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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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in critical condition. where she was standing when someone started spraying bulle bullets. a man accused of breaking into local daycares. the distinctive feature cops will help track him down. your news is next.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. ♪ right now breaking news. almost two dozen shots erupted on local street caught in the crossfire a little girl. she was standing on her front steps when to us bullets started flying. good evening to you, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. iain is off tonight. right now, that 684 old is fighting for her life. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at the scene in east germantown tonight. shawnette, what is the latest? >> reporter: chris and lucy, as you just mentioned very sad. another child, a six-year-old, shot tonight. i'm told that officers took her to einstein hospital where she
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was in critical condition. she has since had surgery. i just spoke with the chief inspector on scene. he believes that the little girl has since been transferred to saint christopher's which is a good sign because that means they were able to stabilize her. let's take look at video of the scene we were able to get when this happened. skyfox flew over the scene on the 6300 block of north woodstock street. police got a call of shots fired. they arrived to find the six-year-old girl unresponsive. she had been shot in the left armpit. police picked her up and took her to einstein hospital as we just mentioned. they say she was on the porch of her home playing this evening when 21 shots were fired on the block. >> six-year-old girl was reportedly standing on the front steps to the house where she lives when she was shot. we believe due at the fact she's just six years old that she was struck by a stray bullet. we don't believe anybody will intentionally shoot is six-year-old girl.
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>> reporter: now with all due respect it's hard to say that because if you open fire on the street you know that there's a possibility that kids are arou around. just another careless person here. back here live, you can see crime scene investigators still on the scene. both marking she will casings, still on the ground as investigators try to figure out exactly who is responsible for this and again police say they found shell casing from two different guns although they only have a vague description of one suspect reported seeing fleeing from the scene. they are out here going door door investigators are talking to neighbors trying to see if they saw anything because of the time of day that this happened it was still in fact daylight outside investigators believe that someone saw something in many cases though as you know a lot of people reluctant to talk when things like this happen in their neighborhood. if there's any good news her tonight we believe this little girl is in stable condition recovering at the hospital, again, there are lots of businesses out here on this intersection. police also say some of the homes have security or
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surveillance cameras on the outside so they are reviewing those tapes hoping to find clues as to who did this. that's the latest from here at the scene. back to you. >> such a sad story, shawnette. thanks. on your radar night, get ready for some dangerous heat, storms on the wage let's take live look in wilmington right now. we are talking several days of 90 plus degrees maybe some severe weather on the way. meteorologist kathy orr tracking the changes. kathy, it is summertime. >> it is, and it is still summertime, chris. we are looking at some heat, some humidity and some storms as early as tomorrow morning. take look. right now ultimate doppler we have some clouds moving up from the south. some humid air and with it also the threat of some showers. we do have warm front that will move through during the morning hours of tomorrow and set off those showers. you can see temperatures right now philadelphia still sitting at 80 degrees. you know it's still warm when atlantic city is 79. allentown sits at 80 as well. as we take a look in the future, this is our high resolution
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model. you can see it will take us through the morning hours. at about five, 6:00 o'clock in the morning, we start seeing some showers popping up down the shore. so if you're going for a morning run on the boards, you may run into some downpours. this goes till about 8:30, 9:00 o'clock in the morning, and to the 11:00 o'clock hour maybe even some showers in philadelphia. and then a break with some sunshine in the afternoon. then we're watching as high pressure builds off the coast in the wake of this front and that means more heat, more humidity and the threat of storms right into the weekend. so as we look ahead we're talking about oppressive heat that will be returning. high humidity and excessive heat watch will go into effect with of course the threat of storms right into the weekend. we'll track them for you and show how hot it will get coming up a little bit later with the seven day. i'll see you then. >> okay. let's go back outside. take look from south philadelphia tonight. remember, you can have kathy and the entire weather authority in the pal. your hand with the fox 29 weather app. you can see live radar, get alerts sent right to your phone
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search for it in the apple and google play stores. a make shift memorial gone up tonight for little girl killed when a speeding car slammed into her family's car last night. that impact was so strong it sent the family's car into a pole and ejected the three year old from her seat. teenager was driving that second car. >> there are still questions tonight about why he was going so fast. fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke to those who knew the victim's many family live at police headquarters tonight. dave. >> reporter: chris tonight police still trying to determine if this was street racing. they are looking for a second car and a second driver. but while they do that, family, friends and an entire community say they are devastated by this loss. >> don't make no sense ya'll took the life of a little girl who was just -- who was happy, like, she was a little girl. >> reporter: that's how family friends describe three-year-old esther palmer tuesday night as they came to a small make shift memorial to the little girl who
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was killed monday night in a crash that may have been the result of spree racing. >> devastated. because that little girl she was just a precious little thing, like, nobody see that is. >> right now that's on-going investigation. they are seen traveling down second street at a high rate of speed. >> reporter: gabbie torres and angelica lopez fought back tears as they remembered esther. they went to the same church together. >> everybody loved her. she was just -- she was just really happy baby. i just can't explain it. i can't believe that this happened to us. >> reporter: police say esther was thrown from her family car after it was struck in violent crash at second and west york. the 17-year-old driver of the striking vehicle was hospitalized. he has retained an attorney. the driver of the second car believed to be racing has not been found. >> i'd like to talk to the occupant if the occupant were contact police. >> racing in an open street. knowing there's people out here that's out that could, you know, you could hurt them. >> family friends beg the second
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driver to come forward. racing along second street is dangerous and now it costs a little girl her life. >> i still can't believe that she's gone. >> reporter: no charges have been filed at this hour. police continue to look for that second car and second driver. they have lots of surveillance video yo from second street to go over as they build their ca case. and continue to investigate. chris? >> dave, thanks. another murder suicide rocking a local community. this time in burlington counsel township, new jersey. the district attorney says ruben johnson, jr., killed his wife mishanda and his son before turning the gun on himself last night in a home on sunflower circle. the little boy was just 10 years old. the superintendent of burlington county schools released a statement confirming a student enrolled there has died. grief counselors will be at the middle school tomorrow until 8:30 tomorrow night. ton night police are trying to figure out how a man died in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood. detectives are now handling the case after a man was found on a
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vacant property on the 1300 block of point breeze avenue. right now it's not clear how that man died or if it's suspicious. you decide tonight a statement one presidential campaign is calling dangerous at a campaign stop in wilmington, north carolina today, gop nominee donald trump said democratic nominee hillary clinton would basically get rid of the second amendment if she becomes president. >> then he said something that clinton campaign is calling a suggestion of violence. >> hillary wants to abolish -- essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way if she gets to pick -- boo! >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell was, that will be horrible day. >> those are the comments clinton campaign manager did he nouned the remarks saying the republican nominee was trying to
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insight violence but trump's communication director jason miller says that trump is referring to the power of unification, not violence. meanwhile, also controversy tonight over recent hillary clinton event. the father of a pulse nightclub shooter omar march teen attended a rally in florida last night for the democratic can day. you can see him in the red hat there sitting behind her. clinton started off the event by paying tribute to those shooting victims. his father says he supports clinton. still developing to night opening arguments in the trial of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. surrounded by staff, kane walked into montgomery county courthouse this morning. the state's top prosecutor is now in the fight of her political career. fox 29's dawn timmeney explains what went down in court. >> reporter: kathleen kane appeared confident as she left the montgomery county courthouse today on day two of her perjury and conspiracy trial. >> how did it go, kathleen. >> good, thanks.
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>> her lead attorney gerald shargel echoing kane' sentiment saying he was happy with how it was going so far. >> will she take the stand in her own defense. >> i can't answer that question. >> bruce beamer was the second witness to take the stand this afternoon. a former top aid to kathleen kane he testified he was shocked when he saw grand jury information in a philadelphia daily news article in 2014. beamer testified "it had to have come from our office. there was no other explanation. that's what i found so shocking ". kane is accused of leaking that information and then lying about it to get even with political foe frank fina. her attorney said she did no such thing. nor did kane direct or authorize anyone to do so. gerald shargel said kane did make some mistake but said they were honest mistakes and not criminal. he also said, it doesn't make sense that kane would risk her reputation or her career. the prosecution disagrees. it said this case is about revenge plain and simple in its
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opening arguments. prosecutors said kathleen kane was on mission of revenge and diss disregarded the law. kane has remained on a job even though she lost her law license as a result of these charg char. testimony resumes tomorrow morning. surveillance video shows this guy sprinting away from a business when he falls flat on his face. you can call it karma. what police say he did just seconds earlier that had him running in the first place. and -- (gunfire). street race breaks out in gunfire leaving one man dead. the clues his family hopes will bring the gunman to justice. and one guy was sick and tired of someone swiping packages right off his doorstep. the nasty surprise he left as bait he hopes teaches the a big lesson. and how many people you do see looking down on your phones may be walking across the sidewalk, down the street, we all do it.
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now the app to protect you from yourself. >> there you go. ♪
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♪ to tonight police in lehigh county are looking for two men who stole someone's are a car and rock the bank. it happened in the first niagra bank. the men walk up to the teller way weapon possible al sawed off shotgun and demanded cash. no word on how much money they got. police later found the stolen car. first on fox rash of burglaries in the target is day cares. police say already this month day cares across many
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neighborhoods in philadelphia have reported burglaries. tonight we're getting closer look at the man police say is behind it. fox 29's brad sattin is live outside 35th district police headquarters close to where some of those break ins occurred. brad? >> reporter: chris, you're right. there have been a total of nine break ins. we can tell that you two of them happened in february. but the other seven in just the past week and a half and neighborhoods including olney, germantown and west oak lane. police as you mentioned do think the same person is behind it and tonight they have pretty good pictures of him. a broken window, cut wires, a damaged safe and lots of surveillance video left behind of the man who police say is burglarizing child care centers seven of them since just last monday. the most recent here on west logan street this morning. >> once inside, he broke into the office, and there he stayed and rambled until he found some funds that was from the children's trip. >> reporter: making off with nearly a thousand dollars.
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>> i guess he just bust in the back door. >> reporter: police believe the same man was caught here seen in this video saturday morning inside a child care center in west oak lane locating the cash box, breaking it off the wall and then stealing the $5,000 inside. >> we've been here for 12 years and nothing like this has ever happened to us before. we feel violated. >> reporter: two hours earlie earlier, here he is again at a child care center 2 miles away after breaking through a window. >> this guy was in here for 45 minutes with his camera as flashlight looking through our paper work. looking through the drawers. he was looking for money. didn't take anything. >> reporter: police say he does sometimes leave empty handed but not before ransacking entire rooms. in one place he got in by pushing an air-conditioner through the wall climbing through the hole and stealing electronics and $2,500. >> he's gained entry to the rear of the property. so far he's taken from -- ooh got as little as nothing up to $6,000 in cash. he has a distinctive mustache if someone sees the video and still
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images they should know who he is. call 911. >> reporter: police police and victims want him caught badly. >> i just can't believe that someone is targeting day cares. >> reporter: based on the pictures it does appear that the man is acting alone. we can also mention that police are planning a community meeting at a local daycare on this subject tomorrow. chris and lucy? >> thank you, brad. new law for pennsylvania drivers takes effect this week. all child car safety seats must now face backwards. if your child is younger than two years old. police will issue warnings for the first year, then comes the one hun $25 fine. pennsylvania is the fourth state to enact rear facing child seat regulation for the youngest of children. new jersey already has it. supporters say facing children toward the back of the car dramatically lowers their risk of death or serious injury in a car crash. it takes effect this friday. another big defeat today for new jersey's year long attempt to legalize sports betting.
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federal appeals court today shot down the state's legal challenge to federal betting ban. the court found new jersey's law violated a 1992 act which limits sports betting to handful of states that offered it at the time. four major professional sports leagues and ncaa sued the state back in 2012 claiming the expansion of legal sports betting would damage the integrity of their games and lead to more game fixing. all right. just days from the eagles first preseason game and the key part of their offense will most the regular season. howard eskin is here with what's keeping him on the side lines for weeks. howard? >> i want to comment so much on that last story because that's such a joke with the government does. going to fix games. i can't take it. all right. the news today is not good for the -- it's a joke. it's not good for the eagles. the team has enough questions and didn't need another. i've gotten confirmation from a source within the team that the right tackle lane johnson has been given a suspension. it's a long one.
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the nfl handed town a 10-game suspension to johnson and according to my source, it was for performance enhancing supplement. the reason the suspension is so long is because it's his second offense. johnson was suspended four games last season for testing positive to a ped supplement. there are also reports lane johnson has appealed the suspension that's why it's not official. jay glazer of fox sports said johnson told him he took an amino acid that johnson said was approved and he tested positive for peptides. players are always told they are responsible for what they put in their mouths. now johnson can play thursday night in the preseason game even if the suspension becomes official. coming up in sports, what his agent is saying and who calls the plays for the eagles on thursday. lucy good see you very soon, thanks, howard. the fight against zika virus makviewer making its way to our backyard. >> fda approved a clinical
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vaccine and researchers developed it right here in philadelphia. their vaccine is different than others because it is dna based. that means unlike many traditional vaccines, it does not use life or killed viruses. no currently approved vaccine is available to the public for zi zika. >> dna has the possibility to be a disruptive technology which,, what i mean by that is, advance much quicker to the point of developing new drugs and therapists for human beings. >> group also hopes to use the dna vaccines to fight other diseases like hiv and ebola. looks like an inmate standing in court like any other day. but one judge had a big surpri surprise. who was going to make, for the first time. that brought tears to his eyes. >> a man tries to walk into disneyworld with a gun. security caught him. how he tried to tell security it was okay. imagine remembering everything, i mean everything in
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your life every meal you ever ate, what you wore mossing a chance end counter years back. it's part of a rare condition. one big draw back. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for construction delays all this week up there in chalfont route 152 closed at park of a just off 309. working all day tomorrow. 422 right at trooper road. at that bridge that goes over the schuylkill river and again septa made adjustments on the regional rails. four extra trains on the warminster line for the morning rush hour. sue has the forecast. i'll check the jam cams and see you bright and early tomorrow starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ investigators trying to figure out what sent three little girls plunging from a ferris wheel in tennessee. two of the children are expected to be okay. but police say a six-year-old has a traumatic brain injury and is still in critical condition. the accident happened at a county fair in greenville yesterday. one of the ferris wheels baskets apparently flipped over when the ride got stuck and that sent the children plunging more than 30 feet to the ground. all of the mechanical rides at
10:25 pm
that fair are shut down for inspection. in oakland, california a woman running from the cops hits a barrier. that barrier is a settlement truck. police responded to reports of a fight when they arrived the woman took off. officers were chasing her down the road when that truck collided with her car. police say a total of five people were in her car one person was injured, another one arrested. no word yet on charges. a kentucky judge is back in the headlines tonight for her calls in the courtroom. >> this time she let an inmate leave his jail cell to meet his newborn son in her court. >> i understand there's a chance that you'll go back to todd county and that your baby is a month old unhaven't met that baby yet. is that right? >> yes, ma'am. >> do you want to come here? >> here's your son. >> the judge told the inmate not to say a thing about his case since his lawyer wasn't there. i'm watching the video with you here. he he would the baby boy for few minutes before authorities escorted him back to jail.
10:26 pm
now at one point you can see him wiping tears from his eyes. this is by the way the same judge who was outraged last month when a female inmate spent several days in jail without a change of clothes and deputes he is cored her into the courtroom without any pants on. >> i like that judge. >> yeah, right. talk about low. surveillance video shows this man in a hospital looking to score some loot. what he stole with sick people just feet away. our kathy orr tracking your forecast for the midweek. hey, kathy. >> we're talking about heat, humidity and even storms, chris, that summer sizzle is going to be making a come back real soon. like tomorrow. all the details coming up with your seven day forecast. >> that's soon. all new at 11 cog five-year-old stumbled on something on a walk with his daddy. even he knew it was a big deal. the find making history. ♪ i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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♪ burglar on the prowl in south philadelphia hospital. this video from late in the afternoon on july 28th at the methodist hospital on the 2300 block of south broad street. police say the man entered an office and took a computer and all of the equipment that goes along with it. he then took off. no word yet on who he is, why or why he was in the hospital. if you recognize him, please call police. (gunfire). that video of street race capturing several gunshots from a deadly shooting killed a father of six and now police are trying to track down the person who pulled the trigger. police say the man gunned down was just watching the race. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce talked to people who knew the victim. >> memory will always live on. no matter what they did to him. >> reporter: robert ostiguin honored with growing memorial in
10:31 pm
north philadelphia. the 38-year-old was killed early sunday morning. employees say he was shot several times while standing at a bp gas station on essington avenue. relatives tell us he was there to watch street race. he was a well-known bike we are nicknamed mexican rob. youtube video taken by philly street race shows crowd of people lining the streets of southwest philadelphia. the race begins, then you hear several bullets fired. (gunfire). >> reporter: people scattered. philadelphia police responded. they say they found ostiguin propped up against a motorcycle at a gas station fuel tank. investigators confirmed the father of six died of multiple gunshot wounds. >> numb. i was numb. i had no emotion. >.report shocked family members are speaking out. seeking justice. they believe he was targeted. >> he's been in the streets for about 20 years, more than 20 years. so he knows a lot of people. it's going to come out.
10:32 pm
everything will come out. everything that's done in the dark will come out in the light. >> reporter: the city's hospital side unit is investigating this case. if you have any tips, any information at all, you should give them call. reporting from police headquarters, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. northern liberties scary moments for passengers aboard septa bus. police say a fight broke out between two men on a market frankford night owl line. around 3am. police responded to the scene on second and spring garden. they say one man stole another man's phone then ran away. police say they later found and arrested the thief. still developing tonight more fallout from one of the biggest travel glitches of the summer. delta airlines canceled hundreds more flights today on top of the thousand they canceled yesterday. power outage grounded flights worldwide. delta grounded more than thee hundred flights today. passengers around the world say they are fed up. >> we've been taken off the plane twice, and we've been
10:33 pm
given every excuse under the s sun. >> incompetence. you know, what are you going to do about it? >> delta is also offering refunds and waving fees. delta ceo has issued a public apology. some travel experts say the airline needs to make a serious investment in new backup systems to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> happiest place on earth security says they caught a guy trying to get into disneyworld with gun. fox's valerie about wee shows us how he tried to say it was all right. >> reporter: here at disney the land of make believe investigators say a visitor tried pretending he was a cop. it happened on monday when deputes say 42-year-old kevin web tried getting into the magic kingdom when he was randomly selected to go through the metal detector. >> when he was going through the metal detector he self admitted he had a firearm with him. obviously, that peak the interest of the security personnel at disney and of course piqued our interest as well. >> reporter: he told security he was a law enforcement offic
10:34 pm
officer. >> identified himself as an officer from the sherwood police department in arkansas. >> reporter: when deputes call the sherwood police department in arkansas they discovered that web was actually fired from the force back in 2013. >> the gentleman, um, had been terminated a couple of years back for dishonesty and untruthfulness. >> reporter: arkansas authorities say he should not have had credentials. investigators took web's firearm and credentials into evidence. >> he broke policy for disney and he broke the law by impersonating a police officer. he had not ban police officer for the past three years. so therefore he was arrested on those two charges. >> reporter: guests are glad he was caught. >> no word tonight on what kind of penalty web faces if convicted of the charges. surveillance video shows this guy sprinting away from a business when he falls flat on his face. i guess you could call this one karma. what had him running in the first place.
10:35 pm
and imagine remembering every single detail of your life, every meal you ever ate, what you wore months ago on a specific day. a chance encounter years back. this guy, says, it's part of a rare condition and there's a big draw back. plus i know do you this. i do it. >> what? >> people walking down the street looking at their phones. >> yeah. >> crossing the street. well, the app to protect from you yourself. >> i don't it if i'm crossing the street. i do. okay. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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10:39 pm
sunday. at one point you see the guy throw his shoe still on fire across the parking lot. >> in your money tonight, big changes for facebook users. if you use add blocking software on your computer, it may no longer work when using facebook. social media giant has flipped the switch on its deck top app to block the ad blockers it means advertisements will appear if users are using the software. facebook says ad blocking is seen as a threat to many online publishers and new sites that rely on tieing revenue. >> just in time for halloween mm's coming out with new flavor it's called boo scotch. flavors of butterscotch and white chocolate. those who had them say they're scarilily similar to the popular harry potter drank butter beer. you'll see the candy at target in a few week along with other returned seasonal flavors called i guess pecan pie one of them,
10:40 pm
candy corn another and crispy smores. >> give me the regular. >> i like the regular, too. >> traditional. >> i like the peanut m and ms as well. not that you care. (laughter). >> this new app is hoping to reconnect smart phone users to the world. app developer artist was worried because he saw too many people walking into dangerous situations because they were distracted. so he decided to do something to reconnect new yorkers to their city. he created an app called look up. sounds simple enough. >> yup. >> gps enabled app alerts users when they approach any kind of blockage ross are intersections. >> not having eyes on the streets felt like the city was starting to lose lot of its energy. safety part of the project this project is about empathy. >> so far the app is only available for androids in new york city but look up hopes to expand to other cities and apple devices in the coming months.
10:41 pm
one guy was sick and tired of someone's swiping packages right off his doorstep. the nasty surprise he left as bait he hopes teaches the they have a lesson. our kathy orr tracking your midweek forecast. kathy? >> that's right. heat and humidity bringing the threat of rain even some storms come tomorrow morning. we'll track them when we have the seven day right after this.
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♪ las vegas man is sick of someone stealing packages right off his front doorstep. so many of them have gone missing he's even posted a sign on his front door asking delivery drivers not to leave anything out. when that didn't work he set up surveillance cameras and left the repeat they have we'll call it a special surprise. he says when he saw a woman lurking around his home, he watched as she took the bait. >> i had pile of dog poop out in the backyard one day and i'm like i should just box this up and city somebody wants to steal it. so i guess she wanted my poop more than i did. >> he hopes the they have learns a stinky lesson about stealing. he has contacted the postal inspector about those missing packages. for many of us it's a struggle to remember what we did
10:45 pm
yesterday much less on a specific day, say, years ago. however, one man says he remembers everything, everything in his life, going back years. literally. >> yeah it's a rare condition that only a few dozen have around the world. fox's laura evans explains. ♪ >> reporter: when theme ma paints he says it's like placing down layers of memories. >> because i remember things in such impactful way and that translates into the textures and the arts. >> reporter: he's one of about 50 people in the world with a condition known as highly superior auto biographical memory or superior ability to recall specific details of auto biographical events. >> a lot of people remember flash films or stills where for me as if it's film not just the images but the sights and sounds. the feelings. when i going back in my memory i remember everything from the moment i woke up to what i wore
10:46 pm
to what i ate. >> reporter: many ofs have hard time remembering what we had for dinner two nights ago. we asked him what he had a week ago tuesday. >> last tuesday i had tuna tartar at policy bar. >> it took awhile to remember but he says that's normal. it can sometimes take him a week to recall a memory but when he does he goes right back to the full sensory experience of that day. >> being pulled fully back in the moment and i remembered it as if i was there. >> reporter: he was septembered in a study at uc irvine september years led by neuro sign tilings james mccall. >> i and the people who work with me have been and remain deeply interested in understanding what we believe is the most important ability that we have and that's memory. >> reporter: the doctor and his team are looking into how the brains of people with h dam different from the rest of the population. so far they haven't uncovered a pattern but what they have found is one part of the brain is much
10:47 pm
larger in peoples were hsam something that could help solve the history of certain brain disorders like alzheimer's. >> we're still in the process of getting a little bit of this information and that information and such. we don't have an answer to the basis of it yet. >> reporter: what they do know the ability is associated with obsessive compulsive behaviors and for most people it starts earlier in life. he traces his superior memory back to december 15th, 2000. >> that actually happens to be the day i met my first girlfriend. >> reporter: other others startd noticing how he remembered a recent event. the researchers asked him -- >> what happened august 17th, 2008? >> he immediately remembered that was when michael phelps won his eighth gold medal. he says painting is an outlet for him. >> i use my art as way to channel the those feelings and
10:48 pm
that impact and not only like a positive creative way but quite often therapeutic way as well. >> reporter: the one draw back -- >> forget sag luxury i don't have. >> laura evans did ask him about other specific dates. he told her it would probably take too long to remember like he says it's not a split second memory more locate a tape rewinding. >> i think it would be cool. >> i wouldn't want to remember everything. >> it sounds like has actually choose to remember that. all right. kathy, we could go on. how is the weather. >> i choose to forget the snowstorms and i choose to remember the beautiful sunny days. right? most of douse. you can look live here in old city philadelphia. you can see our flag waving a little bit. the wind will be picking up over the next couple of days with more more warm humid air moving n the temperature 80 degrees. the high tomorrow 89. going for 90. winds soft south southeast at 7 miles an hour. it's still 80 degrees in the philadelphia. when you look at the northeast and heading towards the delmarva
10:49 pm
temperatures uniform up northern parts of new england mid 70's. new york 79. harrisburg 78. get this it's warmer in buffalo, new york, right now than it is in philadelphia. that doesn't happen that often. as we look at our fox future cast, overnight we have a partly cloudy sky with clouds and hugh made air moving on in. during the day tomorrow we'll see spotty showers. maybe a few thunderstorms in the morning. especially through south jersey. tracking some near the if you're going for a morning run, going for a morning donut run, you can get caught in a downpour early and right through the midday we could see some spotty showers. then we clear it out somewhat and in the afternoon all the activity is focused toward the lehigh valley and to the north. so philadelphia south and east catches a break during the afternoon hours. then thursday morning we see some sun. this is when a surge of really oppressive humidity moves in. and i think the best chance of showers and storms on thursday will be to the north of philadelphia. so if you're down the shore this week, you can see some rain tomorrow morning but then you're
10:50 pm
in the clear during the afternoon and even on thursday i do think this stays mainly to the north. so that's the good news in your forecast. excessive heat watch goes into effect thursday. it continues through saturday. it will feel like it's around 105 degrees especially friday and into saturday. so the heat will peak on saturday that will be our hottest temperature, 96. close to the record of 99. it will be oppressive with the humidity feeling like it's well over 100. this is going to be a long duration heat wave. a 5-day heat wave is long enough. overnight low temperatures in the 70s it will be muggy the night tomorrow 90. scattered morning storms. then mostly cloudy and humid. as you plan your day tomorrow, warm in the morning. but hot in the afternoon. during the din are in hour 86 degrees. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority official heat wave number five on friday. it continues through sunday. the heat breaks monday and tuesday but still warm. and down the shore it's going to be hot. water temperatures in the 80s
10:51 pm
will be cooling over the course of the weekend. and that's a look at your seven day forecast. hey, howard? >> hey, kathy. the eagles, they play on thursday and hopefully it will be a little cooler. with a new coaching staff who is calling the offensive plays? the head coach will clear that up. and how stupid can player be when he gets caught for ped use after getting caught the year before? i don't know. i'll try to explain what's the latest is with the eagles problems much that will be coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ at least there's news out of the eagles camp. eagles have enough questions and didn't node another. confirmed from source within the team the right tackle lane johnson has been given suspension and it's a long one. the nfl handed 10 game suspension to johnson for a performance enhancing suppleme supplement. now the reason the suspension is so long because it's his second offense. how can you do that? johnson was suspended four games last season for testing positive. there are also reports lane johnson has appeal the suspension so it's still up in the air. even if the suspension becomes official, johnson can play only if the preseason games. we'll see what happens. in statement by lane johnson's agent ken czar enough said we are aware a member of the media has started a rumor more. when these guys make these comments what the heck they're thinking about. lalanne will be suss sended for
10:55 pm
p.e.d. violation. he has not been suspended. i will add yet any report to the contrary is false. all right. we dealt with that. eagles play their first game against tampa thursday night with new coaching staff who will call the offensive plays for the quarterbacks,? well it's head coach. >> from a speed standpoint ate i'm call the plays directly from myself to the quarterback. that is probably the biggest issue. just keeps you so in tuned to the game. you're so -- you're so -- you're focused not only offensively but when the defense is back out there. i mean you're looking at how your players are playing. you're kind of that quarterback on the side line. >> i think frank will call something somewhere along the line. the phillies again playing the dodgers tonight let's go to los angeles. scoreless game in the second inning. aaron al tear has played well. a two run homer in the second inning. and guess what that means? that means the phillies are up
10:56 pm
two-zero. latest grab for attention by one of the most over hyped players in the formerly in the nfl but now he wants to play another sport. tim tebow needs to go away. away! my comment coming up at 11:00 and friday night alex rodriguez will play the final game of his major league baseball career against tampa and you're so lucky you can see the game between yankees and tampa bay right here on fox right here starting at 7:00 o'clock. item bee company, two guys got to go away. >> a-rod. >> one was good player. >> who used p.e.d.'s and one couldn't play. >> still talks about it. (laughter). >> thanks howard. >> that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. lucy noland standing by with what's coming up at 11:00 o'clock. lucy? >> all right, chris. warning tonight before you head down the shore for your weekend. what towns are asking you to do tonight before another deadly accident happens.
10:57 pm
and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. how does that sound? don't forget your mega millions lottery drawing is up next. good luck to you.
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