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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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riding with family when another car slammed into her. good evening everyone i'm chris o'connell. in for iain page tonight. >> i'm lucy noland. police say the driver of that second car the teenager who had to go to the hospital. officers are still looking, though, for someone else. let's get straight to fox 29's bill anderson in north philadelphia. bill? >> reporter:. lucy, a scary situation we're just over an hour ago, investigators here at the accident investigation unit asked for the public's help in solving a car accident that left a child dead. grandmother seriously injured and a person of interest missing. three-year-old child was killed in a car accident late last night ands has now been identified as esther palmer. the toddler was in the car with her mother and grandmother traveling on york street when the car was hit by a tan honda. that police say was driven by a 17-year-old. although police would only confirm that the tan honda and another car were traveling next to each other at high rates of speed, neighbors suspect that
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street racing, a constant problem on the block, was the actual cause of the accident. >> they always racing down second street. always trying to street race, drag race and all of that extra stuff, and they don't understand that kids be out here. >> we see it all the time. people racing up and down the street. >> reporter: it was bound to happen. it's just so tragic that it had to be like this, you know, with child. >> reporter: now to add to the tragedy of the death of a child, the second car possibly involved didn't stop and police are asking for your help in finding a car that we're showing you. a dark colored late '90's honda. that car should have damage to the top and front because it was also involved in a crash and their hope speaking with that driver will help shed some light on a dark situation. lucy and chris, little esther's grandmother remains in the hospital in critical but stable condition. police are saying they really need your help to try and shed some light on what continues to be a really dark situation.
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chris? >> bill, so sad. thank you. happening right now, a policeman hunt underway after videos released avenue disturbing crime a man was shot several times in a gas station parking lot over the weekend in southwest philadelphia. police say the victim was a street racer paramedics pronounced him dead at the sce scene. >> now with clues from phone video police are searching for the killer. fox 29's jennifer joyce joins us live now from philadelphia police headquarters. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, lucy. there were a lot of people around when this shooting happened. people who were there to watch a street race including the victim of this shooting who we are told is a well-known biker in this community. his family believes that he he was targeted. robert, remembered in north philadelphia nearly three days after the father of six was shot and killed at a street racing event on essington avenue. family members say they're still in shock. >> numb. i was numb. no emotion.
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>> reporter: this youtube video from philly street race shows the moments leading up to the shooting just before 2:00 a.m. sunday. the crowds, the cars, the start of the race in southwest philadelphia and then the sound of repeated gunfire. (gunfire). >> reporter: spectators took cover philadelphia police responded. they found the man at the scene propped up against a motorcycle an bp gas station along the race route. investigators confirmed the 38-year-old man died of multiple gunshot wounds. >> he's a family man. he's a brother. he's a son. he's a father. >> reporter: and a husband. his relatives who didn't want to reveal their identities tell us riding was rob's passion. but family was his number one priority. they tell us the well known and well respected biker was affectionately called mexican rob on the streets. >> he's a legend. his memory will always live on. no matter what they did to him.
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>> reporter: rob's family says their trusting the process and believe that the shooter will be brought to justice. >> it's going come out. everything will come out. everything that gets done in the dark will come out in the light. >> reporter: and in addition to cell phone video there were several surveillance cameras in the area that will hopefully give police a better idea who was behind the shooting. in the meantime if you have any information, you're urged to contact the city's homicide unit. lucy? >> all right, thank you jennif jennifer. another murder suicide involving a family. this time it happened in burlington township, new jersey. the district attorney says ruben johnson, jr., killed his wife my sean today and his son before turning the gun on himself last night on a home on sunflower circle. little boy was just 10 years old. the superintendent of burlington county schools released a statement today confirming a student enrolled there has died. grief counselors will be at the middle school tomorrow until 8:30 in the evening. now on to a developing
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story. the trial of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has started opening statements began this morning at the montgomery county courthouse. attorney selected the jurors for kane's criminal case yesterday. >> the state's top prosecutor is in the fight her political career. dawn timmeney is live at the courthouse in norristown with details on opening statements in kane's trial. dawn? >> reporter: lucy and chris, the prosecution and defense both laying out their cases in opening arguments this morning. the prosecution saying "it's simple that kathleen cape cane broke the law and then lied to cover up her actions" the attorney general arrived this morning with her attorney. a five-person legal team led by new york trial lawyer gerald shargo who represented new york mobsters john gotti and seam the bull grow vat tee. >> she arrived with her family in tow. appearing confidence as she addressed reporters very briefly. >> how do you fell about today's proceedings.
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>> good, thank you. >> any other comment? >> that's all that she had to say this morning. now assistant district attorney michelle henry said "revenge is best served cold. her words. the defendant's word words thats what this case is all about end quote. the prosecution is trying to show that kane was seeking revenge for a newspaper article that was critical of her decision to drop a corruption case and prosecutors say she women after former state prosecutor frank feign in a who she thought was response al for that article by leaking grand jury info about a case that he had not pursued. now, kathleen kane's attorney gerald shargo told jurors she had no reason to seek revenge she had only met frank once or twice. it was basically she met him for 10 minutes in her life before he left the ag's office, and that she wouldn't risk her reputation or her career on something like this. two witnesses did take the stand. the first witness to take the stand was montgomery county detective paul bad berry who
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investigated and charged kathleen kane and the second witness was bruce beamer who worked at kane's office. he was the first deputy basically second in command until about three weeks ago when he left her office for another job. he was on the stand much his testimony will continue tomorrow. the one thing of note during his testimony just as we broke for the day, beamer said he was asked about the article about frank fena and when he saw that article what did he think? and he said that he was shocked and surprised. he found it problematic because he felt that that information could have only come from the attorney general's office. his testimony will continue tomorrow morning at 8:30 when the trial resumes. chris and lucy. >> dawn timmeney from norristown tonight, thanks, dawn. judge has moved a bail hearing for joey merlino to friday. it was originally scheduled for today. the jailed local mob boss will appear in federal court in west palm beach near his florida
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home. court documents say the fbi has thousands of hours of tapes on merlino and others. federal authorities say merlino began working to rebuild the philadelphia crime family in 2014. prosecutors charged merlino and nearly four dozen other suspec suspected mobsters last week. merlino first got out of prison on a federal racketeering conviction in 2011. >> things are about get a lot hotter in your fox 29 weather authority. live look at the ben franklin parkway and very well could be about to endure heat wave number five. yes. we are keeping track of these thing. tonight we're also talking about storm chances. meteorologist kathy orr, how goes it? >> pretty good. those fountains looking really good right about now at the circle. on ultimate doppler you can see the clouds rolling in with heat and humidity and that will be the case for the next four, five days right into the weekend. temperatures right now mainly in the 80s. 88 in philadelphia. we peak at 89 this afternoon. 77 in the poconos. 84 in millville and in wildwood.
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this evening temperatures will be falling through the 80s. through the 70s. by 11:00 o'clock mostly cloudy and sticky. it will be humid with a temperature of 77 degrees but this will feel comfortable compared to what we'll be seeing later this week. 90s will make a come back that excessive heat watch will go effect by thursday and that means more storms. we'll track it all coming up with your seven day forecast in just a few minutes. see you then. >> talk to you soon, kathy. you decide tonight a statement one presidential campaign is calling dangerous. at a campaign stop in wilmington, north carolina tod today, gop nominee donald trump said democratic nominee hillary clinton would basically get rid of the second amendment if she's elected president. then he said something that clinton campaign is calling a suggestion of violence. >> hillary wants to abolish a -- essentially abolish the second amendment by the way if she gets to pick -- boo! >> if she gets to pick her
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judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell was, that will be horrible day. >> clinton's campaign manager immediately denounced trump's remarks say the republican nominee was to insight violence. but trump's communications director jason miller says that trump is referring to the power of unification and not violence. meanwhile, more and more republicans are coming out against trump and dozens of former research can national security officials are stepping up and saying gop nominee is simply unqualified to be president. >> meanwhile clinton was just slapped with a lawsuit from the parents of two benghazi attack victims. fox's joel waldman is in washington with the latest from the campaign trail. >> i don't believe this. this is unbelievable. >> reporter: donald trump campaigning in a state many say he must win to become president. north carolina. the gop nominee's visit to the tar heel state tarnished a bit by anti trump republican and
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third party candidate evan mcmullen. announcing his own plans today to make an independent bid for the white house. >> this is the last moment when somebody can offer credibly still an alternative to these two unfit candidates. >> reporter: the latest twist comes one day after trump delivered a major speech on his plans for growing the economy. a top concern for voters according to a fox news poll. 50% of those surveyed believe trump would do better job handling america's financial fate. >> she said the other day she short circuited. hey, it's one thing to make bad decisions. it's another thing to be wacky and make bad decisions. >> reporter: when it comes to the general election matchup overall, it's a different story. hillary clinton ahead of trump by double digits according to a new monmouth university poll. the former secretary of state miami seeing first hand how health officials are battling the zika virus. >> i disagree with those who say
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that zika is an insufficient issue. eye my opponent in this race, his campaign officials have said that. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton is also named in a wrongful death lawsuit by the parents of two benghazi victims who claim clinton's use of a private e-mail server contributed to the attacks. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. still a lot of questions not many answers in the death of a child on a water slide at a kansas city theme park. how this tragedy could affect all of us at the parks we visit. >> one man was just fed up with packages disappearing from his doorstep so he packed up a little surprise. and now the they have is about to open a special delivery no one would want. >> reporter: it may look like just a bunch of girls having fun at a summer camp but this camp, this camp is so much more. how the special camp is
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empowering young local girls.
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♪ >> in frankford today the awning of three adjacent row homes collapses. authorities tell us two of those homes on the 4700 block of melrose street were occupied. fortunately no one was injured. l and i is trying to figure out if the residents can live in their homes while crews repair that damage. and no word yet what caused those awnings to collapse. the fallout continues from one of the biggest travel glitches of the summer. delta airlines canceled hundreds more flights today on top of the 1,000 nights yesterday.
5:16 pm
power outage grounded flights worldwide. >> we've been taken off the plane twice. and we've been given every excuse under the sun. >> incompetent. what are you going to do about it? >> passengers around the world say they're fed up. delta grounded more than 300 flights today but the airline is also offering refunds and waving fees. delta ceo issued a public apology. travel experts say the airline needs to make a serious investment in new backup systems to make sure this does not happen again. right now, safety advocates are calling for more regulation over water parks and amusement parks. this after 10-year-old caleb schwab son of a kansas state representative died while ride ago water slide. they found caleb dead in a pool at the end of a 168-foot tall slide at a kansas city water park. he died of a neck injury. it's still not clear just what happened or how he was fatally injured. the family's pastor says they
5:17 pm
are now mourning the loss of a vibrant young boy. >> he's going to be missed for his energy, for his life, for his smile, for the way he lit up a room. he was an affectionate young man. he loved his dad. he was a hugger. >> the water park is scheduled to reopen tomorrow but that water slide verruckt will remain closed. and three children in tennessee are recovering from injuries after falling off a ferris wheel. this accident happened at a county fair in greenville yesterday afternoon. one of the baskets on the ferris wheel apparently flipped over when the ride got stuck causing the victims to plunge more than 30 feet to the ground. the children were rushed to local hospital. officials say they are now alert and they are talking. all mechanical rides at the fair are shut down for inspections. no word on how this happened. in northern liberties scary moments for passengers aboard a septa bus. police say a fight broke out between two men on the market
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frankford night owl line this is right around 3am. you can see police responding to the scene on second and spring garden. we're told one man stole another passenger's phone. then ran away. police later found the thief and arrested him. the eagles playing their first pre-game season thursday night against tampa bay. we couldn't wait for this but they could be starting the regular season on septembe september 11th without a key part of their offense. the future former first round pick is in jeopardy. howard eskin here with more on the details. getting it figure out, howard. >> i'm telling you, chris, it's not good news. the news is bad for the eagles. team has enough questions already. and they didn't need another. i've gotten confirmed from a source within the team that the right tackle lane johnson has been given a suspension and it's a long one. nfl handed down a 10-game suspension to johnson and according to my source it was for performance enhancing supplement.
5:19 pm
now the reason the suspension is so long is because it's a second offense for johnson. johnson was suspended four games last season for testing positive to a ped supplement. now, also, reports that lane johnson it's not official yet as far as the nfl that's because lane johnson apparently has appeal the suspension. now, jake glazer of fox sports said johnson told him he took an amino acid that johnson said was approved but tested positive for peptide. i don't even know what peptide s nonetheless, it's banned substance. players are always told they are responsible for what they put in their mouths. johnson the catch to all this he can play on thursday night in the eagles game. he can play in the preseason even if the suspension becomes official. coming up in sports, who calls the plays for the eagles on thursday night and tim tebow, tim, go away, would you please? he never knows when to say when. chris? >> he'll be playing hockey next, right?
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>> another big defeat for new jersey's year long attempt to legalize sports betting. federal appeals court today shot down the state's legal challenge to federal betting ban. the court found new jersey's law violated a 1992 act which limits sports better betting to handful of states that offered it at the time. the four major professional sports leagues and ncaa sued the state back in 2012 claiming the expansion of legal sports betting would damage the integrity of their games and lead to more game fixing. and new law for pennsylvania drivers goes into effect this week. all child car safety seats are now required to face backwards for all children until they're two years old. that mesh directs police to issue warnings for the first year, then will come the $125 fines. pennsylvania's the fourth state to enact the rear facing child seat regulations for the youngest of children. new jersey already has the backers of them. new child safety rules say facing children toward the back of the car dramatically lowers
5:21 pm
the risk for death or serious injury during crashes. that goes into effect on friday. and some people as young as six years old get very sick at a california party. investigators say the candy is to blame and now we know why. >> it's heartbreaking and live changing that happens to children all too often. but a new website helps young people who have lost parents know they're not alone. and many of us do it. i'm sure you, i'm sure i do it. we shouldn't be doing it. >> yes. >> talking while texting. you can miss a lot with your head down but now there's a new app that somewhat ironically is trying to help. ♪ i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes.
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and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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four new cases of zika in florida. health officials believe the virus was spread from mosquitoes from one miami neighborhood. 21 people contracted the virus my am knee dade. florida's governor says all of the transmissions are coming from the city's wynnewood district. meanwhile in texas, health officials confirm the state's first death associated with zi
5:25 pm
zika. a newborn girl died after suffering birth defects. >> this is a child who was born to a mother who win a zika infected area in latin america and traveled to harris county in her second trimester. >> the white house is calling on republicans to approve a $2 billion worth of funding to fight zika. congress is not scheduled to return to the capitol until september 6th. in san francisco public health officials say edible marijuana is most likely the reason more than a dozen people became sick at a party. they believe these gummy ring candies served at a girl's celebration over the weekend were in fact edible pot. 19 people including children as young as six years old ate that candy at the party. all experienced similar symptoms including rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and confusion. >> you have samples and urine and blood from the patients and we intend to look at what the
5:26 pm
concentrations of thc are. we're always concerned with the packaging as a candy or something that is, um, palatable and attractive to child. >> it's still unknown who supplied the edible marijuana and whether they did it on purpose. one man was so fed up with the packages being stolen from his doorstep, so he packed up a surprise of his own and now the they have is about to open a special delivery no one would want. may look like a bunch of girls just having fun at summer camp of nothing wrong with that but this is so much more. how this special camp is empowering young local girls. kathy? >> it was nice day to be outside but the summer sizzle is returning. temperatures back into the 90s for another heat wave. this time at least five days. we'll check the numbers and show when you the heat turns dangerous coming up. ♪
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♪ welcome back fox 29. live look at lake wallenpaupack looking at our camera from the poconos another nice date out there. soon enough, though, we'll be track something storms, possibly another heat wave. meteorologist kathy orr has an update on what could be another tough stretch of weather coming up. the search is on tonight whoever shot and killed a street racer in southwest philadelphia. phone video from the group philly street race team captured the shooting which happened over the weekend on essington avenue. the man who died was a street racer himself. police and the victim's family are hoping this video which is
5:30 pm
going viral will help them find the killer. now you've seen many stories here on fox 29 and elsewhere about various grinches swiping valuables from doorsteps, but in las vegas one man decided to fight back with a special delivery to teach a repeat package they have a lesson. >> i like his tactic. recorded it for all to see. fox's miguel martinez has the stinky story. ♪ >> reporter: picture this man no stranger to stolen packages he's had four snatched from his current address so he knows what to lookout for. >> when she came back i knew that my trap was set. >> reporter: when he saw this woman lurking around this house, he was sure she was up to no good. >> i'm sitting here watching her, and i'm like, i can go out and scare the crap out of her but, nah. >> reporter: he caught her crime on his surveillance camera. >> it's a federal offense to steal male off of a doorstep. >> reporter: and realized she knew what she was doing. >> she had it planned because
5:31 pm
she had more bags in her bag. >> this wasn't the first time he's had package stolen from his porch he even has a sign telling deliverer not to leave anything outside. it didn't stop this woman. luckily for him, he was ready to catch a they have in the act. >> looking right at the camera. boom. smile. busted. >> reporter: this woman was in for surprise. you see snake man figured he'd be hit again so he left a gift for the they have. >> i had pile of dog poop out in the backyard one day and i'm i should just bock this up and see if somebody wants to steal it. i guess she wanted my poop more than i did. >> reporter: this package they have will learn a stinky lesson about stealing. >> so when she pulls the box out all the poop will go everywhere. i was smart. ♪ >> we are told boulder has contacted the postal inspector about the package they have. back to your fox 29 weather authority. meteorologist kathy orr is here now, and you know what, i liked
5:32 pm
today as well. >> i did, too. >> another good one. >> i hear change might be on the way, kathy. >> you know it can't stand perfect for long. it's got to get much cooler or. warmer. high temperatures fairly up press seive the average high this time of year is 86. philadelphia 89. cinnaminson, new jersey, 88. doylestown 87. allentown 87. you can see in newark, delaware, 86 and ocean city, new jersey, the temperature on the land at the beach 85. the ocean water temperature 80 degrees. that's why you have to love august and september down the shore. national temperatures well you can see the contours where you see the red and that pink in texas, we're talking about temperatures well into the 90s. a piece of this heat will be rushing toward the delaware valley on the satellite you can see the clouds lifting toward us and the humidity. humidity right now or the dew point temperature in the 60s is muggy it's sticky but it's not that oppressive humidity that makes it difficult to breathe as temperatures get warmer. that will hold off until i'd say
5:33 pm
thursday but this dew point temperature in dover 74 is very high. so if you're in central or southern part of delaware, you will be feeling that humidity little bit faster than we will be in philadelphia. as we track the storms and some spotty showers, it looks like quite evening across the region maybe a few sprinkles. otherwise, during the day tomorrow, a mostly cloudy day. a few showers popping up and any shower that pops up could be a downpour. so please keep that in mind. but the main event will be thursday. we'll see clouds in the morning, then some sunshine. and showers thunderstorms popping up across the region. not everyone will see them. but we just have to be aware that there will be a threat of showers and thunderstorms with downpours from tomorrow onward right through the weekend. heat wave number five is building. it's high pressure builds off the coast. surge of southwesterly wind that are warm and humid that jet stream well to the north in canada. so we will keep it hot along the whole eastern seaboard. we have an excessive heat watch in effect for the i-95 corridor and adjacent suburbs in
5:34 pm
pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. it begins on thursday ends on saturday. it will feel like it's around 105 degrees during the peak of that heat will be over the weekend. so the heat peaks on saturday that's when i think we'll see the higher indices. the humidity will be oppressive through that period. and we're talking about a long duration heat wave right now looks like it will be five days the longest heat wave we had the dnc in town that was a seven day heat wave in late july. so overnight in the city 75. the suburbs 70. partly cloudy and muggy. not that bad on the humidity scale just yet. tomorrow the humidity will be creeping up. some scattered storms late. high temperature 89 degrees. orr will be down the shore in ocean city on thursday. stop by. we'll be there for the historic baby parade. it will be partly sunny and humid the high 88. on your exclusive fox 29 forecast. look at this excessive heat for thursday and fry for friday and for saturday, still hot sunday, breaking the 90s by monday.
5:35 pm
but still a threat of a pop-up shower or storm. and those shore temperatures in the 80s peeking on saturday at 90 degrees. remember, when we get these strong southwesterly winds, we get the cooler waters down the shore. i think this weekend the ocean water temperatures will be falling. we'll check back with you at 6:00 o'clock. >> cranking up the ac. thanks, kathy. >> yes. a historic building moved back where it belongs. and people here chose a historically accurate way to pull it all off. >> it's heartbreaking and live changing. it happens all too often to children. a new website however is now helping young people who have lost parents know they are not alone. and coming up new at 6:00, anxiety continues to rise over the zika virus especially down south. but could the solution to the problem come right here from our area? the important work happening right now in our own backyard.
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♪ a local zoo is remembering animals that have passed away this summer all of them of natural causes says the elmwood park sue in norristown. >> the zoo wrote tribute to its animals on its facebook page. announced the deaths of lace a white face monkey. matilda the elk. diva a lone wolf sheep and knocks a gray wolf. many people wrote messages of support for the animals including lace who was one of the zoo's oldest residents at 25 years old. well, it was a step back in time for new england community. >> now piece of history is back where it belongs. for decades the orleans county grammar school served as a grange hall in browning ton vermont a type of meeting place. monday was moving day after town officials decided they wanted to move the schoolhouse back to the small hilltop campus. oxen as you can see helped get the job done. >> our museum is expanding in collections and in programming
5:40 pm
and in education, and we need the space. >> vermont scholar and legislator alexander twilight once school master of the historic building. twilight was the first african-american to earn a bachelor's degree from an american college. helping another isn't just good for the soul it's good for your health. new study that gives you one more reason to volunteer. it may look like a bunch of girls having fun at summer camp but this is oh much more. how this special camp is empow empowering young local girls. how this special camp is empow empowering young local girls. >> howard? prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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♪ selling whim jumps have heart no new light zen that is. >> protesters gathered today outside the philadelphia district attorney's office. lead by the coalition to abolish death by incarceration. dozens spoke out against long prison sentences for juvenile defendants. they're asking seth williams to stop recommending these sentences for juvenile offenders because they say even though it's only a 25 or 35 year sentence, that is a life zen tons for some. >> we're here to tell seth williams he needs heart and understand what real compassion means. he's been public and he's said in the public he would no longer sentence anyone to life in prison many.
5:45 pm
that's been printed in the new york media and many other places but in reality 35 years to life is life. >> according to the coalition, philadelphia has more than 300 juvenile lifers in its prisons more than any other county in the nation. this may look like girls just having fun on the field at summer camp which is fantastic enough, but these girls are actually building brains and muscles and confidence competitive body builder and certified fitness trainer is creating quite a buzz an tracting big named mentors with her new summer camp for young city girls. >> she's helping them become strong inside and out and look good at the same time. joyce evans shows us from west philadelphia. >> everybody ready? >> yes. >> excited. >> yes. >> reporter: scoop it, pass it, catch it. shoot. what is this strange game? >> get will. >> reporter: it's something
5:46 pm
these young ones have likely never seen. >> good job. >> reporter: or played before. >> that's what i want to see. good for kids to know more than just the main stream sports of football, basketball like it's good to know more sports. >> we'll learn about cradling. >> reporter: their coach -- >> close the door. >> reporter: 16-year-old lacrosse phenom alexis joseph. >> you want to hold it and cradle. right? >> reporter: she's a defender on penn charter's lacrosse team, and while she's got two years left in high school, she's already committed to a full scholarship to play lacrosse as as a duke university blew definitely. >> she's very mature. she's surprising me. a lot of times it brings tears to my eyes to see how hard she is works and how well she works with the kids and just dedicated. just wanting to do good. >> there we government that's good shot. >> reporter: the good she's doing here at camp beauty fit strong is immeasurable. >> run through it. there we go. you almost had it. >> the thing that's so extraordinary about her is that she's 16 and they listen to her.
5:47 pm
>> yes. >> they listen to her better than they would listen to the adults. >> my coach always tells me shoot low it's a great way for to you learn people skills and how to figure out how people react to certain thing. >> reporter: discipline, focu focus, confidence, etiquette. >> there we go. >> reporter: all just as important as math, science and physical fitness to certified trainer and competitive body builder audra. >> as african-american girls it's important to know who they are to be strong in who they are. they bring in examples of that. >> reporter: doctors, lawyers, athletes, women who look just like these five to 13-year-old girls and walk in the same sho shoes. >> why do they need to know so early? isn't this a big young. >> no, they're like sponges at their ages so they kind of take it all in. >> my goal is to build them up so no one can tear them down. >> reporter: a goal missed, a goal made. >> one at a time. >> getting used to everything and like you said it's very
5:48 pm
similar to life where you kind of have to feel things out. get used it to nice. >> reporter: we can see their confidence building with every scoop and shoot. >> nice. >> reporter: while the young ones took a quick water break at discovery charter school i figured -- i never picked up a stick before. i have never scooped up a ball and tried to throw it. but i'm ready for her. um-hmm. trash talk ended quickly. >> i ned to catch it? >> yeah. >> ooh. ♪ >> almost. >> reporter: off the hook the girls came back refreshed and ready for more action. >> you're right handed so you put this hand up town top and this hand down low. >> reporter: are you sure she's 16? >> i know. she's almost like my mom. >> right hand on top. >> reporter: lexi's impact was obvious witness young ladies. >> hardest part was when you had to get it in the, um, net. >> it's fun. >> reporter: you going to try
5:49 pm
again tomorrow? >> yes. >> reporter: going to keep working on it, right. >> um-hmm. >> are you going to miss these little ones. >> i am going to miss you guys. >> thank you, lexi! >> thank you. >> reporter: neither will ever forget. until next summer, joyce evans fox 29 news. ♪ >> to your health now and helping yourself by helping others. working or volunteering can reduce the chances of chronic health conditions in older americans. the study found people age 50 to 64 who worked full time or part time or volunteered up to 100 hours per year had fewer chronic conditions that made it harder for them to get around. the researchers used health and retirement survey data from 1998 to 2012. no exact word on why that connection exists but doctors have said for awhile now that the more you get up and move, the better off you'll be.
5:50 pm
the findings are in the eighty two newly released medical journals in psychology. four years ago, an act of heroism took the life of a popular pediatric surgeon and left his three children wonder how long to move on. fox's christian nicole explains his oldest child created a website connecting teens with similar experiences. all across the country. >> a lot of teens have that one parent they really connect with. for lou it was her dad donald. >> it was always sort of one of those people that really understood me. he always knew when i was upset or happy or hiding something. >> reporter: family was celebrating on lake michigan when tragedy hit minutes into their trip. >> there were two boys who were really struggling and, you know, yes i knew it he ran in after them and luckily the two boys came back safely, um, but he was drowned by the rip tied. >> reporter: at 14, lou says she struggled to move on. eventually she connected with an old classmate. >> i was like mortified this
5:51 pm
girl was like popular, she was cool. they were not friends, and eventually my mom stuck us in the same room and was like you two talk. >> reporter: not only was it therapeutic it got her thinking. what if there was a network for teens in similar situations to connect? >> slap stands for survival life after a parent dies. we're the social media for teens who have lost a parent. >> reporter: her team includes a fellow classmate from their high school entrepreneur club who helped build the website that spreads their message. >> i've been able to meet a lot of the user users and i really realized how powerful of a mission it is and project it is and just how much it's already helped so many people. >> reporter: now a renewed effort to expand even farther and get more teens on board. >> we're currently recruiting teens to act as ambassadors for our website. so that content contributors acting as writers, editors, social media heads, um, artists or bloggers. >> reporter: teens helping teens through tragedy.
5:52 pm
kristin nicole, fox news. while many of us do it while we shouldn't. walking while teching you can miss a lot with your head down. there's a new app that's trying to help. >> okay. all right. can't wait to hear that one. coming up new at 6:00 police say they've got surveillance video showing burglar. when you learn where this capped happened you might vladimir putin a few more questions. >> anxiety continues to rise over the zika virus especially down south. could the solution to the problem come from right here in our area? the important work happening right in our own backyard.
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♪ what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'!
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perhaps seem like your eyes are always glued to your phone because -- (laughter). >> hmm. >> you're not alone. >> some of us. >> more distracted than ever because of these little numbers. >> that could soon change for some mobile users if a new york based artist has his way. fox's matt king explains how he's challenging the screen addiction epidemic of course with new app. >> i was snap chatting and i was
5:57 pm
like late to work and i walked into a glass door. >> i almost ran into a sign on once. >> pole. >> i once run into lamp. >> i ran into a street lamp. >> the lamp. it's a dangerous thing. >> reporter: the number and the frequency of distractions now available on our phones can render the most mundane features of a city as bustling as new york into treacherous obstacles. >> i've seen people walk into a wall. isn't i saw a person big bloody forehead. >> they ran into me if anything i tripped over a little unevenness in the sidewalk. >> artist and designer decided he needed to something to reconnect new yorkers and their physical spaces while watching people move around without raising they are eyes from your screens. >> not having eyes on the streets felt like the city was starting to lose a lot of its energy. >> reporter: he created a recurring intervention manifested through people' phones an app called look up economicked through google creative labs which runs in the background using gp and alerts users when they approach an intersection. >> safety part of the project but mostly this project is about
5:58 pm
empathy. >> reporter: empathy between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of all races, genders, ethnicities and creeds. lofty goal for an app available for androids in new york city but he says a worthy one. >> look up hopes to expand to other cities and ios devices in the coming months hopefully saving all who bruce it the physical and emotional harm caused by running into someone or something while staring at one's phone. >> people, poles, um, cars, bikers, everything. >> i was embarrassed. yes. but i know like people walk into like other people's dogs. >> it's just most stupid thing in the world. >> in chelsea, matt king, fox news. >> i got a new app. >> yeah. >> called put the phone down. >> is that what it is. it's free. >> right. >> watch where you're going. >> my thing i did that. i was the one who refused to get a mobile phone when they first came out, you know, like a couple ions ago. >> you like your new one now. >> it's part of my job. that's my story and i'm sticking to it. all right. get ready for what's being billed as the world's first
5:59 pm
interactive gaming coaster adventure. >> new jersey six flags great adventure about to open new ride you'll want to check out. i read about it he looks pretty cool. race of the gargoyles will become virtual reality jet pilots batter gore gales. it features plunges and turns. you'll wear virtual reality head sets and see high def imagery. you can instantly lock on moving target by moving your head. the ride slate to do open on september 24th in jackson, ocean county. ♪ tonight at 6:00, street racing in philadelphia. youtube video of one face fateful night now going viral. already shocking video is about to take a violent turn. why homicide investigators are now on the case. and things are heating up again.
6:00 pm
the fifth heat wave of the summer can soon be here but that's not all. what else is coming. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 a search for killer. someone meant to do you mean this local street race with this video. accomplished that but captured the moment leading up to a deadly shooting. tonight a father of six is dead and police are trying to track down the person who pulled the trigger. good evening, i'm chris o'connell in for iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police say the victim was watching the race. fox 29's jennifer joyce is at philadelphia police headquarters. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, lucy. in addition to cell phone video from the shooting scene, there was also surveillance cameras in the area so hopefully that caught something that can help provide police with some clues. as they continue to investigate family members of the victim tell us they believe their loved one was target


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