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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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they just met two years ago. very young. >> how young are they. >> i don't remember their exact ages. >> like 22. >> i guess so. >> one year and getting engage in the next one. >> that is exactly what happened. >> what you are telling me two years from right now you can be married. >> no, four years. >> we know. >> that is just for dating. >> wow. >> that doesn't include engagement. >> four years in the tank. >> university of alex. >> can do you three years in and get engaged and do one more year before the wedding. >> it depend on how got grades are. >> has any guy been like three and a half years in and had a failing grade. >> kicked out of college. >> no, i dated someone for three years. >> what is longest you have ever dated somebody. >> now we're getting into other stuff. >> she just giggles. >> you cannot give your life away. >> they are called reflections. >> it is deflectses, we will move on.
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>> waiting for a number from you. >> big apology coming. >> simone biles during the olympics, comments one tv personality made causing outrage. come on, we have to leave these kid a loan. plus it is no secret most athletes stick to a strict routine but michael phelps, what do they eat and drink every day? apparently what he does every day is just shocking. >> it will shock you. >> i'm still in shock from being cupped, so listen. >> do you think he drinks water a day. at this point does he keep water out of his system. >> he has enough water in the pool. >> the end goal. >> bidding your wedding registry toys walk away with nice things to put in your house. number one at them newlyweds, regret, not registering for. >> luggage? >> yeah. >> allyraisman, her parents went to the olympics. can you imagine being a parent. could somebody stop this.
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imagine being a parent, and in the stand at olympics watching this child perform. these are some of their contortions, during the olympics while watching their daughter. clutching each other. yanking themselves away from each other, wiggling, shaking, geese, well allie made it through routine sunday and qualified for all around finals for the olympics. i would be the same way just watching my daughters in a little volleyball tournament in junior high and high school, i would videotape them. >> yeah. >> and if they did something nice i would start crying into the lens and then it would get all clogged up with tears and i could not see anything. then i realized i was videotaping their whole lives and not experiencing their lives. >> put it down. >> that is why there is tons of video of jessica and hardly any video of the second child jill. >> she's the one in therapy. >> why is sue here. >> yes.
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>> she got bored and wanted to sit in. >> i have experienced this but not with sports, with santa. going to see my daughter, she was in several production is a the media theater. in high school, that is the one, where you be my husband. >> i'm billy. >> as soon as she would come out on stage, edge of the seat, the whole time that she was on, white knuckles, i will not squeeze as hard as we did and then we wow go, wow, we're her parents. >> is that cool? billy is a cool cat. he is sitting there. >> not when his daughter is concern. >> yes. >> so, if they had been a gymnastic routine we would have known it by heart with every rehearsal and we would have gone on the ride with her. >> did you know her lines. >> no. >> did you know that she was having trouble. >> when she was liting, yes,
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munch kin, and we knew. >> yes. >> always knew a spot where she would look for you. >> this kid never lacked attention. she never lacked encouragement from frustrates. >> but even if we had, you know, more, you know, doing it right. >> did she ever to have kiss anybody on stage. >> that is good. >> no, billy v wouldn't have had it. >> not dig ago this part. >> thanks for the memories. >> it is good for me to remember. >> hi, nia. >> apologies to the parents of the simone biles during the olympics after remarks from nbc gymnastic announcer. have you been watching a little bit of this ? so what happened. >> apparently she suggest that her mom and dad are not really perfect real parents because she was adopted. not her parents. >> what. >> they adopted simone and her younger sister in 2001. they spent time in foster care
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as their biological daughters, suffered with drugs and alcohol. >> okay. >> but, the fact that they are not her parents. they adopted her. >> al troutwig thinks a bad comment by him off the cuff. he did issue an apology, in his statement he said quote i regret that i wasn't more clear in my wording on the air. to set the record straight ron and nellie are simone's parents. he feels who are bible this apparently. >> yes, he should. >> and he should. >> yes. >> good apology. >> yes. >> you are covering the olympics you need to know. >> it is knowing information and adopted those are your parents, you know. >> should it be brought up at all that she was adopted or is that part of her story. >> it is part of the story. >> she put it out there, herself i'm cool with it. you don't say something about that if that is not something to share with the public.
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>> hey, see if you can find some pictures of the ron and nellie. >> ron and nellie. >> ron and nellie. >> i would like to see her parents. >> first time mom and ann hathaway has advice to all new mothers about losing baby weight, lauren. >> she says there is no shame in gaining weight for pregnancy and no shame if it takes you longer to lose it. she's 33. oscar winning actress. she had a son in march. she posted a photo on instagram, her jeans are now her cut off and in it she remind new moms love what you have been given. we have this conversation in the gym all the time because my girlfriend did they are expecting or having babies are still saying i have to get rid of the this baby weight and they will grab that part of the stomach and belly. that is part of your story. >> true. >> it is nine months. >> yes. >> it the is life. >> they talk bit all the time. i said get over it. i understand because they are hurting on themselves because they want that body before the
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baby. >> sure. >> but you have a baby. i have that same roll and i don't have a baby, i have a dog. but some people don't think we get it, we don't have kid. >> i can see that, because we don't. >> i tell them but i have that same roll you have and i didn't deliver a baby. >> she does not have any rolls rolls. >> she comes through, no, you are fine, wonder woman working out all the time. >> i try but i still have a roll. >> maybe she eats some bread. >> i didn't have a roll. >> can you call doctor bucky. >> give me a call, after the show. >> he is a local plastic surgeon. >> i have been dealing with this roll for years and years and it has a story too. >> you didn't deliver the baby, but you still have a daughter. >> how old. >> sympathy bellies. >> my daughters are in their 30's now. >> that is how you roll. >> nicely done. >> with extra butter. >> did you just get engaged? how is that going for you?
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listen up, there is one thing all newlyweds regret that they didn't put on their registry. i just went through this over weekend, plates, knives, forks, china. >> yes. >> and the bedding and stuff like that. >> you getting stuff for the couple. >> i threw through my weekend away. i flew 3,000 miles. >> that was nice of you. >> three there, three back. do i need to give a gift. >> yes. >> some people say yes. >> some people say yes. >> i say yes but i didn't do it. >> i asked, bridesmaid in a wedding late september, my first time being a full bridesmaid. >> what is the difference. >> i don't know what that is. >> i get to go to the bachelor party. >> you are underage. >> yes, exactly. >> they called me junior bride made. >> i'm full out bridesmaid travel. >> where do you have to travel too. >> jacksonville. >> i have to buy a ticket. >> i'm buying a ticket, buying a dress, hair, make up, hotel, do i have to buy also a gift
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for the bride. >> yes. >> don't bridesmaids get a group gift. >> i don't know we have a group chat and no one said anything about the gift yet. >> you seen the dress. >> is it okay. >> would you wear it again. >> you don't to have wear matching ones. >> they are matching but we all did the runway. >> by the way, friend i went to the wedding with, she rented two dresses. i didn't know much about it. you wear it, you send it back. >> that is really inexpensive. >> isn't it good. >> and, girls are like i want a repeat, it makes it easier instead of buying a full dress. you get two sizes one high, one lower, so you don't get to try it on, on line unless you go to a specific location. >> these dresses were delivered to my house. i didn't know what they were. there was a security guard. >> here are your dresses. >> here are your dresses. >> what are you talking about. >> one looked shimmering on me. >> i digress again.
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>> so, this was done on any register i have ever seen at a wedding, luggage and in a recent survey of a thousand millennial newlyweds, the site zola, found that luggage is number one items newlyweds wished they had put on their registry. >> maybe it is because right after the wedding you go on the honeymoon and realize. >> yes, yes. >> usually you may not prepare for these type trips. >> yes. >> now you are scrambling to find how will we get there. >> we have nice matching luggage. >> put that over there. >> i have miss that had lug age. >> i have one purple bag. >> one white, one pink and i have people like a set, same color. >> yes. >> that is nice. >> it looks great. >> airport looking all important. >> how was your luggage when you traveled this weekend. >> here's the thing, it was a thursday night. >> okay. >> you have your friday, saturday and then taking red eye back on sunday.
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>> okay. >> my luggage i'd say these two newspaper put together. >> that is it. >> how did you do that. >> it is expandable. >> fit around the seat offer head. >> it was kenneth coal so it a expanded right here. everything i needed. plus the two dresses were in there. >> where is your luggage. >> your friend didn't pack them in their bag. >> they were staying in my apartment. >> your bag and a friend's bag. >> can we get a shot, overhead camera ready to go. here's a perfect example. it was the size of this table. >> what was? her bag. same amount of time. >> you have to have heels, shoes, swimsuit, you need cover up, you got to have a different bag for wedding, reception, dress, make up, hair products.
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>> your wand, curling iron, flat iron. >> it is a lot. >> sometimes people do a day after and night outfit and then going out outfit. three outfits for one day. >> luggage. >> so incredibly heavy. >> was it heavy. >> was it extra when you checked it. >> more than 50-pound. >> the alarm goes off, wow, you are overweight. what can we take out of that. >> nothing. >> you have to pay. >> no, no, no. >> how does your friend look during the weekend. >> stunning. >> so this is what i say to guys, the fact i have a message for you, when guys complain when you are out there putting on your make up and taking too long, when they complain your baggies too big, i said do you like the finished product? well, okay then. >> is that what you say then. >> it is a joke but it is true. if olent like what you see, then don't complain. we do not wake up like this
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sometimes. >> who in their right mind, after all that build up, would say i don't like the way you look. >> not anyone. >> i don't build up like that, but just, listen ladies, try this, getting ready to go out to dinner. seriously how much more time. are you done yet. when you walk down and he sees you do you like finished product. >> yes. >> you cannot say anything to that. you can say, something. >> you can say something. >> no, not really. >> i don't like those shoes. >> they know better. >> i want someone to say that to me. >> no, you don't. >> i just had this conversation with my brother yesterday. i do not want a man who is a cheerleader but want a man who will challenge you. cheerleaders everything you do is right is perfect everything you say is okay but one who challenges is like you know
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you are acting like your mom right now. >> that is not clothes and how it looks. >> i just want to you keep it real. >> i want you to challenge me if those shoes don't work. challenge me and say you need to be more patient or be a more goal oriented, but not my clothes. >> no, see i'm all about it. >> well, what i would do is i would lose that top. >> trash it. >> my mom will say put this in your salvation armiy don't mean lose the top that way. >> we know what you meant. >> those shoes, really. >> that is a nice pump. >> yes. >> thank you. >> i'm just kidding with you. >> let me show you a picture of how she looked. >> okay. >> go ahead while we are doing this. >> my battery is dead. of course, of course. >> is there social media. >> no, no post. >> private collection.
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>> okay. >> let take a look at this seven day forecast and really after you look at tomorrow and thursday, you don't need to look at the rest because it is the same. the thing is though with the humidity really comes back with the vengeance tomorrow, chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms. could be our first 90-degree day of five or six and we're talking about 92 degrees on thursday, friday, heat wave number five could be official if not it will be on saturday and by saturday with the cumulative humidity day after day and not cooling off very much at night, early morning lows on saturday and sunday. they will only get to 88 degrees overnight. we will have a heat index of saturday of 105. thinks where it is dangerous and we need to take it easy. still steamy on sunday as well. phillies come back to town with the series with the colorado rockies. it will be sticky at the ballpark as well. that is what we got. we are gearing up, mike, alex,
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lauren for heat wave number five. >> heat wave. >> number five. >> it is no secret athletes stick to a strict routine. i'm talking diet. but what some of these olympic athletes eat and drink every day might blow your face off. michael phelps reveals he sticks to a 12,000-calorie a day diet. >> i'm jealous. >> people that don't work out supposed to stay under 2,000. he is 10,000 above. that for breakfast he eats fried egg sandwiches, five egg omelette, bowl of grits, three slices of french toast with powdered sugar and three chocolate chip pancakes. for lunch he eats up a pound oven rich pasta. >> a pound. >> my goodness. >> pound it. >> for dinner he really loads up on the carbs with another pound of, pound of pasta again an entire pizza and he washes all that down with another
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1,000 calories worth of energy drinks. holy molly. >> the most decorated olympian, 2-pound of pasta, whole pizza a, five egg omelette, i'm like, can i have afford to eat this, almonds. >> yesterday, when i got off the plane, i had a little cup of strawberry yogurt. why am i bloated and he is fit. >> because he is swimming laps like no other. >> our friend ryan lochte back in the news. he is a man at night and man in the morning. he consumes 8,000 calories a day. he told the charlotte newspaper, probably the chore lath observer. >> yes -- charlotte observer. he bingees on piss, chicken wings and hundred tane dew. since swimmers burn so many calories doing lapse and building endurance, ryan makes sure to pack in the food to keep his stamina strong.
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>> it seems like it will make you heavy, right. >> did you see that, septa. >> you saw the camera out there. >> camera, we have to take a break. >> if you need to wash your car, i guess this works. >> he has walk back over. >> he is not doing the cup car. >> nothing to see here. nothing to see. >> the cop did stop. >> um-hmm.. >> they won't say anything. >> he is back at: >> spraying the street. >> here comes the cars. >> i guess he can't do anything about it. >> no. >> i hope your windows are not down. >> we are trying to keep a low profile because they have out loud, filling up dumpsters. >> yes. >> dirty dumpsters with water and having a pool party.
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>> especially from the fire hydrant. >> we are using our own water. >> can you imagine with your window down seeing this, and roll it up. >> can you ride in the back of the pick up, is that illegal. >> yes, it is. >> so this whole thing might be illegal. >> but we are not planning to ride off in the sunset. >> that was the plan but probably against the law. >> i'm sure they will give you a pass, mike, you are mike jerrick. >> i'm turning into you, seeing stuff behind me becoming distract. >> alex, whatever you do, do not turn into me. >> now one of my favorite humans, i have met her a couple of times, gabby douglass. >> she's tiny, i cannot imagine. >> let me tell you what her food is, scrambled eggs. for breakfast big deal, breakfast is most important meal of the day, a lot of people say that, you cannot expect to perform at your best if you do not take good care
9:20 am
of your body. she eats scrambled eggs with cheese, kosher beef bacon and plenty of waffles. man, there is our friend the runner, the sprinter, hussein bolt. he credits his fancy and fast foot work with none other than, mcdonald's chicken mcnuggets. >> wow. >> according to his autobiography, at the first i ate a box for 20 for lunch and another box for dinner. next day i had two boxes for breakfast. one for lunch. and another -- how did that happen. >> and another, anyway, he ate a lot of them. >> he got fries and apple pie to go with it. >> i do like apple pie. >> that is amazing. but you see a runner. doesn't it make you nauseous. >> before every race, i would be so nauseous, i wouldn't be able to eat. my parents had to force me because iowaness high school and ran track. >> why were you nervous. >> i get so nervous. >> i don't know how he runs with fried food in his
9:21 am
stomach. >> yes. >> not the on race day. >> i was thinking as you are training and doing the practices and stuff. >> i don't know. >> you never know. >> i have a question for you we don't know that life. >> i have a question totally off topic and start thinking bit and get on twitter. >> all right. >> have you ever loved a movie that came out and then years later they do a remake, not the a sequel but a remake have of it, and i'm bringing up ghost busters, people are saying they like this all female cast ghost busters movie maybe better than the original. >> they are. >> that is what i'm doing. so get on twitter right now and tell me is there another movie like this. i lost my train of thought. was there a movie that was made and remake of it better than the original. >> okay. >> not a sequel, the remake. >> a remake.
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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hi, how are you. this was a pretty good movie, ghost busters the reboot, the remake, it has faced criticism as it has been compared to the 1984 classic version. now director paul tage says he doesn't want to remake another film and will gladly go back to original material. he has had it. a lot of fans have enjoyed ghost busters revamp here because it features a female cast. >> that is crazy because people have been tweeting me and i thought people didn't like it. so... >> they didn't like stereo typical part for black character. >> sabrina says my daughter didn't like the remake. >> it is hard when you have an original because that is what your mind pictures. it is hard to veer off of that. >> now, here's the thing, explain this toe me. you know web site rotten
9:26 am
tomatoes. they rank movies that stink, right. >> yes. >> so, if they put out a list of the top movie remakes from the past -- >> not like that, they give you option to show what stinks and what doesn't. based on how many tomatoes that goes with a percentage point. you can necessity how well or how good it was. >> so do they do ranked movies favorably. >> so they do rang movies favorably. >> i was in the dilemma here if rotten tomatoes put out a list of the best movie remakes of the past 50 years, would they be giving -- are they seeing they are good, they are better than original. >> they ask tomato meter and someone, get a percentage of that like suicide squad, for instance. i'm on tomatoes. it is 26 percent and audience score and that i guess popcorn shows you like it, that is 72 percent. >> if you have one tomato, as opposed to five tomato which is better movie, is it five
9:27 am
tomato. >> one tomato because you have only one tomato. >> based on positive reviews. >> okay. >> original oceans 11, this is their list. original oceans 11 with the rat pack was released in 1960 with frank sinatra, dean martin. the remake, of course, had brad pitt, george clooney and matt damon. that came out in 2001. >> you know i'm biased. >> you know, i have seen both. i really enjoyed the new version. >> um-hmm. >> with brad pitt and george clooney. it ranks 35 out of 50 for top remakes. nail biting thriller cape fear came out in 1962. 1991 remake of cape fear starring robert deniero, nick nolte and jessica lange, they liked that better than the original. one of the most creepy scenes
9:28 am
of all time, involves robert deniero, and who is the actress, sue, robert deniero, cape fear, young actress. >> jessica lange. >> william holden is not a young actress. >> thank you, chris murphy. >> i have cleared it up. >> this is really bothering me. >> good review is fresh red tomato. it is either red, in order for a movie or tv show to receive a rating of fresh reading on the tomato meter has to be 60 percent. bad review is by rotten green tomato. red tomato and really good, that is good. but, then it is bad. >> they do give good reviews. >> yes. >> it is the scene in cape fear where this young actress is sucking on the fingers of robert deniero. it is so creepy. >> juliett lewis. >> thank you.
9:29 am
>> ding, ding, ding. >> sue to the rescue. >> psycho, original one alfred hitchcock, to me you cannot top that one. >> no. >> and then how the grinch stole christmas. i loved that movie. i loved the cartoon better than the jim carrey movie. >> thomas crown affair. he must be a chef because he has weird pants on. weirdo next to him is chris murphy. this is a challenge. >> can we show the pants who can make the best shrimp scampi, the guy on the left. >> no, i got this. >> the guy with the black smock on, well, that would be the guy with the white smock on. is there the guy with the black smock on he beat bobby flay and chris beat this dude, can he? >> i will cut bobby flay. >> i'll death you. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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well not many people, come on over here. >> sorry. >> not many people can say they beat iron chef in a cooking competition. and the cooking competition, of course, well, a show, been on, watch it all the time on food network, called beat bobby flay. guy from delaware did just that. >> i come from italian restaurant background, so i'm thinking veal, breaded, veal cut let, with aruglula salad, sunnyside up eggs. first thing i grab is oyster mushrooms, nice carmelization. looking pretty good right now. cooking in the kitchen with my father in our family tress restaurant. he's the one that caught me everything. i was on this incredible career path. it all came to a screaming halt when my dad was diagnosed
9:34 am
with lung cancer. you know, it's been pretty hard on me with him being sick. but i'm here today because this is for him, too. so i'm bringing my a game. my dad will love to see bobby get his butt kicked. >> okay, well, here he is, the guy who beat bobby flay, his name is robby. you beat bobby robby. >> i did, yes. >> how are you? >> i'm doing great. how are you? >> your last name is jest err? >> jester. >> not a joke, you really won. >> i won. >> where did you grow up? >> right over the delaware maryland, chester town boy, born and raised, where my dad's from. >> what's the name of the restaurant? >> stone balloon all house. >> oh, like a balloon made of stone? >> that doesn't float very well. >> no, it doesn't, it was a concert hall in the 70s, 80s, 90s. we reopened it as a really awesome restaurant. >> why do you think you beat bobby flay with your shrimp scampn judge?
9:35 am
>> i grew up making it, first dish i learned thousand make, so i just got lots of years on it. >> would you consider somebody a fool who says that he can beat you now and never made shrimp scam py? >> christopher murphy! >> bring it on! >> let's do this. >> come on! >> all right, this food smells good! >> the irish pony chris murphy joins us now for this shrimp scampy challenge. >> even the name tag, i love it. in the one corner, we have robby who beat bobby flay, and in the other corner, cooks from time to time on our show, the irish pony. >> have a hot plate here, by the way real quickly here, bob, could you get a blind fold and put it on one of our interns, al election a. could you go over to bob right now, get the blind foldment bob has plenty of blind folds in his drawer there.
9:36 am
>> in the back room there. kind of weird stuff. okay, open your pot. let's see what you have, chris murphy. >> we like to call it iron heater. >> nice presentation. >> see that? oh, wait. >> see that? look at that. >> okay, so that's chris murphy, and then this is robby. >> okay, hold on. that's link beginning i in there, is that what it is? >> wait. spaghetti, spaghetti. >> it is supposed to be shrimp scampy. >> maybe it looks better. plate it. >> do you have a plate? >> i got a plate here. >> okay. hold on. >> now, what culinary school did you go to. >> culinary institute of america. >> oh, fancy. what did they teach you there? >> they taught me how to kick butt. >> that's not hard. what i did? i googled shrimp scampy recipe. >> yes? >> spoke it into my smart phone, and boom.
9:37 am
>> all right, plate it up, chris, whatever yours is called. >> it is not going to make a difference. >> ya? >> you know what? don't judge a book by its cover. >> okay. in a classic shrimp scampy chef robby, what are the ingredients? >> this is good. the ingredient, as they list it on the show, garlic, shrimp, some sort of booze, and some sort of starch. so, i have traditional, pasta, little bit of hand made pasta called cavatelli, hot dug bun shaped pasta. so it is a little bit different. has little crevice in the center to hold all of the sauce. and then you finish it with lots of butter and golic, garlic bread crumb on top. >> that's my favorite part, the butter, got to have lots of but ther. >> chef, trying to slow me up. >> show you up? you don't even have shrimp in your shrimp scampy.
9:38 am
>> i have at fresh parmesian. >> oh, there is that! >> watch this. >> oh, ya. shrimp. chris? >> did you practice that? >> chris, here was frozen shrimp in my freezer. where is it? >> oh, half a bag is still in the freezer. >> there is some shrimp in your dish? >> couple. >> it is jumbo shrimp. >> so we can see it, chris? >> fancy institute of new york. >> watch this. isn't that pretty? >> all right, chef. step aside. >> don't i get credit for being done first? >> all right, where is the overhead? can i put this two plates together? >> looks nice though, chris. >> isn't that pretty? can i borough some of your tomatoes? >> looks better. throw some tomatoes on there. >> put a little bit like there, there, add in some color and some flavor.
9:39 am
>> all right, alexa, come over here, please. enter alexa. >> all right? >> are you ready? >> here goes to the table, my friends probably cold, sorry. don't be looking down. >> just get her away from the hot plate. >> all right. >> i led her right to that, didn't i? >> so bob, apparently, all he has, instead of a blind fold was duct tape. he's a weird owe. hold on. let me cut this. >> really? >> oh, my goodness. >> that's rough. now, i am just going to do the shrimp so you can't tell the texture here. >> okay, that's fair. >> here we go. ready? >> i think, yes. >> okay? now get another fork now. >> taste very good? >> okay. >> are you ready? >> yep. >> another big piece.
9:40 am
>> you have a special flavor with your breath, mike. >> is that a good mmh or bad mmh? >> probably too hot. >> first or second, the first one or the second one? number one is better. >> uh-huh. >> oh! what? >> oh, my gosh. >> look at their faces. just kidding. >> ya, take it off. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at that. >> chef? >> oh, my gosh! >> he has never made that before in his life. >> alexa, did you peak? >> no, i actually can't see anything throned. >> he kept the shrimp on the same plate. >> oh, he did? >> fabulous. >> you may benefit then. >> chef, congratulations. we know you're number one. >> what's the name of the
9:41 am
place again? >> son balloon all house. >> have to come by. >> this was a miracle. >> i know. my goodness. >> pretty good, right? and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way.
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for just $1.49 each when you buy 6. acme's 125th anniversary sale. it's huge!
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okay, i have one word for all of you guys, you ready for this? bonn jia. that means good morning in mortgage, you all know her. a lot of people have probably seen your name, and wondered, i wonder if she's brazilian. the truth is, yes, you are. >> yes, the quinessential, quinessential last name. >> you grew up there, you have to be excited about the
9:45 am
olympics. so we usually see you talking about hair, and beauty, and stuff like this. >> yes. >> i love that you can turn a page for us, talk to us about some of the traditional desserts. >> i grew one these, i grew up with these in brazil, i also lived in the iron belt section, grew up in a community this is what i eat every single day. >> okay. so these are some of the treats. let's talk about this. first, super easy? >> okay, so dolcedelaci so delicious, a lot of people don't know how to make it, recipe so crazy easy, grab sweet condensed milk, remove the label, put it in a pan of hot water. okay? the magic of tv here. you put it in hot water for two hours. maybe up to three, three and a half hours, and what happens is it caramelizes -- carmel in the pan. so you can put it on top of waffles, put it on top of ice cream, you can put it on top of anything.
9:46 am
and it is so, so good. >> that's cool. and stays for about a month? >> it stays for about a month. >> okay, we'll make these things super quick. actually 30 seconds. >> wish we had much more time. give me a run down. >> this is like a food group for brazilians here, the desserts that you just little chocolate truffle balls that you make with sweetened condensed milk, then this, cheese bread -- >> oh, i love it. we'll show people thousand do it for the mom, weekend edition. again, toasting the olympics, bob, pretty cool, right? all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
9:49 am
one every my favorite seg isn't, camp -- what's it called? >> camper? >> oh, camp kelly. >> one of my favorite segments coming up. before we get to that, a horrible mistake made in the cooking segment. we'll re wrap the tape, show you the mistake i made. >> oh, you sort of rigged it by mistake? >> well, i didn't rig it. >> by mistake. >> sounds like donald trump. >> oh, oh,. >> i screwed up on live television, we'll play back the tape, show you the mix-up. because that had to have been a miracle. >> chris murphy was not a winner? >> no. >> oh,. >> he walked out like a wimp. >> you brought upshall font, that's where camp america is. that's today's edition of camp
9:50 am
kelly. hey, bob? >> you got it, gang, exactly, good morning shall everybody, up here at camp america, four generation family-run business, first of all, say hi, hi, meredith. >> hi,. >> and the rest of the family here? >> my mom, june, my dad, my grandma, norma, and jared, my brother. >> so we're here in chalfont, invited me for first ever color run. i thought we would put on some colored shirts, but they said that's not how we do it, we'll put the color on you. are you ready, everybody? let's get it started. >> who ever heard of the color run? we do it sometimes down like on the parkway, this is just one of the events that they do to keep the kids busy up here. so, this is the first time you're doing something like this? >> yes, our very first, and we're very excited. >> and i'm honored to be a part of this here. so we go with what first the older kids will go through, and they get hit with some color, then they go through
9:51 am
the bouncey ball there, the color on the other side. george is down there. you get color everywhere. and then once they go through, how many times around are they going to do it? >> the older kids will go around three times. >> okay? >> and then the little younger will go around two times. and then the youngest, around one time. >> i got you. george, come on back here to the first station. let's get some of the younger ones down here, because i got to get some color on me. >> oh, careful! >> hold on, hole on. does this come out? you sure this comes out? ugh, ugh. hold on, we got to dot tires. having some fun. now, this is located 341 lower state road in chalfont.
9:52 am
grandmom, mom, the kids, even the grandkids are here today. are you kids having fun? you kids having fun? >> absolutely love it, awesome. >> gets' let the counselors. oh, my mouth! camp kelly, having some fun, at camp america, in chalfont. oh, it will be a bad hair day. hope this stuff washes out. i'm ready for some lottery numbers! #
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
hey, welcome back outside fourth and market here, good day philadelphia. so what happened during the cooking segment here? >> i, by mistake, i gave alexa
9:56 am
the intern blind folded two of the same piece of pasta, shrimp, rather. so she tasted the chef to beat bobby flay, she tails dollars his shrimp twice, and that's why he was awarded the victory, and she did not eat yours. >> so you are taking away chris' tight until. >> yes, don't have much time. let's go. >> we don't have much time. >> in fact, how much time do we have left? seriously, we have to try to get to another segment here. >> how is that? >> so chef robby out of newark, delaware wins it. the controversy in philadelphia, you can't have -- you can't fill a dirty dumpster with water and have a pool party. so come here, were you involved with the dumpster thing? >> sure was, man. >> they shut you down? >> they shut us down. >> what's the alternative? >> truck pools, urban oasis on your curbside. >> now, we have another intern, good to see you, how
9:57 am
is the water? is it okay? >> oh, it is so nice. >> let me try this myself. >> what? >> try it? >> we've a minute, mike. >> oh! >> oh, you need to give us some warning over here. wow. >> and is your girlfriend going to join us? jamie? >> jamie should be here. >> jamie, got to be here, babe. >> hey, jamie? pgh no splashing, mike, seriously. now, this is a party, isn't it? >> ah. >> oh, let me get your phone, okay, yes. >> oh, they're watching. getting ready to watch the pool party. come here, come here, come on, common. do you want to go in? what's your name? harold, siena? common, common. we have couple of seconds. nine seconds, throw her in!
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." how you doin'? >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: hey! yeah. thank you so much.


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