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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> it is an effort. this is "fox 29 news" at 10:00. it is an effort to try and stay cool tonight, as temperatures climb well into the 90's, for the fourth straight day. but, it is up even hotter than high 90's. and the dangerous heatwave is now turned deadly. good evening, everybody, i'm joyce evans. >> and good evening, i'm dawn timoney. sadly officials say the death was 67 year old woman and 28 year old woman in philadelphia. are both heat related. and wife ' got at least one more day of this dangerous heat. today was officially the hottest day of the year, as we take live look at the
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philadelphia international airport tonight. let's get right over to meteorologist, dave warren. dave? >> yes, another day at least, and now tracking severe weather, across the lehigh valley, carbon, monroe county, severe thunderstorm issued, primary risk of this is damaging wind here, out ahead of the storms. seen few strong storms moving through the north and western suburbs there, that is well to the north, just few showers across part of montgomery, bucks county, one very strong storm moved right through montgomery county, and upper bucks, right there, along 202. this is the view that you would have seen caught for the drone. looking off to the north, a lot of lightning with the storms, and damaging winds, as well. these were continuing to push from west to east. that was caught by a ' there up across chalfont, looking north. that's where the severe storm was, it continues to move off to the north, where is everything headed overnight tonight? there is the storm actually pick up by the computer forecast right now, strong storm, across the lehigh valley, but really about it.
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the next hour or so, we could see the storms moving through. they'll stay to the north. overnight, things look fairly calm. just warm, muggy night tonight. part of the problem with the heat is that the temperatures don't drop below 08 degrees at night. the heat continues to build up here day after day. certainly not changing that much here overnight tonight excessive heat warning remains in effect for pretty much the entire area, the advisory no longer in effect for carbon on monroe county but the heat remains, temperatures just dropped down below 90. now 89 degrees, 70s across the lehigh valley, when you factor in the humidity, still triple ding it heat index values, do have some relief in the seven day forecast, we still have more storm, but eventually temperatures dropping back below 90. look at the numbers coming up a little later. >> thank you, dave, but check on your neighbors. when the temperatures get as hot as they did today, many people who can head to the beach. apparently the jersey shore was the place to be this weekend, specially, atlantic
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city where jimmy buffet hit the stage tonight. >> the day's heat having people to be more creative finding ways to stay cool and hydrate. sabina kuriakose joining us live from atlantic city. how is it feeling out there right now? >> reporter: guys, hot, humid, but everybody is feeling good and the fireworks just started going off. look how beautiful they are. right underneath everybody gathered here to take a peak, good day to be at the beach. >> it is really hot out here. >> mercury rising, ac was the place to be, for beating the heat. ac boardwalk packed with tourists taking in the ocean breeze. >> we could be worst places. >> maybe you noticed a theme. >> dressed up for jimmy. >> reporter: jimmy buffet playing live show on the beach, good vibes, good times. >> we jumped in the pool. >> reporter: plenty of fish in the ocean, too. >> all day i was in the heat so i decided to come to the beach to cool off.
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>> reporter: and they found creative ways to do it. >> concert with these two. >> reporter: even once the ice melted from their bucket, plenty of cold water to go around. >> freezing cold going in the water. >> reporter: her first try on paddle board. how is the water? >> cold. >> reporter: cold, how cute was she in now back out here live, you can see, there are fireworks still going off out here. people are just out here enjoying it, like i said it, feels humid and sticky but a lot cooler than it was earlier in the day. what a way to end the night, dawn, back to you. >> sabina, thank you, stay cool. the city heat line is still active until midnight tonight. it will be back open top from 8:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. health department nurses are manning the phones to help with any heat related problems, just give them a call: (215)765-9040. we have all of the information posted on our website, as
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well, >> don't forget you can always beat the heat with fox 29 app. just tap the app for the extended forecast, and live radar, the app is available on itunes and google play. >> philadelphia police are hoping you can help ida man who was found unconscious in southwest philadelphia, more than a month ago, man found lying near the intersection of 62nd street and grays avenue. it was about 2:00 in the morning, back on july 9th. now, he is still on life support at penn presbyterian hospital. if you know who this guy is, if you recognize him, please, give police a call. well, neighbors in normally quiet trenton suburb want more answers from police. they say told them very little about shooting on their street overnight. >> and it was a shooting that happened at a home of an off-duty corrections officer that is raising a lot of questions tonight. steve keeley has details from hamilton township. >> i was told by someone standing on the corn their there was a shooting. >> the front storm door glass
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window was shattered, with new jersey corrections offers here lives here in hamilton, mercer county on the vicky court cul-de-sac, told detectives that as he went taught smoke a cigarette on his front porch around 3:30 this morning, he saw dominick neal walking up his concrete path toward him. the prison guard's girlfriends, who was also here at the house at the time, had a restraining order against neal, her ex, for previous domestic violence. and neal prohibit from the being anywhere near her. neal wearing blood hooded sweatshirt with his hood up, his head down. he said kneel had one hand out to reach for his front door, and his other hand around his waist band when the guard fired three, four shots, through the glass storm door, hitting neal once in the head killing him. another bullet went through the driver side door of the girlfriend's car parked right out front. authorities later found neal's car couple of blocks away. and hoping to somehow verify the guard's story and find any
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witnesses who saw or heard anything overnight, detective went door-to-door talking to neighbors. >> had couple of agents from the mercer county prosecutor's offers came to the door, asked if i heard anything, heard any fighting or arguing outside. >> cindy was thinking how lucky she was, hearing that shots were fired, right in the direction where she was sleeping. directly across the street, at her corner first floor bedroom. >> my concern is for my safety. my bedroom is like right across from there. and i am thinking if there was shots, you know, it could have came right through my bedroom. >> no charges have been filed, while the mercer county homicide task force is investigating whether this is justifiable case of deadly force. in hamilton, steve keeley, "fox 29 news". >> south philadelphia's iconic cheese steak corner turned into a crime scene overnight. police say a 41 year old man stumble for several blocks with a stab wounds to his chest, and collapsed outside pat's cheese steak's this morning around 2:00.
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taken to jefferson hospital where he is list in the stable condition. police say the victim gave conflicting accounts about just what happened and refused to provide any information. so far no suspect. >> hundreds of mourners attended funeral services yesterday for four of the five family members killed in a berks county murderees suicide. friends, family, gathered to remember megan short, and her children, eight year old leanna, five year old mark, jr., and two year old willow. all of them along with mark, senior, were found shot to death inside their sinking spring home one week ago. there were no pictures or references to the husband and father of three, just passing mention of mark short at the funeral service so his wife and kids. authority said that they would not discuss their investigation until monday. >> in west mt. airy fire officials trying to figure out what caused a church to go up in flames. flake broke out about 5:30, west mt. pleasant avenue.
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fire reached two alarms, crews were able to get it under control, about 45 minute later. one person was taken by first responders to chestnut hill hospital. it is not clear at the moment just how serious their injuries are. republican presidential nominee donald trump is asking his supporters to become election monitors. meanwhile, democratic rival, hillary clinton, is ramming up calls for trump to release his tax returns. >> fox's peter deucey in fairfield, connecticut with the latest from the campaign trail. >> nominee donald trump is pitching himself in connecticut, state that hasn't gone red for president in almost 30 years. >> we're making a big move for the state of connecticut, just so you understand. >> event comes after trump warned of possible voter fraud in the november election, now on his official website he is inviting supporters to volunteer as election observers. >> the press is protecting her. i'm not running against
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crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crook media. >> hillary clinton is taking time off from a campaign trail this weekend, but turned up the heat on her rival, by releasing her tax returns, and calling on mr. trump to do the same. the clinton's earnings put them at the top 10% of the 1% of americans in 2016. they paid federal tax rate of 32-point -- 34 hadn't 2%. also released ten years of returns from runningmate, tim kane, and his wife, while symptomming in new hampshire saturday, kane wasted no time, attacking trump for failing to release his return. >> every president since richard nixon, and including richard nixon, now, he was not known for the most elevated ethical standards, but i will say, even richard nixon released his tax returns to the public when he was running for president. >> trump claims can he not release his returns because of ongoing irs audit. but his runningmate, mike pence, just said on saturday
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night that his returns are being pressed for release soon. in fairfield, connecticut, peter deuce i, fox news. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton will be back in pennsylvania next week, on monday, she will be campaigning with vice president joe biden, clinton will be in philadelphia on tuesday, at west philadelphia high school. the quinnipiac survey of likely voters released tuesday, found clinton was leading trump 52 to 40%. >> turkish authorities have prepared an official request for the arrest after pocono based cleric for his alleged role in attempted military coup. that's according to report by turkey state run news agency. that cleric gulon is accused by turn i shall leaders of orchestrating an unsuccessful military take-over of the government. 270 people died in the attempted coup. officials say gulon, they want him to face trial, but authority in washington have
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said the us would need evidence that the cleric was involved before he could be extradited. gulon has de mid any involvement. >> woman is in critical condition after an alligator in florida practically ripped her hand off, what officials say she was doing just before the attack. >> a man in florida saw the problems go from bad to worse when a judge caught him twerking in court. what she gave him for his impromptu dance party.
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>> tragedy in texas after
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seven month old child dice in an s.u.v. that will little boy left inside the vehicle all day long, his dad went to work in san antonio area wal-mart. child investigators say he was supposed to drop the boy off at tai care, the temperature was 100 degrees for much of the day there. so far no charges have been filed. at least 27 children have died across the country in hot cars this year. in florida, a woman almost lost her hand after she was bitten by an alligator. happened friday in broward county. wildlife officials say the 49 year old woman was in a area only accessible by boat. she is currently in critical condition while doctors try to save her hand. >> this woman apparently dropped a can into the water. she was standing on the dock, dropped a can into the water, and as she reached in to retrieve the can, that's when she was bitten by the alligator. >> officials say the alligator measured about four to 5 feet
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long. >> well, local children are coming together to help each other through what can be an embarrassing speech disorder. it is all part of a program at children's hospital of philadelphia for young children and teenagers, who stutter. >> yes, in fox 29's karen hepp introduces you to one teenager who says it has changed his life. >> jackson really fat, all his life he's run, cranking out 4.11-mile, he is so good, he just got scholarship to penn state. but from years, he dreaded the post race interview. >> winner jackson of downingtown west, congratulations. >> thank you very much, sir. >> as fast as his legs move, so does his mind, just can't always get the words out the way he want to. >> i was expecting it to go -- >> if i was talking to people,
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and i saw them getting uncomfortable, that was really hard for me. >> jackson was eight when he first met with the doctor here at chop. >> he said do you know your child stutters? tears started, you know, welling up in my eyes, you know, it is hard when it is your own flesh and blood, and you don't want to see them struggle, and you have to come to the reality that they're going to struggle for the rest of their life. >> many kids grow out of stuttering, it is neurologically based and can run in families and affect more boys than girls. >> it is genetically transferred, it is no one's fault, just like what color hair you have, or how tall you will be, just part of your genetic make up. >> doctor runs this intensive week-long summer camp at chop for children who stutter. just learn to re lack, embrace who they are, and grow
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confidence. >> the biggest enemy often is in our own head. and the things they worry about, they worry about what might happen, kids might make fun of them, kids might not listen, people might think i'm not smart. >> trying to hide a stutter could make it first, it is not about fixing it or trying to except it and becoming a good communicator. this camp was a game changer for jackson. >> i felt like the first thing that needs to happen was that i was okay with the fact that i was a stutterer. >> i like you all to say hell tow jackson. >> it doesn't have to define or limit you. if i didn't stutter, kids are asked to fill in the blank, i -- and whatever they think
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is impossible, like maybe being an actor. they're shown hugely successful stories, just like james earls jones, and samuel l. jackson. singers like elvis, and ed sheeran. athletes like darren sproles, shaquile o'neil, tiger woods, even politicians like vice president joe biden and king george the six whose story was made famous in the story the king a's speech. >> i learn a lot about being a communicator. >> over the week the children from all different backgrounds and all different ages bond, smiling, laughing, and talking. >> camp changed jackson's life. he's excited to come back and share. >> if you are comfortable with being a stutterer, then i
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think that other people will become comfortable when it, too. >> jackson is finding a voice in so many whales. he even got a solo in the school choir. >> jackson just graduated high school, wants to study entrepreneurship, and will keep running for his family, his school, for himself, chasing dreams on and off the track. >> i believe that jackson has big dreams, not only in running, but also in life. and i know that -- >> thank you very much for paying attention. >> recognize a gift, and do what you were made to do with those gifts. >> karen hepp, "fox 29 news".
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>> spending the day at the mall good way to beat the heat, that is until chaos broke out at this one. what happened when shoppers started running for the exits at this mall. >> carnival turned to terror after three girls fell from a ferris wheel. what officials now say caused their cart to tip.
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gunshots sent frightened shoppers frantically running for the exits at one of the
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busiest shopping malls, happened about 2:30 at the crabtree valley mall in raleigh. shoppers hid inside stores until police led them out of the mall, and owner of a clothing store says that he saw two men arguing in the food court. one of them pulled out a gun and started firing. police have not made any arrests, no suspects have been identified, and they're asking for anybody who knows anything about this to stem forwards. >> in new mexico, police officer dead after someone shot him at a traffic stop. police say the suspect, jesse haines, was on the run, wanted in ohio for murder. authorities are not sure why he shot and killed officer jose chavez, he was with a second man, police say, james nelson, also on the run. it is unclear whether chavez new the suspect were wanted in ohio. tonight authorities have charged nelson, they're waiting for haines to be released from the hospital for a self-inflicted gunshot wounds, so they can charge him, as well. >> some unexpected effect of recent terror attacks in france.
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>> yes, the country's tourism industry is suffering from significant decline. foreign visitors are staying away from the usual hot spots in france, in fact, the number of nights spent in france, or french hotel, fell 10%, in july, compared to last year. according to one travel data analysis company, flight reservations to france and nice, the country's second most popular destination, dropped again after the attacks, tourists say something really feels different there. >> when we arrived here, it was really beautiful, and it does have a really erie feeling about it. and, yes, that sort of stuff. >> in response to the drop in tourism, local officials have launched a campaign around a hashtag to attract foreign tourists back to the area. a russian cyber attack on more than 100 democratic
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officials, has officials broaden their scope, why it is bigger than they first thought. >> it may look like a bunch of girls having fun at summer camp, but this is so much more. how this special camp is empowering young girls in our community, dave? >> temperatures today, the airport shot, very warm night tonight, a lot of 90s in here, and pretty much everybody was close to a record high, except for atlantic city, 97 degrees, setting record temperature, a loft days in the seven day forecast still above 90. but there is a few, i'll tell when you coming up.
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private information of nearly 200 current and former democratic lawmakers on line. it is all of the fbi expands its probe into a cyber attack, targeting democrats, we're told it now appears to be much bigger than originally thought. >> and it is just weeks after leaked emails prompted congress woman debbie wasserman shultz, fox's rich is in washington now with more. >> personal information, e-mail exchanges, strategy memos of democratic operatives continue to emerge from privacy. last night a hacker identifying 2.0, posted personal information for nearly 200 current and former democratic members of congress. the hacker says the post dollars documents are the result after breach, the democratic campaign committee, organization responsible for electing democrats to the house. in a statement, d triple e spokesman said previously noted has been the target of cyber incident, cooperating
10:31 pm
with federal law enforcement on their ongoing investigation. we are aware of reports that documents claim to be from our network have been released and are investigating their authenticity, latest posting of hacked documents follows those just unveiled ahead of the democratic convention, stolen from the democratic national committee, shows party favortism to hillary clinton over senator bernie sanders in their race for the democratic nomination. several dnc staffers lost their jobs including chair debbie wasserman shultz. house minority leader nancy pelosi, top democrat, said russians are responsible for the hack. >> i do know that this is a watergate type electronic break-in. and anyone who would exploit for the purpose every embarrassment or something like that. >> the dnc says it is creating cyber security task force in response. in washington, rich, edson, fox news. >> the state of emergency in louisianna continues tonight
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as first responders work to free resident stuck in flood waters. the coast guard says 1,000 people have been rescued some in water waist deep after torrential rains in the state. so far three people have died. local officials are urging residents thereto evacuate even if there is no mandatory evacuation order in place. >> our helicopters are primarily, an active search and rescue right now, we're trying to coordinate with the officials on the ground, make sure we get to the critical areas. >> the storm system that's hovering over louisianna expected to dump more rain, making it unclear when the waters will start to recede. >> well, back here at home, we have a different kind of problem, oppressive heat that just won't quit. temperatures are still well into the 90's, right now, as we take a live look at allentown. meteorologist, dave warren is
10:33 pm
here, when our air conditioners might be getting a break? >> you not for awhile, not for new few days at least. ultimate doppler, highlight of concern right now, severe thunderstorm just north of allentown, moving through carbon, monroe counties, pushing over to the eels. now, we've had a spotter report about three quarter of an inch in diameter hail, that's the little purple color there that you see on the radar, radar actually picking up very heavy rain and hail as it continues to move east. this is right along interstate 80 there just south of mount pocono. talk about rain, hail, and lightning over 1200 strikes in just 15 minute, skies probably lit up there in allentown, look north, to the mountains there, see a lot of lightning as this storm continues to move east. expecting some damaging wind and hail likely, as that storm continues to track east. now, we talk about the heat, or lack of, one place to get a little break, just few degrees, down the shore, it has dropped to the 80s there in rehoboth beach, sussex county, delaware, check out
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the lighthouse in cape may, where it is 82, cape may, point, at 81, ocean city nice, 79 degrees, 80 atlantic city, inland, 80s close to 90. actual air temperature, there is the rain cooled air north and west, that will lead to muggy start tomorrow morning, maybe even some patchy fog, elsewhere, just a muggy start tomorrow. humidity, it is here, with that temperature, the dew point, heat index of 111 in philadelphia, allentown, 107. dover what happened? heat index of 122 this afternoon, you get the moisture coming in from both the bays there, still above 80 in dover, elsewhere dew point well above 70 degrees, that's the point where you see that very uncomfortable air, the heat and humidity, once the dew point is above 70, certainly is where it is now, and it will be where it stays tomorrow. now the low not dropping below 80. heat continues to build up in the buildings, and highs near 100, gets even worse, once you get the day three, four, day
10:35 pm
four of the heatwave, will continue for the next few days, high humidity, body can't cool off. the work around the heat, early or late, the heatwave continues, 93, 95, 97, 98, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, still above 90. that will be long heatwave. but we are peaking here today and tomorrow. there will be some relief from the humidity thereby monday. you can see, there is more showers and storms tomorrow. popping up in the afternoon. then on monday, drier air comes in for the heat still here but humidity takes a little break, comes back, though, on tuesday and wednesday. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all above 90 degrees, not bad on monday, considering, where we are today. look for showers, storms, both tuesday and wednesday, thursday, we are still at 90. but save the best for last, upper 80s by the end of the seven day forecast. so looks pretty good. shore temperatures, not the place to be, to get relief unfortunately.
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tomorrow little bit of land breeze, so that's not the best along the coast. >> it get better from here. >> that's good. all right, dave. well, guy in florida thought he could dance. but this judge was not having it. what she gave him for his break-out performance. >> and a day at the carnival turned to terror after three young girls fell from a ferris wheel, what officials now say caused that car to tip over.
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we're learning more about a ferris wheel accident in tennessee that injured three girls. investigators say rivet on the began dole a's caring the girls wore out and came loose it, caused the basket to tip over, the girls to fall, more than 30 feet to the grounds earlier wide, now, it is being sent back to the manufacturer, six year old still in critical condition, the other two girls have been released from the hospital. >> police in silver spring, maryland, say they expect to find more bodies in the ruins of an apartment building, that exploded on wednesday. three people are already confirmed dead, and more than 30 other are hurt. authorities would not say how
10:40 pm
many people are still unaccounted for tonight. the bodies that were found have not yet been identified. and investigators are still working to determine the cause of the blast. some resident report smelling gas before the explosion. >> seven people are hurt after an explosion and fire at a texas oil plant. happened last night at a sunoco logistics plant in net land. four people are critical. they've serious burns, they were taken to the hospital by helicopter. the company says the explosion and fire were caused by a faulty crude oil connection line. nearby resident were affected. >> well, here is something you don't see every day, during a bail hearing. a suspect thought he would just break into dance while he was in court. >> suddenly not a good idea, the judge was not at all amused. he brought a dance party to the miami dade county court yesterday, accused of breaking
10:41 pm
into a miami school and stealing a car, he apparently decided his bond hearing was a perfect time to break into a twerking routine. he also mouthed hi, mom, to the camera. judge catherine did not seem to enjoy the impromptu dance party. she kept a straight face, through the whole thing, and guess what? was rewarded with a bond of $18,000. >> okay. well, this, may look like a bunch of girls just having fun at summer camp. this is so much more than that, how the special cannel p is empowering young girls in our community.
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actor kenny baker has died. many people may not know his name, but he played one of the most popular characters in the star wars film. baker was r2 d2 in the star wars movies, born in england, stood 3 feet 8 inches tall making him perfect fit to play the lovable droid. also a musician and stands up comedian, and baker was 81 years old. the story of a philadelphia uber driver was going viral tonight, and it is all thanks to the generosity of one of his passengers. it all started during the dnc
10:45 pm
back in july, driver ellis hill here was stuck in traffic with liz willok, all balls of the detours and restrictions we had, so they got to talking. hill said his son was competing in the olympics in rio, in shot put. but, he didn't have the money to go decided to do something about it so set up a go fun me page for the right bus driver. >> i decided to set up a go fun me page, literally in two days raise the the funds. >> the family called me, everybody hollering and screaming. >> sister, mother shall everybody is going nuts, man, because like this is the greatest thing since tastykake . >> cost more than $8,000 to send him to rio, plenty of time his son darryl, graduate
10:46 pm
of the pennwood high school in yeadon, delaware county will be competing on thursday. love that story. >> well, this may look like girls just having fun on the summer camp, but actually building brains and muscles, and confidence. competitive body builder, and certified fitness trainer, is creating quite a buzz, and attracting big name mentors. it is new summer camp for young city girls. >> and she is helping them to become strong inside and out. and look good at the same time. i even learned a thing or two on our visit. take a look. >> ready? >> excited. >> a target. >> catch it. >> you got it? >> shoot. >> what is this strange game? >> get low. get low. >> something these young ones have likely never seen. >> good job. >> or played before. >> that's what i want to say, to know more than just the
10:47 pm
main stream sports of football, basketball, like it is good to know more sports. >> we're going to learn about cradle. >> their coach? >> close the door. >> sixteen year old lacrosse phenom, alexis joseph. >> want to hold it and cradle, right? >> defender on penn charter's lacrosse team. while she has two years left in high school, she is already committed to a full scholarship to play lacrosse, at the duke university blue devils. >> very mature, she is surprising me. a lot of times it bridges tears to my eyes to see how hard she work, how well she works with the kids, and just dedicated, just want to go do good. >> the good she is doing here is immeasureable. >> she is 16, they listen to her. you know, they listen to her better than they listen to the adult, my coach always tells me, shoot low. that is great way for you to train people skills, how to
10:48 pm
figure out how people react to certain things. >> discipline, focus, confidence, etiquette. all just as important as math, physical fitness, and competitive builder. >> it is important to know who they are, to be strong, in who they are, bring example of that. >> doctors, lawyers, athlete, women who look just like these five to 13 year old girls, and walk in the same shoes. >> isn't this a bit young? >> no, they are sponges at that age. they take it all in. >> my goal is to build them up. so know one can tear them down. >> a goal missed, a goal made. one at a time. >> getting used to everything, like you said, similar in life where you have to feel things out, get used to it. >> we could see their confidence building with every
10:49 pm
scoop and shoot, while the young ones took a quick water drink, i figure i never pick up a stick before. i have never scooped up a ball and tried to throw it. but i am ready for her. >> trash taken dollars quickly. >> i need to catch it? >> oh. >> off the hang, the girls came back, refreshed and ready for more action. >> remember you're right-handed. so put this hand up top. okay? >> right here, remember? >> obvious with the young ladies. >> the hardest part was get it in the net. >> keep working on it, right? >> uh-huh. >> are you going to miss these little ones? >> i'm going to miss you guys.
10:50 pm
>> thank you! >> but, neither will ever forget. until next summer. joyce evans, "fox 29 news". >> it is never too late. the eagles future just had a setback, carson wentz dealing with a rib injury that will keep him out a couple of weeks. and the phillies looking to go streaking, back alive for the third straight game, apparently the rock he is pitcher didn't really like it too much. see what happens next in sports.
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>> i hope you've seen enough of carson went, because you probably won't see him for the rest of the pre-season. wentz suffered a hairline fracture in his ribs thursday against the bucks. it happened on wentz's second to last play of the game. he was hit right on the side and was drilled to the grounds. look at this hit right here. clear shot to his ribs.
10:54 pm
quarterbacks like that don't need to be taking hits, and this could be a reoccurring theme, because the offensive line is absolutely terrible. it is probably going to be the worse thing about this offense, and lane johnson, now, will make it even worse. johnson currently wait to go see if he'll be suspended for ten game using pd's for the second time. lane minute to taking substance, said the nfl approved of it, said the system said he was okay for him to take. johnson talk for the first time since the breaking news, and he's furious with the nfl. >> i feel like the players have no rights. i feel something is not regulated, it is hard to believe, you know, from second time offender, but i want it to be clear that ntl does not check the supplement they give us, then you call and ask you test positive for something they approved, doesn't matter. >> doug peterson's old team taking on the seahawks, one of
10:55 pm
the old players putting in little bit of workment look at this roll out, jeremy maclin, gets it to the 1 yard line they are able to punch it in after. that will and russell wilson had tough first game. rolls out and throws interception in the end zone. absolute no-no for any quarterback. seahawks still win. seventeen to 16. all right, to the phillies. on two game wing street, bats have finally come alive. scored 16 runs in those two games, believe it or not, not that far away from the wild-card spot. only six games back. bottom first franco, through off tyler anderson, that's 21st of the year, phils take it three-zip lead. anderson apparently didn't like it much. next time franco comes to up bat, he drills him in the leg. franco, not liking it, and that's an argument at the bench. anderson gets thrown out of the ballgame. he goes crazy.
10:56 pm
doesn't like t but he's gone. then we get to the ninth, phillies had this game from beginning to end. gomez, with the save. strikes out david dog. that is gomez 30th save of the year. sixteenth phillies pitcher to have 30 saves in a season. the phillies win it, six to three. then washington, the old closer jonathan papelbon has been released by the nationals. pat had awful season, actually trade to go get something. they got mark from the pirate. papelbon era over four. blown several games this season, he requested to be released after the nationals took him out of the closers role. now look at this play in the minor leaguesment double play, and look at this. look, you are going to have to see that one more time. it hit off the pitcher. and then hits off the ump to perfectly display a double play. look at. that will it is like a pingpong ball out there. nice little minor league double play, to show it, it is
10:57 pm
something you never see. hit off two people, double play. >> actually only six games back. >> wild-card spot. >> don't them to make it. >> oh, do you have anything good to say? that's our news this saturday night. good day philadelphia weekend at 7:00 in the morning. >> powerball drawing is next. that was invigorating! you're probably wondering why i've just carved a giant wooden tiger. well, the answer is that a real one would maul me. i've crafted dr. whiskers here as a visual aid to show you that should you visit the lot, carmax associates will not pounce like tigers because people don't like that. come here to buy a car. dr. whiskers won't pounce. nobody will.
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