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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 11, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. fun trip down the shore took a scary turn for two teens and a family friend. they were boating off the coast when that boat all of a sudden started to sing but thanks to the quick work avenue new jersey state trooper all three are safe and on dry land tonight. good evening, i'm lucy noland that. trooper is a hero. fox 29's shawnette wilson talk with the teens he saved and to him. >> reporter: trooper russell ryan is a hero but he says this is just what they do. what he did was safe three liv lives. >> it was just a beautiful day and then it turned slipped. >> reporter: 12 year odd scott, describe the harrowing moment the boat he was in with his 15 year old sister brianna and family friend henry wilson took on water. yesterday afternoon they are sailing the atlantic to margate to see the lucy the elephant
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landmark and continue to atlantic city. but henry says a big commercial fishing boat stirred the water and sent a huge wave crashing into them. henry says the boat took on water fast. he had to send out may day call. >> i was crying, like, crying my eyes out like what's going to happen? >> it started like tipping and i was like, there's nothing else to do so i jumped off and i started swimming with the phones above my head. >> i reached over and i grabbed the boy, scott, i pulled him on board. and then his sister was on the front of the boat, and she was reaching for me for help. >> reporter: aft all of this the crew says they will go back in the water but of course they're going to need a new boat. in atlantic city, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. >> tonight police are on the hunt for the shooter who left a young girl severely injured in east germantown. surveillance video shows a group of children playing with friends then scattering when the shots rang out on the 6300 block of north woodstock street. this was last night. now one of those bullets hit sick-year-old nala in the left
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arm. >> when i came out the house and looked down and she was coming up the steps as quick as i got to my son and turned around she was down. >> pretty girl, bubbly, you know, she always -- when i see her she smiles. >> i ducked and i ran and i went in the house. >> sweet little girl. police say a man running down woodstock street minutes before the shooting may have been the intended target. still no motives at this time. on your radar, in the midst of what is shaping up to be our next heat wave. looking live at trenton right now after we topped 90 degrees and it's only going to feel hotter ahead. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11, kathy. >> we're talking about heat. we're talking about humidity and we're talking about some storms along the way as well. excessive heat warning goes into effect tomorrow at noon. we're seeing some showers and storms popping up on ultimate doppler right between williamsport and harrisburg this moving toward the lehigh valley and the poconos. this is our high resolution rapid refresh model it has a
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good grip what's going on tonight and you'll see this all lifts toward the north staying away from philadelphia and its suburbs for the most part and during the morning hours on thursday it is dry and we'll see some sunshine. so temperatures in the morning are very impressive. by 8am we're talking about 79 degrees in philadelphia and wrightstown and in wilmington. look at the temperature in millville. 90 degrees at 8:00 a.m. that's when you know you have a hot day ahead. the forecast during the day tomorrow, 93 in philadelphia. that's our second day in a row of 90-degree temperatures. hazy, hot and humid with pop-up storms mainly to the north and west. winds out of the southwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. as you plan your day tomorrow waking up to very warm temperatures in the 70s. 88 degrees by the noon hour. 93 in the afternoon. and then, of course, for the kick off of eagles preseason game 88 degrees they are going to need some pickle juice to keep it cool. excessive heat warning had make it feel like it's between 105
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and 111 over the course of the weekend. look at this. the heat will peak on friday and saturday. it will feel like 110 on friday. 111 on saturday. here's a look at your forecast friday 95. saturday 97. sunday 94. and the heat will roll on into monday as we look ahead, it will be calming down little bit. the heat will break on tuesday 87 degrees and by wednesday we're talking 85 but still pretty warm for this time of year. lucy we'll talk more about the storms the next couple days it will all be about location. location, location, location. i'll have that coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right, sounds good, talk to you soon, kathy. tonight the search is son for this man. police say he posed as a woman online to target local teen boys. investigators say he actually got them to send naked pictures and videos. the 30-year-old has been living in north philadelphia. fox 29's dave schratwieser has been talking with investigators and those who know the man live at police headquarters.
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dave? >> reporter: lucy, 30-year-old brandon speech is still outlies night facing serious charges his picture has now been plastered all over the media since late this afternoon when the warrant was made public. tonight we visited with folks who live in the neighborhood where he lives and they tell us they've known him for a long time and they're worried. >> i'm really upset. >> reporter: shocked neighbors can't believe police have a warrant for 30-year-old brandon speech who lives here on the 2200 block of chadwick street. >> he always did take care of a lot of kids working with kids for many years. >> reporter: investigators say speech posed as woman on several social media sites targeting teenaged boys trying to get them to send him nude and explicit photos of themselves. >> the person that we knew for so long has been around our children and working in our schools and day cares and never know. >> reporter: neighbors told fox 29 speech has work at the duckery school on diamond street and at a local daycare center in
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the neighborhood. >> that was our concern when we heard that because we know he work at school for number of years. >> reporter: and at daycare. >> daycare. >> reporter: investigators have been tracking his activities. detectives say speech received ex miss sit pictures and videos during a three-year period dating back to 2013. >> issues like this, stuff happens, and we need to know, i'm thanking every day i got to work that my kids are safe. >> reporter: neighbors tell us that police have visited that neighborhood several times looking for speech in the last couple of days. the neighbors also tell us they'd like some answers from school officials and that local daycare about speech's employment there. lucy? >> all right, thanks, day. 32 people face charges to night in massive auto theft and insurance fraud ring. philadelphia diss trek attorney seth williams says the ringleaders owned cheap auto. he says they faked inspections replaced vehicle id numbers and made fake insurance cards so they can resell stolen cars.
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mostly from local car rental companies. williams says the theft ring cost the company half a million dollars in losses. donald trump is thanking nypd tonight after bizarre scene in new york city. this man started climbing up the outside of trump towers using suction cups. he almost got two dozen stories before police yanke yanked him . fox's jennifer lahmers shows us how this all played out. >> reporter: what spectacle it was on fifth hour for three hours it took fourths to come to an end. everybody was fixated on what was happening and the events that were unfolding and tonight the climber has been arrested. using heavy duty suction cups and rope the 20-year-old from virginia climbed his way up the east side of trump tower cursing at cops and telling nypd negotiators all he wanted to do was talk to donald trump. >> i was lowering the safety line to him to explain to him esche lock himself in. god for bid something happened.
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he was climbing for while and i could see he was getting tired. >> reporter: camera captured the high angle drama unfolding. the emergency service unit busting out windows to block him from climbing any higher. setting up air bags below and lowering rescue buckets. finally, after two and a half hours, cops wrestled him in through a window on the 20th floor of the tower to cheers and applause below. >> chops chop. >> i reached out took hold of his hand and i said sir you need to come with me. >> reporter: during the sky high standoff the man kept telling office he's a trump supporter and he wanted to meet in private with the gop nominee. >> he came up here yesterday. he stayed at a local hotel. what he explained to us he wanted a personal meeting with mr. trump and he post add youtube video on tuesday. >> i just don't know how many people will watch this. >> reporter: in that youtube video titled message to mr. trump why i climbed your tower the man explains he's an independent researcher and wants his message to go viral. >> i guarantee it's in your
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interest to honor this request. believe me, my purpose is not significant i would not risk my life pursuing it. reason i climbed your tower was to get your attention. if i thought this would be conventional means i would be much less likely to have success because you are a busy man with many responsibilities. >> reporter: after his arrest the man was rush away from the hotel on stretcher to bellevue hospital where he'll go undergo a psychiatric evaluation. in in climber's backpack they found a number of id' after his evaluation he will be facing charges nypd will discuss that with the da. reporting from fifth avenue in new york city, jennifer lahmers, fox 29 news. >> first daughter malia obama trending on twitter after video of her surveillance fad from a big chicago music festival radar online posted it today showing the 18-year-old taking a drag from cigarette. radar reports a witness claimed she was smoking pot. that witness also told radar online she did not see see
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service agents malia at la-la palooza in chicago during the week. dnc she's taking a gap year before starting at harvard. small amounts of marijuana are decriminalized in new york. >> a document accuses new jersey governor of flat outlying about the bridge gate scandal on the george washington. the insult christie threw at a reporter for simply asking him about it. he says no one else was crazy enough to do it. he jumped right into this water with a mission. the massive animal he was trying to rescue. and they always always stir up a frenzy nationwide. they're um-hmm good those girl scout cookies. what they just added at the lineup that will probably have your mouth watering. solar flares leak these can mess with your cell signal and your gps. it turns out they may have also started world war three. yeah. a solar storm during the height of the cold war neap sketch
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jammed radar at us military sights in alaska, green land and the uk. the new reports from the american geo physical union says commanders have new alerts and air force meteorologist had to convince the brass it was the sun not the soviets that caused the problem. of one calm down. it took more than a week for u.s. radio communications to get back to normal as we listen to smash mouth. ♪
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♪ aid to new jersey governor chris christie told a colleague that the governor flat out lied about the bridge gate scandal during a 2013 news conference. that is according to a new court filing released today. christie denies lying or any involvement in the george washington bridge lane closusur. transcript of the text from christina ren in a appeared in court filings by attorneys representing bill bar roni who faces trial next month. he's the former deputy executive director of the port authority of new york and new jersey. prosecutors have charged him with helping orchestrate those infamous lane closures for political revenge. a reporter with chasing news which airs right her on fox 29 asked the governor about it all this morning. she got a very blunt response.
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>> it's ridiculous. something now. and something to be talk about. >> does it anger you... >> sure of course it angers me. >> what crew? >> chasing nouse crew. >> i'm not going to answer questions from -- you're chasing new jersey. >> you just higher stupid people at chasing new jersey? >> reporter tara says if anything she's disappointed with got governor's response since he's state leader. she told us it's ironic he called her stupid since they both graduated from the same college. you can watch chasing news right here on fox 29 every night at 12:30. you see it, you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. all right, chris, what's going on tonight? >> well see tonight a community comes together at a church in wilmington to honor the black lives movement. members of the first unitarian church say vandals damaged their
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black lives matter banners three times in less than week. they intend to keep putting up new banners and donate to black lives matter every time vandals knock them down. the church will have a ceremony to rededicate the banners on august 21. in north wilmington, crews have taped off section of trees where a dozen day campers were stung by wasps earlier today. three of those kids were taken to the hospital over the scare. over concerns about allergies. but tonight everyone is okay. we're lucky to report the kids were on a field trip at rockland park museum when they came across an underground nest. now if you see news happening around you, download the fresco app, shoot that news on your smart phone, up load that video directly to our newsroom. it's just that easy, lucy. >> sounds good. thank so much. in your money tonight celebrat celebrating national smores day with girl scouts. the scouts are introducing two new versions of the cookie. tradition holds they invented them way back when.
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next year the girl scouts will introduce a new cook company with a crispy graham cracker dipped in cream icing and a chocolate shell. the other is a sandwich style cook can he with chocolate marshmallow filling. got to wait until january to get your hands on them. florida man hailed a her row tonight for jumping into water and saving an animal in trouble. a manatee got stuck in a crab trap at this marina in tampa bay monday afternoon the trap was wrapped around the big guy's neck with part of the rope called on the peer. the more the manatee struggle the tighter the trap got around his neck. he knew he had to act and act quicklily jumped right into the water. >> i don't think anybody else would have have been crazy enough. i made the decision to do it. >> would you do it again. >> absolutely. >> after several minutes others jumped in to help and together they did indeed free that manatee. that's good thing. they're always so gentle. on your fox 29 weather
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authority radar we got all kinds of things brewing, right, kathy? >> we certainly do. let's start with the seven day forecast. i'll show you what's going to be happening with the storms coming over the next couple of days. so a chance of spotty showers and thunderstorms thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and even into monday with temperatures well into the 90s. the hottest temperature so far this summer 97 and we'll have high humidity so saturday will be the most oppressive day of the entire summer with these temperatures and very very high humidity. the 90s will break on thursday. it's -- tuesday rather it still will be quite warm and wednesday's high temperature 85. shore temperatures are going to be quite warm as well. mainly in the 80s. but really peaking over the weekend with the humidity. as we look at the rainfall chances over the course of the next several days, the greatest chance of showers and storms will be to the north and west of philadelphia. and the lower probability will be down the shore. so if you're down the shore into the weekend it looks look you will will be mainly dry and as we look at our rainfall
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estimates they reflect the same trend where you see the purples and the reds and the oranges this is one to 3-inches of rain. mainly focused in the lehigh valley heading toward the poconos and another bulls eye over toward monmouth county and northern part of the owing county that's the very latest from the weather center we'll continue to track the excessive heat over the next couple of days. lucy? >> all right, thanks, kathy. in south philadelphia fdr park looks a whole lot nicer now thanks to dozen of volunteers. philadelphia freedoms owner and tennis legend billy jean king joined other volunteers today to pick up trash and paint the tennis courts and restore the boat house. king says it's important for children to have access to these types of facilities like she did when she was a child. >> my brother and i had dreams. i wanted to be the number one tennis player in the world and my brother wanted to be major league baseball player. why were we able to live that dream? we did not have in our system i would not be standing here. >> this event part of united
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health care do good live well program. it's an initiative to help prevent obesity. howard eskin what you got? >> why would fans want to see a baseball player that is a few years from even being relevant? now i'm looking for answers with my comment on alec rodriguez
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♪ in sports, don't we want to see good players with good plays with the anticipation of something good? in baseball we want homeruns, we want base hi hits. so why the fuss about the final days of seeing alec rodriguez? the clue less fans in boston started whining we want a-rod the other night. that was the case this week with the yankees in boston. a-rod is done. he's hitting .204 there's very little chance of a hit and he actually made an out tonight. why is there this outcry in his final week in baseball and his final game friday night? i
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would think if you like a-rod, you would want to remember the best of his days and on top of that, he cheated the fans any way with steroid use. he ruined the record books with his sku numbers. i would rather watch mike trout, bryce harper orgy an carlos stanton not player that's been done for two year. and then the manager joe girardi gets criticized but it made really a great point. he says, i have a responsibility to put out what i feel is the best lineup. my job description does not entail a farewell tour ". well my response is even shorter. farewell aroid lucy. >> thank you very much, how war. actor tom cruise has not seen this his daughter in three years. fox news reports he hasn't even tried. some blame crews' faith in scientology claiming members are discouraged from associated with non-believers. sources say siree is doing just fine. 10-year-old lives in new york city with her mom actress katie
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holmes. what do sandra bullock, an hathaway and rihanna hall has in common. they're going to star in oceans eight a reboot of george clooney' casino heist movies. the concept is strikingly similar to the recent ghostbusters film as well which cast women in leading roles. ocean eight will start filming this fall. >> that sounds good. >> that will be good. >> i think it sounds good. >> what do you think howard? >> i loved ocean's 11. >> i did like the other movie. >> so did i. >> the problem with remakes your expectations are so high from the first ones it makes it cra crazy. >> you got to go with low expectations you're blown away. >> i always have high expectations. >> that's right. shoot high. >> more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation. stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back at 4:00 a.m. for your fox 29 morning news and of course, "good day philadelphia". it's going to be hot
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a warrant out for this man's arrest, police say he posted on line. >> plus breaking overnight, police investigating two separate shootings, where they happened, who police are looking for this morning. plus this: >> isis is honoring president obama. he's the founder of isis, the founder. he founded isis and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> it is laughable, right? donald trump under fire again, plus what happened to the guy who climbed the trump tower yesterday? did you hear about this? >> i


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