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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  August 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> deadly heat, this latest heatwave now blamed in the death of two people in our area. when will we finally cool off? >> plus, unrest in the midwest. violent protests overnight, following a police-involved shooting in milwaukee. so what happened that set the city on fire? >> wounded bird. eagles fans getting news that nobody wanted to hear. so how long will carson wentz be out with his broken ribs? >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". weekend. and good morning, everyone, happy sunday morning to you. it is hot, but we'll be cool together. >> good morning, bill anderson. let us know what you've been doing on this weekend to beat the heat. and if you're out and rose,
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pig roast, out by a lake? >> you went pig roast initially? there is has to be a store which this. >> i had a family reunion, you have family pick sticks? we had one of those. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> staying cool? >> no, it is really hot. >> staying hydrated? >> pig roast all day? that's a problem. >> it wasn't a pig roast at the end of the day, it was good it italian food. >> yes, hazy sunshine, beautiful shot, but this is dangerous, even deadly heat. we will talk much more about this he can tended heatwave coming up. right now we want to check in with sue serio and weekend wendt. >> i oh, it has been so hot out. good to have an event that's in air-conditioning, and this one is. it is at the academy of natural sciences. yes, it is time for the annual bug fest, with bug discussions , bug themed face painting, bug eating, even, and a whole lot more. so, this is going on, of course, at the academy of
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natural sciences of course on the parkway from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. i know one thing for sure, scott, the weather has really been bugging us. >> it really has, i mean, sue, yesterday's high temperature, 98 degrees, the hottest day so far this year, in philadelphia, 1 degrees away from the record of 99 setback in 2,002. a live look right in you, philadelphia international airport, hazy sunshine, look at the temperatures already low 80s, already feels like 92 stifling degrees when you step outdoors. low 70s in the pocono mountains, low 80s in dover, low 80s atlantic city along with wildwood. look at the current feels like temperatures in dover. ninety-four what it feels like already feeling like the low 90s in atlantic city. so across the area heat danger continues, 97 the high in center city, 92 down the shore and 95 in the lehigh valley watch about traffic this sunday morning? bob kelly has that. >> good morning, everybody, no
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service on the subway surface trolleys in the tunnels through center city. commuters on the market frankford line, jump off at 40th street. from there the trolleys will take you into the neighborhood. the flip flop, if you are leaving the neighborhood coming into the city you will be diverted at 40th and market to work your way into downtown, some volume afternoon, phillies baseball at 1:35, enjoy the rest of the day, see you bright and early tomorrow morning, we kick it off with the jam cams starting at 4:00. thanks so much, bob. and right now, a man in his 20's is in the hospital after police say the car he was in smashed into a building. it happened real early this morning around 3:30 on broad and west norris streets in north philadelphia. at this time it is unclear if the man was the driver or the passenger. police say they're still looking into the cause of the crash. right now, there are some people who don't have power. peco officials are trying to figure out why they don't. it is happening in queen village, about 52 people don't
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have electricity on this very hot night. won't have air-conditioning. issue apparently with some underground equipment possibly a cable near fourth and south street. the power went out shortly before midnight. not sure when the service will be back up. we will keep you updated on this developing situation as new information comes in. >> and, speaking of the heat, we are now officially in our fifth heatwave of the season, and it is deadly this round. >> people all around the region are trying to figure outweighs to stay cool as temperatures continue to climb. fox 29 jennifer joyce live in center city with more, jenny, scott was saying it already feels like we're in the 90s, people got to beat the heat. >> yes, they're trying any way they can, bill, it is another hot, hot day. we are out here, in the art museum area, what we're hearing from officials is that the two women who died in this heatwave did have underlying health conditions. our cameras were out and about on friday trying to get people to beat the heat then during
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the steamy stretch. we found people cooling off anyway they could, unfortunately, officials tell us the two women who died, one, 67, the other, 82, died over the last couple of days, the 67 year old woman was from north philadelphia. the medical examiner's office says diabetes, congestive heart failure, obesity factored into her death. the 82 year old woman of northeast philadelphia, also passed away as temperatures have lingered in the 90's, feeling like triple digits with the humidity. officials say the woman also had heart disease, and high cholesterol. during this heatwave, the city warning people to take it easy, drink lots of water, and limit time outdoors. if you're a senior or if you have concern for a senior call the philadelphia corporation for the aging heat line. that is (215)765-9040. the national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning through 9:00 tonight. so, it will be another hot, hot day out there, karen,
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bill? >> thanks so much. if you have to figure outweighs to stay cool, and as those temperatures continue to rise, this weekend, doing the smart thing, headed down the shore trying to beat the heat. the atlantic city boardwalk was packed with people trying to find a way to cool off with an ocean breeze, now, while others were in town for the jimmy buffet concert, of course, it is the jersey shore, right? so you can always find creative ways to try to stay cool. >> it is really hot out here. thank goodness for a drink. >> we're just dressed up for jimmy as we always are, this is our second atlantic city concert with jim. we were here four years ago when he played at boardwalk hall. >> oh, it is really hot. really hot. we jumped in the pool. we could be worst places but we're at the beach. >> people trying to stay upbeat. if you have to be outside, protect yourself. experts say wear light, loose fitting clothing, drink plenty of water. >> the time right now 7:06. police in mercer county, new jersey are now investigating that shoot that happened at the home of the an off-duty corrections officer.
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we told you about it early yesterday morning. the officer says that as he was going outside his front door to smoke a cigarette, he saw a man walking up to the path of his home, dominick neal. he said that person had a hand on his waist band, the other reaching for the door handle. investigators say, that is when the prison guard opened fire, his girlfriend, who was also there at the house, a domestic violence restraining order against that man, who was coming to the door. the corrections officer said that he told that person approaching to stop, and then he fired up to four shots through the glass of his front door. the other person was hit in the head and died. >> my concern is for my safety, my bedroom is right across from there, i'm thinking if there was shots it, could have came right through my bedroom. >> that corrections officer and his girlfriends were not hurt. so far no charges have been filed. >> 7:07. west mt. airy fire officials trying to figure out what
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caused a church to go up in flames t broke out yesterday evening on west mt. pleasant avenue and brian street. crews were able to get it under control in less than an hour, and one person was taken to the hospital. so far with unknown injuries. >> hundreds of mourners attended funeral services friday for four of the five family members, killed in a berks county murder suicide. friends, family, gathered to remember megan short and her children, eight year old leanna, five year old mark, jr., and two year old willow. all of them along with mark, senior, were found shot to death inside their home in singing spring, just one week ago. now, it is noteworthy, there were no pictures or references to the husband and father of three. just a passing mention of mark short, at the funeral service for his wife, and kids. authorities have said that they plan to further discuss this investigation tomorrow. >> it is coming up on 7:09. very violent night in milwaukee, wisconsin, just number of hours ago after an
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officer shot and killed an armed man during a foot chase. investigators say this all happened when officers stopped a car with two men inside. you're looking at the aftermath of some of the reaction of people in the city. men got out of the car and ran which led to officers to chase them, one of the officer shot one of the men who they say was armed. that man died at the scene. when people start today hear about the shooting this man was very well like, there were riot. there was a gas station, local businesses, several cars set on fire. the city's mayor pleaded with the community to restore order. >> this is a serious situation and this is a neighborhood that has unfortunately been affected by violence in the recent past. if you love your son, if you love your daughter, text them, call them, pull them by the ears and get them home. get them home right now before more damage is done. >> it took hours, but most folks did return home. and an investigation into that man's death is underway. the officer who fired the shot, 24 years old, he killed
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that 23 year old man, he has been put on administrative leave. >> the state of emergency in louisianna continues, as first responders work to free resident who were stuck in flood waters. the coast guard says that 1,000 people have been rescued, some from water rising as high as waist deep after torrential rate in the state. urging resident to evacuate immediately. storm system hovering over luis -- louisianna expecting to dump more rain, unclear when the watt letters start to recede. >> so we've got more questions than answers, this morning, after an incident at a popular mall. >> there is a lot of noise as people were really concerned. it had shoppers running for cover. what police are saying about what happened this morning. >> they've been waiting for it for a long time. so big changes today for hundreds of pennsylvanians, the new law that's going into effect. we'll tell you all about it and what it means for you. >> and on this sunday, let us know what you are doing.
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share with us what's happening in your lives, celebration, just got birthday shout out from amy from her brother, who is having a birthday today. we'll get more of the birthday celebrations and shout outs in, as well. >> we're playing your favorite hits. tweet them to us as we go into commercial break. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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and we are taking a look there, at the fountain, one way for people to stay cool, and they've already been tweeting us, and sending us messages, person says they're staying cool by watching in the bathtub. >> who said that? >> that's what one blasts, said that they'll cool off by going fishing this morning. >> oh, how fun. >> let us know what you're doing to stay cool. >> okay, at 7:14, police in raleigh, north carolina, are still trying to determine if someone started shooting inside after mall there. you are looking at video of the chaos that took place. cell phone video, as people ran after several shoppers say that they heard what sounded like gunfire. investigators say they found -- they have no one in custody, they found no shell casings or anyone who was shot. they're having tough time finding any evidence that shots were actually fired. eight people were taken to the hospital for injuries. but those injuries were suffered as they were trying
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to leave the mall. >> one of the things you're looking at possibly fire work, turn i shall authorities have prepared official request for the arrest of a person from our area, pocono based cleric for his alleged role in attempted military coup in that country. this is all according to report by turkey's state-wide news agency that cleric, golan accused by turn i shall leaders by orchestrating military take over. 270 people died in the attempted coup. officials want goran to face trial, but say us would need evidence that cleric was involved before he could be extradited. he has denied any involvement. so so many of us here trying to beat the heat, and today many people would say any place where there is water. >> creative ways to get into the water. usually go to a pool, splash park, as bruce gordon shows us, only in philly we find a dumpster pool. >> i'm boost gordon, let's face it, it doesn't take much
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to fill the swimming pool. all you need is a large type container, and well water. maybe we should have expected this, or not? couple of guys in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood have come up with a summer's hottest idea to beat the heat. dumpster pool. that's right. justin myers and jake long rented one of those huge garbage re except calls, power washed it, lined it, filled it with water from a nearby fire hydrant. the pool was the center of attention at recent block party hosted by the guys, there is video of it right there, in fact, still photos have gone viral on social media. not surprisingly the city of philadelphia wasn't real happen which dumpster pool. they weren't real happy with the idea of using a dumpster in that way, they like less the source of the water, city fire hydrant. recently went to cedar street to talk, and found them soaking in the back end of 1993 chevy f10 pick-up truck. that's right, truck pool.
7:17 am
turns out they had been filling it, for several years, to celebrate summertime happy hour. and great for meeting new neighbors or just taking the edge off after a long day at work. although few problems, the truck itself was totaled three times, justin said he gets it back no time, no harm, no foul. truck pool get his water from garden host, from their home, so strictly legitimate. best of all draining truck pool can be accomplished faster than you can say niagara false. now, portable pool, gets great gas mileage, only in philly. >> basically, it is ingenious. >> i like it a lot. you can't break the law with the fire hydrant, but good creativity. >> great way to beat the heat. taking a look, wonderful event happening today, bark in the park event happening in that neck of the woods, scott williams, certainly steamy? >> oh, yes absolutely.
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feels like a sauna, karen, stepping outdoors, it is air you can wear again. i mean, yesterday's high in philadelphia, topped out at 98 degrees, 1 degree away from the record, yesterday of 99, hazy sunshine, right now, live look at old city. and we are looking at feels-like temperatures already in the 90's for most. the excessive heat will continue, couple of pop up isolated downpours specially north and west. and also, it will be a long duration heatwave likely going over seven days. so, once again, we have those dangerous feels-like temperatures, the excessive heat warning pretty much for the entire area, feels-like temperatures by this afternoon, anywhere from 105 to 111 degrees. as we look at those current air temperatures, 82 millville, 82 right now in dover, 77 in pottstown, but cool spot on the map, in the low 70s, in the pocono mountains. look at the current dew points, the measure of moisture in the atmosphere, low 80s right now, in dover, so, just oppressive
7:19 am
conditions, and take a look, at future feels-like temperatures, by late this afternoon, looking at 102 in philadelphia, 102 in wilmington, along with dover, down to wildwood, even atlantic city feeling like the triple digits. so stay hydrated, loose fitting light colored clothing, look at weekend wendy, she has the right idea by the pool. don't forget the sunscreen, because we're looking at very high uv indexes later on this afternoon, once again, couple of pop up storms. that will big bermuda high still in control. heat pump, pumping in the southwest winds, and look at all of the tropical moisture right now, continuing in louisianna, state of emergency, and look at some of the totals, just south of baton rouge, over 20 inches of rainfall over the past couple of days, so, devestation there, as we continue to monitor the situation. so, down the shore, looking at 92 degrees, a late sea breeze, but still will be hot, so just take it easy out there. moderate risk for rip current. over the next seven days, it
7:20 am
stays pretty hazy, hot, humid, looks like day nine heatwave continuing through thursday with high of 90, then not as hot, yes, not as hot. 88 degrees, bill, karen, by friday of next week. >> oh, that's a cool-down. thank you there, scott. >> i love that, good attitude, glass half full attitude. it is cooling off. it is cooling to 88, we'll take. >> speaking of some mixed news on this one, really, an odd day for a bizarre day for the eagles. >> bad news first. rookie quarterback, the golden arm superstar, carson went, now out with a rib injury. so we'll tell when you the team hopes to have him back on the field. >> and to the bizarre part of this whole thing, you know lane johnson, now braking his silence about his expected ten game suspension that's been talk about, using performance enhancing drugs, why he is going after the players union. >> a look at the lottery numbers, display your favorite hit of the day.
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>> that's southwest planes taking off to someplace that you know will be beautiful, sunny and maybe smidge cooler. >> we hope. let's check on sports. our fighting's have been playing pretty well. phillies look to go make it three in a row last night against the rockies, boom, maikel franco provided offense early. there it is. it is gone, three run homer in the first. next time up, look at this, pitcher upset. so he hits anderson, throws the ball, maikel franco, obviously not happy. umpire throws him out of the game. he has the nerve to argue about it, thrown out of the game. six to three, the phillies, argue all you want, argue, you still get stomped. go phillies. let's check in with sean bell. he has more in sports in a minute. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm sean
7:25 am
bell. eagles already dealing with a ton of injuries. jordan matthews still out. brandon brooks, dealing with a bicep injury. and carson wentz may miss some time. wentz had hairline fracture in his ribs. he got drilled in the second to last play in the first pre-season game. eagles hope to get him back before the end of pre-season, but looks like he'll be out for awhile. and lane johnson, still seeing if he will be suspended ten games for failing drug test for pd's for the second time. he admitted taking a substance but say the nfl actually approved t yesterday he talked about the situation and was furious. >> i feel like the players have no right, i feel something in the industry is not regulated, you do need to know what's in it. hard to believe coming from second time offender, but i want that to be clear that the nflpa does not stand up for players, they don't check the substance they're giving us, then when you call and ask them if they test for something they approve it, doesn't matter. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
7:26 am
>> there is a lot more to that story. we'll explore it a little later in the show, so stick with us. changes are going into effect starting today for pennsylvania's liquor control system. >> how you will be able to have fewer restrictions. shop sundays, even holidays, for goodness sake, finally. >> today. and fda, talking of supplement as lane johnson just was, cracking down on the supplement you take, talking new changes, they say, to keep you safe. >> thousands of people winds up in the hospital. great pictures, thank you for sending this one in. some of the good months in your life. happy 18th to erika today. she start college this weekend. oh, at west virginia, i was thinking west chester. good luck, erika. >> and from reading the morning paper and watching good day. we appreciate you, princess, appreciate your game.
7:27 am
>> absolutely, let's hope the phillies sweep the rockies today. and family reunion yesterday, no pig roast, good italian celebration. good food? >> oh, italian's, we had our pasta, we had a lot of fun. >> and a shout out to marcy, i know i owe your daughter t-shirt, i know, i know, i am get it for you today. thank you for watching and stay with us.
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>> straight up 7:30, we want to bring you breaking news that's happening now in strawberry mansion. pretty bad car accident, that has sent several people to the hospital. this is a live look right now, from the scene, you can see, there are two vehicles, that have collided, the one with the man standing up in the distance, and the one that the police officer is approaching right now. we do know at least one person was rushed over to temple hospital. and two others were taken to hahnemann. we don't know the severity of the injuries, or how this accident occurred. closings arguments are set for attorney gene kathleen kane. she did not take the stand friday, surprise ago loft people, and her defense team did not call a single witness to testify. kane charged with leaking secret grand jury information,
7:31 am
then lying about it. >> new changes going in effect today, for pennsylvania's liquor laws. nearly 100 stores in the state system will now be open on a sunday, for the very first time. nearly 200 other stores, will now open at a 11:00 and then close at 7:00 sundays, in the coming weeks, the state's liquor control board will expand hours, at more than 26 more stores. >> chinese festival, sponsored by the chinese community festival, chinese american community center, children's programs, happening inside and outside, in hockessin, delaware, of course plenty every wonderful food, it happens from noon until 6:00 p.m. at the center which is on 1313 little baltimore
7:32 am
road in hoe kens inch delaware. hope they have air-conditioning working, scott? >> yes, sue, that ac will be on blast, because we're looking at more feels-like temperatures by this afternoon, in the triple digits. take a live look right now at the philadelphia international airport. current air temperature, 83. look at what it already feels like, it already feels like 92 degrees. look at some of the oppressive humidity, 100% right now in dover. 90% in wrightstown, 82% in philadelphia, and low 90's once you move north and west. so, future feels-like temperatures once again by this afternoon will be in the triple digit, what it already feels like, 92 philadelphia, 94 what it feels like in dover. stay hydrated if you are headed out to citizens bank park, looking at first pitch temperatures right around 95 degrees, but feels like temperatures by that time frame, will definitely be in the triple digit. soap, you need to stay safe if you're headed outdoors this afternoon. ninety-seven for the high in center city, 92 down the shore, mid 90s, in the lehigh valley. back over to you.
7:33 am
>> thanks, scott. did you take vitamins or supplement? food and drug administration announced new guidelines just this week for companies that make those dietary supplement, these new rules aimed at better protecting all of us and knowing what we are putting into our bodies, we break it down, we have doctor nina radcliff joining us. good to see you. so what i didn't realize is these laws have about on the books for ages, but now they will finally do something about it and enforce it. >> yes, since 1994 up until now only a thousand of these had applications had been submitted. this is 90,000 current product on the market. >> so why is this important? >> consumer safety is always important watch we put in our bod can i have tremendous benefits, but can have harm either the way they're manufactured, one of the ingredients. so this is re-issue ands, reminder what the guidelines are, what needs to be done. >> one of the problems, thousands and thousands of people in this country ends up at the er every year because
7:34 am
they are taking things they think are good for them that can be very, very dangerous, in some cases even deadly? >> right. 23,000 people every single year go to the emergency room, dollars foot and drug admit doesn't have authority over them, don't have to show their products are safe or work. they do not have to show what are in the ingredients, how much are in the ingredient, do they interact with any of the medications, so while no one likes regulation, this is about consumer safety and that's important. >> also, some products specifically, broke down about 15, they say you should never use right now, really serious. can you give me off the top of your head maybe one or two of those to stay away from? >> cava powder, consumer reports listed the 15 ingredient, just google consumer report, look for these ingredients watcher these ingredients have been shown they may cause cancer, may cause organ damage, some cases even death, no reason to take those risks with your
7:35 am
health. >> so from the start, when will they start scrutinizing these products so i know what i am taking is safe and will do what i think will do? >> specifically i want to point out, anything that's been on the market exempt, here on out any new ingredient that's introduced has to get pre market notification. what they need to do list what it is, state generally recognized the a safe, doesn't mean do you have show it so far, show the dose ranges, frequency how long you should be using these for. now, if a manufacturer says general approval, we will be using this, only level of regulation that the fda has in terms of before it hits the shelves. >> this whole industry just explodes, gone from couple of hundred to 50,000 different products that are out there on the market at this time. snow is something that is good to get a handle on maybe now.
7:36 am
>> $38 billion industry. this is huge. >> good inside on all of this, as always, consumer be aware, take a look what you are doing and taking and put putting into your body, bill? >> great information, thank you so much. from cell phones to gps. solar flares can knock out our devices without warning. but did you know that flares almost started world war world r three? we'll tell but that coming up. and the greatest olympian ever. and now one man is going to great lengths to honor michael phelps, but not because of what he's done in the pool this week. we've got the detail. this is bizarre. stay tuned, good day philadelphia.
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current hit, on fire, karen, in the satellite radio talk before we came on. >> producer of our show says get some tunes out there. if you have any special requests for the weekends, just messages us. >> our olympic team, just on fire, in full swing right now, so far the us men's basketball team has been dominating. >> kind of expected from them. but one viewer trying to go head-to-head with our own howard eskin on his opinion of the team. this normally doesn't end well. so let's see if he can knock the king.
7:40 am
>> what the usa has done in putting the olympic basketball team together has become a joke. now, i know i have to go back over 20 years, to watch a team of amateurs. remember when the olympics were about the purity and love for the game? and not for the money? the usa olympic committee is now about ego, so it is an nba all-star team. >> everyone else is catching up. >> cody, right, cody, right, cody? wake me up when those games are over, all right, codey? the reality is there is not one college player on the usa's basketball team, not one. they used to have one player, and the other, the other countries, they started using real professionals, when the usa decided, well, we don't
7:41 am
want to lose any more, our ego won't let us. how do you like those 40-point games? oh, i know they won by the other night they won by ten points against australia. that's because they're bored, this is a joining, have some competition, have some college players, have it somewhat competitive so i don't fall a leap during these games. really, cody, right, it is cody? ya, cody, wake up next time, will you, cody, and wake me when the games are over. think you have what it takes to knock the king? shoot your video. sends it to us. and maybe, maybe, i'll talk to you next week. don't get it. so now it is a problem because we're too good? men's basketball team is winning by too much, and that's a criticism? >> cody, we like you, cody, you can hang out with us. >> we got you, cody. even though from already hot outside, one favorite pasttime getting family and friends together and firing up the grills.
7:42 am
>> coming up we will show you thousand make a burger, that everybody is going to be raving about. >> ♪ >> and the comment there is one from scott, scott staying cool by comparing portable fans, that's a good idea. >> and from caroline, sun for today? billy idol's hot in the city. that's a classic. bring that one out. >> and from phil price, wed something a week away. laying there, with the future mrs. . >> oh, that's nice. sitting out there in the heat, listening while she makes last print place. >> shout out, promise to amy brother's scott, love you always, enjoy your day. xoxo. happy birthday.
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>> ♪ >> our families have a way of making even the hottest day, just look glorious. so if you just want to go out and enjoy it. >> your every morning is beautiful. today is all fresh. new beginning, to write your own story, on a blank page. >> wow. no words. that was good. we will move on from there. well done. another hot day. so most people probably don't
7:46 am
want to go out and fire up the grill. it is just too hot. >> i know someone baking, made the most amazing tie dye cake with the kids, good project for the kids indoors. but if you want to go out and fire up the grill, burgers are amazing this time of year. you may want to save or this one. take a look. >> hi, we're in marlton, new jersey, i'm chris mentor, director every culinary services welcome to your fox food bite, today our callbrisi call burger, one of our favorites, you can buy it already pre mixed and ready to go. let me show you how we will do this. take about 60% of the rib meat, about 20% of the chuck, and 20% of the surround loyal. and mix it in a bowl. salt, pepper to taste, then we blends this up like you would a regular hamburger at home, you season it with salt and pepperment i'll make about a 6-ounce burger today. so we want to get about
7:47 am
6 ounces. this is baseball size, we will pack that nice. here is a little tip, if your burgers swell, if you put a little indentation in the middle of the meat it helps it from bubble up and cooks little more even. so we'll make a couple of these patties. so little trick that i do is i always want to make sure i have a hot grill. and i like to also put a little bit of -- spray a little oil on both sides of the burger t helps it from sticking, hot grill, little oil, your burgers won't stick. so we will drop this on the grill. nice and hot, hear it sizzling, when those are cooking i want to grab my pancceta. what it is, a bacon, not traditional flat like bacon, makes great piece, because it fits the burger perfectly, nice rounds piece. we put that on the pan. get it cooking, and you get this at your local supermarket, and you can ask them to slice it on a slicer
7:48 am
make it little thinner if you like. while that's cooking, we come and we get our roll ready. two different types every rolls, my favorite, brish roll, my wife's favorite, multi grain roll, little heaviest. briosh has little more butter and flavor in my opinion. i like it flavor it with a little bit of olive oil s and i like to put these on the grill just for few minutes to give it some flavor. so we put those right here. my theory is i like to season everything. i think everything should have flavor. so ready to flip the burger. flip those. looking good. you can see how the little incidents made the burger stay nice and flat. that's perfect. so what we are doing, putting this on medium heat for about four, five minutes on each side. perfect. so the bun, perfect, like nice little light toast on them. perfect. so take these off, ready to go. the bacon as you can see, shrunk up, got nice and brown
7:49 am
and crispy, ready to go. so we place some of these chipolni onions, they're italian onions, actually marinaded in balance some i can vinegar, found in any specialty store, sweet, a lot of sugar, terrific on a burger. we will take little peppers, little color in there. these are sweet, hot, also really delicious. we slice those up. so we'll get a little sweet from the onions, little spicy on the peppers, which gives great balance to the whole ham burke err that we're doing. so i'll take few slices, just put it right on top of the burger. if you're at home, have a lid, shut the lid on your grill, will melt nicely on top of the burger i cover it with a pan to help that process little faster. as the cheese is melting i take a little bit of this arugula pesto, just brush little bit of this on each
7:50 am
one. oh, that's really beautiful. our burgers should be done, cheese nice and melt i over there, which it is, we will pull these off. now we will top with our bacon, our italian pancetta bacon, and our cippolini, and fresh arugla, garnish it, here, and there you have it, it the kaprese burger. incredible. director of food services at market fresh there is has been your fox food bite. >> i had a grill, and my burgers came off looking like that, flattened down, borderline hard, hockey puck
7:51 am
type things then i give them five dorito's and say that's your meal. >> when someone else cooks it, just save or it, it looks amazing, scott, best burger you ever had? >> oh, wow, i would probably say maybe continental? >> oh, all right, all right. >> ya. >> good stuff by you. >> all right, let's talk a little bit about this heat. perhaps you'll try to fire up that grill, just stay safe, because it is just going to be down right hot. i mean, yesterday's high, 98 degrees. 1 degree away from the record setback in 2,002. live look right now, philadelphia international airport, hazy sunshine out there. temperatures are in the low 80s, and we're talking about a feels-like temperature at 92 stifling degrees already. soap, here's the bottom line. heat up rapidly, look at the temperatures by noon, 93, 97 at 4:00. dangerous heat, 30% chance for couple of pop up showers, and
7:52 am
storms. look at the current feels like temperature. ninety-two philadelphia. 94 degrees right now in dover. 91 degrees what it feels like in atlantic city. so the excessive heat warning continues for pretty much the entire area, by this afternoon, feels like temperatures, 105 to 111. so, that seven day forecast, you can see, feeling like 107 today, by the afternoon, 95 on monday, it stays hot, tuesday, 93, still, at or above 90, wednesday into thursday, making it a nine-day heatwave. longest one so far this year, and then temperatures fall back to the upper 80s, by friday, into saturday, of next week. back over to you, bill, karen? >> thank you so much, scott. just looking at a picture of one of our friends of the show that's pregnant. this is a summer, man, when you are nine months pregnant, feels like nine years every day. >> also wearing one of our t-shirts. good luck. did you know nearly 50 years ago we were on the verge of worlds war. >> sue serio shows us in
7:53 am
philly science, it was all because of the sun. >> we're going back in time to talk about those silly thanks this week, solar flares, like these, can mess with your cell phone signal. and your gps. and it turns out, they may almost have started world war three. yes, solar storm during the height of the "cold war" in 1967 jammed radar at us military sites in alaska, greenland, and the uk. a new report from the american geophysical union says commanders had nukes on high alert, and us air force meteorologists had to convince the brass that it was the sun not the soviets, that caused that problem. everyone calm down. but it is to still took more than a week for us radio communications to get back to normal. as a result, meteorologists in the military started paying closer attention to the weather on the sun, as well as here on earth, to forecast these events, and ward off any problems in the future.
7:54 am
>> scientists can be silly, but they can also save the world. pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
7:55 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
7:56 am
>> hey everybody, i'm jenn frederick. and today itch two of my favorite fox 29 staffers, tore fry tori's take, and mike from the facebook show. >> how are you doing today? >> so here's what i want to talk about, okay? so, the things husbands need
7:57 am
to be doing. first of all why don't you go and get cash out after cash machine? because i feel like that's your job, to have the cash. >> it is not my job. and now that you bring it up, i'm wondering why you guys never get the cash. why do i have to be the cash machine? >> you are the human spit err, right? >> come on, you make the money, you give us the money. >> next gas, okay? phil, fill up my car with gas. >> good husband will make sure his wife has gas in the car. >> a good wife will make sure her car is not on empty. >> last thing, the trash. i let you live in my house. so i don't have to take out the trash. >> we don't have time for that. >> nobody have time for that, no. >> you let me live in your house? do i not crib to this thing? listen, all every us might not mind leaving. so don't start with you let me live in your house game. >> take the trash out, why don't you just own up to it?
7:58 am
>> the problem is you guys can't take the trash out. we come in the house, it smells like three weeks worth of trash. >> bottom line: cash, trash and gas. >> there it is. >> guys, we're letting you live in the house. >> what about laundry and -- >> doesn't matter, this is our segment. bye! >> lets us live in the house? that was jenn fred. okay, all right, the fifth heatwave of the summer has now turned deadly. so we will tell you when you can expect some relief from the oppressive heat. stick with us, on good day philadelphia. a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again.
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8:00 am
another day, oppressive heat, as this stretch has turned deadly. when we can finally expect some relief. >> and a violent night in milwaukee as the city set on fire. what triggered these protests, and the mayor's message this morning. >> and a brief debut forecaster on went, it looks so good, we were all cheering, but there is a rib injury now we are learning of that's side
8:01 am
lining the eagles qb. and when the team hopes to have him back on field. from the fox 29 studio. this is "good day philadelphia". weekend. and good morning, hour two begins on sunday august 14th, so far, so good, a loft good information and enjoying things so far. >> can i not believe that we're already august 14th, and halfway through august, and school is like a print away for the kids. >> almost eagles season, already. >> yes. >> some scary news with carson wentz. we'll explore that deeper. >> we will get into that. but still lot of summer to be had on this sunday, scott. >> it could be worse, we could be talking about snow, right? haha. >> what a weather person. >> and everyone laughs. yep, it is hazy, it is hot, it will be another oppressive day. we will talk all about the weather coming up. first we check in with sue serio and weekend winds. >> i oh, it has been so hot out, it is good to have an event that's in air-conditioning.
8:02 am
and this one is. it is at the academy of natural sciences. yes, it is time for the annual bug fest with bug discussions, bug theme face painting bug eating, this is going on of course at the academy of natural sciences on the parkway 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. i know one thing for sure, scott, the weather has really been bugging us. >> oh, it really has, sue. i wonder if they'll have some bug ice cream on a hot day like today. hey, maybe. let's take live look right now at the center city skyline, just hazy, hot, humid, already, temperatures already climbing into the mid 80s, and it is only 8:02 on this sunday morning, eight a degrees, but feels like 92 stifling degrees already. take a look at the temperatures, in wilmington, 84, 84 millville, and wildwood, we have mid 80s already in atlantic city. so, across the region for today, that excessive heat warning continues, pretty much
8:03 am
area-wide. ninety-seven for the high in center city, 92 down the shore, a late afternoon and evening sea breeze, but it will feel oppressive. lehigh valley mid 90s, look at the current feels like temperatures already 96 is what it feels like in millville. ninety-eight in dover. ninety in trenton, and mid 90s in wildwood. so once again, that warning means that feels-like temperatures pretty much area wide from 105 to 111 by this after innocent. we will talk about a little relief with the seven day coming up. here is a look at traffic with bob kelly. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, trolley brit continues, no service on the subway service trolleys in the tunnels through center city, so commuters on the market frankford line, jump off at 40th street. from there the trolleys will take you into the neighborhood. the flip flop if you are leaving the neighborhood coming into the city be diverted at 40th and market to work your way into downtown. and some volume afternoon, phillies baseball at 1:35. enjoy the rest of the day. see you bright and early
8:04 am
tomorrow morning. we kick it off with jam cams starting at 4:00. >> to tell but this right now, man in his 20's in the hospital after police say the car he was in smashed into a building. this all happened just about couple of hours ago. early this morning. at broad and west norris streets in north philadelphia, it is unclear, at this time, if the man was the driver or the passenger, and police are still looking into the cause of the crash. and peco officials are trying to figure out why 52 customers in queen village don't have any power this morning. they say that there is an issue with underground equipment. possibly a cable near fourth and south. the power went out just after 11:30 last night. and crews are unsure when service will be restored. we will keep you updated as more information comes in to the news room. and it is 8:05 right now. >> now officially into the fifth heatwave of the season. and it is proven to be deadly. >> two women have lost their lives. people all over this area are trying to stay cool as these
8:05 am
temperatures are continuing to climb. the records, jenny joyce right now at the art museum with the latest on all of this. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen, another hot morning. the sun already beating down here on the art museum stems. the fountain looking better and bert. city urging to take it easy after the report of two heat-related deaths during this heatwave. now officials say that two women died, 167, the other, 82 years old, they have underlying health issues. the 67 year old woman was from north philadelphia. the medical examiner's office says diabetes, congestive heart file your, obesity factored into her death. the 82 year old woman of northeast philadelphia also passed away, as temperatures have lingered in the 90s, feeling like triple digits, officials say, the woman also had heart disease and high cholesterol. during this heatwave, the city is warning people to take it easy, drink lot of water and limit time outdoors. we talked to early morning exercizers, who agree,
8:06 am
hydration is key. >> we drink a lot of water. we wake up early, didn't sleep too much last night, because you feel it, but it is okay. >> because it is so hot? >> yes, yes. >> got to hydrate, drink a lot of gatorade, definitely early morning to be out here. >> and already we've seen most of the people who were exercising on the art museum steps have left, there goes runner behind me, of course. but the national weather service has issued excessive heat warning through 9:00 tonight, because temperatures will remain in the 90's, karen, bill? >> jenny, thank you. i was down the shore for couple of hours yesterday, packed with people, so many people down there right now, atlantic city packed with people trying to cool off in the ocean breeze down there, and so many had gone down therefore the big concert, all of the parrot heads were there, big event for jimmy buffet in town. so they were having a lot of fun, but you also have to, you know, be careful as you're out there to watch an event for
8:07 am
many hours t does get so hot when they have the big events on the beach, and they try to find ways to stay cool. >> it is really hot out here. thank goodness for a drink. >> well, we are dressed up for jimmy. >> as we always are, this is our second atlantic city concert with jimmy. >> oh, yes. >> we were here four years ago when he played at boardwalk hall. >> oh, it is really hot! it is really hot. but we jumped in the pool. >> we could be worst places, but we're at the beach. >> that's the truth, good attitude, a lot of those pools have decided to stay open here in the city, but they were thinking about closing up in allentown, free to people, the heat line is back open this morning, in philadelphia, from 8:30 this morning, until 6:30 this evening. health department nurses are manning the phone. so if you have a problem, just call them, that's what they're therefore, that's what they want to help you to get some of your needs met. there is the number thereon your screen: (215)765-9040. we put all of that information in case you miss it, don't have pen or pencil, right on our website >> 8:07. police in mercer county new
8:08 am
jersey are investigating a shoot that happened at the home of an off-duty corrections officer, early yesterday morning. you saw it here on "good day" philadelphia. the officer says that as he was leaving his house,, to smoke a cigarette, he saw dominick neal walking up the path to his home. he went ton say that man had one hand on his waistband as the other reached for the front door handle. investigators say the prison guard's girlfriend, who was also at the home, had domestic violence restraining order against neal, the man approached the house, who was her exboyfriend. so the corrections officer said he told neal to stop, but he didn't, so he then fired up to four shot through the glass of his front door. neal hit in the head once, and died. my concern, for my safety, my bedroom is like right across from there, and i'm thinking if there was shots, you know it, could have came right through my bedroom. >> now, the corrections officer and his girlfriends were not hurt. and so far no charges have been filed. in west mt. airy, fire officials are working to
8:09 am
figure out what caused a fire at that church. this broke out yesterday evening, on west mt. pleasant avenue and brian streets. crews were able to bring it under control. lots of water on that church. they got it all knocked down in about an hour, one person was taken to the hospital, with some unknown injuries. >> and very serious situation that happened overnight. there were riots in milwaukee, wisconsin. >> it happened after officer shoots and kills a man during a foot chase. this is what happened after the shooting. you see the burning, looting taking place, investigators say, officers stopped the car with two men inside. they say the officer pursued the man after they ran from the car. one of the officers then shot one of the men, who they say was armed, and he died on the scene. as word spread of the shooting, rioting began, gas station, and local businesses, as well as several cars were set on fire. the city's mayor is pleading with the community to help restore order. >> this is a serious situation.
8:10 am
and this is a neighborhood that has unfortunately been affected by violence in the recent past. if you love your son, if you love your daughter, text them, call them, hold them by the ears, and get them home. get them home right now before more damage is done. >> mayor pleading with the community, to try to calm this issue. a havings into the man's death is now underway. the 24 year old officer, who fired the shots, is now on administrative leave. >> we've been talking about this is the last several days. heavy rain and the state of emergency advisory continues in louisianna. >> scott showing us radar down there, all red, purple, 20 inches in some parts, so the first responders there are trying to free people who have gotten stuck in these rising waters. the coast guard says a thousand people have needed to be rescued, from water as high as waist deep after torrential rains there in that state. so far three people there died. local officials are urging people to evacuate, the storm system hovering over
8:11 am
louisianna is expected to dump more rain, making it unclear whenever those waters can possibly begin to recede. >> we will have a little fun, sunday mornings, bitter beer face. >> the big event celebrating soar beers, and the great beers you can pair with them. we'll tell you all about it. >> speaking of faces, michael phelps continues to dominate in the olympics. now, one man want to hop or phelps, but it is not for his swimming. it is about that face. >> and look at that. >> awe. >> good day weekend t-shirt, michael owens' lovely wife jen sell bathing they have a child coming any day now. >> oh, that waiting game. also, this one, good sunday fun day, it is hot, find a pool, go to the mall or friend's house that has ac! >> and from donna, happy sixth birthday, celebrating, happy birthday. keep sending us your comment, how you are beating the heat. make sure to use the
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> so we're all working together trying to stay cool. at the bridge, people figuring out a way to just chill and relax. we can cool off with nice
8:15 am
gift? >> welcome back, hi, guys. >> how are you? >> a shower beer fest, in town right now, thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate it. >> thank you for coming in. but laughing for a minute because burning hot outside and our studios so cold, and i'm turning the thermostat, now it is steam any here. >> very hot. you can see, right behind us? the windows are fogging up in here. yes, thank you, karen. >> love you. >> all right, great shower fest. >> good stuff. >> we've got great beers here, if you go along with really great plates, food from definitely's stand, soar beer, great new trend, actually, old trend, but big come back in craft beer circles. tart mostly, and very refreshing. perfect time of beer for this casino every wetter. >> so we have beer. we have the food. but sour fest what? >> we originally started it seven years ago, i'm huge fan
8:16 am
of sour beer. and we started pouring few sour beers all at once on my birthday, now it has take answer life on its own. originally first year we did it, we did 14 sour beers, now over the week we'll serve about 75 different beers on draft. >> happy birthday. when is your birthday? >> august 18th. >> happy birthday. the first one we try right here? >> so this is german beer, goza, a beer that is made with salt and korea and earn, but sour with lactic acid. so it should be pretty tart. >> little tart. >> it is good, though. >> i think it is good. >> always makes fun of me, i order beers based on the name, no idea what i'm ordering, always end up being these tart sour beers, so i'm always like oh, smooth. this one is good. it pairs with -- >> we have that paired with mushroom griton, swiss cheese, beef broth, soft boiled eggs.
8:17 am
>> okay, so the beer actually, we'll try this, but i want to talk with my mouthful. so the beer actually compliment of food, if you're kind after connoisseur, like yourself. >> sure. if you think about beer, i mean, wine was the classic drink to go with good food now beer moved into that area. so there are so many different kind of beers, that match great with other foods sour beer, natural. >> so this is pet trust pail all from belgium. this is probably the really sour one here, asian barrels. >> i love it. it has kind of like -- >> yes! >> it is good. little tart. >> nice bubble and fizz to it, it is delicious. >> and so it is designed, pairs up with what, well, because the beer then compliment the food? >> so we brought seared tuna. >> oh,. >> spinach, wasabi ginger dressing. >> okay. so this one here, you can see,
8:18 am
a lot lot darker than the other two. called brunn i gut. >> little rugged and manually beer we'll have this morning. >> porter beer, dark beer, that's been aged on sour cherries. >> it tastes like like a big piece of rye bread, black forest bread, hardy meal. >> ya. exactly, good. >> so small selection, i mean, over 70 beers at sour fest. there are so many out there to enjoy. and lot of different varieties that have been soured with different bacteria or unusual yeast strains, aged in barrels, so pretty cool development in beer. >> i want to try the food. different beers compliment the foods how? just bridges out the taste? >> with the mushroom, we were looking alagoza, has salt in
8:19 am
it, the early necessary, sour beers go well with spicy food it, takes down the heat a notch. fruit, the ones like free world -- >> this is so good. >> so this is bacon wrapped pork loin. >> oh! >> with smashed potatoes, salt, but ther. >> try not to make a mess. >> we'll try the food, as well. >> guys, thank you so much for coming in. we'll eat, chomp on tv, and we send it over to scott. >> good idea. >> i'll chomp on tv. >> it is good, thank you both. >> looks pretty good, guys. take a live look right now at the center city skyline. it is hazy. it is hot. it is humid. and yes, the fifth heatwave of the year continues to roll on. it will likely be a very long duration heat event. let's talk a little bit about the dangerous heat and our current situation. we've seen lows every day pretty much above 80 in center city. high temperatures yesterday, 98 degrees. that was the hottest day of the year.
8:20 am
and take a look at the high humidity. this is where the danger comes in to play, we're talking heat exhaustion, heat stroke, so don't ignore your body. stay hydrated. and limit your outdoor exposure. and of course, you will want to check on the elderly, your pet, and also your children. loose fitting light colored clothes. let's take a look at future feels like temperatures, we go hour by hour throughout your sunday. because it will be pretty bad later this afternoon, feeling like 102, watch the clock at 4:00 p.m. feel like 102 in wilmington. likewise, dover, down to wildwood, atlantic city, still, looking pretty hot. so, we have that excessive heat warning through tonight, pretty much area wide. right now weather question from down the shore. >> hi, i'm mary with united way. >> hi, i'm from ups. i'm mark, driver for ups. we're headed to the 23rd annual regatta. we have more than 8,000 rubber made stuff.
8:21 am
east wildwood, sunday, at the rubber duck river regatta. >> hey, scott, how is the weather? >> and humid, hot and humid, of course, down the shore, we take a look at the forecast for the rubber ducky regatta, in wildwood, temperatures still in the low 90s, so stay hydrated. stay safe out there. still steamy by 8:00. temperatures around 87 degrees. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you 90's through thursday, will make it day nine of this oppressive heat and humidity. can't rule out couple of pop up storms then by friday. calling it not as hot, because temperatures will top out in the upper 80s, and looks like an ends to that heatwave. we send it back over to you guys. >> thanks, scott. that was excellent, so outstanding. oh, this is the opposite of outstanding. a bad break for the future face of our eagles. >> rib injury side lining carson went. we'll tell when you they hope
8:22 am
to have him back on the field, in a little bit. and the lane johnson controversy. >> here are your winning lottery numbers. we hope you have them. >> more beer. >> i was thinking this song this morning, it does crack me up. >> ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> welcome back everybody, what a ride, a shame it
8:25 am
happened while i was in commercial break here. up here at the collegeville fire department, celebrating anniversary gang. thanks so much for hanging out with me, out here with the motorcycle riders, we have the police department, the fire department, all part of the big 125th celebration of the collegeville fire department. and their 16th annual car show, which takes place today. we've had breakfast, i got the folks from collegeville, italian bakery here with the eggs, the pancakes, and you know it, we got to have a jelly donut. i took a bite out that far there. so having some fun today. i know it is hot, but you know what? take a look at all of the cars we have lined up for you here today. the fire department, police department, they put it altogether, main street shutdown here in collegeville, take a look at this super funny car. wouldn't this be cool? see me coming down the schuylkill expressway in this? sir, what's your name? >> john wood. >> johnny, what type of car is this? >> 1932 ford roadster.
8:26 am
>> now, if you take this out on the street, or you just go to shows? >> out on the street and shows. >> get out of town. >> indeed. >> what casino every lunch do you get -- looks to you get? >> chick magnet, but my wife's always with me. >> love it. johnny, you are the best. come on back over here, take a look at some of the cars that we've set up for us here for the collegeville car show. they got the oldsmobile, the classics, the pickups, the mack trucks, it is all free, and it is all today, along main street, in collegeville, and when you come on by, make sure you stop by the firehouse or the police department and say thank you to the folks that have been serving the township all of these great years, and we'll see you at the car show later on today. >> thanks, bob. >> i wish one day we could do behind the scenes, arguing about how hot it was in the studio, and which one every us got the other in trouble.
8:27 am
>> i got in you trouble. >> you got me in trouble. >> let's move on, 8:27 is the time straight up. >> so star wars fans are mourning the loss after fan favorite. sad news. >> you may not know his face or his name. it is kenny baker. but you'll recognize his work, because very, very famous character. and we've been talking about it throughout the morning, but now we'll dig deeper. what's going on with the eagles lane johnson? lineman breaks his silence about his possible suspension, and he's pointing fingers at the players union saying their fault. >> and here's what you have to say. we're taking a look at some of your comments, all dow is win for team usa. that's request from mikey. >> and from angry al, song for the week has to be stevie ray vaughn, couldn't stand the weather. triple digits, right? we'll try to get that one on. >> and another one, some like it hot. thank you very much.
8:28 am
>> ♪ >> ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> closing arguments set for kathleen kane. she did not take the stand on friday, her defense team did not call a single witness to testify. she is charged with leaking secret grand jury information, and then lying about it. some changes to pennsylvania's liquor laws go into effect today. nearly 100 stores in the state system, will be open on a sunday for the first time ever. and 200 others will now be open at 11:00 a.m., and close at 7:00 on sundays. in the coming week, the state's liquor control board will he can panned hours at 26 additional stores. so get nice refreshing summer drink, even on a sunday, scott? >> yes, just remember to drink some water, too. all right, let's talk about these temperatures, because yesterday's high, 98 degrees, that was 1 degrees away from the record from yesterday of 99. but of course it felt like the triple digits, we still have the hazy sunshine, take a live look right now, at the center city skyline, feels like
8:32 am
temperatures already at 8:31, take a look at this, it feels like 92 degrees, the air temperature, already, 85 degrees in philadelphia. we have 85 atlantic city, 83 in dover, 80 right now in pottstown, the cool spot, 72, in the pocono mountains. if you are headed to the ballpark, first pitch temperatures, looking at 95 degrees, winds out of the southwest, the balls will fly with all of that heat and humidity. let's talk about future feels-like temperatures, as we roll the clock. you can see, how they really start to crank up, by 4:00, feeling lining 102 in philly. feeling like 102 in wilmington and dover. so, a really oppressive as we continue with that big bermuda high, wind out of the south and west, pumping up all of that humidity. weekend wendy will be jumping in the pool later on, temperatures in the 90s, feels like temperatures, in the triple digits, there could be couple of isolated pop up storms, mainly, to our north and west. we send it back to you.
8:33 am
>> my eyeballs jumped out of my head. hairline fracture? when did that happen? not what we wanted to hear when it comes to our rookie quarterback carson wentz, team announcing yesterday that he fractured his ribs, in thursday night's pre-season game against tampa bay. so, when is he going to be back? what does this all mean? >> we don't know but we'll finds out. break it down, philly influence err here with us, good morning, sir. >> good morning, good morning. >> not the news we want to hear. >> not at all. after the pre-season game thursday night, everyone excited about what carson wentz showed us, unfortunately he suffered a hairline fracture like just mentioned in his ribs. this will put him off pretty much for the whole pre-season, that's what doug pederson said, that's the rumor around camp. we will wait and see. not good. not good. that's major rough. eagles fans don't need to get craze bye this, because at the end of the day, carson wentz wasn't going to play. in the long hall it doesn't affect the team, but his is where the rookly get reps.
8:34 am
this was important moment forecaster on wentz, pre-season game, of course at the end. >> what, see more sam bradford? >> interesting because i think you're going to see a little bit more maybe couple of more drives out of sam bradford that would you have seen in the upcoming game thursday night against the pit burying steelers, but i don't think you'll see him after that. pre-season third game of the pre-season you will see him there, as well, but the fourth not at all. because you can't afford to have another quarterback injured. >> and that game showed that eagles have big holes on their offensive line. and they're potentially getting worse. we'll hear from lane johnson, hear what he has to say and plane this, as well. >> i feel like the players have no rights. i feel something in the industry is not regulated. it is hard to believe, you know, coming from second time offender, but i want it to be clear the nflpa does not stand up for players, they don't check the substance they're giving out. then when you call and ask them if you test positive for something they approved it
8:35 am
doesn't matter. >> so that is lane johnson, explains to people that, women, thank you, me, he got in some trouble. rumors of using performance enhancing drugs, now the rumors, facing ten game suspension, so he's responding to all of that. >> the second offense. he doesn't feel like the players union stuck up for him. >> supplement, amino acids, he is claimed he looked and he saw it was okay, then the players union won't test a supplement, that's not what they do. so look, bottom line is this. lane johnson got in trouble three years ago, that's when he was suspended for four game. here it is right now. can you not take this chance if you are lane johnson. before go put it in your body you need to get it tested first. that needs to be his number one concern, because two parts, one, obviously ten game suspension, second part, $35 million guaranteed is on the table right now because of his fault, his mistake, on that. so, you know, he made a huge mistake, costly, i know, there is a million and one things going through his mind right
8:36 am
now. but bottom line you got to get that check. you can't just take chances on that. >> i'm glad you said it, because i love the eagle, love lane johnson. but these guys, multi millionaires, it is your body and your contract. i would have somebody following me around, you know, here, you cook that, you test this, little chemistry set. and sit there and go -- we keep hearing people make excuses for supplement, stop taking them. >> take a trip down the nova care complex, probably 20 guys in that facility that would do anything for lane johnson involved with the medical team and staff like that. so, yes, i would have took that supplement, got it tested, lane, it is cleared, take it. >> no one to blame but yourself lane johnson. >> i think it is a the wild west, a lot more going on like that. >> of course. >> $35 million? i would stop eating whatever you tell me to stop eating. no more water, done. i got you. >> union real quick. >> union, huge game last night, four-nothing victory. and after two additions this past week, charlie davis, al
8:37 am
landreaux, team looking like whole different stretch coming out. >> always a pleasure. you can get more information philly influencer. com inside scoop. >> we appreciate it, thank you. >> all right, 8:37. is our time. another hack targeting lawmakers, what's being called basically like an electronic watergate. >> so had is target in the time? and the sensitive information that was released on line. we'll tell you about it. >> and also, may be one of the greatest olypians that ever lived, now one man going to great lengths to honor michael phelps. but it is not really because of what he's done in the pool this week. it is something that happened a long -- >> freaking out little bit.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
>> always fascinated, michael phelp, we are talking about, when he became number one, cute finger wig.
8:41 am
>> i and the swimmers started talking smack. >> when you can, because you win all of the gold medals, you got 23 pieces of gold in your pocket. so, he's now saying his career is over, he announced his retirement yesterday. obviously going out at the top of his game, phenominal high note, winning 23rd career gold medal last night. >> for some the best performance for phelps this week, ya, the stink face, you see it, the scowling stink face, obviously looks dis pleased likely because another swimmer in south africa, talking junk, shadow box him before a race. but now one man is take that stink face to the next level. >> see what he is doing? >> take a look at that, no surprise, this is how toronto base tatoo artist was given the art of tatooing with michael definitely soul there. now, she posted the results on instagram, and saw a lot of love from the internet. >> would you ever get a tatoo?
8:42 am
>> actually have one right here. >> want to see? >> let me see. >> i got two. >> that's right. >> i have a tatoo here, and i have a tatoo back here. >> wait, like a symbol? >> one is a ginana symbol of humility and strength, and the other one symbol of unity and long life. good stuff. >> wall after that -- all of that being said, if their last night is not anderson they're not my father, my son, get another dude tatooed on me? no matter how stink i the face, no matter how many medals, not going to happen. or a woman, not dis kim nail g, there will be no facial recognition of somebody who is not family, nah. ain't going to happen. >> i have to ask you. what do you think about all of this? this is our pole for today. do you have any tattoos you regret? you can vote right now on the good day weekend section of or vote on twitter using the hashtag fox 29 yes or fox 29 no. >> little surprise that you don't have any tattoos.
8:43 am
you come across as that kind of person. and that's not an insult, because i have them, so i can say that, she got quiet. she must have tattoos. >> i don't have any tattoos. >> you're like a tazmanian devil. >> star wars fans are mourning the loss of one of our fan favorites this morning. i thought this was sad news, very interesting, i never even heard of this, realize there was somebody that played r2 d2, maybe you did. kenny baker, certainly did a loft work on the before and after, as well, so we will tell but his passing and his life. >> and another hash targeting democratic lawmakers, the new information that was released that has a top leader comparing it to watergate. >> and also, happy birthday to you. mila-kunas33 years old. >> halle barre, this is what i hope, looking pretty good there at the big 50. tim tebow, still in his 20's, 29 years old. >> did you hear what he want to do now?
8:44 am
he want to start playing baseball. >> learn how to play football. >> he was a very good baseball player. >> in school. >> i played baseball in high school. >> stop it. >> love you.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ ♪ >> welcome to our house. good day philadelphia. thanks for spending time with us, stay with us all day here on fox 29. all right, so you may not know him as kenny baker. but he's passed away, you probably know him as his most popular character r2 d2 in the star wars film, born in england, stood just 3 feet 8 inches tall, that made him a perfect fit to play the lovable droid r2 d2, also musician and stand up comedian, kenny baker was 81 years old. fbi, targeting democrats after the private information for nearly 200 current and former democratic lawmakers, were posted on line. the hacker says the post dollars documents are the result of a breach into the democratic congressional campaign committee. that the organization responsible for electing democrats to the house. the house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling the hack an electronic watergate break-in, he says, cyber
8:48 am
security firm has been hired to investigate the hacking. hillary clinton taking the weekend off from the campaign trail, her runningmate tim kaine was in new hampshire, virginia senator discussed hillary clinton's economic plans, clinton posted 100 day job plan includes investing invn inch from structure, cutting red tape. clinton will be in philadelphia tuesday, over at west philadelphia high. >> meanwhile, republican presidential nominee donald trump spent his day symptomming in connecticut. he said he is making big play for that state which normally goes to the democrats. the state has not voted for republican president since 1988. chris wallace now has a look at what's coming up on fox news sunday. >> this week on fox news sunday governor mike pence, and his first sunday show interviews, since becoming donald trump's runningmate. we'll ask him about his role in the campaign, top republicans declaring never trump, and trump's claim president obama and hillary
8:49 am
clinton founded isis. then new questions about the relationship between the clinton foundation and the state department. we'll talk with senator claire, top clinton supporter, about the possibility of an fbi investigation. all this week, on fox news sunday. >> i'll be watching closely, scott, i would love to get some of the answers, chris will be digging into, we'll stay inside the the air-conditioning, because it is hot. >> sounds like good idea, bill, a lot of folks will be out and about. but just stay hydrated, remember to drink a lot of water, check on your pets, senior citizens, the elderly, and of course we are looking at feels like temperatures again by this afternoon around 110 degrees. hazy sunshine right now. as we take a look at the center city skyline, eight a degrees, will you already feels like 92. so as we look at the temperatures, we have 83 dover, eight an atlantic city, 79 in allentown, future feels like temperatures, by this afternoon, and in and around philadelphia, by say 4:00.
8:50 am
120, 102 is what it will feel like in dover, that big area of high pressure still in control, that bermuda heat pump also down into the gulf, continuing to follow deadly flood concerns, just south of baton rouge, some of the rainfall totals approaching about 2 feet. so, just unprecedented rainfall there. ninety-two, down the shore today, 90 tomorrow. sunscreen, stay hydrated, there will be a late sea breeze, the pocono mountains, humid start this morning, by this afternoon, 84 degrees, with couple of pop up showers, and thunderstorm, so that seven day forecast, we continue with the 90 or better theme tomorrow, 95, 93 tuesday, 91 wednesday. and look at thursday making it day nine every this oppressive, this heatwave, and then as we move toward friday and saturday, temperatures drop back into the upper 80s, and we will call that not as hot, bill, karen.
8:51 am
>> let's get the humidity out of our homes in these icky dog days of summer. joining thus morning, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, as well. >> i'm tired of all being sticky and gross, what do i do? >> one of the things, get dehumidifier for your home, two standards, fixed meter device and one variable meter device. variable meter device last little longer meant to work in lower temperatures and useless energy. >> so of course air-conditioning is a huge help. tell me about that. what do i need to be on the look-out there? >> exactly, ultimate dehumidifier is your air-conditioning system. there is two styles of air-conditioning systems, one of them is room style air-conditioning system, and that does as well a great job. >> and then we have a thermostat also that has a de humidification setting right on it. so now you know the humidity in your home. >> that's good thing. now, i have this big huge thing over here. what the heck is this thing
8:52 am
that i'm showing off? what's this show me? >> another thing we want to do with humidity, clean our duct system. a lot of people ask how many times we should just only clean them once. some duct systems aren't even meant to be cleaned. when we put proper filtration in, they won't get dirty again. dust does hold humidity. >> is this my duct system or something that tests for the duct system? >> this here is system we use to test the air coming out of a home. all it is is an air filtration system. >> i got t now what's this? i don't know what you call this. what is it? >> air cleaner, as well. so whether we do have humidity in the home, especially in our duct system, cold, damp, dark. we have the opportunity for mold growth, bacteria growth. this here helps deal with dust but does kill mold and bacteria around the number one thing that mold and bacteria can form on which is the air-conditioning coil inside. >> all right, sounds interesting. now, how about the drainage away from my house, why is that important? i wouldn't even think about that? >> great question. so around the house, if you
8:53 am
see pooling, especially when it is raining, or you see the ground sloping toward the house, that is a prime way for water to come into the house. and it can be formed behind walls, mold, bacteria. so make sure all of the area around the house is sloping away from the home. >> top recommendation to keep the humidity out. what do you think it is? >> keep your air conditioner on. keep it running at steady temperature. don't open up the windows and doors when it gets nice outside until we're sure that the extreme heat is over with. >> i love clean air. thank you, appreciate it, thank you so much. that's it for today's around the house. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪ be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who ows up in that dress.
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welcome back, showing you live picture of the clean up now, in milwaukee, after a violent night where there was a lot of unrest after police shot an armed man. >> many people came out in rallies, burned businesses and cars, and this is full-on clean up after that event that happened overnight. >> we of course will keep you informed throughout the day, but it looks like people are heeding the words of the mayor, calm has taken over, now the clean up begins. >> we also want to tell but something many people are discussing, it is trending sent on twitter out there, that's hugh jackman, have you seen this picture, put it out there on instagram. people said holy moly what the heck happened, one of the hottest men on this entire planet.
8:57 am
>> there is the picture, posted it with the caption now that's what i am talking about, some fans, commenting on count tired appearance, worried he has health issues, even sending him get well soon wishes. >> here is the thing, a lot of people think might be connected it a movie. explain this one? >> probably is. he looks considerably older, maybe wearing make up for the upcoming wolverine film. forty-seven year old has hinted the next movie will be based off the old man logan comic book story line. shoe not commenting. >> yes, breaking news, ready? da, da, da, he is an actor. occasionally actors -- >> change their appearance! they're acting. so we'll finds out, conspiracy theory or not? thank you for your comment this morning, thank you, cute, in response to the question about tattoos, i'll never regret this one. wedding ring first lady. i love that. >> and bill, we need little snow, he says.
8:58 am
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i'm chris wallace. governor mike pence will be here. only on fox news sunday. on his role in the campaign. are you the cleanup crew? >> top republicans declaring never trump. >> they say we can't trust donald trump to be commander in chief. >> and trump's claim president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. >> now trump says that he was being sarcastic. so governor, which is it? >> governor mike pence, one-on-one. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. then new questions about the relationship between the clinton foundation and the state department. we'll talk with senator claire mccaskill, a top clinton supporter,


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