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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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teenager shot and killed driving in a local neighborhood. what his family saying. a sweltering heat wave getting longer, mower days above 90, when we'll finally see relief, news is next.
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. live from center city in philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 10:00. right now, dangerous heat gripping the area, temperatures soaring into the mid 90's, breaking one record. while radar shows possible severe weather brewing out there. just one degree away from a new record in wilmington. looking live there right now. hov hovering around 86. the 96 tide the city's record. more ahead, joy >> i'm lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page, the extreme heat warning has been extended through tuesday, live team
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coverage begins with kathy orr tracking. the oppressive heat and humidity set out of showers, thunderstorms and some severe weather to talk about, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for delaware and new jersey until 10:30, cumberland county, new castle a county, delaware and salem county new jersey, they're moving into the dover area in the sound part of the new castle delaware, at 45 miles an hour, and at that speed, they will be in 10:15, stone creek at 10:35, bridgeton 10:33. and upper dear field 10:35. severe thunderstorm for delaware extending into cumberland and salem counties until 10:30 this evening. part of the problem, the heat. the other problem, the humidity. you could see the temperatures right now these are the feel like readings, cooler in philadelphia but in millville, feels like 93. dover as the storms approach,
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feels like 104 with the temperature and the heat. excessive heat warning has been extended through tuesday, with temperatures expected to be in the mid 90's and humidity will be high. this is what it will be feeling like over the next several days, monday 102, tuesday 105. wednesday, 97, thursday 93. you can see where the break and the heat and humidity moves in. it won't be until wednesday. so coming up, we'll continue to track some of those storms, and look how long the extend heat wave will last. we're going to have to wait for a break, even though the humidity will break, we can continue this heat wave. it could end up being ten days. it's only been five. i'll see you later. >> thank you, kathy. with today's high temperature, health officials are emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated one section of west philadelphia was left high and dry for most of the day after a water main broke. fox 29 sabina kuriakose joins us
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from that neighborhood and sabina residents have no water. for the hottest part of the day. >> reporter: yeah, lucy they had to offend for themselves. take a look behind me crews are out there. finishing up already fixed this broken water main. neighbors's tempers rising with the temperature today >> a hot day stretches into night at 61st and haverford. by hour 12, without running water, on one of the hottest days of the year >> i use to flush the toilet. >> reporter: decided enough is enough. >> can't waste none. >> reporter: the west philly hydrant somebody had broken after a broken water main cut off service >> you got to survive. >> reporter: at the love lounge. the busses out front. >> clear water.
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till the water comes back on. >> reporter: what does that mean for businesses >> we haven't had any so -- >> we're all buying as much water as possible. >> reporter: neighbors interfering rising along with the mercury, upset the water department didn't drop off cases of free drinking water until about ten hours in. even then the supply limited. >> the more frustrated neighbors are the ones who don't have transportation, then they just got bottles of water. >> reporter: the water department apologizing for the delay. this after 7:00 as the sunset and temperatures drop, the water was back. >> better late than never. >> reporter: it was really neighbor helping neighbor out here. they were going door to door knocking making sure elderly residents had enough to drink until the city delivered those supplies. back to you in bensalem, two women are facing charges after police say they left a baby girl inside a
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hot car. police say the girl's aunt and grandmother went into a target on rock hill drive. 11 month old was in the car 14 minutes, temperatures reached 115 degrees. ly several people called 911 and an off-duty officer got the door open, the aunt and grandmother told police they forgot the baby in the car. the baby is expected to be ok. . south philadelphia with these dangerous temperatures and the chance of pop-up storms, make sure you're prepared with our fox 29 weather ap. you can see live radar and get letters sent to your phone, search for the apple and google play stores the search is on for a teen's killer. they trying to figure out who pulled the trigger on a 16-year-old. a heart broken family is searching for answers. fox 29 brad sattin joins us from philadelphia police headquarters. brad? >> reporter: lucy, certainly a sad story, police continuing to
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investigate the deaths of this 16-year-old boy. of we did speak to his family today but police are not releasing the boy's name, we have opted not to. the search goes on for a killer. >> i got the, my. >> reporter: a grieving aunt upon hearing of the loss of her 16-year-old nephew shot in the back before 2:00 this afternoon. police not releasing many details but searched two crime scenes on orleans street in kensington. one by frankford avenue where shots may have first been fired. in a second, three blocks to the north, at orleans and ruth streets, where this silver chrysler came to a stop with at least three bullet holes in the trunk. of police found 16-year-old boy inside the car. still not clear if others were in the car with him at the time. the boy was rushed by police to temple university hospital, where he died. his aunt says despite challenges at home, he was about to start his junior year in high school and played football >> he's a good kid. all he do go to my brother's
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house, i look in the basement, all his cleats, everything down there. he played ball. that's what he do. that's what he do. go to school and try his best. that's it. all he want to do was live life. i got to bury my nephew. >> reporter: so police tonight still searching for a weapon and suspects. of course, if anybody has information they're being asked to call police. ian? >> thank you. emergency crews in louisiana say they've had to rescue at least 7,000 people from flood waters in the is state. torrential rain followed by rising waters killed at least four people. forecasts say it's not over. the storm could turn north and drench parts of central and northern louisiana next week. of 5,000 people have been misplaced from their homes >> i can't replace my children's photos when they were babies. my late husband's photograph.
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>> everything we worked for is gone. >> the governor john bell edwards said he plans to request a major federal disaster situation. a charred shelf a building is all that is left of this gas station as protest evolved in the violent. lightening police say rioters set it on fire. several buildings burned and four police officers were hurt. the violence after an officer shot and killed an armed man yesterday afternoon. fox 29 joyce evans is here to explain. joyce? >> reporter: iain and lucy, the governor calling in the national guard to help local law enforcement in case the violence continues. this after a night of raging protests deliberate set fires in milwaukee. >> it's about being prepared for the worse. you hope for the best.
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hope is not a plan. you prepare for the worse. if you never need these, fantasti fantastic. >> police have not named the officer involved in the shooting. saying only he is 24 years old. african-american, and has years of experience. police identified the man shot as 23-year-old seville smith. he can be seen on body cameras footage holding a loaded gun in his hand as he took off from a traffic stop saturday. >> at the appropriate time, the state will make available that body cam video but i want our residents and anybody who is watching this to understand that what that police officer encountered was an individual running who had a gun in his hand. >> a relative of smith reportedly appealed to the community to calm down. still, businesses were burned and squad cars destroyed in the unrest that spilled past
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midnight. at least 17 people were arrested and four officers were hurt. volunteers spent sunday sweeping and picking up debris from the chaos including bricks, bottles and bullet casings. >> we're i'm going to work with that neighborhood and the city together as a state. because everyone in our state is worthy of going to bed at night safe. and waking up in the morning with an opportunity to succeed. >> angry residents are demanding to see the video supporting police claims. and milwaukee's mayor is pushing to have that body cam video released but investigators say that probably won't happen any time soon, saying it would interfere with the legal process. ian? >> thanks. we're expecting to learn more about the tragic deaths of a berks county family. the district attorney's office is set to hold a news conference, they found the family of five including three young children shot dead in their sinking spring home a week
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ago. investigators are calling it a murder suicide but they have not said who was the shooter. police have referenced domestic issues between mark and megan short. megan was planning to leave with the kids. in the hospital after the car he was in smashed into a building in north philadelphia, it happened early on broad and west norris street in north philadelphia. unclear if the man was a driver or passenger, authorities do not believe that injuries are life-threatening. they're looking into what happened here. >> dramatic rescues and severe rain turned roads into rivers in the south, one news crew jumps into action to save the woman in her sinking car why her first words to these heros were not thank you. a day in the park turned terrifying and tragic for a group of people trying to stay cool outside. ground shook. it was crazy. we see people running at the park over here. >> what witnesses say sent the entire area and chaos was only moments to react. talk about a scare. what was waiting for one man in
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the open his garage door that could leave you speech les. >> yes. ♪ >> this stinking heat >> and it's the word. >> especially
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a sweltering day turned into a sweltering night as we look live in wilmington on the fifth day of this heat wave. topping 80 degrees right now >> a lot reached 90's, we got at least another day above 90 coming up. local officials warning these dangerous temperatures is more important than ever to monitor your time. check in with the elderly and neighbors, the city is stepping up to help those folks who are in desperate need. >> they're asking you to help as
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well. jennifer joyce has more. >> reporter: the city's heat hot line is fired up and the calls are coming in on day five of the sixth heat wave of the season. >> it's really important that people realize how dangerous this is. >> reporter: chris gallagher of the philadelphia corporation for aging is urging people without air conditioning to get out of the house, go to the mall, ride a septa bus or stop by a city senior center. gallagher wants people to stay safe as temperatures rise to dangerous highs. check on your neighbors. if you're not feeling like yourself, call the heat hot line to talk to a nurse on duty >> plenty of liquid light clothing, light activity. >> reporter: despite the steamying morning is sun, dedicated joggers trekked up and down the art museum steps sunday. we saw people hitting track in hunting park and the nearby basketball courts working out early and keeping an eye on your body is key. >> probably going to go in the house and get in the air conditioning.
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get hydrated and drink gator raid. >> reporter: cars wanted to cool off from the blazing heat using an open fire hydrant in north philadelphia. it provided a refreshing drive-through for some. as long as the heat warning remains in effect, the heat hot line will be up and running, 215-765-9040, also on in north philadelphia, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. you still have time to call the city's heat line tonight. it's open until midnight and will reopen tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. health department nurses are manning the phone to help with heat related problems. that number one more time 215-765-9040. you'll also find this on power back on in philadelphia's queen village neighborhood. dozens of residents lost power around 4th and south streets. peco says it had an issue with a
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he is poof under ground equipment. more than 50 homes lost power. it's not clear what happened under ground. closing arguments tomorrow in the criminal trial of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. she did not take the stand on friday. her defense team did not call a single witness to testify last week. prosecutors have charged kane with leaking secret grand jury information and then lying about it. >> one person has died and several more injured after a lightening strike in a new york park. it hit a tree friday afternoon. at least five people are injured. the strike sent electricity down the tree and on to a bench where 51-year-old man was sitting just trying to get out of the storm. eyewitnesses say it was sudden. and chaotic. the had only moments to get out of there. >> we heard the lightening strike. you know, the ground shook. it was crazy. and we see people running at the park over here. >> i saw three gentlemen on the been's, two of them leaning
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against each other. a third leaning against them. a young lady approached we saw smoking and smouldering. >> the mayor says it is, in fact, a tragedy for at the entire town. the attacks keep coming, donald trump's target, the media. congress may get more insight into the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. >> reporter: a new line of attacks from donald trump. this time not focusing his fire on hillary clinton, but instead targeting the media. and launching new rant on twitter including this. quote, i have not only fighting crooked hillary, i'm fighting the dishonest and corrupt media and her government protection process. people get it and quote if the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning into the word i say i would be beating hillary by 20%. trump running mate mike pence
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trying to clarify what he said as they're being the co founder of sits. he said he was being sarcastic but ponds said otherwise >> donald trump has a way of talking that gets people's attention. >> reporter: clinton and her running may tim kaine had the day off but fox news now killers that the fbi plans to hand over to congress notes taken during her use of the private e-mail server to handle state department documents. clinton spoke with the fbi over three hours a last month and james comey recommended no charges be brought against her. he did, however, label clinton's setup as quote extremely care less. republican congressman jason chase chairman of the house oversight on government reform asked for all documents relating to clinton's interview. he added that clinton was not
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under oath. in washington molly, fox. more than 100 stores in the state system were open on a sunday for the first time. of 200 other stores will now open at 11:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. sundays. the state's liquor control boards will expand hours. delaware county residents, they came out in hundreds to thank their local police officers for they do. this is the third year springfield held a back the blue rally. mystery inside a crowded shopping mall, customers and employees hiding and running outside. what still has police stumped. strangers band together trying to smash windows of that this car. what their owner admitted to police she was doing while the dogs were locked in the car.
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government
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in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. your winning lottery numbers. ♪ ♪ .
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gunfire mall or something it is? reports of gunshots inside this north carolina small sparked panic inside. amongst shoppers and employees, crowds rushed through the exits and hid inside stores, many being let outside, hands above their head. police say they have not found any shell casings and no one hurt from gunfire, ten to 70 years old ended up in a hospital for injuries from the rush to get out of the mall. a devastating situation in will you describe with deadly flooding throughout the to state. hopeful videos are merging. this video is from the u.s. coast guard showing a rescue at a baton rouge. they had to help more than 50 people pulling them from the tops of homes and cars. and air crew rescued three people from the top of a home. and a local tv crew covering the flooding stumbled upon just an
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amazing rescue. >> they captured dramatic video of a woman and her dog inside her convertible as it sinks in deep water. >> i'm drowning. >> we're coming. i'm going to break the window. we're breaking the window. ♪ >> wow. get to the boat. get to the boat. >> my goodness. >> that's incredible. incredibly, both the woman and the dog are ok. >> thank goodness. of wow. that's just amazing to watch. day at the water park turns nearly tragic when a mom found
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her three-year-old floating unconscious in the pool until a hero stepped in. he just happened to be feet away to help save the little boy's life. and talk about a scare. what was waiting for one man as he opened his garage door that could lead you speech les >> kathy orr is tracking the forecast >> we're tracking a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for delaware and also parts of new jersey, cumberland and salem county. we'll have more on the heat coming up. after this. coming up. after this. 1 underline 1 underline
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh.
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"i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" ♪ dangerous heat that just will not go away. looking live at allentown right
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now. most of us still above 80. still feels hot. still feels sticky. live to old city. national service service extended stream heat warning until tuesday, two more days above 90, kathy orr is tracking our first chance of relief >> one of the ways a lot of people rely on beating the heat is to get in the water. for one florida family act trip to a water park almost ended in tragedy >> a mom saw her three-year-old floating face down in the pool unconscious. an off duty deputy was at the same park when he saw the mom screaming, holding her toddler. he handed his own child to a stranger and helped pull the three-year-old from the water. little boy wasn't breathing. his training kicked in and he started cpr. >> i was hoping for him to open his eyes and be able to talk back to me and once i had his
10:31 pm
pulse, i was so relieved. i had tears coming how have my eyes. >> amazing. that deputy saved that little boy who is expected to make a full recovery. despite his rescue, this deputy says he was just in the right place at the right time. and that, he calls, a miracle. 50 to 60 visitors got stranded at the top of the washington monument. the landmark had to close today. authorities say the elevators had been a continuing problem and failed twice in 12 hour, three workers had to be rescued by first responders when they again stopped working. all people inside the monument had to climb down the stairs. we don't know whether the monument will be open tomorrow. if you're having a bad day tell yourself at least i didn't have to where he is he will with a 300 pound alligator in my garage. one guy had quite the surprise when he opened had us garage door and came face-to-face with an eight foot alligator.
10:32 pm
he was scared feisty knocked over a shelf. crews from the texas parks and wildlife took him to a refuge near houston, nobody is hurt including the gator. a michigan woman facing animal cruelty >> she left two puppies locked inside a hot car. they show the dramatic rescue while waiting for police to arrive. one shopper grabbed a golf club. the four month old puppies were dehydrated and panting heavily. the police say the owner was inside the mall getting her nails done. >> he's with us right now. our mayor, police chief both are big animal advocates, and they are not going to stand for people, you know, blocking their animals in car, it's 90's degrees outside, probably 110 inside the car >> and rising quickly.
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officials credit the good samaritans for saving the dogs lives. yes, she surrendered those dog >> we know it's hot, kathy, how long will it last >> at least the next two days. and it could go another five days as far as the 90 degree temperatures are concerned. take a look at ultimate doppler. we talked about the severe thunderstorm that was in delaware moving into south jersey. we go well, that has been allowed to expire because as the storms move across the eastern part of delaware and into the bay, they've been weakening,s but the rain will continue into cumberland county and also salem county and possibly the western part of cape may county you will be seeing rain moving in but the severe threateneded. the summer sizzle continues. the high 97 in philadelphia. the 30th 90 degree day or greater this year. and it is the fifth heat wave and it is day five, i think
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we're going to have at least seven days with this heat wave. if not more. take a look at the temperature, we're seeing showers, we had much cooler temperature, 69 in the poconos, 75 in trenton and right now 74 in lancaster, heat to the south and the east. at the shore, not much relief. temperatures in the 80's. highs in 90's. the ocean water in the 60's. the atlantic city airport 98 beating the old record of 97 set back in 1984 in wilmington we tide a record. as we look ahead with the futurecast, overnight picking up on the storms that were in delaware. we cleared out during the overnight then tomorrow afternoon in heat of the day, stalled frontal boundary over us, were he so he more storms really firing up over baltimore, washington like they did today and we could see a few of them. i'm we're more likely to see showers and thunderstorms on tuesday afternoon. they could be more widespread. what was that keep an eye on that.
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in the meantime, the heat and humidity is the big story. partly cloudy muggy, isolated storms, winds out of the w. during the day tomorrow, 95, it will feel like around 100. of afternoon storms popping up. once again i think a bigger threat will ker on tuesday. planning your day tomorrow? 78 as you head out the door, by lunchtime 89, 94 by the afternoon. excessive heat warning is extended through tuesday, it will feel like 105 to 111. here's extended forecast. mid 90's. oppressive heat will break. but you still have 90 temperatures so there's potential for a ten-day heat wave. obviously, that would be the longest one this year. saturday and sunday, temperatures will be in the 80's. which is more seasonal and those shore temperatures will be hot to 90-degree days at the shore. i think you will catch a sea breeze with a cool ocean water.
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we'll send it back to the news desk. fox 29 news at 10:00. >> keep it here for sports sunday. ♪ on sports sunday a look at what the phillies did for the first time since early july. and carson wentz was back on the practice field tonight. he wasn't throwing footballs with his injuries. of how bad are the ribs and when does he expect to be back? hear from wentz and dave spadaro will join me to run down what we learned from the first eagles preseason game coming up next on sports sunday.


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