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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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is the weather, sweltering heat wave is getting longer with more days above 90 again, when we will see some relief. >> people realize how dangerous this is. >> these hot temperatures are being blamed for three deaths. >> this morning what the city is doing to make sure you stay safe in this dangerous heat. a teenager is shot and kill. family of five dead in the tragic murder/suicide when we could soon learn who pulled the trigger. and a woman shot multiple times what police say could have led to the violence. >> good day everyone we are halfway through the month, all 15th, 2016. >> my mother's birthday is on wednesday. >> oh, no. >> i have to mail her birthday card today. >> express mail, two day delivery. >> what is up dave warren month -- my birthday was last week. >> your card is in the mail too. >> yes, can't wait. a few days late.
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>> we're celebrating the heat here. we have seen the worst of it, i think because it is still hot and humid and excessive heat warning is still in effect. still at a six but not quite as hot and humid. it is dropping a bit. it will feel more comfortable stepping outside this morning. it is not included in the surrounding suburbs but we have excessive heat warning from wilmington up i-95 corridor. that heat and humidity although it is hot will be high enough to give us criteria for the excessive heat. seventy's right now. cooler to the north and western suburbs. almost down in the 60's in lancaster thanks to some rain yesterday. little cooler. not as humid. if you do something outside you have to to it now, early because by this afternoon hot and humid but no showers or storms, today in the area. that could be moving through tonight. ultimate doppler is cleared, we're looking at a pair of seven's, dew point at 70. little lower at wind, that is west northwest bringing in some dryer air briefly just today. so we will still be in the
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90's, there is sunshine up to 92. peeking at 95. heat index close to 100 but not as hot as it has been. storms will move through the area later tonight. it should be a try day today. roadways how does it look this morning. the let's head over to bob. >> not bad at all 5:02 on a monday morning, a live look at i-95 northeast philadelphia, this problems coming out of the northeast passing our camera at cottman avenue. in of the overnight construction pretty much exists anymore. they were rain out from thunderstorms or took sunday off. live look at 422, looking good working your way out of collegeville and center city. coming back from the shore we are good to go on the 42 freeway, 55, expressway, parkway, no problems getting an early start from the beach right into the office, looking good coming out of downingtown no problems for the gang come back from the poconos. now, if you use mass transit get ready service adjustments on the lines. lansdale doylestown line they have added two new trains.
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the one at 6:23 out of the penlynn station, those are every day and 4:10 leaving suburban for gang heading home. on the four lines here they have made tweaks over the weekend so make sure that you have the latest schedule, remember last two weeks they have made service adjustments, only five or ten minutes or so. that will mean a big difference if that train is your train and then it gets there early. fox has the link to septa's web page and the schuylkill expressway, looking good right now, but after 9:00 h today, eastbound schuylkill, gladwynn to city will go down to one lane, you think tempers are hot to begin with, imagine sitting in that hot schuylkill expressway, when the temperatures reach close to a hundred. so after 9:00 o'clock down to one lane coming inbound into philadelphia. chris and lauren, back over to you. we are in for each day of extreme heat in the sixth day of the heat wave. >> so far three people died as a result of the heat related
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issues. steve keeley has the latest from center city, steve. >> one way to stay cool toys get outside, to a cool spot, and even standing next to this fountain, even though we'd like to stand in it, get mist off of it and boy does it feel good and refreshing just getting out before the sun comes up, as you heard dave say, it is smart thing to do if you want to get out and get exercise in. two pieces of advice to stay in and get out from the philadelphia corporation of aging. stay in you have air conditioning but make sure you get out if you do not. pca exists to help seniors and we have 290,000 philadelphia residents, 60 or older and most of them 250,000 people in this city of at least one or often more chronic illnesses and it is those 250,000 philadelphia residents that are more at risk for not surviving this fifth heat wave. it may be the worst killer heat wave of the summer since each previous heat wave and
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each day extending just what could be a eight day heat wave right now has a cumulative effect making each day more dangerous especially since nearly half of the philly's 60 and over population are near the poverty level. as we look at these scenes from yesterday from that heat that was really beating down on people and sun was out you have got to do a couple things if you are 60 or a have above and you have a chronic illness. that is being smart. do not stay in if you do not have an air conditioning. if you are just using a fan and because you live near poverty level... >> air conditioning doesn't work. utility bill that is too high and they don't want to run the air conditioner. people that just don't have that. a fan in this kind of weather will not help too much. as a matter of fact a fan can be more dangerous because people shut their doors and windows to keep the heat out, run the fan thinking they are doing themselves good and it
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creates a convex oven effect and gets more hot and it is shore dangerous. >> reporter: my apologies if i'm repeating something. i don't know what was on the air or not. what i was trying to say if those people, 60 or above with those chronic illnesses are living near the poverty level a lot of them even when they have air conditioning do not turn them on because they are war that i had their electric bills will get high. when you live near poverty level and can't afford your medications another reason why these peoples lives could be in a real danger, outside, right now, or inside, if there is just a fan with the windows opened and especially if they are not opening windows thinking that keeps hot air out. >> and to that end, steve starting at 8:30 health department nurses are manning phones to help heat related problems. the number is (215)765-9040. you can find the number on our web site fox 29 to the come. with these dangerous temperatures make sure you are prepare with the fox 29
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weather app to see live radar get alerts sent to your phones. search in the apple and google play stores. now to some breaking news out of frankford where a woman was rush to the hospital after being shot, several times, it happened just before midnight, on wakeling and sol street. the woman was shot twice in the leg while sitting in the van. police say the shooter walk up, fires ten round in the van and then took off. victim is in aria torresdale in stable condition. marijuana was found in the van police believe it may have been drug relate. happening today jurors could start deliberating in the case of state attorney yen kathleen kane. >> both side set to make their closing arguments. the defense in the calling a single witt the necessary and in the calling kathleen kane herself. dave kinchen outside the montgomery county courthouse herself, hi there, dave. >> reporter: even kathleen kane herself said she didn't feel it was necessary to testify in this case. one of the many surprise willing development at the end of the last week. we know today opening statements are set to begin in court and the jury could get
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the case, capping a week of compelling testimony, in this trial that has placed attorney general kane against two former aid. prosecutors will likely repeat their claim that kane, leaked secret grand jury information to a newspaper but for nothing political pay back with squabbles amid harrisburg elite and other politician as cross the state and then they allege she lied about them under oath. late last week kane declined to take the stand herself and her defense shockingly rested their case without calling any witnesses or presenting any evidence. her lawyers have said there is no credible evidence showing kane did anything criminal. the interesting testimony came from her political advisor who said cape's security team check him for a wire, at a philadelphia garage and swiped his wallet, cell phone, keys just to meet with lunch at a hotel and fix a story for the grand jury. that is what he said in court. meantime kane continues to work and run ag's office.
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staff of 800 people. without having an active license. it has been suspend add mid all of this legal proceedings that have been taking place but today opening statements set to take place and jury could start deliberate to go day as well. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thanks very much. the search is on for a 16 year-old boy's killer police say the teen was shot to death over the weekend in kensington. investigators say he was found hit in the back while inside a silver car near orleans and ruth streets yesterday afternoon. the boy was rushed to temple university hospital where he later died. his aunt says despite challenges at home the teenager lays football and was about to start his junior year of high school. >> he was a good okayed. all i do is go to the brothers house and lie in the basement, his cleats, everything down there, he play ball, that is what he do. that is what he do he go to school and try his best. all he wants to do is live life. i got to bury my nephew. >> police are still searching for a weapon and those
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suspects. now to bensalem two women are facing charges after police say they left a baby girl inside a hot car. police say girl's aunt and grandmother went in the target yesterday in rockhill drive. the 11 month-old was found in the car for 14 minutes where temperatures reached 115 degrees inside that vehicle. several people, called 911 and off-duty cop got the car open. the aunt and grandmother told police they forgot the baby was inside the car. the babies is expect to be okay. thank goodness, lauren. we are expecting to learn more about those tragic deaths out of berks county. a family was killed there in a murder/suicide. district attorney's office set to hold a news conference this afternoon. police found the family of five including three young children shot dead inside their sinking spring home a week ago. investigators are calling this a murder suicide but they have not yet name the shooter yet. police have have referenced domestic issues between mark and megan short and neighbors
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say megan was planning to leave with those children. in philadelphia jeweler's road could look different but not if some local residents, put a stop to the new building plans what some are doing to prevent the iconic street from getting this new look. thousands rescued and new clean up begins in louisiana after torrential rain leaves a lot of damage there.
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in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. clean up continues in louisiana where at least four
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people have tied following days of torrential rain. >> the widespread flooding has led to more than 20,000 rescues across the state, several areas saw nearly 2 feet of rain over a 48 hour period. federal government has declared a major disaster in the state. state police delivered food other supplies to people stranded by high waters. despite destruction some say severe weather is bringing out the best in people who are stepping up to help those in need. >> the people in the community, came together, you know, we do need socks, we need shoes, anybody need personal items, you know, if you do not know how to find it they will tell you where to find it. it is a coming together right now. >> forecasters say more rain is possible for parts of the louisiana both today and tomorrow, chris? >> all right. 5:14. lets turn to our weather and dave. right in the middle have the heat wave still. >> it will continue. but might notice it is not quite as hot the temperatures are in the lower 80's. nice little change. humidity down a bit.
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we are still hot and humid, and where that excessive heat warning will still be in effect have the we are above that criteria and back above that tomorrow. enjoy today, clear, nothing much on the radar this morning, you will look outside and we have temperature of 77 degrees. dew points 70's that wind is 7 e west northwest. excessive heat warning remains in effect but not quite as hot or humid. there will be more storms coming in overnight tonight, mainly north and west, and then we will see more storms again tomorrow, north and west. timing looks like 6:00 o'clock we are still clear, a few showers trying to work their way in. we will see one or two here in the north and western suburbs. certainly not severe like past few days where we get heavy rain and lightening. just a few showers. they will be clearing out by tomorrow morning. and then tomorrow afternoon, these storms have potential to be severe, it is in the really as humid today but that changes tomorrow. heat and humidity returns. heat index back over 100 degrees and there is a
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risk for severe weather with yellow color indicating better chance for severe storms and that does include upper montgomery, bucks, lehigh valley and carbon and monroe county. seven day tore cast in the 90's again today and tomorrow. humid again. the showers and storms continue on wednesday, look at thursday, that could be the even of the heat wave here, a brief break, we're down to 89 degrees. chance of the shower on try and then by saturday and sunday it looks better. we call it upper 80's better considering where we have been that will be a nice comfortable change as that humidity drops with the heat index somewhere near 100 degrees. sound good, 5:16 on a monday morning. getting up and out. a live look hello delco. i-95 in delaware count any problems from the state line, wilmington up to philadelphia international off to a nice quiet start this morning. big time vacation week this week and next week before the kids head back to school. roosevelt boulevard, no problems at all between broad
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street heading down you this the schuylkill, looking good on the turnpike we have got some slow go here at willow grove. sensors picking up delays between poconos and mid county. we have an accident, west oak lane, at 66th and ogontz with delays. so for the gang come back from the shore this morning we're in good shape on the freeway, 55, expressway, parkway, in problems at all and then service adjustments over the weekend for this morning on the lansdale doylestown line. there is a new train 6:23 leaving penlynn station inbound and this afternoon they have added a new train 4:10 leaving suburban station and then following four lines have service adjustments maybe a dozen or so trains and they are tweaking the system. make sure they have latest schedule so you are good to go for morning rush hour, chris and lauren back over to you. a man in his 20's is in the hospital after car he was in smashed in the building in north philadelphia. this happened early yesterday morning on broad and west norris street in north philadelphia it is unclear if
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the man was driving or passenger. the authorities do not believe his injuries are life threatening and police are still looking into exactly what went wrong. septa trains, are reportedly behind, their time, almost one in five trains on the regional rail transit lines were late last year, according to the philadelphia inquirer. the newspaper reports that american 40,000 trains were behind schedule, nearly 1300 cancelled. the reasons outdated equipment, lack of funding and manpower, growing ridership and difficulty meshing with amtrak, right. septa officials are hoping to return side line cars and get back to normal, bob has been talking about this. they are hoping to get this done by october. environmental officialness delaware say rehoboth beach violated waste the water discharge permit, according to the news journal of the wilmington, someone took a photo of the dark brown substance coming from the rehoboth beach sewer plant last night. city officials say bacteria was building up in the waste water at the treatment plant
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because one of the screens to keep it clean was not working. in a statement workers say the problem has been since correct. residents are hoping on line petition will stop construction project on jewelers road in center city. developers hoping to make a 16 story apartment building right on the 700 block of sansom street, so right there at seventh and sansom which will demolish five properties on that iconic street. just last week l and i granted a zoning permit for the space. the petition has now more than 2500 signatures. new line of attacks from donald trump this time republican presidential nominee is not going after hillary clinton but us here in the media. he tweeted i'm not only fighting crooked hillary but i'm fighting dishonest and corrupt media and her government protection process. people get it. the discussion continuing corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning in the word i say i would be beating hillary by 20 . most recent real clear
5:20 am
politics poll shows trump trailing clinton by just under seven points. running mate mike pence is trying to clarify trump's comments and clinton being co founders of ice is. >> he was making a very serious point. donald trump has a way of talking to get people talking and it has drawn attention to a very important issue. >> trump is expect to outline his new immigration plan today. under his repostal u.s. would refuse visas to anyone who has not gone through a background check and screening. here in pennsylvania hillary clinton returns to philadelphia for the first time since her nomination. sheila tend voter registration event at west philadelphia high school tomorrow afternoon. today she's at a campaign rally in scranton with vice-president joe biden his hometown. we may soon more learn about what clinton said to the fpi about her private e-mail server. "fox news" confirms that the bureau plans to give congress its notes from clinton's three hour interview last month. we're following a developing story out of
5:21 am
milwaukee where violence erupted after a second round of protest what state leaders are doing to make sure another night of violence does not happen.
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developing story in milwaukee shots are fired during a second round of protest following fatal police shooting of an armed man. one person shot multiple
5:24 am
people arrested in last night's protest. there was in widespread destruction of property the but there was the night before. chaos comes after police say an officer shot and killed 23 year-old silver smith on saturday after he fled a traffic stop with the loaded gun in his hand. the father, of that victim says he blames himself for being what he called a bad role model. >> i just got out of jail two months ago but i have been going back and forth in jail. they see these things. i'm like a ton of guys with my kid. they look up to you. >> police have not name officers involve in the shooting, wisconsin governor scott walker calling in the national guard to help with local law enforcement. vaccinations are in the only for young children but your college age kid need to keep up with the vaccination toss save them from life threatening illnesses. cleveland clinic pediatrician thomas phelps says most dangerous preventable disease is bacterial meningitis. this illness tend to be
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communicated between people living in close quarters such as dorms, some doctors say regardless of your child living on campus or in the you hud plan to make your teen an appointment with their pediatrician before heading off to college, just to be safe. nation's largest drugstore chain has started a mobile payment app. cvs will start accepting in store payments through cvs mobile app. this allows customers to leave their wallets behind. drugstore has integrated credit card and debit card payment options in the smart phone app. cvs pay will be available immediately in certain markets including new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. payment option will go live nationwide by the end of the year. i like. that i was there yesterday, and always have good coupons and stuff on there. >> oh, yeah. >> convenient. check out this video, all eyes are on this guy. >> look at that, they have a deal on water and sun block, right. >> yeah. >> this is our sixth day of this heat wave, more ways to stay safe. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,
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blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" temperatures responsible for three deaths in our area we are watching radar. dave warren has forecast straight ahead. a woman shot multiple times what police say they have found inside the car
5:29 am
which lead them to believe it is drug related. pennsylvania's top prosecutor back in court today why the end may be near in the criminal trial against her. good day it is monday august 152,016th. >> fightin phillies did something they have in the done all season they have swept an opponent, they won all three games of the little series they have had. >> yes. >> bus stop buddy is a huge phillies fan this morning. >> we have in the had to change the hat. one thing we have not had to change that is guy right there, muggy is back again. there we go right on coup. muggies, 70's and 80's but not quite as humid as it has been past few mornings and temperatures have dropped below 80 degrees. ultimate doppler is clear, there may be a to showers and storms coming in the area tonight. not in the afternoon like yesterday, north and west, future cast showing a few cloud out there. nice sea breeze dropping
5:30 am
temperatures today but by 6:00 s maryland, virginia trying to hold together as they work their way through the area tonight. maybe just a passing shower, maybe after say nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight. temperatures right now in the 70's. cooler north and west. almost dropping in the 60's this lancaster. thighs start today, if you have to get outside do it early because it is heating up. we will above 90 degrees. peeking at 95 with high humidity it is not as bad as it has been but still high to keep that excessive heat warning today and tomorrow. even hotter tomorrow but there is relief in the seven day ter cast coming up later but right the new we want to check on the roadways and for that weak go over to bob kelly. >> good morning. 5:30 on a monday morning. here comes the sun backup and at it again as it rises over southwest philadelphia a live look at the platt bridge here from our airport camera. nice cool shot but no delays just yet on i-95. coming back from the shore, are you ready from the beach
5:31 am
right in the city starting to see volume pop right now and we will see that early morning volume coming back on a monday during the summertime but nothing major, no incidents on the parkway, or the garden state parkway, up and out of trenton over that scudders falls bridge. the guess what today is. >> monday. >> it is not lemon marange pie. toss than the that look good. this is a that is cool treat on a nice hot day. i could definitely go for one, two, three slices on have that in one sitting. where are the interns? send the interns on a trip. 422, schuylkill, blue route all in good shape. any overnight construction that was scheduled last night got cancelled when those thunder boom are rolled through. we will zoom on down to the blue route here, the lower end where we're near i-95 heading to the airport, no delays at the moment but keep in mind anytime we see these pop up storms like last night it throws havoc in the airport, arrivals and departure board
5:32 am
there. in problems this morning, some service adjustments on the lansdale doylestown line, and they have added two new trains today, and some service adjustments on the four lines make sure you have latest schedule so you are good to go for morning rush hour. >> 5:32 is the time, right now we're in the fifth heat wave of the season proving to be deadly. >> three people have already died, from heat related issues, steve keeley is live with more this morning, hi there steve. >> these people weren't real old either, how about just 59, for latest death a man, who had diabetes, but the other people 67 over the weekend, and 82. so here is the senior right now. before the sun comes up, through the fountain water you can see doing some stretching and some exercises, and this really is the only time to get out to do that. this is a perfect spot for it. we are seeing people in the dark, out here either walking around getting their morning
5:33 am
exercise and morning stretching in and very, very smart number one to stay in shape and to do it, safely, enduring the heat wave while it feels cool here and again he's on the side of the fountain getting the most mist so it feels like you are getting a shower at the same time you are getting your exercise in. so a wise move philadelphia corporation for aging has otherwise moves to make during this heat wave. here is chris gallagher, who his in charge of the handling the heat line which is really a hot line. >> plenty of liquid, light clothing, light activity, a cool bath or shower in the middle of the day can really change your body temperature but key is to get out of the heated environment and apartment, an house, that is instead of it being hundred degrees outside it is 115 in the house if you are not running air conditioning. fan will not help in that type of weather. so you just want to get your self out of that environment, go to somebody elses house with air conditioning, go shopping, even riding a septa
5:34 am
bus anything like that get your body, cooled off, with air conditioning. >> reporter: yesterday we saw even no relief down the shore. atlantic city which a new record high of 98 beating old record of 97. two days in a row 98 in atlantic city. it wasn't just record high how about a record low. it only got down to 83 degrees in the middle of the night for a low. that really blew away previous record of 78. when it is only getting down to 83 in the the mid of the night it will be a hot day following. that boy, was it. these are days when you get out of the shower and you never dry off. you just can't dry off if you are going outside. i have this shammy here we are two hours into this she almost, three and a half hours, four hours out of the shower and i feel like i just stepped out of that shower curtain. >> yeah, you are in the even doing that exercise that guy was to go. >> yes, correct.
5:35 am
all right. cool down, steve keeley. don't forget that heat hot line opens up again this morning. it starts at 8:30. health department nurses manning phones to help you deal with heat related issues or questions. you may have that number (215)765-9040. you can also find it on fox headache sure you are prepared with the fox 29 weather app see live radar and get alerts sent tour phone search for it in the apple and google lay stores. we have breaking news out of frankford where a woman was rushed to the hospital, this happened just before midnight on wakeling and sol street. woman was shot twice in the leg. police tell us that shooter fired about ten rounds into that car before taking off. victim is recovering at aria torresdale in stable condition. marijuana was found inside the van so police do believe this may have been drug related. closing arguments in the criminal trial of the state attorney general kathleen kane. >> defense is not calling a inning will witness, so on friday both side rested their
5:36 am
cases. dave kinchen live outside montgomery county courthouse with more this morning, hi there dave. >> reporter: if there is a convictions in this case many might say under scores difficultiestories, a perjury trial, we know that this case will get to the jury likely today after closing statements, commence here. kathleen kane capped a week of compelling testimony that pitted attorney kane into former aid. prosecutors will restate their claim that kane leaked secret grand jury information to a newspaper for political pay back amid squabbles and issues with other prosecutors and then allegedly lying about the leaks under oath. last week kane declined to take the stand herself, and her tea fence rested their case without calling witnesses or even presenting any evidence. the lawyers said that there is no credible evidence showing kane did anything criminal. some of the interesting testimony, came from her political advisor who said that kane's security team checked him for a wire at a
5:37 am
philadelphia parking garage and took away his keys and cell phone just to meet for lunch and fix a story for the grand jury. that is what he alleged in court. the kane continues to work as attorney general without an active law license. it was suspended during this duration of this whole case. and she also didn't seek reelection because of likely the politics of this whole thing that hasn't bode well for her. so today we know that a jury will likely get the case after the closing arguments. back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen thanks very much. 5:37. injuries on the football field have eagles fans worried, oh, in carson wentz speaks about his playing ability, next up in sports. >> hairline fracture. >> yes.
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5:40 am
good morning aim sean bell, it is early but jim schwartz is happy with his defense and even said he was pleased with eric rowe who hasn't received any positive attention so far, this preseason. yesterday at practice the eagles, showing some love to the military, rocking, army fatigues, signing jerseys and taking pictures but i'm sure even those guys want to know what is going on with carson wentz. after practice wentz talked about his injury. >> yeah, it the hurts pretty good. i came out yesterday and tried to practice and didn't realize how bad it hurt and then went and got x-rays and ct scans and that revealed the cracked
5:41 am
rib. so, it hurts, pretty much everything i do but it will be all right. >> for phillies and rockies, check this out off odubel herrera rbi double, ryan howard still showing he has something in those old legs coming all the way from first, to score, at home, the phillies win, their fourth straight seven-six. that is sports in the minute i'm sean bell. >> ryan howard is on fire, that might force something last few games. lets talk about drama several athletes robbed when olympic officials have to say about the incident.
5:42 am
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let's head to rio where olympics are being held right now. >> so authorities are investigating how u.s. swimmer ryan lochte and three other american swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. >> officials say robbers posed as officers and stopped a taxi athletes were riding in. three suspects were able to getaway with money, jewelry and other belongings. spokesmen for united states olympic committee said all of the athletes are fine and cooperating with authorities. >> that was one of the concerns going in the rio games is how many kidnappings and gun violence have hit that city this is just zika virus. >> so confusing keeping up with the headlines, it happened, it didn't, it was a hoax, it was real. but olympic committee saying yes, no, yes, no. >> ryan lochte said yes, it happened. >> now to the reason that the
5:45 am
athletes are there to win medals. >> reason for the season. gymnast simone biles and madison did this yesterday, the golden girl simon biles the 19 year-old became first american woman to capture olympic vault individual gold medal. look at this, bam. imagine throwing your body in the air like that. it is her third gold so far, after the team and all around finals. biles team hate has earnedder time in the gymnastics spotlight by grab the silver in the uneven bars. new to the track and field events and lets start with the fastest man on the planet, defending his title. >> we're talking usain bolt in the 100 check it out. >> set, go. >> at the gun gateling underway and sellers, blake. here comes bolt. gateling has a big lead can bolt catch him. here he is, still invincible. usain bolt.
5:46 am
>> it isn't supposed to be that easy, so he has still got it. he beat justin gateling in the u.s. in the 100. he ran a sub ten times, 9.81. he has won this race, three consecutive times, justin gateling still bringing home a silver medal. >> not at all. >> so if you watched this again he gets that slow start, right. your buddy, whom you know. >> look at the that. >> he is ahead of him. he slows down at the end of it too. >> slow down. >> usain bolt. >> the thing about it, he has never had a good start off the block and they always say he gets to the 50 and just takes ate way. he is a 200 runner. this that time you have time to build up to run. if you cannot win. >> he is looking up while he is running, sue. >> i cannot watch it like
5:47 am
being like um, because you know justin is thinking. >> that time right there was 15.1. >> here's instant replay. >> mike's warming up for the show. >> so from the track to the pool. >> he is not usain, he is insane. >> he is. >> simone manual won team u.s.a. 1,000 team u.s.a. gold medal. americans won more medals than any other country in rio, u.s. has 69, 26 gold, china in second with 45. great britain in third with 38 and russia is in fourth with 30 medals. >> let's hepp is there not a javlin in this studio, this could get dangerous. >> or a shot put he will be throwing. >> you might have seen pictures, winners are biting on their medals.
5:48 am
>> do they taste good. >> no. >> you know ryan lochte. >> i do. you have talk to him. >> i cannot complain about him anymore he got held up simone biles and ryan lochte they all like to naw on these things. it is about whether testing medal is pure. it is a photographer's obsession to capture iconic victory shot. >> awesome. >> yes. mike, good work out, buddy. >> toss it over to dave warren in weather. >> it is so hot. donald trump. and heat warning, and, you feel like you are melting today but it has been like 80 plus degrees in the morning, not the like that this morning. the heat index upper 70's,
5:49 am
actual air temperature dropped below 70, nice change here, but drop below 80. heat continuing to build up in the building and they have a little relief today. ultimate doppler is cleared, we could see a few showers and storms come through the area tomorrow, and seven day forecast make sure the end of the heat wave. that will be thursday, as our temperatures drop to the 90's down below 90 to 89. then we are back to 90 for a day on friday, with a shower or a thunderstorm, and a nice break on saturday and sunday with the temperatures in the upper 80's with a few showers and thunderstorms but we are not talking about heat index values that will be close to the 100 degrees. there is some hope in that seven day forecast, rights bob. >> we have got hope. 5:49 on this monday. live look at i-95 northeast philadelphia in problems or delays at all heading southbound between academy and girard avenue. hello, to the schuylkill expressway, curve check, we
5:50 am
are starting to see volume pop in and out of the city but then right after the morning rush hour, get ready, come on, penndot will be cleaning the drains out on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, down to one lane between gladwynn and city line beginning at around 9:00 o'clock. coming into the city after 9:00 from say king of prussia or conshohocken you may want to use blue route especially heading down to the airport later today and then september made service adjustments over the weekend on the following four regional rail lines. they have added two new trains to the lansdale line, bottom line make sure you have the latest schedule. we have a link to septa's schedule right on our web site at fox, has got it all, chris and lauren, back over to you. look who is here. >> hi. >> hi bob what is up. >> good morning,. >> how freakish is this carson wentz is already hurt. welcome to the nfl. >> oh, man, man, is there a possibility we won't see him
5:51 am
at the link in the next year. >> is that footage of him being hurt or standing there. >> just standing there. >> there is probably footage of him in the game getting hurt. >> he has a crack rib. >> hairline fracture. >> airline good do you see that guy dave warren, he had the same injury to his face. >> what did you do, did he fall out of bed. >> i fell down the stairs. >> you fell down the stairs. >> there has got to be more to that story. >> you can draw it out of him. >> the moral of the story is wine. >> doh. >> hairline fractures are like a paper cut, they are so tiny, it would hurt. >> that is why we would use hairline because a hair is so thin. >> how thin is it. >> you are rolling your eyes. >> i got side eyes and it is only 5:51. women just give me side eye all the time. >> you know what i needy need
5:52 am
relationship advice. >> rev run is here in our studio. a lot of people say live in our studio. would we really bring a cadaver in at this point. >> he could be satellite like right an lochte interview. >> here's this do i have to retire the ryan lochte interview. >> still one of the best things ever. >> apparently when gunman came up to the group he was only one who didn't comply. >> yes. >> do you think, i don't know, was it set up, taxi cab knew. they told them over and over there was no police lights. how does someone pull you over. how to you get pulled over. >> i think sometimes the cabbies are working with the police. >> do you see the 100 were you awake when justin gateling/usain bolt. >> i didn't see it. >> but you heard about it. >> yes. >> you know gateling. >> yes, he trained in orlando.
5:53 am
>> did you go out on a data do you mean you met though. >> we met at the a function, we didn't go on a date. >> you were introduced. >> i apologize because that was very sexist doesn't mean you had to go on a date. >> no, it is a normal question. >> it noise big deal. >> anyway, he lost last night. >> you talk track. >> yes. >> i have to do my you sane. >> he is bolted. >> mike says people with these last names live up to them. >> right. >> exactly. >> what is gateling. >> the gateling gun. >> he is that too show. >> do we have to finish or are we done? first it was the president, now vice-president gentlemen biden, is getting in on his favorite summer play list. we have that up next.
5:54 am
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this is pearle vision. what a beautiful sunrise over the city of philadelphia all right. you are looking right now, at what could be a new world record. are you ready? here it is. yeah, 2,270 rosie the riveter gathered in california hoping to set record for most people dressed as the cultural icon. they gathered at the world war two home front national historical park that usually takes a few months for them to headache it official. we mentioned the
5:57 am
vice-president is traveling to his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania today, on a trip, vice continuing, relax to go summertime tunes. >> ♪ >> stay with me, tops the summer lay list for joe and jill biden and we will be right back. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
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i know, it is hot, now, it is scary hot. dangerous heat gripping our area, again with temperatures soaring well into the 90's today, and i got a line for you, if you are hot and need help, there is a hot line, i'll give you the number, alex. plus closing arguments set in the criminal trial of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. what she did not do last week that could affect the case. off-duty people are in place, so it is about being prepared for the worst, you know, hope for the best, hope is not a plan. >> boy explosive violence and rioting destroys businessness milwaukee, who is it i officials are relying on right now to help keep the peace. we will tell what you happened last night. it is monday august 15th, 2016. august 15th. i was raised as a catholic. >> yes. >> this is holy day of obligation, i don't want to


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