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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 12, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> now on chasing news. >> they are only american people here, and being discriminated against. >> a battle, involved a lack of a swimsuit, a couple had to leave. >> here you go. >> troublemaker is appropriate label for her. >> anything because they were black. >> no, not at all, and you know that. >> i'm a good person. >> wrongly convicted of rape, for 25 years as a registered sex offender last month he was cleared by dna evidence. >> i have problems getting jobs, and i am home lose.
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>> 3 lions. >> hold them up. ♪ >> i am witnessing these people here all day being harassed because they don't have a swim out on, there were other people here who do not have swimsuits on much they are the only african-american people here, and they are clearly being discriminated against. >> people in pool at palisades park, know what is talking about discrimination. >> an epic battle, the lack of a swimsuit, the bra, th the couplt to leave, jennifer started to film this, when she felt a
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couple at the pool were being targeted. >> we're on emergency. >> in the video, you hear manager talking to couple and cops, saying they were breaking rules because they did not have swimsuits. then once the couple left, she went to every other person, she could see without a swimsuit, you have to leave. >> how many more people do have you without bathing suits? >> not today. >> no. >> okay. you have to leave. >> here you go, someone else not wearing a swimsuit right here. >> i caught up with jennifer, to get what went down, i met her in the parking lot of the swimming pool, we tried to get in and stopped at the door by the same manager. >> you are not allowed in. >> why not. >> private property about private? >> yes. >> is this not a public pool. >> no. >> two of them, went at it, i
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was there with my gopro, filming both sides, they said discrimination. >> no, no. >> did it have to do with anything because they were black. >> not at all you know that. >> the manager said this time the problem is that woman jumped into the pool, in a bra. >> girl can't swim in a bra, she can't. >> in a bra? >> yes. >> okay, i didn't realize she had on a bra. >> okay, i saw her, i saw them get -- >> thank you, i can't discuss anything with you. >> okay. >> i chickeed -- checked rule, rules have no mention of a bra. >> it said all bathers must wear bathing suits, no jeans, mesh pants or cotton shirts nothing about bras. >> i think troublemaker is appropriate label for her. do you need a written rule to
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know, not to jump in the pool with a bra. >> i dare machine to pick out a difference between a victoria secret bra and bakin baikonur b. >> they were disinned to be in a water. >> jennifer believes, that she is blond, she said i could have jumped in the pool with a sports bra, i would not have been harassed, she felt they were target because they were black. >> sorr surveillance video withm a seattle marijuana dispensary, shows robbers busting through the door, bringing employees to knees. the manager was at home, watching it unfolded on a security system, they called police, and they were arrested as they lift th left the buildi. >> i'm a good important. >> wrongly convicted of rage at
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age of 22, last month, he was cleared by dna evidence. >> they don't know what i went through, i am still going through it. >> that was deon his words issue he has gone through in past almost 30 years, manage no person should have to -- something no person should have to endure, in 1988 he was arrested for rape of a young girl as she walked home, and she identified him, he has maintained his innocence. >> i shed tears, only the ones that know me real good they know what i'm going through, the pain and suffering. >> what is way worse, tries prir 25 years after. >> all together. >> are you going to be able to move on. >> i can move on, i have a good heart. >> he could not resume his life
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as a young man, he was still. he put on sex offender registry list, and has been on it for 25 years. >> what did you miss out on. >> family. my family. i miss my parents, they are gone. my parent are dead. >> those 25 years have been dark, full of despair, homeless, and jobless. >> there a lot going through my head, i held myself together. and people they disrespect me, call he all kinds of names, but i ignored it and kept my composure. >> he never gave up. writing letters to the innocence project, he got a call back, they did the dna test, resultss it was not him.
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>> i am hurt. i am scarred for life, no matter what. and i have so much anger in me, but i can hold myself, i am hurt. >> i asked him what his future looks like he did smile, he loves cars and would like to find a job as a mechanic and make up for almost 30 years loss, they are planning a freedom party for deon saturday. >> thankfully our technology is were better today, law enforcement prosecution have to believe that incidents like these are few expe fewer and fa. >> he was literally playing basketball with police officers, he is well-known and liked guy. >> i can't imagine. >> you know, he has got some years left. >> i did it. i did it. >> my brother is innocent.
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innocent. if you ever wondered the history of your home, there is one person you got to meet. >> i am brian hardy, this my house. come on in. >> cracking cold case mysteries one brownstone at a time. i met the detective here at his home, he said all began. >> started when we bought the house, i was not planning on starting brownstone detectives, i just wanted to buy an old house to live in we started a renovation, things started falling out of the walls, i did research on who lived here, and i put it together i it 400 pages of information about a house that now one famous lived in. and i think some of my friends did an intervention said you need on something with it, write book. >> he wrote a book. then the phones started to ring.
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>> at that point, decided there was probably something here. >> he spends his days researcher researcher, interviewing, and collecting as many facts and document as he can. >> i saw a piece of paper in a connecorner, it was a report cad from 1950. >> the casket sat for the wake, he came in and interviewed man whose partner just died, a lot of newspaper archives. >> he found out a lot. >> there is the woman who was first lady that was fought death in electric chair. teddy roosevelt refused to stop the execution. he was the governor at the time. they said, you will never become elected again, he becomes president. >> a guy 3 doors down from me, dismembered. and his body cut up and put in
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places throughout brooklyn. i never told these people what happened. so many thins that happened. if you had a time machine, you could go to all of the different places at different times, you would see these, people have forgotten them by now, but now st is important to me to bring them back, to go back in time, and snatch them back, and present them, they are valid issue there are things that happened in this era. >> he has researched 20 homes, and he has a handful of others in the works, you can go to brownstone, and tweet me, does your home have a story? >> wee man, ed. >> in court to answer 11 marijuana related charges. >> he opens a pot restaurant, he wants to be looked as a
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>> hank. you are chasing weedman. ed fortune, he had his day in court. >> well, we start with sound bite, where ed comes in. >> sorry your honor. >> to begin with, ed fortune was
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late to his own trial, the judge was waiting. >> court starts at 9:00, as a courtesy i waited today. everyone was here at 9 waiting for you. >> i understand. >> that out of way, fortuney first appearance could begin. ed was in court to answer 11 marijuana-related charge issue mostly possession and distribution, another from a raid on his cafe on april 27, we met his attorney, called for surveillance video from ed's temple that was seized by police, to be returned, saying it proves that trenton police packager purgerred themselves. >> a warrant for that video.
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>> you are trying to inti intime me. >> judge asked the prosecutor who the confiscated video would be available for discover to defense issue she responded is in the mail, and outside, they say that video mix up is an intentional mercy county catch 22, that is where it is, weedman will be back in court tuesday august 23, he is suing city of trenton in federal court. >> i took out of this, the guy opens a pot restaurant. and is now facing jail time, he wants himself to be looked as a crecrusader. >> well, legal stop matters,
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each charge has a different life of its own. >> he is a crusader, n he goes y the name new jersey weedman. >> he is saying i'm bad, but they are worse. >> i don't know how many stories i have done with the guy he lights up. i would not call him approveet, but -- prophet, but a legal weed smoker. >>y know weedman, last year you called him entrepreneur of the week, he opened up a business no body else would. >> are you sure i said that. >> he is a person, what is his crime other than smoked a little pot. >> well. >> a lot of pot. >> and religious protect for rafrasta farianism. >> potentially. >> all right,
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>> as much as governor christie would like to us look past bridgegate and pick to us on fact he will be trump's transitional chairman if trump wins the white house. >> you just hire stupid people for "chasing new jersey"? >> chris christie's them sees - >> they have called for bridgegate cause of text-messages sense by renna, she deleted. but we have obtain through court records, she said governor christie during a press conference, about ridge gate, flat out lied. he was talking about senior staff, not knowing about what was going with the lane closures at the time that bring gate of
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the happening on george washington bridge, she has gone undercover, i went to her home. >> christina renna? okay all right. thank you. >> i then went to her workplace. >> i am looking for christina renna? >> she is off tonight. >> so, nowhere to be found. >> shocked. >> i did find her on facebook, she said, here is the number to my lawyer, i called her lawyer and got a text, his statement was, miss renna will answer questions publicly when she testifies at up coming trial not before, they are staying mum, i spoke with john wisness ski. >> do you believe she lied? >> i had no knowledge of. or involvement in the bridge lane closures. >> she was not asked a specific question do blue of that believt
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the governor was lying when he spoke on december 13, if issue is did she specifically misrepresent that fact, probably no. but when you delete text-messages and you know the text-messages or e-mail or other documents are being looked for, that amounts to tampering with evidence. >> it seems like the pressure started to get to him. he lashed out at you, when you were at state house with the press conference. >> i understand what you want for our sensational video. >> which he gave us. >> and don't mention bridgegate that set him off. >> right. >> governor has tried to put this to bed, he wants so badly to be behind, but everyone else is not done with it. >> do i think that is classic governor christie, this is on par. >> funny, i had a discussion can listeners this morning. we told that idiot to sit down
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and shut up. >> sit down and shut up. he was interrupting a press conference and took control, in guy under pressure like, i don't know what i'm going to do, the state is drowning in debt, a pension fund not proper, and he is talking about bruce sting springsteen and the mets. >> he took a page out of donald trump's book, by insulting all of us, he should put his words to action, and do manage to get the state out of debt. >> i went to meet a couple girls. with help of a barking pooch may have saved the dog owner life. >> the dog blasted through a glass window. >> the dog blasted through a glass window. >> dogs
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♪ ♪ (grunts) we got this! oooowww! do summer like a winter olympian. have a reese's. >> coming up next. what happens when you take a -- put it in dead sea. >> i never had that thought. >> check it out, chasing n i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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>> all about the. >> what happens when you submerge a black dress into the dead sea, an israeli artist did it he photography series is on display. she create a small dress. >> special guest, three lions. we're join by dr. ken and kristen from six flags great adventure, thank you for beings lion cubs. >> they are calm. >> we just fed them, they are in a milk coma. >> i know they don't have names yet. >> they are one month old, born july 8, and at six flags safari, mom of the not taking care of them, we had to intervene and now we're hand raising them. >> we have two males, they will
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be over 500 pounds. >> when do they turn from so cute, let me hole th hold the li am not a meal. >> we'll stop going with them around 6 months of age, they are still cubs, they are playing more rough. that is when they are dangerous. we'll stop going in and start introducing them to the rest of the pride. >> can i hold one. >> sure. >> do you want this one? >> yeah, ale take this one, i file a need to hold him up like this. ♪ ♪
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>> i got a friend. a friend. >> where can our viewer see them. >> in a couple weeks, wild introduce them at our camp in ventura, or at our safari wild walkway. >> all right, you are awesome. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> thank you. >> say good-bye. >> i'll see you. >> a pretty awesome story for you, a heroic dog named sammy, two girls that chose to do right thing, the girls help with help of a markin a mark barking dog e saved owner's life, they were on a walk they heard noises. >> we heard a dog barking then glass shatter, we thought that was scary. we what do we do?
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>> they went to look. >> the dog broke through the glass window. >> wow. >> right there. >> dog was barking figure-and busted his snout through a window. to get attention. police came busted the door in, 62-year-old widow who lived alone, was semi conscious on the floor, police, and paramedics did not know how long it of the. there was no food or water in dog bowl, two dogs sam and bella were desperate, now woman was taken to a local hospital and recovering issue the loud barky is usually a nuisance but i think his barking saved his owner's life, melanie and nicole told me what they thought. >> not all people realize, that dogs have that capability of knowing something is wrong and there is a strong bond between a humhuman and a pet.
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>> bella, and sammy were taken to meloni's for the night, they are held at the animal shelter until the woman makes a full recovery, it should be a awesome reunion. >> are you going to visit her. >> yes, sure, we'll visit her. >> who has a dog here? >> we do lola and gigi . >> have you a big dog. >> murray, a maltese poodle is meedium. >> could he breakthrough the glass. >> i am trying to picture gigi . >> or lola. she prefers to sleep. >> skyler born with -- cerebral palsy. >> he wants to be a stadium pa announcer, i took him
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