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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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germantown what is going on another six year-old is shot. steve, again, at the round house, on this friday morning. and another again story a little boy falls out of the roller coaster this time in pennsylvania. the third amusement park accident in a week. u.s.a. >> team u.s.a. was as fearful as trump michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room. >> hillary clinton using the olympics to take shots at donald trump why she says he may talk a big game, but he is really just scared. plus, oh, man is it hot? temperatures once again soaring, sky rocketing, in our area.
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when is relief? lets look to sue. come on in, yeah, fly into philadelphia at your own risk. you better have some shorts in that bag. 6:01 on this friday. the it is soupy out there already. hi everybody. >> good morning. >> lets get through this. >> we can do it. >> i can always tell how soupy by how mike looks when he walks in. >> it is not good. >> my hair is still wet. >> do you want to touch it. >> i'm glad you are sitting in ex-to him. >> look back at him. >> i walk two blocks in. >> you don't have to go that far for that to happen. >> folks on that airplane, welcome to philadelphia folks, it is 81 degrees. >> now. >> yes. we have not cooled off that much overnight. lets take a look at what is going on. >> here it comes. what airline is this? that looks like a 757, wouldn't you say there. >> i have in idea.
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>> it is not delta. >> it has two wings. >> it is swealtha airlines. >> would i bet american and u.s. air because they have the most planes. >> that is a nice shot. >> it is. >> you can see the haze. you look at the clouds there but it is a hazy. >> purple haze. >> in my head. >> can you see that. >> it could be ups cargo plane. >> what did you buy yesterday on qvc. >> i got. >> it is coming in right now. >> i got another ninja. >> a blender. >> well, here it comes. >> i still can't tell what it is. >> ups. >> isn't it. >> yes. >> ups. >> way to go, mike. >> bob noticed it. is ups the brown people. >> what can brown do for you. >> well, brownies about down, on the ground.
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>> finally we are looking at the number of the day, you don't even want to know, a six out of ten and bus stop buddy is celebrating vinyl record day. he will be the only one on the beach with that contraption. warm, muggy, 70's and 80's to start your day. we have 81 degrees in fill with a dew point of 76. yuck, so stuck i out there. other temperatures as you walk out the door, lancaster 76, allentown 74, hazel ton already at 71, that is where you are supposed to cool off. also at the shore where it is 81 in ocean city and 78 in lieu is, delaware. today we are looking at 92 degrees by lunchtime, 94 but of course heat index above 100 for the heat of the day and then by 6:00 o'clock, we will have pop up thunderstorms in some places and still in the 90's. that takes care of friday but we are not getting rid of this stuff that quickly bob kelly, get ready for a steamy
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weekend. >> you got it. 6:04. good morning everybody. live look at 422, kind of quiet but as we see beginning of the sunrise out in king of prussia we will have some sun glare. no problems coming in toward philadelphia on the freeway. we have delays on the broad street subway ten minute delays because of what septa is calling manpower issues out of fernrock and then septa trolley blitz this weekend, no services in the tunnels beginning tonight through monday morning. all commuters will transfer at 40th street to finish their trip into downtown and one accident here, along route 77 at glassboro road. mike and alex, back over to you you. it is 6:04. >> developing news out of east germantown four people have been shot. >> including, again here we go, a six year-old this time a little boy, steve, again at the round house. >> for second time this week. >> our viewers are so used to it and may be sick of hearing us talk about these violent
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crimes present this city but this one will get them to take net is and stop brushing their teeth and tying their shoes right now because here we go, within 45 hours, two, six years old, just innocently out on summer night are shot in the chest this one is worse than tuesday. really head shaking here at police headquarters enduring the most violent days of the philly mob, families and kids were always off limits but not in today's ultraviolent fire fights on residential streets in philadelphia. so for the second time this week six year-old girl hot in the chest on tuesday, six year-old boy shot in the chest last night. the scene here on clarkson avenue resembles a practice military boot camp middle east setups because all on the ground military weapon, bullet casings, we're talking ak-47 assault rifle casings, bigger than your middle finger if you are a grown man all over the street. so four people shot, five cars blasted even one house shot up
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where people were inside luckily in the hit by bullets that came through. thirty-four shots known to have been fired from three large caliber weapons, and 20 of them, from that assault rifle. >> ak round is 76 by 39 caliber assault rifle round developed for military combat. >> it is not gaming round or rifle but it is an assault rifle with the intent for to cause harm and or death. >> the captain told us they are not getting cooperation out on the street. one thing they did get was great police work because they responded real quickly. they see this, six year-old boy in the front passenger seat with his dad who was intended target. he is 29. the 29 year-old shot five times, both arms, chest, stomach and leg he is also critical and they get them out of that car that shot up, put them in the police car get them both to einstein in the emergency room where surgeons
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there stabilize both of them and then little boy gets transferred to st. christopher's just like the little girl did. not one tip into the philadelphia police tip line here at headquarters in either case, this week. where is you the rage where people will not be so scared in their house where they will call and say i saw this, getaway car or two guys or whatever. that means all of these guns and these guys firing this week are still outside on the street, probably just reloading these guns instead of saying i got to rethink my life here. >> lets get it together folks. it is hot but come on. thanks, steve. we have a third amusement park accident in the country in less than a week. >> wow. >> latest had happening in our state, western pennsylvania. >> this kid was three years old, dave. >> reporter: that is right. file this in the again column because we are dealing with another situation this incident happened on a historic roller coaster at a amusement park in western pennsylvania. three-year old boy air lifted to the hospital after getting hurt on is what call the
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roller coaster at the idlewild and soakzone park near pittsburgh. first responders, telling "fox news" that the boy appeared to have just fallen off the ride which he was riding with his brother and it was just inspected on saturday. >> a boy riding the roller coaster with his brother was injured while riding the attraction. the boy was conscious while being treated, on site and air lifted, to a local hospital. >> it is no the clear -- this comes after a boy died on a water slide in kansas, and after three girls were injured during a ferris wheel accident in tennessee. roller coaster near pittsburgh was built in 1938 and is known by ride enthusiast for having few safety restrictions relatively. meantime the extent of the the boy's injuries are not known, local officials say the ride will be shut down as the case is investigate grid don't think i have ever been on a roller coaster at three.
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>> yeah, myself either. >> all right. 6:09 exactly. an apartment building goes up in flames killing two people and injuring dozens more, quick actions some parents took that may have saved their kids lives. a new business want to come to town but local residents say in the so fast, big problems that they think costco will cause.
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economic development, revitalization, highway revitalization. >> a lawyer is fighting the zoning, but he said, no comment, when we reached out. okay. well, where in the -- well, we're in the middle of a huge heat wave, you know that, the record set in atlantic city
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that will make you want to dip your toes, maybe your torso,. >> just your toes. >> i will go up to my chin in water today what do you think about that. and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way.
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heat wave has created history along the shore a new record for water temperature was set in atlantic city.
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it reached 83.3 degrees in the atlantic city marina on wednesday. that beats previous record of 83.1 degrees set on july 21st, in 2011. national weather service say officials record date back to 1995. i don't know how you tiehl about this but anytime the water feels like bath water i'm all for it. >> what will it remind you of. >> myrtle beach. >> that is right. >> water is always warm there. >> because it is more southern location but with temperatures such as we have it is no surprise that the ocean water has responded, in kind. it is already. eighty atlantic city international. it is 78 in cape may. 79 degrees in wilmington. seventy-one in mount pocono. we are starting out warm. we don't cool off enough at night for temperatures to really build to those high temperatures that are dangerous really with the heat index. that is what we have going on. we did have rain earlier this morning and all of it has
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moved to the new york city area and it is not a whole lot. heading up that way we will probably miss it. we have got a beautiful sunrise today with these clouds and our weather headlines, excessive heat warning continues throughout the weekend now and it even includes sunday. heat index over a hundred each day through the weekend, more storms possible mainly more north and west of the city. these are the counties that are in the i-95 corridor where we will have triple digit heat index and close to it, in the steamy suburbs. ninety-four today, 97 tomorrow. this is worst of it. it doesn't cool off much on sunday. now by monday after some thunderstorms is it may be less humid but still kind of hot and then more thunderstorms possible on tuesday, so this looks like a long one this heat wave. so phillies are back in town tonight bob kelly, colorado rockies are here as well and have been will to have keep it cool. >> it will be a hot one as you
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mentioned there. 6:16. already hot. 81 degrees all right at 6:17 on a friday morning. we have problems on the admiral wilson boulevard outside we will go from our bennie cam heading in to new jersey. the an accident right here at baird boulevard just to give you that haze you can see just sitting out there. you feel it when you open up that front door. we have a down tree on monument road shut down at presidential avenue. they are just off of city avenue. of course, friday, summertime, heading to the shore, jams start at 2:00. up and over that walt whitman bridge before two or be ready to sit in the traffic, pack your snacks, juicy juice and gold fish for kid if they are going with you. if you are staying in town blink 182 tonight, tonight darius rucker on the waterfront. all those concert fans will mix with the folks heading to the shore both tonight and tomorrow. just keep that in mind up and over the benny and walt whitman this weekend. mike and alex back to you.
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crews are working to repair a natural gas main that erupted in to a pillar of flames in south jersey. 20-foot high flames burned for , more than eight hours. this was the scene in egg harbor township yesterday. the calm of fire started when a live electrical wire felon to a metal guardrail along ocean heights avenue, look at that thing, burn, baby born, a spark ignited an 8-inch gas main. nobody was hurt, we have seen snow, traffic and income out power to homes and businesses. so last night, south jersey gas works worked to install a new valve to stop the fire. search crews discovered remains of two people killed in the massive apartment complex fire in silver spring, 20 miles north of washington d.c., two young boy remain missing. explosion started when ter through the complex just before midnight wednesday night. >> investigation of the
6:19 am
premises has resulted in the identification of two decedents, located within the ruins of the building. we have not identified these victims at this time and our efforts will continue in that area. as a result of this discovery this scene and event will now be handled as a death investigation by our department and our partner agencies. >> residents did report shelling gas just before the fire. parents actually threw their children out of windows just to save them. paramedics rushed 34 people to the hospital and red cross is now helping 70 people. >> 6:19 on this friday. presidential candidates continue to tout their economic plans promised to go bring new jobs to the u.s. >> donald trump says i will cut taxes and keep companies in this country. >> we will lower your taxes, we will keep our companies but we will keep our companies in a different way. i say all the time for years i have watched our companies
6:20 am
leave, for years. this is why i'm doing this i didn't have to do this. i was having a very nice life. >> so as he normally does donald trump wants to undue president obama's economic agenda, that is what he says he wants to do if he becomes president, including as he always say repealing obama care and deregulating the cole industry. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal continues to haunt her she's using olympic games to take shots at donald trump. >> if team u.s.a. was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room frayed to come out and compete. >> she spent 56 million-dollar in television ad during the olympics trump has not spent any. quinnipiac poll shows clinton leading trum in pennsylvania and ohio, and in a virtual tie with him in florida. well, foot the ball is back did you go to the game,
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did you watch it on tv. we have been waiting to see carson wentz, he showed up for a two minute thrill at the end of the second quarter. what happened when he got his hand on the ball? we will show it to you.
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good morning i'm sean bell. football is back, all is right with the world. we have been anticipating carson wentz first action, since he was drafted and new we finally got to see it. wentz came in the second quarter and like any rookie he had a little bit of nerves. first play he over throws his target but after that he actually settled down and zach ertz over the middle for his first nfl completion. then this is why this kid was drafted, the ability to use his athletism and dart for a completion. eagles win 17-nine, overall a very good start for carson wentz. >> finally got to take some hit, been a while since that has happened. overall i had fun. definitely some things to improve on for myself and as a
6:25 am
team but overall enjoyable. >> quick basketball note lebron james signed a three-year, 100 million-dollar deal, ridiculous, that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. one hundred million-dollar over three years for lebron. >> he made it. >> he made it big. >> it is end of an era for new york yankees tonight alex rodriguez, we call him a rod, plays his last major league baseball game as yankees face tampa bay up in the bronx. we have learn he asked joe girardi to play third base tonight, his old position. he played short stop for a while in his career but you know what joe said, no. yankees planned a pregame ceremony recognizing a rod, he will be an advisor and instructor for the new york yankees. 6:25. >> he is not going anywhere. >> he will not be on the feel, right sue.
6:26 am
>> that is right. >> some of us will be under a watch, some of us under a warning but it is excessive heat no matter what, hot through sunday, dave, can you handle it. >> i will do my best. another child injured at an park in pennsylvania this time we will tell you exactly where and what happened, steve. i can use word like sue just did we have a crime watch and a warning for bullet flying, as this heat wave, also, fights with the crime wave for the headlines this week. it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government
6:27 am
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another violent night on the streets of the east germantown, bullets flying, leaving a six year-old boy, yeah, six years old and several others injuries, an up kate from steve. another terrifying scene in an amusement park this time in pennsylvania. how a little boy was injured on a historic roller coaster. michael phelps has done it again. >> michael phelps picked hup his 22nd gold medal, are you kidding me. hello. find out who else came away with gold last night, for the u.s.a. good day everybody it is august 12th, 2016. >> you have to wonder is he even human. >> he is a fish. >> i believe he has batteries in his back. >> maybe the first mermaid.
6:30 am
>> he could play lead role in splash they are remaking it. >> remember bionic man with the arm that opens up. >> lee majors. >> maybe that is it. here's what we have going on, we have excessive heat, no matter where you are excessive heat watch is for suburbs. warning is for i-95 corridor that is philadelphia, delco, new castle county, mercer county and surrounding counties on either side of the river because it will be hot. now it is all the way through the weekend those watches and warnings have been extended. it is six out of ten. you either have to stay in air conditioning or go to the shore. vinyl record day? bus stop buddy is celebrating. honestly he will be the only one on the beach with that that. seventy's and 80's to get started. we had some storms early. they are gone. tranquil at the airport but 81 . we didn't cool off that much overnight. breeze out of the south, southwest is welcome. ninety-four, we will get to that high by 3:00 in the afternoon but heat index will be well above 100 for most of
6:31 am
us especially here in the city. even by 6:00 o'clock 91 degrees and chance, of course, of pop up showers and thunderstorms. we have seen this morning and yesterday they can pop up at anytime. we had that shower yesterday bob kelly, and it could happen today as well. >> when i left here heading out to breakfast bam we got hit with the thunder boomers and heavy downpour and that quickly the sun came out. good morning 6:31. we have an accident on the admiral wilson boulevard heading in to new jersey at baird boulevard. headlights here coming off that airport circle heading in toward philadelphia a. a down tree monument road is block at presidential avenue right off of city line avenue. watch out for local detours this weekend beginning tonight septa is putting in the trolley blitz. no service on the subway surface trolleys in the tunnels here. they begin tonight all the way through early monday morning. so from center city take
6:32 am
market frankford line and transfer to the trolleys at 40th street. we will do reverse coming from say neighborhoods darby, media heading in the city tonight through monday. add a few extra minutes to the trip. septa having some manpower issues they are calling it ten behind delays on the broad street subway for trains originating out of the fernrock transportation center. we signed up mike for regatta tomorrow on kelly drive and right afterward we will run in the mayor's cup, taking over belmont plateau and fairmount park. that will close down the drives tomorrow. keep that in mind coming in or out of the city through the weekend. mike and alex back over to you. a gunfight leaves four people shot. >> it looks like most critically wounded is a six year-old boy and so steve is on the story, once again, sound familiar at the round house, steve. >> reporter: reason this little kiddies most seriously wounded because he got hit with the bullet bullet you will ever see fired on the street or battle field.
6:33 am
we're talking about an ak-47 fired at him and guy likely his dad while both in the front seat of the car. look at the nighttime video. it looks worse in the day light we are hearing over there bullet riddled. twenty shots from the ak-47, one of the three weapons all large calibers, we're talking semiautomatics, 45 caliber bullet casing and 40 caliber casings. the 29 year-old and six year-old lives saved by police who were rushed to the scene and got them out of that bullet riddled car in the police car and in the emergency room within two minutes and that is why they are still alive. little boy is stabilized hopefully at st. christopher's by now. the fact that he was moved there will tell you he will likely survive thanks to the surgeons every where. >> right now, we're not getting a whole lot of cooperation from the residents on the block. i'm hopeful that will change in the near future as the
6:34 am
investigation continues. >> as i understand it right now the tip line has revealed or resulted in no tips from that shooting as well, so that is two, six years olds shot within a week of each other and no witnesses have come forward. >> reporter: looking at our video you will see five cars that we know of shot and with daylight more houses that have had bullets. one of them, get this woman does laundry you have a kid upstairs, she was downstairs when bullets were fired thankfully because bullets hit the house upstairs. she's putting laundry in the dresser, it is bullet riddle. she takes it out where she just put clean lots and there is one sitting on top of some clothes that she had just folded and put in that dresser. that is how close it came and even worse then it sound right new with the facts we have been giving you. >> well, no wonder in germantown and east germantown are on edge. >> two, six years old have been hit in just the past few
6:35 am
days. local activist are going door to door in the community in an effort to stop this violence. group philadelphia seized fire, anti violence rally last night, but neighbors say they were too afraid to even go. mothers tell us they live in fear. they do not want their children to go outside and play. >> i'm nervous, to let them be out here on the block with stuff happening. it has nothing to do with the kids. >> i think they should be able to come out but everybody is just so nervous. you don't know. things happen in broad daylight. so unpredictable. >> six year-old girl shot on wood stock street on tuesday continues to recover in the hospital. police have not made any arrests and we heard one of the officers say no witnesses either. well, i just saw six hours after the shooting last night, there was another shooting, a 47 year-old man was shot multiple times also happening in east germantown just a couple houses down from where the six year-old little girl
6:36 am
was shot the other day in the evening. police think this shooting may be connected to the shooting of the girl on wood stock. no arrests have been made in that particular shooting. police are also investigating another homicide in the same area as these other shootings we have just mentioned, 25 year-old osherry ford was shot and killed moments after picking up his three-year old daughter after work. this happened on july 28th. ford died a day later. we're just learning about this. no arrests have been made in that shooting death. let's head to western pennsylvania not far from pittsburgh a little boy three years old recovering after falling out of the roller coaster. >> this is the second time this week we have heard about this kind of a story. >> here's dave war when what happened. >> this one happened on a historic roller coaster in the western part of the commonwealth. a three-year old bye was air lifted to a hospital after getting hurt on a ride known
6:37 am
as roller coaster at idlewild and soakzone park 50 miles east of pittsburgh. first responders telling "fox news" that the boy was riding with his brother and apparently had fallen out somewhere along the ride. they are not sure where on the ride that he fell but the coaster was just inspected on saturday officials say and it was built way back in 1938. it is mostly wooden there it is known for having relatively few safety restrictions, the accident of the injuries is not yet known. the ride will be shut down for an investigation this comes after a boy died in a water slide in kansas and after three girls were injured during a ferris wheel accident in tennessee. 6:37. jerry sandusky's attorney say former penn state assistant fat ball coach will take the stan, today. >> to testify during an appeals hearing about whether his convictions should stand. the seven two-year old
6:38 am
sandusky did not take the stand during his 2012 trial a decision among issues he has raise that had his original lawyers did not represent him adequately. jury quick sandusky of sexually abusing ten boys and serving 30 to 60 year prison sentence. attorney general kathleen kane's corruption trial continues today. former political consultant josh more owe testified yesterday. he testified jurors he conspired with kane to pin opinion a jury leak on her chief deputy. marrow said he and kane drafted a story saying adrian king leak secret files to the newspaper. kane wanted to embarras a rival prosecutor. how about this one a bail hearing will take place in florida for joey merlino today jailed local mob boss will appear in federal court in west palm beach, florida. federal authorities say that joey began working to rebuild the philadelphia crime family in 2014, prosecutors charged
6:39 am
joey merlino and four dozen other suspected mobsters last week. the new charges could land him back in prison for 20 years. 6:39. friend and family gathered to remember berks county family whose lives tragically ended last week even. mom, dad and three young children and their talk all died in what authorities are calling a murder/suicide. family and friend celebrated lives of the three three-year old megan short and her three young children leanna mark junior and willow. all four died there gunshot wound and so did their father mark and the family dog. police found them in their sinking spring home. they are not saying who pulled the trigger but they have cited domestic issues. funeral for megan and three children is today, mark short has a separate memorial service. police plan to release more details on monday. they got the guy we were talking about yesterday on the show police arrested a man they say was tricking teenage boys into sending him nude photographs. he was posing as a woman.
6:40 am
they is brandon speech was arrested yesterday morning after police say he posed as a would hand. on social media in order to get teenage boys to send him nude pictures and videos. neighbors in north philadelphia tell us that speech worked on dougherty school on diamond street and a local day care for goodness sake, over the years, last four years. this guy has been using the on line act for three and a half to four years. history i made in the pool in rio last night, i have said that over and over again. the feat that team u.s.a., accomplish, plus, oh, simone manual accomplished something that no other person has done. >> you keep saying it mike, it keeps happening. it ace macing. >> u.s.a.
6:41 am
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. we are ready for another hot one, at the blue route hello saint david,ville know of, no problems at all, home of the wildcats here, no problems leaving villanova heading south on the blue route down toward the airport. friday mornings are lighter. this will cause some problems today. beginning of the sunrise,
6:44 am
north on i-95 with sun glare ready to poppas you head up towards the airport. starting to see some delays here on the schuylkill expressway in both directions. sue mentioned it, it is national vinyl records day who remembers putting a penny on the needle so it didn't skip, do you remember that alex. you put the penny on the needle. >> scotch tape on the penny, and when it was really tough djing the dance parties up at the boys club sometimes you had to put two pennies because you floor would shake. >> sometimes you had a quarter. >> so national vinyl record day to day, down tree monument road at presidential avenue there in bala cynwyd right there off of city line. septa has trolley blitz coming into play this weekend. no service in the tunnels tonight through monday. trolleys will run from the neighborhood but they will take to you 40th and market. from there traps fur to the market frankford line and that will get you in and out of the
6:45 am
center city. just a few extra minutes. ten minute delays on the broad street subway. we have regatta on the river tomorrow, and also, the mayor's cup championship run taking place belmont plateau and fairmount park. can you imagine how hot it will be to run. i'm just going to sit and watch in belmont plateau. but that will cause delays on the schuylkill because kelly drive and martin luther king drive will be block. it is a friday afternoon in the summertime so those shore jams start to pop at 2:00 o'clock. make sure you have juicy juice boxes and gold fish for the kids if you are heading down after two. what is the shore forecast looking like for the weekend? sue has tonight 152nd.
6:46 am
here we go with the excessive heat warning area in red and orange area in the suburbs that is the heat watch because we will near triple heat index and well above a hundred in the i-95 corridor. we have had thunderstorms moving through to the north of us, earlier, watch one thunderstorm heading toward carbon, monroe counties and it looks like very small area but very heavy downpour there. that is happening each afternoon and evening. keep an eye on the sky north ape west of the city because that is where pop ups are more likely to occur. saturday evening at 9:00 o'clock with pop ups happening and sunday more widespread with the showers and thunderstorms late in the day, four or 5:00 o'clock and after a cold front comes through we will at least take
6:47 am
away some humidity for monday. mid 90's today. ninety-seven, the record high for saturday is 99. but regardless it will feel like ten tomorrow. still in the 90's on sunday and monday and then possibly tuesday with getting a break by middle of next week. that is a look at your very steamy mike and alex forecast. >> this is time of the day when we look to lauren johnson to bring us an update in rio. >> u.s.a. >> that is right. lets start with the most decorated olympian of all time michael phelps adding another gold to his collection last night, lets take a look. >> phelps picked up, 22nd gold medal winning 100-meter
6:48 am
individual medly, supposed to be a friendly face off between him, four goldness a row. ryan lochte he didn't even get close. they went one and two in the semi finals but came up short finishing fifth place. lets stick with swing, team u.s.a. ryan murphy making a splash. he won a gold in the 200-meter backstroke. makes his second goal. he placed first in the mens 100-meter backstroke. over to the u.s. women's team, history being made in the pool, simone manual became first african-american women to take home a gold in the individual swimming event. she tied for first place in the women's 100-meter free style. she is one of the women from team canada at exact same time with a record, both of them will win that gold medal. from one simone to the other we are talking about the queen of gymnastic simone biles crushing competition to win the gold in the all around events. she came the most decorated gymnast of her era, and she
6:49 am
now has two gold and could win three more in individual events, before it is all said and done. fellow american al iraisman's with the emotional floor routine which left her in tears of joy all around medal was long time gold for 22-year old who lost out on one in london in 2012. >> lets take a look at medal count. u.s. has 38. we have 16 gold, 12 silver, ten bronze. china has 30, 11 gold. japan third place with 22 medals. russia currently sitting in fourth with 19, and great britain round out top five and alex and mike, i'm so thrilled, track and field starts today. >> russians. >> they cannot compete. >> they are done when it comes to track and field. >> they are done and done. >> done for doping. >> i love simone's face. they don't necessity how they placed, you look over and she looks happy. >> goggles off and look up. >> what a big deal.
6:50 am
>> team u.s.a. gymnastics team is also winning, in the fashion department. that is because those sparkling patriotic leo tarred are made right here in our area, you know your lips may fall off when i tell you how much those leotards cost. >> how much. >> well, gk elite sportswear located in reading, made them for each of the gymnast, and their final five teammates. each girl gets eight leotards for competition and 12 for training, okay. so that is 20 of them. they have nearly 5,000 swarovski crystal on them. lead designer jean douglas who we have to get in here quickly said this years a tire was inspired by, fess what? i will shock with you this. the theme was inspired, they
6:51 am
written expired by the united states flag. >> they could have done brazil, hey thanks for hosting us. >> yes. >> the company has made the outfits for many past teams as well. >> i'm not kidding, if you blur your eyes you will see that they were designed, the design is inspired by the united states flag. do you see it right there. >> i don't know if i see it there. >> right on their chest. >> they should have made it more obvious. >> they are about $12,000. >> i will look that up. >> big difference, 12,000 per verse 12,000 overall. >> yeah. we have to get to something probably extremely interesting at 6:51. eagles taking to the field last night for their first preseason game how offense and defense is looking so far as opposed to what the special teams. >> i guess.
6:52 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax.
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then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
6:54 am
man it was hot out there. a lot of people showed up, well, starting at noon in the parking lots. now that seems dangerous to me. >> do you think they made it to the game. >> seven hours later. >> it felt like triple digits at the link during first
6:55 am
tailgate of the season but you don't want that to stop you. >> no. >> yesterday was 26th day that we hit 90 degrees or higher. as you said, mike fans started arriving at noon. >> with their shirts off. >> are you a true eagles fan? it don't matter about the heat. you will be out here regardless. >> i a gree with her. >> she's calling people out. can you go, were you tailgating. >> it wasn't much cooler. temperatures were in the 80's at kick off at 7:00 o'clock. it felt like 90's and over a hundred in the stand. as for game after opening kick off turn over, hi coach. look at ryan matthews here. he is in for a touchdown. yeah. like he said. on defense fletcher cox, nice. worth all that money he got. nicely done. >> and chase daniel with a touchdown, runs it into make
6:56 am
it a four to zero. eagles win 17-nine. >> what does it mean. >> we will break it down in just a few minutes. but big story of the day is the stinking weather. >> once again. >> if you don't wear deodorant that is true, quite literally. excessive heat warning for city and surrounding counties, excessive heat watch for everybody else but it is hot all the way through the weekend, we will perspire with you as "good day philadelphia" continues.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
another six year-old is shot in philadelphia. this time the boy is latest victim of the violence. what residents are doing to stop it. plus, another terrifying scene at an amusement park. >> the forces brought him back and they just went right over. >> three-year old thrown out of the roller coaster in pennsylvania. what you need to know before you decide to go take any ride this weekend. plus, the new era has begun for the eagles, how would you rate doug pederson and carson wentz after their first preseason game? we will break it down with g could be. are you feeling hot, hot, hot? it will be one of the hottest weekends in a long, long time here in philadelphia.
7:00 am
>> what are you going to do this weekend. one of the hottest weekend in a long time, chris murphy is doing anything he can to help you out, running all over town, he is already in the fountain. you shouldn't do this but he did. >> yes. >> it will turn on at 7:00 what time is it. >> 7:00. >> three, two, one. here sit on that fountain. >> i'm getting out of here. >> look at his hat. >> we will go all morning long and stay cool. >> they are a little late. >> we will keep camera on and minute starts squirting we will take the squirt camas he does weather. >> i'll let you know when i get squirted. >> interrupt me at anytime but i'll get started with the number of the d


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