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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i know, it is hot, now, it is scary hot. dangerous heat gripping our area, again with temperatures soaring well into the 90's today, and i got a line for you, if you are hot and need help, there is a hot line, i'll give you the number, alex. plus closing arguments set in the criminal trial of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. what she did not do last week that could affect the case. off-duty people are in place, so it is about being prepared for the worst, you know, hope for the best, hope is not a plan. >> boy explosive violence and rioting destroys businessness milwaukee, who is it i officials are relying on right now to help keep the peace. we will tell what you happened last night. it is monday august 15th, 2016. august 15th. i was raised as a catholic. >> yes. >> this is holy day of obligation, i don't want to
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assume, but this is the feast of the assumption. >> yes, if we did have school in august, we would have a holiday. >> we would have to get up early to go to church. >> what is the assumption again, mary went up to heaven. >> let me get my note out. >> we will look it out. >> i think mary went to heaven, straight shot. >> yes. >> the nuns are going to be upset with me. >> yes, go to the office. >> i'm lutheran. >> well, good to see you, lutheran. >> good to see you. >> all right, martin what is the weather. >> we are dealing with the heat and humidity. the number of the day, it is not a six, maybe a seven. not hot, not as hot or humid but still hot and humid enough to keep excessive heat warning in effect. might notice a bit more comfortable stepping outside, heat warning remains in effect. the lets check with our temperatures they are in the quite as hot, in fact they have dropped below 80.
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that is a nice change. seventy's, north and western suburbs. philadelphia is at 76 degrees. ultimate doppler is clear. there is our picture of a beautiful sunrise, 76-degree. dew .70. very light win. in the 90's today peeking at 95 degrees. that is your wet they are morning. how are the roads, here's bob. >> yes, the assumption is mary going straight on up to heaven. 6:02. fifteen minute delays on the norristown high speed line, this morning, septa said early morning signal problems the culprit but they have made service adjustments over weekend. one for morning rush hour and also as they continue to tweak services, tweak the trains, some service adjustment on these four lines. so, make sure you have a new schedule this morning between last week and this week, they have made a lot of
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adjustments. maybe only five or ten minutes but that means a big difference if that is your train that is coming earlier then scheduled no problems at the moment on the schuylkill expressway, however, later on today, they will be working eastbound, gladwynn into city line, drain cleaning beginning around 9:00 o'clock down to one lane, so tempers will be hot on a hot day, 9:00 o'clock down to one lane inbound on the schuylkill expressway. mike and alex, back over to you. >> what is this day six of the heat wave, come on, we need relief. >> especially because we have had some deaths because of the heat. >> i know it. >> steve keeley has details in center city. >> hi there steve. >> reporter: no relief at the shore. ninety-eight both days down the shore. hotter at the beach then it was in the city yesterday by a degree but the highs of the day also eclipsed by the lows of the day. that means lows in the middle have the night are setting record as well. we are not only waste ones standing by franklin square fountain right at the foot of the ben franklin bridge.
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isn't that a pretty picture as sun comes up we have a gentlemen sitting on the bench and how about this wise man here to the left of us getting his morning exercise in, just like we showed a guy in the dark last half an hour another senior, smart enough to do the exercise at the coolest time of the day. when overnight low, this weekend only went down to 83 that shattered previous record of 78 and chris gallagher, who is manning the phones with his staff over at the corporation for the agings heat line says that when you have the lows in the 80's only, that tells you how dangerous it is, for the people that are calling his help line. >> it is not just high temperature of the day but it is, how at night it is not cooling off and still in the 80's at night. this many days in the row peoples body just aren't able to come back, you know, overnight a lot of times you'll cool off. that is not happening right now. this many days in a row it gets dangerous for people
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especially people with certain ailments where this can exacerbate that condition and you can run into problems as we have seen. >> reporter: for you folks who are not meteorologists out there when you hear heat index, that is summer version of the wind chill factor. wind chill, of course, wind, cold temperatures combining to make it feel colder then actual thermal the stat reads. in the summer we have heat and humidity combining to make it feel a lot hotter then temperature and that is why it feels triple digit hot and when it feels like that, hike, i don't know if you have have the same experience in your short work to work, george like his kung. george's phrase why are you sweating. shower didn't take. i feel like that, the shower just didn't take today. >> yeah. >> i can always judge by his hair. >> well, that is another seinfeld episode with the water pressure gone down in the building, in jerry's building, they all had bad
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hair. >> really. >> hi. >> why are you looking at me like that. >> i should get into that tie che like that guy. >> as long as you don't mess with me. it does that help with your zen. >> he mentioned that hot line, is there the number (215)765-9040. (215)765-9040. you can always go to fox and that number is sitting right there on our home page. 6:06. closing arguments of the state attorney general kathleen kane. >> she didn't take a stan, they didn't call any witnesses. we're done. is this going to be it. >> dave kinchen in norristown, montgomery county. >> reporter: it could be. we will see. we do know as you said closing argument are set to commence and then jury can take from it thereafter the closing arguments. all of this capping about a weeks worth of compelling testimony in a trial that has placed attorney general kathleen kane against two of her former aid, prosecutors will likely restate their
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claim that kane leaked secret grand jury information to a newspaper for political pay back purposes a mid squabbles with other prosecutors. and then lying about the leaks under oath allegedly last week, kane declined to take the stand herself, and her defense rested their case without calling witnesses or presenting any evidence, her lawyers had said that there was no credible evidence showing that kane did anything criminal. testimony included her political advisor who said that kane's security team checked him for a wire at philly parking garage and swept his wallet, cell phone and keys to meet at a hotel for lunch and fix story for the grand jury. that is what he alleged in court. kane continues to work without her license, serves as ag without her license because it was suspended during this whole proceedings. again, she's expect to hear the closing arguments today and also jury is expected to take the stand at some point today as well. back to you. >> we will be there for sure.
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6:07. we are expect to go learn more about the tragic deaths of the berks county family. district attorney's office is set to hold a news conference this afternoon. police found family of the five including three children and the dog shot dead in the sinking spring home more than a week ago now. investigators are calling it a murder suicide but they have not said who was the shooter. police conferenced domestic issues between mark and megan short and neighbors say megan was planning to leave with the kid. all right. a woman in frankford was brought to the hospital after being shot, twice in the leg, while sitting inside of a van. it happened just after midnight, on wakeling and sol streets. police tell us that the shooter walk up to the van and then fired at least ten rounds into the van. hitting her twice. victim is in the hospital this stable condition. marijuana was found in the van so police kind of think the shooting had to do with the drugs but they do not know for sure. in kensington search is on for 16 year-old boy's killer.
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police say he was found shot in the back near orleans street. the teen was rushed to temple university hospital where he died. the his family says he was about to start his junior year in high school. investigators are still looking for the shooter. 6:09. next up, explosive violence and riots destroyed businessness milwaukee, who is it i officials are relying on to help keep the peace.
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hey, it is 6:11. >> sounds good to me. >> and now, it is 6:11. things are back to normal at jfk airport this new york after reports of shots fired. >> yes, some flights were ground todd this scare but it seems like everything is back. frightening scene for passengers, look at this, as police swarmed in. police evacuated one terminal, closed another after receiving 911 call about shots fired. all reports related to determined to be unfounded. there were in injuries reported thankfully. it is not clear who made the call, of course, and which led to this scare. they don't know who hade the call. unrest in milwaukee following fatal shooting of an arm man, one person was shot and multiple people arrested last night on the second day of protest after this police involved shooting there was no widespread destruction of property as there was the night before. chaos comes after police say an officer shot and killed a 23 year-old silver smith
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saturday after he fled a traffic stop with the loaded gun in his hand. his father says he blames himself for being a bad role model. >> i just got out of jail two months ago, i have been going back and forth in jail and they see these things. i'm apologizing to my kid for being a rod model they look up to. >> police have not name the officer involve in the shooting. wisconsin governor scott walker will call in the national guard, if needed. 6:12. >> death toll rise necessary louisiana as historic flooding continues to hit the region. how people in the area are coming together. plus dramatic rescue video you have to see to believe. >> it is unreal, the guy dives in the water to save a with man, wow. ♪
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sue serio is off all week i'm meteorologist dave war tone get you started there this morning. we are in the mid 70's, cooler north and west as well. you like to see numbers dropped below 80, give buildings a chance to cool off. it has not been like that past few taste but today cooler and less humid. there is in showers and storms. things are dry, ultimate doppler radar we are looking live at a nice sunrise, high, thin clouds, dew points at 70. seventy-six for temperature.
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it is cooler but will still be hot enough this afternoon where we keep excessive heat warning in effect because that will be close to a hundred. heat warnings still in effect and not as hot and humid. more storms today and there is relief in the seven day forecast. temperature dropped below 90. sea breeze will keep it nice and cool not much in the way of showers or storms today. maybe a few tonight. overnight tonight things clear up and tomorrow these are stronger storms developing north and west. not as humid today. the that changes tomorrow. humidity comes back. the heat index will climb above 100 degrees. maybe not quite there today but close though. tomorrow watch for these storms to be severe, best chance for severe weather upper montgomery, upper bucks, lehigh valley and carbon, monroe county in that slight risk area for severe weather. ninety's, one drop to 89, on thursday, it gets cooler and less humid. ninety gannon friday but nice relief there this weekend. this will be the end of the
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heat wave saturday and sunday. showers and a few storms off and on each day but that humidity is down and temperatures are down, nice relief there coming up, you have to wait for it all week. we're in the 90's, bob. >> 6:17. good monday morning, we are starting to see beginning of the jams, southbound i-95 getting to it the southbound heavy from academy through cot the man avenue through construction zone as you head into downtown no problems yet here on the blue route 476, right here from delaware county, again, some road could be damp, wet, maybe a tree branch from those thunderstorms that rolled through late last night. norristown high speed line running with 15 minute delays because of some signal problems, some service adjustments to a number of the regional rail lines, lansdale line, septa added two new trains one in the morning, one in the afternoon and then on the following four lines here they have tweaked things a bit with the times on each of the trains. make sure you have a new schedule. go to fox we have a
6:18 am
link to the septa schedule so you are good to go. the later today right after the end of our rush hour, the schuylkill expressway will go down to one lane between gladwynn and city, penndot says they have to clean the drains out, and you know, coming in that straight away those big silver tubes that kind of take water from the roxanne push it into the schuylkill river. they have got drain cleaning to do and that will make a mess for inbound commute after 9:00 o'clock. coming in for a little visit to see the zoo or bringing kids into downtown, expect delays on that eastbound schuylkill after 9:00 o'clock. alex, back over to you. 6:18. we have extreme heat here in the delaware valley parts of the lou san air under water. >> are you ready for an unbelievably dramatic rescue a massive wild fire in california, has already forced 4,000 people out of their homes. all right, lauren, oh, man if you have not seen this hang around, this guy is a hero.
6:19 am
>> yes, clean up continues in louisiana where people people died following days of torrential rains all across the state. more than 20,000 people have been rescued from the rising flood waters, several areas saw 2 feet of rain over a 48 hour period. the federal government has declared a major disaster in that state, state police delivered food and other supplies to people stranded by the high water. and despite the destruction some people say that the severe weather is actually bringing out the best in people who are stepping into help those in need. >> the people that are in the community that came together, you know, we do need socks, shoes, everybody need personal items, you know, if you don't know how, they will tell you where to find it. it is a coming together right now. >> forecasters say more rain is possible for parts of the the louisiana both today and tomorrow. lets head to california, four homes have been destroyed in lake county as 2,000 acres of land continue to burn from a weekend wild fire, 1200 people have been forced to evacuate
6:20 am
the area. this is second year in the row that this community had to deal with the fire. last years blaze destroyed 1300 homes, killed four people, fire officials say in one has been hurt in the most recent fire. so far fire in callus 5 percent contain, governor of louisiana says he plans to request a major federal disaster declaration for all areas affect by the flood, mike and alex. >> you will let us do dramatic footage. >> yes. >> this is wild. >> ready. >> i'm ready. >> local tv crew shoots the flooding down in louisiana and they see this guy scrambling to rescue a woman. there is a woman inside. she has her little white dog inside the car. he goes down in the what the tore save her, watch. >> my god i'm drowning. >> i'm going to break this
6:21 am
window. >> my dog, get my dog. >> wow. >> get me dog. he did. >> how is that. >> amazing. >> my goodness. >> thank goodness. >> and, the tv crew stepped in and used their microphone to break a window. 6:21. injuries on the football field have eagles fans worried. carson wentz. he has a hairline fracture of his ribs. will we see him at all this season? my goodness.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. eagles still dealing with a bunch of injuries in training camp, carson wentz sat out sunday's practice with fractured ribs. the brandon brooks still out. so is jordan matthews.
6:25 am
but before that eagles showing some love to the military, rocking some army fatigues, signing jerseys, and taking pictures but i'm sure even they want to know about carson wentz. after practice wentz talked about his injuries. >> yeah, it hurts receipt i good. i actually came out yesterday and tried to practice. i didn't realize how bad it hurts. i went, got x-rays, ct scans and that revealed the cracked rib. so, it hurts pretty much everything i do but it will be all right. >> hopefully he is back were the final preseason game. phillies/rockies, look at this, look at ryan howard showing he still has some speed in those old legs. he is coming all the way from first to get to home plate off this rbi from odubel herrera, great job, phillies win seven-six. >> boy, ryan is playing well. yes. >> i'm concerned about wentz. >> you are. >> he is smiling, i thought everything was good.
6:26 am
then over weekend, he is hurt. >> well, he has same thing dave warren has, dave and carson are same guy. >> he has an hairline fracture. >> it is like four weeks and back to normal. >> we should be good. >> in problems. >> weather not so great here. excessive heat warning remains in effect and heat index not too bad this morning, it will be lower today but still close to 100 degrees this afternoon. you have to do anything outside do it early, right steve. >> reporter: good timing, dave warren because you said not too bad but getting bad, look at the timing we have, sunnies starting to peak through and we are starting to get sunrise and when sun goes up, so do the temperatures.
6:28 am
6:29 am
dangerous heat gripping our area with temperatures soaring in the 90's to take best ways to keep cool and hot line helping folks staying safe. closing arguments already set for this morning in the criminal trial of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. what she did not do last week that could affect the case. and, a new line of attack from donald trump but not focusing his fire on hillary clinton why the presidential candidate is targeting the media instead. >> we're low lives. good day, it is monday august 15th, 2016. >> and even if you are planning a vacation today is perfect day to take off work,
6:30 am
take it easy, because it is national relaxation day. >> yes. >> later in the she you are thinking how am i supposed to relax? there are special deals offered just for you and some of them are free. >> free. >> if it is free, mike, it is. >> for me. >> perfect. >> yes. >> if it is free it is for her. that doesn't make sense. exactly 6:30. here's dave warren. >> exactly 6:30 and temperatures are taking a break today even though the heat and humidity will not be as bad as it has been the national weather service has excessive heat warning in effect because we will be close to 100 degrees and certainly there tomorrow. right now lets check the numbers, heat index mid to low 70's, sun's out though so things will start climbing as that temperature warms up in the 80's. we are down below 80. we have a chance to cool off. we have had low temperatures that have knock down to the lower 80's, that is often bench mark of the excessive heat. it is not only as high it is
6:31 am
this afternoon but it doesn't drop at night. it gets hotter and hotter. little break today with the radar, no showers or storms. might have a few moving through tonight, and they are pick up by computer forecast, and they could try to held together and push through this evening. but by tomorrow we have more showers and storms, more typical, developing in the afternoon, north and west, these have the chance to be strong or severe. as i said humidity a break today but gets pulled right back up tomorrow with that heat index close to 100 degrees. definitely by tomorrow. end on have the heat wave in the seven day forecast. see a break on thursday. down to 89 degrees. we will take what we can get. up to 90 on friday. just one day back to the 90's, weekend looks better though, that is down trend that continues, upper 80's on saturday and sunday. watch out for showers and storms, pretty much off and on every day. we might get a break there on thursday, good morning, bob. >> good morning, everybody. coming up at 6:32 on a monday
6:32 am
morning we have a live look at the schuylkill expressway, vine expressway, ramps from center city to head west on the the schuylkill right there at the squeeze where it goes from two lanes down to one there is an accident, police, we may have what was the left lane, blocked but police trying to get up there causing a backup on the vine street expressway across town again. ramps from the vine street expressway to go west on the schuylkill to leaving center city to jump on the kelly drive work your way out of town. schuylkill start to go see delays, sunnies almost ready to poppa above tree line and then after 9:00 we have got drain cleaning coming our way between gladwynn and city avenue down to one lane beginning at 9:00. and that is a hot mess in more ways then one during midday here as temperatures begin to rise. fifteen minute delays on the norristown high speed line this morning. septa made service adjustments to a number of the regional rail lines, two new trains on
6:33 am
the lansdale line today and then service adjustments on the following four lines so make sure you have a new timetable and ready to go. otherwise southbound i-95 pretty much approaching cottman into downtown. mike and alex, back to you. one person is dead, after an early morning accident, in west oak lane, the crash happened around 4:30 just two hours ago. that is 66th and north 18th streets. two other people involved in the crash are being treated for their injuries, no word on what caused it. they are still investigating. it is only two hours old. 6:33. we are into the fifth heat wave of the season and it is already proving to be deadly. >> three people in the city of already died, from heat-related issues. that is why steve is on this. our top story of the day, it is the heat, the sixth day of the heat wave. >> reporter: a lot of people are smart, and many of these folks living in chinatown are always smart when it comes to exercising at the best time of the day.
6:34 am
even though sun has just popped up, we are seeing a lot of people especially elderly people, up and out exercising, why it is cool. even the lady offer there with gray hair through the fountain she got here about an hour ago. this gentlemen getting his walk in, wearing loose clothing and walking briskly. when you walk by this fountain there is a breeze and blows a mist from the fountain on you. this is a smart place to exercise and a smart time to exercise. we have talk to chris gallagher at philadelphia corporation for aging and we have had seven people died this summer already from heat waves but this is fifth heat wave and deadliest so far. three dead in this heat wave and it could get worse because this could be the longest extended heat wave of the summer, and as we get each day into this heat wave, chris gallagher says danger increases for people. latest step just a 59 year-old man, not just people in their 80's. we had an eight two-year old woman. sixty-seven year-old woman.
6:35 am
third heat death a man 59. they all had chronic illnesses before that but 250,000 of the 290,000 people, 60 and over in philadelphia, have have at least one chronic illness and that is why there is a lot of people in danger right now. >> each day since thursday, our call volume have gone up. more people needing medical attention. we are encouraging people to give us a call. we are encouraging people to check on other people, seniors, isolated people, people living alone, these are the vulnerable populations that we are concerned with. people that don't notice themselves that they are in the doing well with the heat. they don't have somebody there saying you don't look good, how do you feel, those are the important things and they are people that we are trying to reach. >> just like this gentlemen a lot of people, when they reach older ages live alone and that is why that advice from chris gallagher is great. do a great neighborly thing and check on anybody that you know who is 60 or older or lives down the block or street especially if you do not sees
6:36 am
them out, get them out, because a lot of times if they don't have air conditioning they have a fan and they say that can be worse than not having a fan because people stay in with the fan they think they are keeping cool air in and hot air out and having the fan go and it turns their house in the convection oven. a lot of people with the air conditioning, lot of the people 60 and over, chris gallagher tells us, they are living around the poverty line. they won't turn air conditioning on because they don't want a high electric bill that they cannot pay. check on everybody. alex and mike, i will delve in the weather center again and make dave warren a little angry stealing his thunder. we had a double high have of 98 in atlantic city over the weekend for that concert on saturday. ninety-eight again setting railroaded in atlantic city. ninety-eight in atlantic city. high in atlanta is just 93. it is hotter up here then it is in atlanta right now. >> right next to the water. >> they call it hot the atlantic city. >> is that what it is called.
6:37 am
>> hot atlantic city. >> yes. >> that is not bad. >> that was good. >> thank you. >> i'm laughing inside though. >> meaning you forgot to laugh. >> my internal organs are just exercising right now i'm exercising so hard. >> i'm not laughing at your next joke. >> philadelphia's heat line will reopen at (215)765-9040. (215)765-9040. have of course, it is on our web site fox 24 hours a day. >> what does steve know about hot atlanta, i'm curious. >> oh, yeah. >> 6:37. defense for kathleen kane rests its case without calling a single witness. so today both side will make their final arguments and then jurors get their turn. >> jury could begin deliberations, well, sometime this morning, dave kinchen, is in montgomery county, hi there, dave. >> it looks like he haze having some mike issues he is
6:38 am
a mike issue. 6:37. vice-president joe biden is in pennsylvania today, campaigning alongside hillary clinton. they are traveling to his home town of scranton pennsylvania. >> biden will be holding his first rallies for the democratic presidential nominee. he is expect to cast clinton as key to building on obama administration's legacy. biden is expect to slam republican presidential candidate donald trump. >> i would think so. >> is what the word he used in the democratic national convention. >> that word that he said. >> molairrkey. trump will be unveiling his plan to take on ice is in a major foreign policy speech. he will outline his plans for immigration reform. in the meantime trump is launching a new attack on the media. >> yeah. >> he tweeted disgusting, corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning in the word i say i would be beating hillary by 20 . >> is that right. >> and fighting crooked hillary but fighting dishonest and corrupt media and government protection process. people get it.
6:39 am
it is not freedom of the press when newspapers and others are allowed to say whatever they want even if it is completely false. most recent tweet, real clear politics poll, i'm sorry, the most recent real clear politics poll shows trump trailing clinton by just under seven points. >> what nationally. >> that was the national poll. >> varies state by state. >> defense for kathleen kane rest its case, how about that without calling a single witness. that was kind of unusual. we have to talk to an attorney about that. so dave, what are you hearing now, hopefully we're hearing you. >> reporter: yeah, we're hearing that the closing arguments are set to take place and then jury may take it from here. this could be all wrapped up this morning or this afternoon depending on how fast things go here. after a week of compelling testimony that placed attorney general kathleen kane against two former aid. the prosecutors will likely restate their claim that kane leak secret grand jury
6:40 am
information to a newspaper for political pay back amid squabbles with other prosecutors and then allegedly lied about leaks under oath. late last week as you said kane declined to take the stand herself and the defense rested their case without calling any witnesses or presenting any evidence. her lawyer said there is no credible evidence showing kane did anything criminal, some of the interesting testimony came from her political advisor who said kane's security team checked him for a wire in the philadelphia parking garage and swiped his wallet, cell phone and keys just so that they could meet for lunch and fix the story for the grand jury. that is what he said in court. kane has work without a law license since it was suspended again, closing arguments expect today and jury could take it from here. back to you. >> we will see what happens. cameras will be there. women in florida was rush to the hospital after being shot, twice in her leg. while sitting in a van. it happened just before midnight on wakeling and sol streets, police tell us that the shooter walk up to the
6:41 am
van, fired ten round, inside of the van, only hit her twice but still hit her twice. victim is in the hospital. stable condition. marijuana was found in that van so police are thinking is this drug related. they are checking it out. in bensalem two women face charges after police say they left a baby inside of a hot car. >> police say child's aunt and grandmother was involve. they went to target yesterday on rockhill drive and the 11 month-old was in the car for 14. >> it was a girl. >> and temperatures reached 115 degrees. >> wow. >> several people called 911 and a off-duty police officer got the door opened eventually. nineteen year-old aunt and 41 year-old grandmother told police they forgot the baby was in the car. thankfully the baby is expect to be okay. >> yikes. >> if you cannot decide between, you know, like a american food, whatever, american food is. >> okay. >> and like mexican food. >> i love mexican food. >> me too. >> why don't you just combine these two.
6:42 am
in the next hour we will introduce you to the latest burger king creation. it is a whooper rit o. so you jam a hamburger into a tortilla. >> interesting. >> i like the idea. >> have you tried it. >> no, because i will try it, today on the show, live. >> wow. >> yeah. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax.
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then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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good morning to the pocono mound mains. good morning to camelback as sun begins to rise. look at the chairs, umbrellas all lined up. save us a spot. good morning poconos. good morning to philadelphia as we are waking up with some sunshine. good morning to collegeville. no problems yet on 422 but the sunnies coming up above the tree line and hit us with sun glare here. already in delaware county delays approaching 322 heading up toward the airport. now an accident southbound on the new jersey turnpike, at exit number two. we have a fuel spill witt. that is right at the interchange for 322, on the new jersey side. eastbound schuylkill delays from conshohocken to city line. that is nothing compared to what we will have latest on today. both today and tomorrow penndot is working to clean out the drains from gladwynn into city. so after 9:00 o'clock coming into the city will be a rough
6:46 am
go. it will go down to one lane, and beginning at 9:00. leaving from king of prussia or conshohocken area trying to get down to the airport or in the city forget schuylkill and would i use blue route 476, again during midday. fifteen minute delays on the norristown high speed line, um, is that for you? fifteen minute delays on the norristown high speed line because of signal problems, service adjustments, they have added two new trains on the lansdale doylestown line, one this morning and one later on this afternoon. what that forecast like for rest of the day? dave's got the answer in 15 seconds. more of the same but not quite as hot or humid. excessive heat warning in east
6:47 am
affect because it is hot enough to meet that criteria but maybe not as bad as past few days. certainly not feeling like that now with temperatures dropping below 80. that is a good thing. mid 70's right new. lower 70's north and western suburbs. sunnies out. things will climb up here in just the next few hours. right now ultimate doppler is clear, could be a few showers or storms moving through the area. overnight tonight they are trying to hold together across the del marva here but it looks like just a passing shower overnight tonight. better chance for stronger storms north and west tomorrow afternoon, these have potential to be strong or even severe and may not be hot or humid today as it has been but as humidity returns tomorrow heat index climbing back above 100 degrees. ninety's today trying to peak up to about 100 degrees. we are close. this is heat index by this afternoon. look at what happens tomorrow with that increased heat and humidity we are back above 100 up to 104 so keeping that excessive heat warning in effect through tomorrow
6:48 am
afternoon by 6:00 o'clock. seven day forecast, some relief from the heat, by thursday, down to 89 degrees. not quite as hot. back to 90 on friday with a chance of the shower or thunderstorm but look at the weekend temperatures upper 80's both saturday and sunday. we will not talk about the heat index values near 100 this weekend but we have to deal with one or two more taste of the excessive heat, mike and alex. >> well, this was a wild story coming out of rio where, of course, where the olympics are being held. >> authorities are investigating how u.s. swimmer ryan lochte, our favorite guy, and three other swimmers, were robbed at gunpoint. >> officials say robbers posed as police officers, and stopped the cab they were riding in. they got away with money, jewelry and other belongings. spokesmen for united states olympic committee said all of the athletes are fine and cooperating with authorities. you can imagine how scary that must have been. >> hey chris what else have you learn about that.
6:49 am
>> winning gold medalist dream of every olympian, guys. >> sure. >> that is what gymnast simone biles and madison kosher did yesterday. golden girl simone biles is first woman capture individual vault gold medicine willal. after the team and all around title, her teammate earned her time this is gymnastics spot light by grabbing silver in the uneven bars. >> look at that. >> wow. >> how about this. >> fastest man on the planet, usain bolt sprinting in the 100-meter dash. >> go. here come bolt. the georgiaeling has -- gateling has a big leady thought he had him man. >> he came from behind. >> like a lightening bolt. >> you have to finish strong. >> he beat out justin gateling
6:50 am
from the u.s. in the 100-meter dash. usain bolt won with 9.81. he has won this race three consecutive times. >> greatest run are of all time. >> american justin gateling took home the silver. >> can you imagine being like that, i will win, do it. here's another copy, u.s. 69 total, 26 gold. china in second with 45. great britain third at 38. russia those cheaters are in fourth with 30 medals. some other big goals to achieve at the game how about getting yourself to say, yes, to marriage. check out these pictures. it would be a would be stunt at that point. >> yes good a hopeful spouse. >> this would be taken moment after one of the china's divers won a silver, all right. and she was surprised by her boyfriend who dropped to one knee and proposed. you can see he came prepared with the ring in the box. is the box red is that a
6:51 am
cartier ring? yes, she accepted. >> beautiful. >> have you ever proposed, you know, to someone at work? that is their office. that is their work place. it is like coming to work and proposing on the job. >> i don't want to be proposed to. >> they do that on air. >> oh, no, that is ridiculous. >> half time ceremony, that type of thing, basketball game. >> yes, that is nice. >> if they are fans. >> i'm okay with that. >> it is a by doing all that he knows that she will say yes. they have talk bit. >> let me think bit. >> bob did it at phillies game. >> flyers. >> and bobbies happy, man. >> i have a question. she won the medal, right. >> she won silver. >> silver. >> what if she hadn't placed at all do you think he would have still done it? didn't even get on the podium. >> crying because she came in eighth place.
6:52 am
>> nice consolation prize you walk away with something. what is it cartier, fit is that, that is more than. that. >> the size of the ring, the expense of the ring would over play the olympic loss. >> i'm talking about the act he would like to spend his lifetime with you. you cannot put a price or value on that. >> he would have said, you didn't get a medal. i'm marrying you, you loser. >> i don't think he would have said that, mike. >> this is like a married couple this back and forth. >> there is no question we are like a married couple, we annoy each other and there is no sex. >> you don't annoy me. >> what are you saying. >> it is awkward. >> right out of the frame. >> it is gone. >> they goes. >> it is 6:52. before you start stressing out everybody wondering how on earth you will unwind today, on a monday, there is special
6:53 am
deals like getting massages, facials. >> for free. >> for free. >> it is national relaxation day. >> okay. i'm for that. >> what did you say to me, chill bro. >> i hate that. >> why are you asking me to say it if you don't like it. >> just to make me mad.
6:54 am
pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
6:56 am
i need a vacation. >> it sound like it. >> if you are not planning a vacation it is perfect day to unwind because it is national relaxation day. >> logan hotel. >> i love logan. >> yes. >> they are offering a full day of relaxation activities in their spa. >> this looks relaxing. >> it is yoga, downward facing dog. >> neck massage and outdoor yoga, even though it will be hot. >> i would love to be outside today. >> this is what you need, at 10:30 right after the show. what do you do. >> i normally -- >> never mind. free class meditation starts at 10:30. it could good for you and me too. all of the treatments will be 50 percent off at the spa. so call the hotel and schedule for an appointment as people will be jumping in on that. just relax.
6:57 am
when i say relax bro. >> that is fine. >> yes. here's the thing, i do not want to be alone with my thoughts, okay. >> why not. >> it is frightening. >> there is a lot going on. >> you know what is going on, steve, it is just too hot to do anything, steve? >> reporter: it is not too hot for these folks. they are getting their stretching in, exercise, little social gathering. how about that. in the hot for everything. as hot as these people hey feel not as hot as a woman will feel when she walks into hear her closing argument today, um, dave kinchen. >> it could heat up when jury takes the case as her set to do so at montgomery county courthouse in the perjury trial of attorney general kathleen kane, we have a preview after the break.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
it is hot. dangerous heat gripping our area with temperatures soaring in the 90's once again today. >> it is real important that people realize how dangerous this is. >> the best way to keep cool and hot line helping folks stay safe. plus, see you, in maybe 2017. i'm not ribbing you.


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