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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i've heard, maybe 100 times. >> shout it out. >> control? is that the idea? are we controlling her? >> controller, controller. oh, is that one day i hear, coming? >> yes. >> oh, ya. >> spanish version. >> spanish version?
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>> of course. >> djbyte from santiago, chile. >> first time here in america. >> yes. >> of course he has to come to philly. >> welcome. >> so the olympics of dj is going down tonight, at union transfer. you want to be there. >> welcome to the midnight edition of good day philadelphia t looks like as if it is midnight. it is just raining. >> pretty heavily. >> it is. oh, that shot makes it look light again. >> yes. >> good day after dark. let's slow things down little bit. watch for some slow jam. >> oh, like the quiet storm. >> the quiet storm, we go, love. it is stronger after dark. >> radio station. >> every city has it. >> okay. >> everybody looking at me like i'm crazy. >> well, you are craze. >> i no i'm not. fell in love with teddy
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pendergrass. >> now living in the city. >> love is better after dark. >> no, it is stronger. >> well, at this point, in my life, not that much stronger. little better. >> good night to you. it is thursday, august the 11, 2016. so here we go, every parent's been through this, the president's oldest daughter, malea, might be in trouble, she was caught on camera, it is not a permanent record on video. >> yikes. >> what he was doing that she probably shouldn't have been doing. but isn't she 18? >> she is. >> well then. can you? >> well, in d.c., oh, she is in chicago? okay, well, mela coon as mom, plays bad mom in the movies. doesn't want to be one in real life though, opening up about
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her parenting concerns. why she said she is afraid for her children. >> she doesn't want to raise a brat, because she and her children are filthy rich. >> pinterest worthy, but making this flip flop cake assisi as it looks? that's not the flip flock cake. >> nope. >> our very own sue serio is taking a pinterest challenge and she will show us in or bake this, we should say. >> what's a flip flop cake? i have to learn that first. >> i know. upside down? >> just looks like a flip flop. has little thong. >> oh, a shoe? >> yes. >> oh. >> yes. >> i thought it was opine apple upside down cake or something? >> my husband said the same thing. >> so it is in the form after -- so it is soul food? >> oh! >> stop it. >> love that. >> back on june 17th, we met a viewer named jenny in
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northeast philadelphia. this was on a friday, when we were going to different locations around the delaware valley on a friday. >> good day drives you, giving away a mazda. so up in the northeast, where were you, at cottman and -- cottman? >> frankford cottman, at the intersection, and during the show a woman, up to me and says, mike, i'm quite evidently, i'm very pregnant, would you take, take out that sharpee that you always have in your hands? >> tapping, tapping, drivers couple of people crazy on twitter, i apologize, would you sign my pregnant belly? >> here it is. >> look at this! >> i was talking to this woman on facebook on the way over here. what's that? can you move your shirt little bit there? oh, mike. >> my name. >> that's for me? >> yes. >> right there, in strategic area. >> now, what did you say you want me to do?
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>> this might and first for me in my career. >> you are pregnant now? >> yes. >> you never know. i have made that mistake before. oh, when are you due? i'm not pregnant. are you ready? >> sure. >> i'm going to do -- good. okay? >> do you have a name for the baby? >> sky letter. >> now, let me see you do that today. okay, fish face, top that. >> so, she has a baby. and the baby is in the studio now. come on over here. this is skyley quinn adam born on august 3rd, and love it. so you made a blanket out of the shirt that i signed? >> no, no, i wrapped it around. >> like i said, you didn't do that. come on over here.
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>> congratulations. >> thank you. >> jump up here. >> congratulations, good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> oh, look at this baby. >> she is actually -- >> turn it around here, might actually get a shot of her. >> she is like all this light. >> skyler, i'm wide awake, mommy. >> actually she decided to come early, so they had to do a c-section. >> she was ready to be here. >> yes. >> now my question for you is when mike signed your belly, was the rest of your pregnancy, easier after that or harder? >> oh, it got a little harder. sorry, mike. >> what do you mean? >> really, more difficult? >> yes. >> oh, no. >> oh, mike. >> i apologize, now where did the shirt go? >> the shirt right here. >> oh, are you going to frame it? >> yes. >> awe. >> so did you consider using my name? >> and i dropped coffee on it and everything that morning. >> stained, like one of my shirts.
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>> so true. >> there it is. did you think about incorporating it like michelle, for michael or anything in there? >> i thought about it, it was going to be the middle name, but i just likes quinn better. >> do you have another child? >> yes, i have a cheyenne, my 12 year old. >> cheyenne, get in here. >> come say hello. >> she is not moving. >> and amanda, 16. >> yes. >> so is that it now? >> no, skyler will probably need a little brother or something. >> are you going to go for a boy now? >> i would hope, yes. not right yet, but -- >> that's a beautiful child. >> thank you. >> how old? what's today? >> today is august 11. >> do you believe only a week old?
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>> lick the nose and run. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you for tweeting me. >> oh, thank you very much. >> keep us updated on skyler, and whether she takes her first steps and everybody, maybe first word will be michael? >> oh, i hope so. >> take your stink i shirt and get out of here. >> watches every morning with me. >> great to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> don't go. pictures. >> let's do it. >> okay. speaking of children, all right, interns? >> i do have to admit, after
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doing this show for years and years, i never complains about how cold it is, and not complaining, but this is the coldest it's ever been in the studio. i'm considering gloves. >> well, you know, i have my blanket every day that i put on. >> i took a shirt -- >> amazing, so good. >> oh, i like that, cheryle. >> you need serious stuff in here. >> tonight at the del we will be sweating. >> oh, wait, the keith sweat concert? >> tonight. >> slow jam. >> actress melakunas, speaking of mom, i agree, opens up about the fear of raising a brat, because she is so stinging wealthy. where is this going? >> she 32, her and her husband ashton kutcher, also talking about how to raise their kids not to be jerks, because they both grew up really poor, they think they're self made, so they want to teach what the dollar is truly worth, instead of you are entitled, you get
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this because your parents are. >> so, do you believe that it is possible to raise a child in basically a mansion where they live in los angeles, and not have them be a little -- >> bratty? >> a little bratty, entitled, et cetera? i guess you can get it done. but what techniques would you use to make sure you don't have a jerk that you don't raise a brat? >> how do you even know, if that's your way of life, i'm sure they will gay to nice fancy private school where only kids like them go, if that's all you see, all you know, do you even realize that your kids, there is anything else? >> i look at will smith's kids, you know, the way he was raised in philadelphia, meager up bringing, now those two very, very wealthy famous kids. i don't know why i think of him but dow. >> jaden and willow. not that they're spoiled. >> so what are you trying to say? >> but they just seem like -- >> more down to earth?
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>> artistic -- >> i mean -- >> free spirited. >> style of parenting. and will smith was on a late night show, he was talking about some of his parenting styles, i forget what he called the circle of trust, where he bridges all of the kids together, all right, fest up now, because there won't be any consequences whatever did you, but once you leave this, like and you don't be honest with me, then you will have some consequences and shows how how opinion it is to be honest? now would you not give them any money until a certain age? >> or make them work for their money, instead of giving them money make them do chores, things. >> they know there is millions in the bang. >> they do, ike lie brother, not a millionaire, but has twin girls, asia and brooke, all of their friends have cell phones, so they come home with so-and-so has a cell phone, they go on the long rant. but you don't and you won't get one because you shouldn't have one right now. so just like teaching them certain things, he can buy them cell phones easily but just doesn't. i think it is setting boundaries, maybe, for kids? letting them know, you just
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can't do it. >> i wouldn't give them money until 20 or maybe 30. >> thirty, shouldn't they be making their own money. >> well, just cut them off. they have to make their own money and then i'll give them the millions at 30. >> probably good. because in the 20's you'll waste it away, right? >> i'll clean up the table, nobody else is going to do it, so i'm going to do it. >> we do have a lot going on here. >> is there a reason why all the sudden? >> well, i thought the trash was distracting. >> and he's all about being tidy. >> i don't know when this started? >> it started today. i saw my apartment on tv. i need to make some changes. >> that will do it. >> actually couple that has a design, interior design company. you know what they said? after seeing your apartment, give us a call. >> oh, and you always tell me, really? he is like a statue of a pair, and like green and purple, and all kind of different fruits and vegtables, like art. and mike's like, alex, you don't know design.
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okay? you don't know decorating. and then you talk about my place, and i have beach chairs still. >> do you have a couch yet? >> avenue couch. >> do you have a bed yet? >> what's a bed to you? do you mean a bed frame? >> mattress on the floor. >> ya. >> oh. >> you've been there two years. >> and where are the beach chairs? >> when i first came to philly, mike came over, then my parent, they literally told me next time i comb here if there is still a beach chair on this floor. >> you're in trouble. >> ya. >> that's when you say you'll buy me furniture. >> can you help me out there? you know, i figure common areas together, it doesn't matter, i'm living it, and slumping it, as long as my company when they come to visit, as long as they're comfortable. >> like a scene out of the godfather, living on matresses, mattress at least in your bedroom? >> yes. >> oh, i figure maybe out in the living room, laying around, you know, mac and cheese?
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>> ramen. >> rame noodles all night. >> cheese and crackers. >> speaking every daughters, president obama's oldest daughter. >> malea? >> yes. >> what did she do? >> lauren? >> twerking, now, they're saying, they think she has been smoking pot. >> really? >> radar on line posted video, she 18, as we said earlier, somebody saying she took a drag from a cigarette, others say it is pot. this is in chicago during the week of the dnc. so it was the same festival where they saw her dancing up on the balcony, thought she was little an inch prepare ' re at. i know she is a teenager, and the first family's daughter but still a teenager. >> oh, geez. >> you what do you guysy? >> i can't say anything. i was acting up at 18. >> that's what i am saying. just because your mom and dad are the president and first lady don't mean -- >> i bet she's been counseled a thousand times. you have to believe that every time you're in public there is a camera on you.
9:15 am
>> true. >> even we think that, right? sometimes you have to behave? >> oh, through twitter, you can't be doing anything. >> like growing up in the white house, meeting scrutiny constant lip, remember the bush daughter? a lot of people would talk about them, what they were doing. >> remember the picture in the limousine, presidential limousine goes by, it was jena bush, see if you can finds that. to all of the paparazzi. >> think about it, when you are a teenager, already dealing a lot with life, what i want to do, you know, learning to love yourself, then you have to hear all of this from everybody else. and then who are her friends, seriously, snapping, look like snap chat. >> and when she was twerking looks like the friends were encouraging her to twerk. they all applauded afterward. >> very important to have friends who understanded what you are dealing with, and look out for you, so hey, like this is probably not good idea, look, there are cameras everywhere. >> specially the one where she was allegedly smoking whatever
9:16 am
she was doing? >> like trying to sneak it on her. >> maybe it wasn't a friend. >> careful of who you are your friends, are my friend is named sue serio. and she has a segment called pin this. >> you set that up while i show you the rain moving through the philadelphia area right now, couple of thunderstorms, what we are talking about, isolated pop up showers thunderstorms, go couple of miles from upper darby, see sunshine, but in upper darby it is raining. in west depford, new jersey it is raining, in cherry hill just had some rain move through the city, just about gone. >> zoom in closer, there we see one in concord township. >> glen mills, aston, crozer
9:17 am
ville also more to shove you, again, across the river in new jersey, we zoom in here to we depford, there is upper darby with some rain. >> mound laurel, there is a downpour, as women. so this is the fight your whatever we have going through our area right now. >> you think will relieve the heat, high temperature in store, of 93 degrees, for today, 94 for tomorrow, and 97 degrees for saturday. >> that's the worst, and it will feel like it is about 110, 111 degrees out there. unbelievable, heat index for saturday. >> sunday looks hot, humid as well with chance of pop you are showers. >> sue, i've printed out the instructions for your latest pinterest project, what we like to call pin this. >> you're going to make the cake in the shape of flip flop
9:18 am
shoe. >> actual flip flops my husband wore, they cost 1 dollar. >> wore them a lot? >> he painted in those, see the paint in there? >> i see paint. >> see what i did though? see how i traced it on piece of paper? and i put the r for the right shoe? that will be part of the project. making a cake that looks like flip flops. >> are you going to make two cakes, or just one shoe? >> i attempted in the past for one big flip flop. this time i go for two. this is ground up gram crackers, that will be the sand. that's a picture of what it is supposed to look like. aren't they cute? >> cute. >> what all ' do, i'll start by taking these patterns that i just made of the shoe. >> certainly not the shoe itself. >> no, eww. >> and so i don't know if you can see on the overhead
9:19 am
camera. put the right one there, then the left one, i think should do it like that. it is different. i've never done this, this way before. so start now? >> sure. with a very dull knife. >> you know, it is cake. so, you know, it is like cake. >> will this be a thick flip flop? >> it will be like a platform flip flop. >> nice. >> all right? >> add some height. >> and i'm not going to finish it right now, i'll have the rest of the hour to work on it. okay? and then you will be able to -- >> how are you going to get the flip flop out in one piece? >> i forgot the tray to put it on. over there somewhere. so if somebody can see it on the chair? >> jacky, emily, one of the 18 interns? we're looking for a tray. >> the rounds one sitting over there on the chair. >> thank goodness wife a whole hour. >> anyway, you get the idea. we're cutting this out. and we'll try to decorate it,
9:20 am
and make it look -- >> the bottom of the flip flop is blue, that's why we have the blue icing? >> and pink icing in here. >> thank you. thank you, my tray. so you guys want to dump the sands on the tray? >> i love that. >> then i'll put the shoe on the tray. >> go ahead. >> you can do it. >> right. as we do this, you all have this done by 10:00? maybe mid-august. alex what else? >> still plenty of time to catch the sounds every summer, alex around town, where you have to go, to hear some cool music live in our area. >> cool music like djbyte.
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>> quote wet perform at the del here in fill. >> i and don't get it twisted. this is a place where a lot of people will be tonight. you know what?
9:24 am
you have to take advantage. what i've learned living here in the northeast, because i'm from texas, is that you have to take advantage of the good weather once you have it. once it is gone, it is gone. so what i am thinking philly such a live music town, all of the places to get live music for free, soak it up, enjoy it, before summer closes out. >> hold on. is this an alex around town segment? >> it is an alex around town segment. >> oh,. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> it is thursday, so let's start off with what you can do tonight. on thursday night, there is no better place than the del music center, which is an outside concert arena that seats 5,000 people. on the stage tonight, let it be and keith sweat. you don't want to be the nobody who doesn't show up. >> ♪ >> friday's, so why don't head over to the summer jazz fest, free at penn's landing. make sure to get there early.
9:25 am
and bring a lawn chair. or even west philadelphia, some jazz. and this weekend we've got two big music event going on. first up, soul school, from noon to 8:00 at 19th and washington avenue. headlining is mc lights, drew hill, cool, and jaguar, you can also head over to festival peer, mad party block party going on, goes all over the place, here in philly, it will be specially cool to see this. because, you know, works with justin bieber on the song where now, he was where, here in philly. he got his start here. now one of the hottest names in music. >> i might go to this. it looks good. >> oh, jordan harris puts it on. it is such a great event. it will be from 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. all day. i want to see drew hill. >> i really am big fan of mc light too. >> of course, of course. >> nineteenth and washington, see you there. nicely done, alex. >> did you know that about
9:26 am
diplo. i had no idea. you know i love the song where are you now. we'll play it in little bit. but he taught at temple. he went to temple and taught in philly little bit. he got started as a dj here in philly. >> you know this song? >> ♪ >> this is like my song. >> ♪ >> this is my jam. it is fun. specially in the summertime. >> i have a treat for both of you. >> what? >> we're going to eat -- are we eating cockroach? what are we eating? >> crickets. >> oh, eating crickets. >> no we. >> but that's a beatle right there? >> that is, that is our at last beatle. >> it is that time of year again. it is bug fest, the creepy crawl remembers out. get the kids around the tv. let's freak each other out. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
9:27 am
how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas?
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she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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♪ >> i know what is right but i don't know if this is right. alex, where are you going. >> i would like to watch this segment over here. >> get your butt over here. >> you have a millipied from texas. >> what is your name. >> shawn. >> hi sarah. >> time for bug fest. alex, seriously you've got to get into this segment. >> difficult something for you this week i can watch from afar. >> lauren, sue, anybody. >> academy of natural sciences at drexel university having their annual bug fest, welcome to you both. where should we start because the kid love this every year. >> they do. we have a very big star of our show right here. this is one of our centipedes
9:31 am
from the southwestern united states. it is a either. it will eat a cricket right now. we do a stage show at bug fest where we have these guys. >> wow. >> under an 8 feet camera and see them under hd camera and see it on a big screen and she did get cricket, she's digging down for it. >> we can do that again. >> she will respond to it. >> these are venomous because we have to be careful. she's eating one and holding other in her back leg here. this is a little bit more respect for centipedes. we have house sent eats, they eat creatures and spiders coming through. >> centipedes means at least 100 legs. >> they can, right. >> that one doesn't. >> it has a pair of legs for body segment. where you see each section it has a pair of legs. millipied is slower but s'more led. >> hold that study. >> that is a millipied. >> not a thousand legs and they are slower.
9:32 am
they are important decomposers which we are highlighting this year. >> what do you mean decomposer. >> they eat dead things. >> tive rent materials that makes the soil richer. bugs are a important part of our world and that is why we love to highlight at bug fest. >> if i come to bug fest with the kid can you touch any of this stuff. >> this is one of the things you can hold. >> i'm fine, i'm good. >> it feels like velvet. >> it is important to have what is in my mind are my hand here. this one is a little frustrated and he can fly. it is something that they can fly. >> i'm out. >> but i got him, it is cool. >> can you imagine, this flew in your apartment and landed on your face. >> it is a relative of one of the heavier beatles which is a flying cheese burger. >> yes. >> if you can imagine that. >> what. >> it is not quite as big as its close relatives. >> i really don't like this particular beetle. >> you can pick up the log if you'd like.
9:33 am
>> i will turn the log around. what is that. >> this is an at last beetle, one the of the largest of our rhino beatles. rhino pete also is anything that has horns pro truthing out and they use it to wrestle for a mate. these are all things thaw will see at bug fest. we have over a hundred species as well as our other collection is alex would like to wear that as a broach tonight. >> you know what i have something that would be kind of cool for a broach. shiny. sometimes referred to as the proper stag beetle because of the color. >> of course i'm having trouble it is live television. >> there we go. >> it is really pretty shiny. >> where is it. >> right here. >> turn it around. >> you can see really gorgeous color on here. nobody does diversity better than insect. this is one that is coveted as a pet. >> sure it is, coveted by whom. >> what do you have on your hand. >> that is a southwestern
9:34 am
united states insect. these guys are pretty cool. they don't have dangerous convenient many but it shoot-out acid acid where it is a liquid and it smells like a bit of vinegar. >> have you ever eaten one. >> no. >> taste like salt and vinegar chips. >> i know. >> what is the sticks down there. >> they are grasshoppersy don't know if we can pick that up. >> that is a predator. >> it moved. >> it does. it is alive. >> hold it still so camera can get it. >> where the heck would he live. >> they are found in the eastern united states. they are a grasshopper. you can find them all the way down south carolina through florida. >> yes. >> they don't, they are hoppers. >> yes. >> see how far apart mike is.
9:35 am
>> yes. >> what in the world is that? >> this is doublemint from south east asia. >> turn that around. >> turn your body around. >> she was just laying eggs. she actually has a very long incubation with her eggs, it takes 18 months for those eggs to hatch. >> look at that so vivid you are talking about salt and vinegar i have salt and vinegar crickets here if you would like to try some. one of the things we have is our staff where we have a cooking demonstration, so, how insects are. >> okay, mike. >> it is yours. >> hold on. >> the anticipation. >> yes. >> we will have barbecue flavor meal worms. now jack lemon is our bug chef, and he will give out his original recipes. chocolate chip cookies. >> okay. >> what is this i'm eating.
9:36 am
>> these are crickets that are sauteed with salt and pepper. >> are they dead. >> yes. >> they will be very crown chicago. >> you can hear that crunch. >> that is breakfast with mike. >> hey, cricket breath give me a kiss. >> thanks for having us. >> we will see you at bug fest at the academy of natural sciencees this weekend. >> this weekend. >> do you think bugs, cricket are good breakfast. >> i can only hope, mix them in the pancakes. >> no way at all i'm not having breakfast with mike. good morning, everybody. we are getting ready, we're getting ready to take over collegeville, say good morning to the front lawn of the collegeville fire company as we get ready to celebrate 125 years of the firehouse, with breakfast with bob and the big car show, that is coming up this coming weekend, live from collegeville when we come
9:37 am
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♪ >> dj byte, oh, look at those moves, remember, the event will be tonight at union transfer. this is like getting ready for olympics of dying, don't miss it, it starts at 8:00. what about they will be at bb and t, you cannot forget about all of the small things. >> yes. >> so tomorrow is their is hundred 25th birthday so we have a special breakfast with bob live at collegeville firehouse helping them celebrate big. >> good morning, bob. >> hey, good morning everybody. we have food, fun, and fire
9:41 am
trucks for this addition of breakfast with bob. i'm here on the front lawn of the firehouse, the will folks from collegeville italian bakery supplying the food, good morning, collegeville. >> good morning. >> they are all lined up here, for their big community, this is the start of their big community weekend, which they all come together. we have the band odyssey under the tent here taking care of the police, the fire fighters, and all of the towns people were invited out today as we get ready for the big car show. it is the 16th annual car show that takes place this coming sunday right here on the ground of the collegeville fire company. anybody that knows collegeville it is a super spot to come visit. they will block off main street, on sunday, for the car show. check this out, along main street all of these classic cars are going to be lined up, free to the public,ing something to do for the kid. look at the classic is here. we have thunderbird, chevies,
9:42 am
mack trucks, we've got the classic, funny cars, it is all part of the 125th anniversary of the collegeville fire department. with me is zen, you invited us out here. this is a big event every year. >> yes, it is more than just a car show, bob. this is a community event. >> what do you have here what is this one here. >> i'm not 100 percent sure what this is but this is one heck of the car. >> can you imagine us coming down the schuylkill expressway with this puppy here with the flames on it. is what the deal for sunday. we will shut down main street. >> yes, right in the heart of the collegeville. >> yes sir, bob. >> ten to 4:00. >> yes. >> free admission. there is no need looking for something to do, i know it will be hot, make sure you come out, wear some shorts, loose fitting clothing and, of course, we will have plenty of water bottles for everybody out here. >> absolutely. >> across the street you can see big tent where we have been celebrating the 125th
9:43 am
anniversary of the collegeville fire department but more importantly it is a community event. the community of collegeville coming together, not the just for the car show but taking care and giving back to the community, today, feeding the fire fighters, police department, i will bring a big stack of pancakes back to the office for you guys back there. how does that sound. >> love it. >> we do love that. we are continuing with our lazy day theme because yesterday was national lazy day but we were too lays toy to something about it then, and now to do something about it now. >> jen's been at mike's place all morning. >> she's getting her hair done. >> now what will she do about her hair. >> i'm in hair heaven, i went to bed in the morning and woke up in hair heaven. >> good morning, baby girl. >> we will show so lazy girl ways to get your hair looking amazing. they are also good for hot weather. it is pretty fabulous here.
9:44 am
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let's check on sue, in this pin segment, called pin this. >> okay, here we go. >> we're starting, icing the cake. there is two of them. >> yes. >> i don't know how it came out but it looks like two left feet. >> i think the problem is there is no indentations on the sides of the shoes. >> do you want to cut maybe.
9:47 am
>> they still look good. >> the icing is crummy. would i recommend refridge kateing the cake before you ice it because we have crumbs coming up. >> keep working. >> okay. >> and then we will have a blue bottom or no. >> we will get the blue on it. >> okay. >> yeah. >> okay. >> wonder what she will use for that, graham crackers. >> yes. >> sue's special. >> that is what it is supposed to look like right there. >> yes. >> look at how perfect that is. >> okay. >> it is national lazy day. we are celebrating to it day because we were too laysty do it yesterday. she has finally gotten herself off of my couch. this is what we are calling this segment humidity hair. the humidity will be horrible to day. >> yes, i walk around in my bandana because i just didn't want to deal with it. >> corn rows wouldn't that make your head cooler. >> yes. >> let's see what she is up to in north philadelphia.
9:48 am
>> we're here, hair heaven, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so mike mentioned it corn rows could be the easiest way to go this time of the year. >> yes, definitely with this humidity, you cannot keep a hair style. our way to make it sexy to keep going throughout your day. >> before we talk about this i have to kiss and tell a bit. we have a picture. you have done many, many people here, celebrity's hair, i love janet jackson. is she as nice on the inside as we see how beautiful she is on the outside. >> yes, she's a beautiful person. she took me throughout the streets of paris and we had april amazing meal and having else. she's great. >> we will invite you next time. >> i'm extra jealous. >> what is secret to make this look so beautiful. >> a perfect part, and what that is, it is a fishtail it goes all the way down, simple, gets the hair off of her neck a allows her to look cute, dress it up or down. >> she can get to work and
9:49 am
have fun she can do that. >> it can stay in for good three or four days depending how well she keeps it. >> you know we're both busy moms. this is busy mom look of all looks. >> how to find a way to give you a great cut and then, letting go. she puts a product whipped on it thaw can get on line and all she has to do is put product on to enhance her curls. she wakes up and she goes. >> i said i'm jealous of this one. i have tried to dot braids but i cannot getting the right way. you have a secret for the braid... >> no audio. >> always start the braid behind the ear so you can always hide little imperfections. >> great idea because people like me want to start it up here. >> always behind the ear so you can control the braids. >> i'm not the hair expert. >> and this baby girl, turf say of all of the looks and maybe because my hairy don't
9:50 am
think could do this because i don't have a afro but it looks cool, give me a simple secret on this. >> simple, breezy. just wrap your hair up at night. once you wrap it upkeep your edges nice and smooth. only thing we did was brought her hair up with the piece of yarn. easy, breezy, five minutes. perfect on this humid day, yes. >> who did the hair. >> lets he begin here. >> let's begin here. >> this is michelle, she did her pull up. and here is all of them are beautiful. this is cristina. >> we're losing our microphone there. >> can you hear me. >> well, now we can. >> it is going in and out. >> have you ever heard of the that yarn technique. >> no, i haven't. >> i wand fur she can teach you and i can try it on my hair. >> sound good. >> let me get near your hair. >> for a segment. >> for a segment. >> yes. >> you know a lot of people
9:51 am
are doing braids like beyonce because she's rocking b's braids for lemonade so a lot of people are doing that. >> remember when i went on vacation, however long ago it was cost a rica and i rock the braid. >> you looked great. >> it is easier, you don't to have worry about doing something, just live your life. >> hold on a second, we have a few minutes left for show and i have something really big planned next in the segment. i'll show you this and come back. dj byte is that you again. >> yes. and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured
9:52 am
is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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9:54 am
did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. here we go 9:54. let's get over to sue, the finish product is ready. she has made a flip flop shoe
9:55 am
a cake in the form of the flip flop shoe. >> very well, sue. >> then you take these air head candy strips and that makes your little straps. >> i'm getting too good. >> oh, wow. >> sue, it just matters how it looks. >> i have put some swedish fish on there anded sand. >> look at that. >> out of all of the ones you have done this is success. >> we have to retire this segment. >> it is just too good. >> look at that. >> you put it next to the picture. now look at mine, can we do that double box because look. >> you know. >> it is just a different look. >> yes. >> it never looks as good as pinterest, so there we go. >> that is not bad, sue. >> really cute. >> i like my colors better. >> and it tastes like a shoe. >> your shoes are thicker, well made.
9:56 am
>> platform sneakers. >> all right. we're going to put up a picture of something that none of us can relate to. mariah carry is dating this billion air dufuss. they have come up with a solution to keeping a healthy relationship. you have heard of his and her bath towels, and his and her own pillows or whatever. they have his and hers yachts. we know had she looks like. we don't have a picture of these yachts, i'm going to, i'm going to -- >> doh. >> we don't have a picture of the yachts. well, then why... okay. >> so anyway, she is dating this billion air his name is james parker. so when they travel he will stay on his yacht anchor next to hers. apparently there is photos of them off the coast of italy. she has got a 16 member crew
9:57 am
on her luxury yacht. she has a library, private chef, six state rooms, and he has a seventh largest privately own yacht in the world. >> it must be nice. >> there she is on the back of hers. >> if you need to be separate then why are you together. >> is that his yacht in the distance. >> oh, yeah. >> i never had a yacht so i wouldn't know one if it ran into me. >> if it ran into you, run you over. >> how much time do we have, jackie what do you think. >> thirty. >> dj byte we will see you tonight. >> yes, union transfer. >> yes. >> world champion, right here. >> ♪
9:58 am
there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ say it like you mean it shout it out. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] ♪ >> wendy: well well. ♪ >> wendy: yeah. we got it going on. ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching. [ applause ]


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