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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> beautiful sight. >> you know we also listen to lil wayne and em memorandum. >> hi lauren. >> hi. >> what is that technology called, tech no music. >> is that ed them. >> electronic dance music is it tech no. >> maybe. >> you know what, well, it works for him. he has won 602 medals. >> it is gold. >> nice. >> he is winning those gold medals. >> maybe we should listen to it. >> maybe we would be winners. >> we need to change our lives. good day, tuesday august 16th. so it is 8/16/16. >> it is sue serio's birthday. >> thanks for watching the show. >> i was busy doing other things. >> crafting segment. >> yes. >> hi lauren. >> what about this. >> we know bachelor and bachelorette parties can get we will. i mean look at this evidence. i love this movie.
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>> yes. >> the hang over. >> is it better to combine have the bachelor and bachelorette party together so men and women are all milk at the same party. you even go with your fiance. what do you think. >> push-ups for a good cause, alex. >> why celebrities are accepting this new challenge to give them drop and 22. we will see if mike can do it. >> why 22. >> we will explain. >> okay. >> before you sign your kid up for soccer, listen to what we have to say because your choice is a affect more than just your kid, we have tips to find the right activity for not just your child but the entire family. >> acme grocery story saw halloween candy is already on the shelves. >> ridiculous. >> we spotted some, yes. many different stores around the area. >> is it too early for halloween candy to be out. >> what is this. >> can i tell you what i think. >> are you getting something. >> yes. >> would you like to hear some. >> sure.
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>> so, some people are saying yes, it is too soon. one lady says it is way too early for halloween. let us energy rest of the summer before we start thinking about holidays. >> you are not forced to buy it. why do you get upset. >> linda says no candy in august. that just makes me eat more sooner. >> i cannot make to it halloween if i'm buying it now. you get it there it looks good. >> it takes you out of the mood of summer when you see halloween decorations and candy, you do not think summer. >> what did ashley say. >> never too soon. so exciting to see the halloween candy and pumpkin stuff in stores. i love the fall. such a family time of the user. >> i like the fall too but i want to energy rest of the summer. >> when should be the time, do you want to start fall, i'm thinking after labor day, mid-september i'm okay with the pumpkins and halloween. >> that is fair. >> pump them up. >> this is from melissa star bucks isn't selling pumpkin
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spiced lattes stores shouldn't be selling halloween candy. >> they will start selling it soon. >> have they started. >> somebody on twitter says no, she doesn't see it in the coffee shops yet. >> yes. >> yes, it is, too soon. it feels like the seasons are being rush. >> i feel that way a little bit. >> it is just commercial things. trying to make money, selling things. >> yes. >> seriously. >> like mike said we were talking about this yesterday if it works, then they will do it. if you are buying it, how early do you think they will go, before halloween. >> it should be year round. >> same candy on the shelves year round but they put them in orange wrappers. >> kids don't know that. >> and, you know my favorite, come easter with the easter eggs and pumpkins and christmas trees. christmas tree recess and halloween. >> well, they wouldn't do it if people weren't wyoming it. that is my story, i'm stick to
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go it. lets get to this bachelor party stuff. have you ever heard of a bachelor part which a bachelorette party, two stars from the movie pitch perfect did that. >> i think that works. >> they celebrated their upcoming wedding, they started with separate parties but they eventually ended together and line dancing. they had pictures on instagram showing skylar by his guys and she's with her girlfriend about they all met up. another pitch perfect star brittany snow celebrated with a couple as well. >> i like the eye tea, why not. >> you know what. >> what? >> back in the day, i don't know if this still happens, guys do their bachelor party because sometimes things happen that you wouldn't be proud to come back and tell your bride to be. >> yes. >> why is that back in the day it is still going on now. >> is is it still. >> i know people that have joint ones. >> but they are still separate bachelor parties going on. >> it is a disgusting happen
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from it back in the the day because guys, guys would cheat on their fiance the night before the wedding. i saw it happen once. i saw a guy go in the another room. >> you saw this happen. >> it wasn't my roll to stop him. >> i barely knew the guy. i was than the in his wedding. >> seven hours later i see the dude in front of the priest in front of the church. i know what you were doing seven hours ago. >> so when priest did the whole if anyone feels these two should not be joined did you raise your hand. >> of course, i did. >> i held up the whole congregation, i describe it in detail. >> i don't believe you. >> seven hours later. >> yes. >> we should blame spartans, i was looking it up to see how they got started. this is before bc. >> this is off with his head. >> yes.
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>> well, they would bring party girls and strippers, and go up or down good that is gladiator, different movies. >> gladiator. >> 300, movie 300. >> when i was the best man in the wedding, my friend peter, we were out, we're in hollywood, we're out, wedding is next afternoon in a beautiful park. this is 11:30 at the night. >> i have one question did you plan the bachelor party. >> it was low key. >> what is low key for you. >> no, it was pretty low key good bunch of guys having cocktails. peter had too many cocktails and so when he walk out to get the uber of its day. >> what is uber of the day. >> they were like limousines. >> he steps off the curb in hollywood, he falls and lands literally on his face. >> broke his nose.
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>> black eye. >> unbelieveable, forehead bleeding, black eye all over the place. now the wedding was at noon the next day. hideous looking. he looked like the terminate or. >> yes. >> hey, megan, bring it up, that is what it looks like. so luckily me income television, his fiance was so mad i didn't think they were going to get married. they had to take pictures. i had my tv make up with me, fix it up. >> that is why you should have batch already party right before the wedding. >> week before. >> a couple weeks. >> they give it time, to recover. >> he looked just like that. >> that is scary. >> i did my best, with just pouring tv make up on his face but you could still see it in the wedding photos, to this day you can tell.
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>> they blame you. >> i had nothing to do with it. >> you came to the rescue with make up. >> would you ever do a joint. >> would i do a joint right now. >> that means no. >> no, would i do that. >> no, would i do that. >> i can tell you this, i don't want to do a bachelor party. >> a big party before the wednesdaying. >> i'm too old to be a bachelor party. how stupid. >> i feel like all my friend, i have combined friends, these are my friend, we're all friends. let's just party. >> it is old school dirty stuff. >> i feel like if it is where you want to take it. if you want to take it to dirt you can take to it dirty. i love girls night. i want that because i want to be with my girls and to do that and i will be with you for a lifetime honey, you will be okay. >> as long as it is fun and you don't bring strippers in. that used to be a bachelor
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party they would bring strippers in. they do still do it. i don't get it. i never understood it. what is the point of this. why would you want to be with another woman when you will marry someone. >> this is your last chance. >> last night of freedom. >> it is all dark like you are going to the torture chamber. >> i will be eating sam hamburger for the rest of your life. >> which you will be, it will be true. >> you can do different topping is hours before you will be with the woman for the rest of my life i will be with another woman. >> what is okay and is what not okay. >> i don't think it is okay for someone to be grinding on me the night before i get married. >> scary. >> okay. >> one big party. >> i got worked up there. >> it doesn't seem like me. >> it is out of character.
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>> you getting work up. >> about my conservative approach to that. >> yes. >> i have come to -- >> what, what. >> when it comes to dating, you can be very conservative. >> but who knew but that is conserveative. >> give meehan example. >> i have learned of not doing this, that is commercial break talk, if you want we can sit down and have a conversation about it. but no, um-hmm. >> it is still always comes back to that. >> okay. let's leave the bachelor party. >> and have the wedding. >> usually stressful. bride trying to coordinate everything, with the bridesmaids. everybody has the same dress, blah, blah, blah, blah. do you ever think you can hire someone who would just take all of the stress a waste and they would be in your wedding and instead of your family and
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friend involved. >> would you rent like a bridesmaid. >> did you see the movie the wedding ringer. >> yes. >> it is kind of like this, watch. >> what compactly do you do. >> best man services for guys that are lacking. >> i'm not alone. >> no, i'm very good at this. >> how many women do you think were in the u.s., 2.4 million. do you think each one had some to be their best man. >> i never knew people like you existed. >> so that is kevin hart's charger the wedding ringer. >> one woman will do what she did. she will make a profit and complete business out of being a bridesmaid. >> what is her name. >> jen glance, launch this service for hire. she was a bride made for all different times. she said i will do this. >> i necessity how to do this. >> women have have different reasons for need to go compensate for extra grooms man, falling out of touch with her friend. she charges a thousand dollars a day to help you plan and
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support the bride whoever she is on a special day. >> she's a wedding plan inner a way. >> why not get a wedding planner. >> because she will step in and do activities that the bridesmaids do not just planning it, because in the movie how he sits next to him as the best man. >> well, who wants a stranger hanging out in a bridesmaid dress as a party that you do not know her in society it is instagram, facebook, twitter, you just look the part n1 knows it is a stranger when they see it is a picture good all for looks. >> yes. >> to me it is good idea if she's planning getting bridesmaid, making sure they are checking in the right time, they have the right dress, shoes. if you are person in charge of getting a all that together then i can see it because as you said i'm doing all of the dirty work. >> i get that. >> i will collect money. you go on group trips and person to collect all of the money to make sure people are paying by their deadline that is a dirty job. >> i just switched my thought on this. it is a good service. i don't think you need to get
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dressed up as a bridesmaid. >> i don't need pretend friend hanging out with me. >> you like it if she's just taking care of everything. >> a blank willer. >> if were you to get married how many grooms men would you have. >> you can always tell how young someone is by how many bride made there are in the wedding. you ever go to the 23 year-old wedding. >> and is there 23 bridesmaid. >> they don't fit in the picture. they are out in the vestibule with the guys and the bridesmaids. >> how many would you have. >> i would keep it just to a best man. >> just one. >> what if she i have like four or five. >> you don't want to be lopsided. >> anybody would marry me probably toss than the have any friends. >> if that weren't true. >> you may have started back to school shopping, i know a lot of people have. but have have you picked them after school activity for your
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child, yet. here is expert advice that we have found on how to choose the right kind of activities. >> okay. >> talk to your kids. >> now that is an activity. >> great advice. >> what is this stupid thing. >> i think this is true because so many parents want their kids to do what they like and they don't ask what they like, is that right. >> yes good they are trying to force kids to do whatever activity they did when they were growing up. >> instead of suggesting we should take ballet classes or soccer. >> mike, what do you like. >> yes. >> basic. >> mom, daddy would just like to sit in my basement, alone in the dark. >> um-hmm. >> extra in extracurricular programs are not meant to take away from other core activities, find the right fit for your child and your family. consider your own schedule, and time. >> that is a big one. >> find the right fit. >> yes. >> you know how i know people that have multiple kids and they are all on different teams and they are all on
9:15 am
different days and game at 7:00 in the morning but my son has to play basketball at night and then my daughters t ball. it is like how do you even keep up. >> parents are amazing yes. >> this is what we did when i was growing up, you simply went out in the yard and played all day until it got dark. >> i was in the street and i remember playing, it was perfect. >> we didn't have play dates. >> activity. >> you didn't do team activity ever. >> well, i was on the little league team. >> did you ever play pick up basketball or anything. >> i used to go down ride my bike down to the rec center and go and would be like she cannot ball. >> do you got skills. >> little skills. >> are you a baller. >> when i was young and everybody was my height. >> sure. >> now, no one is your height. >> except for jen fred and she
9:16 am
has two children, this woman is constantly on the move with these two kids, is that right jen. >> of course, mike. that whole study, it end with it is okay to quit. i love canadiens but make sure they like it. get them off to the couch, pull the ipad out of their hands and make them run around, okay, come on. >> that is all i got. >> the end. >> yes. >> jen, thank you. >> because that study was dumb. >> jessica, megan sent you an e-mail a little while ago. jessica says i have a feeling with halloween candy wait until you see what she found already in one of the aisles. >> i bet it is christmas stuff. >> did she show you. >> the picture we have been pulling up so everybody can see it. >> nice reveal visually. >> yes, you are good at tv. >> yes. >> don't do that. >> this guy.
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>> so another challenge has come up. ren lemon challenge, ice bucket challenge. there is a new challenge, it is called, drop and give me not 20 but drop and give me 22 to honor veterans. did you know, well, i'll just slain this first. there is a unite kingdom, combat stress, lawn two. two push up challenge to bring the attention to 22 military veterans who commit suicide every day. every day. >> that may be next challenge everyone will be doing a lot of people did do it already. celebrities. >> chris pratt. >> yes. >> raise ago wearness for this terrible reality called 22 push up challenge. i got challenge so i will do it. >> we could not be more grateful to the men and women who serve us. thank you so much. >> you know, you challenge somebody else, so that is his wife, anna far is, she's a
9:18 am
dorbs. they tagged everybody else in their life, hollywood people including the rock, dwayne johnson. >> thank you. >> unaudible. >> all right, mike he made it look easy. >> well, dog licking your head is optional good optional. >> i noticed that one actor did it. >> another dog good do you need a dog near you. >> i don't think you need to have the dog. >> that is chris evans right there. >> yes. >> okay. >> everybody has a dog with it. >> is the dog part of it. megan, is the dog part of it. >> the rock had his dog. >> so whenever you tag one they look at yours. >> i don't have a dog. >> i don't know how we will
9:19 am
get a dog but can do you 22 push-ups. >> can you lick my face as i preten to do it. >> i'm's good at that. >> can you do. >> we only have one dog in there. >> get over here. >> alex, you have to do this. >> why do i have to do it. >> you act like you will do it and you have pants on. >> you have pants on. >> go get started and join you. >> oh, god. >> one, two, three. >> oh, momma. >> seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.
9:20 am
>> do you need help coming up. >> i should have loosened my tie. >> that is impressive. >> yes. >> he will come in tomorrow with jelly arms. >> i bet i am sore tomorrow good how does that feel. >> great. >> you did something good today. >> we didn't record to it challenge someone else. >> i need to challenge someone. >> we have to do it again. >> who should i challenge. maybe somebody on the night time crew. >> iain page. >> iain page. >> in your fancy new studio. >> yes. >> i want to see it tonight on the 10:00 o'clock news. >> stay up and watch. >> but lucy does the 11:00. >> he can do it in the 11:00. >> i'm sure hangs around. >> proud of your work out routine are you ? darn right i am.
9:21 am
you may want to post about it like alex does. >> what? >> i don't think you should post your work out routine. >> is it annoying. >> first of all, it is annoying, nobody wants to see it and another reason, it involves sweat. >> okay.
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that is water ice out there because it is hot outside. another day, we have learned that this is the hottest summer we have ever had, certainly feels like i. so we have been talking and peel weighing in about the fact that halloween candy is already out, in the stores. >> um-hmm. >> are you all right there. >> i'm fine. >> just checking. >> yes. >> and are you complaining, sending a complaint about the fact it is too soon. >> i don't care there is halloween candy. i don't to have buy it. >> jessica bradley said well, this is nothing, how about
9:25 am
christmas stuff out. >> what, no, no. >> are those christmas cookies. >> holiday cookies, ginger bread, mix. >> where was this. >> wal-mart. >> um-hmm, um-hmm. >> that is too early for that. >> can you believe that? >> it is not even labor day. >> not even labor day. >> yeah, it could be from last year. it is probably from last year. >> how do you feel about friend who post concert updates about their work outs, marathon running, achievements. i have an additional question to this? >> um-hmm. >> are we becoming a nation of narcissists. >> yes, i think we have already become, the culture. >> it is the gram, instagram. >> yes. >> do you know anybody, do you have friends, every single one of their instagram posts of themselves. >> yes. >> i do too. >> i have friend speaking of the work out thing who do that, push up, they did that
9:26 am
for 22 days, it was every day it looked like the same post over and over. he started her own like fitness page. that way if you follow her regular whatever is going on her life page, they you don't have to be exposed to her boxing and her doing push-ups and all of the stuff that he does good i follow this woman. she post every day in the gym. she looks great. >> sometimes it is motivation, if i can do it, you can do it too. >> oh, shut up. >> according to this study we found narcissists love to post diet and exercise updates on social media researchers found what people post about on facebook, tends to correlate with personality traits people who display narcissist particular tendency post more about achievement on social media, that includes cross fit stats, they will show you your heart rate, pictures documenting their impressive progress at the gym. >> i'm a guilty party, quincy,
9:27 am
yes. >> i was than the going to bring it up. >> look at what we're doing. >> he did it yesterday. >> he does it. he is guilty yes. >> okay, q is a narcissist. >> you know, people like sweat and they look the at it. >> girls showing their stomachs. >> yes. >> their abs. >> yes, i think that is a public service, i don't mind that. >> really. >> of course. >> really. >> yes. >> hello, ladies. well, look who is here. so what is going on, it is called africa -- african restaurant week. >> yes good is this the first time ever. >> yes. >> oh, there are a lot of different restaurants. >> yes. >> do you ever say no. >> yes. >> yes. i want to know what the restaurants we are talking about and we will do that after the break.
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this will be so good, it is african restaurant week in philadelphia. megan, are you willing to help me with this, or not? it is a great chance for you to head to southwest philly, and try a dish that may be you've never tried before. we invited some chefs in. we'll talk about -- welcome, ladies, to the program. >> high! >> okay, i'm single you out as my chef. what's your name? >> my name is myla. >> where are you from originally? >> originally liberia, west africa. >> now you live in philly? >> yes, live here in philly. >> you have restaurant in southwest filly? >> my restaurant is in southwest philly, african
9:32 am
restaurant between 36th and 37th on ash lands avenue my phone number -- 215 -- >> we'll put that on the website. and what's urithane. >> and ... >> what's the specialty at your restaurant? >> i'm specializing in like west african food, especially like the dishes of grilled lamb -- >> that's lamb? >> yes, this is lamb. >> i really like goat, i do. >> yes, this is the lamb, and this lamb is with the rice. >> okay? >> and that's one of the best servings dish i have in my restaurant. >> before we get to the other dishes, who invented this? whose idea was this? i love it. is it you? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> crystal. >> crystal? >> this is howa. >> i'm juliet. >> glad to have you all here. so you are kinds of the organizers. >> organizer. >> explain what it is all about. >> philadelphia restaurant week just create today get
9:33 am
african businesses exposure needed, you know, and also just to kind of break barriers and communities, kind of, you know, celebrate the african culture which is the food. because the african culture and the african community in philadelphia is usually responsible for some of the tourism that comes to philadelphia. >> of course. >> so we just want even people in the city to, you know, know what they have in their own city, you know, some of these wonderful dishes, wonderful restaurant owner, yes. >> i have never had liberian food. this is what this is all about. experience? >> yes. >> advanced your taste buds a little bit. >> yes. >> experiment. >> yes. >> okay. would you concur with what she said? >> of course. >> so what is this? >> this is with rice.
9:34 am
>> i've never had that. what's that? is that off a tree. >> yes, off a tree, and the root. >> i've never had that. really good. >> that's lamb. >> lamb? >> yes. >> not baad. >> lame joke. >> yes. >> what's that? >> this is the fish -- this is the yellow rison the side. >> all right. >> this is the yellow rice on the side. >> goat? >> goat, not baad. >> and you will love it. >> yes. >> i've got my goat. >> that's right. >> do you want some goat? >> you're trying, it, though. one thing west african -- >> this is taking place the 15th to the 20th. >> and where are all of the
9:35 am
restaurants? >> it is five restaurants. >> five of them? name them. >> okay. >> pick them upright there. read them. >> okay. less mandone, kitchen, la mean kitchen, angie's restaurant. >> five of them. all right. >> like i could do a different restaurant every night. >> yes. >> does it go through saturday. >> yes, yes. >> tonight, ... >> oh, what a plan. >> you can go to our website which is, we have the list of the restaurants there. >> yes. >> great idea, thank you for doing this. >> thank you. chef, good to meet you. >> thank you for having us. >> is it camp kelly time? rolls around every tuesday. >> hey, everybody, yes, coming to you. coming to you live from germantown at camp yes. where whatever you ask for, the camp counselors say yes. (cheers). >> when we come right back.
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>> it is still summer, not over yet. >> one of the best starts to summer is a camp, right, and it's still in session. bob, you're in germantown? >> good morning, gang, gets down in germantown. cap p kelly today, what they're calling camp yes. now, camp yes, maybe no, not sure. try to do it within catered. explain to me, exactly what the camp is about? >> yes, we are a performing and arts camp. so the kids every day come all
9:40 am
different type of art classes, and they work to create original on friday, original show all based on their ideas, that they're excited about. >> so you give them a chance to sit down, put their thinking caps on, come up with some ideas, and -- >> yes, yes. >> i'm sure you have some craziness, right? but a chance to say yes, so they can feel good ideas are being known? >> yes, so they're feeling they're validated to what they're bringing to the table, and kids may be different from them, getting consultation from other kids. >> now, what are the ages for the kids? >> we have our imagination camp, kindergarten to fourth grade, then theater camp, fifth to eighth grade. >> okay, now, the theater camp, are they getting ready for big presentation at the end of the season here? >> yes, doing big show, the last week of their session, which would be september 2nd, at 6:00. >> okay, now, how tough is it to keep the kids, i should say, energized or even pools
9:41 am
in the heatwave? this building doesn't have air-conditioning. >> it does. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> yes, don't worry, it does have some air-conditioning, yes. no, we do special things, like water day. we try to make every day really exciting, and different. and we really bounce off of what the kids give us for some cool scene days we do. >> you were going to do the funky chicken? >> oh, yes, guys, the funky chicken. can we dot funky chicken? do it. >> waiting to see a funky chipping end. >> a lot of people are recognizing this, a lot of dance moves. >> i'm thinking of the chicken dance. >> little different. >> let's do it! >> doing the funky chicken. chicken dance. >> ♪
9:42 am
>> having some fun, getting down in germantown. back to you guys in the studio. >> bringing the fun-k. >> getting funky there, with that funky chicken. let's check on jen. because she promised she would try wake surfing, talking about this, and it is pretty cool. and she's doing it now, so we'll see if she can get up on the board there. oh, watch it, jen. >> having little trouble? she'll get it, though. >> okay, we'll check back in on her. >> ♪ sliding away ♪
9:43 am
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>> the heat is on. >> for sure makes you want to get some water ice, anything cold. so thanks so much, rita's, they have this watermellon strawberry flavor. >> so good. i wonder if mike would go get us one. >> he would never do that. >> we can ask. >> i'll get it. >> very hard at work. >> yes, you are over there, hanging out, we're over here at the desk, working hard. also working hard, jenn fred. >> so she is trying to do wake surfing, she is in the water. jeff is instructing her. now we'll see her do this live, mike. >> we have to talk to jeff. she's in the water and can't talk to us now. >> what's happening, guys? >> hi, how are you guys doing? >> we're good. how is jen looking? >> jen is looking good. she is certainly putting on an
9:46 am
effort right now. we're hoping this time will be the one that gets her up and out of the water. >> talk us through it. >> all right, so, what's going to happen, michelle will start to give her little acceleration. jen's arms will be straight out. she can tuck up into a ball, hopefully pop up with a great big smile on her face. >> now, it is not assisi as popping up, though, because she's been having some trouble getting on the board? >> you know, every journey starts with a good first step. and what you're seeing right there, jen's first step is problematic. >> yes, jeff, is this if this were the olympics, what would you say right now? >> moving on to the next competitor, our efforts are done here. >> disqualify err? false start? >> false start. >> seems very, very difficult. >> you know what? one thing that's got to be said, we're having epic day out here, it is perfect conditions, it is beautiful, jen's really giving it a strong effort. i mean, this is not a bad place to be right now.
9:47 am
>> what's the hardest part of this for jen or anyone who tries it? >> getting on the board. >> i know, but what makes it so difficult to get up what i mean? like balance? like core? that's what i meant. >> it's definitely a core strength. that's what's jen has been saying working out both her ab muscles, noticing from the traditional sport of wakeboarding, she doesn't have bindings on. so she has to very stat evening i cannily place her feet on the board. she actually has to get the board underneath her by pushing down with her heals right now which she is doing. i'm feeling good about this. i'm starting to lose fate, though. >> is height an issue? is that causing her any problems? >> one more time? what was the question? >> height, can that affect, how taylor short you might be? >> you know what? not in this situation. in fact, we're using a boat that could overcome any physical issues. i mean, the boat that we have has over 400 horse power, the
9:48 am
highest point to attach the line to. so this boat could pull literally ten jenn frederick's, this boat could pull us all with no problem. >> so what advice are you giving her to get on this board? what is she doing wrong? >> we're trying to get her to not only bend her knees but to move her back foot under her booty which will rotate the board around. basically kind of she is stuffing the board out in front of her, it is a big break, but god bless her for her efforts, trying, trying, and trying again. >> she is really brave. >> i got to be honest, i had to cash in my chips by now. here we go, jen. >> here you go. >> oh! >> that's what matters. >> good enough! >> you go! >> thank you! >> thanks for your time, guys. >> thank you, jeff.
9:49 am
>> there is that little tension, when you put the clutch in, and everything. >> is that when a car jerks? >> that, little tension. did you ever try, ever ride a motorcycle? >> ride or drive? >> well, you ride it. >> oh, yes, like you can hold on. >> no, that's why i say, ride or drive? >> i got you, lauren. >> thank you, alex. >> is that official? need some brain food? some goat? >> either one of you know anything about motorcycles. >> listen, oh, instead of driving? >> i drive my motorcycle, i ride my motorcycle. >> i hope you saw that little starkiness, you know when someone shakes, like no one ever said -- >> my friends on the hell's angels never say let's go ride our -- >> drive. >> that's what i said. >> let's go drive my bike. >> let's go drive our bikes! >> when you're on the back of
9:50 am
it then? >> you're still riding it. >> i'm going to go ride my motorcycle. >> all right. >> i'll go drive my motorcycle. >> okay. >> i think? >> calls us out, and then was his head, i think. >> why don't you call one of your hell's angels friends. maybe normally just talking in conversation, you say, sure, right, but in this case, you're going to stab me? >> listen, do it, right now, let's go. >> no, you want to stab me. >> and you're clapping. >> what's that again, maury povitch? >> really? maury? >> you are not my dad. >> i why do you have to clap every time you talk? punctuation mark at the end of every, you will not. or what you are not going to do.
9:51 am
>> you will not! i was like oh, oh! >> now, when you start taking off the earrings? >> oh, that's a fight. >> shoes come off. earrings come off. >> shoes come off? >> depend if you're wearing heals. >> when i'm watching scrappy and bamm bye, when they get into their fights? you don't watch that? >> what's that? >> what? >> bammbi the disney movie? >> hip hop. >> what? >> scrapy and bamby. >> angel love, they're always watching. >> you watch quality tv. i'm proud of you. now new one coming on, i can't remember. >> not hollywood coming back. which one? >> ray jay. >> that's not even on, that's a new season. >> he married over the weekend down in the dm with malea obama. >> that was a rumor.
9:52 am
>> i would like to meet -- >> who? >> bambi. >> okay. you know what, that angel love -- angel love. >> chill out. >> here we go. >> 9:52. >> johnny dep? did he cut his own finger off, part of his finger off? >> what? >> according, to amber, he did. gets more bizarre, what she said he did right after doing that. "tmz" has this video every him getting angry. >> do we have it? >> oooh! >> i saw it on "tmz" live. >> ♪ >> ♪ prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. >> thank you to our sponsor at
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rita's water ice. hey, 9:55. before we get to wendy williams, listen to this. a strange story about johnny dep deposition, who is kind after odd dude to begin with, and his wife, former wife, amber, estranged, amber says johnny accidentally cut off his finger tip in a fit of rage. now, or was it an accident? she also says that johnny then dipped the stump of his fink nerve paint, and wrote on the wall in paint and his own blood the name billy bob. so, amber alleges that johnny accused her of sheeting on limb with billy bob thorton, of all people. ugh. incident reportedly happened in march of last year when the couple was still, well, fairly newlyweds, right. >> oh, man. >> amber and johnny, well, amber says johnnie was so drunk, and high on ecstasy at the time, that he didn't even feel any pain.
9:57 am
she is using this for her dom he he is i can violence case against johnny. >> yikes. >> now, what if i got so maddie did that? i cut off the tip of my finger and wrote names on the wall? >> we would not let you. >> we would take you to the hospital. who would -- >> you have accountability partners here, we are strong women who would hold you down. >> i appreciate it, you are both strong women. >> yes. >> this justin bieber there is tool, i think he finally got off stain gram yesterday. >> he said he would. >> like you don't see anything. >> selena asked him to do it. >> well, she said don't post about it. remember, he was posting, like oh, if you guys don't stop, being okay, hanging out with him, then i'll leave. and so, it is pretty much gone. but, selena is available, selena on snap shoot said what i said was selfish and pointless, she must feel bad. >> oh, selena said that? >> yes. >> sorry, not sorry.
9:58 am
>> sorry. good luck. >> bye! #
9:59 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. >> straight, no changer. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. i love the love. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to our show. [ cheers and applause ] >> that you so


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