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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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philadelphia officials blamed a fourth death on this heat wave and from philadelphia to trenton where there's no relief from temperatures and mid 90's it felt like they were in the triple digits. we'll have to wait for some relief as we also track some storm chances g evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. officials are warning people to take this heat seriously. so let's get right out to meteorologist kathy orr who's outside bracing that heat in old city tonight. kathy? >> right now we have a little bit of a breeze, iain. today is day six of the heat wave. and tomorrow will be another oppressive day before we see a break. behind me you can see there are folks outside a little bit of a blue sky. the humidity not as high as it's been. but we will spike again tomorrow. take look at the temperatures across the region. well into the 90s. 93 in philadelphia. 94 degrees in millville and right now you can see it's 93 degrees in wilmington with the humidity it feels like it's 97 in the city. but 102 in millville. and in dover it feels like 103. we have the excessive heat
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warning in effect for philadelphia and its suburbs and advisory posted for the areas to the south and to the north and lehigh valley and also the shore points because it will get even more humid during the day tomorrow. so philadelphia and its suburbs it will feel like it's between 105 and 110 tomorrow. ultimate doppler we see some spotty showers and thunderstorms to the west. by nine, 10, 11:00 o'clock we could see a few passing through the delaware valley so this evening, hot and humid at 7:00 p.m. in the upper twrt 80s. warm and muggy at nine. by 11:00 o'clock is stot spotty storm is possible with a temperature of 81 degrees. coming up we'll talk more about the heat and humidity. we do anticipate that it is continue to spike tomorrow and see relief but the threat of severe weather tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk more about that with your seven day forecast when i join you inside. >> all right, kathy. thanks this excessive heat continues to be -- prove how dangerous it could be.
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a fourth person now has died in philadelphia from heat related issues and heat warnings remain in effect for at least another 24 hours. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at dilworth park where people are heading there to cool off. sabina? >> reporter: yeah, iain these kids have the right idea. cooling off in the fountains much we know kids are vulnerable population in this weather so are the elderly. plea out of those four deaths here in the city all people over the age of 65. so as we go into day five of a code red here, those are the target groups city officials are looking at. >> bottles. >> midday monday and sam santiago is racing against the rising murky lying to get water and shelter to the city's homeless on yet another scorching hot day. >> we just got to keep an eye on those folks that are fragiles specially the elderly. >> at fifth and callowhill several homeless don't want to come off the street. santiago and his colleague from the home let out reach -- hess
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out reach hand out water pouches instead. with several deaths placed on the temperatures the danger continues to lurk. respond shoppers at target continuing to real at news a baby had to be rescued from a hot car on sunday. locked inside as temperatures reached 115 degrees. >> it's just hot to be outside for a long time let alone in hot car. so i can't even imagine what that must have felt like. >> reporter: air-conditioners straining against the heat. despite the unrelenting sun there were the daunt less athletes. >> water bottle here's here, another in the back here. >> trying to keep cool with water and staying in the shade. >> water fountains surround it. pets are vulnerable in this weather, too. and the city has aske add more s for anybody who wants to come in off the street from all of this heat. now, we've heard all the warnings, stay hydrated, don't strain yourself in this weather but what about if you have physical activity for work that
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you have to do to be outside for? we talk to those folks and how they're coping coming up at 6:00 each yann, back to you. >> sabina, thanks. see you then. save safe by staying informed. download our fox 29 weather app to get the forecast sent right to your phone and you can see the latest alerts and warnings. it's free just download it from the apple or google play stores. 78-year-old woman has died after police say she was hit by a car in center city. this happened around 2:30 at the intersection of veepth and locust. police say the woman was in the crosswalk when she was hit. medic rush her to jefferson hospital where she died. police say the driver of that striking car did stay at the scene. one person is dead after a fiery crash in burlington county, new jersey. skyfox over the scene al johnson place road right near sue wee place road in woodland township. you can see the burned out shell of the car there that hit tree. state police are telling us one person died. they have not yet released that person's identity. and we're on top of a developing story tonight out of
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berks county today the district attorney releasing a heartbreaking new details about a murder sued side that left a family of five dead. the victims included three children. ages eight, five and two. fox 29's jenner joyce loose joins us live from the berks county courthouse. jennifer, what did we learn today? >> reporter: good evening, iain. well, the berks county district attorney's office announced that mark short shot and killed his wife, their three children, the family dog and then turned the gun on himself in a murder/suicide just over a week ago. police say that fingerprints and a note provided some clues. >> this is a very tragic incident. >> reporter: a little over a week after the short family of five was found dead inside their upscale sinking spring home, the berks county district attorney's office declares that husband and father mark short pulled the trigger on his family and then himself. his 33-year-old wife meghan and their three children, leanna, mark, jr., and two-year-old
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willow were found dead inside the living room of the home wearing pj's surround beside pillows and blankets. a murder suicide note was left on the dining room table. >> some of the information contained in the suicide letter was an admission that he purchased a gun and committed the homicides. >> reporter: police say meghan and mark were in the process of separating an recent timeline of events sheds light on the case. in june, the couple got into a verbal fight at a hotel in philadelphia. hotel security intervened. on july ate 18th sinking spring police were called to the short's home for another argument. nothing physical. no charges were filed. meghan short was advised to get protection from abuse order. she never did. one day later, july 19th, police say mark short purchase add handgun and ammunition from a licensed dealer in lancaster county. on july 25th meghan leased an apartment in bucks county. the first week of august, mark short was demoted at work. on august 5th, police say he took his three children to hers
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she park for a family fun trip. hours later, an august 6th the day meghan was supposed to move into her new apartment, the family was found dead. immediate shock, sadness and grief gripped this berks county community. >> these children were young. and whenever we lose youthful, innocent human beings it's never easy for a community to recover. >> reporter: and the district attorney's office cannot say whether or not mark short had a diagnosed mental illness but they did say he was emotionally distressed over the separation of he and his wife. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. happening right now, police in milwaukee are trying to put a stop to violent protests. riots erupting in the city over the weekend in response to that fatal police shooting of 23-year-old sillville smith. smith was shot during a traffic stop after officers say he had a
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gun in his hand and now authorities have put a 10:00 p.m. curfew into effect for teenagers but also saying outsiders were the ones responsible for wreaking havoc on the city's north side. police shot 18-year-old last night during all of that unrest. and today we've learned the identity of the teenaged boy shot dead yesterday afternoon in ken ting son. police say someone pulled the trigger on 16-year-old rodney anderson on the 2,000 block of east orleans street. first responders found him shot in the back inside a car. he was taken to temple university hospital where he died a short time later. his relatives who spoke to fox 29 remember him as a good kid who was involved in school sports. so far police have not named any suspects or a motive. detectives are asking for the public's help to find the person who robbed a dollar general. this happened last week at 6:00 in the morning on the 2100 block of 23rd street that's in girard park. police say the bad guy held up an employee who was just outside the store where she worked and
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then forced her inside. after a struggle he made her open safe and give him money. if you've got any information please call plea police. >> back home police say a man who ran a red light killed a woman early this morning it happened on the 6600 block of north 18th street in west oak lane. police say a 22-year-old man went right through an intersection, hitting a van. a 47-year-old was inside. pronounced dead at the scene. two other people have minor injuries. and police say the driver was not driving under the influence, but he was arrested. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane was back in a mol montgomery county courtroom today for closing arguments in her perjury and obstruction trial. now her fate is in the hands of a jury. >> fox 29 was there as kane left the courthouse -- excuse me in norristown but a crew tells us she just showed up back at the court. a lawyer for kane blamed the attorney -- for leaking the grand jury information. kane is accused of of leaking material to the press and lying
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about it under oath. >> federal appeals court rejected cosby's evident to reseal his deposition testimony about extra marital affairs, prince sedatives and payments to women court ruled that the al appeal was pointless because many members of the public already know what was in it. cosby wanted to overturn ruling that had made the documents public. cosby does admit to several affairs in deposition and says he obtained quaaludes to give to women he hoped to seduce. the deposition stems from a lawsuit filed by a woman at the center of the criminal case on felony sexual assault charge. devastation continues to rise even as some flood waters start to recede in louisiana. one thing making people in that area feel some sort of relief. tonight plus new high tech keys can make life easier for officers. could it make i was target for thieves. what experts want you to think about. three-year-old child in life threatening situation in a pool luckily the right person was there at the right time to save his life.
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but that hero is not taking credit for it. >> and coming up at 6:00 the push to clean up camden. the things aren't quite that simple. what this has to do with battle to save a home that played big part in the countrying civil rights fight.
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♪ here's life look at reading while some of you felt some relief today not much the heat wave and excessive heat warning
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continues today and soon we're also wafer watching for some storm chances keep you updated throughout the newscast. happening now the disaster deepens along the gulf coast as thousands of people in southern louisiana are in shelters today. after a series of intense floods. the governor calls unprecedent unprecedented. at least six people have been killed and there's no telling how many more are still stranded in their homes. fox's will carr has the story from bat toon rouge, louisiana. >> reporter: days of rain dropping almost 2 feet of water on southern louisiana this weekend forcing tens of thousands of residents from their homes. hotels and shelters are quickly filling up with officials say the worst may not be over yet. but six people have died in louisiana's governor is warning residents not to take any chances. >> we are very thankful for the people out there who are heeding the warnings they're being given to evacuate when that is the proper thing to do. >> reporter: good news, the rain held off monday morning on
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the heels of at least 20,000 rescues those efforts continuing today with boats, helicopters and high water vehicles. >> as the waters continue to rise we're having to evacuate people to safety. last night this included nursing homes. we evacuated two nursing homes. >> reporter: president obama declared a major disaster in louisiana as the area gears up for more rain. for now anxious residents are cleaning up as best they can. coming together to help the community recover from the weekend and preparing for more possible flooding later this week. >> a lot of people out here pretty desperate. >> get a little emotional how nice everybody is and you start feeling like, um, people are watching out for each other. it's good. >> reporter: some areas the water started to recede but there's still well above flood stage. with more rain in the forecast. >> baton rouge, will carr fox news. >> philadelphia police are investigate a car crash that left two people dead in the city's wissahickon section.
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this picture shows what's left of the two of the three cars involved. according to police, a 23-year-old man driving a volvo crossed into oncoming traffic along lincoln drive near gypsy lane yesterday afternoon and he died at the scene. a 55-year-old woman in another car died later at a local hospital. a third driver was not hurt. authorities have not released the victim's entities. to a developing story out of center city now. philadelphia police arrested one of two men that they claim are behind the series of home invasions and robberies of asian businesses and business owners. authorities caught 29-year-old norman bowen they're still on the hunt for 33-year-old anthony campbell. cops say the dough woe robbed nearly a dozen businesses between may and august of this year. investigators say the two would tie up and rob people in residence attached to the businesses. the pennsylvania supreme court just dealt a big blow to philadelphia school reform commission. the court ruled today the commission does not have the
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power to cancel teacher's contracts. a lower court had already sided with the philadelphia federation of teachers against the src's move in october of 2014 to cancel contracts and change teacher's health plans. the src said it was trying to save money today's ruling teachers contracts fall outside the commission's powers. well today area educators joined together to talk about improving college opportunities for philadelphia students. arcadia university hosting the annual philadelphia college prep round table. they said graduation rates from high school in philadelphia is at 70% much that's up from 10 years ago. that's up 40% from 10 years ago but there are still some obstacles. >> we can't afford it. they get money to get into college and then they got to keep getting money for the all four years or five, six years. so we have to go out as a community and provide resources and support to make sure they not only get into college but they get the money and then also do academically well so they can
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stay in college and get more money while they're in school. >> this is the eighth year of the annual conference. in you decide tonight, rough couple of weeks for donald trump particular controversy with the family of a war hero to problems with the media he blames for his poll numbers today the republican nominee looked to get back on message with a speech about how to defeat global terrorism. here's fox's joel waldman now from washington, d.c. >> reporter: donald trump in youngs towns ohio offering up his fans for patting terrorism and competing isis republican nominee among other things proposing screening immigrants with an ideological questionnaire ensuring a support american values. >> we cannot always choose our friends but we can never fail to recognize our enemies. >> reporter: part of trauma pops foreign policy plan includes temporarily suspending vees have a issuances to countries with a issue of supporting teg terrorism. terrorism is not the only thing
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he's pushing back again. businessman blasting the media for a pair of other problems including a sinking poll numbers and new york times report that campaign manager paul manhattan fort was taking millions from a former ukrainian press with close ties to the kremlin. >> priority number one is to deny the press the ability to do stories about process and what's wrong with his campaign and tighten things up. >> reporter: hillary clinton meanwhile visiting scranton, pennsylvania, were it's native son vice-president joe biden. told voters his hometown that clinton is the only clear choice for middle class families. >> hillary understands the hopes and aspirations of the people in claymont, in scranton and every scranton and claymont in the united states of america. >> reporter: and while they both claim it is their home state, hillary clinton is now leading trump by 30 points in new york according to the latest poll taken in the empire state. in washington, joel wallet waldman, fox news.
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devastating floods on the other side of the world but in the middle of the rushing waters amazing acts of heroism. we'll share one of them with you. a monkey on plain causing a panic on recent flight but after a few questions the crew realizes there's really no cause for alarm. why the airline has now apologized. >> hiker goes missing in the utah summer heat. time was of the essence how a good samaritan was able to use unique skill and modern technology to help safe life. here's life look at allentown as we continue this most brutal heat wave so far this summer. the weather so dangerous exercise caution if you're outside and stay inside as much as you can.
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>> bus blocks car from being washed away during devastating flooding in china. state tv shows a white car being swept away by that raging flood. the bus driver pulled a child from the car and into the bus. passengers helped rescue two other people. the torrential rain also damaged road between two bridges trapping more than 30 cars. weekend 95 attack in switzerland left one woman dead and two others fighting for their lives. authorities say they ruled out terrorism as a motive after a man stabbed people on a train. according to police, train video shows a 27-year-old swiss man attacking passengers with a knife then burning a liquid. the suspect later died of his wounds from that flammable liquid. police say why he did it still is not clear. >> translator: absolutely no idea about his motivation. the accused has not been known
5:25 pm
to the police previously in any way. >> seven others were injured including a six-year-old child. a search is on for the man who gunned down a new york city iman and his assistant outside a mosque. this is the man police say killed two in the middle of the day saturday after prayers. the men were both shot in the head and ozone park section of the queens. police have not called it a hate crime but people who live nearby police the two victims were targeted because of their faith. police are now looking at surveillance video that reportedly shows the gunman leaving the scene with a weapon in his hasn't. today marks the 102nd anniversary of the panama canal. earth camry leased time lapsed video showing the recent expansion project took nearly a decade cost four -- $5 billion and wrapped up in june with the help of 1300 workers. 50-mile canal added two sets of dug a doper third shipping lane
5:26 pm
the expansion now louse the training route to handle double the amount of ships. new high tech keys can make life easier for officers but could it be a target for thieves. what experts want you to think about. global super star turned down an offer to play the super star half time show. in the fl is talking too and their stories are quite -- aren't quite singing. >> in weather we're talking about heat, humidity and some storms nears hagerstown, drifting towards harrisburg moving toward the east of the some of us will see a few spotty storms this evening. we'll pinpoint those and show when you the heat will break in we'll pinpoint those and show when you the heat will break in the seven day when we come back. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. ♪ here's life look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. you might have found some relief here today, but it's been pretty hot across our area and this heat wave not done with us yet. when the heat could finally break that is coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane's fate is now in the hands of jury. kane was back in montgomery county courtroom today for closing ago n her perjury and obstruction trial. she left around 4:00 o'clock but we spotted her heading back inside with an hour the lawyer for kane blames the attorney general's former top aids for
5:30 pm
leaking grand jury information. kane is accused of leaking material and then lying about it under oath. high tech keys are pretty cool and they can make life a lot more convenient but are they doing much to keep your car secure? fox's dana, shows us how experts say that hackers could open doors on millions of cars. >> reporter: it's many drivers worst nightmare. return to go their car to find it's been broken into. >> car hacking has been a big topic for last couple of years. and there's been very little movement so far from the car industry to establish standards. >> reporter: pete pa shall a tech he had toward for mashable says he's troubled to learn that computer security experts in germany recently found a way to hack the keyless entry systems used on millions of cars. basically this means that thieves could break into a car and steal items without even cracking a window. this is how it would work. >> the car has to sort of be broadcasting its own signal so
5:31 pm
that -- it can talk to the car. it can talk to your key, if you can hack that signal that the car is sending out, then you would know what key it's looking for. >> reporter: the experts say remote entry systems on countless cars made by volkswagen since 1995 can be cloned to allow access to the vehicle. they also say another system used by other car brands can also be compromised. >> all these little shortcuts that we like are all putting us at risk, you know, it's really frightening. >> reporter: in statement volkswagen tells us they agree to these finding published quote but without the sensitive content that could be used by a accomplished criminals to break into vehicles. the findings obtained will serve to further improve the security technology ". but many new york drivers tell us it may just be better and safer to go back to the way things used to be. >> get the car keys got. got the buttons just get the
5:32 pm
keys. >> go old school. >> go old school. go old school. >> the study is not about the type of car hacking being a widespread problem it's really the study to show that some models of cars can be hacked and that it could eventually become a potential problem. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority. kathy orr to tell us when if ever we'll cool off. >> eventually iain. it's been a long stretch and tomorrow will be a seven-day heat wave and that is as long as our july heat wave goes on. so we'll see if we beat that heat wave. we could a little bit later on this week. ultimate doppler showing showers and thunderstorms in northern virginia, just to the north of d.c. heading toward baltimore and as we take a zoom in you'll see not that far away from harrisburg so i think they will will be losing some of their strength as they move toward the east. but we could be seeing a few spotty showers maybe even downpours in our northern and western suburbs and in philadelphia as we closer to the eight, nine, 10:00 o'clock hour this evening.
5:33 pm
some sizzle continues the high so today 93 degrees. it is the 31st, 90-degree or greater day this summer and this year. this is day six of heat wave. it is heat wave number five. remember heat wave in may, none in june. three in july. and this is our first in august. right now in philadelphia, 93. 93 in wilmington. 94 degrees in millville. atlantic city at the airport 88 degrees. but in wrightstown it is 90. in the poconos more comfortable with lower humidity an temperature of 81. as we take it down the shore a bit of a sea breeze in some locations. beach haven 82. the boardwalk in atlantic city sea breeze 83. still quite warm in ocean city avalon and wildwood cape ma may point enjoying a breeze with a temperature of 86 degrees. the water temperature is only in the 60s. so there's one place you can get some relief on our fox future cast, you can see it has very good handle on the precipitation going on right now near hagerstown. advance this and by 8:00 o'clock, you can see some
5:34 pm
downpours through western parts of chester county and also as you head toward lancaster county and then this moves eastward and as you can see some broken up showers by the 10:00 o'clock hour in places like montgomery county, bucks county, even salem county northern new castle and into northeast philadelphia. won't be much but at least some precipitation we are below average for the month so far. tuesday morning, looking fairly dry. i still think there's a chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm in the morning. even though this model is not showing that. and by the afternoon, with the heating of the day, we see some showers and storms firing up from scranton williamsport toward harrisburg this is at 2:00 and then all of this moves toward the east and by the dinner hour they will be toward the philadelphia area a possibility of a line of some downpours. there is a threat of severe weather. that risk is to the north and west of the city through the lehigh valley and the poconos. the main threat with these storms will be wind damage where there's a moderate risk. there is a risk of hail but also flooding rain because of the heat and all the humidity in the
5:35 pm
atmosphere. any shower or will be a drenching downpour. overnight in the city 76. in the suburbs 72. partly cloudy, muggy, with some spotty storms. that could end up being some saturday spotty showers later tonight. the high tomorrow 95 degrees. that will be day seven of this heat wave. it will be more humid tomorrow with scattered storms. especially in the afternoon. as you plan your day tomorrow there is a chance of a spotty shower or storm in the morning. the temperature 78. by lunch time, hazy and humid 88. by the afternoon 83 degrees. and by the evening, 87 with a partly cloudy sky. as we look ahead at our stick factor, what it will feel like with the heat and humidity, in philadelphia it feels about 105 tomorrow. but look, noticeably more comfortable. the heat index only 93 wednesd wednesday. 92 thursday. 94 friday that's when you add the heat and humidity. so there will be an improvement. on the extended forecast, 95 tuesday. 91 wednesday. and then barely touching the 90-degree mark for thursday and friday. if we do, we'll have 10 day heat
5:36 pm
wave it will end for sure on saturday. the high 88. sunday 87. and below average temperatures by next monday. how do you like that? shore temperatures will be quite warm in the mid to upper 80s right through the weekend by monday 82 degrees. all in all, a very hot second week of august. we are about 4 degrees above normal for the month and we're just about halfway through. hmm. need some relief, iain. >> all right, kathy looking forward to it, thanks monkey on plain causes a panic on recent flight but after a few questions the crew realizes there are really no cause for alarm. why the airlines has now pose jived a man lays eyes on his father for the first time in more than four decades. a twist of fate that separated them and how they were finally reunited. >> and coming up at 6:00 bullets from local gun range hitting nearby homes. is this even possible? what officials revealed a short time
5:37 pm
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♪ democratic nominee hillary clinton and vice-president joe biden arrived in scranton this morning. the two are attending a rally in biden's hometown to talk about the commitment to building a better economy. they also attacked gop nominee trump's ability to keep the country safe. right now clinton hold as sizeable lead over trump in many pennsylvania polls. republican has not wouldn't the keystone state since 1988. meanwhile democratic vice-presidentiavice-president e is campaigning in north carolina. passenger on flight from columbus, how how to la las vegas was questioned by the airline about his service anim animal. that service animal just happens to be monkey. jason ellis says he was on the frontier airlines flight tuesday and says airline officials were not aware at first that the monkey was indeed a service animal. the monkey named gizmo actually
5:41 pm
helps ellis cope with anxiety. >> he's never actually hurt anybody and doesn't. he's helped me in bigger ways than i can imagine just by interaction with other people and helping them out. but really he helps me out because i have a lot of anxiety issues. >> ellis says frontier airlines apologized for the inconvenience and offered to refund ellis for the flight. three-year-old child live threatening situation in a pool luckily the right person was there at the right time to save his life but that hero isn't taking any credit for it. and global super star says she turned down an offer to play the super bowl half time show but the nfl is talking as well and they're stories don't quite sing up. howard? >> now that carson wentz is watching practice, the game got to learn without being on the field and how bad is the pain with his injury? hear from wentz and his coach coming up in sports.
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♪ welcome back to fox 29 news at 5:00. we're talking about heat and humidity. the high temperature in philadelphia today 94. it's 93 it feels like it is 97. the humidity on the lower side today. but it will go up again tomorr tomorrow. tomorrow morning a chance of a shower or storm in the 70s. 80s by the lunch hour. 99s in the afternoon with
5:46 pm
oppressive heat and by the evening temperatures will be back in the 80 if's you are heading down the shore for relief or down there on vacati vacation, 80s through the rest of the week. through thursday, sunny with a is he breeze for monday. a mix of sun and clouds tuesday. a few showers and storms possible wednesday. monk are morning clouds giving way to sun on your thursday. ocean water temperatures warmed to 72 degrees this afternoon. the range between 72 and 76 for the ocean water this week. your extended forecast calls for oppressive heat through tuesday. thought we stay close to 90 degrees by friday it will be day 10 of the heat wave. we break it over the weekend with temperatures in the 80s by the beginning of next week. temperatures fall below average for a change. iain? >> all right, kathy. thanks. well a florida family is grateful tonight their three your son survived a life threatening situation in a pool the person who saved the child was not lifeguard saving lives is nothing new for him. fox's kelly cowan has the story. >> reporter: hundreds of kids and families care free summer
5:47 pm
afternoon at a water park took a serious turn on saturday. >> we were just having fun. screaming with my son in my arms and i heard a lady screaming in front of me. when i saw her, she had an arm looked to be a child. >> reporter: off tills detention deputy habib, just happened to be at the splash harbor water park saturday evening when he her the screams for help he quickly sprang into action. >> i immediately gave my son to a stranger. >> a father of three handed his young son to a woman nearby as he rushed to help pull a three-year-old boy from the water. >> realized he had no pulse. he had foam coming out of his mouth. and in that moment i realized i had to react quickly and training kicked in. >> the boy who is the same age as his own son wasn't breathing. so the deputy began cpr. >> i was just hoping for him to
5:48 pm
open his eyes and be able to talk back to me and once i had a pulse, i was so relieved. i had tears coming out my eyes after -- >> hanz saved the little boy who is expected to make a full recovery. but despite the heroic rescues, this deputy says he was just in the right place at the right time. >> miracle i guess. just happened that i was able to help. you know i don't want to be claim as a hero or anything but i'm glad i was able to help and it just happened to be right in front of me. >> in indian rock beach, kelly cowan, fox news. singer adele just put rumors to rest after speculation that she may be head lining the 2017 super bowl half time show. she said during a recent concert the nfl reached to her about performing in the upcoming show. adele says she turned down the offer but now nfl and sponsored pepsi are denying that adele was offered an opportunity to perform at the half time show.
5:49 pm
joint statement the nfl and pepsi say "we have not at this point extend add formal offer to adele or anyone else. we're focused on putting together a fantastic show for houston and we look forward to revealing that in good time "no matter who ends up performing you can watch the super bowl right here on fox 29 next february. what do you say when you're meeting your father for the first time in 40 years? ohio man flew to texas this week to do just that. fox's akmed was there for his life-changing moment. >> i can't believe this is happening. this is just the biggest thing i've ever done in my life. >> reporter: paul rice is 44 years old. he was born in vietnam and left at an orphanage just nine months he was adopted by an american military family. in florida, he grew up surrounded by love. shortly after high school, he enlisted in the army. later serving in the first gulf war. while paul walked across desserts of over rack meeting people from all corners of the earth, there's one face he's
5:50 pm
never had the chance to see. one person he's never had the chance to touch. >> there he is! >> until today. >> how do you say hello to your father for the first time in life? >> this is so awesome. >> larry morrison didn't know about paul until his niece discovered him on >> he says, i have this young man whose been in touch with me over ancestry and he says his father -- he thought his father make a soldier there. >> two submitted dna samples, not knowing their lives were about to change forever. >> eight weeks later came back. >> the rest is history. >> history. >> father and son together for the first time paul brought a very special gift chronically all the years missed.
5:51 pm
>> i needed you to have something to always -- to flip through. >> wait until you see your brother's pictures. wow! >> wow! >> you look just like my grandson. >> every time i look at the picture he looks like he's happy. >> thank you. >> he looks happy. >> happy baby. >> they took care of you. >> i'm not letting him go. it's been too long. i feel blessed. very very blessed. i feel like i'm at home. >> this is amazing. i can't believe it. a kitten in sacremento found sniffle tight spot with its behind legs stuck in a wood fence. the kitten was feeling big heim tie relief. one firefighter held a board to support the kitten's front legs the another loosen in the boards.fence. she was free and taken to an app mall shelter. a hiker goes missing in the
5:52 pm
utah summer heat time was of the essence how good samaritan was able to use his unique skills and modern technology that help save a life. coming up alt 6:00, a push to clean up camden. things are not quite that simp simple. what this now has to do with battle to save a home with ties to the country's civil rights fight. it could be soon big changes to the way many of you say goodbye to your loved ones. new jersey is among the few states that do not allow you to do a certain thing in funeral homes. how that could soon change. 1
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>> in the citi' felton vim sections dozens taking time to make sure families don't go hungry as their kids head back to school. pepsi and feed the children teaming up to provide more than 28 thousands pounds of food to familiar unless need. the companies say the food donation allows families to focus on other back to school preparations they don't need to worry about where their next meal are coming from. utah police are honoring a good samaritan who used his own gifts and skills to help find the missing hiker. his drone business may have just saved that hiker's life. fox's lauren stein breck has the story report roar chris' drone takes off. >> take off. >> reporter: buzzing around
5:57 pm
capturing the views around. he and his brother own aerial operations which offers drone services to businesses. saturday they ende ended up sola hour long mystery over a missing hiker. >> i happened to have a skill that could be helpful in that situation i stepped out didn't it. >> reporter: he says he came across a search and rescues crews spent all in terrain and overhead in helicopter. in an effort to find 17-year-old james wade who got separate from his family. so far no luck. >> cree offered up his drone. >> at first they were apprehensive about it. there's been lots of negative news about drones getting in the way. >> reporter: in the end search and rescue agreed to let him f fly. within minutes they found wade. >> search and rescues really knew where really good where he
5:58 pm
should be. >> reporter: unfortunately the teen was not alive. after falling from a cliff. but at the very least he stopped the search from turning into an overnight operation. >> helicopters one tool, ground personnel another tool, and now these drones which sometimes get a very bad rap in this instance i think will be found to be very valuable tool. >> reporter: the sheriff' office gave the man this special coin as a thank you for his food samaritan help. >> i'm happy the crews getting to home and the family got closure. and it was able to come to an end. >> he says with all the negative perceptions about drones he hopes this incident will highlight how drones can be used for good as well. ♪ tonight at 6:00 more dangerous temperatures in a bedly heat wave. and tonight we could be rising into the record books. are bullets from a local gun range hitting nearby homes? is this even possible? what officials revealed a short time
5:59 pm
ago. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. tonight at 6-a deadly heat wave philadelphia officials have now blamed a fourth death on what could prove to be the longest heat wave of the summer. we'll have to wait a little while for a relieve. fox 29 weather authority tracking some storm chances as well. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. lucy noland is off. this is some of the most brutal weather that many ofs have felt all summer. so let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr who is outside in old city tonight. kathy? >> you can see feel the heat and the humidity iain. it is inching up as we speak. today not as brutal as the past couple of days, but the humidity will spike again tomorrow as that excessive heat warning continues through philadelphia and its suburbs. right now in old city philadelphia, you can see it's pretty of a busy afternoon. seeing a few clouds rolling through, and we do have the threat of some rain later this
6:00 pm
evening. take look at the temperatures across the region. right now in philadelphia 93. 93 in wilmington. 94 in millville. it feels much warmer like 100 in millville. the heat index feels like reading in dover is 102. excessive heat warning for philadelphia and its suburbs continues through tomorrow evening at sunset. it will feel like it's over 102 to the south and east and to the north and west where he see the orange that is an advisory for the feels like readings to be around 102 degrees or slightly blow tomorrow. ultimate doppler shows some showers and thunderstorm moving toward lancaster and baltimore. some of those will make it into our suburbs some showers expected later tonight in the philadelphia area. so this evening, here's what you can expect. hot humid at 7:00 o'clock in the upper 80s. by nine muggy 84. spotty shower or storm bite 11:00 o'clock hour. the main threat will be some heavy downpours and a few lightning strikes. coming up we'll talk about the slight risk for severe weather that comes


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