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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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5:00 o'clock on a friday, four people shot including a six year-old little boy in east germantown. why or concerned about the violence happening in this very neighborhood. warning, before you head to an amusement park another kiddies injured on a ride, this time in pennsylvania. the eagles show up ape put on a good effort for the first preseason game. lauren johnson actually went there and sweat with tens of thousands and then watched carson wentz. good day everybody it is friday august 12th, 2016. then i got a chance to go home and stay up an extra 20 extra minutes to see michael phelps and ryan lochte. >> he is there on the side of the pool, the podium, platform and he does this. i can't believe what he does with his arms to warm up. >> don't mess up that suit. >> my goodness he is in shape.
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>> thirty-one years old. >> great body. >> yes. >> tons of money, all kind of gold, 22 now. >> we found out yesterday he has to pay $500 for every gold medal. >> that is chump change for him. >> i'm trying to be cool. >> speaking of cool, try to stay cool with record heat dave warren this weekend. >> excessive heat, yes. we want to stay cool if you are working outside, do it early, do it late, try to avoid the middle of the afternoon. we have some rain right now this came right through lehigh valley and upper montgomery and bucks county, the last two hours, it is moving, very heavy, thunderstorms, lightening now moving in northern new jersey. heavy rain, over areas that have a flash flood warning, just after midnight last night, and early this morning. so this rain could lead to additional flooding, still dark out, watch the roadways, we could run into flooded roads this because of this additional rain on very wet ground. it has moved out.
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so everything is clear. you won't see anymore showers. at least for now we have to deal with the heat. we will put number of the day at a six, in the bad in the morning, not bad at night but in the middle of the afternoon that brings that scale down a bit because temperature goes from the 80's now and has in the dropped below 80 in the upper 90's wint heat index over 100 degrees thanks to the dew point at 76. very muggy this morning. so we're in the 70's and 80's a few suburbs have tried to drop in the lower 70's like allentown, mount pocono and hazelton but still above 70. not below 80 in millville. dove dropped to 79 degrees. right along the coast, long neck, lewis delaware in the upper 70's. ninety's, maybe a few thunderstorms, north and west this afternoon but that 94 will feel like 104 at least with that heat index. trying to find relief from that seven day coming up the. now lets get up to bob. >> good morning everybody 567:89:02 on a friday morning. tgif. we will begin in south jersey
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on route 77 at glassboro road. just off of, just outside of glassboro here. and then, in vineland, delsea drive at almond road watch for a fire location, with police and crews on the scene off of route 55. we have a busy weekend. we have a regatta tomorrow long the schuylkill river closing the kelly drive. mayor's cup runs over belmont plateau and fairmount park, also tomorrow. so keep that in mind coming in or through the city or maybe heading to the shore early, tomorrow morning. the vine street expressway was closed until 5:00. traffic moving again. we are good to go there. it will not be closed through the weekend. that is good news for overnighters in and out of the center city. southbound on the freeway looking good now but those shore jams started around 2:00 a friday in the summertime and then expect delays heading down into approaching the garden state parkway, through that construction zone. market frankford, broad street subway they just pulled out the buses and put them away
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for the night. trains are running every eight to ten minutes. the chris and lauren, back over to you. breaking news out of east germantown a gunfight leaves four people shot. >> another little kid shot, another six year-old at that, new fight forgo his life. steve keeley live at police headquarters. i can't believe another kid has been shot. we have what a six year-old girl shot tuesday and last night a six year-old boy, steve. >> reporter: not the heatwave but crown wave that has veteran detectives here at headquarters again working overtime dealing with this over the top violence, and weapons this time. for the second time in just three days they are on another case of another six year-old philadelphia child shot in the chest. little girl tuesday, little boy last night at 11:23. when you look at this scene it doesn't do it justice from what you see in person. the boy is in the the front passenger seat for some reason of a car driving with the 29 year-old man most likely his dad police say when someone with a military assault rifle, ak-47, they don't use these
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even for hunting blasted 20 huge bullets into the car, and then the boy hit the chest and right arm, man hit five times, chest, stomach, both arms and leg both alive but still critical, alive only thanks to police, who rushed them out of their car into the patrol car and then spread them to the closest emergency room at i've stein on broad street. two others also shot, so we're talking four victims, five cars blasted with bullet, even a house on clarkson took several rounds. no one inside there was hit and no one inside or outside any of the other houses are talking. >> there were some people inside and outside and some people in their hems. right new we are not getting a whole lot of cooperation from the residents on the block. i'm hopeful that will change in the near future as the investigation continues. as i understand it right now, the tip line has revealed, has resulted in no tips from that shooting as well. so that is two, six years old
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shot within a week of each other and no witnesses come forward. >> reporter: even with the other two weapons also large caliber big bullet hand guns 45 and 40 caliber, 20 of the 34 shots were fired from that ak-47, ten from the semiautomatic. all this, again on the 5500 block of clarkson. likely where the residents spent mess of the night after this, sleeping under their beds instead of on them and those weapons and those holding them, still out there on the streets somewhere, more likely reloading then rethinking their violent ways, chris and lauren. >> all right, thank you. recent violence in east germantown raising fears about safety among people living there. >> two, six years old have been hit in just the last few days so local activist are going door to door in an effort to stop this violence. the group, well, they call themselves philadelphia seized fire and they land a anti violence rally last night but
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neighbors say ironically they were just too afraid to attend. mothers tell us they live in fear that their kids will get outside and play, and perhaps, face the same situation, stray bullets flying. >> i'm nervous. kind of afraid to let them be out here on the block, you know, with stuff happening, it is nothing to to with the kid. >> i think they should be able to come out but everybody is just so nervous, you just don't know things happen in broad daylight and so unpredictable. >> that six year-old girl shot on wood stock street tuesday continues to recover in the hospital, police have not made any arrests. six hours after that shooting, six hours after that shooting a 47 year-old man was shot multiple times on wednesday. this happening in east germantown a couple houses down from where that six year-old was shot. police think this shooting was connected to the shooting on wood stock. police investigating this homicide in the same area as those other shootings we have just mentioned, alshay ford
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was shot and killed moments after picking up his three-year old daughter after work this happened july 28th. ford died a day later. no arrests have been made in this shooting death. jerry sandusky's lawyers say former penn state assistant football coach will take the stan and will testify during an appeals hearing about whether his conviction should stan. his attorney expected sandusky to testify at length in the three take hearing that gets underway today. the seven two-year old sandusky did not take the stand during his 2012 trial a decision among issues he has raised about his original lawyers not representing him adequately. the jury quick sandusky of sexually abusing ten boys and now serving 30 to 60 years in prison. today family and friend will say their final good bye to the families whose lives tragically ended lah weekend in a murder suicide. last night people gathered in northeast philadelphia to celebrate lives of the three three-year old megan short and her three young children leana, mark junior and willow.
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all four died from gunshot wound. their father mark and their family dog also died. police are not the saying who pulled the trigger but they have cited domestic issues. funeral services for megan and her three children are being held today, mark short has a separate memorial service. police plan to release more detail into their investigation in the press conference on monday. 5:09. joey merlino head back to court for a bail hearing, hearing will be held in federal court in west palm beach florida. merlino began working to rebuild the philadelphia crime family in 2014. prosecutors charged merlino and nearly four dozen other suspected mobsters last week. new charges could land him in prison for another 20 years. the country has seen its fourth amusement park injury in less than a week. latest happening in western pennsylvania. >> dave kinchen where did this happen now. >> reporter: this one happened very close to pittsburgh about 50 miles east of pittsburgh. we can tell you this was on a historic roller coaster and amusement park out that way.
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three-year old boy was air lifted to the hospital after getting hit on a ride known as roller coaster at idlewild and soakzone park. first responders tell "fox news" that the bye appears to have fallen off the ride which he was riding with his brother. that ride was just inspected on saturday. >> a boy riding the roller coaster with his brother was injured while riding the attacks. the boy was conscious while being treated on site, and air lifted, to a local hospital. >> reporter: this happened after a boy died on a water slide in kansas, and after three girls were injured during a ferris wheel accident in tennessee. the roller coaster there near pittsburgh was built in 1938 and known by ride enthusiast for having relatively few safety restrictions. meantime the extent of the boy's injuries are not yet known. local officials say the ride will be shut down while this case is investigate had. chris? >> dave, thanks.
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5:10. in south jersey crews are working to repair a natural gas main that erupted in to flames this was the fiery scene in egg harbor township yesterday. take a lot at flames burning right back there. the call of the fire started when a live electrical wire felon to a metal guardrail along ocean heights avenue. a spark ignited this. 20-foot flame burned for more than eight hours no one was hurt. last night south jersey gas crews worked to install a new valve to starve out the fire. they will continue to make repairs. in the we will, they will. we will continue to monitor this. one group calling on city officials to remove statue of former mayor philadelphia a frank rizzo. anti police brutality group launched a petition calling rizzo a racist. he tortured the cities african-american community. during his time as mayor from 1972 to 1980, some saw his police force as corrupt, and brutal. he died in 1991 of a heart attack. his family calling the allegations complete nonsense. it stand outside the municipal
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services building. a local stapel, around for decades is closing its doors for good. how owner hopes he will help them reinvent themselves.
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this heat wave we're experiencing right now has created history along the new jersey shore. >> a new record for water temperature has been set in atlantic city, new jersey. so it reached 83.3 degrees right there in the marina on wednesday.
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that beats previous record of 83.1 degrees setback in 2011 on the 31st of july. national weather service say official record date back to 1995. all right, dave warren. so is it even refreshing to go down the shore and jump in the ocean. >> bath, toll get your soap. >> rubber ducky. >> take i bath. but when water is that temperature and that sea breeze while nice and cool but 83.3-degree that air temperature is not much cooler then. that we are looking at the radar because there was some rain that came through the area last night. this is over areas that got heavy rain yesterday this could lead to more flooding. flash flood warnings in effect last night leading to more flooding with additional rain. it is moving out. storms weaken. still some rain right there along 202 in bucks county, and that is right around new hope right there as it push necessary to parts of the new jersey north of trenton. right now, live picture shows we are warm 81 degrees.
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that temperature did the in the drop much. dew .76. wind light at 11. heat index values over 100 degrees. excessive heat warning continues, more storms, isolated mainly north and west this afternoon, this area have rain moves out. we could see more popping up later. seventy's and 80's right now. we want that below 80 because heat continues to build up in the buildings there day after day. when it doesn't cool off at night. that is when we get these problems with the excessive heat. that is why warning remains in effect. heat advisory in the surrounding suburbs but likely tomorrow this warning area could expand because we are looking at heat index values will over a hundred or close to 110. even in the suburbs tomorrow. look at these numbers with the computer forecast, 105 today, 103 in allentown, one place getting relief is mount pocono with the heat index of 89. nice and comfortable tonight. if you call 88 degrees for heat index comfortable. tomorrow afternoon it gets
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close tore 110, little relief with a few showers or storms, that will drop just a bit but elsewhere look for that heat index to be higher tomorrow. temperature 97. teams like 110. ninety-four on sunday. end of the heat wave in the during the first five days but day six and seven in the seven day forecast dropping below 90 in the upper 80's. look for a few showers and storms, pretty much every day but monday. not everybody will see a storm but they will be isolated, good morning, bob. >> 5:17. tgif. in honor of vinyl record day. the radio antenna shooting out philly's hottest radio stations in the background. antenna farm in roxborough no problems at all on the schuylkill expressway coming around belmont curve in or out of the city. we're good to go this morning. we're good to go opened for business vine street expressway construction, they will not close the vine this weekend on the overnight. so that is good news for folks coming in and out of the city for this weekend. and then again today septa is
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having some, they are calling it manpower issues, i don't know everybody that decided to call out sick and they have got personal taste here but same situation happened last week on the broad street subway, where obviously is there a lack of conductors a the fernrock station where they store trains. watch for delays out of the gate of the broad street subway and they are doing trolley blitz this weekend. there is no service in the tunnels so all passengers from center city will use market frankford line and at 40th street connect back with the tunnels. that starts tonight at 8:00 o'clock. chris and lauren back over to you. philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood has a wonderful whom and pop shops. just such a great place to hang out, buy something maybe have lunch. small businesses on germantown avenue in the community all of the that charm. >> new one of the staples is closing it doors after six decade. dawn timmeney shows us how many will sorely miss this local piece of his try.
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>> reporter: chestnut hill camera shop on germantown avenue has been part of the fabric of the community since 1952, 64 years in business. frank barber who inherited the shop says he grew up in the store hanging out here since he was a little boy. >> we used to do costume framing sitting on the counter there my aunt and uncle own the shop my uncle's sister and my grandfather work here. busy store. >> reporter: at 16 frank came to work for his aunt and uncle henry and jack, and then full-time in 1980 when he graduated college. >> i loved cameras, photography, and i like waiting on people. >> reporter: for 42 year frank has been behind this camera selling cameras, developing photos and providing people with customer service, he seldom see these days. >> anxious to the extreme. if you weren't sure of exactly what you wanted, he a cyst
5:20 am
ted, aided, a betted, whatever he had to do to help you out. >> that is my favorite thing waiting on customers, servicing what we sell and you cannot get it on the internet. >> reporter: but come monday the chestnut hill camera shop will be a memory, frank says it is a beloved business is in longer making money. >> we're competing with the internet, e bay, cell phones. >> reporter: difficult heart wrenching decision after developing such close relationships with so many families over the years. >> we have children whose children now come in. it is hard to leave that. that is hardest thing relationship with the customers. it is really motional. >> as a store owner who helps out his customers. >> reporter: charles peterson is a third generation customer. >> we came in as a little boy when i was five years old. almost every weekend coming in here to drop off pictures or film to have them developed. >> reporter: news of the camera shop closing issuable
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to this cobblestone stretch of the germantown avenue made up of small shops. frank has been flooded with notes of appreciation, gift, and lots of well wishes. >> that is really nice. >> reporter: so many loyal customers disappointed about an end of an era. >> many customers have come in given me cards, hugging me, crying at the counter. >> it is a looks to chestnut hill. >> headache it any day in the the week to do business with a guy like this. >> reporter: one door shuts and hopefully another will open. >> i don't really want to -- i want to thank all of the customers that have been here for years. >> reporter: frank thought he would retire here but having to reinvent himself. he is considering opening up a smaller shop specializing in preserving memories taking peoples photographs their negatives and video tape and digital icing them for customers to have forever. dawn timmeney fox 29 news.
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what a loss to that neighborhood. >> so michael phelps was not only one making a huge splash, who else on america's swim team made history and it was not ryan lochte. >> let me show you winning lottery numbers right now. we will play a little, dire straight, 67 years old today. i approve this message.
5:23 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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u.s.a. bringing home more gold from rio last night. >> i'm reading what people are saying about michael phelps. he add another gold piece to his collection last night. >> michael phelps has done it again. >> everyone else in the pool on the jv squad. phelps pick up his 22nd goal winning 200-meter individual medly. it is supposed to be a trendily face off between him and ryan lochte but lochte came in fifth. and that wasn't the only swim for phelps. look at that flexibility, i could not even do that, no less swim. >> thirty minutes later he swam to qualify for mens 100-meter butterfly and more than ever, check out 20
5:26 am
year-old simon manual she became first african-american women to win an individual olympic swimming met willal. she tied for first place in women's 100-meter free style. she and team canada touched at exact same time setting world record, both of them won the gold medal. >> what are chances of that happening. >> i know. >> right at the exact same moment. >> also from one simone to the another, simone biles crushed competition to win gold in the all around. she has two golds and could win three more in rio before all said inn done. al iraisman wins second. >> is what medicine willal count. >> lets look at it right now. team u.s.a. is at 38, china has 30, japan 22, russia has 19. russia will suffer because track and field starts today and they cannot compete at all in that area. because of the doping. all track and field athletes are out. they will suffer big time for
5:27 am
the next few days. >> good. they cheated. >> that is what happens. >> 5:27. >> we are following breaking news out of east germantown. steve keeley another child injured in the shooting. >> you viewers are thinking didn't you do this same breaking news two days ago? yes, we d another six year-old shot in the chest and then critically wounded this time it is a little boy.
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tragedy strikes the same neighborhood in less than two weeks, six people shot in east germantown including a six year-old boy. >> the country has seen its fourth amusement park injury in less than a week, latest happening in pennsylvania. hear what officials say happened this time. eagles are waking up to a victory. how about that guy carson wentz number 11, third stringer making his first appearance under his new coach as well, doug pederson. lauren johnson was there tens of thousands sweating it out last night. >> it was hot, friday august 12th, 2016. that is what happens in august, right. >> we're in the middle of the heat wave, hot for august. >> it is hot for august, heat index close to 110. we don't see that often, yeah. eagles hats. buddy has it this morning. muggy start. temperatures in the 70's and
5:31 am
80's. heat continues to build up. we will be hotter today. that trend continues tomorrow. one thing is moving out, the rain, ultimate doppler radar tracking rain right through bucks county, lehigh valley, fairly heavier at times. last two hours saw it move right through lehigh valley east on 78. areas with rain last night got additional rain leading to more flooding. clearing out now though allentown is all clear, last little shower right along 202 in parts of the bucks county moving into new jersey. future cast shows we can see a few more showers developing mainly north and west. they will be isolated. two or 3:00 o'clock right there across lehigh valley and as far south as montgomery, bucks, chester county, pop up shower or storm to take. we will see that tomorrow. that could give us relief from the heat. we are in the 70's and 80's heading for 90's this afternoon. heat index over a hundred. that excessive heat warning remains in effect we will put it right at 94 by 3:00, maybe a few showers and storms mainly north and west by five
5:32 am
or 6:00 this afternoon. the lets talk about the rush hour this morning and any issues, good morning, bob. >> well, we are all rushing at home but in rushing now or out here on the major roadways. we are good to go on 309, pennsylvania turnpike, good morning, to fort washington we're off to a good start there. lets go to north east philadelphia, headlights north bound on i-95 through construction zone southbound heading in to the city, so far so good with no issues to deal with their. we have issues on mass transit broad street subway running with ten minute delays, there are manpower issues, originating here at fernrock station which is obviously where they store the trains and where trains begin their trip. expect delays here. this weekend septa trolley blitz. no trolley service in the tunnels here. so all of the subway surface trolleys will end up at 40th street and from there commuters take market frankford line into downtown. same deal on the opposite effect. so beginning tonight at
5:33 am
8:00 heading back home you'll use market frankford and then connect with the trolleys back in the neighborhood. er wise mass transit looking good. chris and lauren over there looking good. a gunfight leaves to four people shot. >> another six year-old shot. steve keeley has latest from police headquarters, steve. >> reporter: think back to that summer at six years old maybe nice shot of playing in the san on the beach or story hour at the library, likely in the getting blasted in the chest with an ak-47. and sadly, that is the six year-old boy's memory if he pulls through. just like the six year girl shot tuesday these unintended children being shot in the city for sixth time and twice in the same week. boy in the front seat of the car here at 11:23 last night on clarkson avenue with the 29 year-old guy likely his dad when both whether hit with an ak-47, huge caliber bullets, combat wartime assault rifle. twenty round fired from the ak and that was just one of the
5:34 am
three large caliber weapons used in this shoot-out, or fire fight more likely to be described, 34 shots, ten from a 40 caliber semi auto, four from a 45 caliber gun. we're talking about four victims in all. >> it appears that it started at far end of the 600 block of clarksun street and came down here to ashby street. that is one full block plus some and it appears that it was definitely a running gun battle will there were casings in the street, on both side of the sidewalk, and so, it appears that multiple arms, combatants out here and that they were actively engaged. >> reporter: maybe you cannot tell from our tv shots but these ak-47 casings are longer and wider then a big man's fingers. five cars got riddled with these bullets, shatters windows, within house got blasted too. no one inside got shot as bullets came in.
5:35 am
sadly in both shootings, both tuesday and new thursday night in one has called a tip into the philadelphia police tip line here at headquarters, no witnesses saying anything. the captain just tells us right now quote we are not getting a whole lot of cooperation, he said hopefully that will change. also hopefully it will change with these shoot-outs around kid. these guys firing guns at whoever they are firing their guns a at usually not hitting their targets and hitting these those event kids out on summer nights. chris and lauren. >> so scary for them. steve keeley, thanks very much. speaking of kids a western pennsylvania boy is recovering this morning after he was injured at an amusement park. >> fourth incident in less than a week. dave kinchen is live with more details on this situation, hi dave. >> hi lauren this happened on a historic roller coaster in the western part of the state, a three-year eld boy was air lifted to a hospital after getting hurt on a ride known as roller coaster at idlewild and soakzone park about 50 miles east of pitberg.
5:36 am
first responders tell "fox news" that the boy was riding with his brother and appears to have fallen off somewhere along the ride in the sure where. coaster was just inspect on saturday and built way back in 1938, wooden ride there known as ride enthusiast for having few restrictionness terms of the safety. extent of the boys injuries are not known at this hour. local officials say the ride will be of course shut down for the investigation. this comes after a boy died on a water slide in kansas and after three girls were injured during a ferris wheel accident in tennessee. chris? >> mr. kinchen thanks sir. 5:36. eagles looking good in the preseason their first preseason game was last night, one game down. this morning we will have an expert break down how the future looks for this upcoming season.
5:37 am
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good morning i'm sean bell. football is finally back. we will get to see new look eagles. doug pederson taking over the reigns and things were good in his first game. pederson liking what he saw, after the bucks fulled the opening kick off, ryan matthews just powers his way to 5-yard touchdown. when he is healthy, he is that good. problem is he is in the healthy very often. first quarter was pest part of the game, fletcher cox, going in causing the fumble and recovering it. showing eagles line deserves all that money, off the turnover chase daniels had a rough day runs tonight for the
5:40 am
touchdown. eagles go on to win 17-nine. >> obviously to start the game with the special teams turn over and then to score offensively was a obviously a positive. the way our first defense got after them a little bit too was very, very pleasing. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. you got to take in the game last night lauren dawn johnson. you got to see carson wentz. >> i saw him throw that interception. >> yes. >> big daddy graham weigh in after the break.
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she slimed me. [ laughs ] you went, they won. good luck charm. >> thank you. >> you got three more preseason games and eight home games, ready? you have to go to all of them now. >> i was there last night for the game big daddy. >> yes. >> it was hot, humid, sticky, energetic. but everyone left after that interception carson threw. >> did they really. wentz stayed in a long time after that too? it wasn't like he was done after that interception. first of all he came in earlier then people thought he would come in and then he played a little bit longer then people thought. >> they had to get chase daniel out of there. he to nothing. >> i will talk about that too. i will rip up my notes here.
5:44 am
i had stuff, there is wentz there. this offensive line is going to be bad all year. lane johnson thing really happens it will really be bad and why they are thinking chase daniel is going to be better than wentz a at that second spot is a joke. it will not happen. wentz is mobile. he moves. he gives you an opportunity to make something out of nothing. they will need those opportunities because the receiving core is bad on top of it, and the offensive line is horrible. if they brought sam brad forward back this year, i just threw out all of the notes i work on f they brought sam bradford because they think they can win something this year because of the division is not all that great, well, if that is how they think chase daniel will in the work. i'm going over board, and you of all people should ren what happened last year. >> when bradford was 11 for
5:45 am
11. >> yes. >> one of the things, look as we talk x's and o's if wentz has to scramble because o line is not existent then receivers have to hold on to the ball and our number one pick from last year nelson agholor he cannot catch the ball. first highlight was him dropping one. >> they don't have a primary receiver, jordan matthews is in big deal. wentz throw a high ball but. >> it went right through his hand. >> it should be caught in doubt about it. >> i'm just saying, this chase daniel thing will in the work with this line. eye tea that is chase daniel knows this offence because he has been hanging with doug pederson but it will in the math fur there is not a pocket. there might not ever be a pocket. look, there is other stories, congratulations doug pederson. i think he has been lost in this shuffle. people weren't nuts about the higher to begin with but give
5:46 am
the guy a chance. i kind of like him a little bit. give him an opportunity. they scored right away, special teams made a play happen. ryan matthews, if ryan matthews stays healthy, between him, sproles and barner i think running game can be a little something, something but then again that line and if lane johnson misses all these games and darren gaeton owe it will be a disease on. >> ten out of 16 games which is most of the games. >> ten games suspension. >> he could appeal and that could get lowered but not too many appeals get won in that situation. offensive line they will to have do something about. i don't know what they will be able to do i just don't know. >> who do we blame chip for that. >> yes. >> at the present moment, you blame chip for that.
5:47 am
eagles could have addressed it better. can i talk about my big show? do i have time. >> you can take all of the time. >> two funny philly guys with gentlemen conklin and my daughter is mcing the show. she has been a regular on the morning team now, my daughter and she's mcing the show. real trip. between sea isle and ocean city 8:00 o'clock go to big daddy to get your ticket. go to the game thursday night in pittsburgh but you still got to go. >> only a few hours up the road. >> no problem. >> good to see you again. >> great to be back. >> dave warren, weather this weekend. >> it is hot, hot, hot getting hot tore day and even hotter tomorrow. dew points, measure of the moisture in the air when it is height your body cannot cool off as it could on a dry day. factor in the temperature and dew point and we will get heat index. seventy's and 80's. by this afternoon we are looking at heat index above
5:48 am
100 degrees except for maybe mount pocono. this is numbers at noon. by 4:00 he clock computer forecast saying 100 to 105. look at what happens overnight tonight. not much relief. feeling like 90's tomorrow morning. feeling like 110 in the afternoon. a little relief from a shower or thunderstorm likely in the thort and western suburbs not only today but again tomorrow. you don't get that rain you're feeling heat index close to 110. we have had rain here across lehigh valley moving in northern new jersey. clearing out moving out, taking rain witt. heavier at times and ground is wet so maybe some flooding left over on some of the poor drainage area watch that outside on the roadways this morning on 78, or even 202 in bucks county. moisture comes in. showers pop up, here across the north and western suburbs today and then again repeat of that, tomorrow. we are getting one after other. showers and storms could give us some relief other than that a hot, humid day not much
5:49 am
relief down the shore with temperatures in the 80's today, water temperature mid to lower 80's. ninety's air temperature hot and humid feels like 110 tomorrow, feels like 105 on sunday, break from the showers on monday and break from the heat on tuesday and wednesday, and then back in the upper 80's there wednesday and thursday fill a few showers, in the end of the seven day forecast. good morning bob kelly. >> 5:49. tgif, hello to the blue route 476 no problems or delays at all. starting to see volume pop, beginning of the friday morning rush hour. fridays are lighter in the morning but crazy heavy in the afternoon as we get ready to head to the shore. right here 42 tree way where it will get down later on folks heading down the shore usually by 2:00 when we see jams start to pop for folks heading to the shore and further down ac expressway you will get to the parkway and you have that construction, staying in town tonight, phillies, they have the
5:50 am
weekend series tonight and tomorrow at 7:00. sunday 1:35 game. we have camden concert weekend blink 182 tonight, tomorrow darius rucker, and that volume will inter mingle with folks heading to the shore up and over bridge later today. chris and lauren, back over to you. mike jerrick has walk in without a tie because it is so darn hot out. >> it is a no tie friday. this will be the hottest weekend of the year. it will feel like 110 degrees. >> nobody should be wearing a tie. >> lets have a pool party. >> we are having a pool party, chris murphy will get all over the city dipping into fountains. >> come join me. >> but don't do anything illegal. >> how about yesterday afternoon here we go again the third amusement park accident
5:51 am
in a week and this time it happened in pennsylvania. a three-year old boy falls out of the roller coaster. what is going on. >> scary stuff. >> we will talk about that in a bit. >> when you buy a ticket to a carnival or even down the shore this weekend, everybody will be flooding down there, you buy that ticket for the rides, what is the liability there. >> i never check that out. >> so what was the take away from the game last night. >> they won. >> she was there sweating it out. >> you went. >> carson wentz. he was the headline. the wases there electricity in the house when he came in. >> at the end of the second quarter. >> it was electric. there was so much energy. what happened was when he through that interception everybody left. >> he is a rookie. >> yes. >> you know my favorite number is 11. he is number 11. >> i didn't know that was your
5:52 am
favorite number. >> it is. >> did i mention it is going to be hot. >> within of the hottest weekend of the year. >> i'm not wearing pant at 9c o'clock hour that is your head head line. aim in the wearing pants. i'm not kidding. >> what are you wearing. >> shorts. >> but freakishly the city of philadelphia and don't know how we can prevent this, they are closing a bunch of pools today. >> for the season. >> yes, early. >> i suppose it is a money issue. now if i were mayor as i was almost going to be. >> for a day. >> i think i would just throw out budget books and say we will stay opened until honor sunday afternoon. >> what would your platform be. >> my platform. >> platform shoes that i have on right now. >> those are nice. >> are they kenneth coal. >> yes, they are. >> we keep these pools opened this weekend, mayor kenney,
5:53 am
call me. >> a stapel at disney world park is soon to come to an end, head west to disney land. >> say that again. >> what are you talking about. >> what did you mean by that. >> will will explain.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
we are looking at the pocono mountains. pokemon go is heading to fresno city college is adding a poke hand go class. the class is a physical education course, for college credits. all right. those classes kick in the second half of the fall semester which starts in october. if you are planning to head out west. all right. disney world attraction is, winding to a close, main street electrical parade is shutting down, by october, and heading west, to disney land, where it first began. the parade was brightened, main street at orlando park, on and off since 1977. its return to disney land in anaheim callus a limited run. it is she down for philadelphia's own lb gt theater festival gay fest. they have put together two weeks of plays on local stages
5:57 am
highlighting lb gt experience. tickets are still available on line. thirty performances by the way. we are following breaking news, four people shot including a six year-old little boy in east germantown much more straight ahead. plus the country has seen its fourth amusement park injury in less than a week, this one happening in pennsylvania after the break.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
germantown what is going on another six year-old is shot. steve, again, at the round house, on this friday morning. and another again story a little boy falls out of the roller coaster this time in pennsylvania. the third amusement park accident in a week. u.s.a. >> team u.s.a. was as fearful as trump michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room. >> hillary clinton using the olympics to take shots at donald trump why she says he may talk a big game, but he is really just scared. plus, oh, man is it hot? temperatures once again soaring, sky rocketing, in our ar


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