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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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wonderful sciota country club. so glad you were with us today on fox. we will have it on your local fox station tomorrow and it's always streaming at fox sports go. from our entire crew on a saturday in value ohio, upper arlington ohio, just west of columbus, it's been fun. thanks for joining us. see you for final round coverage, tomorrow, here at sciota. good night, everybody.
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right now at 6:00 we're
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tracking our hottest day of the year around this area. and it is a scorcher. folks are doing what ever they can to stay cool. kids here at spring garden enjoying a fountain. good evening, i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timoney. the heat is compounded by the high humidity making it unbearable and dangerous. >> right over to the fox weather authority, now, meteorologist, dave warren standing by with the hot details. >> no relief yet, here, we have another day of this excessive heat. maybe not as humid. we will see some relief here. this is the excessive heat warning, and the heat advisory, that are in effect. now the advisory just today with the warning all the way through tomorrow afternoon. so, watch for that, that's when you get the high heat, plus humidity. let's look at the heat first. temps within just few degrees of records today. still upper 90s, but some rain cooled there, air there in reading at eight a degrees. allentown at 89. just little cooler, right along the coast atlantic city at the airport, 91.
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now the humid it is high, limits the body's ability to cool itself. you put the heat and humidity together, you get numbers like this with the heat index when they're above 100 degrees, you have to stay hydrated, you have to take it easy because that's when you can see heat exhaustion coming in. still well above 100 there in philadelphia, reading, or dover, i should say, just below 120. it was above 120 for awhile, very humid air to the south. watch for few showers, maybe thunderstorm, north and west, cluster of thunderstorms there, lightning strikes, just in the western tip of berks county, that's moving off to the northeast, that's where it is now, let's look at the computer forecast, few very few showers or maybe even a thunderstorm north and west, between about now and 10:00. after 10:00 just muggy night, in for muggy start tomorrow morning. as far as the temperatures go, if you are out this evening it, will stay above 80. it may not drop below 80 all night tonight. new showers snort and west, chance for storm later along 95 in philadelphia at 86 degrees. and then, 82, south and east,
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warm and muggy night. the heatwave continues, but it does end, in the seven day, not tomorrow's forecast, but look the an exactly when coming up a little later. >> see you then, thank up, dave. tons of people flocked to atlantic city today for jimmy buffet concert on the beach. >> today's burning hot temperatures again had people creating finding ways to beat the heatment fox 29's sabina kuriakose joining us live from atlantic city. how are folks staying hydrated out there? how are you? >> reporter: oh, drink ago lot of water, joyce. i mean, also, a lot of margarita's, it is jimmy buffet, after all, some people with rita's water ice in their handsment look at this, you don't usually see the board walk out here this packed, i mean, it is standing room only out here, and of course you know we do have breeze from the ocean coming in. so it is not quite as hot as it is up there where you guys are in old city. so how are people staying cool? they're jumping in the ocean. we have little kids coming out wrapped in toils, towels,
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bathing suits, people jumping in high tell pools, as well. so a lot of people just trying to stay cool in and around the water. but if you are in the water in for five minute, you are already dripping in sweat. make no mistake it is hot out here. i say there are a lot of people here for the jimmy buffet concert. this heat is not stopping them from getting dressed up and enjoying a good time. take a look and a listen. >> it is really hot out here. whew, thank goodness for a drink. >> just dressed up for jimmy, as we always are, this is our second atlantic city concert with jimmy. we were here four years ago when he played at boardwalk hall. >> oh, it is really hot, really hot. we jumped in the pool. we could be worst places but we're at the beach. >> back out here live, again, just look at the boardwalk, little bit spars now, but just little bit. it is going in waves. so it is pretty packed specially if you head down toward where the concert is. you know, one thing i asked
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some of these people pushing the jitneys out here, they are dripping in sweat, but they say being busy is better than any other day, because this is awesome, and everyone just having good time, guys, back to you. >> all right, i think you are at the place to be there, sabina, thank you, stay cool. >> in northern liberties the last day for the city pool to operate for the summer. it is one of the eight pools closing this weekend, because of lack of lifeguards. now, 21 pools were initially slate today close but the city is extending the schedule because of the heat. the pools are now closing on a staggered basis, so all locations do not shutdown at once. >> and meanwhile, in allentown, the city is discounting admission fees at all public pools through the weekend because of all of the heat, and offering half price admission for the remainder of the pool season during any time the national weather service announces a heat advisory. a look at old city tonight. don't forget make sure you stay with fox 29 for updates on this extreme heat.
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you can also go to our website for the heat hotline numbers and cooling stations that are in your area. >> massive flooding reaking havoc acroters parts of louisianna tonight. national guard rescued more than a thousand people from their homes and cars. the floods are linked to at least two deaths, and the slow moving storm is expected to dump more rain in the state. fox's will car with the latest on this emergency. >> reporter: evacuations and rescues are underway in louisianna after days of torrential rainfall now swamped the state, dumping widespread flooding. >> the first had to come rescue at the house, the water was that high. >> slow moving storms expected to dump more heavy rain throughout the weekend. governor declaring a state of emergency, saying, residents advised to evacuate, should do so quickly. >> we have record levels of flooding along our rivers and creeks and because these are record floods, we don't know
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how wide the water is going to get in those areas. >> flooding progressively more and more as the day goes on, just getting worse. >> reporter: louisianna national guard going home to home to save residents and pets stranded in waist high water. rescue crews continue to search for a car swept away and the report after missing person. >> helicopters are primarily in active search rescue right now. we're trying to coordinate with the officials on the ground to make sure that we hit the critical areas. >> reporter: the water even impacting the governor's mansion, the basement flooding overnight. rivers and creeks in some areas expected to crest 4 feet higher than the previous record. >> this is certainly not over. >> reporter: storm system hovering over louisianna expected to dump more rain for the next 36 hours, making it uncertain exactly when the water will start to recede. in texas, will carr, fox news. >> tonight police continue their hunt for the person who shot and killed a man yesterday in north philadelphia, and they need
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your help. happened on the 2300 block of north second street, police say the victim, 52 year old man, had been shot several times inside a car. he died a short time later. police say the suspect took off on foot and then jumped into a black nissan maxima. police say the shooter appeared to be a man dressed as woman, caring a large purse and wearing a long black wig. if you have any information, please call police. and developing tonight, neighbors in a normally quiet trenton neighborhood want more answers from police. they say that detectives told them very little about a shooting that happened on their street overnight. >> yep, it happened at the home of an off-duty corrections officer. fox 29's steve keeley has the details for us from hamilton township. >> reporter: i -- >> i was told by someone standing on the corner there was a shooting. >> reporter: front storm door glass window was shattered where the new jersey corrections offers here lives here in hamilton mercer county on the vicky court cul-de-sac
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told detective as he went out to smoke a cigarette on his front poor every around 3:30 this morning, he saw dominick kneel walking up his concrete path toward him. the prison guard's girlfriend, who was also here at the house at the time, had a restraining order against kneel, her ex, for previous domestic violence, and kneel was prohibited from being anywhere near her. kneel was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, and his head down, the guards told detectives. he says kneel had one hands out to reach for his front door, the other hand on his waistband when the guards fired three, four shots. through the glass storm door, hitting the kneel once in the head, killing him. another bullet went through the driver side door of the girlfriends' car parked right out front. authorities later found kneel's car couple of blocks away. and hoping to somehow verify the guards' story and find any witnesses who saw or heard anything overnightment detectives went door-to-door talking to neighbors. >> i had a couple agents from the mercer county prosecutor's
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offers came to my door and asked if i heard anything, or heard any fighting or arguing outside. >> she was thinking how lucky she was, hearing that shots were fired, right in the direction where she was sleeping. directly across the street at her corner first floor bedroom. >> my concern is for my safety, being my bedroom is right across from there. i'm thinking if there was shots it, could have came right through my bedroom. >> reporter: no charges have been filed while the mercer county homicide task force is investigating whether this is a justifiable case of deadly force. in hamilton, steve keeley, "fox 29 news". turn i shall authorities have prepared arrest of pocono-based cleric, for his alleged role in a attempted military coup. that's according to reports that turkey state run news agency, the cleric, is accused by turn i shall leaders of orchestrating the unsuccessful military take over of the government, that left 270 people dead.
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officials fay zero facing trial, washington said it would need evidence of the cleric's involved in order to extradite him. he lives in sailors berg, monroe county, denies any involvement. >> 911 dispatchers in new jersey already using texting system that can offer people a safer option to reach out for help. now, more towns around the country jumping on board, but there is one thing that is keeping some cities from adopting the program. >> well, chance meeting helps a philadelphia dad get to the olympics to see his son. the samaritan that made that trip possible. >> and local staple around for decades is closing its doors for good. how the owner hopes you are going to help him re-invent himself. sean? >> joyce, bad news for the eagles, the franchise carson wentz got hurt during thursday's game, and now it looks like he's going to miss a little bit of time. how long he'll miss and what
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the injury is coming up later in sports.
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>> donald trump and his campaign double down on election fraud claims. campaign stop in altoona last night, the republican presidential nominee says the only way he could loose pennsylvania, is if there is cheating. then today a campaign spokesperson in an interview with cnn details concerns over election fraud, particularly, about the vulnerability that electronics voting machines could intact.
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trump has not offered any evidence about the claims that elections would be rigged against him. meanwhile, hillary clinton had publicly scheduled events today. will be back in pennsylvania next week, on monday, clinton will be campaigning with vice president biden in scranton, and she will be in philadelphia on tuesday at west philadelphia high school. a quinnipiac survey of likely voters released tuesday clinton leading 22% to 42% in the state of pennsylvania. >> a heated debate is building about government control when it comes to the internet. the us government will soon hand over the domain main system to an international group. >> now critics say that would put free speech in jeopardy. fox's garrett tub i explains. >> for the last 18 years, the. s government has controlled what's called the domain named system world-wide, through a non-profit group called the internet cooperation foray signed names and numb bedrooms, or ican for sure. this group manages domain
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names like dot gov, dot ninja, yes, that's a role thing. by the ends of next month, obama administration planning to ends its contract with ican giving up control of the dough name naming responsibility for local boards of directors. critics argue this move will allow governments like russia, china, iran, to have greater control over key part of the internet and potentially the ability to stiffle free speech. now, a coalition of technology groups and conservatives are pushing congress to sue the obama administration. in a letter to congressional leaders in week, 26 tech organizations wrote in part, without robust safeguards internet governance could fall under the sway of hostile freedoms protected by the first amount: twice now congress' has passed a bill that prohibit any tax dollars from being used for the transition. and both times the president signed those bills into law. but, now the administration says it is not down by those bills, and plans to move ahead. in a letter to lawmakers this week, assistant congress secretary larry sticklin wrote
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in part free expression, not because of perceived us oversight over the conine name system or because of any asserted special relationship that the united states has with icann, it exists and is protected when steak holders work together to make decisions, unless the press changes his mind or a lawsuit is brought, us will hand over control of icann by the end every next month. >> in rocks bore open, police and community members come together for a day of fun. fifth district police, roxborough development corporation, and friends of gorgus park come together to organize the event, featuring music, dancing, mood, even moon bounce. they were bouncing. it was a great way to build bridges for everybody. >> different units from the police department, k9 unit, we have our highway patrol, officers from the fifth district, it just is our way of reaching out and talking
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and touching the community and interacting with them. >> and an extra bonus, those who attended brought food for a local food bank. and in camden, police officers, city leaders and volunteers, out this evening, for a night of food and basketball. brothers of few bet a sigma fraternity also giving a hand there helping out. organizers of this block party say it is all about building tighter bonds in the neighborhood and supporting local children. yes, there was a way to stay cool out there at a spray-ground. >> well, philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood has wonderful mom and pop shops. the small businesses along germantown avenue give the community a special charm of it own. but now one of the staples of this neighborhood is closing its doors for good after six decades. many will surely miss this piece of local history. >> the chestnut hill camera shop on germantown avenue has
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been part of the fabric of the community since 1952. sixty-four years in business. frank, who inherited the shop, said he grew up in the store, hanging out here since he was a little boy. >> we used to do custom framing, sit on the counter there, my aunt and uncle run the shop, uncle's sister, my grandfather work here, and busy store. >> at 16, frank came to work for his aunt and hung he will, hen i etta, and full time in 1980 when he graduated college. >> i loved camera, i loved photography. and i like waiting on people. >> for 42 years, frank has been behind his counter, selling cameras, developing photos, and providing people with customer service, you seldom see these days. >> if you weren't sure of exactly what you wanted, right, ' cyst dollars, aided, a betted, whatever he had to do to help you out.
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>> that's my favorite thing, waiting on the customers, services what we sell, only thing you can't get on the internet. >> but come monday, the chestnut hill camera shop will be a memory. frank garber said his beloved business is no longer making business. >> we're competing with the internet, competing with ebay, competing with cell phones. >> difficult and heart wrenching decision, after developing such close relationships with so many families over the years. >> we have children who is children now come in. hard to leave that. that's like the hardest in relationships with the customers. that's a tough thing, real emotional, i know reaches out and helps. >> charlie peterson third generation customer. >> use today come in here when i was little boy. and almost every weekends coming in here to drop off pictures or film to have it developed. >> news of the camera shop's closing is a blow to this cobblestone stretch of germantown avenue made up of
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small shops. >> frank has been flooded with notes of appreciation, gifts, and lot of well wishes. >> really nice. >> so many loyal customers, disappointed, at the end of an era. >> many customers have come in, given my cards, hugging me, crying at the counter, i mean, a lost in chestnut hill, sad. >> any day of the week, do business with a guy like this. >> one door shuts, hopefully another will open. >> i really want to thank all of the customers, that have been here for years. >> well, frank thought he would retire at the shop, but he is hoping to re-invent himself. he is considering opening a smaller shop and specializing in preserving memories, taking people's negative's, photo albumns, videotapes, digitizing them for customers so they can have them forever. >> changes are going into effect this weekend for pennsylvania's wine store
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system. how the laws will be a little less restrictive. >> plus, a big -- where creepy crawly insects are in the city. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii.
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fidel castro celebrate his 90th birthday today. a party was held in havana. celebration took place on the anti-i am superior tribune, outside the newly opened us embassy. annual carnival was combined this year with the former leader's birthday bash. castro rarely makes public appearances and is not scheduled to do so for his birthday fest i have tis, how much, in a letter published in state media captured and used the opportunity to criticize president obama for not apologizing to the japanese during may trip to hiroshima. >> police in silver spring maryland say they expect to find more bodies inside an apartment building that exploded on wednesday. three people are confirmed dead, already, and more than 30 other are hurt. at a news conference, authorities would not say how many people are still unaccounted for the bod that's were found have been
6:29 pm
identified. authorities are still working to determine the cause of the blast, but some residents reported smelling gas before the explosion. >> seven people are hurt after an ex and -- explosion at texas oil plant, happened at sunoco logistics plant. four people are critical. they've serious burns. they were taken by helicopter to a hospital. the company says the explosion and the fire were caused by faulty crude oil connection line. no nearby resident were affected at all. in florida, a woman is air lifted to the hospital after an alligator bites her, this happened in broward county near for the later dale. they say the injury to the woman's hands list in the critical condition. according to the state's wildlife conservation commission, the victim was attacked in a area only acceptable by boat. >> 911 dispatchers in new jersey are already using a texting system that can help people in need.
6:30 pm
now, more jurisdictions in the u.s. are jumping on board. but, the one thing that is keeping some cities from adopting the program. >> and a magnificant display of butter turns into this beautifully sculpted cow. finds out how many pound of butter to takes to build a piece of art like this. >> heat, closing in on record highs, within 2 degrees or so, of the actual high temperature, except for atlantic city, 97, hits the records, beat the record of 96. now heat, plus humidity, heat today, but heatwave will continue for awhile. i'll show when you it ends coming up in the seven day next.
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>> last month against taj mahal, pushed revenue down, it is in con that is to the 19 million it made in july of 2015.
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billionaire, carl icahn, owns the atlantic city casino, which was opened by donald trump back in 1990. icon is shutting it down permanently in october because he says it is losing millions of dollars a month. >> liquor laws in pennsylvania will be a little less restrictive, starting tomorrow, that's when 94 additional liquor stores will be allowed to operate on sundays. this includes locations in philadelphia, and the suburbs. meantime, almost 200 state stores that already opened on sundays will now have expanded hours from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and more stores will start staying open later throughout the fall. >> well, more communities around the country are turning to options allowing people to reach 911 dispatchers in a emergency when there are situations where calling may be unsafe. >> in camden county already uses it. officials are working on a state-wide system for new jersey. >> fox's laura engel shows us how the system could change nationally over the next few
6:35 pm
years. >> calling 911 in a emergency is not always possible if you are in a dangerous situation. where being overheard could bring you serious harm. but, texting 911 could save your life. >> if somebody's, you know, inside their house, or if they're in the trunk after car, they don't want someone to hear them, we can provide assistance to them. >> but text to 911 is not available everywhere, service operating in parts of 36 states, port reek open, based on call center's capability to except text. as of mid-july, text to 911 became available in all of new jersey, where some lawmakers say the service is an important part of the public safety tool kit. >> specially when you consider situations, like the orlando florida night club shooting when people were hiding and trying to send messages for help. >> if you're an active shooter you can imagine, getting live information coming in from a text 911, about how many people are in the room, how many shooters there are, if anybody is hurt. >> many major cities like new
6:36 pm
york still don't have the technology. because it requires major infrastructure work, including slopping out current wire systems, to a digital one, which city leaders say could take millions of dollars and two years to complete. the fcc requires mobile providers to allow customers to text to 911, but because not all call centers except the message, groups national emergency number association have some concerns. >> my number one concern is perception of ability to text 911, the second concern that i have is that there needs to be leadership in communities across the country, state level, and even in congress, to ensure that texting is available for all consumers. >> and unless filled out, texting in a emergency, doesn't provide the detailed location information that a land line does. which is why dispatchers say, call when you can, text when you can't. >> laura engel, fox news. onto your fox 29 weather
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authority, here is a live look along the ben franklin parkway. we got close to record highs everywhere. temperatures just below 100. let's head on over to meteorologist, dave warren now, dave, is it cooling off any yet? >> not really overnight tonight. you want to cool off, take a drive, andrew did, head down the shore, or head north and west, take advantage of some of the cooler breeze. if you're not, in either place, you're feeling the heat, even not much after break there, rehoboth beach at 95. lewes, delaware, at 95. but, look what happened in cape may, they're at 18 degrees, ocean city at 282, difference of about 10 degrees from the airport, the official reporting station in atlantic city, set a record today and the coast, atlantic city right along the beach there at 82, and beach haven at 80. now we look inland, temperatures into the 90's. so they are cooling off a bit. not much though. and they may not even drop below 80 degrees, overnight tonight. it is a little cooler in reading. there is some rain coming down, will affect the strong thunderstorm, and it will cool
6:38 pm
the temperature just a bit, but watching for few storms that possibly become severe, north and west over the next few hours, one in will of williamsport there is one little concern, right in western berks county, zoom in, show you exactly where it is, pushing off to the northeast, right along interstate 78. it is just south of pottsville. and continuing to move northeast, a lot of lightning with this storm the last 15 minutes, over 200 strikes pick up by the radar. so, that will give you some relief from the heat and humidity. here is what it was like today. temperature every 98, dew point, and that heat index creating number of 111 in allentown, the heat index was 107. sorry, dover, 122 was the highest heat index, because you get that moisture that comes in from both bays, dew point so high. when it is above 07 we say it is oppressive. above 80 you get numbers like that. eighty-two is the current dew point, mid 70s, elsewhere, nobody seeing a break from this moisture. although, we do see little
6:39 pm
break in the forecast. now, the heat we are talking about, lowe's above 80, when it does not drop below 80, highs near 100, the heat builds up day after day. tomorrow another day of concern, excessive heat warning, places without air-conditioning just cannot cool off. the high humidity, body can't cool itself. that's why we show you the heat index, the apparent temperature, body can't cool off. so take it easy, work around the heat. very early or very late. certainly stay hydrated. that will will help keep you cool. heatwave continues 93, 95, 97 degrees yesterday, today, 98. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, another five days above 90 degrees. long heatwave here. but you see the trends? we're dropping a bit. we should peak here either today or tomorrow with the heat and humidity. there are the showers and storms. tomorrow we could see repeat of that. specially north and west. but monday, a little bit after change here. we did some drier air, nudges its way in from the north. so that might make it feel a bit more comfortable.
6:40 pm
it is still a little cool right along the coast of the sea breeze, but everywhere still hot, maybe not quite as humid on monday. again of course the heatwave continues. there it is tomorrow. that could be the peak, either today or tomorrow, with temperature up to 98 degrees. and another four days at least of temperatures above 906789 but humidity drops just a bit. could see few showers, storms, tuesday and wednesday, as it creeps back up a little bit. but not like we're seeing today. thursday, we hit 90. and here it is, friday, and saturday, temperatures into the upper 80s, that will be the end of the heatwave, shore temperatures not much better. 80s and 90s, there, little land breeze tomorrow, maybe little cooler in the afternoon, but monday, looks to be the day. so watch for that heat to finally clear out, five, six and seven, days six and seven of the five-day forecast, so five more to go. >> all right, thank you, dave. dirty water and bad sanitation just some of the problems at the rio summer olympic games. coming up the safety of the
6:41 pm
athlete and workers at risk in ways you're not hearing about. >> talk about a bug invasion in philadelphia. but it is all good. where these creepy crawly insect drew quite a crowd today. >> not where i was, but check this out, magnificant display of butter turns into this beautifully sculpted cow. look at. that will finds out how many pounds of butter to takes to build a piece of art like this.
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> a bick reveal kicking off nine illinois state fair. it is abut err cow. sarah pratt is the artist from iowa, sculpted the cow whose name is cream puff. and this is the first of three more butter cows that she will carve out, different areas on the fairgrounds. >> this is a tradition, that one of the things you're going do outside, you know, when you get here, you got your food picked out you want to go to, the next thing on the list, it is very fun. >> more than 700 pounds of butter were used to build cream puff. >> well, hundreds and hundreds of live bugs, today on the ben franklin parkway. >> but don't worry. they were therefore a reason,
6:45 pm
for the bug fest, the festival at the academy of natural atlantic city cents celebrate all types of critters, this family event, including roach races, even insect tasting of chocolate chirp cookies, some of the bravest held different caterpillars, beatles, the bug fest is an annual tradition, happens every august, and if you missed the creepy crawly action today, you can head on over tomorrow, joyce. >> what's for dinner well, chance meeting helps philadelphia dad to get to the rio olympics to see his son compete. we'll tell you about the good samaritan who made the trip possible.
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judge 25-foot replica of the indian parliament, get this, all made of flowers. it is decorated with thousands of red, white and orange roses, it is the star attraction as you can imagine of the show, 52 expert florist and 32 artists decorated this rep applicant a they used 400,000 roses.
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the nation's independence day. >> sad news here, british actor kenny bake here starred at r2 d2 in six star wars films has died after a long illness, baker was 18 years old, became household name in 1977, when he took on the role of the robot in the first star wars film alongside anthony daniels. remember him, all gold? well, baker went onto appear in the empire strikes back, and return to the jed eye, also appeared in the three star wars pre quills. the actor's other films include time want its, and flash gordon. >> the olympics just wrapped up the first week of competition, and around the world viewers have enjoyed seeing athletes take to the podium in ceremonies in but it is what you don't see that some critics want to draw some attention to. fox's steve harrigan explains the ongoing security concerns. >> some neighborhoods in rio
6:50 pm
are so dangerous, not even soldier are safe. seconds after taking a wrong turn into a a slum, a truckload of soldiers came under machine gunfire, two soldiers shot, one killed. while brazil has flooded rio with security forces, 85,000 police and soldiers, there is little sign it has slowed street crime. the perpetrators, some under age 12, target tourists with back packs, waiting on corners distracted by their smart phones. they strike quickly, and disappear into the crowd. >> the issue which you will find is in the to and from, where people are going from hotels, taking public transit, taking the buses, they're taking the subway system. that's where the opportunity is, because those areas are not going to be protected. because they're focusing on the events. >> it is not just tourists, even though least likely targets can become victims here, like the belgium bronze medal winner in judo, who tries dollars to chase down an
6:51 pm
iphone, and was punched in the face, or head of security for the opening ceremonies, robbed at knife point wheel leaving the event. the nerve center to protect the olympic games and the 12 million people who live in rio is here, where the data from 6,000 cameras, 20 security agencies, even individual squad cars, streams in. >> here i can integrate the cameras, if i touch on them, i can open them. it is all at my fingertips. >> the threat of terror attacks is something new for brazil, long considered immune due to its neutral foreign policy. but the presence of international ash least, and the worlds spotlight has changed that. so far, athletes are officials from at least seven countries have been robbed in rio. in rio de janeiro, steve harrigan, fox news. >> the story of a philadelphia uber driver is going viral tonight. >> it is. and it is all thanks to the
6:52 pm
generosity of one every his passengers. it all started during the dnc back in july. driver ellis hill was stuck in traffic with liz will cox because of those traffic restrictions, so they got to talking. hill said that his son was competing in the olympics, in rio, in shot put. but he didn't have the money to go. so will cox decided to do something, set up a go fund me page for that rhymed bus driver. >> i decided to set up a go fund me page and literally within two days we raised the funds. >> called the family, the family calls me, everybody is hollering and screaming, you know, i mean, sister, mother, everybody is going nuts, man, because like this is the greatest thing since tastykake. >> since that is i cake. well, people donated more than $8,000 to send hill to rio. his son, darryl, a pennwood high school graduate, competes
6:53 pm
on thursday. >> that is terrific. >> isn't that great? >> yes. >> bad news for the eagles, unfortunately, the eagles have the injury bug right now. they are definitely problem, and carson wentz is the man we're talking about, he is going to miss some time. i'll tell you how long he's going to miss. and speaking for the first time, news he can potentially miss ten days. hear what he has to say. he wasn't very happy. coming up next in sports.
6:54 pm
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big poor the eastbound eagles, carson wentz may be down for the count. i hope you enjoyed what you saw in the first pre-season game. that may be the last you actually see from the kid. wentz has a hairline fracture in his ribs, that he suffered on this play that you're about to see right here. his seconds to last play against the bucks, he gets
6:56 pm
drilled in the side and gets put down and dribbled to the ground. the team hopes he'll be back before the end of the pre-season, if not, the last you'll see of him if sam bradford stays healthy. that's one issue, but they have some bigger problems immediately. lane johnson and his potential suspension. johnson could be suspended ten games for testing positive for pcs for the second time. without lane, offensive line is awful. second was trash against the bucks. half of the team could do nothing, but chase and carson wentz in the line up, that offensive line was so bad. lane has been not using anything illegal, said he used a substance that the league actually approve of. right now he's furious with the nfl. >> the players have not rights, i feel, something is not regulated so do you not know what's in it, it is hard to believe, you know, second time offender, but i want it to be clear does not stand up for players, they don't check the substance they give us,
6:57 pm
then when you test positive for something they approve it, doesn't matter. >> the eagles already have a million offensive problems, they have another one. wide receiver once again dropping the ball, left and right. same problem that plays all of last year, is happening again. this offense already like play makers, already lacks the big playability, so another big problem, doug pederson needs to fix immediately. >> something obviously they have to continue to work on, set up after practice, just keeps firing away, keeps firing away, and it is is he zero at the same time, tend of the day, they have to catch the football, you know, make the football team. so it is part of their job, that we just keep working at it every day. >> phils two game winning streak going right now, the bats are starting to finally come alive. the last two games, eye cough hopping on the mounds trying to make it three in a row. alex rodriguez called it quit
6:58 pm
last night, and a couple of standing ovation surprisingly from the yankees fans, one of the most hate the yankees ever, joe wouldn't even start him at third in the final game. and the organization was basically kicking him out. so-so like no one loves a rod in the final game, but joe did get emotional talking about his final appearance. >> i'm very grateful that joe gave me the opportunity to play third for one out. i was actually excited. i mean, i haven't touched my third base glove in a long time. but more comfortable there than first base. you know, i think people, some people think that i wanted to make negative decisions. but, that's not the case. i have a huge heart. and this is the last time he plays ... i want it to be something he never forgot.
6:59 pm
>> great actor? i don't know. before you thought he didn't like him, he wouldn't start him at thirds, wouldn't do things.
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