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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and first democrat elected pennsylvania's attorney general. prosecutors have charged kathleen kane with leaking secret grand jury information then lying to cover it up. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell in for iain page tonight. twenty two a slow process questioning potential jurors today. it still goes on at this hour. let's get out to fox 29's joanne pileggi outside the montgomery county core house with more. joanne? >> reporter: chris, it has been a marathon day of jury selection here in the child trial of attorney general kathleen kane. the beginning of the trial. jurors arriving here before 9:00 o'clock this morning and they are still inside right now apparently the judge wants to impanel this jury this evening and start the trial tomorrow. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is accused of leaking sensitive grand jury information allegedly trying to consist up. jury selection started today with a pool of 100 jurors. they were asked a number of
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questions and the judge read out a list of potential witnesses and names for the case that includes judges, ag staff and journalists. the judge and lawyers are trying to find out if any potential jurors have any connection to any of the witnesses or potential witnesses they want to find juror who's pledge to be impartial in their decision-making. kane facing perjury and obstruction of justice charges as well as official oppression. dozens of jurors of those 100 jurors have been called into chambers individually and that's why this process has been taking so long. they've been in the process of voir dire to see if they will be sitting on this panel of 12 jurorjurors and four alternatesd again we are told that the judge wants to get this jury in place so she can start this trial tomorrow morning. live at courthouse, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you in the studio. >> joanne, of course the trial will be a gossip filled political of a affair stick with fox 29 on air and online for all
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the latest drama from montgomery county. community shaken tonight after a tragedy inside a berks county home. no official word right now what may have led to a shocking case police believe is murder/suici murder/suicide. >> authorities found a mom and dad along with their three young children and their family dog dead in their home over the weekend. fox 29's sabina kuriakose tells us tonight there may have been trouble brewing between the parents. >> reporter: published report cites one neighbor as saying that meghan short was actually going to leave her husband mark and take the kids with her on saturday the very day that the family's bodies were found inside this home. >> it's sad. it's definite estating. >> reporter: in this small community two-year-old willow short was known as something of a neighborhood miracle. born with a heart defect her struggle live with the transplant was chronicled online by her mom they-year-old meghan short. hope and promise turned to shock and horror police discovering the bodies of willow, her mother and father, along with eight-year-old sister leanna and
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five-year-old brother mark inside their stalling singing spring home saturday. all five family members killed with bullets. counselors on hand at leanna's grade school where she would have been a third grader this fall. >> i thought they were a good family. >> reporter: police found a murder suicide note but have not said who shot the weapon or what the mow testify may have been. the evident vitter gators have referenced domestic issues. a neighbor tells the eagle meghan going to move out. >> that neighbor citing online messages in which she claims meghan revealed she was unhappy in her marriage to mark but instead of moving vans there were ambulances and emergency vehicles. >> it is big strain on the family. i just like i said followed willow's story and when i saw that it was the same family, it was just devastating. >> reporter: deena mc dawn in a followed the family online. she came to pay her respects at the home.
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>> michelle helped at a chair are the benefit for willow. she saw meghan a few months ago at the store. >> she was very strong. very driven to take care of her kids. definitely a very good mom. >> police are being tight lipped bout this investigation. we do know that an autopsy is happening today on the body of mark short those results could take up to a month to come back. reportinreport singing spring sa kuriakose fox 29 news. a judge in wilmington deciding if prosecutors will dry a 16-year-old girl as an adult in the death of her classmate in a hearing today police detective said the fight at howard high school of technology left amy joyner francis with cuts and bruises and her fingernails ripped out. the 16-year-old died in april after that assault inside a school bathroom. prosecutors charged her classmate with criminally negligent homicide and conspiracy. authorities say joyner francis had pre-existing heart conditi condition. they say a contributing factor to her death was the physical and emotional stress of that assault.
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police in center city are looking for the men that have broken into and robbed 11 homes between may and august. police say these men are specifically targeting asian run businesses that are attached to homes. according to detectives robbers typically break that through the business once it's closed and make that are way into the home. once inside, they have tied up the victims and robbed them at gun point taking money, jewelry and electronics. if you have any information, please give police a call. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. meteorologist kathy orr tracking our first heat wave of august. possibly right, kathy? >> yes. it's looking pretty good, lucy. we're talking about more heat and more humidity right now we have storms to the south. they stayed stay to the south. we see clearing skies this evening. and temperatures looking pretty good. mainly in the 80s. the poconos little bit cooler in the 70s. and temperatures will be falling through the 70s during the evening with some real nice skies partly cloudy skies to mainly clear skies by 11:00 p.m., it stays comfortable
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with a temperature of 74 degrees. some big changes coming our way though we're talking about a surge in the humidity it's going to feel sticky around here. another heat wave this is number five and of course, with the heat and humidity comes the storms. i'll see you more on that coming up with the seven day forecast. >> all right, talk to you then, kathy. the delaware state fire marshal is investigate a house fire in new castle county. firefighters raced to the 400 block of saul avenue just last 11:00 this morning. when they arrived flights were already shooting from the home. the fire marshal is now trying to figure out what started the fire that left $70,000 in damage. the red cross is helping five adults and four children who lived in the home. it was a bad day for people flying delta airlines. a major computer outage caused thousands of flights to be canceled worldwide. our cameras found lot of people with delayed or canceled flights at the philadelphia international airport today. so far delta has only been able to operate about 800 of its
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6,000 scheduled flights. some customers are upset they didn't find out about the outage until they got to the airport. >> i would like to have received an e-mail attached, twitter even through my app. that didn't happen. >> well delta is granting waves to passengers whose flights were canceled or significantly delayed. passengers may also request a full refund or change their flights over the next four days without penalty. an elevator accident in center city has left a sheriff's sergeant partially paralyzed. paul owens is right now paralyzed from the waist down after the elevator he was in at the criminal justice center crashed through the ceiling. the 50-year-old still in medically induced coma. the cjc reopened today. authorities tell us there's limited access to elevators. >> we're assisting the courts, and, um, as we do the security for the courthouse we're making sure crowd control is under control, and trying to get
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people in the building and out the building as swiftly as possible. and it's working very well. >> authorities are still investigating what went wrong. authorities in evesham township want to keep everyone on the roads save so they are cracking down on distracted driving. today the message from police distracted driving kills and they have the data to back it up. >> our recent statistics have shown, though, that almost 60% of our crashes in 2016 were direct result of distracted driving. put the phone down. both hands on the steering wheel and just pay attention. not only on yourself in danger but that other bystander, the other motorists they're in danger when you're driving distracted. >> police in evesham township have pin pointerred areas where they see lots of accidents and are aggressively going after people who they think are distracted. >> speaking of distracted driving, chris, sponsor of a bill targeting distracted drivers in new jersey says his legislation is not aim at coffee
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drinkers. >> whew! >> who i believe you are. >> thank goodness. >> however, democratic assemblyman john wisnewski says his bill targets quote any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a motor vehicle in manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle "he introduced the bill seven months ago but it has yet to make its why committee for a vomit he cannot imagine police officer pulling over someone for drinking coffee yet i've done a story on that -- not in new jersey but i have done a story. >> be careful behind the wheel. >> applications are now being accepted for expanded alcohol sales in pennsylvania. new law went into effect today that will allow roughly 11,000 businesses to now sell take out wine. other changes to the law will now allow pizza places to sell beer on the go and now serve alcohol and casinos to serve alcohol during the overnight hours. the eagles have special guest visitors at training camp today. united states senator bob casey
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and marine sergeant sam peccca. the sergeant could not have been more excited. >> i'm a huge eagles fan and this is just a dream come true. i got to go to the training camp last year, and i'm actually going to the game on thursday, but i can't explain how incredible this is. i'm so thankful to meet you and be here with you and it's amazing. >> and we thank you sergeant pecc for your service he spent five years in the marines with one tour in afghanistan much he's a senior at temple. speaking eagles let's check in with howard. >> yeah, there is a game on thursday. it's here. but bigger than that the fans will get their wish and see the eagles first round pick in an nfl game. you can hear from carson wentz about his big day that will be coming up in sports. chris? all right. badly damaged police cruiser and another car after a nasty accident.
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what the officer was doing when they collided. a woman visiting philadelphia left her purse with hers and her family's passports on a septa bus. someone took it. she got her passports back but not everything else was in the purse. what the they have got away with, and you know what, it definitely is not what you're thinking about.
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♪ north philadelphia car crash left two people injured including a police officer. authorities say the officer was responding to a call when the cruiser and another car collided on 22nd and montgomery avenue right around 11:00 this morning. police say the officer should be fine after getting treated at a time roxborough hospital. medic treated the other person at the the scene. no word on what happened. vacation to philadelphia takes a bumpy turn when someone steals a tourist's bag inside that bag, the family's passports. >> which would be so scary if that happened but some creative
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police work and social media gave this story a happy ending. fox 29's bill anderson spoke witness victim outstanding officers who made all of this possible. bill? >> i did, lucy. you know too often we hear stories about the negative side of social media but what about when it's used to good? a family from columbia was desperate when their passports were stolen but thanks to twitter campaign and a for giving police chief, they'll soon be on their way home. >> my son asked me where my bag pack was and i then realized that i left it on the bus. >> reporter: relief for jiminez he is sad today ready to go back home to columbia tomorrow after her familiar polls backpack is return. they left it on a septa bus last week and it was stolen along with a cell phone, jewelry and all of their passports. >> how am i going to get out of the country now? i'm going to -- how am i going to back home? with my children if the passports were there. >> reporter: they didn't have lot of hope but after receiving the complaint septa police chief thomasness tell well known for
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his creative policing and social media status thought this was perfect time to get creative and help someone. >> we look at our video. we found the picture of the person that picked up the bag and i blasted it out. i was willing to trade the bag the family's belongings for no arrest. >> reporter: the chief has pretty significant social media following. so the offer spread quickly and to the surprise of many the bag was returned win twenty four hours. in exchange the chief was happy to honor the amnesty offer. >> in my eyes it was good decision. focusing on trying to help people is what the police should be doing, and we can provide a second chance for somebody that made a mistake. >> reporter: she couldn't stop talking about how appreciative she was of the concern that local law enforcement provided when it would have been easy to chalk this up as an impossible case to solve in the little time the family had before flying home. >> thank you, thank thank you
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very much very much. thanks to this possible this vacation has happy ending. >> reporter: all that excitement, one interesting side note to this story she got back her valuables but things like lipsticks, some clothing and smaller items were not returned. she didn't seem all that concerned. after the way people rallied in support of her, she is heading home smiling and grateful. lucy? >> that's nice. kind of weird they took her makeup. >> and clothes. >> rather perfect summer day if we do say so ourselves. >> it was. >> live look over south philadelphia. temperatures have been average for august. and low humidity has made it pretty comfortable. i'd say very comfortable. that's all about to change. meteorologist kathy orr is here to tell us more. >> i know we keep talking about another heat wave but it is summertime, right, kathy. >> yeah. you see those ads on toll vision back to school. guess what? summer is not over yet. i'm saying that officially. ultimate doppler showing clearing skies to the north and west of the city and the lehigh
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valley. so that clearing line is heading through the i-95 corridor if you're in south jersey and it's still pretty cloudy, don't worry. you'll be seeing a little bit of sunshine especially in camden county, burlington county, and gloucester county before sunset. down the shore you may be in the clouds for while. disturbance to the south will move offshore and then everyone will be clearing out later tonight. outside our studios you see a deep blue sky. so still the humidity moderate. it will go high over the next 24 hours. the temperatures 83. the high for the day 85. normal highs are in the upper 80s for this time of year. 83 in the city. 81 in pottstown. 78 in the poconos. 83 degrees in reading and down the shore we have a sea breeze that sea breeze has made it inland along, you can see the expressway to hammonton 78 there. 78 in ocean city. 81 in voorhees and warmer in camden as you go west away from that ocean influence 83 there. the humidity will be on the rise. right now we're mainly in the 60s along the i-95 corridor. when you get in the 70s, that's when it gets oppressive.
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and by tomorrow evening that dew point will be at 68 in philadelphia. so we are going to be seeing an increase in the humidity and it will be much stickier around here as it gets hotter. on our fox future cast you can see during the day tomorrow, we'll see some clouds but a mostly sunny sky. it's wednesday that we see that heat, humidity, temperatures back in the 90s. and some afternoon showers and thunderstorms popping up on our radar. and of course we'll track them for you. but a chance of storms through the rest of the week once that heat moves in. overnight in the city and the suburbs in the 60s. partly cloudy, during the day tomorrow, the high near 90. the humidity begins to rise. and as you look ahead for heat wave number five, you can see the heat building off the coast. temperatures will be well into the 90s. it will feel like it's well over 100 by the weekend. just a note in may we had one heat wave, june no heat waves. july we had three. and here we go with our first august heat wave this week. you can see the extended forecast shows 90s wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday,
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sunday. that would be five hiv day heat wave. our longest was late july, a seven-day heat wave but you can see the oppressive heat from thursday through sunday. monday it gets better. shore temperatures looking good and we'll continue to see those shore temperatures rise to around 90 degrees over the weekend. so there you have it. you saw sneak peek of orr down the shore we'll save that i'll be in ocean city later this we week. >> how fun. one of these days you'll take me with you, kathy. >> thank you. >> you're stuck here. >> i know i am. >> so is this guy. >> but i'm going to find out where she's going on thursday before everybody else. >> she just said. >> oh, she did. >> yeah. >> is that right? >> good job listening, how war. >> she said she was going to save it. >> the nfl start of the season -- that's all i heard started the season off with what tuned disgrace and a joke hard to believe what can false foul up a game in the mfl even in the preseason big game for the eagles number one pick. hear from carson wentz on playing in his first nfl game coming up in sports.
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♪ and we are moving forward to actually seeing the eagles not just practice football but play in football game nurse night eagles play that the lynn linc
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against tampa. malcolm jenkins, jason peters, jordan matthews and rookie running back went daal small wood will not play. some others are questionable. there is not a question in my mine that the fans are looking forward to seeing one player in that game, that would be the eagles topic carson wentz. the head coach says wentz will probably play most of the second half. it's his first game in the nfl. >> i don't get real nervous with this game. you know, it's just a game, and i don't sweat too much about it. i just go out and have fun with it. if anything i'll cam down the excitement because i'll be really excited but once that first snap is gone i'll be ready to play. i'll go out there and show what i can do. you know, i'm not going to try and below anybody away or do anything i'll just play ball. not trying to play out of body or anything just go play ball and show what i can do and i think the rest will take care of itself. >> i want to see the timing, the accuracy the decision making with him. i want to see, you know, him being able to move our offense especially coming out of the
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locker room second half of a game. >> the phillies they move on from san diego to play in los angeles tonight and it's the first game against former phillie chase utley. the nfl had terrible embarrassing situation last night. the league had to cancel their first game of the season. it was only pre-season game but national tv game hall of fame game was cancel because they used the wrong paint on the field to paint the logos. are you kidding me? the paint became hard like settlement and sticky and gooey in other spots. the field was unplayable. that was in canton, ohio, and all those fans from green bay and indianapolis traveled and never got a game. all right. the last game that was canceled was august 13th, 2001 at veterans stadium a pre-season game where the eagles turf was just a disaster and they played the baltimore ravens. it was kind of a joke that these things can happen in the nfl. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> good night.
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what went wrong? how the little boy on the world's tallest water slide lost his life. and just found video. how they constructed the ride called insane. then, the trump baby that made headlines. >> get the baby out of here. >> exclusive. here he is as mom speaks out. >> did donald trump kick you and your crying baby out? plus, pulled over. >> this man is twisting my arm. oh my god! this man is about the tas -- is about to tase


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