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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 8, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news this morning a violent night, four shootings and double stabbing all in three hours where police are investigating right the now. tragedy in a local community family of five found dead in their home in what police are calling a murder/suicide what neighbors remember about the family. state's top cop heads to court to accusations kathleen kane will answer on corruption, perjury and abuse of power. good day, it is monday august 8th, 2016. chris murphy is back in the building. how are you. >> i'm well, how are you. >> i saw your cute picture of fast bike of your children over weekend. >> i decided to partner up. >> hi sue serio, flew back last night. >> it is perfect. >> we will give you number in just a little bit.
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76 degrees is our current temperature. little bit on the warm side but relative humidity is still down at 64 percent this morning. we will take witt that southeasterly wind at 3 miles an hour. your sunrise is at seven minutes after 6:00 in the morning. those sunrises are getting a little later. we're seeing a few temperatures popping up, in philadelphia a, as we mentioned is 76 degrees. the let's head up to doylestown where it is 66. sixty in hazel ton, 73 in west chester, we will head down to atlantic city at the airport at 68. lewis, delaware at 68. pleasant morning there nothing to show you on radar just a few cloud around this morning, small frontal system to our south, we will talk about that later on and what that has in store. how about 88 degrees, mostly sunny, warmer than average, pretty decent day. we will talk about the changes in the seven day forecast as we try to get through monday, bob kelly. how are you doing.
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>> doing good. it seems like yesterday it was friday and then it is monday, exactly 4:02 on a monday morning. good morning. live look at the schuylkill expressway maybe going to the zoo today with the kid in, problems at all here at inquire regard avenue. we're in good shape one end to the other on the schuylkill. good morning to the 42 freeway. folks coming back from the shore with the sand on your shoe, sun on your nose working your way toward philadelphia light volume. monday mornings we see that extra push, from folks coming right from the the shore in toward philadelphia as we go north and south on 202, a brand new traffic pattern they have finalized all this over weekend. this will be first morning rush hour where folks head northbound with all three lanes opened as you head in toward the malvern interchange. work crews out here along the turnpike between downingtown and valley forge and mass transit looking good so far with no delays. chris and lauren, back over to you. been a violent night in the philadelphia area police are investigating four
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shootings that includes two homicides and a double stabbing. latest happening just after 3:00 this morning. >> fox 29 has learned a 28 year-old man has died after being shot in the face. shooting happened on the 2800 block of south seventh street in south philadelphia a, a weapon was found at that scene no word of any arrests at that time. >> a three three-year old man has died after he was shot in north philadelphia. search is on for shooter, shots rang up on the at 8:45 last night the on the 1700 block of jefferson street. that victim was shot in the head, chest, torso, and shot in the arm. he was taken to hahnemann university hospital where he was pronounced dead just before 10:00 o'clock. police say they have not made any arrests. now to spring garden where police are investigating a double shooting there. this happened at 11:00 on brandywine street. philadelphia a police say a 28 year-old want shot multiple times. three three-year old man also shot once in the leg, both at hahnemann hospital in stable condition. no arrests have been made in that shooting. last shooting happened on wood land avenue just after
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midnight in the elmwood section, philadelphia police tell fox 29 a 31 year-old man was shot in the stomach and he is in critical condition at penn presbyterian hospital no arrests made in that shooting. two women are in the hospital after being stabbed on the 4700 block of north 61st street in west philadelphia. little information about that stabbing has been released but we do know that both, are in stable condition. police are still investigating.
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tragedy shaking a small berks county town a family of five including a toddler and family dog all shot and killed inside their home. investigators are calling it a murder/suicide. on saturday police were called to the home on winding brooke drive-in sinking spring to check on the short family after the mother didn't come to her scheduled lunch date. >> officers say when they got there no one answered the door, so they broke in. though found body of the the mark short and her house back and their three children. a all were shot the to death, as lauren said the dog was also shot to death. investigators say a handgun was found near one of the parents with a handwritten murder/suicide note. megan the mom reportedly struggled publicly with posts, on social media on facebook in particular about having ptsd. willow had a heart transplant for a defect in 2014 and family struggled with getting anti rejection medication for their daughter. d.a.'s office put out a statement saying this is an apparent tragedy domestic incident. >> neighbors in this tight community are trying to come to terms with this hard tragedy. >> fox 29's brad satan has been talking to some of the short family neighbors in sinking spring. >> reporter: most did not want to speak only camera but or stopped by a what happened and outwardly they saw a loving family. one friend who did speak to us, seemed to um is up the thoughts of many. >> she's such a wonderful
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person. she is. >> reporter: michelle, find it hard to talk of her friend megan short in the past sense. >> a very good mom. good mom. >> reporter: this mother of four donated money to the short family to help with their medical bills after their youngest underwent a heart transplant at children's hospital. the thousands has seen their story documented on the facebook page of the chop's cardiac center. >> we're finally doing normal. >> reporter: michelle said megan seemed happy when she saw her last a few months ago and michelle too knows something about hardship. she said her father and brother were murdered years ago, her mother committed suicide and one of her kids is even battling a health issue of her own. >> it is tough, you know, i experienced depression, anxiety from it, i know how it is but we have to be strong as parents for our children. >> reporter: as for what happened inside short's home. >> i could not wrap my head and it. that is a a family that had to deal with medical expenses they may not be able to pay for or may have needed help, things get overwhelming.
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you don't know exactly what happened behind those closed doors. >> reporter: neighbors here understandably don't want to speculate about police reports of domestic issues between megan and her husband mark but what several tell us from the outside they saw a loving couple. >> i hope that one day we will figure out what exactly happened. >> reporter: of course, investigation is continuing, a at the this point police not even confirming who pulled the trigger n sinking spring, brad satan fox 29 news. details are still developing and we are expecting to learn a lot more surrounding this case today. you'll find breaking news here on fox 29 as well as on our web site at fox this morning jury selection gets underway in the montgomery county courtroom in the trial for kathleen kane. >> pennsylvania's attorney jennies answering to accusations of corruption, perjury, a and abuse of power. dave kinchen on this now live in norristown where proceedings for get underway at 9:00 this morning, is that right dave. >> reporter: good morning chris and dave. 9:00 o'clock is when jury selection will begin here at montgomery county courthouse after pa's highest court
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decide not to intervene in the case against attorney general kathleen kane. kane wanted the court that the grand injury that i investigated her was unconstitutional. first female attorney general in the commonwealth's industry is accused of leaking secret grand jury information and lying bit under oath. attorney for kane said lawyer who served as a special prosecutor and ran the grand injury difficult not has a authority to act as a prosecutor. meantime this trial will see ka pa begins two former aid. this comes after a rough four years in office marred by pornographic e-mail scandal, and also political squabbles. you will recall kane was strip of her law license over felony arrest and was accused by an ethic board of egregious conduct. she has kept working in her pennsylvania though. he did not seek reelection. as we come back live, jury selection set to begin at 9:00 . back to you. >> thanks, dave.
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breaking news out of pakistan a bomb has exploded outside of a hospital, and 42 people have been killed. dozens of people injured. this happened in the southwestern city and no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. at the time of the explosion officials say nearly 100 lawyers and others gathered a at the hospital, the body of a prominent lawyer who was killed in an early shooting was being kept there we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. in southwest philadelphia police are searching for person of people who shot and killed a man as he was pulling up at a gas station this happened around 2:00 o'clock yesterday morning at bp gas station on the 6600 block of essington avenue. police say the 37 year-old man was pumping gas in the motorcycle when bullets started to fly, one of them hit him in the head. medics pronounced him dead at the scene and so far no arrests. here in olde city a man is fighting for his life after someone shot him in the head. one bullet hit the 27 year-old around 4:00 a.m. yesterday at the front and callowhill? police rush him to hahnemann
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university hospital where he is in critical condition. authorities not sure why someone targeted this man but they are considering robbery as a motive, police have not named any suspects. in center city criminal justice center area will reopen after close fog three days because of an elevator accident. sheriff's sergeant is in critical condition at the elevator he was riding on on thursday crashed through the concrete ceiling of the elevator shaft. debris fell on the second elevator hurting a woman inside. doctors treated and released her thursday. both elevators, are out of services now, while the investigation, continues. johnson and johnson heading back to court. hearings start in the first of hundreds of new jersey trials, linking the company's use of tall couple powder to cancer. earlier johnson and johnson was ordered to pay 72 million-dollar to the family of the woman who died of ovarian cancer. doctors say it was one link to her use of baby powder and shower to shower for dozens of years.
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new jersey is the third state to try the cancer cases. delaware taking new measures to stop the zika virus. state officials announced medicaid recipients can get coverage for over the counter mosquito repellants. medicare center and medicaid services allowed states to cover mosquito repellants which prescribed for an authorized health professional. it move comes after multiple people were infect by the virus in my aim. veterans and others in new jersey are waiting on governor christie to decide if they will treat their ptsd with marijuana lawmakers sent the bill to christie's december thank allows marijuana to be used to treat for ptsd. if he does new jersey would be the 18th state to how medical marijuana to be used in that manner. after the break, some relief for septa riders, septa adding more trains back to the tracks, where morale cars will be running for today's busy commute. if you haven't noticed the olympics are underway. and there is a swimmer named
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michael phelps. >> would you believe he has another gold medal. >> no.
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raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ a little john mayor on a monday morning. as we look at tranquil philadelphia international airport. nothing much happening yet but they are getting ready for a busy monday morning. weekend is over. here we are.
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we have high pressure in control of our weather just like it was pretty much all weekend and it is way up around the great lakes, so, we have another day of it, probably tomorrow before we see this system to our south, get on the move and start to move northward which will bring us back with heat and humidity because when it moves northward this will be a warm front. just so you know what is going on as we look at radar as we put satellite picture in there too quite a few cloud around this morning. it didn't get as cool as it could have overnight. 76 degrees in philadelphia 69 in lancaster. comfortable 60 in mount pocono. twenty-seven in wildwood, dover and millville this morning. a little bit on the muggy side from our dew point temperatures are missing here on this map but we have 68 at dew point in dover and that gets a little bit in the muggy range as we look at our measure of moisture and we expect humidity to increase as the week goes on. so today, dew points in the 60's. tomorrow we could hit 90. dew points in the 60's but
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once we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, it is going to be sticky. we are looking at our preliminary seven day forecast with upper 80's today close to 90 tomorrow and then, possibility of a heat wave, coming by the time we will get into the weekend with temperatures in the 90's at least three of those days in that seven day forecast, so today is still pretty good, and it will get very muggy, sticky and we remember what that feels like by the end of the week. bob kelly. good morning, happy monday, 4:16 on this early monday morning, back at it, back from the shore, back from the shore and pool we are in good shape from the blue route no problems at all between norristown all the way in toward, and down i-95 for folks coming back from the poconos after the weekend. we are good to go there. no problems on the ben franklin bridge. we had an earlier opening on tacony palmyra and burlington bristol. those bridges are back to normal and we are good to go
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for the morning. market frankford broad street subway still using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock. once those trains kick in every 20810 minutes on the market frank for line and subway. we have free parking down here at the novacare complex and frankford transportation center. i know septa a maid some adjustments to its regional rails. we will tell but that coming up in just a couple of minutes no problems for the gang coming out of the bucks county, north jersey looking good coming down 295 and that new jersey turnpike, and it was a good weekend to fly no problems yesterday, and it looks like we will be in good shape this morning, at the moment, philadelphia international not reporting any delays on arrivals or departures, chris and lauren, back to you. >> this is what bob speaks. septa is adding more trains to the warminster and lansdale lines for today's busy commute. added trains will run during morning and evening rush hours. septa changed some of the times for the trains, running today, in trenton. the announcement comes after the agency yanked a third of its cars off the tracks because of structural defects,
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by the way, septa's new schedule changes are on our web site at fox 4:18. pain at the pump is getting lighter. the right now national average for gallon of gasoline is $2.12, that is 57 cents less than one year ago. according to gas to fill up your tank in philadelphia, it will fill -- it will company cost you more than. new jersey remains below national average at 1.90 a gallon. officials warning of potentially deadly doses on have heroin making round in south jersey. over the weekend narcan treatments were reused to revive three people who used heroin stamped with the name red snow man or super star. prosecutors say doses of heroin marked with those names can be turned over to police departments in gloucester count which no repercussions. a man is in critical condition following a shooting in camden. someone shot him just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon this happened near intersection of the ninth street and karl miller boulevard. police are investigating but don't have a suspect or a
4:19 am
weapon used at this time. 4:19. in arizona a serial killer remains on the loose, so far, police believe he has shot and killed seven people. and at random. all right. this is a police sketch of the man phoenix police say is behind the shootings. most of which have happened outside of peoples home. people in the community are trying to help police bypassing out flyers with that man's description and the sketch you just saw, police say the serial shooter has been involved in nine shootings since march, the most recent was last month. and kansas city a watermark remains closed after a ten year-old boy had died on the world's tallest water slide. investigators are trying to figure out what happened at the water park yesterday afternoon, the water slide drops riders in rafts almost 170 feet at 65 miles an hour. riders must be 14, and at least, 54 inches tall, the bye who died is youngest son of the kansas state representative scott swab. is there a new round of
4:20 am
attack ads in the presidential race, donald trump on the offensive challenging hillary clinton's statements about the fbi investigation into her private e-mail server and clinton trying to clarify her statements. >> so i may have short circuited and for that, i, you know, will try to clarify. >> two clinton super packs are featuring a gold star mother who lost her son to the roadside bomb in iraq. clinton's campaign running an attack ad highlighting trump's rocky week. >> she took a little short circuit in the brain and she has got problems. if we had real people this would be a real problem for her but i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that is going to short circuit up here. >> trump is expect to unveil his economic plan today, clinton will counter pun watch a major economic speech on
4:21 am
thursday, in detroit. yes, okay. do you want to talk olympics. >> yes. >> big win in the water for team u.s.a. who is adding another gold to his trophy collection, after successful splash in the pool. >> well, splash, there is a hint right there. >> embarrassment for nfl, why the first game of the 2016 season, had to be cancelled? >> what? >> um-hmm. >> but first your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. good morning i'm sean bell. phillies balling, out west, after taking two out of three with the giants at home they went out to san diego and did the same, thing. odubel herrera has been absolutely horrible when it comes to base running. he decided i will just go yard and not worry about that at all. phillies take an early lead. now to the sixth, look at this, you want to take away a home run lets see if he is hot? you have got some hop but just not enough to rob that home run but that is okay, because who has had his back? tommy joseph. he singles right up middle for go ahead run, so the phillies
4:25 am
win, six-five. they take two out of three from the padres. to the hall of fame game, nfl had one job to do just one and they could not get it done. game was cancelled due to bad field conditions. they said they used the wrong paint? what is going on. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. so that is why they should make every surface just natural grass is what i'm saying. they used the wrong paint? what is that all about? come on. 4:25. >> let's talk about the olympic. what a night for team u.s.a. >> the most decorated olympian adding another gold to his collection. of course we're talking about michael phelps. thirty-one year-old who quit the sport after 2012 games, in london. he was back in rio as team u.s.a. cruised to victory from the four by 100-meter free style. phelps has now 23 medals, 19 of which are gold and
4:26 am
extending his record as the most decorated olympian of all time. it was second goal of the night for u.s. after katie le decky had a gold medal in the 400-meter, free style. >> i was trying to stay up so late to watch and when i saw it was 9:44 and i had to go to bed but every time they cutaway to him he had his head phones on, and in a zone and makes you wonder what he is he listening to. >> when i was a kid there was a guy named mark spits wow just filet through water. in the old days you had camera underneath. you didn't see, which guy is in what lane and just a bunch of splashing. now you can watch all of it. >> then they put the graphics that you know, who is in which lane which helps you. >> so much better. >> easy to watch. >> next up a big rally in northeast philadelphia, how community came together in big numbers to support the law enforcement the community. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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4:30 am
pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane about to get underway, what is expect to happen in court today. good day everyone it is august 8th, in the year 2016. i hope on august 7th as sun you got outside because it was beautiful last night. >> last night i took a stroll before bed about 30 minutes. loan. >> and walk up in the northern liberties second street festival. >> okay. >> people were every where, food trucks, vendors. >> did you get mugged, i watched every morning. >> that happens to sue every time. >> i know i have been out with sue. >> so i'm told. >> i have been around a long time, and hey, 8:00 plus eight equals 16. it is my mother's birthday. >> happy birthday nancy. >> yes, fancy nancy she's having her birthday today. it is a nine out of ten for you mom even though she's not watching. she's in baltimore. it is okay. 76 degrees. 76 percent relative humidity.
4:31 am
6:07 is your sunrise and temperatures are mostly in the 60's and 07's as we get started this morning. the let's take you through the day. we have a few clouds this morning but still a comfortable start. sunset time is 8:06. at least it is still after 8:00 when we will get that sunset. mostly sunny skies for rest of the day. we will get in the upper 80's. still not excessively humid just yet but we have more heat and more humidity as we go through the middle and approach the middle of the month, coming up in that seven day forecast. the here's bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning. let's start off with airport news, tweets and texts going out here delta airlines has all computer systems that are down. that is response, message that they are sending out to folks asking what is going on, what is going on. if you fly delta i would check with the airline before you head down there. market frankford line uses shuttle buses until 5:00 with
4:32 am
that broad street subway line. once trains get rolling they will run every eight to ten minutes, free parking at frankford transportation center as well as the novacare complex and septa's regional rails are service adjustments on the following four lines, good news that is three new trains have been added to the warminster line for the morning rush hour, so you can check with septa's new schedule on our web site at fox chris and lauren back to you. it has been a violent night in the philadelphia area. >> police are investigating four shootings, including two homicides and there is a double stabbing, latest happening in south philadelphia. >> a 18 year-old man has died after being shot in the face that shooting happened in the 2800 block of south seventh street. a weapon was found at that scene but no word of any arrests at that time. a three three-year old man has died after he was shot in north philadelphia, now search is on to that shooter. shots rang out around 8:45 last night on the 1700 block of jefferson street that
4:33 am
victim was shot in the head, chest, torso, arm, and was taken to hahnemann hospital where he was pronounced dead just before 10:00 o'clock. police say they have not made any arrests. now to spring garden where police are investigating a double shooting there. this happened at 11:00 o'clock on brandywine street. fail police say a 28 year-old was shot multiple times. a three three-year old was also shot once in his leg and both victims are at hahnemann hospital in stable condition. no arrests made in that shutting. >> last shooting happened in wood happened avenue just after midnight in the city's elmwood section. philadelphia police say it involves a carjacker. the 391 year-old man was shot in the stomach. he is in critical condition at penn presbyterian. two women are in the hospital this morning after being stabbed, this happened in the 4700 block of north 61st street in west philadelphia. little information about that stabbing has been released but you we do know that both women are stable, and right now police are investigating what led to that stabbings. a weekend tragedy leaving neighbors in shock, when
4:34 am
police found an entire family killed inside a berks county home. >> this is so sad because it involves little kid. investigators are calling this an apparent murder/suicide. jennifer joyce has more details, jennifer, good morning. >> good morning chris and lauren. a all five family members and the family dog found inside of the living room of the home on saturday, and the district attorney's office appear here in berks county is investigate to go find out more details. investigators showed up to the sinking springs home after a relative called police asking for a welfare check over the weekend. the person told officers that the three three-year old megan short failed to show up for a lunch date and she was concern. when police entered the home they found all five family members dead, 40 year-old mark short, mom megan and three children eight year-old le anna5 year-old mark junior and two-year old willow. willow especially was well known in the community and behind, was born with the congenital heart defect and
4:35 am
underwent a heart transplant at just days old. the short family situation garnered a lot of support through fundraisers, and facebook as the family work through these major medical hurdles. district attorney's office said the family was dealing with domestic issues. mom megan talk openly on social media about ptsd related to her baby's medical condition. yesterday we talk to a family friend who said she last saw megan two months ago and she seemed okay but understands the family has been dealing with a lot of stress. >> that is a family that had to deal with medical expenses that they may not have been able to pay for and may have needed help. things get overwhelming. we do not necessity exactly what happened behind closed doors. >> reporter: d.a.'s office says it found what appears to be a murder suicide note left behind. up investigators found a gun lying next to one of the adults but they have not said which one pulled the trigger at this point, we are expecting to learn more later today, lauren and chris.
4:36 am
>> such a sad case, and of course, short family challenge in getting medication for young willow was highlighted in the new york times as well. 45:00. jury selection gets underway in montgomery county courtroom in the trial for kathleen kane. >> pennsylvania's attorney jennies answering accusations of corruption, perjury and abuse of power. dave, anything else she's facing. >> reporter: well, there is a lot of charges here if this term wind down at the end of tumultuous four years here we can tell you that jury selection will start at 9:00 a.m. here at montgomery county courthouse after pa's highest court decided not to intervene in the case against the attorney general here. kane was in court to look at her claim that the grand jury investigated her unconstitutionally, she was first female attorney general in the commonwealth's history and accused of leaking secret grand jury information and lying bit under oath. attorney for kane says lawyer who served as special prosecutors and ran the grand jury did not have the authority to act as the
4:37 am
prosecutor. meantime this trial will see kane up a begins former allies and two former aid. trial comes at the end of the rough four years marred by pornographic e-mail scandal and political struggles. you will recall k a ane was strip of her law license, and accused by ethics board of egregious conduct but she kept working through her position and will not seek reelection. jury selection at 9:00 o'clock this morning, back to you. of course, all eyes on norristown this morning at 9:00. dave, thank you. strahl ahead a big change is set to kick in for tobacco industry. how f.d.a. hopes new regulations will crackdown on the number of kid, smoking.
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new federal regulations are just about to kick in for the tobacco industry. starting to day f.d.a. tobacco products regulations will extend to include all e cigarettes, cigars, and that hookuah stuff. and all sales have of these products, to minors bill, be prohibited do we need to say that? the f.d.a. says it does not expect to impact adults but goal, to crackdown on the number of kid smoking. we have a huge public health problems with kids use of e cigarettes, hookah and cigars. kid use of e cigarettes has gone up over 900 percent in the last five years. more teenage boys light up a
4:41 am
cigar every day then light up a cigarette. >> before this rule there was in federal law prohibiting retailers from selling e cigarettes or cigars to people under 18. starting wednesday public will get a chance to get a rare opportunity to look inside new mormon temple. there will be free tours. temple is located at 17th and vine streets. regional membership in the church of ladder day saint has grown to over 40,000 and this is the first temple in pennsylvania. after tours end on september 9th, only members will be allowed inside, you can secure your spot with the free ticket on mormon a cruise line company just stopped plans to refurbish historic fss you had. >> it is still dock in south philadelphia, six months ago, crystal clear, it was hoping to convert tonight to a luxury liner. now the company says is there just too many technical and commercial challenges to make that happen. instead crystal cruises says it will make a 350 you this dollars donation to the u.s.s.
4:42 am
united states conservancy, it will also consider other uses for that vessel which still holds the transatlantic speed record. >> man, we should do something with that. still ahead a big rally in northeast philadelphia how the community came out in big numbers to support the cities law enforcement community.
4:43 am
4:44 am
take a look at this, in mexico, 39 people have died and two mountainous area north
4:45 am
of puebla state as a result of the mud slide which triggered from hurricane earl. transportation officials closed off a section of the main highway connecting mexico city to that region this he say area has gotten a months worth of rain in just 24 hours, meanwhile, officials now preparing for tropical storm javier which has formed off of mexico's pacific coast. pronounce that right. >> javier, yes, that is right. sue serio, good morning. >> that is the problem with the hurricane. we make a big deal with the wind but it is usually the rain with the remnants of the storm like that that cause a lot of problems that we just saw. for us here no rain in the forecast. we have to go down to north carolina to find some rain. we have cloud cover around but looking in the future cast the rest of the day, looks okay. you'll see a few clouds but it will be a nice day. tomorrow gets a little more humid, it is not until wednesday, possibly in the morning, that we will get some rain rolling in with the warm
4:46 am
front from south to north. that gives us unsettled weather on wednesday, possibly, late in the day on thursday. so, stay tuned for the rest of that, future cast. 76 degrees in philadelphia right now. a nice, cool 59 in mount pocono. 64 degrees in reading. seventy-two in wildwood. sixty-eight atlantic city. if it is not cloudy, it got cooler last night. to points are in the 60's still but that is still not bad. we are in the muggy range but appropriately so, for august, the humidity will be returning as dew points inch up, by wednesday, we're starting to see more heat and humidity and possibility of some rain. average high is 86 degrees. we had a 91 on saturday, close to 90, 89 yesterday and will be close to 90 again today. we will not make it until 88 today. it could get to 90 tomorrow. it will be a little more humid tomorrow. as we mentioned on wednesday the possibility of some showers and thunderstorms, and
4:47 am
some sunshine in between and it looks like we also have the possibility of a heat wave, first one for the month of august that could begin on thursday, wednesday or thursday, and extend into part of the weekend. so, 90's are coming back, bob kelly. >> got to love the 90's. 4:47. lets begin with an accident on the blue route, excuse me, i-95 at the blue route. lets look live, to i-95, northbound, right here at the ramps for 476, as it is just pass that had ramp for only the left lane gets by. the accident is right here at that curve, as soup as you pass the ramps. so this is i-95 north bound at the 476. we just got confirmation delta airlines says that all of their computer systems are down this morning and as of right now all delta airlines flights are grounded. so be prepared this could cause huge delays, worldwide throughout the day. service an ad justments on septa's regional rail lines.
4:48 am
we have made adjustments with the new trains that were added and based upon the last couple of weeks travel history, lansdale doylestown line, trenton line, manayunk norristown line, they have adjusted services on those three lines. warminster line has made adjustments and added three trains for the morning rush hour. go to septa's web site or our web site at fox 29 to the come so you have the up to date, schedule, for this morning. all of the lines other than those four are running as they have been for the past couple of weeks. market frank for line uses shuttle buses, as well as broad street subway and once 5:00 o'clock hits trains will run every eight to ten minutes with parking down there at the novacare complex as well as the frankford transportation center. chris and lauren back over to you. in northeast philadelphia a where the community came out in big numbers to support the cities law enforcement community. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose has more from mayfair where the back the blue rally took
4:49 am
over the streets. >> reporter: worldwide and lots have blue, we drove through frankford avenue and cottman sunday evening to the hundred or so strong rally, the support for police officers, taking place in the summer heat. >> my husband is part of the philadelphia mounted unit. he rides a horse. you know, i worry about him every day. >> reporter: attending the gathering, retired officers, friend, family members, a wife for 26 years. >> i stay home and i just wait, wait here, wait to see. >> reporter: ralliers wearing t-shirts and waving american flags hoping to raise moral, for law enforcement after a summer of protests, anger and violence. >> i feel lake they need the community support and they need it to know that there is a lot of good people in philadelphia that stan behind them. >> reporter: donna is a retired cop from the 22nd district in philadelphia a. she organize the rally after coverage of the dallas and
4:50 am
baton rouge shooting, when eight police officers were murdered last month. it comes at a time of heightened attention as supporters of police and people are outraged by police involved deaths. unarmed african americans around the country. this year black lives matter and other civic and church groups calling for systematic reform in law enforcement they have a single message for office their she called her extended family in blue. >> keep doing your job and do it with dignity, honor, and keep god in all the time. >> reporter: is a wean a kuriakose, fox 29 news. right before the big rally the annual back to the black motorcycle ride rumbled through northeast philadelphia many people came out to wave at the motorcade and support philadelphia's police department. a whole lot of love in our city, weather held out for this event called it is all love outside municipal services building that thinks center city. volunteers handed out back to
4:51 am
school supplies, served food to needy philadelphians and even gave free haircuts. >> there is love in philadelphia, and you know, good people, you cannot find one, be one. so we are giving back to people who the same vision. we're rust glad to be part of something that is monumental. >> organizers also set up tables, with educational materials about health and social services available in philadelphia. and big crowd were out in northeast philadelphia for a fun twist on volunteering. >> the jewish relief agency hosted a mock olympics to make volunteering more interactive. american 600 people came out to sort, pack, deliver, food for 3,000 families, in our community. well, of course, they had food theme games and competitions all day. they served five counties in the philadelphia area. 4:51. one bride's walk down the aisle like she never expected, she lost her dad a decade ago and this stranger's special
4:52 am
connection to her family that helped make sure her dad was still part of her big day. introducing new olay eyes.
4:53 am
a collection for the look of every eye concern. lift depuff brighten smooth or ultimately all of it. eyes express every emotion, not your age. new olay eyes. ageless.
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4:54 is the time. we're all over this breaking story, delta airlines evidently having a huge
4:55 am
computer issue all flights grounded worldwide right now due to the computer problems they are having. we are getting more information as this story develops from philadelphia international airport and all over the world. >> amazing story out of western pennsylvania has been making round on line, bride's father, who was part of her wedding even though he passed away ten years ago. >> ask youd how that can happen. arthur walked jenny stepian down the aisle. arthur is not related to jenny but heartbeating inside of his chest belongs to jenny's father who was shot and killed in 2006. thomas says he was on death's door and if it had in the been for her father's heart, he would have died a few days later. stepian says it felt like her dad was right the there with her on her big day. >> i was just so thankful that my dad could be here with us today in spirit and a piece have his physical being as well and that was really special for us. >> what greater honor could
4:56 am
after person have in walking a daughter of a man who has given his heart to him, i cannot imagine a greater honor. >> thomas traveled from new jersey to swissdale for that ceremony. next up at 5:00 is there a new round of attack ads in the presidential race. why don't old trump is getting on the defensive. and plus a tragic discovery shocked a local community a family of five dead in their home in what police call a murder suicide. clues coming to light right now. we are taking a live look at our airport camera. bob kelly will have more on the air traffic troubles after the break. i love you so much.
4:57 am
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we had a violent night, four shootings, a carjacking and double stabbing all in three hearst where police are investigating right now. plus a tragedy a family of five found dead in their home in what police are calling a murder suicide what neighbors remember about this family of five. state's top cop heads to court, allegations kathleen kane will answer on corruption, perjury and boost of power. >> it is august 8th, 2016. >> we have some breaking traffic news, so lets toss it over to bob kelly for a look at the what is going on, hi there, bob. >> not so much on the roads but in the air. delta airlines says that their computer systems are down and all flights are grounded, as
5:00 am
of this moment, across the country and worldwide, so this will have a come minute necessity effect for air travel whether or not you are flying from delta this morning. obviously folks will be scrambling trying to get alternate flights. this happened about a hour ago, we started to see folks tweeting delta hey what is going on. board are dark, airline, planes are not moving. delta responded saying they were having computer problems and now all systems are down and all flights are grounded for just delta airlines. if you are traveling delta this morning you may want to try and check with them, if computer has been down there has been nothing on twit error facebook pages. if the computer systems are down that could be impacting their social media probably phone lines will be jammed as well. my suggestion if you are traveling delta this morning, hook up with one of the other airlines to be on the move this morning. northbound i-95, getting to the airport we have an accident right at the blue route, right here


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