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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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community. a family of five found dead in their no what police are cal calling a murder-suicide and what neighbors remember about the family and tracking yet another heat wave. the family and tracking yet another heat wave. your news is next. miss america pagean your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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>> tranl sdi shaking a small berks county town. a family of five, including a toddler and the family's dog. all shot and killed in their home. authorities are calling it a murder-suicide. and tonight, relatives are saying they knew something was wrong when the young mom did not show up for a lunch date. good evening, i'm lucy know land. ian is off tonight. investigators have not said who pulled the trigger but said the couple had domestic issues. neighbors say from the outside they seemed like a happy family. our team coverage kins with steve keelly who is breaking
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down what we know now. >> the swings were not swinging and playground was not played in. under the summer sun, directly behind the family home, where the street and sidewalks were sigh tlent sunday and where police went the day before, 2 p.m., saturday when another family member called to say 3 33-year-old megan short missed a lunch date and was not answering either her home phone or cellphone. after no one answered the door, police forced it on. and once inside, found megan, her husband mark, 40 years old, children leona, 8, mark jr. 5 and daughter willow all in the living room and shot to death and even the family dog dead from a gun shot and a handgun and handwritten note police described as murder-suicide note nearby. authorities said this is parent tragic domestic incident. they were in the news before featured in the "new york times" last summer. their youngest willow was born in 2014 and need aid heart
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transplant after born and got one at one week old. times story a year later was about the fight to get anti-rejection medicine for willow and she wrote publicly about having post-traumatic stress disorder in parents of chronically ill children is not discussed or studied as much as it should be. and sinking springs, steve keely, fox 29 news. >> neighbors in this tight knit community are trying to come to terms with the hard to fathom tragedy. fox 29 brad has been talking with short family neighbors in syncing springs. >> most neighbors here didn't want to speak on camera and some privately told me they are stunned by what happened and outwardly they saw a loving family. one friend who did speak to us seemed to sum up the thoughts of many. >> she is such a wonderful person really is. >> michelle okengdo finds it hard to speak of her in the past tense. >> a very good mom, good mom.
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>> this mother of four donated to help with medical bills after their youngest underwent a heart transplant at children's hospital. thousands have seen their story documented on the facebook page of chop's cardiac center. >> we're finally feeling like were getting used to new norma normal. >> megan seemed happy when she saw her last a few months ago and michelle knows about hardship. her father and brother were murdered years ago and her mother committed suicide and one of her kids is even battling a health issue of her own. >> it's tough. you know, i expressed depression and anxiety i know how it is we have to be strong for our children. >> as for what happened in the short home. >> i could not wrap my head around. it that's a family that had to deal with medical expenses they may have not been able to pay for or needed help. things get overwhelming. you don't know exactly what happened behind those closed doors. >> neighbors understandably don't want to speculate about police reports of domestic issues between megan and mark.
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but what several tell us is, from the outside, they saw a loving couple. >> i hope that one day, we will figure out what exactly happened. >> of course, the investigation here is continuing and at this point police not even confirming who pulled the trigger and we expect to learn more on monday. in sink spring. brad, fox 29 news. >> as it stands details are very much still developing. you'll find breaking news "fox29" and on our web site and on your radar, dry start to the week. live look at wilmington tonight as most of our area hovers right around 80. very pleasant. people are out in rittenhouse enjoying a somewhat cooler evening and these mild temperatures i hope you enjoyed them. they're not going to stick around long. dave warren is tracking change ahead, dave. >> they'll be around tomorrow morning. nice and comfortable. get out and enjoy that nice cool start tomorrow morning and low humidity still not around for long. temperatures in the 7 0s. and 80.
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83 in philadelphia now. key word is dry. getting that nice, cool, northwest wind dropping humidity quite a bit and i high pressure in control of weather again tomorrow. and that northwest wind nice and comfortable but dies down overnight tonight. we could see a few, thin cloud tomorrow morning around and the key is temperature. cooler suburbs and dropping this each hour by tomorrow morning when you wake up you step outside. there's a few 60s maybe even a few 50s around there and let's check in with suburbs south and east. upper 60s. comfortable. sunshine through the high clouds. cooler north and west. allentown 61 and kutztown 61. few suburbs could drop into the autos by tomorrow morning. and right now we look live across philadelphia, 83. dew point below 60. that's nice. you don't like to see that number climb to 70. that's when we talk about the heat and humidity and high heat indexes and they're in the 7 day forecast. i'll show you exactly when, when i come back later. lucy. >> leaving live at the ben
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franklin parkway. you can take dave warren with us through the "fox5" weather app. just search for it in apple and google play stores. >> route 73 winslot township has reopened tonight after a serious crash stopped traffic for nearly 3 hours. police say a car hit a motorcycle with two riders. happened around 2:30 this afternoon and impact sent those people flying. a chopper medevaced them to cooper university hospital evrments doctors expect them to survive. it's still not clear why the car hit the motorcycle. also, at cooper tonight, a man in critical condition. someone shot him and camden just before 3:00 this afternoon and near intersection on ninth street and carl miller boulevard. police are investigating and don't have a suspect or the weapon used at this time. >> to northeast philadelphia where the community came out in big numbers to support the city law enforcement. fox 29 joins us from mayfair where back of the blue rally
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took over the streets. sabina. >> lucy, there was a good amount of people there were speeches and singing and, of course, a lot of blue. >> red, white and lots of blue. through frankford avenue and cottman sunday evening you could not have missed the 100 or so strong rally and to support police officers in this summer heat. >> my husband is in philadelphia and rides the horse and you know i worry about him every day. >> attending the gathering current and retired officers, friend and family members like judy toth a wife for 20 years. >> i stay home and wait, wait to hear, wait to see. >> rallyers wearing tee shirts and wearing american flags hoping to raise morale among law enforcement after a summer of protests, anger and violenc violence. >> i feel they needed community support and they needed to know that there was a lot of good
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people in philadelphia that stand behind them. >> donna denato is retired cop from philadelphia and organized the rally after seeing baton rouge shootings and dallas shootings which total of 8 officers were murdered last month. it comes at heightened tensions and supporters and add kas outraged by deaths of unarmed african americans around the country. protests throughout the city with black lives matter and other civic and church groups call for reform with law enforcement. judy has a simple message for officers she calls her extend family in blue. >> keep doing your job and do it with dignity and honor and keep god in it all the time. >> reporter: now the rally las lasted about four hours. within that time, organizers tell me about 500 people passed through. lucy. >> all right. thank you very much. sabina. right before that big rally the annual bat the blue motorcycle
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ride rumbled through northeast philadelphia. a whole lot of folks came out to wave at the motorcade and support philadelphia police department. >> in southwest philly police are serving for the person or people that shot and killed a man as he was filling up at a gas station. it happened around 2:00 this morning at the bp gas station on 6600 block of essington avenue the 37-year-old man was pumping gas into motorcycle when bullets started flying and hit him in the head. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. so far no arrests. and old city a man is fighting for his life tonight after someone shot him in the head. police say one bullet hit the 27-year-old right around 4 p.m. at front and calohill and police rushed him to hahnemann hospital where he's in critical condition. authorities are not sure why he was targeted but considering robbery a motive. they have not named any suspects. in center city the criminal justice certainly will reopen tomorrow after closing for three days because of an
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elevator accident. sheriff agent is in critical condition after elevator he was riding on on thursday crashed through the concrete ceiling of the elevator shaft. debris fell on to a second elevator hurting the woman inside. doctors treated and released her thursday. both elevators involved are out service. and will continue to be while that investigation continues. a packed store evacuated on busy weekend all because of a pickup. what fell out of the back of that truck that september people scramblingbleing for cover. and a fight between two brothers got out of hand after they ran into a busy parking lot. >> you heard three gunshots and then you heard two more go off. i seen two guys running towards home depot. >> and what police found inside their home that makes this even worse. >> and candy emergency sent two dozen people to the hospital. the packets looked northal, what had even police stunned. >> and hard enough for some
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parents to think about sending their children back to school. one florida town is nervous tonight. why crews spent the day trying to scrub down one elementary days before children walk back to scrub down one elementary days before children walk back through the doors
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the search is on for a person that stole an exotic snake. that's them inside the pet store. someone stole a rare, australian python. the store's owner says this snake needs special care and likely will not survive much longer without it. so they're hoping to get it back asap and detroit police trying to piece together what led to a double shooting outside home depot a woman dead and man injured two brothers got into argument and one shot the area. they lived right across the street from the home depot with the woman who police found shot and dead inside their home. police say these two shootings are indeed connected. we heard three gun shots and then we heard two more go off. i seen two guys running towards home depot and one of them was yelling at other guy. she has young daughter 6 or 7 years old. >> police have one suspect in
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kulingt sdi. beaut few 2016 and both parties presidential nominees on the offense this weekend. trump and clinton campaigns released new attack ads as pol polls show clinton ahead nationally in head to head rac race. fox's leland bitter explains from washington d.c. >> reporter: republicans hitting hard on hillary clinto clinton's statement she short circuit the interview with fox news sunday chris wallace last week while questioned on truthfulness about the fbi investigation into private email server. >> it's one thing to lie and another thing to lie about lying and then friday she gave us perfect explanation her brain apparently short circuited while talking to you. >> clinton running mate responded to controversy this morning. >> i've heard her apologize. i did hear that back and forth and i think chris wallace and hillary were talking past each other last week. she was saying what director
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come acknowledged to be true when she spoke to the fbi and talking to the fbi the fbi thought her answers in that setting were truthful. >> this weekend hillary's campaign respond with attack video highlighting trump's rocky week and iptser party fighting as he faileded to endorse fellow republicans and attacks of family of fallen soldier. two clinton super packs released an ad that will air nationally featuring gold star mother that lost her son to roadside bomb in iraq. >> the sense of emptiness losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life. i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that. trump is expected to unveil his economic plan tomorrow with clinton counter punching on thursday in detroit. and in washington, leland vitter, fox news. >> and in arizona a serial killer on the loose so far shot and killed 7 people at random,
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police think. this is police sketch of the man that they want. and they say he's behind these shootings. most of which happened outside people's homes. all this in phoenix, by the wa way. people in the community are trying to help police bypassing out flyers with the man's description. police say the serial shooter has been involved in nine shootings since march and the most recent was last month. and chaniel powell ntsd no information posted about the crimes and local stores and she decided to take action. >> in our community there may be a lot of families that may not have access to the internet or may not know there's a number they can reach out and call. it's not just powell getting involved. several members of guardian angels started patrolling the area. and jury selection gets underway montgomery county tomorrow with the criminal trial against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. state supreme court denied her report to take up her case. kane leaked secret grand jury material and lied under oath.
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she's not running for second term in office. septa is adding more trains to its warminster and lansdale lines for tomorrow's always busy kit commute and added trains run during evening erin morning rush hours and septa changed trains running manayunk and trenton coming after the agency yanked a third of cars off the track be because of structural defect. you can see a full list of septa new schedule changes "fox29".com. >> as we take a live look at south philly before you head out that door make sure you check in with the traffic authority. find out any delays on the roads or rails. bob kelly has you covered starting early, 4 a.m. a whole lot of love in city of brotherly love. the weather held out for this event called it's all love. outside the municipal services budding in center city. volunteers handed out back to school supplies. served food to yeed philadelphians and gave free hair cuts. >> there's love in philadelphia.
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and good people if you can't find one, be one. here we are giving back with people who have the same vision. we're glad to be a part of something monumental. >> organizers set up tables with educational materials about health and social services available in philadelphia. also, big crowds in northeast philly today for a fun tweingt on volunteering. jewish relief agency hosted a mock olympics to make volunteering a little more interactive and more than 600 people came out to sort, pack and deliver food for 3,000 families in our community. of course, they had food theme games and potential competitions all day. organization served five counties in the philadelphia area. >> and it can be emergency sent two dozen people to the hospital. it looked normal. what had police stumped. and one bride walked down the aisle like he never expected and lost her dad a decade ago. this stranger special connection to her family to
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help make sure her dad was connection to her family to help make sure her dad was still part of her big day.
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>> air walmart evacuated and three rushed to the hospital after thousands of bees swarmed the area. this morning, in oklahoma city, a couple of people tried to transport three separate hives in the back of their pickup. apparently dropped one. each hive has 10,000 bees and those bees immediately swarmed the two people who dropped the hive. firefighter arrived within minutes and sprayed water in the air to distract the bees. as professional beekeepers worked to coral them. >> evidently the two people transferring didn't have suits on such as mine and they got stung multiple times. >> those people are in serious condition tonight and third person also stung is okay. >> planes are flying over parts of miami. hard at work spraying to try to
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control the spread of zika. the pesticide is meant to kill mosquito larva. the number of confirmed cases in miami is holding steady at 16. leaders are trying to assure the public florida is safe. >> in ohio two dozen people at a concert are recovering after overdosing and they all ate candy laced with marijuana. it happened at the week long everyone stands together music festival in butler. that's 60 miles northeast of kol uming bus. police say people tossed out bags of candy yesterday morning and they contained 20 pieces each and had marking of commercial candy brand. concert organizers are now after who did this. >> it's dispointing and regretful actions after i few are trying to disrupt a good-spirited celebration. at this time we're working closely with the local sheriff and police departments to discover the persons
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responsible. >> authorities don't know what exactly was in the candy and rounds of testing show each piece had extremely high dose of thc active ingredient in marijuana. you know it's hard enough for some parents to think about sending their children back to school. one florida town is nervous tonight. why crews spent the day trying to scrub down one elementary days before the kids walked through the door again. and one bride's walk don't aisle like she never expected. she lost her dad a decade ago and this stranger's special connection to her family to make sure her dad was still part of her very big day. meteorologist dave kinchen is tracking the for -- dave warren is tracking the forecast. we have the heat and humidity tractor-trailer and temperatures upper 08s. close to 9 0s. back into the 90s and humidity comes with. it i'll show you in the 7 day comes with. it i'll show you in the 7 day coming up
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>> get ready for another blast of heat. as we look live at reading tonight at a beautiful end to the weekend. it was a great weekend, wasn't it? those temperatures will soar soon. dave warren is track the next possible heat wave ahead. kansas representative scott schwab is asking for privacy as his son died today at the water park in kansas city on a tall water slide built as world's largest. officials are not releasing any details on how he died. but the park is promising a full investigation and it is shut down all of its attractions. >> one driver on a busy bridge helped save a tiny life. she saw something fall out of a truck. at first she did not realize what she saw until she stopped her car to check it out. fox's kelly cowen picks it up from here. >> florida highway patrol, road rangers, st. pete fire.
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a whole team of rescuers on the howard franklin bridge sunday morning to save one little life. >> you could just see the eyes peeping outlooking at me like save me. >> a kitten trapped in the wheel well of a woman's suv after of it was tossed from a truck. >> i saw something kind of black just kind of fall out. so i was not sure what it was and i was thinking to myself, was that just a cat? >> not a cat but a kitten. only a few weeks old. thankfully for the sweet little girl claudeet jewels saw it happen and pulled over on the bridge to help. >> oh, my gosh. this cat will not die on my watch. >> this kitten is lucky. florida highway patrol says someone was tossing cats out of moving vehicles on the howard franklin bridge. in the last three months, six have been found dead on the bridge. and fhp spokesman says they are not sure this case is related. she does not believe this was
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an accident. >> i tried honking my horn and the guy kept ongoing. i'm not sure what it was. it was sad to see something fall out and nobody stop for i it. >> luckily zole did and she's safe and sound under the careful protection of a new foster mommy. >> that's one miracle cat. i've never seen -- they say they have nine lives that poor thing has eight. >> in panella park. fox news. >> awe so happy that worked out. it's hard to believe but the start of school is not far away and one florida town is taking major precautions tonight. two dozen staff members near orlando are sick with noroviru norovirus. cleaning crews spent the day inside that elementary scrubbing it down and the district says no staff will return in they're healthy again. >> amazing story out of western pennsylvania has gone viral tonight. a brides father was part of her wedding even though he pass
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away ten years ago. arthur thomas walked jennie stepian down the aisle and gave her wa way. now thomas is not related to jennie. but the heartbeating inside his chest belongs to her father who was shot and killed in 2006. thomas says he was on death's door and if it was not for her father's heart, he would have died a few days later. she says, it felt like her dad really was there. >> i axe thankful that my dad could be here with us today and in spirit and in piece of his physical being as well. that was really, really special for us. >> what greater honor could a person have than walking the daughter of a man whose given his heart to him, i can't imagine a greater honor. >> now this is the day we needed to smile and this one gave it to us. thomas traveled from new jersey to swiss dale for that ceremon ceremony. wonderful stuff. >> an absolutely wonderful weekend. but, you know, it changes on
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the way, dave. >> you may not smile bit end of the 7 day forecast. heat and humidity is coming ba bam. right now we can enjoy. it nice and comfortable. 80s and 70s seeing the difference between the city and suburbs. you get that when it's clear and calm and dry out. there not much moisture in the area. you like to see dew points into the 50s and lower 60s as opposed to 7 0s. that's when it feels uncomfortable. we're headed for uncomfortable and oppressive range. it will take a few days to get here. that heat will build. temperature, dewpoint, today, nice and comfortable, tomorrow gets closer. but, look, wednesday, thursday, friday, 92 degrees. dew points above 70. so the end of week will be when it feels that i oppressive heat here. you get that high heat and humidity and looks like heat wave temperatures will be above 90 for a number of days. northwest wind today and we're tracking high pressure as it moves overhead and off the coast and that starts to bring
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back some of that moisture. and maybe a little seabreeze tomorrow. look for a few light showers to develop maybe south jersey and in delaware they'll die down after sunset tomorrow night and then the clouds come back on tuesday as moisture begins to work its way back into the are area. if you're down the shore today looking out over the pay that wind coming at you. you don't like to see that. that's land breeze. temperatures nice and hot. there be patient the seabreeze comes back tomorrow. low rip current risk was high earlier in the month and now seeing a drop with the risk and 82, cooler afternoon breeze. that seabreeze is back and nice breeze again continues on tuesday. temperature there of 82. tomorrow, planner will be in the 70s to start the day. mid 80s. upper 80s again close to 90 and nice and comfortable. humidity still low and not bad tomorrow night right around sunset with temperature 75. another heat wave. heat and humidity coming back. by wednesday, above 90.
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heat index climbs to near 100. could be possible heat wave that will string a stretch of maybe about three days of temperatures above 90 degrees. watch for that bit end of the week. you'll see that in the 7 day forecast. nice again tomorrow and we're heating up and humidity is low on tuesday. here it comes, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday we'll put a few storms in here off and on and the stretch of weather with temperatures above 90. lows barely below 80. it's not comfortable in the afternoon. there's relief by sunday with temperatures 76 in the morning and 88 with lower humidity in the afternoon and there are temperatures down the shore. nice comfortable monday and tuesday and getting warmer by wednesday, thursday, and friday, lucy back to you. >> thank you so much, daich. that will do it for fox 29 news at 10. that will do it for fox 29 news at 10. keep it here for sports sunday
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>> tonight on sports sunday, some big news in two sports today. unthinkable happened in the ffl tonight and professional player forced to say good-bye and eagles have many injuries into the first preseason game. there to discuss what that means to players and team what it look for thursday dave means to players and team what it look for thursday dave spadaro joins me coming up.


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