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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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their family friend knew they were in trouble and who rushed to save them. >> warrant out for this man's arrest whom cops say he posed as online. your news is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. happening right now the search for this man. police say he posed as a woman online to target local teen boys. investigators say he got them to send naked pictures and videos. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. iain is off tonight. the 30-year-old has been living in north philadelphia. fox 29's dave schratwieser talked to investigators and those who knew the suspect. he's live at police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: chris, police still looking for 30-year-old brandon speech tonight on very serious charges as you mentioned that warrant is still outstanding. he has not been arrested. we visited his north
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philadelphia neighborhood tonight, and spoke to folks there. they told us they are angry and they're nervous. >> more or less shock because he was so well known. >> reporter: neighbors in this north philadelphia community were stunned wednesday night after they heard police have a warrant for 30-year-old brandon speech who lives here on the 2200 block of chat chadwick street. >> he always did take care of a lot of kids working with kids for many years. >> i'm really upset. >> reporter: investigators sa say, speech poss woman on several social media sites targeting teenaged boys trying oh get them to send him nude and explicit photos of themselves. >> the person that we knew for so long has been around our children and working in our schools and day cares and never know. >> reporter: neighbors told fox 29 speech has work at the duckery skull on diamond street and a local daycare center in the neighborhood over the years. >> that was our concern when we heard that because we knew he work at a school for a number of
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years. >> reporter: an daycare. >> an daycare. >> reporter: investigators have been tracking his activities after he allegedly target the 14 to 16-year-old boys. detectives say speech received explicit pictures and videos during a three-year period dating back to 2013. >> issues like this, stuff happens, and we need to know. i'm thanking every day i go to work my kids are safe. >> reporter: parents are still searching for answers. >> i have to go home and question my nieces and my nephews and the kids and the kids in the neighborhood have they been touched. >> we don't quite believe it yet. >> reporter: we called both the school district and that local daycare center to get a comment about brandon speech. neither of them returned our phone calls. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. on your radar the start of what could be our next heat wave. actually i think it is. looking live at allentown after most of us topped 90 degrees today and the humidity it felt like 100. moving to eakins oval tonight where it's still muggy and above 80 degrees and it's only going to get worst n few days.
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kathy, we're in the middle of an excessive heat warning, right? >> that excessive heat warning begins tomorrow, lucy. we're talking about heat and humidity combining to make it feel like it is well over 100 degrees. this will be the most oppressive stretch of weather we have seen this entire summer. it's going last little while. take look at ultimate doppler. you can see some showers and a line between williamsport and harrisburg moving toward the poconos and the lehigh valley and that will be the trend during the early morning hours and those showers will be fading overnight. now as we look ahead today's high temperature 93 in philadelphia. the 25th 90-degree day and this is the beginning of heat wave number five. right now in philadelphia, 85. 83 in millville. 70 in the poconos. 84 in trenton and 80 in wrightstown. so that excessive heat warning gets underway tomorrow at noon. we're talking about the i-95 corridor, adjacent suburbs in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. it will feel like it's between 105 and the heat index will peak this week andy the 111 degrees.
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ouch. we'll talk more about the heat and the storms that could produce later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> kathy, thanks. sky fox over the schuylkill river tonight as reports of a man jumping off the chestnut street bridge. early reports say two other men jumped in to help. police rescued those two men. but they spent hours looking for the first one who went under just before 5:00 o'clock tonig tonight. divers searched for him for hours with no luck. police have called off the search until tomorrow. a dramatic rescue down the shore as three people get stuck out at sea. a boat carrying a man and two children began to sing as they were boating off the coast of atlantic city. >> tonight they have a trooper to thank after his quick thinking saved their lives. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in atlantic city. shawnette, you talked to both authorities and those kids tonight. >> reporter: i did, and as you can imagine, this trooper says that he's been a part of rescues before, but he also says the look of fear on the kids face
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social security something he really had not seen before. tonight they are safe and they have trooper ryan to thank. >> just a beautiful day and then turned -- slipped. >> reporter: 12-year-old scott bernhardt describes the harrowing moment the boat he was in with his sister brianna and henry wilson took on water. >> i was crying. like crying my eyes out. like what's going to happen? >> reporter: yesterday afternoon they were sailing the atlantic to margate to see the lucy the elephant landmark. then continue to atlantic city but henry says a big commercial fishing boat stirred the water and sent a huge wave crashing into them. >> brianna mention to do me there's water coming in the back of the boat, too, because it was sitting so low in the water. that point i instructed them get their live jackets on. >> henry says the boat took on water fast. he had to send out may day call. >> by the time the two kids were on the boat -- on the state police boat my boat was lifting very seriously and i finally jumped off and watched it just
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turn over upside down and capsize. >> reporter: brianna thinking like a teen first grabbed a sip lock bag from the glove compartment with their cell phones and id. >> then it started like tipping and i was like, there's nothing else to do so i jumped off and i started swimming with the phones above my head. >> reporter: trooper ryan with the state police marine unit arrived quickly. >> i reached over and grabbed the boy scott and pulled him on board. and then his sister was in the front of the boat and she was reaching for me for help and i walked up and my hands are trying to reach for her hands getting further and further apart because her boat is capsizing to the right. so i told her, you know, jump off and then swim to me. >> reporter: he says his day was complete after hearing scott say he felt safe when he saw trooper ryan heading in their direction. >> just being able to help them out, um, is what we live for. >> reporter: and back here live, so they were actually just about 150 yards off the beach in front of the taj mahal. the water at that point is i'm told nine to 10.5 feet deep but
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the conditions of the wind and the waves made it very rough. but get this lucy the crew says they will go back out again no questions thanks to trooper ryan saving them, but as you may know they'll need new boat. >> i guess so. thank you very much, shawnette. son arrested for the killing of his mother and her boyfriend in montgomery county. 19-year-old joshua trunk is in jail. police say he shot and kill his mom jenice trunk and her boyfriend kevin milton a week and a half ago in their ambler apartment. prosecutors have charged joshua trunk with first degree murder a judge arraigned him him bail. trunk's preliminary hearing is september 15th. surveillance video shows a group of kids outside just playing as bullets start to fly. the children scatter but one little girl was hit left severely hurt. relatives say tell us the little girl was visiting her aunt in east germantown. now her family is hoping for some answers. as she remains in the hospital tonight. fox 29's sabina kuriakose explains.
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>> i came out the house and looked down and she was coming up the steps as quick as i got to my son and turned around, she was down. >> reporter: a frantic chauncey banks ducking bullets to get to his five-year-old son. little boy's playmate downed by a bullet you can see one of the 20 shots scatter shattered glass on this windshield. surveillance shows six-year-old nala identified by family running from the gunfire before she struck just off camera. at the edge of the video a man at the top of north woodstock delete street appears to fire off several rounds before running out of the frame seconds later. >> the six-year-old child enjoying the last days of summer was not part of whatever the dispute was. >> reporter: police say as many as two gunmen fired down the block just before 7:00 tuesday evening. scattering the grade schoolers who were all out playing. little girl in purple shorts struck in her left shoulder by a large caliber bullet wounding her critically as it tore through her tiny body. she is expected to recover. police have no motive but they know at least two guns were
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fired. >> thankful no one else was hit. obviously one person is one too much. >> reporter: parents on this block are left stunned. many of their own children were out playing last night. the street known as a safe place for families. >> you see a baby girl laying there like that, you know, ain't much you can do but get mad. pretty girl, bubbly, you know, she's always -- when i see her she smiles. always say hello, speaks, very happy girl. >> reporter: this woman's child was feet from nala when she was hit. she has a message for her frie friend. >> i hope she get better and i love her and i miss her. >> reporter: police have a description of one of the alleged shooters. them say he's around 5-foot eight in his mid 20s. if you have any information you are asked to call northwest detectives. and since yesterday there have been three separate shootings in that area. police do not believe any of those are related. at northwest detective is that so bean in a kuriakose fox 29 news.
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you decide 2016. tonight donald trump's comments on the second amendment and rifle hillary clinton are reportedly raising some alarms witness secret service. cnn is reporting the agency has spoken to the trump campaign regarding his comments that critics say insight violence. however trump denied in a tweet any conversation happened between the secret service and his campaign. yesterday trump said that second amendment supporter cos stop clinton from appointing judges who could change gun laws. trump says he was not implying anything about violence. meanwhile brief scare at a hillary clinton rally this afternoon in iowa when a protester tried to storm the stage. you can see clinton actually paused during her speech for moment while secret service went to work. the protester was part of the organization direct action everywhere who actually tweeted they were going to try to get on the stage to speak to her. secret service of course on edge after trump's comments about the second amendment. ♪
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he captivated the country climbing more than 20 stories straight up the side of new york city's trump tower using suction cups. the moment police finally arrested him inside. and police call it disgusting this guy breaks into a church, heads right for the safe and gets away with hundreds of dollars. what else he took that's just icing on the cake. summer camp trip to the park sends three local children to the hospital. several others are hurt. what attack that no one saw coming. plus, helping local children and teens struggling through what could be an embarrassing disorder. >> if i was talking to people and i saw them getting uncomfortable that was really hard for me. >> the program needs kids say is helping change their lives. ♪
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♪ it may look like friendly baseball game, but players took the field with a much bigger mission than winning. they're all police officers. philadelphia versus new york city and they're playing to help the families of they're full len brothers and sisters in blue. fox 29's brad sattin was at tonight's game in trenton. brad, an emotional game for these cops. >> reporter: yeah, chris, it was. emotional but also a lot of fun. turns out it's the second year here at the stadium for this event the l year they brought in about $12,000. it was the nypd versus the philadelphia police. it was serious business sort of. right from the start it got ugly from the dug out of the nypd.
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>> who's going to win the game? >> unfortunately i would say they are going to lose. >> reporter: his prediction not exactly a hit with the philly police. >> who is going to win this game? >> philadelphia. >> reporter: while there may be a rivalry on the field, off the field, it's nothing but love. for a second straight year officers with the new york finest baseball team. >> the charity we go anywhere. >> volunteered their time to take on the philadelphia police blue socks. it's real baseball under the lights with the officer's names in lights with all the money raised going to the philadelphia fraternal order of police survivors fund. >> it's great to have the families of the fallen officers come out. were don't want to forget their memory and we don't want them to think we ever forget. >> reporter: helping folks like kim pawlowski who lost her husband john in the line of duty in 2009. >> it's just nice even bringing my son here and him being able to keep his father's memory alive report roar trenton thunder happy to offer up their baseball field for a good cause
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and philadelphia police officer rosa wouldn't miss it. >> this is a fun rivalry, a fun thing we're all in this together. we're all familiar until blue. >> reporter: america's pastime offering a little down time from the stress of the job. >> seems like everyone is against the police. i know that's not true. i know it's very small percentage that's against the police. officers are getting more hugs now than they've ever gotten. >> reporter: i don't know if you caught that. they didn't have bat boy. they had bat dog in the game tonight. the teams actually play all across the country raising mon money. they'll have charity event coming up in new york in a couple of weeks. then the teams will head to dallas obviously after the tragedy in dallas they're going to go down to raise money as well in case you're wondering philadelphia beat the new york city team tonight seven-three. back to you. >> there you go. all right, thank you very much, brad. >> there you go. flat out lied. that's what an aide to new jersey governor chris christie told a colleague the governor did during a 2013 news conference on the bridge gate
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scandal. a new court filing released today shed that light. christie denies lying or any involvement in the george washington bridge lane closures. a transcript of the text from christina ren in a appears in court filings by attorneys representing bill baroni who faces trial next month. baroni is the former deputy executive director of the port authority of new york and new jersey. prosecutors have charged him with helping orchestrate those infamous lane closures for political revenge. coming up tonight on fox 29 news at 11:00, what happened when a chasing news reporter asked christie about that transcript. the insults he through her way. at one time, he was one of kathleen kane's top aids. today he had a lot to say against his former boss pennsylvania's attorney general. bruce beamer took the stand in the case against kane fort second day today. he says kane told him the grand jury leak was quote no big deal. when she said they needed to investigate. beamer says kane later asked him to try to block the special
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investigation launched by the state supreme court but it never came to that. prosecutors say kane was on a mission for revenge when she leaked grand jury information then lied about it. >> in burlington county police are still trying to figure out how a deadly crash happened. it killed a local pastor over the weekend. haws on his motorcycle with his wife when his bike collided with an suv. his wife is in critical condition. fox 29's jenn for joyce spoke with the family of the couple in bordentown. >> reporter: prayer service will get underway here in about an hour at celebration community church to bring people together in healing after pastor larry house was killed and his wife critically injured in a motorcycle accident last weeke weekend. >> he was just a good solid guy. >> reporter: well-known pastor and businessman larry house new egypt new jersey lost his life sundasunday night after this motorcycle collided with an suv at wood lane and smithville roads in eastampton. house's wife leslie was also on
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board. she's in critical condition at helene fuld medical center in trenton. >> she sustained lot of trauma from the hit, but she was very fortunate. god was looking out for her, and she -- she's doing much better. >> reporter: aaron is the couple's son-in-law. he says larry was his hero. >> my dad had great -- great attitude and a great walk with the lord that really touched a lot of people. >> reporter: house served as a pastor at celebration community church in board up to and completed several missions trips. each year he taught bible school to young people. >> he was just a man with mission, and we just happened to be lucky enough to tag along and learn and do some of the things he got to do. >> reporter: even outside of his church community larry house was well known. he owned a heating and cooling business cranbury comfort systems and threshold farms a place for horseback riding lessons and life learning. houses have four daughters and six grandchildren. a gofundme page has been set up to help the family get through
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this difficult time. >> the family's gofundme page is posted on our web seat and the accident remains under investigation. in bordentown, new jersey, i'm jenn for joyce, fox 29 news. a police officer sits down to lunch and immediately starts feeling sick. what investigators say a restaurant employee purposely put in his drink. and the baby united with family after terrifying few hours. he was missing overnight that cute little guy. what police are looking for in the kidnapping. they're trying get you back in the door. what popular food chain is offering free booze with your dinner? hoping you'll stop in. ♪ now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch road work tomorrow during the day naamans creek road shut down all this week right at ogden all due to road work. they're also going to be working
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in chalfont again tomorrow route 152 is closed right at park avenue. and are you ready for some football? ready or not, here we go. eagleooh/buccaneers tomorrow nit south fell until will impact our evening rush hour heading into the stadium complex. we'll check the morning commute and sue with the forecast. i'll see you bright and early starting at 4:00.
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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a man causes a bizarre scene in new york city as he climbs the trump tower using suction cups. captivated the country for about an hour tonight much police say the 20-year-old man from virginia made the dangerous journey because he wanted to meet donald trump. three hours into the climb, police officers grabbed him through a window on the 21st floor. he wept in for a psych evaluation. earlier police say he posted a video online saying he wanted to discuss an important matter with the republican presidential candidate. the tower is trump's campaign headquarters and his home. trump was campaigning in virginia during the whole ordeal. in florida, big questions remain about why an officer who killed a woman during a training exercise had live ammo in his gun. the officer was demonstratin deg decisions police make about using their guns when he fired his with life rounds instead of
10:25 pm
blanks. he shot and killed 73-year-old mary nolton during the exercise at the police academy. the officer involved in the shooting now on administrative leave during this investigation. police are calling it the lowest of the low. >> a man caught on surveillance camera breaking into a church and he goes right for the safe. you can see the guy pull up, crowbar in hand. he walks right into the church and heads for that save that holds what else the church donations and he gets to work. it does take him several minutes, but he's able to get into that safe. he grabs about $700 cash and makes his get away. police want him caught. >> we're disgusted with the act. he has no business being out in our town and stealing from a church. >> the church says the guy also took off with the door of the safe. the church's pastor says if the man was that desperate all he had to do was walk in and ask for help. a summer camp trip to the park sent three local children
10:26 pm
to the hospital several others are hurt. what attack that no one saw co coming. kathy orr is tracking your forecast. >> that's right. we have heat, we have humidity. it will be the most oppressive stretch we have seen the entire summer with temperatures well into the 90s and those feel like readings around 100. we'll have the forecast including the seven day when we come back. ♪ >> and all new at 11:00 tonight called hero, a mango jumps right into the water the massive animal he was trying to rescue. into the water the massive animal he was trying to rescue. ♪ prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. and these are the lungs.
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. ♪ three delaware pawn shop openers part of a big arrest connected to pawning and illegal sales of health care products. investigators say sean riley, keisha riley and denise toy of new castle ran the gold fever pawn shop in middletown. they say the trio underreported sales to a pawn regulatory agency. and delaware state police say they have seized 100,000 dolled worth of health care products these three shop owners are
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among 23 people arrested in that bust. charges range from racketeering to organized retail theft. amtrak start the settling lawsuit with the victims of last year's deadly train derail in many port richmond but lawyers involved say a strict confidentiality agreement prevents them from talking about how victims are doing or how much money they've received. court records show the railroad reached its first settlements last week. dozens of other lawsuits are still pending. children are coming together to help each other through what can be an embarrassing speech disorder. it's part of a new program at chop for young children and teens who stutter. >> fox 29's karen hepp introduces us to one teen who says it's changed his life. ♪ >> reporter: jackson is really fast. all his life he's run and he's a champion. cranking out a 4.11-mile he is so good. he just got a scholar think ship to penn state but for years he dreaded the post race intervie
10:31 pm
interviews. >> winner jackson howy of downingtown west 4.11.47. congratulations. >> thank you very much, sir. >> as fast as his legs move so does his mind. it's just he can't always get the words out the way he wants to. >> i was expecting it to go out pretty swift. >> if i was talking to people and i saw them getting uncomfortable, that was really hard for me. >> reporter: jackson was eight when he first met with the doctor here at chop. >> he said, you know, your child stutters. tears started, upping, welling up in my eyes. you know, um, it's hard when it's your owner and blood and you don't want to see them struggle and you have to come with -- to the reality that they're going to struggle for the rest of their life. >> reporter: many kids grow out of stuttering much it's neurologically based and can run in families and affects more
10:32 pm
boys than girls. >> it's genetically transferred. it's no one's fault. just like what color hair you have or how tall you're going to be, it's just part of your genetic makeup. >> dr. joseph don her runs this summer camly at chop for children who stutter. >> feel that calmness start to settle in. >> relax, embrace who they are and grow confidence. >> big circle up to the sky. palms coming together in prayer. >> biggest enemy often is in their own heads and the things they worry about, they worry about what might happen. kids might make fun of them. kids might not listen to me. people might think i'm not smart. >> reporter: trying to hide a stutter can make it worse. the secret is not trig to fix it but learning to accept it and to try to become a good communicator. >> this camp was a game changer for jackson. >> i felt like the first thing
10:33 pm
that needed to happen was that i was okay with the fact that i was a stutterer. he was doing the same thing you guys are doing. so i'd like uh-uh all to say hello to jackson. >> reporter: it doesn't have to define or limit you. if i didn't stutter, kids are asked to fill in the blank, i'd -- whatever they think is impossible like maybe being an actor. they're shown hugely successful stars like james earl jones and samuel l. jackson. singers like elvis and ed sheeran. >> ♪ >> athletes like eagles darrin sproles, shaquille o'neal and tiger woods. even politicians like vice-president joe biden and kim george the sixth who've story was made famous in the movie the king's speech. >> i learned a lot about being a communicator.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: over the week the children from all different backgrounds and all different ages bond, smiling, laughing, and talking. >> camp changed jackson's life. he's excited to come back and share. >> if you are comfortable with being a stutterer, then i think that other people will become comfortable with it, too. >> reporter: jackson is finding his voice in so many ways. he even got a solo in the school choir. ♪ >> reporter: jackson just graduated high school and once to stutter entrepreneurship and will keep running with his family for his school and for himself chasing dreams on and off the track. >> i believe that jackson has big dreams not only in running but also in life.
10:35 pm
and i know that he'll achieve them. >> thank you very much for paying attention. >> what do we say to jackson? (applause). >> recognize your gifts, do what you remain to do with those gifts. >> reporter: karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> we have a link to the chop program on our website go to a couple of guys looks like a couple of regular home depot customers but they're not there to shop. police say they pulled off right in the middle of the day. plus police police officer sits down to lunch and immediately starts feeling sick. what investigators say an employee purposely put in his drink. >> baby recited with family after terrifying few hours. cute little guy. he was missing overnight. who police are still looking for in the kidnapping. ♪
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♪ in south philadelphia police are looking for two men accused of stealing from a home depot. the surveillance video shows them stealing a generator and a pressure washer from the store on columbus boulevard, this happened last month. the men put the stuff in their car. they sped away. police say the merchandise is worth about $1,800. if you recognize these men, please call police. and police are searching for as many as four people involved in a carjacking that set off an ambler alert in the atlanta ar area. police reunited little christopher pits with his family overnight after someone stole his daddi' cars from gas station. five month old christopher was still strapped in his car seat when this whole thing happened. surveillance cameras capture the moment it went down. christopher's father was inside the store and ran after his car when those thieves drove off. a clerk who did not want to show his face talked about what happened here. >> he was just flying outside.
10:40 pm
i'm like, what happened? we had people in the store. we all were like what happened to him? >> the thieves ditched the car with the baby boy still inside. police found it. christopher's family thanked the officers who found him, but understandably did not want to talk with reporters. in your money night, how would you like a beer with your burrito. chipotle is trying to win back customers with booze. the fast food chain is now offering free or discounted alcoholic beverages as part of new happy hour promotion. the move comes after declining sales following multiple food-borne illness outbreaks last year. unfortunately, can't get it around here. the promotion only happening in a handful of midwest states. it's running through the end of september. >> i didn't even know they served booze. >> they will now apparently. >> okay. all right. well, one tweet could score you eagles tickets. >> i like that. >> i do, too. >> it's part of promotion by santander bank. called bank on your eagles pride all you have to do is stop by a
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twitter activated activated vetg machine tweet with the hash tag santander and you'll get eagles prize tonight the machine was at 15th and market. tomorrow it will be at lincoln financial field for the eagles first preseason game against tampa bay you'll find it again on sunday during the open practice. top prize, of course, is home game tickets. >> all right. a summer camp trip to the park sends three local children to the hospital. several others are hurt. what attack that no one saw coming. our kathy orr is tracking your forecast. she has a lot to talk about. >> we do. see that satellite view, we have some clouds, we have some moisture. we have a lot of heat and humidity, and some storms that will be firing up. wee take a look at that in your seven day forecast and show you the hottest day comin coming upn we come back.
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♪ a police officer stopped for a quick bite to eat and wound up in the hospital. investigators say someone poisoned him. the utah officer stopped in a subway and start the to eat his lunch but he says he knew something was wrong when he took a sip of his drink. he tasted chemicals, immediately did not feel well.
10:45 pm
fellow officers took him to the hospital. investigators tested that drink and say it contained marijuana, methamphetamine. >> i think law enforcement culture really kind of understands when we go somewhere in uniform in a police car and we don't see our food prepared right in front of us, there's a possibility but i don't know that any of us really ever, um, saw it going to this level. >> terrible. police say surveillance video shows an 18-year-old employee they believe is responsible. you see his picture there. some way released a statement saying company officials are shocked and they will take appropriate actions thinking reports there as well in scary day at the park for some children in north wilmington after a swarm of wasps surround them and start stinking. the insects got 12 kids, three of them ended up in the hospit hospital. >> our dawn timmeney spoke with their parents and the paramedics who raced them to the hospital. >> reporter: some frightening moments for campers from new castle county on a field trip to the rockland park and museum in north wilmington.
10:46 pm
12 children in the group of 200 were stung by a swarm of wasps in an underground nest. the stump filled with wasps now marked by caution tape. >> as soon as i found out exactly which park she was going to i got over here. >> reporter: brian core's seven-year-old daughter caitlin was one the campers on the field trip to the park. core lives nearby and wanted to make sure she was okay. >> ended up, you know, being one of the ones that got stung. when off bunch of them like apparently there was, you know, it can be dangerous. >> reporter: that's why three of the 12 children who were stung were taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> if there's a known allergy to flying insects the reaction can be very severe and it can actually cause somebodi' death. >> reporter: fortunately the campers who are allergic to wasps are okay. the nine other children who were stung were treated here at the park and released to their parents. >> it's rare to get, you know, that size of a nest. >> reporter: andrew thomas of try county termite and pest control was called in immediately to spray for the
10:47 pm
wasps and eradicate the situation. >> put a dust inside the hole so when they fly in and out they bump into each other and it kills them. >> reporter: thomas was aler alerted to a large hornets nest a tree where children were also playing today in a tree and sprayed that as well the children taken to the hospital were treated and released. the camp says it's next field trip is friday and this time they'll be going for ice cream. in north wilmington, dawn timmeney fox 29 news. ♪ on your radar night, it looks like we are starting what do we call it now the fifth heat wave of the summer, kathy orr? >> um-hmm, yes. this will be the most oppressi oppressive. not because of the temperatures but the combination between the heat and the humidity. this time the humidity is going to be sky rocketing. take look behind me. this is old city philadelphia. some folks out there waiting for the bus enjoying the mild weather it's still 85 degrees. the high today 93. but even with the temperatures in the 80s the humidity is so high it's still feels like it is
10:48 pm
92 degrees. cool spot the poconos. the warm spot, philadelphia at 85. reading 83. pottstown 82. down the shore temperatures still in the 80s the ocean water temperature off of atlantic city 83 degrees. dew points mainly in the 70s. 70 or greater is oppressive and that is going to stick. as we talk about stick this is the stick factor. yeah i came up with this name. it's how humid and how sticky and uncomfortable it's going to feel with the heat and humidity. tomorrow will feel like 103. 110 on friday. it will feel like 111 on saturday. that's the peak of the oppressive weather and then on sunday, it will feel like 106 degrees. it's not just the heat and humidity, it's also some storms for more on that component i'll send it over to my colleague scott williams. >> hi, scott. >> hi there, kathy. we'll have the heat and we'll have the humidity but during the afternoons pop-up showers and thunderstorms will be developing right now as we look at ultimate doppler a few storms off to the west and that will pretty much
10:49 pm
be the storm track over the next several days. in fact as we take look at the chances for rainfall, pretty uniform through the latter part of the week about a 40% chance thursday, friday into saturday. a 50% chance as we move toward sunday but location will be key. the farthest north and west you head the lehigh val, the pocono mountain the greatest chances we have for some of those thunderstorms and some of those could be heavy. i-95, trenton, philadelphia, immediate suburbs, a moderate chance and then down the shore, the least amount of rainfall as we calculate everything outlooking at several of the computer models over the next several days. we'll be on the northern periphery of that big we are mud today high so you can see really the have and have nots north and west reading, allentown, you could close in on a couple of inches by the end of the weeke weekend. while down the shore, you might not see anything. kathy? >> thank you very much, scott. so overnight tonight, we're talking about conditions that will be changing quite rapidly temperatures will be falling.
10:50 pm
79 in the city. in the suburbs 72 with a partly cloudy sky. tomorrow 93 with some p.m.-up storms but as scott mentioned mainly to the north and west of the city it will be very humid as well. down the shore we'll be live from the baby parade in ocean city for orr down the shore temperature 88 degrees. no sea breeze because the ocean is almost as warm as the air. take a look at these temperatures friday 95. saturday 97. sunday 94. monday still 90. 87 on tuesday. wednesday 85. and look at the shore temperatures mainly in the high 80s approaching 90 degrees by the weekend. that is the very latest from the weather center. we will send it back to you lucy and chris. >> all right, kathy, thanks. the sports world tonight mourning the sudden loss of sportscaster john saunders. espn announcing his passing today. saunders hosted the sports show the sports reporters as well as doing play by play he hosted many events including stanley
10:51 pm
cup and world series coverage. a cause of death was not announced. saunders is survived by his wife and two daughters. he was 61 years old. and i know howard you know impact he had on sports world. >> yeah, i'm telling you sports really has an impact on us and with people like that i think everybody feels it. another way how to waste food at the ballpark. i'll show you this but not in way that's good for anybody. and the game is finally here. the eagles play their first pre-season game tomorrow night. but there are players making a point for a job. hear from couple of those guys coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
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♪ the eagles they play the first game it's finally here. really a new team with new coaches, new players. tomorrow night against tampa. now there are some vets that won't be playing, small injuries, carson wentz will play in the second half. now if you care the eagles three-point favorite. it's preseason. over 20 new players will be playing for the eagles in this game. it's a chance where some players may play themselves out of a job, some players may play themselves into to job. the game really does mean something to some of the guys. >> it's kind of mind boggling but i'm just definitely trying to stay in control because i know i still have job to do. i got assignments i need to work about.
10:55 pm
i'm just trying to stay relaxed and act like i've been here before. >> lot of energy a lot of excitement. a lot of plays being made. just as simple as that. >> the phillies after being out scored 18-seven in the first two games against the dodgers came away with one win in the series. two los angeles. it's not funny. jeremy mel hellickson left with back stiffness maybe they should have traded him. that was after five innings with the phillies down one to nothing in the seventh that was freddie galvis with that big swing that's three run homer. two outs and ryan howard starts little early swinging on that fast ball and he gets it. knocks in three runs. bases were loaded. phillies go up six-two and they win it six-two. food at the ballpark is expensive especially when wasted let's go to pittsburgh. watch this there's a beer can in arm, food on the plate and now the plate of food is on his face. first of all he loses the food. second of all he's wearing a white shirt.
10:56 pm
he lost the beer. when you're a kid you pick the food up off the ground. did he do that? (laughter). >> it's pittsburgh what the heck. prince fielder is owed $96 million through 2020. but today after neck injury surgery in the last week said goodbye in a teary farewell. >> thank my teammates, all the coaches, um, i'll really miss -- miss being around them 'cause to not be able to play it's going to be tough. >> players never have good way of saying good bee. >> no. >> it's their life. >> he had a great swing though. loved see him swing. >> he got lot money for it, too. >> right. >> all right. that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. lucy noland standing by with what is coming up at 11:00 o'clock. >> thank you very much, chris.
10:57 pm
a man climbed more than 20 stories up side of new york's trump tower using suction cups. police station finally yank him through a window next at 11:00. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the force five minutes. remember your powerball drawing is next.
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