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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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one day we will figure out exactly what happened. a family of five, including three kids, found dead in what police say is a murder suicide. the clue investigators found at the scene that could provide some answers to what led to the tragedy. water slide terror, ten year-old boy is dead after a horrific accident on the world's tallest water slide. what we are learning about the history of the ride. and it is every kid's least favorite phrase, time to go back to school. that time of the year is quickly approaching from clothes to lockers how you can get your children ready for their first day of school. but at 7:00 o'clock on monday august 8th we will get back to the breaking news at delta airlines. chris, i'm seeing pictures on twitter of the long lines happening in airports because it is shut down. >> not just airports like philadelphia international, this is a worldwide shut down. >> yeah, computer glitch, it happened at 4:00 this morning,
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a computer systems down, worldwide for delta airlines and all flights around the world are grounded, no departures at any of the airports around the world. there are a number of flights already in the air when this happened, those flights are okay, they will continue to their destination, and some, the latest that we have is a that we have looking at delta's web site, we have had no information, delta's twitter page had no information. we fund one twitter handle, delta news hub which does seem to be hand by an actual person and they are putting out some alerts but there are a alerts basically just saying that our systems are down, check with the airline and hanging tight. one said fingers crossed and there is a lot of frustrated passengers down at the airport. lets go to lauren johnson down there at philly international. what are you seeing on the tote board there as far as the arrival and departure times.
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>> reporter: so here's the deal, bob. i can tell you this right new looking up at the board george, can you show the board all of the flights are listed as on time here at the airport. also right here behind me people able to check in at kiosks. initially there was trouble checking in. you could not get it done. now people are allowed to check in at kiosk. this is the line not too long considering what is going on with dealt a the lines are relatively short here. people are still allowed to check in. you can check your bags but is there a ground stop on all flights here, at philly international airport. people still not allowed to fly but they are allowed to check in which is why we are seeing lines so short here but i'm sure it its backed up at the the gates. we will check the boards, bob and if you walk up to the airport you have no idea what is going on but you can still catch your flight on time but that is not what is happening past tsa and security and get back to the gate. we are trying to get more information and pass it as
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soon as we get it. >> that is so frustrating because they will not be flying on time. it depend upon the flights scheduled in various airports. delta may only have one or two flights out of philadelphia this morning, but there are other airports. we had a sister station cameras up there in newark, the line was super long and then again checking in is one thing but flights are not being permitted to take off. all flights grounded with the computer systems. i will give you a tip, if you are scheduled to fly out of philly international on another airline i would get on line and confirm your ticket because i guarantee you that there been delta airline passengers ready to scoop up any of the non-confirmed seats to try to get out of town. this will be here not just here in philadelphia but worldwide. so flights, that are, as lauren just showed us scheduled for on time later object at 10:00 o'clock that flight doesn't take off, it is
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certainly not going to be here on time. right now no flights are taking off worldwide, for delta airlines this morning. now, your normal delays on the the schuylkill with some sun glare 95, not that bad. we have an accident at girard and frankford and sue, we have another heat wave in a couple days, right. >> right, we have a couple more days where we can still go outside without being oppressively humid. we will give today a nine out of ten. little cloudy at times but temperatures in the 60's and 07's. bus stop buddy says wear that sun screen today because it will be a day where you will want to be outside. 88 degrees. mostly sunny. nice and warm. tonight we are down to 70. that takes care of today, and chris and alex, it is august 8th, so it is going to be will 88 degrees. >> it all makes sense, sue. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up at seven will 05 an entire berks county family is found dead in their home in what officials are calling a
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murder/suicide. >> investigators revealing they may have had domestic issues, while caring for a sick child. jennifer joyce live in reading with what we know so far, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we did know there were some issues between husband and wife but what led to the killing of each other and three children and family dog, that is still unclear. we are live outside berks county district attorney's office investigating this case. we do know that police were called to the sinking spring home over the weekend after a relative called police asking for a welfare check. person told officers that the the three three-year old megan short failed to show up for a lunch date and she was concern. when police entered the home they found all five family members dead, mom, megan three children leana, mark junior and two-year old willow. willow was well known in this community, the toddler was born with the congenital heart defect and underwent a heart transplant at just days old.
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the short family situation again order lot of support through fundraisers, and facebook, as the family work through major medical hurt also. the district attorney's office says the family was dealing... >> i experienced depression, anxiety. i necessity how it is. we have to be strong as parents for our children. that is a family that had to deal with medical expenses that they may not have been able to pay for. they may have needed help. things get overwhelming. you just do not know what happened behind those closed doors. >> reporter: d.a.'s office found what appears to be a murder suicide note left behind. investigators found a gun lying next to one of the adults. they would not say which a dult. they are not giving any indication as to which parent may have fired the weapon. alex? >> so sad, especially when you see pictures of the family. >> innocent little kids and the dog. violence erupts in the fail area. let's begin with the deadly shooting in southwest philadelphia. police investigating a shooting and carjacking there. this happened after midnight
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on wood land avenue. police say two men shot a 31 year-old man multiple times and then took off in his car. the victim's car was found a short time later just blocks from the shooting. right now police are looking for those two men. victim was taken to penn presbyterian hospital in critical condition. for another deadly shooting this one in north philadelphia, a a three three-year old man is dead after being shot the in the 1700 block of jefferson street. it happened just before 9:00 last night, that victim was shot in the head, these, torso and arm. they have not made any arrests. no to northern lint where investigating a double shooting there philadelphia police say a 28 year-old was shot multiple times. a three three-year old man was also shot once in the leg. the these victims are at hahnemann happen in stable condition. no arrests have been made this morning. well, coming up at 7:08 this morning jury selection gets underway in the montgomery county courtroom in the trial for kathleen kane. >> pennsylvania's attorney jennies answering to
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accusations of corruption, perjury and abuse of power. dave kinchen is on this in norristown where proceedings are set to begin in less than two hours today, dave? >> reporter: yeah, that is right. jury selection and who knows how long that could take by the way but jury selection is set to start at 9:00 at the montgomery county courthouse, after the pa, highest court did not intervene in the case against attorney general kane. kane wanted court to look the a the claim that the grand jury that investigated her was unconstitutional. that was the word from her attorneys. first attorney general in the commonwealth history is accused of leaking secret grand jury information and later lying bit under oath. the attorney for kane says the lawyer served as special prosecutor and ran the grand injury difficult not have the official authority to act as a prosecutor, meantime, this trial will see kane up a begins several former allies including two former aid. this comes after a rough four
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years in office by her hanger by pornographic e-mail scandal and political fighting with harrisburg elites. you will recall kane was stripped of her law license and was accused of egregious conduct by an ethics board but she has kept working in her position though. she did not, seek, reelection. again 9:00 o'clock this morning is when jury selection is set to start here in montgomery county. back to you. >> okay, dave, we will check back with you in the 9:00 o'clock hour and see her walking in the courthouse. >> absolutely. septa is adding more trains to the warminster and lansdale lines for morning commute. they will run during morning and evening rush hour. septa also change times for trains running to manayunk and into trenton. the changes come as agency continues to deal with the impact of those trains being taken out of service, due to the structural defects. a full list of the septa's new schedule changes is posted right on our web site. just go to fox a water park remains
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closed after a ten year-old boy dies from the world's tallest water slide. investigators are trying to figure out what happened at this water park yesterday afternoon. water slide drops riders in rafts almost 170 feet at 55 miles an hour. riders must be 14 years old which is older then the boy who died, riders must also stand at least, 54 inches tall, and it is not phone if this had anything to do with the child's death. >> to be honest, this is not the something that we have experienced. safety of our guest is a priority. in addition to the safety, what happened on the ride, all of the staff are affected. >> boy who died is youngest son of the kansas state representative scott swab. >> he is only ten, and he was much under the age of what was allowed. >> we will be doing more on this in a little bit. 7:10. now developing, a suicide bomb explodes at the gate of a hospital.
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at least 63 people have been killed, 50 others injured, this is happening in the southwestern city there. at the time have the blast officials say nearly 100 lawyers and india gathered at the hospital. body of a prominent lawyer, killed from an earlier shooting, was being kept there. officials are not saying if this has anything to do with the attack and no one has claim responsibility for the attack. both donald trump and hillary clinton are spending their campaigns on the economy this week with you new polls show the democrats widening their lead for the white house. >> doug lou saider from washington, of course this morning. donald trump may be responding to critics who say he has not offered enough specifics about his economic plan, doug. >> reporter: good morning, that is right. both trump and clinton will be spending time in michigan and talking about the economy and trump will offer specifics on what he would like to see changed if he becomes president. donald trump may still be drawing big crowds but his
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sagging poll numbers is hoping new unwrap new economic proposals will provide a rebound. >> when we do that we will be comfortable to get agenda and nabtive campaign where it belongs which is comparing the economy under obama and clinton, verse the kind of growth economy that mr. trump wants to build. >> reporter: trump plan new child care deductions for parents, increase in domestic energy reductions, a pause for new regulations coming out of washington and much lower, 15 percent corporate tax rate. clinton campaign already deriding his economic approach called it trump economics. clinton will be in florida to bounce back from her own struggles after trying to explain another misstatement about her private e-mail server. >> i may have short circuited and for that i will try to clarify. >> reporter: clinton does have encouraging poll numbers. >> polls were all very good. she's way up in virtually every swing state, states like
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georgia, and arizona are now in play for her. >> reporter: that is extraordinary. on the other hand these polls have been all over the map. abc news washington post poll that shows hillary clinton is eight-point up over trump. there is an l.a. times poll out thinks down to just one point, between the two and that would, of course, be within the margin of error. chris and alex. >> we will see. so much more to come, here in the next couple of months. >> doug, thank you. >> so true. big developing story right now is that delta's computer system is down and that means flights are down on the ground, not the taking off this has been going on for a couple of hours. >> but yet we go to lauren johnson and she said on the list they are all on time which is not the case, bob kelly. >> definitely not. even ones listed to take off at 6:45, they were listed on time. so obviously not only are the flights grounded but there is a possible with their flight boards down there.
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bottom line here, delta airlines computer systems are down worldwide, all flights are grounded. the best twitter page or handle that you can go to, just to stay updated throughout the morning would be delta news hub, the delta twitter page or delta web site, don't even go there because it hasn't been updated in a couple days. this is the only twitter handle we have seen some live updates and basically they are responding, to passengers, that are asking for help that are stranded and saying our computer systems are down, hang in there, fingers crossed, and god speed. if you are heading down to the airport give yourself plenty of extra time. even if you are in the the flying delta, my tip would be to get your passenger ticket confirmed because all of the delta airline passengers today, they are going to try to jump on another airline to get to their destination.
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so confirm your seat and make sure that your other airline knows i'm coming. i'm going to be there don't give that seat up. here's girard and frankford in the fishtown section of the city. this tractor trailer slam in the building knocking down the traffic signals, and the whole intersection is roped off, and police are waving you through the neighborhood expect delays, and route 15 trolley is using shuttle buses to day, and expect delays there as well. as far as major roadways, schuylkill expressway, starting to see some sun glare coming around conshohocken curve, delays boulevard up to belmont avenue. i talk about the route 15 trolley. downtown we will go live look at the vine street expressway where we are seeing sun glare for gang coming into philadelphia, folks heading over towards 30th street station to catch the train. probably going to be the way to go here train wise if you typically fly dealt a we have some sun glare all around the board here this morning. >> which means it is a
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beautiful day, weather will not give you any trouble today. we have trouble on vacation in the outer banks or around the virginia beach but for folks down there we have showers and thunderstorms. not us. we are looking good. we are expecting a sea breeze at the shore today. there is a system moving northward by the middle of the week let nothing that hot, humid air from the south, so enjoy high pressure to the north while it is still in control. real quickly at the future cast shows a few clouds today, a lot of sun tomorrow and then rain rolling in by wednesday, along with the warmer temperatures, along with the warmer temperatures. 88 degrees. close to 90 tomorrow. ninety on wednesday above 90 on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. by friday and saturday too we have a heat index around 100. do you remember convention week, alex and chris? that weather is coming back. >> humid too. >> rain at night hot during the day. lovely can't wait for that to
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come back. kids are heading back to school in a few weeks. that is now in august, right. >> right. >> if you are like most parent you have a few questions. >> my biggest question, jen freddie's how to afford it. >> high school is free if you live in hat the bureau horsham. good morning to you. d wills, you are the principal here. >> yes, i am talk to me about this. we said what does the high school principal want moms and dad to know. we will go through some notes. you will expand, right. your goal, it is to push our children push my kids to succeed in ways that the kids didn't think were possible. >> i think one of the things parents need to know at any level it be elementary school, middle school and high school the goal, it is to stretch your sons and doubt tours make sure they are engaged in opportunities that they didn't think were possible. >> talk to me about education, is a partnership. i got a b here. i got to get in your face. even at middle school and high school levels you want parents involved.
7:18 am
>> absolutely. i think one of the things that are most important about education and the way we try to raise your kids. at the end of the day sometimes i spend more time with your sons and daughters then you do. we want you involved. we want you engaged. we want you to be part of some of our clubs, fundraisers and activities. come on out, get involved. it makes for a much better relationship between school and home. >> i'm a working mom. i say can i there been a little bit. even that is better that than not being there at all. >> whatever time you can give us, it is valuable time. >> now, you wish students knew how important it was for them to get involved in the sport, club, activity. these are your drama kid. >> absolutely. >> hi, guys. >> that is something that an athlete may not do but you want them to go where they have not gone before. >> we want our kid, research is clear when kids are engaged and involved they develop more self-confidence and readership capacity and a lot of skills to be successful. so get involve, get engaged to try something new. >> last thing take a risk. we will talk about that.
7:19 am
i love it. high five. just so every would be knows i called d wilson friday to do this. he had to call these kids over the summer can you imagine getting a california friday afternoon, sick of summer, so these kinds are great. >> and i paid them. >> for me that always mentally was in trouble but for me that is good news. >> i didn't think about what i asked them to do until he asked them to do it. >> would i get that for extra credit score that up for when school starts. embarrassing end to a big weekend for nfl, why they were forced to cancel the first preseason game of the year. big changes at a disney resort after a young boy is killed by an alligator earlier this summer, what will soon be different around that lagoon.
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changes are coming to a popular theme park after that tragic accident involving the little boy and annal gator. >> lauren simonetti we saw this coming. >> they started construction of this, it is in longer a fence, it is a wall that disney is building around the seven seas lagoon at grand floridaian resort in orlando. there was a temporary rope and signs saying no swimming, danger, animals in the water, this is after that little boy, lane graves, died, two years old because an alligator was on vacation with his family, smashed him, and, in the water and there is that, but now they are putting a stone wall around that lagoon. so other guests don't get attacked by alligators.
7:24 am
>> remember the big controversy bye signs, and why wouldn't want to someone walk in there. >> it said no swimming they were not swimming this he were playing in the water in the shallow part. >> hopefully this will prevent this from happening again. >> let's talk harry potter because first recently we have a new book a lot of harry potter fans are excited. now we could see more rides, lauren. >> yes. this is a big deal. reported 250 million-dollar. nbc university buying the tv rights for the eight harry potter movies, and new one coming out this november, fan has particular feast, for that much money and expectation base wizard world, nbc will put more potter attractions and rides, in their theme parks, as they compete with disney. >> i have been down there to the one in orlando. it is amazing. >> it is, so much fun. >> have you ever been, lauren. >> no, i haven't but i have been reading when you put in an attraction like that it is,
7:25 am
often does boost a ten as by 20 percent. >> i can believe it. every time i have gone the lines have been long and i happily waited to get on the ride. >> does jk row lines get a cut on that. >> she better she might as part of the contract negotiations. >> are you a harry potter fan. >> i am not. in fact i have never read a single book or watched a single movie. >> what? >> you know what. >> three people i necessity of just like that me. >> make it four. >> you too. >> you too. >> what is wrong with you guys, why wouldn't you read it. >> i don't know. >> i think it is because of the age of my kids they were too young when this came out and so i kind of hissed it. >> yes, they are still there. it is just an adult interested in reading harry potter, bob kelly, have you read a word. >> not a word. >> ivoried all of the books,
7:26 am
all right. i didn't like the movies but when you ride the book, the book is better than movies. even my mother read them too. we would discuss. >> i tiehl like i missed so much. >> yes. >> my kids are just coming into it. >> start with book one, it is quite simple read the first book of the first movie and start there there. >> ken rottweiler legal analyst has not read a word. >> don't you binge watch netflix series. >> we could go on and on. >> you are missing out. >> that is just amazing you have good company in philly. >> bye, lauren. >> 7:26. after a series of federal raids on friday in connection with a well known union leader john dougherty, this morning there is still so many unanswered questions. legal analyst ken rottweiler talking johnny dock with the latest straight ahead. and jen, if you are getting ready to go back to school you have to decorate the locker. make it your own. it is your space. >> in high school they don't
7:27 am
use lockers so much, but who better than these guys, the veterans, high school kids who will help middle school kid get their locker ready. we are at hatboro horsham high school. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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we have been report congenital this ground stop by delta airlines affecting philadelphia international. it is affecting airports across the country.
7:30 am
here's chicago o'hare's airport. the line doesn't seem to be too long from this point but we know people have had problems for past couple of hours now, in their system. computer systems have been down. >> absolutely. so customers and peep traveling have been scrambling to figure out another way to get around. this is worldwide. of course, philadelphia international affected by this. lauren johnson you are there. how is it looking. that is because they are frozen in time, is that right. >> reporter: computer still not working. check it out. you might tell from your vantage point, a few delays are showing to atlanta, detroit, jfk, and raleigh-durham. everything else is still listed as on time. in fact i'm here with rosie and her friend traveling for work. you are going to atlanta on the flight at 9:10. it says on time. you learned about the delays this morning. >> on "fox news". >> so when you check in did you have any problems. >> no problems. as of right now we're on time
7:31 am
but we have to head upstairs and see what they say. >> reporter: what do you expect when you see the gates. we understand you can check in down here but still a ground stop but no flights are leaving. >> we're hoping for the best. we are tsa precheck so we will get through fast. >> you are traveling with your girlfriend in case you are in for a long day. >> we hope so. we will enjoy it either way. >> good attitude. good luck to you. >> you can see, guys the line is getting longer, growing from where it was last time from where i check with you guys. from what i'm learning is some people are allowed to check in and others aren't. it depend on the destination, where people are going, it is allowing customers to check in. we did come across one angry customer. she lost her cool at the count are and said she had somewhere to go and didn't like the fact that the answer is we just don't know yet. it seems like that is the answer from the airport we just don't know how long this will last because with
7:32 am
computer glitches and technology you just don't know. it is not much else you can tell the customers but that is not sitting ease which some people. >> let's go upstairs and grab something to drink and grab something to eat because i can tell you there are no flights leaving anywhere, world wide on delta airlines. that computer system, yep, sure maybe they can check new and load your bags but there is a ground stop. there are no flights that have left any of the airports for the last two and a half, going on three hours. only twitter page that seems to be having some activity with a delta spokesperson behind it tweeting out our systems are down, we hope to have things backup fingers crossed is delta news hub. if you have a flight scheduled out of philadelphia on another airline, make sure you check in on time, make sure you check in advance, because all of the delta passengers are going to be looking for alternate means going to go another airline to get in or
7:33 am
out of philadelphia and just not philadelphia but across the country. >> bob. >> when you say across the country we have a tweet that our fox station in d.c. put out and causing a backup at tsa line. we will show it. it is video. you can tell the line is getting long. look at this line. >> where did you say chicago. >> no, d.c. >> we had a camera at newark international airport. certain airports have more flights then others for dealt a here in philadelphia, american and u.s. air is the main carrier, and other air ports could have delta as main carrier. it just depend where you begin and end your trip but delta has all, has grounded all flights as of the moment around the world. here's an a accident at girard and frankford with this down traffic signal here, so this is causing delays in the neighborhood. delays coming from the schuylkill expressway with sun glare coming around
7:34 am
conshohocken curve. also delays on i-95 southbound from the betsy even through girard avenue. septa has added extra trains on the warminster line and that could be good news for some folks this morning but either way sue not bad standing outside right now, right. >> not really, pretty comfortable morning? judge? if you are standing by the pool that is best place to be. pool side later on should be fine. bus stop buddy has sunglasses on. temperature at philly international is 73 degrees. 73 percent relative humidity which isn't too bad for summertime in fail. weep 74. some cloud. mostly sunny skies rest of the take. nice and warm with a high of 88 degrees. sunset at 8:06 p.m. chris and alex. >> thanks, sue. well, federal state investigators went out across the region last week to search multiple properties connected to well known union leader john dougherty who runs international brotherhood of electrical workers local 98.
7:35 am
it has been a powerful political force in philadelphia philadelphia councilman and johnny dock's right hahnemann bobby henon and city hall offices were raided as part of the probe. >> the government has a job to do. let them do their job, okay. >> i'm very comfortable. the once we get this ugly scenario by everything will be fine. >> he provided only searches are part of the ongoing investigation but multiple properties and also, bobby henon's office as well. >> fbi is not the talking but legal analyst ken rottweiler is weighing in on what they are possibly looking for. by way of these investigations they say they are looking for one thing and allows them to open up the whole can of worms to look inside. >> right now we don't know what they are doing. we know they seized tax record, they seized financial record. it could be a tax problem, it could be financial problem, it
7:36 am
could be campaign contributions. this is a very, very, very powerful union that johnny dougherty has headed a long time. they made significant contributions to political campaigns. >> there is state level and federal level. let's start with the state level. >> right now it just came out that there has been a state grand jury i am paneled looking into claims of threats and intimidation begins union and johnny dougherty. there was supposedly an altercation between a non-union person and johnny dougherty a number of years ago and state is looking into that. that is on top of the federal investigation, where the fbi and irs raided his, headquarters and also his home. >> we are showing video back in january, it wasn't too long ago but there weren't any arrests made. >> there weren't. johnny dougherty they have been looking at him since 2006. first search warrant was served back in 2006 but no charges have ever been filed. a lot of people call him teflon john.
7:37 am
>> well to this point. >> so far. >> but they did all this back in 2006 no charges were filed back then. who knows why. >> when you start looking and following honey, could this at all get his brother who just ran for supreme court recently and won, would they be looking at what his brother was doing or how johnny may be involved in anyway. >> anything is possible. campaign contributions you are not allowed to use union dues for political contributions. that is a complete no, no and against the law. but if you have a political action committee the pack can give money to political candidates, and this union's pack has given money to governor wolf, mayor kenney, and supreme court justice kevin dougherty. there is nothing wrong with that according to the law. it will be interesting what the federal authorities come up with when they look into these record. >> with all of the places they raided this will be a while before we see what happened. >> they went to nine different locations and the electricians headquarters they seized over a hundred boxes. they have a lot of federal
7:38 am
agents looking into this. somebody right now is sitting there at a desk combing through record. it could take a very long time for them to find anything. >> you mentioned state level what is fbi focus then, do you think it is more monetary. >> they seized all financial record, so it is either taxes, finances, political contributions. it has something to to with the financial record. this he will look through those boxes, and we will see what will happen. >> you can follow honey but hard to have the other stuff stick, when it comes to intimidation. we will see legally. >> they have a tape and person that he supposedly hit in the face, when there was an altercation. he has already testified before the grand jury. there could be something that comes from that. >> but legally speaking the money stuff has more legs long term. >> money stuff could potentially have longer in terms of jail sentences and punishment. >> how long. he is much more concern about the fbi probe. >> how long. >> depend what he d stuff like
7:39 am
this the feds take seriously. look at what they did here? this is a big, big wide investigation. they have been investigating for two years. if you go after a big guy like johnny dougherty you better have the goods. they are spending time, money. this is a big, big story. johnny dougherty is probably the most powerful non-politician in the state of pennsylvania. >> thanks, ken. nfl season off to a rough start. how about this why the first preseason game had to be cancelled, just hours before it was supposed to be played. ♪
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. the nfl's hall of fame game had to be cancelled last night, because of the poor field conditions. each year hall of fame game has played off the hall of fame induction weekend this was a big weekend. very emotional. also first preseason game of the year. a lot of people look forward to this columns/packers were scheduled to play but league officials cancelled the game because of the paint on the field when it dried it became slick and hard. some players said it felt like, walking on concrete in
7:43 am
some areas. of course that raises safety concerns for the players no word on if the game will be rescheduled but everybody is talking about the nfl they probably loss millions. >> these players are paid so much money these days and the careers are so short and the nfl one bad turn on a surface like that where you slip or too hard that can ruin a guy's career. it is not even worth playing. >> i was listening to this, this happened to the eagles in 2001 when they were trying to play ravens. they had a incident like this. >> at the vet. >> where the turf was coming apart, big part about who should fix it they were trying to play ravens. they walk on the field and just before kick off they said we cannot do it, guys. >> chuck pagan owe said lets get back to the team plane and get out of here. all right. we are following breaking news at airports speaking of flying, worldwide, a computer outage has grounded delta planes, around the globe, bob kelly is keeping an eye on this and we have lauren
7:44 am
johnson at philly international standing right next to this camera she will talk to people confused and frustrated. lets get to lockers too, because, jen you are going to help out some middle school kid, to get their lockers nice and pretty. >> yes, you know we necessity about decorations we will talk about that, plus they have better ideas to be prepared, that is right so you don't look silly in middle school. what i love about the tempur-breeze bed
7:45 am
is it's cool. so you're not too hot, too cold, you're just perfect. sleep cooler, wake more refreshed, discover the new tempur breeze.
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7:47 am
updating our breaking news at 7:47. all delta airline flights have been grounded because of a computer glitch, it happened at about 3:30 or 4:00 this morning. flights are grounded around the world, now, the best social media site that we have found that will give you updates and only update is exactly what i'm telling you. everything grounded, no eta. delta news hub. their main hubbies out of atlanta lets go to chicago's o'hare airport where there is be in there at the checkpoints. again it all depends. each airport is different. here in philadelphia, u.s. air/american is the main carrier in philadelphia. so, the delta flights may be scattered here in philly but around the world, you'll see delays, this morning and this
7:48 am
is not something that will quickly get resolved. there are about 5400 flights nationwide for delta. just to give you an idea how many flights dale a the delta, you know, arrivals and departures but all flights grounded for delta. a tip if you are intend to go travel out of philadelphia today, even if it is not with dealt, get down there early. there are longer lines at tsa checkpoints and check in with your airline. make sure your airline if it is american, southwest or spirit they know thaw are coming and that you want to make sure you confirm your reservation because i guarantee there will be delta commuters who are looking for alternate means into and out of philadelphia south on 295 watch for an accident flying on into the 42 freeway there in bellmawr. delays coming through that construction zone as well. sun glare coming around the schuylkill right here near curve and westbound delay as well from the boulevard up to
7:49 am
belmont. sun glare how licensing this week? sue has the a answer in 15 seconds. it is 7:49. we have some rain to our south and in virginia, and north carolina, that is closest precipitation we can find but there is a line of clouds. you may not see full sunshine. you will before the the end of the day because high pressure is in control. as long as we are's on the north side of the frontal system we will stay, not oppressively humid. it will be warm out. it is august after all. we will get to 88 degrees but pretty nice day. tomorrow more humid but in the too bad. 90 degrees on wednesday, thunderstorms possible as that frontal system gets closer and then we will stay on the warm side of the front and it gets
7:50 am
unsettled as we head into the weekend. so, looks like we could be talking about maybe a four or five day heat wave, alex and chris, back to you. sound good, sue. all morning we are getting ready to get your kid back to school, but first jen told us a few things your children should know before their first day. now we're talking shopping. of course we want all of the back to school stuff together. we will start with the lockers. jen, tell us what we need for our lockers. >> so these kids are all in high school, congratulations, you have made it. >> thank you you have advice for kids going in middle school and any of bus what they should in your locker and you begin with the backup plans, right. >> yes. >> one tippy found most helpful it is better ton over prepared rather than under prepared. for example having a extra pair of sneakers in your locker is helpful if you have gym class and you forget them. >> that is a girlfriend because guys always wear sneakers. >> that is helpful in case you you are wearing flip-flops. also if your school has air
7:51 am
conditioning it can get cold. that is important. also if the weather gets bad it might be helpful to have a backup. >> you are good. >> thank you. >> i like it. >> backup umbrella and lastly this is something i struggle with especially in middle school because i always lose pencils and drop them. having a extra stash of pens and pencils in case you forget them is really helpful. >> all right. we are having some technical difficulties but might be better if he stands right there organization. >> it is important to up company your locker clean and organized. one of the favorite things toys keep list of all of the big things coming up that you are always prepared, ready to go. it is important to keep your binders and books organized in order of class period if you are running late or not enough time you can run, it is right there ready to go. >> you say decorate, decorate. >> yes. >> thank you so much. you guys, thanks forgetting the a squad out here, more back to school in the next hour guys.
7:52 am
>> a lot of people used to put wrapping paper, like wallpaper, cool things to do with your locker. on people spend time in there. >> of course, it wasn't me. what were those dark red stickers did you notice this when you were watching on michael phelps back and other swimmers last night during the olympics? coming up we will tell you what they are and also if they could benefit you. do you see that on the shoulder there. a nine year-old in the areas new junior champ her name is lucy and she's here and she's cooking for us on good day. we will see why she's the chop champ. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked.
7:53 am
we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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7:56 am
7:55. a lot of people focus on the gold medals and medal count and that you will but if you were watching you might have noticed something going on the backs of the a lot of the swimmers there. >> let's show you mens free style relay. >> yes, dark circles. >> do you see them, michael phelps, shoulder what is that. >> it is not just michael phelps but other people and other teams do this. >> it is called cupping, chris. >> i played baseball cupping was an entirely different thing in baseball. >> so with this, he can post a picture on instagram showing his back, saying thank you for my cupping today. >> that is interesting. >> yes. >> can we air that. >> talking about his back. >> no wonder she's smiling. >> she has his back side. >> he okay. >> here's some tweet from other people using cupping from the other people. >> so what is it? it is something to do with the
7:57 am
muscles. >> hold on, i'm getting through all these pictures here. another picture of one of the gymnast. so if you are wondering we will show you video of exactly what it is. a lieutenant of olympians are doing. anxious therapy that i was used in the middle earn countries especially china it consists of having round glass suction cups warned and placed on parts of the body to help muscles recover faster. place a glass cup which believes to stimulate muscles and blood flow and relieves pain. >> lot that fire there. >> so, it is a mark that is left then from the cupping, so it is like sucking and like a hicky right. >> if you want to look at it like that, it looks like it is more painful then that but what it takes to get a hicky. >> but evidently it works because they are using it, it must work. >> everybody seems to be using it. not just olympians and
7:58 am
athletes, jennifer aniston, jessica simpson and gwyneth paltrow have been spotted with marks on them. if it works. >> it looks pretty vicious. if you were to test it, i would be like don't touch me. that looks pretty painful. >> is a hicky painful it is just a sucking. >> isn't a hicky small. >> if someone had a big mouth but that is a big jar opening. >> seriously. >> to answer your question, if it works, for sure because you cannot use performance enhancing drug. look at what is happening with the russians right now. whatever works. >> maybe if you are an athlete in college you know how intense it can get. >> i cupped, because i was playing baseball too. >> rory mcill ron and caroline was knack i, cow remember they were engaged and invitations went out. then he got cold feet and said it is off this was in 2014. so it seems like, others have not moved honor forgot been
7:59 am
this. a irish boxer tweeted this photo, okay. here it is. >> yes. >> patty barns. >> with her and i think we make a great couple, what do you think, rory mcilroy? >> so he could see this. and then mcilroy is pretty cool, cool customer and he tweets back with this funny tweet, he said good luck last, if your box being is as good as your tweeting it should be two guarantied gold is what was it, there is a picture or something. >> just a tweet. >> are they hugged up, is he lined in like hey girl, this is me right here, is it like that or like this. >> yeah. >> so then he is trying to poke fun. he is one that broke it off so he does not care. >> he takes tonight stride. >> he does president care. he broke it off. >> you are right. >> maybe he wants that old
8:00 am
thing back, i don't know. >> have you ever had a old thing come back. >> don't they always come back. >> not always, no. >> trust me, they don't. >> have you ever gone back. i call it recycling. >> it never works. >> recycling is good for the environment. >> stop. it is 8:00 o'clock. good day, it is monday, august . tragedy shakes a small berks county town after a family of five is found dead in their home in what police are calling a murder suicide. >> i hope that some day we will figure out exactly what happened. >> reporter: what investigators are revealing about past domestic issues. we honestly don't know what has happened. >> deadly accident on the world's tallest water slide, the son of the kansas state representative killed. why some are saying he may not have been on the ride in the first place.
8:01 am
plus, the summer is almost over, which means class will soon be in session so they are back in style. fashion trend for kids this year. >> alex, are you ready to eat. >> yes. >> a chopped junior champion joins us live in the studio, the creative dish making lucy chelsea from bucks county a culinary master mind. >> you go, girl. >> yes. >> is he cute. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> i have a question for you guys, are you a cat or dog person. >> dog. >> dog. >> i'm allergic to cats. >> aim a cat person. >> dog, because i'm allergic too. >> i like cats but i'm kind of alleger glike so, international cat day. >> it is. >> i like to take pictures with cats. >> they don't get a lot of love. it is time for cats to get extra love today. they are big. i don't want to say is what up with all these days what happened. when good day started 14 years ago. it has been around for a
8:02 am
while. let's celebrate cats. if you need picture of your favorite cat or your pets, if it is a cat, tweet us, use facebook, instagram, use the #fox 29 good day. >> scratch cat fever from ted nug theent. >> musical cats. >> cats stevens music. >> yes. >> let's talk about what it will be like today, how hot. >> we will let you know in a few minutes, except for the delta situation. >> wonder what the cats are doing that are in the little carriers being impact by big story this morning, delta airlines computer systems are down. all flights are grounded, worldwide. now this happened according to delta they have finally just posted something on their facebook page, they say it happened, started to happen around 2:30, this morning. all flights have been grounded. flights that were already in the air at the time have been able to continue to their
8:03 am
destination. we have been checking with the airports all around the country here and at chicago, in newark, here in philadelphia, it all depend upon how big of a hub delta holds at that particular airport. like here in philadelphia delta doesn't have a big hub. their biggest hubbies in atlanta, georgia. but 5400 flights worldwide are impacted today out of dealt a if you are flying out of fill i international, even if you are not the using dealt, get on line, get down there early and confirm your ticket with your airline. i guarantee you there are thousands of people that are looking for an alternate way to get out of town, with this delta situation, sue, back over to you. >> oh, yeah they will all want your seat. now we have got a great day weather-wise. there are a lot of areas that will be a nine out of ten in weather by the numbers. here's bus stop budd which his sun screen ready for a day where it is comfortable to start. temperatures in the 60's and
8:04 am
07's. dew points on the low side for august anyway and we're expect ago lot of sunshine today. the mostly sunny, warm work a high temperature of 88 degrees. this is not an accidental high temperature because it is august 8th guys, august 8th, 88. >> looking great. >> that is how it works. we will turn to our developing story,. >> a week even tragedy is leaving neighbors this shock and people all over. police find an entire family killed inside of a berks county home. >> at this point investigators are calling this an apparent murder/suicide. jennifer joyce is in redding with more on this, jennifer good morning. >> reporter: good morning chris and alex. we are hoping to get more information later this morning from the berks county district attorney's office. what we know is investigators were called to the sinking home on saturday after a relative asked for a welfare check. that relative said she was supposed to go out to lunch with three three-year old megan short. short failed to show up and this person was concerned.
8:05 am
when police entered they found all five family members dead, 40 year-old mark short, mom mega and three children. eight year-old leana5 year-old mark junior and two-year old willow. willow especially was well known in this community and beyond. the toddler was born with the congenital heart defect and underwent a heart transplant at just days old. short family situation again order lot of support through fundraisers and facebook as the family works through major medical hurdles. the district attorney's office says that the family was dealing with domestic issues, yesterday. we talk to a family friend who said she last saw megan two months ago. she seemed okay but understands that the family has been dealing with a lot of stress. >> that is the family that had to deal with medical expenses this they may not have been able to pay for and things get overwhelming. we do in the know what happened behind those closed doors. >> police tell thaws they did find a murder suicide note left behind, and they set a
8:06 am
gun line next to one of the adults at this point police have not said which they believe was behind this shooting. horrible story, jen, thanks. for trial of kathleen kaine. >> pennsylvania's attorney general she's answering to accusations of corruption, perjury and abuse of power. the attention is live, where less than an hour now, dave we're seeing activity here. 9:00 o'clock is when jury selection will begin in this case, after pa's highest court decided not intervene in the case against attorney general kathleen kane. kane wanted court to look at her claim that the grand jury that investigated her was unconstitutional. first female attorney general in the commonwealth's history is accused of leaking secret grand jury information and then later lying bit under oath. the attorney for kane says the
8:07 am
lawyer who served as precious spur and ran a grand jury did not have an authority to act as a prosecutor. meantime this trial will see kaine up against several former allies including two former aids as well. again, jury selection set to start in less than an hour. it is unnoble how long that could take though back to you. >> we will check back with you, dave. i guess right at 9:00. the criminal justice center will reopen after closing for three days because of an elevator accident. sheriff sergeant is still in critical condition after the elevator he was riding in on thursday, crashed through the concrete ceiling of the elevator shaft. debris fell in the second elevator hurting a woman inside that one. doctors treated and released her thursday. both elevators have been out of service while the investigation continues. and what a night for america's olympic swimming team. team u.s.a. >> the most decorated olympian of all time adding another gold medal to his collection, we're talking about none other
8:08 am
than michael phelps. the 31 year-old quit the short after 2012 games in london but was back with the bang in rio as team u.s.a. ease todd victory from the free style relay. phelps won 23 medals, 1960 which are gold extending his record as most decorated olympian of all time this was gold of the night for u.s. because in the women's side, katie le decky had a gold medal in the 400-meter free style. she just bless away competition. look at the lead. >> yes. >> that is a good lead there. >> but one of the most shocking results, defending gold medalist venous and serena williams lost this is first round this is women's double tennis tournament. they have never lost in olympic doubles match were yesterday's defeat begins the czech republic but serena will continue her quest to defend her singles gold medal. she won her first round match
8:09 am
against australia. once again hopefully we will show medal count at some point because u.s.a., team u.s.a. is winning. we have 12 medals. we are doing well. >> china is in second at eight in the total medal count. >> we want to start off strong. >> yes. >> hopefully this will continue on. we will update you on that medal count. >> absolutely. daily news launched sexy sing also digs. we have our first look here. in the next hour, meet the new class of hot men and women that are heating up our area and one of them works here at fox 29. >> well, you are single. >> that is right. >> we are going to check back in with what is going on with delta airline as we check on this throughout the morning. systems are down causing backups here as well as airports across the country. >> this is live from charlotte right now, philly international impact, worldwide, no flights taking off because of the computer glitch.
8:10 am
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coming up on 83:00. tragedy at a water park in kansas city is raising questions about safety. >> somehow a ten year-old would i died on the world's tallest water slide. he is the youngest son of kansas state representative scott swab. officials investigating right now what happened at this, they are calling it the slaterban ban water slide, it drops riders in rafts almost 170 feet at 65 miles an hour. this is a water sliding faster this than vehicle traffic. riders must be 12 but this kiddies ten. a couple years older then bow who died. riders must stand 54 inches tall, it is unknown if this had anything to to with the child's death. >> we honestly don't know what happened, that is why an investigation, full investigation is underway. we have to understand what has happened. >> to be honest, this is in the something we have experienced ever before.
8:14 am
safety of our guests is a priority, in addition to the safety and what happened on the ride, other staff are affected. >> the ride remains closed and park officials say it will stay closed until a all of the ride are deemed safe. there was a change made to the age requirements for this particular water slide, when it opened it was 14, dropped to 12 but this boy was ten. >> so what does that mean then for this investigation? we have attorney angie, here, any possible liability. because this is certified as tallest water slide. good morning to you. they were rushing to this done it seems lake and there were some issues. >> certainly the opening was not seem less and flawless. one of the co-owners of the park reported two years ago in 2014 when it was slated to open that they could not open on their projected date because design they used was more appropriate for roller coaster and didn't translate to the context. they had spend about a
8:15 am
million-dollar redesigning this water slide. it seems pretty clear that the goal of this was to get the tallest water slide in the world because they wanted it certified in the book of world record and they did that and question is at what expense to the safety of its riders. >> do we know about what happened in this particular case? did the kid fly out of the raft, tell us about the raft itself. it looks like a log jameer rides where you are stack up in a row but big thing for safety was enough weight has to be in that raft at the time of the ride to keep it from flying off the course the track. >> flying off the track because when they were project to open back two years ago when they were doing tests with sandbags in the raft they would literally fly out of the raft. so it is unknown right now. investigation will reveal details. first part of the investigation who, what, when and where. they need to find out how a ten year-old boy got onto a ride that wasn't meant to
8:16 am
accommodate lighter younger patrons. weight requirement for how many weight need to be in these rafts so they stay on the rides track, three to 400 pounds. were there eyewitnesses did people see the spokeswoman for the park was incredibly candid when they just don't know what happened. they have to talk to witnesses. find out surveillance. something that gives them an look at what happened to the little boy and real part begins. >> when it comes to water parks and you can identified this, a lot of times we see little height restriction, kid had to walk up and measure up. those are there for a reason. do you think parks might say hey we have an age requirement. we want it to be 12 years old. and then also we put a height requirement. if the kid didn't fit that we cannot help that. is that the argument. >> they could say that but they will not get very far with that argument. at the end of the day they are an amusement park, operating for profit and the safety of
8:17 am
their customers and riders is paramount concern. the weight requirement that the raft needs in order to stay anchored down on the track is probably going to be one of the key factors. how does the park know they have between three and 400-pound in that raft before they send these riders down 160-foot drop or whatever it is. >> also, we have check with a reporter in kansas and she said something to the effect of this may have been a promotional event for whatever it was for the opening of the park over the weekend, i'm just wondering and this will go to the investigation, this child now is the son of a state representative, and you wonder if the parks said well, you are the state representative, he is almost the age, go right ahead sir bring your child on this. if they looked the other way and bent the rules because of who was riding it. >> that is a very interesting point and something that they are sure to cover as they talk to everybody in the course of their investigation, not just
8:18 am
riders there who witnessed it, not just video but park operators, you know, what was the role of the people responsible for operating the ride. >> after an incident like this as you mentioned this was at opening event do you think, and of course, closed to day as well, and yesterday. do you think they can open it after something like this. >> from an optics point of view it doesn't look good, does it. it has only been operational for two years. they had delayed opening, reconstruction when they realized their design cast flawed and the park spokesperson said they are committed to keeping it closed as long as necessary to ensure the safety. >> so it doesn't happen again. >> this poor kid. >> thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. great to be here. other big question is, bob kelly, the airports, right now, what a mess. >> after 2:30 this morning updating breaking news delta airlines computer systems have
8:19 am
been down. flights grounded around the world 56789400 flights a day comes out of mainly their main hubbies out of atlanta, georgia. not a lot of flights scheduled this morning in and out of philadelphia difficult get a message or tweet for some pass evening hours said we got word that wheels up to start boarding. there could be some spots signs of good news here but officially delta says all their systems are still down and all flights are grounded. if you do have a ticket to fly out of philadelphia international, even fit is not delta, would i get down there early and make sure you confirm your seat, on that airline. there will be a lot of delta passengers looking for alternate means to get out of philadelphia this morning and even if they do flip the switch and power computers back it up, it is not a easy fix. southbound 295 an accident at bellmawr interchange there at 295 and is there your speed meter reading slow go on the
8:20 am
schuylkill, 295 and shade's long route 73. how much longer will this sun hang with us? sue has the answer, right now, right. >> how about immediately, yeah. >> immediately. >> we will talk about a great day at the beach today. so many folks shore bound this week because it is getting closer to back to schooltime. temperatures in the the lower 80's on the beach and we have a sea breeze, coastal breeze, northeasterly five to ten. surf temperature cooled off to 07 degrees. moderate risk of rip currents. so swim near the life guards, with a few clouds around, and uv index is seven. as far as precipitation is concern, nothing to show you on radar at all. we will get to a high later on of 88 degrees, inland here in the city. eighty-nine tomorrow. we are in the 90's, it looks like maybe for rest of the week. could hit 90 tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, friday, maybe even saturday and sunday this looks like a long, sticky heat wave, alex and chris.
8:21 am
>> getting ready for that then >> amber heard is making headlines again after her divorce for johnny dep's lawyers. what she did that is causing some rumors of why.
8:22 am
8:23 am
[ fly buzzing ]
8:24 am
did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! it is -- difficult request this song, and we will tell you why in just a minute. >> let's talk about amber heard and deposition because apparently she appeared late and she was disheveled, as reportedly she arrived for perfect divorce deposition with johnny dep's lawyers. she was president just late but 90 minutes late. >> she made johnny dep's lawyers wait an hour and a half. >> according to page six, and i don't know why this is relevant or why we need to comment on her appearance but according to page six, not just me but her hair was greasy and, unbuttoned blouse in her pants. maybe she was just over sleeping or something.
8:25 am
>> tmz is saying a financial settlement between the two broke down. heard said she left dep after he attack her and dep denies any physical abuse. >> interesting. i saw a quote from wynonna rider, because they dated for like four years in the early 90's. she said johnny dep never displayed any sort of abusive behavior. it was a surprise to her to hear amber heard's accusations. a huge night in music in philadelphia over the weekend. >> i have been hearing this concert non-stop. >> jessica kline walk n kitkat kline. >> yes. >> best concert she has ever seen. >> quincy said the same thing, about cold play at lincoln financial field saturday fight. >> here's what we missed out on. >> so, the song yellow their biggest hit but this audience does president know justice. >> look at all of the lights. this is what i heard help you
8:26 am
get in they give you wrist band and they change colors and they light up and they hoff, they light up according to the beat to whatever song they are doing. you can see the stadium, and festive mood. >> look at that. >> they played mess of the hits and sprinkled in bruce springsteen and david bowie covers. >> bowie. >> so quincy harris was here. lets see what quincy was doing during the concert. >> an you haddible. >> seriously. >> look at ivy his wife, what a cute date night. >> cute date night that is a rocking date night. >> i'm sure chris martin will be on the q.
8:27 am
>> yes. >> let's listen for just a second. i love the balloons and everything. >> okay. i'm convinced. next time cold play comes to town i want to be there. >> are you hungry. >> yes. >> chop junior champion joins us live in the studio to create a dish making lucy chelten from bucks county a culinary master mine. i approve this message.
8:28 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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every coconut has a dream.
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to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. summer is almost over which means classes will soon be back in obsession so, why don't you send your children back in style. new fashion trend in style for kid this year. plus one bride's walk down the aisle like she never expect, she lost her father a decade ago but this stranger's special connection to her family to help make sure her
8:31 am
dad was still a big part of her big day. nine year-old there bucks county was declared winner of chopped junior did you see this. lucy health up's assignment took up tasty rattlesnakes. >> i'm making rattlesnake with broccoli sauce. sweet lime. i dip my rattle stake through eggs, flour, and eggs, and i'm going to deep fry that. >> okay. so lucy is here with us today. congratulations. >> thank you. >> do you like rattlesnake have you ever had it before. >> i would not the eat it. >> you wouldn't eat it. >> no. >> okay. >> well, thank goodness this is for tv. we have mom and dad here. you must be so proud. >> very much so. >> were you screaming, were you there screaming in the living room. >> he was there? it was worse than watching a steelers game. >> nice one. >> so how did you feel about
8:32 am
this experience. >> it was really fun. would i do it again if i had a chance. >> you would. >> it wasn't nerve racking at all. >> a little bit. >> yes. >> okay. you used this sauce on the rattlesnake and now you are making it this morning with the sauce. is this your specialty. >> yes. >> we want to try it. what are you making for us this morning. >> i will make eggs bendik. >> should we move this over here and get you ready. >> yes. >> how long have you been cooking for. >> i have been cooking since i was stan on a stool with my dad. >> so dad you are the reason why. >> yep. >> you must be like this is all me here. >> no, not really. >> grained mom helps out too. >> my grand mom and also chef corry, he works at my dad's works, he helped with me. >> where do you work. >> unaudible. >> he is one of the chefs there. >> very nice. >> what are you doing you have eggs in here, lemons. >> putting lemon juice in.
8:33 am
>> okay. you have to squeeze it real good. >> this is for the sauce. >> i will put sirac ha in it too. >> yes. >> so you like some spicy stuff, lucy. >> yes. >> you are better than me because i'm scared when it comes to spicy stuff. >> now what. >> i will put some salt and pepper on it, this is all from taste you know what you are doing. that is how you know when you are a real cook just syringe this will and little bit of that. >> she knows what she's doing. >> at home, be honest will she do cooking. >> most of the time. >> between the two of them, me not so much. >> mom needs a break, not so much. >> enjoy yourself. >> we will turn on it. >> it is plug in. >> did we pay the electric bill. >> i hope we did.
8:34 am
>> okay. maybe we will make some noise, what does it sound like, make the noise. >> oh, no, okay, that is all right. for how long until it all mixes together and then you slowly add butter. >> after you have had it milk up. >> yes. >> do you do it again with the butter. >> well, when you add butter, it should be on. it is not turning on. >> add butter and what should do you that you are ready to go. >> yes. >> usually you do it while it is, so that way eggs don't scramble. >> you can do that. >> stir it in. >> it works for tv all the time, you are a pro at this. >> use your fork. >> dad why don't you wisk it. >> i'll do this. you talk to her. >> i would help out but you know what you are doing more
8:35 am
than i do. >> you got $10,000 for winning this, what will you do with the money. >> i bought a loft bed. >> is that a special bed. >> it is like a bunk bed but it is instead of the bed underneath it had has a bunch of space. >> you want to have a friend over to sleep underneath. >> no. >> i need space here. >> what else do you do with it. >> i also got 21 for my sister and one for me and i bought a game and some of my money will go -- >> what is that. >> penn ridge fish which is our local foot bank. >> that is very nice. >> i will put the rest toward college. >> of course. >> do you know where you want to go yet. >> honestly i don't, i have a few in mind. >> yes. >> if she even needs school she's already so great at it.
8:36 am
>> have you been celebrating non-stop. >> yes, we have. >> you have a another reason to celebrate coming up, is that right. >> right. >> it is your birthday. >> i'm turning ten on august 13th. >> congratulations happy birthday. >> you celebrated this past weekend. >> i had a big party because it was going to show, the show would show again and we just had a big party. >> put it all in one. >> now what do you do now you won chopped junior. you are a big tv star. you got $10,000. what is next? >> i want to own a restaurant and catering business when i grow up. >> thinks your eggs bendik. thanks so much for being with us. thanks, mom and dad. we appreciate it. >> congratulations. high five, girl, yes. we will take this over here because chris loves eggs
8:37 am
bendik. lets get to lauren because she's live right now, lauren you are at a pool party. >> so do you remember city of philadelphia said in more dumpster pool parties. we crossed the line just a little bit here we are at one about to get started. we will tell you who is having this big pool party to day out in the burbs. coming up after the break.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ >> that is mixing it up, a kit which dog hairs. >> well, on a warm summer day then a nice dip in the pool. >> or just local dumpsters. >> last weekend two philadelphia resident rented a dumpster and claimed it, lined it and invited everyone over
8:41 am
for a swim, for a dumpster party. city hall was not amused or the source of the water which was a fire hydrant. that is something you should not do and they quickly shut it down. now city is cracking down on other dumpster parties. when they were first talking about this as a dumpster at least they lined it. it is not the just completely in a dumpster. >> i loved that they cleaned it, and then lined it. >> double coverage there. >> yes, all right. >> would you do a dumpster party like this. >> heck yah i would. why wouldn't you. >> why not. >> you want to get to know your neighbors, right. >> that is true. >> some people didn't like fire hydrant, you know, city didn't want you doing this playing in the fire hydrant water a and that kind of thing but hopefully we will be able to check in because preston and steve are totally on board with this. they love this idea. they are having a dumpster pool party of their own. what is the plastic pools in your yard. >> same thing. >> bigger. >> better.
8:42 am
>> yes. >> all right. >> lets go to jen fred who is talking back to school stuff. good morning to you jen. >> we want to be fashionable. >> we will start with the boys but for the boys you can do a lit built more with the hand me down department. we will talk about just how you can make boys happy, and save a lot of money and save yourself sometime when we come right back. it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose
8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
it has been a busy monday where weather will not give you any problems today. be glad you are not vacation nothing virginia beach today, because they are having rain. nobody at the shore is getting rain either. we have a stationary front that will keep us, non-oppressive humidity. it will be warm and not oppressively humid. not until middle of the week when this thing sneaks further northward, as a warm, warm front. eighty-eight today. eighty-nine tomorrow. ninety on wednesday. and then that last like it could be the beginning or tuesday, of a heat wave, because we look to be in the 90's on thursday, friday, maybe even saturday and sunday with plenty of humidity as well by friday.
8:46 am
93 degrees will feel like a hundred. it is all coming back guys just like convention week. >> if it feels like that, then why wouldn't we just jump in the dumpster, is that right. >> if there is water in it that is cool and refreshing. lauren johnson you where preston and steve in bala cynwyd. >> yes, preston and steve are inside. they sent casey outside. so here's the deal, 22 feet, 60 feet, it is a serious hole. lets talk todays i. we will interview him. your toenails are painted for pool party. >> yes, they are. so we're live on the air and live on tv. my toes and fingernails are painted for eagles training camp they are eagles green. it just so happens we have a dumpster in the back of our parking lot here. >> i love your get up. are you going to take any of this off right now. >> well, i am going to break world record for dumpster swimming so i got my speedos on. it is not the speedos that you abe i grew up with but span
8:47 am
deck speedo. i am ready to ditch this when you guys are. >> are you ready for me to go swimming. >> we are ready. >> somebody hold my mike even if so i can take my shirt off. >> live on fox. >> casey. >> if you want to give me a three, two, one, count. >> ready casey. >> someone hold the mike phone. >> three, two, one. >> he did it. >> he is doing the breast stroke. >> go butter fly. >> everybody else in the pool. >> everybody in the pool.
8:48 am
chris and alex, i got wet on the side of the dumpster pool. >> dressed for the occasion. >> i know. >> i have to stand by and watch. but isn't this exciting, they came right outside and said we don't want to break the rules in the city. we are not allowed to have dumpster pool parties. here we are. they have a tow truck here so bed of the truck is wherever one jumped off of and they have a little truck over behind george that can keep filling it up all day long. >> is this an only in philadelphia a thing, dumpster pools. >> i don't know. last week we talk while were you away in california, it is, a city thing, living in new york, philadelphia it is a cement jungle. you want to have pool party fun but you can't so people get creative. that is what we have here. it is all fun. >> month question is how many people can fit in the dumpster pool before it gets to be too
8:49 am
much. >> i heard preston and steve say this is twice as big as ones we reported on last week. it seems like they can get calendar girls, a few interns, casey got it all kick off though. now they are challenging preston and steve to come out today at some point. >> lauren johnson, we won't judge. >> all right, thanks lauren. >> lets get to jen because we will talk about back to school and back to school fashion we will start with the boys and we will do girls. >> okay. >> cool looking good looking kid. >> cool looking kid. your mom makes you give your old clothes to your brother. >> yes. >> we will talk about why hand me downs are more important for boys then in some cases the ladies because you have to have all your brand, mister i get it. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
8:50 am
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good morning updating our breaking news all morning long delta airline computer glitch this morning. it happened at 2:30 as of right now all flights drawned worldwide. delta's headquarters is out of atlanta georgia. lets go to charlotte live look from our fox affiliate down there in charlotte, lines at the ticket counters at all of the delta ticket counters. we have heard reports where they are allowing people to check in. we have talk to two ladies earl her who checked in and they will go upstairs at philly international and hope wine bar is opened. the best way to stay up to date throughout the day, would be on our web site and also delta's news hub which is their twitter page but here's an example, check this out, the flights in the air for delta, and the flight in the air for american airlines. take a look at this even if the power switch did get
8:54 am
flipped on right now we're a long ways from getting back to normal. if you intend to fly today with another airline, make sure you get down there, check in early, confirm your seat because those delta passengers will be looking for an alternate route, chris and alex, back over to you. >> you know mike jerrick is flying back from the west coast in red eye and just missed this and i texted him and i said, are you on the ground. he said, yeah, before the glitch, wow. we're down, baby. mike jerrick comes back tomorrow morning. >> he is so lucky. >> jen is helping you save money with back to school stuff because it can really add up. kid want latest supplies and they want to be fashionable too. >> number of places to buy back to school clothing you can go all over with. >> so jen, is what the deal. how about starting with this facebook swap. >> yes, we will talk about facebook swap, we're here about joey and her two little guys. hi, guys.
8:55 am
>> oh, no, you are so silly. >> so, number one thing, first thing to you this time of the year is you go through you cannot do it, you try to make them just like you. >> is school starting tomorrow, please, someone. >> look at his clothes and see what he has grown out of. >> correct. >> it is very important to take what you have and get rid of it and figure out what you need before you decide to replenish with boys because these guys they are just as bad if not worse. i don't have girls. they are just as bad. >> some of the things with boys they are okay with faded t-shirt and some of the bad things. it is okay let them wear gently used stuff and they like to wear from their older brother. >> they love it. i can tell story like the shoes, these you can tell story about the shoes and then a teachable moment. >> they were over priced but your first baby but now they are getting used.
8:56 am
>> eighty-dollar pair of shoes, i necessity, i'm a idiot. but he got to wear them. >> now facebook thing you put yourself out on facebook, swap it, sell it, make money for the brand and kid this age between eight and 14, boys they are more about brand then ever before. >> under arm or is one of the brand we work with and of course, you can tell, it is a good brand for him but they have school uniforms many but they sent us school uniform, new line of shoes, backpack but uniform is brand new and breathable, which it will be helpful for parents. >> i love columbia but i love any fleece of any kind. but these are kind of things you are talking about. this stuff season after kid, kid after kid. >> you make machine toy make yourself feel better about the day a lieutenant of moms to have stay home and work from home. >> how do you know your facebook swapping. >> you need to talk to kathy roman o every time i see her, she's a machine. >> talking to people from
8:57 am
wmmr. >> she's doing it the right way. >> she's a pro. i'm just here to tell you about it. >> guys, i was really proud of you. wave and smile. >> facebook like. >> there you go. >> now then i'm training him. >> we have done boys. we are off to the girls. we will see new a little bit. >> daily news launches its sexy singal digs. we have a first look at this. some of these pictures, hot, hot, hot. we have our first look at this 2016 addition, meet some of the new class of hot men and women heating up our area, plus someone from fox 29 is in this years class. ♪
8:58 am
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