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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. first at 5:00, how does this keep happening. a six-year-old boy is in the hospital tonight after being shot two times in east germantown. he was one of four people hit in a storm of bullets last night. >> the outrage is growing tonight because this isn't even the first six-year-old to be shot in the city this week. good friday evening to you, everybody. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. so far no arrests. and the city just announced a reward to help solve this crime. >> our dave schratwieser has been on the case all day long. dave joins us live tonight from philadelphia police headquarters. what do you know, dave? >> reporter: well, dawn, police just wrapped up a news conference about an hour ago making a desperate plea for the public to come forward and give
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them information in this case in the shooting last night of a six-year-old and the 13 days ago where another six-year-old was shot. tonight the mayor's office is offering up to a $10,000 reward. >> a little boy. crying shame. >> reporter: she's lived on the block for 50 years and she's heard gunfire before. but never like thursday night. >> 11 shots. right up in this area right here. >> reporter: she wouldn't give her name but when the bullets were flying on the corner of ashmead and clarkson she was sitting in her living room her home was struck repeatedly. >> they came through my second floor window there. four or five shots. >> reporter: when the barrage of 50 shots ended, six-year-old mahaj brown seriously wounded inside a car being driven home when rival groups opened fire. the street was littered with shell casings. some came from an ak47 style rifle it's the second time a six-year-old has been caught in the crossfire in three days in germantown. >> this is reckless disregard
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for life and now you have a six-year-old fighting for his live over something that i guarantee you makes no sense. >> it's terrible. it's a terrible thing. these young men. >> whole bunch of gunshots. about sounded like about 30 or 40. >> reporter: julian williams home was struck by gunfire one shot went through his front porch and ended up inside. >> my head is right here. you can see that would have been my head. i was standing here. >> reporter: police patrols have been stepped up as investigators try to track down the gunman and those high-powered weapons. >> we have to get these guns that were used in this off the street and ak47 is not, you kn know, combat weapon. >> i'm feeling very lucky because i could have didn't dead right now. >> reporter: close call for that woman. police are looking for a newer model mercury mountaineere with a distinct tire rack on the back and distinctive turn signals. they're also looking at a number of groups up there two specific groups they'd like to talk to some of the people up there about and i'm told tonight by
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police sources 20 rounds from that ak47 were fired last night. chris? >> all right. as dave mentioned this is the second six-year-old shot this week. the other happening tuesday night. surveillance video shows the moments the little girl was shot in east germantown. a group of children scene playing with friends. then scattering when the shots rang out. this is on the 6300 block of north woodstock street. one of those bullets hit six-year-old nala in the left arm leaving her critically injured. police say a man running down woodstock street minutes before the shooting may have been the intended target. work week comes to an end but this dangerous heat is just getting started. it seemed the only way to stay cool outside today was to jump into a pool and we're about to start what could be the hottest week and of the year but tonight we are also talking about a chance for storms. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott williams. fill us in scott. >> hi there, dawn. we have the heat and humidity but we also have pop-up showers and thunderstorms across the
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area. kind of ominous skies here in old city. but the heat, that has really been the big story throughout the day. so far 96 degrees the high temperature. the 27th day temperatures in philadelphia have hit 90 degrees or better. and the fifth heat wave continues at day three. take a look what it actually feels like right now. this is how you should dress and how your body reacts. it feels like onsie seven in philadelphia. onsie seven what it feels like in millville. it feels like 118 right now in dover. but take look at the entire area. pretty much now through late sunday excessive heat warnings for feels like temperatures during the afternoon well above 105 degrees. with the heat and humidity lift in the atmosphere showers and thunderstorms bubbling up turning severe right now for chester county, delaware county, also, montgomery county until 5:30. this activity moving toward west chester downington and also it has the potential for some winds in excess of 60 miles per hour.
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we'll continue to follow the storms and talk about how long this oppressive heat and humidity will last. back to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. and with this weekend's excessive heat warning, philadelphia mayor jim kenney announcing today the city is delaying the closure of some city pools of the 70 in the city only eight will close this weekend. >> and they're proving to be very important in this type of dangerous heat as you can imagine. fox 29's jennifer joyce saw this first hand today and joins us live from port richmond, jenn, i know it's very steamy out there. >> reporter: it's extremely steamy, dawn, and this pool behind me this port richmond pool was packed 30 minutes ago. we did have some rain come through so i think it scared some people away. i'm sure it felt good as well. we saw people out there today trying to cool off any way they could. >> it's really hot and that's why everybody is going to the pool. >> reporter: this public port richmond pool packed to capacity on steamy summer day high humidity making it feel like 105 degrees. >> when your skin is burning all day long, it's great place to
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relax and get that cool chill and get it off you. >> reporter: the most oppressive heat wave of the season. forcing city officials to keep pools open this weekend, 21 public pools were supposed to close as lifeguards sign off for the summer. but because of the extreme heat, only a handful of pools including the northern liberties recreation center will lock up tonight. they begged me to come to the pool. i would like to be under the air all day. but i mean it's something for them to do. it's really hot. >> reporter: so hot cooling off tactics got creative in north philadelphia. we saw postal work can he desperate tore wet a rag that supplies major relief on his male work. >> does that work. >> it works for me. stays cool. >> reporter: children making a splash any way they can like going all in at a city spray ground in pennsport. >> i just jump in the water and then i got wet i get in again.
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>> reporter: mouths open, priceless moments except for perkins who paid a big price today to finally fix the ac in her car. >> i paid $425 for a new air compressor because i can't take it. i spent three years with no air-conditioning in the summer i had to do it. >> reporter: had to do it. i've been there. what an expense. but the good news, the city pools are free and about 60 will remain open through this heat wave. dawn? >> that is good news. all right, jenn, thank you. first way to stay safe during this heat to be prepared. fox 29 weather app will help you can have forecasts sent to your phone and stay up to date on any advisories or warnings. that app is free. you can download it from the apple or google play stores. police in wilmington need your help tonight to identify this woman. they say she poured bleach on another woman in target because her cart was blocking the aisle. police say this woman allegedly grabbed the bottle of bleach from her cart and just poured it
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on to the victims head. the bleach also splashed on to one-year-old child. the two were taken to an area hospital where they were treated and released. jerry sandusky testified in court today for his appeals hearing denying the child molestation charges. he was convicted of four years ago. the former penn state football assistant coach seen here in new court sketches is hoping to have his 45 count conviction thrown out or get a new trial. the 72-year-old did not take the stand during his 2012 trial. he claims that's one of the ways he was not properly represented by his legal team. the jury convicted jerry sandusky of sexually abusing 10 boys. he is now serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence. that hearing continues on august 22nd. meanwhile, joey merlino posted his $5 million bail in florida as he awaits his trial on racketeering charges. the alleged mob boss posted bail partly by cash equity, partly by property posted by his friends. merlino is expected to be
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released from jail later today. judge requires the 54-year-old to live at his florida home and wear an ankle bracelet. he is allowed to travel to eastern pennsylvania, new york city and new jersey. merlino faces up to 20 years in prison on charges he was part of a health care fraud scheme. he was arrested earlier this month along with 40 others with racketeering and various crimes. in norristown, attorney general kathleen kane told a judge today that she is not going to test in her perjury and obstruction trial. kane said she doesn't think it's necessary. the democrat decided against putting defense witnesses on the stand. prosecutors say kane leaked grand jury evidence and then lied about it during this week's trial former aids of the attorney general turned against her and testified against her. they allege that she conspired to frame other people for the leaked information. closing arguments are set for monday. if the jury finds kane guilty, a judge could sentence her to up to seven years in prison. starting today pennsylvania drivers have to make sure their
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car seats are facing backwards for all children until they're two years old. the requirement is part of a new state law that went into effect today. it directs police to issue warnings for the first year after which violations will cost $125. the measure makes pennsylvania the fourth state to enact rear facing child seat regulations for the youngest of children after california, oklahoma and new jersey. advocates say facing children toward the back of the car dramatically lowers their risk of death or serious injury during crashes. shocking ambush aboard a septa bus. a driver attacked, punched, even bitten the push to crack down on tax like these. plus, a desperate man seemed ready to end it all on a bridge but a nurse and one of the country's bravest were in the right place at the right time. what that man told them after they rescued him. and a man meets the stranger who is about to save his life. how their special connection came to be but why it's a dream come true.
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new at 6:00 the changes going into effect this weekend for pennsylvania wine stores how the laws will be a little less restrictive. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas?
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she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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♪ a violent assault on an overnight septa bus is all caught on camera. police say the passenger attacked the driver even bit him. >> now the search is on for the man who did this. fox 29's bill anderson is in old city with more on the investigation. bill? >> reporter: dawn, honestly makes no sense. you can look at the bus stop right over our shoulder, you see hundreds of people making their way home. it's hard to believe that any argument with a bus driver would be worth going to jail over. but that's exactly what is likely to happen if police find the guy who assaulted a driver and then strolled off the bus. driving a septa bus comes with some expected risks. drivers have to deal with busy philly streets and occasionally impatient passengers but they're not supposed to have to deal with being assaulted. >> whoa! i catch this bus all
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the time, too. >> i thought he was horrendous. you can't even take the bus. i'm taking the bus today. is stave. >> reporter: video released this morning shows a heated confrontation between a bus driver an passenger. the driver was punched, bitten and had his head slammed against the wheel. i spent the morning riding the bus and showing people the video and predictably most thought it was pathetic. >> they don't respect nobody no more. you know what i mean. >> crazy. >> it's crazy. >> doesn't have right to be hitting the bus driver, because he's driving. he's exposed, that's kind of messed up. >> reporter: the latest attack adds fuel to appending bill in harrisburg that would make attacks on transit workers a fell honey. simply put the bill sponsor said the senseless attacks have to stop because they put too many at risk. >> that as subtle not only puts the driver at risk but the passengers at risk and puts anybody else on the road at ri risk. so it was my end tension to give those drivers added protection and at the same time increase
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protection for riders and for anybody who happens to be on the road at that time. >> reporter: if passed the bill would add punish many to attacks like this one. 91 of that matter if's the man isn't caught. take a long look at the tattoo and call police if you have any information. >> now with all of that being said, chris, people called it ridiculous. people call it pathetic, but most said they feel generally safe on the bus. they followed up by saying they would feel a lot safer if they didn't have to wonder if the guy you just saw in the video was sitting next them. so if you know anything, please call police immediately. >> chris. >> those drivers just trying to do their jobs. thanks, bill. local business helping out veterans in the spotlight today. mayor kenney toured diss osh industries in north philadelph philadelphia. it manufacturers medical supplies. it's both veteran owned and highers veterans it also works with local non-profit to go higher citizens rebuilding after their lives after incarceration. >> in you decide tonight the gop
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know nominee makes stops in the crucial keystone state. he met with members of the republican national committee to talk about how the campaign should proceed. >> hillary clinton does what trump has yet to do releasing her tax returns. fox's peter doocy is in washington with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump not happy over news frustrated republicans draft add letter to the head of the rnc urging the chairman to stop supporting trump's bid for the white house. >> i'll have to stop funding the republican party. i'm the one raising the money. >> despite a week of back and forth inside the party chairman proofs have appeared at trump's rally in erie pennsylvania today he introduced the gop nominee to a room of cheering supporters. >> most of them have really supported us. but some of them just can't get over it. you know what i say to them. >> get over it! >> you signed a pledge. >> reporter: hillary clinton who's taking a day off from the campaign trail is also finding herself back on the defensive.
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a report surfacing earlier today showing top clinton aid cheryl mills was taking part in high level tasks for the clinton foundation while also working as chief of staff for the secretary of state. it comes days after new documents from clinton's private e-mail server appeared to reveal a conflict of interest between the clinton state department and the clinton foundation. >> trump needs to stay on offense with her and needs to tack her on corruption, on inside dealing. >> in an effort to shift the negative coverage back on her opponent this afternoon clinton released her 2015 personal tax returns. she is hammered trump over his refusal to do the same. today's move is likely to increase pressure on him to do so. >> a new poll today conducted by nbc the wall street journal and shows clinton taking leads in key swing states including florida, virginia and north carolina. all fox latino poll shows donald trump losing even more ground with hispanic voters in
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washington, peter doocy, fox news. in allentown a football hall of famer returns home with a special gift for his high scho school. former nfl star andre read presented the football team at dear rough high school with a $2,500 donation. reid wanted to donate it where his football career began it's important to give back and every little bit helps. >> i'm going to remember this for the rest of my life, bought it's important to me. it's really important to me and kind of chokes me up a little bit because again emotions. i was that kid here going to school. >> local guy made good. reid graduated from kutztown university and then he played for the buffalo bills and the washington redskins. there's a new contender for the oldest animal in the world. what scientists just discovered about this shark, well, that may just blow your mind.
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plus, bad reactions to the exploding market of various drugs such as synthetic drugs leave people unpredictable. violent and numb to pain. every day police have to deal with exactly that. the new training to make sure these encounters do not turn deadly. and a girl on vacation finds herself in a life threatening situation in a pool. why the maintenance man who was nearby was the perfect person to find her. ♪
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. federal appeals court in wisconsin just overturn the conviction of a man found guilty of helping his uncle kill a woman in a case profile the net 96 documentary making of a murderer. the court overturned brendan today's see's conviction and
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ordered him free within 90 days unless the case a appealed. he confessed to helping his uncle steven avery carry out the rape and murder of theresa hall back but attorneys are a cued that the confession was coerced. avery was tried and convicted separately in the homicide. officials are blaming turbulence for injuring more than 20 people aboard a jet blue airplane. that plane which departed from boston and was headily to go sacremento had to make unscheduled landing in south dakota. 22 passengers and two crew members suffered injuries during the extreme weather and turbulence. first responders took all of them to local hospital for evaluation. they have since been treated and released. passengers aboard the plane say it was chaos in the sky. >> go right into the huge cloud, boom, like flew way up in the air. whole plane shook much crazy. >> the storage thing up on top opened up for a completely and flew out a bunch of people got hurt. a bunch of stuff fell down all over them. >> the national transportation safety board is investigating
5:25 pm
the incident. u.s. navy ship a pea chi returned to port in florida with some new clues about the fate of the alfaro cargo ship. you may remember the alfaro sang during a hurricane joaquin last year on its way to puerto rico. all they members died. well, navy ship recovered the voyage data recorder officials hope the information thon black box can help them figure out how the el faro went down aside from a single distress signal authorities on land heard nothing from the el faro during that storm. scientists say they have new contender for the oldest animal in the world. >> yeah, we're talking hundreds of years old. some green land sharks found in the waters around green land have been confirmed to be nearly 400 years old. now, this would make the shark the oldest living animal with a back bone ever recorded. now because of the dating techniques used the record is still unofficial and scientists wanted to more studies.
5:26 pm
for now the record holder is bow whale with a record age of 211 years old. >> 400 years old. >> yeah. that's crazy. all right. desperate man seemed ready to end it all on california bridge but a nurse and one of the country's bravest happened to be at the right place at the right time. what that man told them after they rescued him. plus a special view of a site that doesn't come around this often but you might need a plane ticket to get this kind of view of this meteor shower. >> scott? >> dawn, it's day three of oppressive heat and humidity. coming up, the timing of just how long we'll continue to have feels like temperatures well above 100. ♪
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♪ welcome back. a nice shot to start the weekend from bush kill falls from our pocono mountains camera. heat, wow, stifling and seriously it could be dangerous if you're not careful. we going to hit triple digits this weekend when will we see relief? you'll find the answer coming up in the fox 29 weather authority. outrage is growing in east germantown for the second time in three days a six-year-old boy has been shot. mahaj brown seriously injured and in the hospital tonight after being shot twice last night in a hail of gunfire. police say the young boy was inside a car being driven home when rival groups opened fire on the 500 block of east ashmead street. so far no arrests. police are looking for the man who attacked a septa bus driver.
5:30 pm
the passenger is caught on surveillance video getting into a fight with the driver. he was exiting on south broad street. police say the passenger punched the driver, slammed his head into the dashboard and bit him on the face. it happened earlier this month around 3:00 o'clock in the morning. if you have any information please call police. one of the country's bravest along with a nurse just went beyond the call of duty to stop a potential tragedy in southern california. the two heroes teamed up to stop a suicide at man from jumping off a bridge. >> fox's salvadore rivera has his heroic tale. report. >> i was just driving to work like any other monday. i noticed a pickup truck slowing down and pulling over to the right side. >> reporter: nick decided to pull over on the cored in dough bridge hoping to lend a hand. >> i pulled over. i was going to get out. i thought he had car trouble or something like that. >> reporter: it turned to be an 82-year-old man who wanted to end his life. >> i jumped out of my car. ran over to him and i grabbed
5:31 pm
his arm and asked him what he was doing. and he told me that i'm jumping. >> reporter: he kept the man from jumping over the side and tried to get help. >> i didn't have my phone on me or anything. i had a good grasp on his arm and started waving cars down. >> reporter: but no one was stopping until lindsay went by. >> noticed, um, petty officer pezzano waving his hands shouting instructions to oncoming traffic to call the police and that he needed help and that's when i pulled over. >> reporter: she's a nurse on her way to work at sharp coronado. >> wasn't sure what was going on. i wasn't sure if it was a medical emergency or what. >> lindsay was able to talk to the individual and calm him down. more than i obviously would have at that point. >> i have give nick the credit for this one, you know, this young manmade so many important decisions without hesitation
5:32 pm
that ultimately resulted in this out come. he was clearly in crisis. and clearly needed help and i just hope the net result of this situation he gets the help that he needs. >> the man told them he was sick and that's why he wanted to end his life. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. and meteorologist scott williams talk about a steamy stifling day. does we've been talking about it for days now. when is this going to end, scott? >> you know, i think we have several more days of the oppressive heat and humidity the heat wave could be a seven-day heat wave, you guys. as we look at ultimate doppler right now still keeping tabs on ultimate doppler. a couple of isolated pop-up downpours. the severe thunderstorm warping that we had earlier for chester, also, montgomery and delaware county that has just expired. but nonetheless we'll zoom in and show you where the heaviest of that rainfall is headed right now toward the haverford area. lower merion also moving toward east falls.
5:33 pm
germantown if that cell holds together rainfall rates up to 2.5-inches per hour. also in sections of bucks county, just to the east of doylestown, moving toward buckingham approaching new hope we're looking at some very heavy torrential downpours. we have the heat. we have the humidity. a big bermuda high is just set up shop out to sea. so we're getting that heat pump affect winds out of the south and west pumping up all of that tropical moisture. it's kind of air you can wear. 96 degrees right now. the high officially 97. right now it feels like 107 degrees when you step outdoors. look at the current air temperatures. rain cooled 78 in lancaster. we have 94 dover. 95 in wildwood. but you factor in that humidity, this is how it actually feels right now. 107 in philadelphia. 107 currently the feel like temperature in millville. it feels like 118 in dover. and look at the dew points. any time it's above 60 it starts to feel sticky.
5:34 pm
we had dew points in the 80s in dover. 74 the current dew point in philadelphia. so a couple of isolated downpours. if you're stepping outdoors otherwise stay hydrated stay safe. check on seniors also the elderly and pets. we're talking about the dangerous conditions just rolling through the upcoming weekend. once again tomorrow afternoon a couple of pop-up downpours similar to today. not everyone will see it. for tonight, we're looking at 80 degrees the low temperature in the city. it will stay pretty muggy. those early isolated storms tomorrow 98 degrees. the record for tomorrow is 99. feels like temperatures between 105 to 111 degrees. are you looking for some relief you're not going find that much down the shore. 90 degrees both saturday and sunday. feels like temperatures tomorrow down the shore 102. by sunday feeling like 100. the pocono mountains tomorrow, humid, pop up storms. 87.
5:35 pm
84 on sunday. warm and muggy area wide. the extended weather authority seven day forecast showing 98 for tomorrow. feels like temperatures 111. on sunday 97. none still on monday. 90 on tuesday. so we'll keep that heat wave going at least through tuesday by the middle of the week temperatures not as hot. back to 87 degrees. guys, back to you. >> feels like 111 tomorrow? >> yeah. stay safe. >> yeah. >> and hydrated. thanks, scott. now, what would you say to someone who suggested weakening your friday night cocktail with less alcohol? well, it's a new study that suggests why this might be a good idea. and a girl on vacation finds herself in a life threatening situation in a pool. why the maintenance man who was nearby turned out to be the perfect person to find her. and new at 6:00 a special honor for hundreds of veterans in new jersey. the unique way they were recognized for their sacrific s.
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investigation is underway in new york city after a wrecking ball smashed in three world trade center last night. the crane was building cables to the building still under construction when the incident happened. police say crews were bracing for bad weather when a gust of wind caused the ball to hit the building. luckily no debris fell to the ground and no one was hurt. turning to your health now, and taking some of the kick out of your friday night cocktail. it turns out that lowerin lowere click content in beer and other drinks may actually help reduce their harmful effects. >> the world health organization says nearly a quarter of the deaths of people in their 20s and 30s worldwide are alcohol related. the team says a small reduction in the click content of a beer dropping it from 6% to 4% would cut alcohol intake per drinker even if you drink the same amount. researchers say this would lead to lower blood alcohol levels and would reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and alcohol
5:40 pm
related diseases that develop over time. the university of wisconsin doctors have discovered some alarming trends about children and high cholesterol. they say one out of every 250 children has hereditary high cholesterol and if left untreated it could risk -- raise the risk of heart attack later in life. american family children's hospital is addressing the health problem and just opened a specialized clinic for cholesterol clinic for kids. >> people have this type of high cholesterol and go without a diagnosis or appropriate treatment about half of men and about 25% of women will have a heart attack by the age of 50. and we know that that increases their risk of early heart attack or stroke by one hundredfold. we know that lowering a child's cholesterol can be done safely and effectively with medication. >> the american academy of pediatrics recommends all children be screened for
5:41 pm
cholesterol between the ages of nine and allege. bad reaction to the exploding market of various drugs such as synthetic drugs makes me unpredictable. violent and numb to pain. every day police have to deal with exactly that. the new training to make sure these encounter do not turn deadly. a man meets a stranger who's about to save his life. how the special connection came to be but why it's a dream come true. sean? chris, still all about carson wentz. yesterday wentz definitely showed why he was the number two overall pick in the draft. later wentz talk about his first game experience in the nfl.
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♪ surveillance video shows
5:45 pm
people turning suddenly violent. police say they're having a bad reaction to drugs and it's not dealt with appropriately the situation can turn deadly in a flash. >> it's called excited delirium. fox's noel now ton shows us how police are training to help avoid situations from getting out of hand. >> reporter: this is video inside the williamson county jail. the inmate was arrested for possession. he pounds his fists, yells, sings and continuously slams his full body wait into the cell door without fringing. jailers recognize these are symptoms of excited delirium. >> relax. sing for me. sing for me. roar report cell staff tries to distract the man as they come up way plan to address what is considered a medical emergency. when everyone is in place, they move in. they quickly gain control of his arms and legs. medical department lieutenant
5:46 pm
douglas wheeler administers the sedative. couple minutes later, the inmate is asleep. he's turned over and loaded on to stretcher. >> while he was in the jail for significant amount of time went to the hospital was there for a couple of days. came back and couldn't remember anything. he was the nicest guy in the world. he said the last thing i remembered i bought a bag of marijuana. >> it causes exactly the symptoms we're looking at store excited delirium. >> reporter: drug use the number one of cause of excited delirium the term was first coined in the 1800's law enforcement has become intervention training and recognized it is an immediate medical emergency. wheeler has conducted eight hour classes for williamson county deputes and jail staff since 2009. >> one of the symptoms would be they might be hyper they remember mick, high body temperature, sweating, removing their clothes, not making any sense. sometimes violence. dilusional. hallucinating. >> reporter: the symptoms can
5:47 pm
vary from the very mild like this inmate coming off xanax in 2011. he was arrested for possession but thinks he's in jail for a murder charge. >> i'm here for murder, right? >> reporter: more violent cases are easily found on youtube search. take this man who punches a fence and attacks an officer. what's troubling about a person in this situation they're lack of sensitivity to pain. >> you and i when we go run and we start having any kind of pain, we can say we need to slow down and stop. they don't have that. they don't have that ability to shut it off. it continues on until there's exhaustion. if someone is exhibiting those symptoms of excited delirium, then there's a hot chance that they could die if not treated. >> reporter: roll is to show law enforcement how to spot symptoms and appropriately respond. these people have extremely high heart rates. certain triggers can make matters worse. >> if there is a way to minimize
5:48 pm
the external stimuli that that person is exposed to, then we should minimize that. and some of those things would be let's not use sirens and lights. let's get enough backup. let's not put our hands on them unless we're prepared to go to the gurney of the medical providers. if possible. the problem sometimes it's not possible. >> reporter: he recommends cal and many talking with the person at first getting them lay down, relax. he uses this video from the appleton police department in wisconsin an an example. >> look around and i'm going to die. it's okay. >> reporter: the man in this case was using mushrooms. his mother found him naked and not making sense. >> nobody is going to hurt you. ahh! >> just relax. lay your head back and relax. >> reporter: once a minimum of four officers on scene and em. is alerted the mechanical defeat maneuver can be used.
5:49 pm
>> danger, danger, danger. one, two, three, four. >> reporter: the person is tased. as soon as the prongs hit his body, deputes grab both arms and bring the person down. two more deputes control the person's feet. >> you have them under control. so you don't have to really -- we don't want to break his arm. >> reporter: pressured use to lock the arms in place much the airway chest and back remains open while ems administers a sedative. >> absolute it's minimized the problem. >> reporter: even as the training sweeps the nation that will be deaths. in february, 17-year-old david joseph was believed to have been exhibiting excited delirium symptoms fatally shot as he ran full speed at an austin police officer. >> don't move, don't move, don't move, don't move, stop, stop, stop! (gunfire). >> a trainer told investigators he believed the officers activation of his patrol lights attracted joseph. the officer jeffrey free man felt he could not risk waiting for backup. as these situations unfold, he
5:50 pm
asks that we all take into account the extreme complexion is the of the syndrome. >> there's two sides to all these stories. that i think that ultimately the police officers are doing the very best they can to confront a very difficult problem. >> reporter: in william county, noel newton, fox news. in minnesota, a happy end to go what was almost a tragedy at a pool. >> a young girl visiting her family on vacation started drowning. no one noes how long the 11-year-old was at the bottom of the oil pool but once relatives noticed she was in danger they screamed for help. one maintenance worker jumped in to action and rush to the scene to perform cpr and now he's being hailed a hero after his quick thinking actions saved the girl's life. he describes the moment he realized something was wrong. >> i don't even remember how i got out the office so fast. all i know is i just start flinging stuff off me and radios and stuff and everything else went in the pool with me. some guy showed up out of
5:51 pm
nowhere like a guardian angel right there at the ac sipe and helped lift her out. >> well landry the hero there is actually a former firefighter from ohio and a career that ended nearly 30 years ago but he's kept up his cpr training. >> that was lucky. a seven-year-old giant panda getting a visit from the stork in china carrying not one but two bundles of joy. the mother welcome the two twin pandas into the world yesterday. surveillance video shows her delivering both her cubs picking up the first with her mouth making room to deliver the second. specialists took away cub number two to care for it. the first was still being nursed by its mother and has not yet been examined. officials say these cubs will help with their research on pandas. well, tonight a special view of a site that doesn't come around this often. but you might need a plane ticket to get this kind of a view of the meteor shower. >> coming up to note at 6:00 o'clock, jerry sandusky back in court today four years after being convicted of
5:52 pm
sexually assaulting boys. the claims he's making all these years later. changes going into effect this weekend for pennsylvania's wine store system. how the laws will be a little less restrictive.
5:53 pm
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♪ northwestern human services hosted a community fun day in north philadelphia today. in addition to music, dancing, footer and games, organizers set up traditional and holistic health services and screenings and a big bonus am meal jefferson coached a basketball clinic with philadelphia native is a star on the duke university's basketball team. an illinois man getting a second chance at life and it's all thanks to a stranger who heard his story and just decided to help. >> fox's dane was there when the man getting a live saving kidney transplant met the donor for the first time face to face. >> somebody order kidney or wh what? >> reporter: justin had never met stuart until this moment.
5:57 pm
>> nice to finally meet you. >> they now share a life-saving bond. next tuesday one of justin's kidney will be transplanted no stuart's body. >> ready. >> i'm ready. >> i'm ready. i can't wait. i'm happy, scared, all of the above. >> are you? >> don't worry about it. you're in good hand. >> first threat stuart last may. the 54-year-old arlington heights resident was suffering stage four renal failure and need add kidney to live. but the waiting list is three to five years. >> too long for his wife laura. >> i'm going to get i was kidn kidney. i'll work on it and -- laura had an idea. kin of window signs for all three of the family's cars. >> my daughter's dad needs a kidney. stuart says i need a kidney and mine is my husband needs a kidney. it's overwhelming. >> someone took a picture of their daughter's car and put it on facebook where it was seen by melinda in springfield. immediately e mailed it to her type o husband. >> it was win a matter of two minutes he got the picture he
5:58 pm
pulled over. he was at work. pulled over and made the phone call, and yeah, he didn't think twice about it. >> reporter: when led to today's emotional meeting. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> i'm justin. >> nice to meet you. >> i just put myself in his shoes. i have six children and a wife, and i would hope if nobody matched me, that somebody would step forward and do it too. >> what was your reaction when you heard somebody stepped forward? >> oh, i was like, unbelievable. shocked. happy. stuart and justin hope this isn't the end of the story. they hope other people see this and decide to make a donation of their own. >> i really hope it does. they always say if this helps one person, that won't make me happy. i hope it makes a thousand people do this. at least look into it. in a couple more days little piece of you is going to be inside of you, right. >> that's right. >> oh yeah live saving piece. >> we'll be related. (laughter).
5:59 pm
>> dane flacco, fox news. it's quite a show in the skies above spain take look at this time lapsed video of the annual perseid meter roar shower which peaked overnight. now the shower got its name because the meteors appear to come from the constellation percy sid. you can only really see this meteor shower however in the northern hemisphere. pretty cool though. ♪ same story, different day. we are all feeling the heat. and making matters worse, a big cool down is being shut down. why some philadelphia pools are being closed for the season. plus, a septa bus driver punched and bitten by a rider. how this latest transit attack could spark a change in laws. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ we start tonight with concerns about dangerous heat gripping the region. temperatures in philadelphia reaching 96 degrees today but it
6:00 pm
felt like well over a hundred and we felt everyone of those degrees. >> yeah. >> good evening i'm chris o'connell. i'm dawn timmeney. brace yourself. this isn't even the worst of the heat. it could get even steamier for your weekend. but it's not just the heat that could get in the way of all your fun. maybe some storms as well. let's head over to the fox 29 weather authority and scott williams. scott, what is in store? >> we continue to find heat and humidity and pop up showers and storms, dawn. take life look outside of our studios. you can see off in the distance as you move back toward sections of camden county, also in burlington county, we're looking at some moderate to heavy rain. but showers and thunderstorms not the only story. the summer sizzle. the new high 97 degrees just came in. making it the 27th day temperatures have hit 90 or better in the philadelphia area, and that fifth heat wave is official. we're dry and quiet in parts of down the shore also delaware but we'll zoom in little closer across the area.


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