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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 11, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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now, on chasing news. >> i'm not going test the questions. your chasing new jersey. you just tires to be people a chasing new jersey? >> yeah governor, you directly called me stupid and coincidently i'm a blue hand. i graduated from the same alma mater as you did. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing okay. >> you use the cup to lifted tissue and decompress the area. >> i tried my hand on copying. >> are you going to show that to the jury that i had 19,000 dollars worth of marijuana? >> did you think you could get away with this stuff. >> to see him as a hero? >> i call him an activist.
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as you know, bridge gate is the ongoing saga that we have been covering involving governor christie and the george washington bridge lane closure. now in a possible bombshell explosive revelation, text have been released from a former christie christie staffer. the context areas that these were text sent from a top christie staffer during that lengthy press conference the governor had a few months ago explaining that he was not involved nor were her top staff and bridge gate. let me read them. are you listening? he flat out lied about senior staff not being involved. this was from christina renna. she goes on to say, yes, he lied, yes, he lied and if e-mails are found with a subpoena or e-mails or uncovered in discovery, if it comes to that, it could be bad.
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>> did you say through texting that you live through bridge gate? >> you're covering a part of of this, we have matt rooney joining us this type. tara come i want to start with you. first i want to play the state. this was your encounter with governor christie this morning. >> what did you say through your texting they lied at bridge gate? >> does it say that i actually like? of course it's ridiculous. it's nothing new. there's nothing to talk about. you you clearly have said you knew nothing about this. what proof? non- i cannot answer that. at chasing new jersey to just tires to be people? tara, he got a bit testy with you this morning. test a christie. that's only question i needed answered. you can see see by how angry he was. the minute i said or proof is when he snapped.
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here i am a little reporter of flip-flops and he flipped at me with that much anger. in fairness and he to the moment i could possibly phrase my question a little bit neater. i corrected myself and added the word allegedly and apologize. >> who is christina renna, and does she have her own issues because of some testimony she gave to the joint investigator committee. >> do you swear or affirm the testimony are about to give his true, correct, and complete, to the best of your information, knowledge and belief? >> i do. >> christina renna is a former christie a. bridget and kelly who was the deputy chief of staff for governor christie was her boss. i was there at the state house when she was testifying in front of the legislative committee investigating bridge gate. the question is, was she being truthful? >> i had no knowledge of, or involvement in the bridge lane
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closure. >> you are aware that bridget kelly apparently had a problem with the mayor, but you say you don't know what that was? >> correct. >> you knew about the george washington bridge lane closure, at least by september 12 which was kind of when it was happening or when it was at the end of when it was happening so you knew about that, correct? >> correct. >> so given that information, did you do anything with a quest a? >> no, i didn't. >> that surprises me. >> who is really the liar here? did she know more than she claims to have known. when she was testifying in front of the legislators? >> that only works until the text gets released. >> let's bring in matt rooney. matt you are an attorney, republican and writer. and writer. i'm sure you have an opinion on this. let me ask you, who is hurt more by this potential bombshell. the governor or the forms staffer?
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>> number is walking away from this wreck looking good. if you are you are staffer for chris christie or former staffer you your job is on the line. nope he wants to have the governor angry at them. in the long-term are you have is your reputation. you're only one apply. if you. if you mess it up that's in. this is probably a ready crossed him not only the presidency but the vice presidency. i'm not sure how much more damage you can do. you might be looking at a sports talk radio career at this point as opposed to a career in public life. but we will see. >> he took a shot when she asked about the bp slot. >> i don't know what you want for your sensational video. >> i'm just saying a lot of people. >> excuse ma'am answer the question. >> took a shot at terry today, getting in the martin presley digging. >> your chasing new jersey, do you, do you just hired stupid people adjacent new jersey? >> he and i had a battle on the radio a few weeks ago.
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you sound like a fourth-grade. >> boy a lot of hits today, governor really what's going on. what's going on with his attitude and demeanor? >> chris christie is at his best when he takes on bullies. whenever something like this happens it under man's that brand, it is fatal to exasperation. instead of it is missing one of our chasers, he should be candid with them, give them a few minutes and explain his side of the story. >> rooney is right. he's been his own worst enemy. i have an issue with him calling tar or the rest of the staff stupid, stupid as holding public resources for ransom in order to get democratic endorsements for -- stupid is what he has done for his own career. >> know, your chasing new jersey, you just hired stupid people at chasing new jersey? >> what's funny about the governor calling all of you stupid, all of us stupid, governor, may be didn't know this but we know that you went to the university of delaware was just so happens we have a couple of folks here that went to the same school. >> governor you directly call me
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stupid, quits gently i am a blue hand. i graduated from the same alma mater that you did. so what you say now? >> you also graduate from the university of delaware,. >> yes blue hands are supposed to stick together, your to motive. you're no longer a blue hat in my book. >> book. >> is calling the kettle black. [inaudible] >> on tuesday evening when millions of eyes were glued to the tube, specially's watch michael phelps when his 21st olympic medal, those millions of eyes were glued to what look like something was good to him. i'm referring to the big, red circle on the shoulder and back. they become a become a prominent picture at the 2016 videogame. the circle is part of physical therapy technique, called copy. what influence does that have on
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the stage today. >> it can help the layperson but also sportspeople. for the athlete they're able able to get some movement pattern, restoration. you use the cop cup to lift the tissue and decompress the area. then you actually have them activate underneath. it really present the tissue it feels great. >> i chase it to her physical therapy studio in manhattan where she showed me how this practice takes place. a young gentleman was kind enough to volunteer his back. his back. he did not seem to face by the painful welts that the cops actually raise. >> how are you feeling? >> you knew this was coming. i tried my hand at cupping. now, while diving at the university of delaware as string my rotator cuff quite a few times. so she placed three cups from my shoulder blade. >> and working on the fashion lines are the connective tissue.
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it's not bad. >> it is a great way of loosening up tissues. reducing pain and increasing mobility. >> it works. my worry. and mark is an interesting thing there. that's what everyone is up and up in arms about. i have a couple of marks on my back now, but not as intense. >> there probably going for a trigger point or one spot a pain. that's why they're being aggressive on that one spot and bring in a lot of blood flow. that's why you will see that one cup to bruce. whereas for you, we did a little bit lighter,. >> although it won't be great in a bikini so this may not be for me. but i'm not an olympian. >> what alternative medicines have you try, like acupuncture? >> i've done it all. >> i've done it all, acupuncture, maybe i'll try it as long as it's working. >> i've done pleasure, i enjoyed, but metamucil for regularity.
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>> to me it's like leaching which is discussing. one thing i would never do because my skin is so fair, i feel like it would leave scars. >> michael phelps is the greatest swimmer of all time. he was going to crush it anyway. i wonder if it really helps. >> america's proud anyway i was enjoying his sexy shoulders until i saw them. >> listen if you're a competitive athlete, this is a good thing to do, you have a mark, whatever. >> they took out the performance-enhancing drugs, the have to do something. >> ashley, you have your chasing an update on the murder of all woman who was out for run a run. >> the father of karina paterno address the media today. he insisted that someone know something and begged anyone who does to please come forward. >> we're going to increase in the reworked $100,000. to have somebody say something, come forward, no questions
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asked. one hundred grand. and if it leads to the rest of the person or persons who did the. >> he pleaded with the public to help with the gofundme page. the goal was set at 100k and is now set at 200,000 dollars. if you dollars. if you like to help visit the karina pastrana memorial fund on >> couple brushes in a couple of cans of pai
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>> is there a better way to use social media than to share life's great achievement? birthdays, engagements, pregnancies, there's a lot of cool things today. perhaps this will be your favorite. a woman making a romantic photo shoot with her -- on facebook she's writes so excited to share my happiness with facebook family, finally found my soul might after seven long months. i found the perfect job. a lot of people like it they were shared 15000 time. >> is he a gardener of alabama. and she is thrilled that her children are going back to
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school. she is them posting these these viral photos to the facebook for some time the last couple of school years. god bless her. and the kids. >> couple brushes couple cans of paints we have a new weed mobile. >> i need a new one. new jersey's weed man, at fortune had been at the doctor's office in north jersey for the better part of tuesday afternoon. by the by the time he got back, he was ready to turn it. >> are they going to show that to the jury that have $19000 worth of marijuana? >> and burn it. it's the first joint of the day. >> he has a lot to think about, he will be in court on thursday stemming from an april police raid of his temple that sits across from city hall. some of
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the charges will be dropped like the one maintaining a fortified structure. he was hit with for having surveillance cameras on premises. meanwhile attorneys in town where if you own a business to meet you better -- every single business in the city of trenton have cameras. huge numbers of homeowners have cameras. and the police reach back into the 1980s for this law to charge me with having somehow i was running a crack house as i have the camera set up to warn me. he adds that he was also charged with drug trafficking within 1000 feet of a school. that school, daylight twilight high school in trenton was one third of a mile away. nearly 2000 feet according to google maps. other charges, possession, sales, use of marijuana, charges, possession, sales, use of marijuana, they may pose a
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tougher challenge. for that he will appeal to the jury. if they believe that no one should be in possession of a plant, no matter what evidence produced by the prosecutor, they can say not guilty. >> ill legal tactics for sure, but will it work west mark trial starts tomorrow and we'll see. while we know that marijuana laws are changing, more states have legalization on the ballot. in november new jersey will body slam before one man, john potato got eight years recently of growing 17 plans. the weed man is going to get a different jury in trenton. is going to get a different judge and he has vowed to continue to fight for the rest of his life. he's represented by a tourney but will represent himself as well. >> they're getting him on some bogus charge. at the end of the day he has broken up so many other times. he's no role model, he's a criminal. >> before, criminal, he has the right to have marijuana, medical marijuana that he has his own illness.
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every time you go to shop their other people who are also smoking marijuana. we don't know how they obtained the marijuana. if it is for medical reasons or illegal. >> to clarify, his medical marijuana legalization is in california. he does not have a new jersey card. to diana's point, he has never stabbed or shot anybody, he gives away we'd freely. it helps him sit back, them sit back, relax and enjoy a muffin out of his own café. >> where you may call him a criminal, many call him in an activist. many have passed legalization laws, that's what he's trying to do here. if you're calling the same people in colorado and washington, the criminals they would disagree. >> there's lot of people who believe in him but don't want to be associated with him. >> buying cars are hard but what if your told you could buy a car because you lived in a high risk area to sell it to the telegram. that is exactly what this happened when he went to go buy a car prestige motors.
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>> we tested the car after that the sales managers that i cannot sell you the car. i said what happen. >> it's what the sales manager said next that caused him to file a lawsuit that i have right here against the company. >> because this this is a car people buy from here they import from the taliban and other countries. i said i'm not from there. he said you live in a high risk area,. >> i say what am i talking about. >> he's indian and lived in america for the last 30 years. he has three has three companies in new york and he did not know why the sales manager with say he can sell to him because he is a risk to sell to the telegram. he also handed him these documents of a search on a known exporters list which is an internal database that mercedes keeps the people that are potential exporters of mercedes vehicles. >> accordingly the internal list that was run with regards to his name, telephone number and
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address, to see if he was a person who had in fact least and what of these vehicles, which he did not. he's not on not on the list. >> he was still denied. i said yesterday calling up government agency to find out if they knew of this list and if they participated in the snow mercedes exporter. every agency a call said no and they were never shared mission like that with a car dealership. >> i was ushered out of there as quickly as possible with them saying no comment. barely anybody had anything to say. >> i checked with the national insurance crime bureau which worked at border control to find out if there's a trend in exporting cars to the taliban like the sales manager claim. they said that the vast majority of stolen vehicles that were seized were mostly africa bound. they don't know of any publicly available data that reveals how many vehicles are going to the taliban. why would would sales managers that is a reason. mr. mercedes-benz denied
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allegations. they follow internal procedures which sometimes declined sales. any decision to the diss klein of sale is not reached lightly. it's not not based on race, national origin, or any other consideration. he he is suing for $1.26 million. [inaudible] >> this could be a death sentence but some say that's exactly what it has become. >> i was crying because i was going to lose my child. >> it doesn't have to be state-of-the-art t t
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>> coming up next,. >> after single toes runs around he tries to light the business umpire again. >> the arsonist sets himself on fire. some criminals never i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh.
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"i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" before you start, i want to introduce your guest chasers today, casey, allison's cousin,
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welcome. >> high. >> hello. speaking of which many of us have had to suffer through a class at one time or another. at american universities school of business you can practice a speech with the help of a canine instead. so instead of having to practice in front of other people at some point you can rent out a private room and deliver your speech or presentation with no judgment. according to the university, addressing the dog will decrease blood pressure and elevate the mood. >> this is what we do every day in front of lola. she just nods. in today's dumb criminal sweep they're trying to set a business on fire and also himself.
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the police department released video of the august 7 incident showing two suspects using a liquid accelerant and a cocktail. you can see him run toward some grass, fall on his face. a few seconds later his shoe's office for it. after single toes runs around he tries to light the business umpire again. then he leaves in a minivan. some criminals never learn. >> it should be a death sentence but some say that's exactly what it has become at nassau county jail. i thought i was going to lose my child. >> there now 4-year-old daughter and an inmate at this long island jail. she described the the day her water broke is a nightmare. five and a half months pregnant she said she waited 45 minutes in herself before help came. and then another two and half hours before being taken to medical. >> i had a fear of my child dina my tummy. everything took forever. people seem to be dropping dead like flies so every other week
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there's another death coming. there had been seven deaths at the jail since 2011. the same year the florida-based company took over the jail's medical care. many have long pointed lame at armour correctional health services. new york attorneys generals now filing a lawsuit against a company alleging dangerous, inadequate health services and also speaking to be in the company from this day. according to the new york attorney general's report he also said the number of positions required under contract but -- for years. they're saying let's take away their control over the medical care at the facility and return the care to nassau university medical center. >> to me i'm not protesting that she get fancy food, but there is one thing that they demand is decent medical care. you i reach out for comment and
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i got the statement. inside armor says the facts simply contradict the new york attorney general's claim. adding the company remains proud of its treatment of the inmates. in the meantime activist continue to push for the bit county jail to remove armor as a healthcare provider. >> were beginning to see trends in the privatization of medical care for services like this at prisons not being as transparent and good as they promised to be. >> i wonder for putting too much on rush on the system. now it's our responsibility to make sure they get state-of-the-art healthcare. >> it doesn't have to be state-of-the-art to keep you from dying, it has to be adequate. >> people die outside of prison all of the time. >> he was wrongly convicted at 25 years as a registered sex offender. last. last month he was cleared by dna evidence. >> i problems getting jobs
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(giggles) d'oh! (grunts) woo-hoo! (screams) d'oh! and i regret to inform you that our soviet sister city, springograd, has disappeared from the map. now, i'd like to welcome our beloved four-time mayor, hans moleman! (applause) springfielders, rejoice. what is the one thing our blessed little town has lacked?


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