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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this is fox 29 morning news. developing this morning, few shootings in just six hours. just a half block away from each other. a man rushed to the hospital after being shot, why police think it may be connected to the shooting of a six year old. >> plus, from the field to the side lines. an eagles player suspended for performance enhancing drugs. how long lane johnson is expected to be out this coming season. >> if she get to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the seconds amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> controversial comments come interesting gop presidential nominee, donald trump. the backlash he is facing after comments yesterday. he crossed the line, all right, good day everyone, it is august the tenth, 2016. as you're waking up with us. >> so are we going to start that heatwave today? >> let's hope not. sue serio? >> cumar that and the vandela's, i think we will. seven out of ten, your number
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by the weather. you wish the number could match the date of august 10th. no, we have muggy the dog back in the picture with bus stop buddy. and he's happy to be poolside on a day like today. but you see the umbrella. that's warning to you look to the sky later on for pop up showers and thunderstorms, it is cloudy, it is muggy right now. and we have a temperature of 77 degrees already. almost 80. south-southwest winds at 8 miles an hour, sunrise happens 6:09 this morning. seventy in mount pocono, 77 in reading. allentown, in addition to philadelphia, millville, new jersey, we have 75 degrees in wilmington, delaware, as you walk out the door right now. thunderstorms to the north, nothing happening right leer. watch out, as we mentioned, later on, some storms popping up any time this afternoon. you may or may not get one. but if you do, just take cover and get away from the pool or the beach if that happens. high temperature today, bob kelly, 90 degrees, day one.
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>> already 77 here as we get started at 5:01, before the sun even pops up. definitely another hot one on the way here. this is live look at the schuylkill expressway. coming into and out of the city, right near montgomery drive. no problems or delays at all. they pick up all of the cones on the vine street expressway. so we're ready to go for a morning rush hour. ben franklin bridge looking good. no problems or delays as you work your way into philadelphia. again, 95, the schuylkill, the turnpike, all off to a good start, one accident though just popped up here, this is 295 northbound at exit number seven, right there, in the heart of swedesboro. and then watch for work, later today in chalfont. route 152 will be shutdown, right at park avenue during the midday, all part of some repaving operations, and the commodore barry bridge, if you are leaving new jersey, coming into pennsylvania, the ramp to flower street will be closed all this week, again, all due to road work. off to good start. no problems this morning at philadelphia international airport. and that includes all of the gang flying on delta this morning. chris, lauren, back to you.
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>> bob, thank you so much. right now police investigating two separate shootings in the same east germantown neighborhood. >> two separate shootings involving a 47 year old man and six year old girl, both in stable condition right now, steve keel any center city looking at both of these stories for us, steve? >> we call police headquarters, the linc owe among the officers, 6,000 plus, is eighth and race. and you will hear that. and they don't just do paperwork here, they can actually do a lot of police work here, because of high technology. one of the tools they have is what's called a shot spotter system. which is a microphone system around the city, that hears gunfire. so, when people are shot, often they don't get a 911 call. that will was the case at 1:40 this morning. so the 2,000 to 2100 block of chelten avenue has been shooting range since 7:00 p.m. last night. about 25 shots fired at least within six hours and two shootings with three guns likely. no one killed, not yet anyway, but they've come close, and
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not to their intended target. a six year old girl sitting on steps on another street around the corner from chelton, hit by stray ricochet, under the armpit, into her chest, breaking ribs, collapsing a lung, critical but stable. now, six hours later, look at our video, police see this white car shot up and window blown out. then a trail of blood leading to a house in the 2100 block of chelton, where a 47 year old guy lives. they knock on the door, and he says he heard gunshots about 20 of 2:00 this morning, and then realized he had been shot in the arm and leg. never called police, though. >> due to the fact it happened in such close proximity, and just six and a half hours later, we have to look into the possibility that they are related. so northwest detectives are on location, processing the scene, police down at eighth and race, are watching the recording, from the real time crime cameras, and hopefully we can identify who committed the shooting.
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>> reporter: now you are going to look at video from the 7:00 p.m. shooting where the little girl was shot. these 21 shots fired from two guys, not shooting at each other, but standing next to each other. and, again, more cars on the street hit like this van, this and the second one, but 21 shell casings, two guys standing next to each other, shooting in the same direction at somebody. and they didn't hit that somebody. and these bullets as you see can be fired on one street and miraculously make a left turn when they are ricocheting off people's stoops and the concrete street. that's how this little girl was shot sadly. daylight, out on summer night, that's when she is hit. so you heard scott small call this eighth and race, so the shot spotter also those real time crime cameras, which is surveillance system, only put them in places where they have had a lot of crime. now, another justification for putting that one above chelton avenue. wouldn't you say? >> yes, another justify any case, let's hope they can find the person responsible. thank you.
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>> 5:06 the time, day cares in philadelphia, well, they become the dark it after thief. >> seven have been burglarized in less than two weeks, this morning, police have alert to all day care centers. dave kinchen standing by live at northwest detectives, with more on the story. hi, dave. >> reporter: lauren, chris, police actually have community meeting tonight to get the word out to business owners, as they look for the person they say has broken into seven day care centers in the past nine days. the man was caught on surveillance video here in several incident, and in some cases swiping thousands of dollars along with electronics, investigators say the man has been breaking back windows and doors to get inside day cares in west oaklane, and surrounding neighborhoods in philadelphia. in one case, cops tell us, he even pushed out an ac aoun at this time slip in through the hole. >> this guy was here for 45 minute with his camera, flashlight, looking through paperwork, looking through the drawers.
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he was actually looking for money. he didn't take anything. he was searching, he made himself comfortable, kept peaking out the door to see if anyone was looking, and this is not his first time doing this. he was just too comfortable in here. >> reporter: police say that the man has a distinct mustache. if you recognize him, police are hoping you can give them a call. we are hearing that police may have a person of interest in this case. but not an official suspect. so the search does officially continue. and we can tell but that community meeting, at 6:00 tonight, it will be held at address 1919 mid erie street at a day care center, again, tonight at 6:00 in philadelphia. back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. community comes together to remember a little girl who was killed monday when speeding car slammed into the vehicle she was in. family and friend set up a memorial to remember three year old esther palmer's young life. the accident happened along second and york streets. police say the impact so strong it sent the family's car into a pole, and ejected
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esther from her seat. those close to the family are begging for the second driver who hit them to come forward. >> everybody loved her. she was just a really healthy baby. i just can't explain. and i can't believe that this happened to us. >> open street, knowing there is people out here, that is out, i mean, you could just hurt them. >> the driver of the car that hit them was hospitalized. the driver of the second car believed to be racing, not yet been found. >> in philadelphia, police are using phone video to help them figure out who shot and killed a man during a street race. video from the group, captured the weekend shooting on essington avenue in southwest philadelphia. thirty-nine year old robert's family says that he was a father of six, and racing entheusiast. police, and the victim's family, are hoping this video will help them track down his killer. up from know anything, call police. 5:09 the time. child in critical condition
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this morning, police say a eight year old was rescued from a swimming pool in winslow township, new jersey, rescue crews responds the to the home on scenic view drive just before 5:00 last night. they transported the child to children's hospital. authorities of course are investigating. >> another murder suicide rocking local community, this time, in burlington township, new jersey. the district attorney says rubin johnson, jr., killed his wife, mishand a and his son, before turning the gun on himself on a home on sunday flower circle, the little boy only ten years old. the superintendent of burlington county schools confirm that student was enrolled there, and he died. grief counselors will be at the middle school today. >> and police are trying to figure out how point breeze neighborhood, detective now handling that case, after a man was found on a vacant property on the 1300 block of point breeze avenue. right now it is not clear how that man died or if the death is suspicious. the corruption trial for attorney general kathleen kane continues today, opening
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statements took place yesterday, and the testimony has already gun. prosecutors say kane was on a mission for revenge against political foe, frank fina, when she leaked grand jury information then lied about it. kane's former top aide, bruce beamer, took the stands yesterday, as well. he told jurors he was shocked when he saw the grand jury information in the philadelphia daily news, in 2014. and he says that it had to have come from her office. he takes the stand again this morning. >> in florida, a judge has moved a bail hearing for joey merlino to friday, the jailed local mob boss will appear in federal court in west palm beach. federal authorities say merlino began working to rebuild the philadelphia crime family in 2014. prosecutors charge merlino, and nearly four dozen other suspected mobsters last week, the new charges could lands him back in prison for 20 years. >> donald trump under fire again for his comments at a campaign stop in north carolina. trump was talking about putting fans on the second amendment.
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and said something that the clinton campaign is calling a suggestion of violence. >> hillary wants to abolish essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> clinton's campaign manager immediately denounced trump remarks saying republican nominee was trying to insight violence. trump communications director jason miller says trump is referring to the power of unification, not violence. >> of course the second amendment is the right to bear arms. 5:11, big defeat in new jersey when it comes to sports betting, why federal appeals court shot down the state's legal challenge to a federal betting ban. >> plus impressive night in rio for team usa. find out which athlete walked
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away with the gold.
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>> ♪ >> i should know this. it is early, 5:14. okay, i'll stop whining,
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because there will be enough whining going on over the next five, six days, over the heat and humidity. today, what a difference between the city where the heat is on and 09 degrees, down the shore, we'll have ocean breeziness and 83 degrees for a high temperature, and pocono mountains, not as hot, with a high of around 80 degrees there. so, if you can escape, that would be a good thing. now, the excessive heat watch doesn't officially go into effect until tomorrow, because we'll have the humidity that kicks in today, then it starts building up day after day after day. and it stays with us, that heat watch, through saturday. because of the persistent southwesterly winds, that we'll have, we will be to the south of the jet stream, lots of heat and humidity pouring into the area from the southwest. already, we have 77 degrees, if you are walking out the door right now in philadelphia. you'll feel the difference from yesterday, and the day before. seventy-four in lancaster, 70 in mount pocono, 77 in wildwood. as we get started. and, again, it is getting
5:16 am
muggy, with these dew points, that have all risen into the 70s. once the dew points get there, our measure of moisture is really hot. so we've got some thunderstorms to the north of us, nothing much to the south of us. we will have the warmfront moving through today, and as far as our future cast is concerned, there will be quite a few clouds around today. but we will still get to 90 degrees. and pop up showers, and thunderstorms, are possible, there is a few popping up around 3:00 p.m., but i would say start looking for them any time after 12:00 noon. and then few more in the evening and that takes care of today. your seven day forecast is 90 today, 91 tomorrow, 93 on friday, saturday, will be, the absolute worse of it, the actual temperature will be 95. and that's bad enough. but it will feel like at least 105 when you factor in the humidity. still hot on sunday, we get into the 80s monday, tuesday, but we have persistent chance of showers and thunderstorms, as we look at the shore
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temperatures, they're bearable today and tomorrow, but by the weekends it will be steamy at the shore, as well. bob kelly? >> hey, just got off the phone with septa, sue. the latest on the paoli thorndale situation. right now, service is suspended on the paoli thorndale regional rail line. now, last night amtrak, and amtrak train pulled down some of the overhead wires. now, amtrak and septa share this stretch of line along the corridor. now, septa says service suspended as every right now, the game plan is to have a test train leave thorndale, making all stops coming into center city. and then another test train at around 6:10 making all stops coming into philadelphia. if all goes well with the two test trains, we'll continue service, but obviously, we are going to have delays, right out of the gate, already, delays out of the gate here for that paoli thorndale line. so again, this is a situation that's going to unfold throughout the morning.
5:18 am
and, still no word from amtrak whether they're going to have delays at all, if you do use amtrak, i would certainly check, and make sure that you know what the delays are for the morning rush hour on that same stretch of track. now, 422, east and westbound, watch for delays today near the trooper road interchange. philadelphia international airport, been rough go for delta passengers, delta, no delays on the tote board, and philadelphia international airport, actually, showing no delays at the moment. but, later on this afternoon, as sue mentioned, we get the thunder boomers rolling through, probably going to see stoppages and delays not only here in philly, but in other airports, as well, for the evening rush hour. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thank you so much, bob. amtrak has started settling lawsuits with the victims of last year's deadly derailment. reached settlements, quietly resolving cases for people who suffered head and other injuries. lawyers say strict confidentiality agreement. dozens of lawsuits still pending. eight people were killed, more
5:19 am
than 200 others were hurt when the washington to new york train sped into a sharp curve and derailed. setback for the eagles, team source confirms right tackle lane johnson has been given a ten game suspension. the nfl handed down that suspension for testing positive for a performance enhancing supplement. the league suspended johnson for four games last season for the exact same violation. >> ten games. >> with the season only like 16. >> oh, my goodness, and we start in one month, by the way, september 11, that home against the browns. new owner of the borgata casino is holding job fair in atlantic city for the casino complex going up in maryland. mgm says it needs hundreds of workers, to staff the lounges at the national harbor in prince george's county. job fair starts this morning, at 9:00 at the borgata. 4ac casinos close in the 2014, you will remember, in just last week, we learned that the taj mahal casino will close in
5:20 am
october. we drop the trump in this cycle. another big defeat for new jersey years long attempt to legalize sports betting. yesterday federal appeals court shot down the state's legal challenge to federal betting ban. courts found new jersey law violated 1992 act which limits sport betting to hands full of states that offered it at the time. the four major pre february until sport leagues and the ncaa sued the state in 2012 claiming the expansion league allege sports betting with damage the the integrity of their games and lead to more game fixing. speaking of games? >> yes? >> the game have gun. usa is doing pretty darn well, right? >> i agree. swimmer michael phelps picking up his 20th and 21st gold medal. >> (olympic announcer) (cheers).
5:21 am
>> man, if he had slowed down just a little bit he could have lost that. first win of the night coming right there, 200-meter butterfly final, the win made up for a stinging 2012 defeat in london in that same race. just an hour later he competed again, pick up 21st gold medal. he led team usa to gold in the man's four by 200-meter freestyle. he was final leg in that rales. the golds medal finish also thanks to the combined efforts of connor dwyer, ryan, chris murphy. >> katie ledecky from maryland, bringing home the gold in women's freestyle last night. gives her her second individual gold of the games in rio. she also pick up a gold earlier this week, in the 400-meter freestyle. i think i heard in a interview after her race it was a first time ever in the pool she felt like she was going to blow up, she said. >> my goodness. >> i know. >> that's discusting. >> well, if you true. >> why bring that up?
5:22 am
>> she fought to the end for that one. talk about jim as innings. >> did you notice ledecky has perfect teeth? >> overwhelming favorite, did not disappoint, girls hit routine after routine building sizeable lead to bring home the gold. simone biles anal i raceman now favorite in the all around competition. doug last, hernandez, madison goshen could all earn medals in the event finals. >> still ahead: soon more people will be able to pay for city parking by using their smart phones, where the pta is expanding their meeter. >> with all of the ppa tickets i've gotten, i need to win the lottery. ♪
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
5:25 am
>> the fight against the zika virus placing its way to the backyard, zika vaccine going through clinical trials, researchers developed it right here in philadelphia. >> the team from the wooster institute says their vaccine is different from others because it is dna based, unlike many traditional vaccines, does not use live or killed viruses. currently no approved vaccine is available to the public for zika. paying for parking via your smart phone will now be available for people outside center sit. >> i popular meet up app will go beyond the 267 parking kiosks now in service.
5:26 am
users use location term, when parking sessions expire, the app will send out alert, to let you know you need to top off your time. philadelphia parking authority says the expansion will progress to neighborhoods beyond downtown will be complete by the end of september. >> national bragging rights go to a bagel shop in fishtown. the best sandwich in the u.s. served at philly style bagels, bonn appetite, shows classic locks sandwich number one. hum. before baking, philly style bagels are slow ferment dollars in small batches, hand rolled, boiled in a mixture of water and beer by yards brewing company, the eatery, just opened this past january, right right there on columbia avenue. >> sounds like we need to invite them over to the studios. >> where is the breakfast with bob on that, bob kelly? >> oh, going right there right now. load up the news van, weaver breaking news from septa. service suspended on the paoli line. we'll have more information on the test trains, and steve,
5:27 am
you're also on breaking news this morning, as well? >> reporter: yes, second shooting on the same block on the same street in the same night where a six year old suffered almost fatal wounds from a stray bullet. pea past .
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>> two shootings in just six hours, just a half a block from each other. a man returned to the hospital after being shot, why police think he may be connect today a different shooting. >> and we have some day care burglaries. a string of them. alert to day care centers in the area, a man accused of several break-in's in the last two weeks, distinctive feature cops hope will help track them down. >> (cheers). >> oh, ya, fell many, number one. big night for michael phelps yet again, adding to his gold counts, again, 20, and then 21, breaking it down from team usa. >> good day everybody, it is august 10th, 2016. >> we had a little square, the prompter like went to sleep. i think it woke back up. >> chris needs you. >> closely and carefully. >> not a mess, are you?
5:31 am
we are. >> just kind of make it up as we go along, so here's bus stop buddy. well, he's got the umbrella because you need to watch for showers, thunderstorms later on, but poolside definitely the place to be today. already in the 70s, and, yes, look who is back in the picture, muggy the dog. down boy. we have 77 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, 8-mile per hour wind, 88% relative humidity, and sunrise at 6:09 this morning. thunderstorms to the north, nothing popping up around here yet. but, a we mentioned, you will need to watch later on. 90 degrees with some sun, pop up thunderstorms, quite a few clouds today i think, and then tonight 78 degrees, muggy, stray thunderstorm is not out of the question. this, you better get used to it, wait until you see the seven day forecast that's coming up. high, bob kelly. >> good to go, we have wire problems on the prompter, and wire problems on septa's paoli
5:32 am
thorndale line, as well as amtrak. here's the deal, the latest from septa. service suspended on the paoli thorndale line between thorndale and malvern. they are going to run two test trains, one left the station just a few moments ago, into center city, between malvern and downtown. and then another train at 6:10 malvern into downtown. expect delays to start the morning rush hour, and we will probably see amtrak delays, as well, that's amtrak's keystone line, that runs out to harrisburg. and an accident north on 295, just north of the delaware memorial bridge. otherwise, nothing out of the ordinary for the schuylkill and 95. and no problems at the airport, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, we have to get to this developing story for you at 5:33. a man is in stable condition after being shot in east germantown. >> so now investigators are trying to connect the dots to see if this is related to a different shooting involving a six year old, steve keeley at police headquarters with a look at both of these stories.
5:33 am
hype, steve. >> reporter: head shaking stuff. this guy that was shot twice in his arm and leg, never even called police or called an ambulance. just went into his house. i guess he was going to fend to himself? another philly child, though, shot this summer, this is the fifth unintended child victim, many by accident, but this was though accident, now, on the same block, the bullets fired, that hit her, a second shooting, heard on microphone system here at headquarters called shot spotter. police again go back to chelten avenue where they had just pick up 21 shell casings from two guns at 7:00 p.m. where the six year old girl was shot from, and then they see this white car, all shot up, a window blown out, plus trail of blood lead to go this 47 year old guy's house. they knock on the door, the guy tells them well i was out walking, heard gunfire, realized i was shot. >> this shooting comes about six and a half hours after a shooting that happened today
5:34 am
just before 7:00 p.m. happened on tuesday just before 7:00 p.m. where a six year old girl was struck by a stray bullet in the 6300 block of woodstock street. we found 21 spent shell casings in the 2,000 block every chelten avenue. the shooting now happened in the 2100 block of chelten avenue, about half block away. so, detectives are looking into the possibility that this may be related, or may be some type of retaliation. >> so, in the first shooting this little girl wasn't even on health end avenue. she lives down the street, and then around the corner to the left. so, these bullets are ricocheting through the whole neighborhood, and she is signature out on a stoop, and she get hit, right under her armpit, the bullet goes in her armpit, and breaks ribs, and collapses a lung, critical but stable. so, the magic bullet theory in
5:35 am
the assassination case, these bullets, i wouldn't say magic, but they do have the power to travel far and make turns as they're ricocheting off hard concrete. another unintended victim. this guy doesn't sounds like he's cooperating at the knows anything. either a revolver was used or somebody was firing at him from a car, and the shell casings were in the car that took offer. so, helen avenue, a wild place, not a place to park by the way. you see all of the other cars shot up in the first shooting, too, but more violence on the street of philly. hopefully it end now on chelten avenue. they have a lot of surveillance and inside looking at it. >> day cares in philadelphia become the target after thief, seven of them burglarized in less than two weeks. >> police right now have alert to all of the day care centers. dave kinchen on this one for us, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is first on fox story last night. there will be a community meeting police holding 6:00 this evening. we'll tell you bore that in a
5:36 am
little bit. now let's tell but this incident that sparked an investigation, police looking for a man who they say broke into seven day care centers, in the past nine days. the man was caught on surveillance camera, in several of the incidents, and in some cases swiped thousands of dollars along with electronics, investigators say the man has been breaking back windows and doors to get inside day cares in the west oaklane section of philadelphia, and surrounding neighborhoods, in one case, cops tell us, he even pushed out an ac unit to slip in through the hole. >> once inside, he broke into the office and there he stayed and rambled until he found some funds that were from a chin's trip. >> we've been here for 12 years, nothing like this has ever happened to us before. we feel violated. >> reporter: meantime, police say that the thief has a distinct mustache, and they hope someone recognizes him, from the surveillance footage here. as we said, there is a meeting
5:37 am
this evening at 6:00, at a day care, at 1919 meant erray street, again, that's at 6:00. >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. 5:37 the time. next, eagles player suspended for performance enhancing drugs, how long lane johnson is expected to be out this season. no relation to lauren johnson. >> no, no, no.
5:38 am
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute.
5:40 am
>> good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles already have questions about depth in a few positions, now they have another problem position at depth because of a possible suspension. eagles right tack end lane johnson according to reports and my sources have told me, he's been suspended ten games for testing positive for use after ped supplement. i'm also told lane johnson is appealing the suspension, but either way, he's permit today play thursday, for the eagles in the pre-season game and the other games only in the pre-season. there was a question, tuesday, who will call the offensive plays for the quarterback? would it be the new offense i have coordinator frank or the head coach doug pediatric err snob it will be the head coach. >> from the standpoint every calling the plays, myself to quarterback, it is probably one of the biggest positions, and then just keeps you so in tuned to the game. >> on the eagles thursday, play tampa at the linc. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
5:41 am
man, more trouble for the phillies in l.a. >> had two-nothing lead in the top of the second, by aaron, going to show that to you. >> how about that? after that, though, it was all dodgers. right? they scored four runs in the bottom of the inning. and they never looked back. phillies slugger vince valez quest gave up four runs, remember earlier in the season, with all of the strikeout? not so much any more. oh, dodgers win this game nine to three, chase utley by the way had two hits for the los angeles dodgers. keep an eye on the phillies for the rest of the season, as it drags on. >> it does. >> hi, sue. can you see me right now? i just look up. >> yes, always watching you. >> she as got your back. >> right over your should their. >> she has my back. >> up next, sticking with
5:42 am
sport, impressive night in rio for team usa. look at that. is he get being the gold? we'll let you know.
5:43 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> we have a show to do, you
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know? >> what band is that? >> the jackson five. >> five members to this band. >> oh, the beat beatles? >> there go. >> 5:45. >> sue serio? >> oh, beatles song, okay. anyway it did happen. anyway, we've got this heat watch in effect. doesn't start until tomorrow, though. today only going to feel like it is in the 90s. tomorrow it will start feeling like it is in the triple digits in the afternoon. so, the worse of it will be on saturday. we'll probably have heat index of around 105. humidity of course will be oppressive. it gets worse every day during the long duration of this heatwave, which could be about five days. right now, already 77 degrees, in philadelphia, reading, millville, wildwood, 70 in mount pocono, and the only place, though, where the dew
5:46 am
point isn't, well, doesn't exist right now. but the dew point has gotten into the 70s, and that's why it is already uncomfortable. saw thunderstorms to the north, nothing to show you here, do have quite a few clouds around, that could be the case today. not going to stop us from getting into the 90s, but later on this afternoon, even though we have a chance of a pop up or two this morning, it is more likely, say, 3:00, 4:00, and then maybe in the evening hours, it just depends on where you are, but looks like today's thunderstorms will be on the isolated side. excessive heat tomorrow, pop up thunderstorm, heatwave number five could be official by friday, pop up thunderstorms, saturday, feels like 105, pop up thunderstorms. sunday, you get the drift, it is still steamy with chan of pop up thunderstormsment even continuing after we go back down into the 80s, look like sunday is the day for our cold front to come through. and checking the shore temperatures, today's the day to get relief at the shore with high temperature of 83 degrees. bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 5:46. here is the latest from septa.
5:47 am
concerning the paoli thorndale line, service suspended between thorndale and malvern, indefinately, that's the spot where amtrak wire problems occur last night. i think one of the trains pulled down the overhead line. so no service at all, thorndale to malvern. so, if you can make your way to the malvern station, the trains will run between malvern and center city. now, one train left thorndale at 5:30, that's hobble it way into downtown, expect delays through the morning rush hour on the paoli thorndale line. because, again, the trains are not originating from the beginning of the line, they're starting out at malvern, rolling into downtown. amtrak most likely will also have delays on its harrisburg keystone line. north on 295, an accident at exit number seven on the 42 freeway. coming in toward philadelphia, starting to see some pockets of volume, same deal, coming in on 422, there is the valley forge casino there off to your left. as you head eastbound in
5:48 am
toward king of prussia, this is the construction zone where we will see crews working all day today, in the area of trooper road. otherwise, looking good at the airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> believe it or not donald trump under fire again. >> what? >> comment made on the campaign trail in north carolina. trump talking about clinton, hillary clinton stands on the second amendment, which of course is the right to bear arms, and said something the clinton campaign is calling a suggestion of violence. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially, abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she get to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> well, hillary clinton's campaign manager immediately
5:49 am
denounced trump's remarks saying that the republican nominee was trying to insight violence. trump's communications director, says trump is referring to the power of unification, not violence. >> some traverse on the clinic could -- clinton campaign, father of the orlando shooter rolls up at rally for the democratic nominee, the father of the gunman who killed 49 people in the worse mass shooting in us history. he is the right behind clinton in the campaign stop, and florida so he told a reporter he was invited, a claim campaign officials dispute. >> big night lags night at the olympics, team usa. >> that was quite a delayed reaction from youment michael phelps pick up his 20th and 21st gold medals. (cheers) (olympic announcer).
5:50 am
>> this was the first win, 200-meter butterfly finalist, and it was good. but then he had to do it an hour later again. he picked up his 21st gold medal here. (olympic announcer) (cheers). >> number 21! >> team usa, in the men's freestyle, phelps swam the final leg of the race giving his his 21st gold medal, the gold, gold medal finish, connor dwyer, ryan locke in this, team of course. >> to gymnastics, okay?
5:51 am
>> gold-gold. >> double gold. >> so the girls didn't disappoint. they hit routine after routine. they had sizeable lead. they brought home the gold. simone biles, alley race man, now favorite in all around competition, gabby douglas, lori hernandez, madison goshen, they can all earn medals, and they just did really great job. >> absolutely. >> right to the end. >> ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ >> okay, so, monday night, the members of n'sync were back together. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> they met up in los angeles, mike jerrick, to celebrate jc's fourth birthday. first time they were
5:52 am
altogether in 2013. >> oh, really? >> only been three years. >> right? >> a big reunion. >> wasn't it jc's 40th birthday? that's how old we're all getting, n'sync. i get n'sync and back street boys mixed up. >> i do all the time. >> justin timberlake in n'sync. >> looking forward to the eagles season, we have big pre-game, pre-season game tomorrow night. >> you ready for this? >> this is going to be a very bad year. i hate to be so pessimistic, but so many people are injured, and now we got lane johnson, who may be out the first ten games of the regular season. only 16 games. >> yes, might say the whole season, right? >> see what the nfl does. we'll talk to sean bell about that, lane johnson, lane closures the headline. >> jim thome, on the show today, will be here live on good day philadelphia. and we're going to, well, talking about, getting wiffle
5:53 am
ball, and a bat, and see if he has still got t he used to play for the phillies. >> we could use him in the line up. they lost again to the dodgers last night. >> what did chase do? >> couple every base hits. >> again? >> yes. >> you noel ' be in town next week. >> for the first time back against -- >> here we go. >> ya. >> there will be a standing ovation for him. >> his birthday. >> and the day elvis presley died. >> okay, so, put up a picture of this dude. he got married, his wife, his freshly minted wife didn't have her passport, so where are they going, to italy? >> yes. >> so he went by himself. >> why? >> well, they spent all this money, he had the ticket, he had the hotel, couldn't get refunds, i'm going without her. >> tried to get her to go, she still couldn't? >> well, she didn't have a passport. so what a mistake. what an idiot. he will hear about this the rest of his sad life. >> we took a break, you two
5:54 am
can talk during the break, then you talk after the break and tell us more about the six flags coaster?
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> riders of rave of the gargoyles will become virtual reality, as they battle gargoyles, so the track lent is just shy of 1400 feet and features turns, virtual
5:57 am
reality headsets, see high image imari. ride set to open september 24th, in jackson, ocean county. developing for this morning, two shootings in six hours, just half block from each other, man rushed to the hospital, after being shot, why police think it may be connected to the shooting of a six year old girl. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
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5:59 am
by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
6:00 am
>> two shootings in six hour, blocks from each other. why police think it may be connected to the shooting of a six year old. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. >> a call for violence against hillary clinton, donald trump at the center of controversy, again, this morning, hear what he says he meant when making those comment yesterday. >> how many times have we said that? plus, big news for the eagles, it is not good. for the second time, lane johnson facing a a suspension to start the season. what he is accused of doing to get him a ten game ban. not talking pre-season like tomorrow night's game. this is the regular season of 16. so the nfl has to make that decision. oh, no. >> good day everybody. it is august 10th. nothing gets by me, 201


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