalists in washington, d.c. to slam donald trump. referring to him as shameful. >> he stokes division and resentment. >> reporter: clinton who has not held a press conference since december 4th of last year did take few questions today. one of which concerned her assertion to fox news sunday chris wallace that fbi director james colby vowed her truthfulness concerning her private e-mail. something comey denies saying.
10:34 pm
>> hin contrived to clarify. >> chris and wallace were talking past each other. >> justice department decided not to pursue a case against hillary clinton the e-mail scandal continues to dog her campaign. just this week donald trump he releasereleased ad calling hilly clinton miss pac-man. >> trump instead up attacks come as the gop nominee is suffering from a sharp drop in poll numbers a mid drug doubts monday some republicans he's capable of winning election. >> mr. trump is an outsider his relationship with the leadership of the party are not as deep and long as traditional would be with the republican nominee. but not to say he doesn't have good relations. >> i handle pressure. all my life i've handled pressure, and i've been told by so many people that know me under pressure donald, that's when you do the best. >> reporter: donald trump's ties to russian president vladimir putin is the focus of clinton's latest political ads. for his part trump has mocked
10:35 pm
secretary clinton's role in shaping america' foreign poll so calling her leadership a failure n washington, doug mckelway, fox news. >> there are some high-tech car thieves out that don't need your keys or tools to feel your wheels. which cars police say they are target. one real state company is trying to take advantage how unpopular the two presidential candidates are. what they're offering anyone who doesn't like their choices. and we've all third the stereotype about police officers liking doughnuts a little bit too much. why these officers were hanging out on the roof of a dunkin' donuts. ♪
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ it's an event called cops on top and these guys actually sat on top of a dunkin' donuts. police officers in binghamton new york climbed to the new heights all to raise air
10:39 pm
whatness for the special olymp olympic. yearly events gives members of the opportunity an to meet with special olympians and their families as well as make donations to this very important cause. >> in your money night retailers are already thinking fall. apparently the pumpkin craze not going away any tile soon. remember last night we told you about pumpkin cherrios. consumer reports that you can also expect to see pumpkin new tri grains and special k. sales of cereal slumping they're hoping this will help pumpkin spice frosted mini wheats are also expected to hit the shelves if you're a fan of the pumpkin flavored pop tarts, they're also making a come back. all right. well security features in some cars are actually making them vulnerable to theft. these are using laptops to hack inside. in houston texas police arrested to men caught on surveillance video stealing the cars. authorities say the suspects used a laptop to break into jeeps and dodge pickup truck they hacked into the software inside.
10:40 pm
police say the cars were then driven to mexico where they attract big money on the black-market. >> there's a possibility they may not be the only ones that are doing this. but right now we feel that if they are the only ones doing this, with this arrest we should be able to hopefully curb the am of thefts that have been occurring. >> police say dozen of jeeps and dodges were stolen. a couple in st. petersburg, florida thankful for hard hard-working police officers and there and the power of social media. earlier this week police recovered a stolen car. inside that car was a go pro camera that did not belong to the own are in of the car. so police took to facebook sharing a couple photos on that camera asking for the public's help in getting that go pro back to its owners. >> we had the detective who saw that it was kind of a niece piece of equipment. what shame we can get this back to someone especially when they have their faces and that's something that's nice about our facebook page, because we can
10:41 pm
put it on our social media and we reach enough people that sure enough, it got to the right person. >> as for the person who stole the car and presumably the go pro police still have not found them. one real estate company is trying to take advantage of just how unpopular the two presidential candidates are. what they're offering to anyone who doesn't like their choices. and we already know texting and driving can get you in big trouble if a new plan goes into law one part of the area you could get into trouble for doing a few more things behind the wheel. scott will jumps? >> chris, right in you we're getting a break from that oppressive heat but it will build to for part of the weeke weekend. fine out when it could feel close to 100 degrees.
10:42 pm
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already already reached 12,000 people on facebook and listen oh this fun fact. google searches for how to move to canada spiked 350% the night
10:45 pm
of super tuesday. that is when both hillary clinton and donald trump won seven states each. well absolutely terrifying moments inside a texas fast food restaurant when the floor collapses. >> unbelievable. you may fine these details hard to hear. one worker was actually trapped under a deep friar. it happened at this church's chicken in poke county. customers were inside at the time and all of a sudden the floor just gave way trapping several employees. one worker a 26-year-old woman stuck under deep friar. customers were eventually able to pull her to safety. >> she was literally cooking. her body was cooking. >> when i was crossing that wall i can hear her crackling in between the begging and screaming and pleading. >> that woman is in the hospital with third degree burns over 75% of her body she's in critical condition along with two other co-workers. no word on why exactly that
10:46 pm
floor gave way. lawmakers in new jersey have proposed bill that would have police in the garden state cracking down even more on distracted drivers and that means some big fines for something as simple as eating or drinking while you're behind the wheel. >> but not everyone is on board with the plan. fox 29's bill anderson explains why. >> reporter: new jersey involved in a constant battle to crack down on distracted driving. now talking on cell phone or texting is already illegal but it at least one legislative believes that's not enough. >> the bill specifically prohibits a driver from engaging in an activity not related to the motor vehicle operation which would interfere witness safe operation of the vehicle. >> reporter: penalties would be up to $400 for first offense and a license suspension for multiple offenses. that may seem a little severe, but perhaps not when you consider the consequences of distracted driving. >> driving distractions cause over 400,000 injuries each year
10:47 pm
and over 3,000 fatalities. these are injuries and fatality that is are easily preventible. >> reporter: as expected the response from new jersey drivers was mixed and was passionate. >> whenever i'm distracted by coffee or children or music there's always some form of distraction. so it's a decision we each have to make by our open conviction. >> people are still teching and talking on the phone so i don't know if another law would be any good or not truthfully. >> reporter: similar bill new jersey legislature has failed in the past mostly because elected officials couldn't agree on how severe they should be and talking to new jersey drivers that may well be the case again this time. >> you can just change a station on your radio it takes more time than, you know, anything, and anything could be a distract. >> i would say it's a good thing 'cause, you know, even if it's inconvenient for people for a moment or two, if it can save lives, why not? >> reporter: the assemblyman said several of the headlines
10:48 pm
are misleading talking about drinking a cup of coffee behind the wheel of a car or eating would be punishable offenses. he said that is not the case. the point is to get people to pay attention and hopefully save lives. i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> back to your wine weather authority. what is the weekend looking light. >> it's not going to be a complete wash out. we have heat and humidity making a come back, chris, a broken line of scattered showers thunderstorms part of the day tomorrow. ultimate doppler it's dry and quiet right now. we saw a pretty nice day. scattered clouds and also off to the west you can see this is the front that we're watching. it will develop a line of thunderstorms tomorrow especially tomorrow afternoon across the area. so we'll take you hour by hour. saturday morning. mostly cloudy. maybe some areas of patchy fog out there. but primarily a dry start. here's 11am watching that line. north and west. the pocono mountains will see it first moving toward the lehigh valley and watch what happens
10:49 pm
here's 2:00 in the afternoon. most of the action still far north and west. but we'll watch that line as it continues to approach the philadelphia area. i-95 corridor we could see gusty winds, heavy rain maybe even some lightning with this keep an eye to the sky. here's 4:00 in the afternoon. once again, not everyone will see the activity, but you might have to have a backup plan to head up doors. by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 kind of diminishing as it moves down the shore. locations like atlantic city, moving toward cape may, you'll be the last to see that chance for the activity. we'll break the down for you again the lehigh valley, 11:00 to 2:00. on your saturday. philadelphia north and western suburbs 2:00 to 5:00 o'clock as we move toward south jersey, delaware, we're looking at that window of about 5:00 to 8:00 in the evening. temperatures right now, 73 millville. 77 wilmington. 77 in allentown. 60s in the pocono mountains. so for tonight, it's cloudy, it's muggy, that humidity starts
10:50 pm
to increase a little more than what we saw today. 67 in the surbs burbs. 74 degrees in the city. tomorrow 90s for highs. feels like temperatures will be approaching the triple digits. watch how things play out. future feels like temperatures by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon trenton feeling like 97. 96 what it will feel like in wilmington. 97 as we move toward dover. so take it easy in that heat and humidity tomorrow before those showers and storms. what about folks headed down the shore for the weekend? much of the day dry but once again late storms what's left of that cold front that pushes through a land breeze for sunday 86 for the high. the pocono mountains, tomorrow morning we're looking at clouds. some patchy fog out there early showers. 83 for the high. 79 degrees will be the high temperature on sunday. sunday a beautiful day in the pocono mountains that extended weather authority seven day forecast will show the heat and
10:51 pm
humidity back tomorrow. 92 for the high. feels like temperatures mid to upper 90s. this as we move toward sunday, 87 degrees. lower humidity. then temperatures up tick we're looking at 90, tuesday, wednesday and thursday so likely our next heat wave. we'll keep you posted. back over to you. sean? >> scott, doug pederson bringing football back to the way we love it. things getting physical in camp old school, tough football is officially back. doug pederson is absolutely loving it. some big hits coming in practice today. the defense loving it but the offense not so much. doug pederson had to say about all that physical play coming up next in sports.
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♪ eagles already having a more tough and physical camp than they've had in quite awhile. sin the chip kelly area rah because he didn't like tackling in practice. doug pederson not. old school. zach ertz said he hasn't been hit in practice since he was in college. all of this great for the defense 'cause well they get to do the hitting but offense they're not liking it so much. guys have complained about dirty hits from the cornerback going low. a couple of players left practice because of those hits. jordan matthews a knee, zach
10:55 pm
ertz his head. both guys will be fine and the coach well he doesn't plan to change anything of this. >> i just know this. football is contact sport. this is going to happen. it will happen. and whether it happens today or whether it happens thursday night, it's part of the game and i'm -- i'm a big believer you never shy away from contact. i try to get the message across sometimes. we just protect each other. try not to go low in you can't. it's reactionary stuff and you can't fault the players for trying to make plays. >> you know what, get used it to that defense will give people fits all year. jim warts d is flying around. people know schwartz from this stuff chasing down jim harbaugh because he felt disrespected. schwartz always on fire. that's the type of emotions that he always has. that's the type of guy i want to play for and guess what, that's the type of guy they want to play. they're loving it. >> oh, yeah, man, you know, very fiery, passionate, you know, and
10:56 pm
it carries over to his players. you see how, you know, we feed off his energy so you want that as player coming from your coa coach. to the hof. brett favre is most unlikely hall of famer of all time. backup quarterback from southern minnesota nobody knew this. days away from being inshrined in the pro football hall of fame favre can barely believe it. >> i get that i'm -- i'm about to be a member of this exclusive club but it really hasn't sung in yet. i think that says a lot about the magnitude what this is. >> of course, coming at 11:00 i'll talk about all that hate brett favre receives is saluted ridiculous. leave that man alone. he deserves the greatness all of it. >> i still think he can hit.
10:57 pm
>> he just doesn't want to get hit. >> that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. dawn timmeney standing by what's coming up at 11:00, dawn. >> tenure old caught in the crossfire after two men get into an argument in north philadelphia. the chilling words the girl heard from the gunman. plus your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember, your life mega millions drawing is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at


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