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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. little boil found wandering alone in local park is safe tonight. reunited with his mom. wilmington police found the toddler and reached out to the public to find his family. good evening, i'm lucy noland. fox 29's brad sattin is live in wilmington. this has a happy ending, but, brad dorks police know what happened? >> reporter: yeah that's what lost people are asking. how could this toddler just get away from his familiarly? we can tell you about 9:30 tonight the family came here and took the child away. only to say that everybody is just fine. that's all they would say. but if we back up here to around 6:00 o'clock the search for the family started when that toddler was found alone at nearby speakman park. police putting out desperate call for the public's help to try to identify the boy.
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find his family. they went to neighbors. they just couldn't find out who he was. the boy was fine but as a precaution was taken to nearby hospital and finally just little while ago police saying that the boy was reunited with his mother and the rest of his family. the mother saying that the boy's stepfather took him to the park. the not exactly clear and that's the big question how could they have possibly separated? police simply saying foul play is not suspected. so, again, the family reunited with the boy. they left here about 9:30 and certainly while there are a lot of questions, lucy, certainly a happy ending here. >> thank goodness for that. , brad. skyfox over a crash that has killed a little girl. police tell us one car was heading west on york when another car slammed into it at second. the first car lost control, hit a fire hydrant then a building. the impact ejected a three-year-old. she died at the hospital. two other people are hurt. but we're told their injuries are not serious. we do not know if that child was in a car seat. your weather authority tracking dangerous heat on the
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way. looking live at south philadelphia. we have one more day of comfortable temperatures before the dreaded 90's are back again. some people like i meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11:00. >> lucy, after half the month of july experienced 90-degree plus temperatures, here we go again for the beginning of august. our first august heat wave but the fifth of the summer. take look what's going to be happening here. high pressure over the great lakes is going to be sliding down off the mid atlantic and just a matter of a few days. and that's going to create heat and humidity. we'll be seeing some clouds moving up toward the region tomorrow morning, but the precipitation will wait till wednesday. we'll see some pop-up showers and storms in that oppressive heat. during the overnight, 69 in the city, 62 in the suburbs looking pretty good. dew points slowly rising so humidity on the rise during the day tomorrow the high 89. some spots could touch 90 degrees. as we look ahead as you plan your day breakfast time eye about 71 degrees.
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little bit late at lunch 86. by the afternoon we reach our peak of 89 degrees. and temperatures still in the 80s by the 7:00 o'clock hour with a temperature of 83 degrees. now, heat and humidity will build over the next couple of days, each day getting progressively hotter across the region, and the peak of the heat will come over the weekend when it will feel like well over 100 degrees. as we look at the extended forecast tuesday 89. wednesday 90. thursday 92. the official heat wave is frid friday. but the peak of the heat the hottest day will be saturday. and take a look. at our extended forecast. sun day scattered storms. 90 degrees. and by monday, still warm. there's a chance of shower or storm each day beginning on wednesday. shore temperatures responding to the oppressive heat. 89 friday. none both saturday and sunday. you know it's hot when shore temperatures get into the 90s and the ocean water is at 80. i'll talk more about the timing of these storms coming up later in the broadcast. see you then lucy.
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>> sounds good, thank you kathy. north philadelphia community gathered tonight to remember a young man who his family says was a dedicated father and husband. someone murdered terrell bogs right outside his home yesterday and right in front of his two young children. tonight his friends and family are calling for justice as police search for the killer. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at tonight's vigil. she's live in juniata park. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy, this man was shot to death just after midnight. it was the same day as his daughter's tenth birthday and she was there when he was killed. two sisters 10-year-old and two-year-old release balloons in memory of of their father. >> what's going on god we need you now than ever. >> reporter: family gathered outside a relative's home on north 51 accident street tonight to remember 29-year-old terrell bogs, a husband and father. police say around 12:10 sunday morning, bogs returned from the store to his home on the 3400
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block of braddock street in kensington. his two daughters and 1584 old sister were with him when two gunmen approach and opened fire. >> my niece is growing up and also they brother growing up without a father and got to live the pain of being there watching their i don't do die right in front of your eyes. >> reporter: and back here live, family members say that police tell them they have arrested one suspect and that they are looking for another. no word on motive tonight. lucy, back to you. >> thank you shawnette. the investigation into a berks county murder suicide continues. police found a mom an dad their three young children and their dog all shot dead in sinking spring home over the weaning end. one neighbor tells us she followed the family online after reading that the couple's two-year-old had had a heart transplant. >> it is a big strain on the family. i just, like i said, followed willow's story and when i saw that it was the same family, it was just devastating.
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she was very strong, you know, very, um, driven to take care of her kids, um, definitely, um, a very good mom. >> police found a murder suicide note but have not said who pulled the trigger or what the motive was. however, neighbors say the couple had been having problems. in wilmington, a judge is deciding if a 16-year-old should face charges as an adult in the death of her classmate. prosecutors charged the teen with beating amy joyner francis at the howard high school of technology in april. and they say that led to her death. in a hearing today, a police detective said the fight left joyner francis with cuts and bruises and her fingernails ripped out. authorities say joyner francis had pre-existing heart condition and the physical and emotional stress of the assault contributed to her death. if the teen head to do trial faces charges an as adult she can get as long as eight years in prison. terrifying pattern involving dozens of robberies at philadelphia businesses. actually a dozen that's a lot.
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police say these armed robberies have been breaking into businesses and homes since may. most recent robbery happened just this morning. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters. dave, police say the victims all have a few things in common. >> reporter: lucy, the fbi's violent crimes task force is now joined this investigation. investigators say the suspects are targeting asian business owners who happen to live above the restaurant or store in question here. there have been 12 of these robberies since may. all of them in the early morning hours. >> they are very afraid and they tied them up, and he was very afraid. he was actually injured because of the way that they tied him up. >> reporter: chin and his business partner were terrified when men burst into their home must have the jackie chan take out restaurant in june and robbed them. an interpreter helps them describe what happened. >> they were threatened by gun. they pointed the gun at their heads. >> reporter: police say the suspects have been caught on surveillance in 12 home invasion
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robberies the latest happened monday. some suspects broke into the china wok take out restaurant. now the owners are fortifying the place. >> well plan out obviously and there's this perception that money is there. >> reporter: investigators say the video show as many as four possible suspects opening the asian owned businesses, ransacking them breaking into the owners residences upstairs. more than 150 asian business owners attended a meeting about the home invasions in chinatown on monday. >> we're living in fear. a lot of fear and pressure. >> reporter: now, all of these robberies were at gun point. self of the victims were struck with weapon police are concerned about the growing violence in each one of these. they will continue to press this investigation. if you have any information call southwest detectives. lucy. >> thanks, dave. in north philadelphia car crash left two people injured including a police officer. authorities say the officer was responding to a call when the cruiser collided with another car on 22nd and montgomery
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avenue right around 11:30 this morning. police say the officer should be fine after getting treated at roxborough hospital. medic treated the other person on the scene. no word on what went wrong. the sheriff sergeant injured in elevator accident at philadelphia's court building is partially paralyzed. paul owens is right now paralyzed from the waist down. last week the elevator he was in at criminal justice center crashed through the ceiling. the 50-year-old is still in medically induced comb m the cjc reopened today with limited access to the elevators. >> we're assisting the courts and, um, as we do the security for the courthouse we're making sure crowd control is under control and trying to get people in the building and out the building as swiftly as possible, and it's working very well. >> authorities are still investigating why the elevator malfunctioned. prosecutors and defense lawyers agreed on six men and
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six women to serve as jurors in the criminal trial of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. a judge and lawyer spent all day questioning potential jurors one by one asking if they new witnesses who may testify. among those on the list philadelphia da seth williams and former pennsylvania supreme court justice. prosecutors charged cane canny with leaking secret grand jury information, then lying about it. opening statements in the trial are set to start tomorrow. a girl's birthday party goes terribly wrong. what sent almost two dozen people to the hospital including young children. and neighbors say it's a noise like they've never heard before. it woke them up out of a dead sleep this weekend. what was going on under the hood of one car that had a neighborhood on the hunt. and don't feel like cooking dinner tonight or tomorrow night or breakfast in the morning. the new app that let's you invite yourself over to a stranger's house for a home
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cooked meal. i kid you not on this one. meanwhile a new contender in the presidential race. meet 40-year-old evan mcmullen running as an independent. he's a former cia operative and ex policy director for the house republican conference. experts say mcmullen's chances of winning are slim. in fact this late in the game it may be a struggle to get his name on the ballot in all 50 states. we'll see what happens. ♪
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you see it and shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. chris, what's going on tonight? >> us will see the delaware state fire marshal investigate a house fire new castle county tonight. firefighters raced to the 400 block of stall of a just after 11:00 o'clock this morning when they arrived they saw the flames already shooting from the home. the fire marshal now trig to figure out what started that fire that left $70,000 worth of damage. the red cross is helping five adults and four children who lived in that home. and man is in critical condition tonight after being shot inside a southwest philadelphia barbershop. police say the 54-year-old victim was shot at the shop on the 1800 block of 60th street around 12:45 this afternoon. he was taken to penn presbyterian hospital. so far no arrests have been made. no word on a motive yet either.
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now on to abington fresco user captured what is left of this home. the montgomery county fire department says the fire broke out at the home on the 1300 block of partridge road about 4:30 this afternoon. they got it under control in about half hour later. fortunately no one was injured. not clear what caused that fire. now, if you see news happening happening in your neighborhood make sure you get out your phone, shoot it. make sure you use the fresco app and zen it to our newsroom. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, chris. you can make money doing that, too. yes, you can. >> to your health now, more than dozen people including children were rushed to the hospital some even put in icu after a birthday party in san francisco. they all ate gummy candy wrapped in baggies. they had symptoms from dilated pupils to nausea and rapid heart rates. turns out that candy was lace width marijuana. authorities say it shows dangers of edible pot that looks just like regular food. your money now. bad day and bad night to fly
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delta. computer outage forced the cancellation of thousands of nights worldwide. shut down a lot of people with delayed or canceled nights have been stuck at the philadelphia international airport. delta says only fraction of its 6,000 scheduled flights went off as scheduled. delta will give $200 vouchers to passengers with canceled or significantly delayed flights. passengers may also request a full refund or change their nights over the next four days without penalty. all right. so are you feeling perhaps a little lonely? want someone to cook you a homemade meal? there's an app can help. it's called pull up a seat and it's for people who want a home cooked meal but don't have the time or don't know how to cook. you can log on and see if anybody in your area is whipping up something. then you can quite literally pull up a seat at their table. the app developer says it's cheaper and healthier than going out. and it's a money maker for the chef, too.
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>> and what's the cost? >> $12. >> 12 bucks. >> i moon you just go down here. contact -- if you have anything like allergy or i'm bringing a child or anything you want to message her. >> all right. no delivery right now, though. you have to go to the person's home or dine in or take out. developer says they vet the chefs they don't put funny stuff in your food and though who use the app can eat the food and can rate them. in minneapolis neighbors have been hearing loud high-pitched sounds but cannot figure out where they've been coming from. they soon realized it was coming from cat. that little tuxedo kitty stuck and side a car parked on their street. after spending five hours trying to coax the little guy out, one of the neighbors eventually found the cat near the engine. here's where it gets really crazy. another neighbor said her aunt and uncle drove that car more than 200 miles from south dakota and they told her they had been hearing mew yaos since before beginning the drive.
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they gave her the car with a warning. >> brought them to the airport. they jokily said in case you hear a cat, um, don't be alarm. >> well the cat will stay in minnesota and the man who rescued her from the car engine is keeping her and working on name. said he's choosing between nissan the car she came in and dakota where she came from. kind of like dakota for the little girl. she's awfully cute. the weather has been very nice, kathy orr, but it's changing. >> it certainly is, lucy. we are talking about more heat, more humidity and more summer thunderstorm. here's look at the he can february tended forecast. tomorrow looks good, 89, 90 still on the hot scale. increase in humidity but the real oppressive heat will wait till later in the week. wednesday hot and humid, 90a few pop up showers and thunderstor thunderstorms. thursday oppressive. official heat wave by friday and really the peak of this heat and humidity will be saturday when it will feel like it's about
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105, 10 sick degrees. let's take look at the probable of precipitation. nothing tomorrow. maybe a random shower. but wednesday 40% chance. the same thursday. little bit less friday i think the rain friday will hold off until late in the day toward the evening period. so pretty much a rain free day. on your fox future cast you can see some clouds that will be rolling in tomorrow morning. but as you can see a pretty dry day with good deal of sunshine. we start to flare up wednesday morning then another round of pop up showers and storms wednesday afternoon. thursday morning quiet but in the heat of the day, showers and storms. between now and saturday, both of our long range models pick us up close to about an inch of rain. remember in the humidity anything that falls will fall hard and heavy and a rain shower could lead to some flooding. we'll talk more about that in the days to come but for now lucy we'll send it over to you. >> thank you so much kathy. football season right around the corner and eagles had some special guest visitors at training camp today. united states senator bob casey
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and marine sergeant sam pecca got up close look at the team as they get ready for the season. senator casey brought him as way to thank the combat veteran for his service to our country. the sergeant couldn't have been more excited. >> i'm a huge eagles fan and this is just a dream come true. i got to go to the training camp last year and i'm actually going to the game on thursday, but i can't even explain how incredible this is i'm so thankful to meet you and be here with you. it's amazing. >> sergeant pecca, we thank you for your service to our nation. he spent five years in the marines with one tour in afghanistan much he's now a senior at temple. on the subject of sports, howard eskin in the house. >> yeah i haven't left the hou house. >> you really haven't left the house. you wandered off and you come back. >> i just walk around aim lesl leslie. when is it time to say when yankees told alec rodriguez when they said when but should we feel sorry and shed a tear for aroid. i'll have comment coming up
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♪ one of the toughest if not the toughest things for annulet to do is to say goodbye. finely come to the realization that you can't play at that level any more. that is the case with alex rodriguez. but it's usually the team that has to tell the player it's ov over. father time, well, he's undefe undefeated. i have mixed feelings about a-rod. he was great player. was. but he cheated. it appears for most of his career he cheated with performance enhancing drugs. what made things worse he repeatedly lied to everybody when asked. so the problem is his numbers. is he really a player that hit 696 homeruns? did he really have over 3,000 hits? the record books say y the reality of how much he cheated says no. so at the moment he cried at his news conference you foal bad, right? don't feel to bad. yankees will be paying a-rod close to $30 million.
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they still oh him. so don't feel sorry too long. his numbers are a lie and is this message to the phillies concerning ryan howard? it's just a thought. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, howard. american idol singer from new jersey has revealed she has thyroid cancer. jax says it has been a rough few months she says she had surgery to remove 12 cancerous tumors from her thyroid gland. she says the surgery was a success. the 20-year-old east brunswick resident finish third on american idol in 2015. you know what the simpsons are making history with help from one of the stars of empire. the series will have its first everyone hour episode that episode call the great if as city hiphop take on the great gats see and airs in january among the guest stars taraji p. henson and speaking of empire, it's coming back next season with a special guest appearance by ma rye today cary she'll play
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super star kitty. she'll team up with jamal lyon for brand new song. that episode airs on october 5th. mark it on your calendar. don't forget empire returns with its season three premier on wednesday, september 21st right here on fox 29. can't believe already season three. >> it's exciting. act weight. >> howard is glued to his tv when that's on. glued to the thing. >> what night is that and? >> wednesdays. >> you know. >> tmz and dish nation, you know you love dish nation. stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. there's head crack the guys. we're back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". i asked him how he got that. it's like a term. little knowledge for you. ♪
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: three team u.s.a. players decide to have a spa day in rio. it turned out to be a whore house. >> did you hear where the nba players are staying? >> a yacht. >> why don't you go to the brothel? why don't you call the nice girls to go to the yacht. >> the girls go out to the yacht, rowing. rows for hoes. >> britney spears new video. she shot a video with dave lachapelle. >> they nixed it and then shot another video. >> people were saying it's too sexy and then she released it. harvey: the one they released is so much more watchable. aughter]o, no. >> the game at playhouse, taking on the candy kids. >> these are the kids who sell candy outside the clubs. >> i gave them all $100. >> the game said i just spent $100 i could have used to take my kids to see "suicide squad."


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