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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> two shootings in six hour, blocks from each other. why police think it may be connected to the shooting of a six year old. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. >> a call for violence against hillary clinton, donald trump at the center of controversy, again, this morning, hear what he says he meant when making those comment yesterday. >> how many times have we said that? plus, big news for the eagles, it is not good. for the second time, lane johnson facing a a suspension to start the season. what he is accused of doing to get him a ten game ban. not talking pre-season like tomorrow night's game. this is the regular season of 16. so the nfl has to make that decision. oh, no. >> good day everybody. it is august 10th. nothing gets by me, 2016.
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>> do you know what day it is? >> 2016, last time i checked. >> i wish we could gave you a ten to match the date. >> what is it though? >> lower than yesterday. it is a seven, and tomorrow probably into a six, as we start the heatwave. so look who is back in the picture with bus stop buddy. yep, it is muggy the dog. down, boy, down, boy. we have temperatures in the 70s everywhere this morning, warm, humid, and it is just about sunrise time, which is officially at 6:09. so already 77 degrees, out there, and wind out of the south-southwest. few storms to our north, but nothing popping up yet around here, but any time after lunchtime, start watching out for pop up showers and thunderstorms, in the meantime, it will get up to 90 degrees, bob kelly. here we go. >> here we go. come on, buckle your seatbelt. not going to go anywhere on septa paoli line. service suspended this morning between thorndale and malvern. here is the deal. left over from last night
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amtrak pulled down the wires, making repairs, no service between malvern and thorndale station. one train left at 5:30 this morning. the deal is if you can make it to the malvern station, they will run between malvern and downtown, but expect delays on the paoli line through the morning there is amtrak wire problem, is going to impact the keystone line, between philadelphia and harrisburg, as well for the morning rush hour. hello to the benny. coming into downtown, starting to see the beginning of a morning rush hour. some sunrise over 202. no problems as you head on up in toward king of prussia. good news for air travel in problems this morning, six of 02:00. six year old shot, little girl, right now police investigating two separate shootings.
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>> forty-seven year old man and six year old girl in the hospital, steve keeley looking at why some people think these are connected. >> so we have heard about people not calling police when they hear gunfire. but this second shooting, the guy shot in the arm and the leg, and he doesn't even call police. so, how do the police find out about it? here at headquarters they have the base for the shots spotter systemment bunch of microphones around the city. they pick up specifically the sound every gunfire. so they hear that here. they send cops back to chelton avenue where this little girl was hit, by 21 shot fired on chelten avenue at 7:00 p.m. they're back at the same block. and they see this white car, as you see on our video, this white car all shot up. third car, all shot up with bullet holes in it. then they see this trail of blood. it leads up the steps into this house, and they knock on the door and 47 year old guy answering the door, he said he was out walking in the
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neighborhood at 1:40, he heard more gunfire like he heard at 7:00 p.m. then realized i had been shot in the arm and leg. but never call for help, or police, to report it. >> amazing, isn't it? >> here is scott small saying how these two are linked. >> attacked close proximity, and just six and a half hours later. we have to look into the possibility that they are related. so northwest detective on the scene, police at eighth and watch are watching the recording from the real time crime cameras, and hopefully we can identify who committed the shooting. >> reporter: they also have video, in addition to hearing the video, there is a lot of crime in that area already, again, six hours earlier, this little girl and the corner, bullets ricocheting, these two guys side by side are firing somebody or something, they don't hit whatever that is. but one of their bullet makes a left turn, and hit this poor
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little girl out on summer night on her stoop and under her armpit, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. and so mike, i ask you this. if you are ever shot in the armor leg are you just going to go in your house and ignore it and not call for help or call the cops? >> you know, i have to think about that. i probably would just find a stick or something and just bite on it, and i can handle it, ya. >> take out the bullet with your own fingers? >> with my own fingers, ya. all right, steve. >> thank goodness the six year old is in stable condition. >> i know. all right, this is -- who is robbing day care centers of all things? and a bunch of day cares in philadelphia, the target of thieves spotted by security cameras, watch this, breaking into at least seven day cares. >> police issue alert to all day cares in the sit. >> i northwest detective, matter of fact, and here's dave. >> reporter: that's right. this is one of who does this kind of stories, mike and
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alex, we can tell you that police will be holding a community meeting tonight at 6:00 near one of the locations where this happened, more on that in a little bit. police say, another look out foreman who they say has broken into seven day cares in the past nine days there is man caught on surveillance cameras in several of the incident, and in some cases swiping thousands of dollars along with electronic, investigators say, the man has been breaking back windows and doors to get inside the day care in the west oaklane section of philadelphia, and surrounding neighborhoods, and in one case, police say, that he even pushed out an ac unit, to slip in through the hole. >> this guy in for 45 minute with camera, flashlight, looking through paperwork, looking through the drawers. he was out there looking for money. he didn't take anything. he was searching, he made himself comfortable. he kept peaking out the door to see if anyone is looking and he was just -- this is not his first time doing this.
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he was just too comfortable in here. >> police believe they have a person of interest in this case but not an official suspect. so they are looking for a person with a discontinuing mustache, and hope someone recognizes that person in the video. and again, as we said, there is a meeting at 6:00 tonight, at the address, 1919mad. eri, near where some of this has been taking place, and police will be giving the word out, getting the word out, to other business owners in the area. back to you. >> we'll keep an eye on that. 6:07. >> another murder sewer side rocking another community this time burlington township new jersey. rubin johnson, junior, killed his wife, mashand a and his son, before turning the gun on himself at sunflower circle. the little boy just ten years old, superintendent of burlington say little boy has indeed died and give counselors will be at the school today.
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>> 6:07 this wednesday. child in critical condition after being rescued from swimming pool in winslow township, new jersey, rescue crews responded to the home on scene i can view drive around 5:00 last night. they transported a eight year old to children's hospital, authorities are still investigating this. and testimony will continue today in the kathleen kane trial. prosecutors say kane was on a mission for revenge, against political when she leaked grand jury information and then lied about it. kane's former top aide, bruce beamer, took the stand yesterday. he told jurors err was shocked when he saw the grand jury information, in the philadelphia daily news, in 2014. and, he says, it had to come from her office. fema will be on the stand again this morning. >> okay, was it a call for violence? we'll play the tape for you, decide, or simply a rallying cry for supporters. donald trump, latest comments, stirring up some controversy. how he's defending what he said about hillary clinton and second amendment supporters. let's get in the pool. >> impressive night for team
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usa. finds out how many more gode medals they added to their already impressive count in rio. >> bring it on. bring it to me. i'm number one.
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>> the campagne is calling a suggestion of violence? >> hillary want to abolish
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essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> so the campaign, of course, manager of the campaign, immediately denounced donald trump's remarks saying that the republican nominee was trying to insight violence, but trump's communications director, jason miller, says that trump is referring to the power of unification, the power of the vote. people who support the second amendment, not violent. trump tried to clarify his comment last night on fox news channel. >> this is tremendous political movement. nra has endorsed me, terrific people, wayne, chris, all of the people over there. by the way, they've already, i just saw they tweeted out basically they agreed 100%
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with what i said. there can be no other interpretation, even reporters told me, give me a break. >> hillary clinton issued statement yesterday quote person seeking the president of the united state should not suggest violence in anyway. and we'll try to get new pole numbers, kind of shocking pole numbers that came out in the last 24 hours. double digit leads for hillary clinton. >> a horrifying scene in ferguson, missouri. what led to shots being fired at a gathering to remember michael brown. two years after his death. >> plus, bad news for the eagles. lane johnson could be suspended for ten regular season games. howard eskin tells us how this would impact the eagles going forward.
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>> we call this is the urban heat islands, all of the big cities retain the heat of the day. and sort of extends to the surrounding areas. so, those will be the hottest places, during the upcoming heatwave number five, of 2016. with these southwesterly winds, bringing in all of the hot and humid air. it is already warm. it is seven # 7 degrees in philadelphia at 6:15 in the morning, so you know only going to go up from here. seventy in mount pocono,
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72 degrees in lancaster, 75 in dover, and dew point in the 70s, too, means humid. uncomfortable, sticky, get the idea? so nothing happening right now with thunderstorms and showers. but they could be popping up, even have a chance this morning, but the more likely time for pop up thunderstorms is maybe 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. today and tomorrow and friday and saturday, saturday the worse day of this heatwave, with heat index around 105. it is cumulative, this bill up of heat and humidity, it extends through sunday, the heatwave does, with temperatures upper 80s monday and tuesday, but still a little bit unsettled by then. that's your seven day forecast, bob kelly, how is the commute? >> tell you what, tempers will be hot if you use the paoli, amtrak, wires came down last night, they've been working through the night here, service suspended, though, on the paoli line between thorndale and the malvern station.
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there was one train, that they were able to get out at about 5:30, after that, forget about it, until at least 7:00. so you need to make it to the malvern station in order to get aboard a train, that will bring you into downtown. expect delays through the morning rush hour. now, the amtrak wire problems, also, going to impact the keystone line, that heads out to harrisburg. so, again, rough start, for folks this morning, on both the paoli and the harrisburg line. and we go for ride, east on the pa turnpike, a dent right at the norristown interchange. which is right there by the mid-county toll. otherwise, starting to see the delays, the beginning after morning rush hour, on the schuylkill, so far so good on 95, you got the normal brake tap there coming in through the construction zone at cottman. some volume popping here on the freeway, as you work your way in toward philadelphia. live look at i95, right near the commodore barry bridge. if you come over the commodore barry bridge, into philadelphia, just watch it. the ramp there, the flower
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street, block, and i checked again in with the airport, good news for delta and all airline travelers this morning, no delays down there at philadelphia international airport. mike and alex being back to you. >> good news, 6:18. yesterday marked two years since the death of michael brown, teenage here was shot dead by police officers in ferguson, miss your. >> i and last night peaceful protest ended in gunfire when this happened. take a look. (screams heard) (gunshot heard). >> witnesses say that car there sped through a group of protesters, who were blocking the street. they say the car hit the man so hard that he flew into the air, and as the car tried to get away, that's when someone started shooting at the car. >> in north carolina, a man is accused of killing a 20 year
6:19 am
old there after he called police complaining after loud party and says that there were hoodlems outside. police say chad cameron coply said he had guns in his house and would secure his neighborhood from his garage. he then fired from inside that garage, at group of people who were outside a nearby house party, he hit 20 year old core inch rodney thomas. thomas was pronounced dead at the scene. coply charged with first degree murder. and, in south florida, an elderly woman is accidentally killed during a citizen police academy training exercise. the 73 year old was shot by a police officer in front of a 34 year old, well, in front of 34 people. this is in punta boarda, taking part in roll playing scenario when mistakenly hit with a live round. this happened police headquarters yesterday. horrible. >> coming up on 6:20, water
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park in kansas city expected to reopen today for the first time since the death after ten year old boy. caleb schwab died while riding at schlitterbahn park, he was in a raft with two women, when it flew up the hill and tossed him out. we've since learned the state of kansas has expected that water slide since it first opened back in 2014, now, other families are coming forward, saying that they had terrifying experiences on the same ride too. >> oh, my. 6:20. for the second time in three years, lane johnson could be suspended by the ntl, to start the season. talking ten games. what he did this time and how it will impact the team going forward. we have a pre-season game tomorrow. 6:20.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin, eagles already have questions about depth in a few positions now they have another problem position at depth because after possible suspension. now, eagles right tackle lane johnson, according to reports, and my sources, have told me he's been suspended ten games for testing positive for use of a ped supplement. i'm also told lane johnson is appealing the suspension, but either way, he's permit today
6:24 am
play thursday for the eagles in the pre-season game. and the other games only in the pre-season. now, there was a question tuesday who will call the offensive plays for the quarterbacks? will it be frank wright or doug pederson? it will be the head coach. >> from calling the plays directly from myself to the quarterback, it is one of the biggest, and then just keeps you so in tuned to the game. >> on the eagles thursday, play tampa at the linc. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> oh, ya? more trouble for the phillies in l.a. they took a two-zero lead in the top of the second on a homerun by, well, there you go, aaron, put it out of the park. looks good then. but then the dodgers took over. they scored four runs in the bottom of the inning. never look back. phillies were, ya, phillies
6:25 am
didn't have good pitching last night. gave up nine runs. just four innings. dodgers win nine to three. former phillie, chase utley, had two hits for the dodgers. good series against his former team. >> he's showing up. >> you really have to show up first before you can show out. >> exactly. >> because if you show it out -- >> no one would see it because you never showed up. >> you weren't even there. >> exactly. you got this all figured out. all figured out. >> another big defeat for new jersey's years long attempt to legalize sport betting. >> a federal appeal court shot down the state's legal challenge to a federal betting ban. court fawn new jersey law violated 1992 act which limits sports betting to the handful of states that offered it at the time. the four major professional sports league and the ncaa sued the state in 2012 claiming expansion of boards
6:26 am
billing would damage the integrity of their games, lead to more game fixing. >> speaking of sports, we keep talking about negative stuff in sports. you know, philadelphia soul are at it again. i think if they win the game this week, they'll go into the superbowl arena football, once again. >> yes, this is second time? >> in two, three, four years, they're always good. we have a good team in this town, out at the wells fargo. >> should be cheering them on. >> i glow specially because they have fold. >> and the soul mates want to come in this weekend and dance. >> are you going to dance with them? >> of course. >> you can have jazz hands for the soul. jazz hands for soul music, do you? >> 6:26. here's dave. >> and steve. >> ya, trying to find, police trying to find, we should say, a guy who was struck several times breaking into day care's all across philadelphia. tonight how police will get the word out.
6:27 am
first here's steve on a violent night in philadelphia. >> reporter: yes, they heard a lot of the vie len here at headquarters because they got a microphone system that pick up the gunfire, advice yoked -- video system pick up the guys shooters. intended victims or more people running for their lives on chelten avenue? ♪
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. >> two shootings in six hours,
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man rushed to the hospital, how it may be connected to the shooting of of a six year old girl. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amount many people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> donald trump controversy again. i say it every morning. some say he was calling for violence against his opponent, hillary clinton. hear what he says he actually meant when he made those comment yesterday. >> and several local day cares, target of burglary over the past ten days distinctive feature cops hope will help track down the suspect. >> one the best power hitters in major league baseball. former phillies slugger jim thome, joins us live here at good day philadelphia. he's being honored big time by the phillies this weekend. it is he can actually 6:30, hi, august the tenth, 2016, a wednesday. >> and i have to admit, sue, when i was walking, you know, over to the -- over to you, where we were,.
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>> yes, at fourth and market. >> yes, every morning. >> i have been coming here for 48 years now. >> forty-eight years, but this show has only been on 20. >> well, i've just been loitering, until they started the tv show. >> you were just waiting for it, you new it would started. >> they started the show because i just wouldn't go away. >> sue, already feels casino of warm, that's how you know it will be a hot one? >> right. already in the 70s, and it is only going up from here. so that's why muggy the dog has re-entered our picture. thank you. and we've got the little umbrella for to you watch for the sky to darken, perhaps, some thunderstorms later in the day. otherwise, it is just going to be hot. reading, allentown, philadelphia, all at 77 degrees, so is millville, so is wildwood, 76 in wilmington, dew points have gone up, thunderstorms, none yet. quite a few in up-state new york, and the border between new york and pennsylvania, but nothing down our way. 90 degrees, our high, with
6:32 am
hazy sun, more humidity. and pop up showers and thunderstorms. get used to this weather pattern. we're going to have it for at least five days in a row. maybe even more, bob kelly. >> that's right. make lurking at the window, the reason we put the shades on here, can't see anybody behind us there. 6:32 on a wednesday, live look at the vin vine. bumper to bumper here, folks trying to get over to the ramps, for 30th street station. and also, anyone leaving center city, trying to get over to the airport on the schuylkill expressway. speaking of the schuylkill, no problems at all here. live look right near belmont avenue. problems on septa's paoli line. here is the deal. service suspended, between thorndale and malvern, from some overhead wires, that came down, via amtrak last night. so, expect delays through the morning, service originating at malvern, from malvern, trains will continue into center city, but we will have delays regardless, and those same downed wires, are going to impact amtrak's line, the
6:33 am
keystone line, between philadelphia and harrisburg. then an accident east on the pa turnpike, right at the norristown interchange, right there near mid-county. otherwise your normal delays on 95, and looking good at the airport, mike and alex back to you. >> 6:33. >> man in stable condition this morning, after being shot in east germantown. >> investigators are trying to see if this incident is somehow related to another shooting, like half block away, that involved six year old girl. steve on the story from the rounds house. >> good news, she also stable but critical. she has collapsed lung and broken ribs from stray bullet that was right around the confrere cheltenham avenue. two guys firing at 7:00. then somebody else, one, two, how knows how many, firing a gun later on the same block, chelten avenue, 2,000-210000, that block there, look at the video, another car, another car hit in the earlier shooting, this white car, gets blasted. also, next to the car, a trail
6:34 am
of blood. police follow the trail of blood, leads to a guy's house, who says, ya, i heard gunfire, i was out wacking around, then i noticed i was hit in the leg also hit in the arm. didn't bother to tell anybody until l cops came knocking at the door. >> this shooting comes about six and a half hours after a shooting that happened today, just before 7:00 p.m., happened on tuesday, just before 7:00 p.m., where a six year old girl was struck by a stray bullet in the 6300 block of woodstock street. we found 21 spent shell casings in the 2,000 block of chelten avenue. the shooting now happened in the 2100 block of chelten avenue, about a half block away. so detectives are looking into the possibility that this may be related or may be some type
6:35 am
of retaliation. >> and here now, the video earlier, just before 7:00 daylight, lots every kids, it is a summer night. that's how this little girl out playing was hit. mike, you said earlier, how many times have you said that before, well, how many times have we said this before? you've got two guys blasting away with these guns, 21 shots fired, they never hit their intended target because they're shooting like this like they see in the videos, and this poor girl gets hit by ricochet bullet. so maybe they went back to finish the job, or maybe somebody was then shooting at them. who knows. but they've got some gunfire going on on chelten avenue where the kids, if i was a parent, would be inside playing maybe candy lands tonight with fan or air-conditioning rather than being out on the street until police figure this out. >> so unfortunate. because it is summertime, and all of the kids want to be out. >> sad whether it comes to. that will steve, thank you, 6:35, philadelphia police also issue alert to called child
6:36 am
day care centers in the city. >> seven have been burglarized in less than ten days. >> wow. >> dave kinchen on the story how they're being targeted, dave? >> reporter: yes, it is real interesting case of police trying to investigate. interesting because they've not just one piece of surveillance video, but several. so we did little bit of composite for you. we also want to tell but a community meeting that they're holding tonight to get the word out to business owners. we said here, seven day care centers broken into in clearly the past nine days, so far the man was caught on surveillance camera, in some of the incidents, and in some cases swiping thousands of dollars along with electronic, investigators say, the man has been breaking back windows and doors to get inside day cares in west oaklane, and surrounding neighborhoods, and in one case cops tell us he even pushed out an ac unit and slipped in through the hole. >> once inside he broke into the office and there he stayed and rambled until he found some funds that was from the children's trip.
6:37 am
>> we've been here for 12 years, and nothing like this has ever happened to us before. so we feel violated. >> reporter: police tell us that the thief has a discontinuing mustache, and they hope someone recognizes him from the surveillance footage. as we said, police are holds ago meeting tonight at 6:00 near the location of one of these incidents. the address there is 1919 made r "i" street, 1919 mader "i" street. police will be meeting at a day care center to get the word out to business owners, and tell them how to be alert. >> 6:37. another murder suicide, rocking our community. this time, in burlington township new jersey. the district attorney over there says rubin johnson, jr. killed his wife, mishand a and his son before turning the gun on himself. this is monday night in a home on sunflower circle. the little boy was just ten years old. superintendent of burlington county schools released a
6:38 am
statement confirming a student enrolled there had died. grief counselors will be at the middle school today. 6:38. community comes together to remember a little girl who was killed monday when a speeding car slammed into the vehicle that she was in. family and friends set up a memorial to remember three year old esther palmer's young life. the accident happened along second and york street. police say the impact was so strong, it sent the family's car into a pole and ejected her from her seat. the driver of the car that hit them was hospitalized, and they're begging for the driver of the second car to come forward. >> everybody loved her, she was just a really healthy baby. i just can't explain it, and i can't believe that this happened to us. >> racing in an open street, no one out there, people out there, out that could, i mean, you could just hurt them. >> the 17 year old driver who was hospitalized has hired an attorney. >> and police are using phone video to help them figure out
6:39 am
who shot and killed a man during a street race in southwest philly over the weekend. video from the group philly street race team, captured the shooting on essington avenue. a man, 39 years old, says he was a father of six, and a race g entheusiast. police and the victim's family are hoping that video will help them find his killer. testimony will continue this morning in the kathleen kane trial. her former top aide, bruce beamer, will be back on the stand this morning. interesting yesterday, in the testimony, he told jurors yesterday he was shocked when he saw the grand jury information in the paper, in the philadelphia daily news. that was back in 2014. he says it had to have come from her office. prosecutors say kathleen kane was on a mission for revenge against her political foe, frank fina, when she leaked grand jury information, and then went onto lie about it,
6:40 am
that's what they say. >> he made millions of children smile, captain noah and his marge call arc, now, the man is being remembered. >> died in his home in audubon after short illness, he is 90 years old. the syndicated show aired from 1967 to 1984, it featured him on a nautical theme set with his wife, who played mrs. noah. and served as a puppeteer, they hosed children and many celebrities over the years. will bring back a lot of memories. >> impressive last night again for team usa. find out how many more gold they added to their already impressive count in rio. staying just a little bit ahead of decline a we're number one, right, mike small. >> plus, mean sweep philadelphia style. hear some of the hilarious
6:41 am
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6:43. paying your heater with your smart phone? >> making it easier. >> now available for people outside every center sit. >> i so the popular meter app will be on the 267 parking kiosks now in service, so remember they said they would try it out in a limited area
6:44 am
and then expands t now it is time to expand. use location term, when a parking session is set to expire, the apple will send out alert, philadelphia parking authority says the expansion will progress to neighborhoods beyond center city will be complete by the ends of september. >> so you can be sitting in a restaurant, don't have to run outside any more? >> no wore us. >> no worries, keep clicking. >> okay. let's ask bob kel bye that. because he is a traffic dude. >> yes, i have to pay me meter. mike, can i borough your phone for a second? i just want to pay my meter. boom. >> here is the thing, will that give more money to the ppa or would ticket give them more money? >> remember, they say the object is not to collect ticket. >> i know. >> just to collect your fares. so hopefully that will get people to pay their parking meters. >> you know what i mean? >> yes. >> we'll get them the money. >> it would take a stud toy figure this out. unplug my brain here.
6:45 am
>> probably spend $3 million on that study. 6:44, morning, live look at the benny coming up over downtown philly. no delays. starting to see volume on the boulevard working your way south down toward the schuylkill expressway. here is the latest on septa. service suspended on the paoli thorndale regional rail line, thorndale to malvern. now, last night right around the second part of the rush hour, amtrak train pulled down wires between thorndale and malvern. so no service this morning, thorndale to malvern, passengers need to get to the malvern station to begin their trip coming into downtown. now, that's of course going to cause for already over crowded trains to be even more crowded beginning at malvern, and then of course those amtrak wire problems, also causing delays on the keystone line, between philadelphia and harrisburg. and i'm going to slowly roll out of the screen there. >> where are you going? >> i don't know where i'm going. we'll take a look.
6:46 am
>> is it my imagination, or did it just become humid in here? >> it was very weird. >> it was a meat lock per two minutes ago. >> i know, feel my hands. >> oh, you're like a duck. >> a duck? >> turn your head and cough. >> may or may not have said something. >> you're the one? over there with her afghan to keep her legs warm. >> don't blame me, though. >> commodore barry bridge, ramp there, flower street closed all week. tell you what, we got some word on the humidity, the heat, the thunder boomers. who has it? sue has it coming up in 15 seconds. the humidity invaded our stood yo as you just heard, also outside, and by tomorrow
6:47 am
you factor in the humidity, it will feel like it is in triple digits, which is why national weather service has issued an excessive heat watch that start tomorrow and lasts all the way through saturday. by saturday it may be an excessive heat warning. but, saturday will be the worse day of this heatwave. with oppressive humidity, looks like it is a long duration heatwave at least five days long. 77 degrees already outside. it is about 87 here in our studios. seventy-five in dover. seventy in mount pocono. so hopefully it will take care every yourself, stay in air-conditioning, dew points now into the 70s, which means, the humidity is adding up. "shorecast" for today, little relief at the shore with temperatures in the lower 80s, and southerly wind, but it will be at least breezy there, surf temp up to 82. but there is moderate risk of rip current. so make sure you swim only where there are lifeguards. 90 degrees today, 91 on
6:48 am
thursday, day number three, is friday, four, five, saturday as we said is the worse of it, and then, even when we get back into the 80s, on monday and tuesday, alex, and mike it, looks like we will still be pretty warm with thunderstorms. >> i'll tell you who was hot last night. >> who was that? >> the usa olympic team. >> ya? >> more medals, lauren johnson, what are we up to now, 29? >> i lost count of the medals, but man did we do good from michael phelps, katie ledecky, yes, most decorated olympian adding to list collection, michael phelps pick up his 20th and 21st gold medals. >> wow. >> (cheers). >> give it to me. you see that? give me. that will i need that gode
6:49 am
medal. first win coming in the butterfly final. made up tore 2012 defeat in london in the same race. (cheers). >> man, number 21, leading usa to gold in the men's four by 200-meter freestyle, swam the final leg of the race giving him his 21st gold medal. sticking with swimming, katie ledecky in the women's 200-meter freestyle last night. >> this win gives her her second individual gold of the games in rio. also, she pick up gold earlier in the week in the 400-meter freestyle. so, let's get out of the pool, go to the u.s. gymnastics team. they went into the final last night, the overwhelming favorite. and they did not disappoint. the girls hit routine after routine, building a sizeable lead to bring home the gold medal. simone biles, alley race man,
6:50 am
now favorite in the all around competition, gabby douglas, lori her never dez, madison goshen, could all earn medals in the event finals. so, we're looking good, mike and alex. >> looking good. >> yes. >> as we should. >> yes, that's true. >> a lot of hard work gooing that. >> you were looking good, that's what we should? >> ya. >> that was a nice report. thank you. >> can you guys turn the air on in here? >> we did turn it on. >> can't win. >> you can't. >> hold on a second. >> what? >> trying to figure out how many -- you there go. the united states has nine golds medals, eight silver, nine bronze, for total of 26, boom, way ahead of china, who only has 17. how about that? >> you need to build up this, this way in case we start doing that, as well, later on, we already have this space inbetween us. >> you know, i am really not an american. >> why? >> i haven't seen one moment of the olympics. >> really? >> it just bourse me.
6:51 am
>> i know why you're doing it, just prefer to watch it here on fox whether we dot recap. >> exactly. and as far as, well, i just gave you the medal count. what am i doing? >> you're excited you wanted to make sure we new. >> i need to have cupping. i think i would better job if somebody cups me. >> i don't think so. trust me. do you think i'm doing better today? >> a lot better. show you how her cups are looking on her back little later on. you know what mean tweets are? jimmy kimmel, they read tweets very mean toward him. well, jim kenney our mayor did the very same thing about himself yesterday. we will play some of them. it got to be pretty funny.
6:52 am
and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way.
6:53 am
he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:54 am
>> so staff came down, the weak was cold -- >> , no that's not why. every day i say i'm cold. it is because you said you were cold. >> so we turned up the heat which caused the studios to turn into an at the air yum, basically, and bob has been scrolling on the thing. so, what should we -- in fact, there is even moisture on the wood. look at this. there is moisture on the whole set now. so do you see?
6:55 am
>> write something nice, mike. >> awe. >> now, now we complained, and they turned the air-conditioning, is it up? so now it is cold in here again. >> you turn it down. >> and the moisture has gone away, so this is not workingment okay. i was going to be fun but -- >> you can see it a little, though. we can see what did you. >> 6:55. >> they'll probably never, ever mess with it again. >> as my mom would said, don't touch the thermostat. hey, when most people celebrate their birthdays, they do it with a cake, right? >> maybe some present. jim kenney, the mayor, he didn't want presents. instead he wanted mean tweets, yes, to celebrate his 58th birthday, he red some mean tweets, kind of like jimmy kimmel segment. sit there with the cell phone, see all of the mean and nasty things. >> so being the mayor, of a major city, you get a lot of mean tweet, people upset with you, right? so these are legitimate tweets he has received. >> as philly mayor -- sir, i know i am not alone when i say
6:56 am
this, are you being paid to say stupid things or is this really who you are? no, it is really who i am. at philly mayor: it usually takes years to become the city's worse mayor. did you it in four days. must be some casino of record. why thank you, very much. i appreciate your confidence. i'm amazed that at philly mayor can form a sentence with his mouthful of beep and garbage. hashtag you lie. >> that's good. it was mayor kenney's idea, of course. 6:56. we have a problem on our hand here, what, over the last two weeks, seven day care centers have been busted into? >> now something they're definitely looking into, and dave kinchen looking in this morning, this investigation. >> reporter: yes, that's right. there is an investigation underway, we'll show you the surveillance video in a little bit. and we'll tell but how police are reaching out to business owners, across philadelphia, to get the word out to them, as well. that's after the break.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> two shootings in six hours, just half block apart. why police think it may be connected to the shooting of a six year old girl. >> oops. plus another off script moment, leads to controversy again for donald trump. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do,
7:00 am
folks. >> although the second amendment people maybe there is, i don't know. >> what he says he really meant by those comments. and why some think it might have been a call for violence against hillary clinton. >> the pre-season open is her tomorrow. but there is big trouble for the eagles for the second time, lane johnson, might be suspended, how his agent is responding to the report, and how the eagles will move forward apparently without him. >> it is out of here. >> jim thome. >> and he's one of the top homerun hitters every all time. and many say he ushered in an era of success for the phillies. jim thome joins us live here on "good day" to talk about being added to the teammates wall of fame this weekend.


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