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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it is start of the 9:00 o'clock hour. it is another, hot day.
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we are looking in wilmington right now. it is august 8th, 2016. hello sue. >> hi, my whom i's birth the day. >> happy birthday, mommy. >> nancy, nancy, serio. >> she's this baltimore. >> she is, and probably sleeping right now. she's retire. she gets to sleep in. >> she deserves to on her birth the day. >> i like the way you say this, it is august 8th, 8-8. >> what does weather say. >> eighty-eight. >> that is really accurate. i didn't put it there for that reason. you could have chosen 87 or 89. >> tell us one wonderful thing about your mom. >> my mother is always selfless growing up. we got everything before she took care of herself. four kids, stay at home mom, didn't after lot of money, and she would wear the same old winter coat year after year. she's great hotter. >> you handed that down to your daughter nia.
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>> and she heads back to school soon. >> why do you bring this up. >> how much time do you have. >> one week she goes back early. >> she's not that far. >> we have had a good summer, you know, she's excited about going back to school that is most important thing. that is what is more important that your kid are happy. >> we were talking about the weather. the lets heat things up in here. the daily news has launched its annual sexy singles addition. >> what a photo shoot that was. >> this is the beach. out in the water in the bathing suit. so we will meet new class of hot men and women in our area. >> yes. >> look at that, go girl. >> all right. >> hi, how are you. >> can i bureau. >> do you look marvelous do you want to come join me in the water, fred. >> yes. >> let's splash around. >> plus put down that coffee and drive. that is message from new jersey lawmakers. their new push to crackdown on
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distract driving. >> we are winding down summer which means, of course, that class will begin soon. it is, pack to school 101, sending your kids back in style. >> so new fashion trend as jen said what better summer day then a quick dip in the pool. >> not pools, that is so last year. now people are doing local dumpsters and lets have a party. last weekend two philadelphia residents rented a dumpster they cleaned it, lined it and everyone jumped in for a swim. city hall was not amused by this or source of water so they quickly shut it down. so now city is cracking down on other dumpsters parties. preston and steve is saying we're outside the city of philadelphia so we will have one. >> they are in bala cynwyd this morning. >> yes. >> it is a party. >> reporter: definitely a party. just when we were about to leave, justin myers showed up.
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he is the guy who inspired the party last week. that is why they are doing it last week. thinks a spoof off your pool party. >> i think thinks great. we have a lot more excited people in the pool. they started a lot earlier then i did. >> you started how early. >> we started around 12. >> you looked around and said they did it just how we dit, exact same way. >> pretty much, we have a lower dumpster to make it a little safer but this is a really big dumpster. >> how much is this. >> that is about 250 bucks. >> how much was the liner. >> about a hundred dollars. >> then you had water. >> i used some water. >> and started a little bit of the controversy. >> yeah, it did. >> but were you just trying to have fun. >> yes. >> today were you heading to the river. friend started calling what did they tell us. >> it is river life day. we invented our friends to the river. it just so happen that wmmr had a dumpster. someone told me bit. and we had to do this first. >> you look too dry to have a
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pool party. to you want to see how it feels or put your whole body in. there we go. welcome to the pool party, justin. >> wow. >> all right. alex and chris. >> who does this in the morning at 9:00 o'clock. >> so mischief us, just give you a pay back and throw new that dumpster. >> seriously. >> no. >> note to pool party i will in the stand next to the what the fur lauren is around. >> splash her, do something, get her back. >> doing hand stands. >> so, what is going on with delta? this is breaking news. is there still a ground delay worldwide, bob. >> delta airlines had has just sent out a message that the ground stop has been lifted, so it all started about 2:30
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this morning when a power issue halted all services object dealt a they have 5400 flights a day worldwide. lets go out to philly international, live look right now. even though ground stop has been lifted, we're a long way from getting back to normal. again this is impacting hundreds of thousands of passengers around the world that fly with delta each and every day. delta's main hubbies out of chicago. we are looking live here at philly international which is the american and u.s. air terminal. lets come back to my computer system. this is at about 7:00 o'clock, the flights listed across the u.s. for delta, verse flights in the u.s. for american. so even though that they are getting switch and things are starting to get back to normal do check with the airline. they have been offering refund. delta's waiver program is in effect and if you are not flying delta and heading down to philadelphia today check in
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make sure airline knows you you are coming because every delta passenger has been trying to find an alternate since this glitch happened at about 2:30 this morning. chris and alex, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. 9:07. lets talk about kissing and making up. >> yes. >> of course, but some people like to have the making up part too. >> that is true. >> some who hold grudge longer men or women. >> oh, no. >> it is definitely women. i totally agree with you. because i have trouble after a fight letting it go. >> me too. >> should we dive deep into this. >> okay. >> so here's the thing, then we will delve in. evidently researchers studied athletes and their reactions after a competition. when women congratulated each other after the match the handshakes were pretty frosty. >> yes. >> but with the men you can see the warmth, the tightness
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of their handshake, mutual respect. >> when, that is what translates to relationship. you just bet beat me in a tennis match. >> good game. >> yes. >> it is not like that. >> no. >> that, no. >> here's my interpretation of it. that is how you are feeling inside. outside, good game, good game. >> yes. >> big smile. >> am i wrong, alex. >> when it comes to that kind of stuff, i'm cool with that. when it comes to relationships, friendships and dating like that, i can kind of hold a grudge. my whole thing is when you get in an argument with someone and day before and then they hit you up next day like that never happens that hurts me. there is an elephant in the room. hey, is what up good morning. you just called me a name yesterday. >> does it frustrate you ladies how easily we men let things go. >> but i'm jell news a way
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because as i told my husband, it it is not just like turning off the water i still to have little trickle and you know. >> that makes sense. you have to get it out of your system a little bit. you fight. and then everything is okay now. i have to simmer down. you got me all worked up. let me cool off. >> women it the takes you a while to warm up, and then takes you a while to cool down. men we warm right up, cool right down. >> you never held a grudge. >> only if the person continues to be a jerk, i'm talking about dudes now. if you show them up, come on man, really can you be cool. and then they continue to be a jerk on the playground they kind of get criticized a little bit. >> what about women. >> here's the thing with guys when a woman has such a long memory, now forever more going forward, you kind of to be a
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little bit cautious. >> as long as you you know that about women, mars and venous thing you are from a different planet men are from mars and women are from venous and we are in different worlds, vastly. new jersey has been in a battle in the crackdown on distract driving. so texting or talking on cell phones we know that is illegal. >> right. >> however some lawmakers now believe that will not go far enough. >> now we're getting tricky. new bill aimed at curbing distracted driving. it is to stop drivers from multi tasking at all, not just talking on the phone and texting. one new jersey assemblyman said first offense is $400. >> wow. >> distract by coffee, children or music, is there always some form of distraction. it is a decision we each of to make by our own convictions. >> i would say it is a good thing because even fit is inconvenient for people for a moment or two, it can save lives, why not.
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>> lawmakers say, you can have your license suspended for three months. >> so we're talking potentially just drinking a cup of coffee while in the car. >> it can be distracting i guess. >> and dangerous. >> yes. >> cause and effect there. >> there are 800 cup holders in your car. you are not supposed to have a beverage in the car while driving. >> we have to take away cup holders good what is the difference between that and bottled water, right? they be you have to screw the cap back on and everything else. >> i would apply to any beverage. >> it is not drinking of the coffee while driving, it is spilling of the coffee while driving. what is the deal with these, you ever get a cup of coffee to go and it just keeps dripping through the lid every time you take a lid. why sit coming through. you are driving. getting ready to work. it is all over your tie or shirt. >> if you are able to drink coffee or anything hot while driving then you are brave. i'm scared i will burn myself.
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what if i hit a bump and it is all over me. i will do it the at a stop light. >> maybe you can legislate that along with everything else. >> drive through star bucks in new jersey will those be banned. >> the drive throughs. >> it is a slippery slope. >> well, stars lined up and got in formation for president obama's 55th birthday party held at the white house this was on friday night. it was a big party. he celebrated his last birthday in the the white house in grand style. this is video from the last state dinner. this was pretty private. i don't think we have footage from it, or any. he turned 55. some of the hollywood's big a listers came out to celebrate, talking sarah jessica parker, tyler per he, nick jonas, that is only a few people some people did take picks. magic johnson was there with his wife cookie. >> they were in the same car as sam jackson and his we have le tanya. >> look the at them. >> that is great.
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>> george lucas, the director there, and there is current chair of the board of directors of the dream works animation. >> and she has this new look, she has blonde highlights going on. >> yes,. >> she looks like she's walking down the runway. >> she's always looking fabulous. >> yes. >> common was there the rapper, he posted this picture to instagram, walking in the white house, festive. >> and then, besides hillary clinton there were other people in politics at the party. reverend al sharpton was there. >> that is his girlfriend. >> okay. >> i like her dress. >> and also the rumor is jay-z and beyonce were there. they are best friend with the first lady. >> we have no photographic efforts. >> we have beyonce, jay-z and stevey wonder and common the rapper. >> common is big too. >> not as big as them. then you said formation. >> that is true. >> when you get in formation that is beyonce reference.
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>> but look at all those people in the room there. he is pretty popular as far as celebrity given a listers that come part which him. >> probably coolest presidents of the all time you have to go obama and jfk, right. you will not talk taft or ike. >> well, young presidents too. >> yes. >> both in their 40's. >> wonder what all went on in that party. >> i was there in d.c. last week and over weekend and i went to the white house just to take a look when i take a look at it. they have an extra set. before you could walk up and look through the gates. you cannot even get close. >> they had recent breaches. >> yes. >> and it happened to be late because i was at a convention. stuff got finished late. they cut off lights after like 11:00 which i also didn't know. you can't get to the fence and lights are off. >> you can't take a picture. >> all i see is darkness. >> have you been inside. >> nope. >> would i love to do the tour. >> when i was young, when bill
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clinton was president, my mom and her friend was married to a guy in the secret service. he took us in. i got these presidential m and m's and they were signed bill clinton on them. i didn't open the box. i kept them until they got hard and they were ruined. >> very cool. >> thousand bucks on e bay right now. >> i necessity. >> i should have kept them on the refrigerator. >> it depend how are a fan of. >> they melt in your mouth, not in your hand. >> we will do melting later in the week. >> close to a hundred. >> you don't want to leave them in your car. >> no. >> leave something in your glove box for when you you are hungry, not in this weather. eighty-eight today. eighty-nine tomorrow. not excessively humid. even tomorrow. by wednesday, yeah, sticky, hot and humid. high of 90. thunderstorms around. stays in the 90's through the weekend but friday 93 degrees will feel like a hundred. just like the week before last when we had convention here in
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town and pretty miserable but it is august and you knew this would come back. >> what is normal temperature of friday typically. >> normal would be about 86. >> okay. >> bottom numbers on that seven day those are shore temperatures. >> lets go down the shore then. >> for sure. >> lets go back to school then. girls are excited for new trend, of course, they want to look stylish. so jen, we did boys. the lets find out what is in for girls. >> yes, we will begin with this age group which is kind of like fourth to eighth gradish would you say. >> yes. >> first of all say good morning to you from lafayette hill. good morning. >> lets talk about what she's wearing. i noticed the cameo. >> very strong, goes up all ages from young, even baby stage all the way up to the junior and college bound girls. >> other thing we are looking
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at is denim jackets are still here. but patches a and make your own jacket, bring your old jacket in and patches, customize it any way, it is nice it is all done locally, all of the patching is done by your local, girl in lafayette hill. >> she has choke even on my daughter's back. >> they are the biggest thing at this age and they are doing tonight mesh, they are doing tonight charms and everything. >> so we will bring in her sister charlie. what i'm noticing she's older. she has the top, it is discrete not to crazy. >> they can't make them too low because they won't let them in school. it is done tastefully here, youth any and not like she's trying to be too old for her which is hard for that age as a child. >> you turnaround, emojis are still king. >> we thought it would be gone a year ago. the it is coming on stronger
9:18 am
and stronger. we are so over it but they keep reinventing it. >> you top off the patches. they are putting patches on their own stuff. you say here they can bring in their own jones and you charge them for patch. >> yes, these are just stick ons. we have a heat press thaw can bring in and do iron on thaw see on the jacket; jean shorts and this time of the the year kid still want shorts they come back from camp we can patch them up and make them new. >> they are doing it on the sneakers too. adidas is name brand but they are putting stickers on top. >> the a did his as sneaker is so strong in black, white, it started last spring and still going strong. >> and then, you know i'm a mom. you are a mom. you have to talk about the under clothes a little will bit. bralets are in the really in but they are more appropriate and girls are using them. >> charlie has them laid underneath her piece. you need to have it because so many of the styles have these wide arm things that mothers just don't want their child
9:19 am
walking around. this way it adds color and coverage. it is starting from the four year-old straight up to the college bound girl. >> speaking of college bound you have some stuff for them as well. >> yes you guys, you looked great. you look awesome. they are just back from vacation. you can hardly tell with the braids and the tan. appreciate your help. this is all cool stuff. >> it is fun. >> fun. >> guys, back to you. >> okay. >> cute stuff. >> yes. take the old jacket and update it for you. >> make it new. >> 9:19. next we will introduce to you a liquor that is similar to tequilla, why mike says you got to try this seeing what the fuss is all about. mezcal. mess california.
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i like this. >> very jazzy, good morning. >> because when we talk with mike jerrick we know he is jazzy at times. to kiehl ace used to get ago tension but now its cousin mezcal is getting the lime light here. >> mike says you have to try mezcal and then understand that what the fuss is all about. >> i have come to one of my favorite places to bring my friend and family sometimes, when i want to have a cocktail, it is the lobby of the beautiful, ritz carlton, hotel. and amanda is here. what is your exact title. >> i'm a bartender here. >> is that it. >> yes. >> okay.
9:24 am
>> sorry. >> yes. >> so look what you have done with this place. i have been coming here for years. it looks better then it ever has. it is very chic, other place has been here since early 1900's. >> it was a bank. >> it was called girard bank as a matter of fact. the reason why i came here because there is a new trend, that i have been noticing, i'm going to order mezcal. i necessity that has, tequilla. >> yes. >> well, technically tequilla is a a form of mezcal, mezcal is any spirit made from a gaive. mezcal can be made of 50 types of agaves out there. >> this will sound weird. >> okay. >> they taste like, other spirits, like this one right here what is this. >> that is vodka, but this is botanicals like lemon grass. >> what does it the takes like.
9:25 am
>> jin. >> why don't i drink jin. >> why don't you broaden your horizons. >> okay. >> wow, that is strong. >> you can take a little bit of orange and dip it in the salt. >> yep. >> and then do what. >> eat it. >> eat it. >> after i have taken the first drink. >> yep. >> it brings out a different flavor. >> it has spices to it. >> it really does. >> can you drink it again. >> um-hmm. >> that is where you get your real taste. >> yes. >> it does have a different taste. >> what is in the black bottle. >> thinks our mezcal, and it is theirespadin product which is a agave. they have requested a mezcal cheese. >> this is our mexican. we have a little bit of tequilla we make in house pine
9:26 am
apple, rose marie shrubs, shake it together and top it with ginger berry. >> that is good. >> vida is more smokey mezcal, so it will have have, a little bit of ginger, and if you pair it which has a existing flavor you will get, yeah, citrus. >> what spirit will it taste like. >> yes. >> that is what i like it. >> because it is. >> broaden your horizons you need to broaden your horizons. >> what about this one. >> scorpion mind is age, mezcal, it is aged six months, and it is going to have a similar characteristic to bourbon, nice and smooth. >> why don't i just drink bourbon. >> you have to broaden your horizon. >> what is last bottle. >> thinks mezcal, a little bit different from most. it taste more like a dessert wine that has more of a creamy butter scotch. >> it tastes good though. >> um-hmm. >> and trendy.
9:27 am
>> this is a great place to try. so come see amanda. >> yes. >> thank you. >> you got the to try this, it is strong though, be care full. >> very nice. >> i can tell he didn't like the first one. mexican mule i was like okay. >> you know which one he likes. >> we will try it. >> 9:27. lets get sexy how about this the latest daily news addition sexy singles, time to be revealed meet new class of hot men and women and also a member of our fox family is a sexy sing i you have to see these pictures. oh, lucy. acme has everything you need, every day!
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> celebrating international cat day. but, also celebrating the 60 singles in our area, because, it is time for sexy singles, always heating thing up. hot stuff baby. chris has been distracted all morning, because he has been checking out this daily news, and all of the sexy singles this year. the first eligible bachelors and batch lore et cetera, interviewed today, go ahead, get your issues, see who is in there. but yes, we have a fox 29 fox in this year's group. and it is lucy noland. >> hey. >> call it sexy lewes. >> i no, no, it is just mom lucy. >> hine, you look great. >> mom lucy, some explaining
9:32 am
to do. >> some explaining to do? >> first, look, oh, my gosh. >> isn't it beautiful? look at that face. >> oh, what do you call this face, lewesy? >> sexy? >> really is. >> i love this pose, this is my favorite. >> i would never lay on the couch the same way again. is this how you lay on the couch at home? >> yes, yes, i cramp up a little bit, but it is worth it. >> have you done modeling in the past? >> a long time ago, once upon a time, in a land far away. >> obviously there was a water theme this year. >> definately, everything about the surf and being sex. >> i and i was the most dressed person, right? >> we tried, but the station wasn't having it. >> all kind of ways to be sexy, and you're showing it. >> sex is he from the inside if you ask me. >> true. >> and in the eyes, were you giving us the sexy face. oh, my goodness. so this is behind the scenes of the shoot then? >> yes, in atlantic city, resorts casino hotel, we were
9:33 am
therefore several days. we just had wonderful time. >> now, was this an all day shoot? >> oh, yes, all day shoot. >> the person out the gate, right? >> look at you, lucy girlfriends. >> from the hairstyle -- >> oh, yes. we bonded. hair, make up. >> i'm ready for my close up. >> oh, she was great, very easy to work with, low key, and took fabulous photos. >> yes, did you. >> clem murr did i, that he's fantastic, put up with me out there. so i'm sure lucy you already get tons of admirers anchoring the evening show here, but are you ready what's about to happen now? >> ya, no, if you were on the cover and that was the most classy elegant picture, do we have that? >> i love that. >> ah-hah! >> there it is. >> i love that picture. >> everything was perfect, the lighting, and wait, little
9:34 am
story. >> what happened? >> the daily news sole more than 5,000 extra copies. >> oh! >> and with the daily news you have to go out of your way to go to the wawa or news stands, naturally hands over the money to get the paper. it doesn't arrive outside your doorstep, a lot of people about it because you were on the cover. >> what is this girl on this cover? let me figure this out. >> phillies newest girl, on the cover, and classy. >> thank you. >> and you are classy, too. >> so for the men out there, i mean, we can appreciate the men, too, look at david, this guy is 50? are you serious? >> yes. >> now i'm motivated to get in the gym. if this guy is 50, looking like this? that's awesome. are you kidding me. >> what he does? >> personal treanor. >> oh, no wong err. >> -- no wonder. >> customers, they go through the roof. >> we've all seen personal trainers who doesn't look quite like that. >> walks the walk. >> okay. >> now, for people at home,
9:35 am
the process for ac sexy sing snell. >> they get their photos taken, appear in the daily news, on some do media tours with us, and then we have a dance party. >> how do they get select in the. >> people nominate people. >> oh,. >> they just e-mail us, what about so-and-so. what about so-and-so. >> and then you start investigating? >> we do little sniffing around. we pick 25 of the hottest ones. >> wow. >> we have 26 this year. >> and can you imagine having all of them, all 26, in one room? because that's going to happen, isn't it? >> yes, wednesday night at stratus long, party open to the public, it is $20 in advance, $25 at the door. and it will be smoking hot. >> top of the monitor there? >> for the first time, right? >> always a good time. >> so here the thing, i know what you're doing, i know what you are doing, wednesdays, big nights for sips, a lot of people come together, get to meet people. is that what you are doing here? >> yes, yes. great day to be out and about. >> yes. >> we also want to mention to you, lucy, also great fox 29 folks have been on.
9:36 am
bill anderson was also a sexy sing. >> i right. >> the whole beach bod going, too. >> he did. right there. cool. >> and he was in radio. >> right. >> also lauren johnson. >> awe, love it. >> congratulations, lucy, you are sexy. >> sexy face? >> no. >> yes! >> one thing -- >> , no i can't. go ahead give the sexy look. >> now, lucy, come on, real quickly. >> no, i can't do that. you can't put me on the spot like that. >> she has to be in the moment. >> listen -- >> so if you want to see lewes any life, come out wednesday. see you there. thank you so much, for another we look forward, throughout the week, right? thank you so much. 9:36. well, one bride's walk down the aisle like she never expected. she lost her father a decade ago. but this stranger special connection to her family, to help make sure her dad was still part of her big day.
9:37 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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♪ you don't want it to rain on this beautiful weather. rain in the nor cast? >> not today, not tomorrow. >> good. >> amazing story out of western pennsylvania, been really making its way on line, it is touching. >> really is. so a bride's father was part of her wedding, right, even though he passed away years ago. so how do this happen? check this gentleman out here, arthur thomas, he walked her down the aisle, gave her away. but author is not related to
9:41 am
jenny the bride. here is the thing. the heartbeat g inside his chest belongs to jenny's late father, who was shot and killed ten years ago. >> gives you chills. it said he was on death's door had it not been for her father's heart. he would have died a few days later. says it felt like her father was there. >> and just so thankful that my dad could be here with us today, in spirit, and a piece of his physical being, as well, that was really, really special for us. >> what greater honor could a person have in walking the daughter of a man who gave his heart to me. i can't imagine a greater honor. >> oh, boy. >> and, you know, it is a good time to speak about organ donation, if you don't have it on your drivers license. >> so easy to do. >> yes. >> and wouldn't and waiting list. we talk about this a lot. if everyone was an organ donor, if they sign up.
9:42 am
>> yes. >> , and when we do the donor dash, the gift of life, people affected by this, lives saved, family members so thankful. >> even the donors heroes event. >> and when your drivers license comes up for renewal. >> check the box, makes a difference. >> what a special thing for that gentleman. >> and a way to show his gratitude for the heart that he received. >> oh, boy. >> and a lot of times when thief these families, they ends up connecting, ends up are relationship, organ donor's family. >> that's true. >> all right, 9:42, let's check back in with jen. getting us ready for back to school style. >> ♪ >> reporter: now talking a little bit about the college, a little bit about high school. look how warm and knewly my friends are, flannels, rock star, lays ups, everything. got you covered.
9:43 am
it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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whether it comes to back to school clothes, new trends, new things, you know? >> so what's new? is it plaid this year? >> jen knows what's in. >> jen, what's hot for these kids these days? >> reporter: so here is the situation, good morning, you guys, down to earth kids lafayette hill. good morning. >> good morning. >> so the overall theme is all of the trends have basically
9:46 am
jumped in a blender and they're altogether? >> yes. >> so we will begin with amanda, she comes out, this is what you are talking about, the rock star t-shirt is back? >> but it has changed. look at the lacing, look, it is also acid warned, over died. and it is just amazing, we do them short sleeve, long sleeve, cut off sleeve, for back to school most of the kids near their arms covered. and it is great because it is done by local, tailgate t's, and just wonderful product. >> ripped up jeans are still in. >> going strong. sometimes we're seeing them now slits, and the distressed, light ones distressed darker ones with knee slits, things that of that nature. >> white top sneaker, cool, not going away. >> not going. >> and also in black, as well, moving into fall. >> good. so we have as luck would have it another amanda. again what you are talking about, a flannel, but blended with the lays up top? >> right. just gives it a little bit after new flare. girls always want to change in their wardrobe, love it with
9:47 am
the ankle boot, just makes it right, easy clothing, get up and go. >> i love what amanda said, i'm not used to wearing bright clothing. this is bright clothing. >> muted. >> and we have amanda, so here we saw a little bit of what we saw with the younger girls with the patches, but a farmer jacket -- >> bomber jacket. >> bomber jacket, vintage green, black, white with the racing stripe, like the old members only jacket. >> exactly. >> and the kids are loving them from all ages, here, this one patched just on the sleeves. >> and again, you can buy your own patches and put it on an old jacket. >> and patch it and do it to your -- customize it to your liking. >> so we have on achieve he will, and lauriette. >> that's one piece, first as a choker, had these made for us so they can get the choker look but the lar yet piece. tie it on untie it, but that's a hot fashion item. >> love it. so now that we're going back to college, you have all of this stuff. so here again blending like a child ' t with the flannel.
9:48 am
>> yes. >> i love. that will then it is prep cool. i mention to you my son saw a man in chuck's, kevin mccarthy one of the film critics. why are you wearing girls school? this type of sneak is her all for girls right now. >> all for girls, only for girls, done in all of the schools. we special order them for you, they did a great job making them. >> our ladies are in the coolest things i've ever seen. what are these things? >> these are called sleep sacks. they started out on the younger side in bright patterns, emojis, then we transferred it over to all of the colleges. it is fabulous, they go on their beds, they don't have to make their bed, customize it in any school, also do it in sport teams. >> like the eagles and flyers? >> for the boys, do our owner have sean of it, of course, but do it in sports themes, so it works both ways. >> in terms of the stuff, you know, we look at it from west chester, penn state, you know, sad not to see a terrible, but any school you can do this to? >> in a two day turn around we can do it, long sleeve, short sleeve, tank, any school, any
9:49 am
color, lacing, however you want it. >> i love it. you're always good. but today you are on fire. i love all of your stuff. there is so much here. it is hard to find the right thing, and did you a great job. >> thank you so much. >> you guys, you're awesome, great, you guys, now you can go back to bed, okay? back to you guys. >> that's great. so you just take your sweatshirt, you cut it, you lays it up, right, like everybody can do that? >> how about filling us in on kevin smart. >> a lot of people waiting for this moment, report he had have i happening today. a big event in kevin heart's life.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> ♪ >> today is also a big day for our guy, kevin heart, and his fiancee, they're getting married, and they say they'll be married, they've been engaged for awhile, let's be honest, but today is the day, engaged back in 2014, dated for five years, recently celebrated, well, have they been married yet? getting married today. but -- >> pre wedding honeymoon? it looks like they had a trip to mexico. and oh, and then there is the bachelorette party. >> and you don't hear a lot
9:54 am
about his fiancee. few fun fact about her. she is taller than kevin. she 5-foot seven. and he's 5-foot four. they got engaged on their 30th birthday. and she looks being a step mom to his two kids, kevin's children, from his first marriage, seem to get along really well. and they like to play around together, she travels with him, she is very fit, too. >> all right. >> chris was looking like oh, nice. >> we know where the wedding is, or is it top secret? >> probably top secret. >> oh, it is actually in california. we do know. >> hopefully we'll have pictures to show you tomorrow, star studded affair. i'm sure they'll bolt look fabulous. always nice suits, sometimes men's fashion, get boring, because, but he knows how to bring it up, do different stuff. >> his instagram's are fun to follow, by the way, always fun pictures, perfect shape, clothe are always perfect. >> should be good. >> you know, you talk about the honeymoon thing for him. i mean, just being with a guy like that, isn't it a constant
9:55 am
like exotic honeymoon, jet setting all the time anywhere? >> if you follow him, it is like his private plane going here, fabulous life. he works really hard, he has like five movies out right now, own tennis shoe, sold out stadiums. >> yes. >> so i guess he works hard, he deserves it. >> let's bee live or -- belabor this just for a minute. five years, how long is like too long, and when should you get the ring? >> well, you know, he was married before. so times it makes guys a little reluctant to take the plunge the second time. >> whatever it takes for you, i feel like there shouldn't be a set time period. whenever you feel comfortable, whenever you are ready to make the move. as long as it works for both of you. >> if our woman, tired of waiting for the ring, and you give hilt an up the mate up, you got to be prepared for follow through. >> oh, that's true. >> so, gout to think very carefully. >> okay. >> well, what about this?
9:56 am
apparently there is a new spot to put jewelry. your hair. >> oh, okay. >> that doesn't hurt then? >> thank goodness, apparently the the latest trend. first seen on christina. dozens of metal hoops, this look here, into the braid. so like in your hair. but then taken there is and running with it, black china added her own touch. placed jewels in her hair. >> oh, that's prep. >> i with the hoops, as well. >> with a braid. >> mitchell, dawned hoops for the teen choice awards. >> look at that. >> pretty in the back there. >> kitty pear i, kim kardashian, new braid piercing, this is the newest, braid piercing. >> how about introducing braid piercing costs in. >> i don't know, and how long does it last? >> can you shampoo with it in or do all that work -- >> otherwise it will be on the floor of your shower. >> all right, so it lasts three, four, five days?
9:57 am
>> or it goes down the drain. >> special occasions, braids are coming back. >> your a right, doesn't hurt. >> and that's the key. >> what would be the most painful part of your body to peers? >> oh, i'm sure. >> most ladies have their earlobes pierced but what about -- >> my brother had cartilage pierced. >> that kind of hurt. >> really? >> yes. >> only in the beginning. >> that sounds horrific. >> all painful to me. >> did you ever kiss a guy with his tongue peers in the. >> no, i have not. have you kiss add girl with her tongue peers in the. >> no. >> okay. >> or somebody that just had it done? >> oh, my gosh. >> we don't all talk like that. >> nice to meet you. >> when you get a waiter or waitress, what will you have? >> oh, gosh. can i not deal. i cannot. >> well, once again, congratulations to lucy lucy nol around, daily news cope, pick it up, sexy singles 2016.
9:58 am
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