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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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one of those kids didn't make it home ton night police want to find that person responsible. >> good evening everyone i'm chris o'connell in for iain pa page. >> i'm lucy noland. the shooting happened in philadelphia's east germantown neighborhood and tonight fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose is following the story from northwest detectives. sabina? >> reporter: lucy i spoke off camera at the family of this little girl who was shot. they tell me she is going to be okay. she remains in the hospital. this was a large caliber bullet that ripped through her tiny body and she is lucky to be alive. >> this is the moment in broad daylight one of 20 high caliber bullets pierces the back of a parked mini van. surveillance footage shows a group of grade schoolers playing in the street near the van just before shots ring out. in seconds the children run for safety. leaving their toys behind. little girl in purple shorts who relatives identify as six-year-old nala did not make it home. police say she was shot once in the left shoulder.
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>> i ducked and i ran and i went in the house. >> this little girl was playing with nala on the 6300 block of north woodstock street yesterday evening when the two were forced to run for their lives. we're not showing her face to protect her privacy. relatives tell us nala was visiting her aunt when she was shot. they tell us she's alert and talking but severely injured. meantime the friend end her mother describe a block full of children who witnessed the whole thing. it was bad. >> turning around and she sees her friend laying on the ground shot. it's just shocking to me. >> ballistics supports there were two shooters. however witness and video supports the fact not only did we identify one shooter. >> reporter: police say a man running down woodstock street minutes before the burst of gunfire may have been the shooter's intended target. two weapons were fired. so far authorities don't have motive twos why anyone would shoot 20 rounds down a street packed with grade schoolers. her little friend has a message for nala.
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>> i hope she get better. i love her. and i miss her. >> reporter: and police have a description of one of the suspects. he's 5-foot eight somewhere in his mid 20s. now coming up at 6:00 we talk to father who heard the bullets ran out to try to save his five-year-old son down the street. that's when he saw his son's playmate bleeding on the sidewalk. chris, back to you. >> okay, sabina, thanks. we want to get to breaking news happening right now in new york city where a man is scaling trump tower in manhattan. using apparently from what it look like suction cups. this is a live look at the scene right now. police believe he started climbing the building which is 68 stories high off of fifth avenue in manhattan just about an hour ago. they are on the scene. they are keeping an eye on this man. this man climbing scaling trump tower. of course we'll follow it throughout the evening.
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a teenager arrested her mom and her boyfriend actually his mom and her boyfriend dead in montgomery county. police say the 19-year-old killed them in their apartment a week and a half ago and prosecutors have just charged joshua trunk with first degree murder. among other things. they say he shot and killed his mother 54-year-old jenice trunk and 44-year-old kevin milton smith at the forest garden apartments in ambler. a judge arraigned trunk today and denied him bail much his preliminary hearing is set for september 15th. kathy called it. now we're feeling it and the fox 29 weather authority. the heat has arrived as well as the humidity. take live look outside in trenton tonight. we are also tracking some rain chances. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr. hi, kathy. >> chris, 90's are here and you know it. this is the beginning of a string of 90-degree temperatures and the humidity already running high. you can see behind me that milky white sky those high sirius clouds indicating tomorrow will be even warmer.
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and it will be. each day this week it will get hotter. 92 degrees right now in the city. it feels like it's 99 with some strong winds out of the south southwest at 15 miles an hour with some higher gusts. right now 89 degrees in pottstown. 79 in the poconos. 90 in millville. 93 degrees in dover. and take a look at what it feels like. in dover it feels like 109 already and excessive heat watch even in effect yet. feels like 101 in millville. 100 degrees in wrightstown it feels like. take it easy. exercise early in the morning or in the evening or maybe take the day off. here's a look at the forecast. we'll fall through the 80s during the evening period. mostly cloudy and humid at 11:00 o'clock and 80 degrees. excessive heat warning goes into effect tomorrow. it will feel like it's between 105 and by the weekend 110. full details coming up with your seven day forecast. i'll sea you later in the broadcast. >> tackety soon, kathy. day at the park turned into a medical emergency for children in wilmington after a swarm of
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wasps surrounded them. the insects stung 12 children. >> yeah, three of those kids had to go to the hospital. dawn timmeney is live at that park in north wilmington tonight with more. dawn, how are those kids doing tonight? >> reporter: well, chris, fortunately, the children are going to be just fine, but a day of fun turned into a really scary situation. you can see the caution tape still there behind me where this all happened, and i'll tell you it could have been far worse. this was the chaotic scene at rock wood park and museum in north wilmington just before 11:00 o'clock this morning. skyfox overhead as paramedics and new castle county officials rushed to treat 12 summer camp campers stung by wasps while on a picnic trip. >> nine were evaluated on the scene recent lease to do their parents and then another three were treated and transported to the hospital. >> reporter: the children were part of a group of 200 new castle county campers between the ages of seven and 12. the children taken to the hospital are allergic to wasps
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and officials weren't taking any chances. >> if there's a known allergy to flying insects, the reaction can be very severe and it can actually cause somebody's death. >> reporter: brian core's seven-year-old daughter caitlin was one of camper. he lives near the park and rushed over when he heard the news. >> she's a tough girl. i know she's got stung before so i wasn't worried about her being, you know, allergic or anything like that. but, you know, when you have a bunch of them, like apparently there was, you know, it can be dangerous. >> reporter: and there were a lot of wasps in this underground nest in this stomach wrap you see the caution tape. andrew thomas of try county termite and pest control was called in immediately. >> it's rare that children get stung like this in these parks. i never received a call like this here. >> reporter: thomas was also alert to do a hornet's nest where children were playing today and treated that as well. >> i'll come back later or tomorrow morning check it out. do a follow up. >> reporter: now the three children who are allergic hasn't were stung bite bees were treated and released at an area
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hospital. the camp says it's next field trip is friday and lucy, they'll be going for ice cream this ti time. >> ice cream sounds like much more fun. thank you so much, dawn. you know at one time he was one of kathleen kane's top aids and man does he have a lot to say against his former boss pennsylvania's attorney general. bruce beamer took the stand in the case against kane. he says she told him the grand jury leak was quote no big deal. when he said they sneaded to investigate. beamer says kane later asked him to try to block the special investigation initiated by the state supreme court but it never came to that. prosecutors say kane was on mission for revenge when she leak the grand jury information, then lied about it. amtrak has started settling lawsuits with the victims last year's deadly train derailment in port richmond but lawyers involved in the process say a strict confidentiality agreement prevents them from talking about how they are doing or how much money they have received. court records show railroad reached its first settlement
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last week. dozens of other lawsuits are still pending. amtrak has taken responsibility for the may 2015 crash that killed eight people and injured 200 others. developing to night in burlington county, police are still trying to figure out what led to a deadly accident that killed a local pastor east weekend he was on his motorcycle with his wife when his bike collided with an suv. his wife is in critical condition. fox 29's jennifer joyce following the investigation. joins us now from bordentown at the pastor's church where prayer service is going to get underw underway. jennifer? >> reporter: lucy, good evening and chris. prayer zests service is set for 7:00 o'clock tonight. the house family tells me this community has been tree den mussily supportive, helping with child care, even providing meals. days after they lost their father and their mother remains in serious condition. >> he was just a man with mission, and we just happened to be lucky enough to tag along. >> reporter: 57-year-old larry house's mission on earth ended
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sunday night but family members say his legacy will live on. police say the local pastor and his wife leslie were riding their motorcycles sunday when they collided with an suv at the intersection of wood lane and smithville roads in eastampton, new jersey. larry house died from his injuries. his wife is fighting for her life at helene fuld medical center. >> leslie is doing much better. her eyes are open and she's responding to commands. >> reporter: son-in-law aaron says he's close with the couple. calling larry his hero. >> my dad had a great, great attitude an great walk with the lord that touched a lot of people. >> reporter: house served as pastor at celebration community church in bordentown and completed several missions trips. each year he taught bible school to young people. >> he was always pushing all of us to do better and see things from positive light. >> reporter: even outside his church community larry was well known he owned a heating and cool business can cranbury
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comfort systems threshold farm a place for horseback ride lesso lessons. gofundme page has been set up to help the family through this tough time. >> the daughters are doing the best they can do. and they are trusting the lordly they know there's a purpose behind this. >> reporter: and that gofundme page link is posted on our website as for the accident investigation police sr. still working on it charges have not been filed. they're still trying to get to the bottom of this tragedy. chris? >> all right, jennifer, thanks. dozens of people are charged in a massive auto theft and insurance fraud ring that cost local businesse businesses hunds thousands of dollars. the philadelphia attorney office announced the charges against 32 people. the ringleaders owned cheap auto those involved are accused of faking inspections, replacing
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vehicle id numbers and making fake insurance cards in order to resell stolen cars mostly from local rental car companies. the da says the theft rink could cost companies half a million dollars in losses. the public of course wants to do all that we can to stop the violence on the streets and we're doing that every day. but if these types of cases also have tremendous impact on all of us. >> investigation was tipped off when a car owner took a vehicle in to get a repair and it was discovered it had been stolen. text message causes governor chris christie of flat outlying about the george washington bridge scandal. he and his lawyer are fighting back, though, wait until you hear what they're saying now. >> police officer gets sick after stopping at a restaurant. police say it is a case of intentional food poisoning. what an employee is accused of putting in his drink. imagine remembering everything in your life. every meal you ever ate. what you wore months ago on specific days a chance encounter
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years ago much this man says it's part of a rare condition with one big draw back. ♪ prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. ♪ an aide to new jersey governor chris christie told a colleague the governor quote flat out lied drag 2013 news conference involving the bridge gate scandal. that's according to a new court filing released today. christie denies lying or any involvement in the george washington bridge lane closures. transcript of that text from christina ren in a appeared in court filings by attorneys representing bill baroni who
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faces trial next month. baroni the former executive director of the port authority of new york and new jersey charged with helping orchestrate those infamous lane closures for political revenge. now this scandal has doing the governor for years now. this development about this text raising new questions. >> sure does. reporter with chasing news which airs here on fox 29 asked the governor about it. all this morning and she got, well, you could say, a very blunt response. tara joins us now. you were the target of the governor's ire. so what happened? >> reporter: yeah, hey, guys thanks for having me. around 10am this morning i approach the governor as he was leaving a sports radio appearance in new york city and got take look at the tape. take look what happened when i asked him about this exact development in this case. >> nope.
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>> does it anger you. >> of course it angers me. >> proof, what proof? >> i'm not going to answer questions -- you're chasing new jersey. you just higher people on chasing new jersey. >> all righty. so tara, we just heard what he said. basically saying that stupid people are hired at chasing. so what was your reaction? >> yeah, first and for most i was surprised to say the least. i was disappointed. here's one our leaders reacting to me asking the same question something he had just heard about this as he was on the radio. he was aware of what was going on. i used the word alleged. i ask ask him i wasn't in his face. just disappointeed he's one of our leaders as a fun side note, you know, the word stupid is interesting because actually we have the same alma mater. he went to university of delaware as did i. and so did one of our staff members here shout out to university of delaware graduates
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and to my staff here at chasing news that works extremely hard. i thought it was a little bit of an unsubtle and not really fair. >> tara, let's get back to the issue. what are you doing to investigate this text message? are we digging deeper into this. >> absolutely we'll stay on this for sure. his reaction is jarring. it's also very telling if you ask me. where is that all that anger coming from if there's nothing behind it? >> absolutely. we will keep you updated i'll stay right on him whether he has insults or not. >> i'm sure you will. tara, thank you so much. >> you can watch that entire exchange tonight on chasing news that airs right here on fox 29 at 12:30. senator pat toomey talking about public safety in philadelphia's status as a sanctuary city. he doesn't like it and says it has let illegal immigrants commit heinous crimes. toomey is campaigning to keep in the senate right now he answered questions about his views on donald trump. >> i have said repeatedly i have not endors endorsed donald trum.
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there are things he's said, a number of things he's said and done that give me great pause and i have significant concerns about, so i remain in a mode of wait tock persuaded. >> toomey says that he also finds hillary clinton unacceptable. all right. you decide tonight. another day, another campaign controversy. trump is fighting off a tidal wave of criticisms after comments suggesting second amendment supporters could find a way to stop hillary clinton from winning the white house. >> but the backlash could be paying big dividends for the democratic nominee as new poll numbers show clinton is now leading in a handful of key swing states. fox's joel waldman tonight with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump hitting two more swing states today campaigning in virginia and florida but it's what he said yesterday that still seems to be on everyone's mind. >> although the second amendment people maybe there is, i don't know. >> reporter: those comments leading to backlash from many democrats some republicans and hillary clinton.
5:19 pm
all accusing trump of suggesting second amendment supporters take matters into their own hands in order to prevent clinton from becoming president. but trump strongly rebuked the claim he was advocating for violence against the democratic nominee. >> what we're talking about is political power. there's tremendous political power to save the second amendment you look at the power they have in terms of votes and that's what i was referring to obviously. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigning in iowa today facing more questions about her private e-mail account. after nearly 300 pages of new e-mails from the former secretary of state's personal server were released. raising new questions about a potential conflict of interest between the clinton state department and the clinton foundation. >> i tell you mrs. clinton, um, isn't being truthful when she says that she turned over all the e-mails to the american people. >> reporter: meantime the turmoil in both campaigns over shadowing a new batch of polls showing clinton taking the lead in key swing states including
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florida and ohio. >> yesterday we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that crossed the line. >> reporter: when it comes to the upcoming and highly anticipated general election debates, hillary clinton has agreed to all three and while trump put on the record that he wants to attend the debates he's requested to see the conditions beforehand. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. a safety demonstration went tragically wrong in florida. how what was supposed to be an important lesson ended with a woman dead. some canoe wes make a discovery that horrifies and puzzles them. the unique valuable they found and how they used craigslist to fine owner. >> baby deer can see its mom, just can't reach her mom. she was patient though the mom was to come up with a solution. wait until you see this. ♪
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the justice department has just released a report that finds disturbing patterns of
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policing in baltimore. the doj says officers routinely discriminate against african-americans use excessive force and the department does not hold them accountable for misconduct. it also discovered police are more likely to stop and search black residents whether they're pedestrians or drivers. city officials say they have a long road in front of them. the next step, a court enforced agreement that would hold baltimore accountable for making reforms. >> these violations have deeply eroded the mutual trust between bpd and the community it serves. >> we have a very long journey ahead of us, and i'm grateful that we could begin this process of meaningful change while i'm there. >> the department of justice launched year long probe after the april 2015 death of freddie gray. an investigation is underway tonight after a in order woman was mistakenly shot and killed by an officer during a citizen police academy course. many questions remain tonight about why real bullets instead
5:25 pm
of blanks were possibly in the officer's gun during a roll play exercise. no word whether actual blanks were ever in the gun. this was a roll playing exerci exercise, and this happened in pun at a gore today, florida. 73-year-old mary nolton was attending the course as the office demonstrated decisions police make about using their guns. now officials say the officer fired live round by mistake killing her. >> our entire police department and all of our city leaders are absolutely devastated for everyone involved in many unimaginable event. i am asking that if you pray, you pray for mary's husband and family and for all of the officers and witnesses. >> the officer involve in the shooting is now on administrative leave pending the out come of the investigation. the sports world is mourning the sudden loss of sportscaster john saunders. >> espn announced the passing of 61-year-ol61 year superintenden. he hosted the sports reporter as
5:26 pm
well as doing lots of play by play on various sports he hosted stanley cup world series coverage. saunders joined espn back in 1986. the cause of death was not announced. saunders is survived by his wife and two daughters. a police officer became sick after stopping at a restaurant. now police say it's a case of intentional food poisoning. what an employee accused of putting his drink. and imagine remembering every single moment of your life. every meal you ate, every outfit you wore, chance end counts this is part of a rare condition that comes with bun wig draw back. can you guess? >> no. remember all those bad snowstorms. i don't know. i don't forget them. weather wise we are talking about the most oppressive stretch of weather we have seen this summer. it's coming up this week. ♪
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♪ welcome back. take live look at allentown where the air was sticky. the air was hot and it looks like it may be a little worse tomorrow. we're also tracking some storms. kathy standing by with the latest just ahead in your fox 29 weather authority. police are looking for the person who shot little girl in east germantown. s-year-old girl named nala was playing in the street on the 6300 block of north woodstock when shots rang out last night. employees say a bullet hit nala once in the left arm. they say man running down woodstock street minutes before may have been the gunman's intended target.
5:30 pm
still no motive at this time. police are still trying to figure out what led to a deadly accident that killed a burlington county pastor over the weekend. pastor larry house of celebration community church in bordentown was on his motorcycle with his wife when his bike collided with an suv on sunday. it happened at the intersection of wood lane and smithville roads in eastampton. his wife is listed in critical condition tonight. a utah police officer is recovering tonight after authorities say someone tried to poison him. investigators say it all started with a trip to fast food restaurant. >> yeah, the damming evidence surfaced in the officer's drink. fox's aubrey mccay has this story. >> if it happened the way we think it might have have happened to have it go, you know, to be something that extreme is pretty shocking. >> reporter: lieutenant travis lineman still can't believe one of his fellow officers was poisoned. >> i think law enforcement cull which are really kind of understands when we go somewhere in uniform in a police car and we don't see our food prepared right in front of us, there's a
5:31 pm
possibility but i don't know that any of us really ever saw it going to this level. >> reporter: a subway worker 18 year is believed to be the one who poison the officer's drink. >> there was some indication on the surveillance video that may be spent little more time with that drink than we could make sense of report roar the officer started eating his lunch but when he took a sip of his drink, he tasted chemicals and immediately didn't feel well. >> he made a phone call to our dispatch center and said, hey, listen, something is going on. i don't feel well i need to get check out. >> reporter: fellow officers took him to the hospital and took the drink into custody. it tested positive for marijua marijuana, thc and methamphetamine. >> the investigation is continuing. today we've sent the drink down to the state lab for some analysis to try and determine a little bit more in depth as far as what is in it and maybe some quantities. >> reporter: subway released a statement to fox 13 this afternoon saying in part "we are shocked by these charges. our thoughts are with the sergeant and his family and we
5:32 pm
are hoping for quick recovery. the restaurant owners are working closely with the police in their investigation and will take appropriate action ". >> authorities say the restaurant worker denies spiking the drink but they also say the video shows him taking an unusually long time with that officer's order. well, happening right now we want to get you back to new york city where man is scaling trump tower in manhattan using suction cups. we are looking at a live look right now that man. we're not sure how high he is but we know that's a 68-story building on fifth avenue in midtown manhattan. police believe he started climbing this building just a little more than an hour ago of course they're keeping on seen keeping an eye on this man. we pretty much know this is illegal. >> oh yeah. >> police, firefighters on seen on fifth avenue, of course, we will follow this throughout the evening as well. back to to to your fox 29 weather authority. and we have miss kathy orr standing by. looks like -- i don't know if
5:33 pm
you can see behind you it is shaking behind you. windy. >> it certainly is. we have strong southwesterly winds and that's why temperatures have sky rocked through the 90s in many locations. we'll take philadelphia international airport where we have a camera is shaking. right now in the city, the temperature is into degrees. it feels like it's 99 with the humidity. the winds are gusting to 24 miles an hour. down the shore, pretty windy as well. right now we're looking at 89 in pottstown. 89 in trenton. wrightstown 91 degrees. wildwood in the upper 80s and down the shore look at this. strong winds provide something warm temperatures. ocean city, avalon, wildwood, 88 degrees. the boardwalk little cooler at 82 degrees for but the owing water temperature in atlantic city 83 degrees. but, remember, those pre sift tent southwest winds that bring the warmest land temperatures push the warmer ocean water away and colder water comes up from the bottom i do think this weekend we'll have colder ocean water temperatures. so please be aware of that.
5:34 pm
it will be cooling off down the shore. fox future cast shows few pot city sprinkles possible this evening to the north and we have of the city. otherwise a partly cloudy skies. we start off the day tomorrow with more clouds than sun. and by the afternoon, the showers and storms will pop and the humidity but it's not until afternoon and it's mainly to the north of philadelphia. we talked about this yesterday and last night how north and west of the city that's where we'll see most of the activity. if you're down the shore tomorrow for vacation or for the day, i think we will stay relatively dry south jersey and delaware with most of that activity staying toward the north but it will be hot and humid everywhere. here's a look at the stick factor. what it will actually feel like over the next four days with that excessive heat warning. tomorrow it will feel like 103. friday 110. saturday 111. and by sunday 106. this is the most oppressive stretch we have had this entire summer of all of the hot heat waves. it's ban pretty hot summer.
5:35 pm
for more on that i'll send it over to my colleague scott williams. >> heu scott. >> hi there, kathy of we have been talking about the hazy hot, and humid conditions. live look at old city. clouds dry conditions but certainly it's feeling pretty hot. let's tack about the summer sizzle that we've been feeling across the area. the number of heat waves so far we're talking four. we had one in may. none in june. but three oppressive heat waves in july. remember the one that we had during the dnc? let's talk a little bit about the temperatures so far today. the high 93 degrees. that's the 25th 90-degree or better day so far this year. and guess what? the start of our fifth heat wave. in fact it's not going to feel like football weather. the eagles pre-season opener taking place tomorrow night. tailgating feels like temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90s by kick off 7:00 o'clock hot and had you mid 88 degrees and then take a look at the temperatures by 9:00 p.m. it stays steamy. mid 80s as we move toward the end of the game. warm and muggy temperatures in
5:36 pm
the low 80s but feels like temperatures kathy will likely still be in the 90s. >> wow, scott. you know what they say, when you have weather like that for the eagles, you need pickle juice. that's what they need in the heat and humidity. overnight tonight, we are looking at warm temperatures. 79 in the city. 72 in the suburbs. partly cloudy and muggy. that humidity is going to stick around tomorrow 93 degrees. hazy, hot and humid afternoon storms popping up. once again mainly to the north and west of the city. winds out of the southwest and orr will be down the shore tomorrow one our favorite events the ocean city baby parade. 88 degrees down the shore. not looking at a sea breeze right now but it will be windy with those south we have winds. extended forecast from your weather authority, 93 tomorrow. 95 friday. saturday 97. the record is 99. 94 sunday. monday 90 degrees. your extended forecast tuesday 87. we break the heat wave. wednesday 85. that is the very latest from the weather center. we will send it back to the news desk, chris.
5:37 pm
>> all right, kathy, thanks. shattered glass on a bus carrying journalists at the rio olympics. security authorities are stepping up patrols but there's big question they first need to x. canoe wes made a discovery that at first horrified them and puzzled them. the unique valuable they found and how they used craigslist to fine the owner. >> coming up new at 6:00 more bad luck for new jersey's bid to allow sports betting in the state. now governor chris christie is speaking out and saying this case should affect the entire country.
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you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! .♪ military police are stepping up security in rio. last night, what authorities are calling unknown project toils hit an olympics media bus. that bus was carrying journalists back to the olympic park and wound up with two broken windows. the flying glass injured two people, high nor injuries though. the rio organizing committee has yet to say what broke the glass. but a retired u.s. air force captain on that bus said "there is no way that could have been a
5:41 pm
rock" in all about 85,000 seoul soldiers deployed at the games twice as many as the 2012 london olympic this time of many children are relaxing the last few weeks of school -- of summer before school begins. i'm jumping into school. >> that is not the case for one north carolina boy who instead hard at work late this summer. tehran bell is offering to mow lawns in charlotte to help pay for his own school supplies and clothes for school. he came up with the idea because his family is going through a rough patch here. his uncle is recovering from an accident which is causing his mother to miss a lot of time from work. >> it comes from trying to help my mom out, my parent, so she can pay her bills and i can pay my own school supplies. >> came with the idea, ma, i want to mow grass to pay for my school supplies and school clothing. >> that's a kid trying to make it work. >> oh yeah. >> community decided to help once they heard his story. he now received all the supplies
5:42 pm
he needs but now he plans to donate any additional items to local children. >> that's a good kid. >> it sure is. >> good parenting there. all right. seems more and more americans are smoking pot. how fast the trend is growing and what this could all mean. >> imagine remembering every single moment of your life. the meals, the outfits, everything. this man says has happened to him much it's part of a rare condition but he says his amazing memory comes with one big drawback. howard? >> okay. it's one day closer to the eagles first game and for few players it's not a -- not just preseason game. hear from some of the new guys and it's ridiculous what fans go through to get a baseball at a game. okay. this will one will take the cake coming up in sports.
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♪ the epi zen of the zika route break in miami has become ghost town. of the streets of wynnewood usually packed with crowds of shoppers have been empty lately. business owners say barely had any customers. meanwhile, planes have been busy overhead dropping insecticides in hopes of killing off the mosquitoes that carry the virus. the number of zika cases in miami has risen 21. virus nope to cause birth defects in newborn children. >> for many of us it's a struggle to remember what we did yesterday. i'm one of those folks. much less than a specific day, say, years ago. however, one man says he remembers everything in his life going back years literally. >> it's amazing. it's a rare condition he says that only few dozen in the world have. fox's laura evans shows us.
5:47 pm
♪ >> reporter: when this man paints he says it's like placing down layers of memories. >> because i remember things in such a passionate way that translates not textures in the art. >> reporter: he's one of 50 people in the world with a condition known as highly superior auto biographical memory or h sam a superior ability to recall specific details of auto biographical events. >> a a lot of people may just remember flash frames, stills whereas for me it's as if it's film with not just the images but the sights, the sounds the feelings. when i go back in my memory i remember everything from the moment i woke up to what i wore to what i eight. >> reporter: many ofs have hard time remembering what we had for dinner two nights ago. we asked him what he had a week ago tuesday. >> last tuesday i had tuna tartar at policy bar. >> reporter: um took him
5:48 pm
awhile to remember but he says that's normal. it can sometimes take him a week to recall a memory. but when he does, he goes right back to the full sensory experience of that day. >> being pulled fully back into the moment and i remembered as if i was there. >> reporter: he was septembered in a study at uc irvine seven years ago led by neuro scientists james mc gall. >> i and the people who work with me have been and remain deeply interested in understanding what we believe is the most important ability that we have and that's memory. >> reporter: dr. mc gall and his team are looking into how the brains of people with hsam differ from the rest of the population. so far they haven't uncovered a pattern but what they have found one part of the brain is much larger in people with hsam something that could help solve the mysteries of certain brain disorders like alzheimer's. >> we're still in the process of getting a little bit of this information. we don't have an answer to the basis of it yet. >> reporter: what they do know
5:49 pm
the ability is associated with obsessive compulsive behaviors and for most people, it starts earlier in life. he traces his superior memory back to december 15th, 2000 sand. >> actually happens to be the day i met my first girlfriend. >> reporter: others started noticing how he'd remember a certain event, a friend referred him to the uc irvine study and the defining moment came when the researchers asked him -- >> what happened august 17th, 2008? >> he immediately remembered that was when michael phelps won his eighth god medal. he says paintin painting is an t for him. >> i use my art as way to channel those feelings and that impact and not only like a positive creative way but quite often therapeutic way as well report roar the one draw back -- >> forget sag luxury i don't have. >> laura evans the reporter there says she did ask him about other specific dates. he told her it would probably take too long to remember that
5:50 pm
it's not a split second memory more like a tape rewinding. >> in your health tonight what moms eat could have a surprising effect on their children. the amount of fat in a pregnant woman's diet may influence the microbes in her baby's gut. we've all got them. those microbes are key to a healthy immune system and they help turn your food into energy. now, researchers look at more than 150 women. babies who's mommies ate a high fat diet had fewer of these beneficial microbes. scientists say the findings do not prove that a mom's diet is the only thing that affects a child's gut bacteria. the findings are in the journal g gnome medicine. >> the percentage of americans who say they currently smoke marran has nearly doubled since 2013. recreational cannabis use is legal in colorado, washington, alaska, oregon and the district of columbia and half the states have some version of medical marijuana. gallop poll surveyed more than a thousand adults in all 50 states
5:51 pm
and found 13% say they currently smoke pot. that's up from 7% just three years ago. researchers say this suggest as major shift in attitudes towards marijuana use. local teens are showing off what they learned from their summer jobs. philadelphia program work ready celebrated a successful summer at various work sites across the city today. the program a collaboration between local businesses and schools and other community based organizations. so wisconsin fisherman has his prosthetic leg back week after he lost it. >> what a find. it's all thanks to two fellow canoers and add on craigslist. >> elliot fuller and jason franklin thought they stumbled upon a corporation has they can nude through a lake. they saw a foot sticking out beaver dam. it turns out it was prosthetic limb lost by mark warner when his own canoe capsized on the same lake in july. fuller and franklin got the leg and searched the internet
5:52 pm
eventually finding warner's ad on craig list. he got his his leg back and got a fief dollars reward. >> a baby deer can see his mom but cannot reach it. she was party enough to come with solution. wait until you see this. coming up new at 6:00 more bad luck for new jersey's bid to allow sports betting in the state. now governor chris christie is speaking out and suggesting this case could affect the entire country. >> these guys may look like nothing more than customers at this local home depot but looks can be deceiving. the theft police say they pulled off in the middle of the day.
5:53 pm
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one north carolina boy is using his birthday as an opportunity to collect shoes for a good cause. for three years 10-year-old gunner robinson has asked for shoes as a birthday gift. he then donates those shoes to kids in need. he already has donated 600 pairs of shoes to kids and he plans on continuing that effort. >> it makes me feel better for the other kids because they're getting new shoes for the new school year. isn't words can't even describe how proud we are of him. it was his idea. his doings. >> well once all the shoes are collected after gunner's birthday a social worker will distribute them to kids just in time for the start of the school year. the so-called flying hospital is on a mission to help save the site of people in some
5:57 pm
of the remote corners of the world. >> as fox's rob ross explains the hub of their operation is on board an old fed ex cargo plane. >> reporter: may be hard to imagine this jetliner was cargo carrier for federal express. now it's something completely different. >> nothing like this anywhere else in the world. >> reporter: this is a state of the art hospital with wings whose sole focus preventing blindness in developing countries from the retin in a and contractor racket machines to 3d monitors. it has more up to date equipment than most of the countries it visits. >> we do to the places where preventible is most prevalent. >> it jets around the world teaching app that mocks the latest surgical techniques for eye diseases including cataracts and glaucoma. the seating area double as classroom. >> we show them all the process the hospital needs to be doing. patient safety, quality care.
5:58 pm
infection control because we train not on doctors we train the whole team. >> reporter: this is the operating room. half the patients who come here are children who get teddy bears with eye patches after surgery. the patients are brought to the plane from hospitals by ambulance. >> we can bring them the skills they need to better treat the conditions and problems they're seeing in their neighbor. >> reporter: the flying eye hospital is making a pit-stop here at moffett field on fundraising mission. the plane and program survive on donations much of the staff is volunteers from here the flying eye hospital goes to china and teach and see patient there is. then it's off to indonesia. at moffett field rob roth fox news. >> we got acute alert for you. >> we do. >> little off and on skips for joy after reuniting with his mother in utah. >> love it. take look. >> all right see. the young deer was trapped in a fenced area and couldn't find his way out. there's his mom on the other side. so the patient mom mow deer
5:59 pm
walked along the fence to show the fawn the way back to her side. the fawn so excited you saw that the hopping just skipping across the lawn as it made its way to the opening of the fence to be back with its mom. see, that's an aww. >> look at that. ♪ >> tonight at 6:00, it is happened again. another child hit by gunfire in a local neighborhood. the six-year-old girl in this video is in critical condition. tonight police are trying to figure out if this is connected to another crime in the area. a day of fun outside turned dangerous for children in delaware. the heat wasn't the problem. why medics had to rush many of them to the hospital. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ we have break news out of the gate. skyfox live over the schuylkill river in center city. police got a tip about a person in the water.
6:00 pm
this is near the chestnut street bridge. crews of course are on the scene combing the river looking for the person. of course, we're on top of this one. we'll bring you more as the news warrants. at 6:00, two different weather issues. first, the heat today was dangerous hot and this could be the beginning of the summer's most brutal heat wave yet. we're also tracking a chance for storms. good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell in for iain page tonight. >> i'm lucy noland. a lot to talk about and it starts -- it's time to start preparing. let get right straight to meteorologist kathy orr. >> we're talking about heat and humidity already in some places it feels like it's over 100 degrees. take a look at the numbers. right now in philadelphia temperatures are still in the 90s. we're at 91. but the high today 93. and it feels like it's around 100 degrees. the wind right now out of the southwest gusting to about 20 miles an hour. 88 degrees in millville. 89 in wilmington. dover 90. but when you add the humidity that is oppressive today, it feels like 104 in


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