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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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next, a story you'll see only on fox. a fight between two women that got so out of control. one bit off the other woman' finger. what starter the brawl. >> criminals using funny money. not just a good fake. the other reason it looks familiar. your news is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. developing at 10, a brawl that got so brutal one local woman walked away missing part of her finger. >> that woman she was fighting not off parter of their index finger. police are trying to nail down the chain of events. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. it was violent fight that took a sharp turn for the worst. fox 29's dave schratwieser is at the philadelphia police headquarters tonight with the story. dave? >> reporter: iain, police and witnesses tell us this fight escalated very quickly and stretched from one side of the street to the other side of the
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street. what was behind it an argument over $20. >> girls kept hitting, her sister kept hitting. >> reporter: that's the way witnesses describe the all out brawl between two young women tuesday morning that started in this backyard and ended on this street corner. with one of female brawlers getting her index finger bitten off. >> it was terrible. you know, it was terrible. why would you bite somebody's finger off? >> my sister had words. she swung, she smacked, she slapped her first and scratched my sister. her and hi my sister got tonight. >> reporter: just after 11am fire rescues and police respond to do penn and bridge streets they found the 20-year-old victim with her finger bit off. she was raced to a local hospital and then temple university hospital where doctors tried to reattach the finger. gwendolyn facet said it was a whale of a fight. >> she was hitting like muhammed ali. >> this woman asked not to be identified but her sister was one of the female fighters taken
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in for questioning. she said it started with an argument over money. >> the girl owed my sister $20. >> reporter: septa was checking cameras on buses that pull out here looking for video of the fight. this witness says it turned into a knock down, drag out brawl. >> the girl stuck her hands in my sister's mouth scratching my sister jaw. in the process my sister, you know, bit her finger because her hand was in her mouth. >> reporter: police took the woman's sister to northeast detectives to be questioned. they were still talking to both sides in the fight trying to determine if charge should be filed. >> once they get both sides of the story they'll let her go. >> that goes to show uh-uh never know who you going to run up against. >> reporter: now, we're still waiting for an update on the victim's condition tonight. no charges filed at this point. investigators continue to talk to both sides in this fight. iain? >> dave, thanks. also developing out of upland delaware county, skyfox over the 300 block of west 21st street where firefighters placed this row home under control within the last hour.
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we're told medics took one person to a local hospital. we don't know their condition or what started the fire. on your radar tonight, clear skies for the most part but the heat wave remains. meteorologist kathy orr joins us now with that look ahead. >> y we have a few showers and thunderstorms popping up on ultimate doppler. they're moving through harrisburg and heading toward the lehigh valley. most of us won't see anything but as we track these storms, they'll move into the lehigh valley, allentown and into northampton county by 11:00 o'clock and could drop down even into lower bucks county during early morning hours not severe but some heavy rain associated with this. move through trenton central new jersey and offshore. we are looking at more warmth and humidity right now it feels like 96 in the city. it feels like 96 in millville 91 degrees in wrightstown. come tomorrow morning we'll wake up in the 70s for most of the region. down to the south possibly even some 80s to talk about. coming up we will have a brief break in the humidity so we'll
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talk about that in the seven day the heat continues tomorrow is day eight of the heat wave. we could go beyond 10. also, we'll take a look at weekend relief in the form of some lower temperatures. i'll be back with the seven day i'll see you then. >> all right, thanks, kathy. a plea for piece tonight in germantown after string of shootings there leaves several people dead or injured. some of the shooting victims as young as six years old. >> and it's not just community members rallying to end the violence so are police. fox 29's shawnette wilson has been at the rally and joins us live from 35th district police headquarters. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy and iain it was a diverse group of organizations that gathered calling for an end to the violence. but it was likely the message from victim's j touched those residents. >> i'm tired of being tired end enough is enough. >> reporter: sherri ryan stood before this east germantown community with a raw and heartfelt testimony about her son terrence. >> 25 years ago this gun killed
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my son. the same gun that shot that -- should not be on the street today. >> reporter: she and others affected by gun violence along with community groups fighting against the problem were part of a rally today at ashmead and magnolia. it's where several people including a six-year-old boy was shot last week. >> bless us and whatsoever you grant us and deliver us from the evil of what you have judged. >> reporter: neighbors stood on their porches listening to the call for justice by several community leaders. >> the reality we got a war. >> reporter: a father tried to reach residents through the pain of losing his son jarrel. >> our boys are in trouble. i lost mine five years ago. >> reporter: commissioner ross says he was there to hear from residents. >> this is absolutely needed. i mean, we got two babies as far as i'm concerned that hit with gunfire in short span of time not far from each other. it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: rally organized by the philadelphia anti-violence coalition. >> we have to really figure out
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how to get to the young men who have guns, who think the only way they can solve their disputes and their arguments is with guns. >> reporter: and for a father who already lost his son a passionate plea for residents to police their communities along with law enforcement. >> we know who they are. >> yes. >> we know, ya'll. >> yes. >> just because it's your nephew or your brother or your cousin we got to give them up. >> yes. >> we got to give them up before they kill somebody else. >> that's right. >> reporter: and back here live, at the end of the rally, organizers also gave out free gun locks. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. philadelphia police need your help finding one more man they say is behind a series of home invasions that targeted asian business owners throughout the city. police arrested 29-year-old norman bowen last week and now they're looking to track down 33-year-old anthony campbell. investigators say the two are breaking into asian owned businesses and then they tie up and rob the owners who in most cases live upstairs.
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>> usually there was force through a rear door. um, the offenders made entry and ransack the first level, um, taking items and then make their way upstairs to the, um, to the apartments that are normally over top of these restaurants. >> bowen is facing a list of charges and if you know where anthony campbell is please call police. >> happening right now people in louisiana are still dealing with devastating flooding. in baton rouge authorities went door to door and also checked cars today. they're looking for bodies they know of 11 people who have died in what forecasters are calling the worst flooding in the state's history. 2 feet of rain fell in just two days in areas. tens of thousands of homes are damaged. many tonight are coming to grips with the reality the flood waters have washed away everything they own. >> wondering what's left if anything. everything that i had is gone. everything.
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>> it's like the end of your life. end of your world. have having to start over like that. >> hope you understand getting a little caught up. >> we work so hard for it. >> more than 60,000 people have registered for disaster aid from fema. huge developments in pennsylvania's capital. she was pennsylvania's first elected female attorney general. the first democrat attorney general. kathleen kane's time in office is ending. she announced her resignation today. but one day after a jury convicted her of perjury, obstruction and official oppression. >> now cape cane left to wonder if she'll serve prison time for those convictions. fox 29's jeff cole was in harrisburg today for the major developments. >> reporter: attorney general kathleen kane's decision to quit by the end of business wednesday came early afternoon by e-mail. the first woman elected to the post and the first democrat convicted of perjury and other crimes last night wrote, it was an honor to serve. she called her first deputy this
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afternoon. >> until this afternoon when she did ask my opinion, and i told her that i thought it would be very difficult for her to remain in light of the developments in montgomery county. >> reporter: bruce castor a republican and former high-profile montgomery county da will exercise the power and duties of the attorney general reads the law until governor wolf nominates temporary replacement who will have to be approved by two-thirds of the state senate. castor says he's ready. >> well, i don't know that anybody is prepared to assume a job of this nature, um, i certainly have spent my entire professional life learning how to run a large government operation. >> reporter: for kane it's been a long and agonizing fall from power. believing that former state prosecutor frank fina leaked to reporters her failure to charge corrupt city dems caught taking bribes she tried to wound him by releasing secret grand jury information and then lying about it under oath. kane convicted on all counts
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monday by a montgomery county jury slipped away without comment monday night and quit today. >> i don't know, um, whether she was in over her head or not. i do know that she is not, um, a lawyer to be trifled with. she has a capable ant lighttight cal mind. >> reporter: castor says he'll take the oath privately tomorrow and by law the first deputy attorney general becomes acting ag should the office become vacant. governor wolf can now appoint a replace many for the rest of kane's term with senate approval but he's not talked about a plan to do that. meanwhile, kane faces prison time and her lawyers say they will appeal. this video could make you gasp. a woman got out of her suv then it rolled right over here. she's okay. the simple thing she did just before it happened you've probably done yourself. brown water streaming out of the faucets of local homes. where it's happening and what
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the water department did to fix the problem. and something is funny about this money. criminals are using some of it and it's not just a good fake. the other reason it may look familiar. and a cement truck barrels into a mini van all that seemed to be left was twisted metal. believe it or not, though, a man and woman were inside. how they somehow survived. and an unexpected creepy crawly consequence of this brutal heat wave. cockroaches are running around some local businesses. the special power the bugs get in the heat and the special measures to squash the problem.
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♪ well it's not just a stolen truck that has police in delaware county on the hunt. it's a truck that was carrying some things near and dear to a lot of veterans. in fact in the back of it was several custom motorcycles. >> well now the organization that owns it needs your help to find them. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside tinicum police headquarters tonight with the story. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain and lucy. this was a tr truck theft but it was a lot more than just a truck. it was what was inside that meant freedom, that meant independence for returning veterans. well, tonight, tinicum township police are asking for the public's help for that truck's return. when thieves made off with stolen 16-foot u-haul truck from the parking lot of this tinicum hotel, chances are the crooks
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didn't even know what was insi inside. nine specialized custom made bikes used by the wounded warrior project for injured service members. >> it's frustrating. i believe in the best of people which is why we all do what we do. >> reporter: tracy farrell the wounded warrior project spoke with us from chicago. she says all of the gear including row come bant bikes and hand cycles like these are used on rides by disabled vets. the loss nearly $40,000 worth of gear. the bikes are used for the organization soldier ride events across the country including this past weekend in philadelphia. >> it does have an impact on the fact that we will have to purchase the equipment again. the bikes and tools that we use. >> reporter: u-haul truck sporting the wounded warrior logo with arizona license plate ad21774 was taken from the lot friday night into saturday morning. unfortunately, no surveillance video was captured. but the organization is hoping
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someone out there may know something or come clean when they realize what they've taken. >> if it's didn't dumped or put into a pawn shop or being on some social media site perhaps the public of philadelphia will help us retrieve some of that equipment. >> reporter: tinicum township police have been scowering local pawn shops. they've been searching online classifieds for these stolen bikes to no avail. as far as the wounded warrior project, well, they are now scrambling to get replacement equipment for another soldier ride scheduled for next week in virginia beach. iain? >> all right, chris, thanks. tonight in you decide 2016 the clinton campaign comes to our area. the democratic nominee today at west philadelphia high school on 49th and chestnut. and she urged everyone to register to vote ahead of the october 11th deadline. the former secretary of state also took a jab at donald trump and took aim at what some consider the vagueness of his
10:17 pm
policies. >> i talk specifically about what i want to do. i know that some people make fun of me. they say oh, she has all these plans and, you know, go to my website and read my plan, but i'll tell you, you know why i do that? because i want you to know what i'm going to try to do so that you can both help me and hold me accountable for bog what i told you i want to do. >> clinton says her campaign is opening a southwest philadelphia office today at 52nd and cedar. hillary clinton is not the only one pushing people to register to vote. >> several groups in philadelphia officials have been getting the word out and the city says people are responding in big way. fox 29's jennifer joyce reports. >> i think voter registration especially important this year. >> we make sure everybody in our neighborhood is registered to vote. >> reporter: it's a big election year. competitive and flash she. >> a lot of headlines all the way around in both parties. >> reporter: and for that reason, city commissioner al schmidt says the city of philadelphia is especially
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enthusiastic with the number of registered voters expected to surpass the 1,060,000 registered during the 2012 election. >> we had competitive primary in the democratic party and competitive primary in the republican party. that's pretty rare. >> reporter: schmidt says ahead of primaries they saw people changing their party affiliations. now, there's a push for new voters. >> we want everyone who is eligible to vote to register to vote. and to vote on election day. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was at west philadelphia high school pushing voter registration. >> this election is so important because of all of the things that hillary represents and our other candidate represents. >> reporter: donald trump supporters in the city are equally as passionate. >> he says everything in his face. he's a big businessman. >> reporter: regardless of how people vote, city officials are excited to see philadelphians engaged in this election.
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>> my vote makes a difference. your vote makes a difference. everybody's. >> reporter: if you still need to register to vote you can do so online by mail or in person. you just have to do it by october 11th. in west philadelphia, i'm jennifer joyce fox 29 news. and meanwhile on the republican front donald trump spoke tonight near milwaukee. he addressed a room full of veterans and police officers much his visit comes on the heels of violent clashes and riots and it was happening as -- with protesters at the police shooting of a black man. trump also facing criticism from some of the military because of comments he has made about prisoners of war. but in tonight's speech the billionaire businessman tried to bridge the gap. >> let me begin by thank you law enforcement officers here in this city and across this country for their service and sacrifice in difficult difficult difficult times. >> the war on police is a war on all peaceful citizens who want
10:20 pm
to be able to work and live and send their kids to school in safety. >> happening right now donald trump is speaking in hour long town hall meeting hosted by fox news. it may be tough to tell exactly what's happening in this video. we know what's happening on the ground just may be the type of drug bust you never heard about before. >> pilot crashed into a tree. needed help getting to the ground. why rescue crews called off their mission soon after it began. howard? >> chase utley returns to philadelphia and you would not know who the home team is with some dramatic by chase. the night the fans will remember coming up in sports. >> now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for new traffic pattern downtown near 20th street down to one lane on the ramps over the vine expressway all part of that reconstruction. also a new project tomorrow broad street at callowhill work
10:21 pm
crews will be tout fort next couple of weeks north of the vine expressway and some service adjustments we add add new train on the lansdale line for tomorrow morning's rush hour that pulls out at 6:33. we pull in at 4am. we'll check the jam cams and the forecast. see you tomorrow on good day. ♪
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dash cam video out of washington state shows a moment that could have been deadly. you saw that woman getting out of her suv after she realized she forgot to close her gas tank cover but she forgot to put the car in park. this went down in burlington last week. she lost her footing as that suv rolled away, ran right over her leg. people of course as you saw ran over to help and try to stop the suv. a tree is what eventually stopped it. the driver is okay. >> police were enforcing a curfew for teenagers in milwaukee this comes as protests there continue over that fatal police shooting. sylville smith a black man who police say was arm. there were six arrests overnight but no violent clashes like what we saw saturday and sunday nig nights. smith's family is now speaking out against the shooting saying that he and the officer were high school friends and smith was not threatening him. >> if we don't have answers, we going to find them. and we going to find them our way. we're not going to find them
10:25 pm
ya'll way no more. we not going compromise no more. >> wisconsin justice department conducting an investigation into the shooting. there's no word on when they'll release any video from the officer's body camera. authorities in columbia just made a huge drug bust. >> huge might be an understatement. police say they have found 5 tons of cocaine. authorities say it was buried in an abandoned laboratory. officers monitored things by air as others moved in on the ground. this all happened in the middle of the jungle nearly 200 miles from the country's capitol. officials say the drugs are bound for central america. then eventual the the the united states and you're. so far in 2016 columbian authorities have seized more than 128 tons of cocaine. brown water streaming out of the faucet of local homes. where it's happening and what the water department did to fix the problem. and still ahead, new at 11:00, adele already said she won't be playing the super bowl half time show. so could we see kanye west
10:26 pm
instead? who is pushing to get the controversial star on the main stage during the game you'll watch right here on fox 29. >> our kathy orr tracking your forecast. that's right. still have the heat and humidity we're talking about a few more storms moving our way before the night's end. details comeling up when we come back. let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do.
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♪ storms are out of here and nightfall has brought little relief from the heat for some people near broad and pattison in south philly tonight but temperatures will head back up tomorrow. heat wave is not over yet. a look at when we'll get relieve is coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. >> you definitely don't want this coming out of your faucet. residents in maple shade are obviously concerned over what that is. self pictures and videos that look more like water downed coffee or tea surfaced on social
10:30 pm
media. >> some say they're not getting answers they need. fox 29's bill anderson went to maple shade, new jersey, and spoke to some concerned residents. >> reporter: you finish a long hard day at work, you're sweating from the latest heat wave, and all you want is a shower or bath and then this happens. residents of maple shade reached out to us to discuss what they say is an on-going problem with their water supply. >> the water is absolutely horrible. you see the pictures. ranges from i'd satan to brown to really dark brown muddy. >> reporter: ann flynn lived in maple shade for 40 years and admits the dirty water comes and goes. she was concerned enough she star add facebook group because she didn't feel like residents were being heard. >> sometimes they say oh, we had main break and that did it and/or somebody opened the fire hydrant and that did it. all these excuses don't seem to if you excuse the expression carry any water. >> the white shorts came outlooking exactly like that. he they were white when one they
10:31 pm
went in. >> when daniel saw what the daughter to her clothes. she started wonder wagon it was possibly doing to her. >> they say it's okay to drink. >> they told you that's okay to drink. >> not when it's rusty but water is normally okay to drink. so i drink it all the time. every day i'm drinking it all day long. >> maple shady utilities acknowledge the concerns of their residents and they are flushing the pipes to try to address the problems. they also said in a statement that flushing maintains water quality and flushes out any sediment formed in the pipes. the sediments harmless but it can cause discoloration. in fairness the water seems clean after the fire hydrants were and there is a town meeting scheduled for next week where the water issues will be discussed and hopefully the residents will get more answers. in maple shade, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. delaware's attorney general will not appeal the state supreme court's ruling declaring the death penalty unconstitutional. ag matt dunn he does not believe
10:32 pm
the ruling will impact the 13 men already on death row. now the supreme court deemed the law unconstitutional because it gave judges not juries the final say in a death sentence. new jersey governor chris christie says he plans to cast his ballot in favor of expanding casinos into north jersey this november. christie made that comment today then went one step further. republican governor also said he would campaign for that expansion if asked earlier this year christie had threatened to pull his support for casinos in north jersey if his preferred plan for bailing out atlantic city failed but it passed. philadelphia's controller says his office found hundreds of thousands of dollars in proceeds from the philadelphia marathon were actually used in the quote slush fund for all sorts of purchases. city controller alan butkovitz says an investigation into the mayor foss' fund for philadelphia found several red funds. it operates mainly on proceeds from the philadelphia march
10:33 pm
than. money was supposed to be used for grants to improve the city. he says tens of thousands of dollars were used during the nutter administration to pay for a trip to rome, hotel rooms in philadelphia and some other credit card purchases. the controller says the spending was approved only by the chairwoman of the fund city representative did he say sierra peter kin-bell. >> in addition to the questionable credit card charges it appear the former chairperson also you've the marathon reserves account to fund celebration events instead of making grant awards. one example included $45,000 paid to various vendors for the mayor's 2015 tree lighting ceremony. >> controller says more in depth audit of that fund will happen soon. former mayor michael nutter released this statement earlier today it reads in part "the controller is a liar, a snake and a hypocrite. there's no truth in what he says, every expenditure was proper and for an approved purpose and he never talked to either desiree peter kin-bell or
10:34 pm
myself about any concerns ". >> questions still linger about the $160,000 worth of gifts philadelphia district attorney seth williams got from friends and why it took so long to report them. williams release released amendd statements yesterday detailing thousands of dollars worth of gifts received from 2010 to 2015 and that includes $45,000 worth of roof repairs and other home improvements. da said in a statement today this disclosure is quote inten intended to demonstrate transparency. williams attorney told the inquirer that this failure to report gifts was a terrible mistake. vice-president joe biden visited the country of kosovo to see his late son's name. >> a street now bears of bow buy den. beau served in 2,000 as an interim legal adviser. vice-president biden attended the naming ceremony tonight. beau died last year of brain
10:35 pm
cancer. >> something is funny about this money. criminals are using it. why the cash might look familiar to you. unmight be willing to take advice from billionaire investor warren buffet he's got strong words about a website you might see his face on. >> pilot crashed into tree and needed hem getting to the ground. why rescues crews called off their mission soon after it began. ♪
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♪ hey, is this our turn?
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10:39 pm
overnight and once the sun rose, again, 12 hours later, crews finally got the man back down uninjured. in your money tonight news that could affect what you pay for your health insurance. aetna the third largest health insurer in the country will withdrawal in obama care plans in most states where they were sold. >> pennsylvania is one of those states. next year's move will reduce the company's participation in the affordable care act. aetna has become the latest big health sure tower pull back from marketplaces after steep losses. united health and human in a have already announced plans to cut back their obama care offe offers. meanwhile if you've seen an ad offering a chance to work from home and it features warren buffet the billionaire investor says it's not legit. berkshire hathaway buffet says there's a website that purports to show cnn interview between buffet and anderson cooper. berkshire says buffet has not spoken to cooper in the last five years and buffet also says he doesn't know anything about
10:40 pm
the scheme that's touted on the website. so be on the look out. all right. be object look out for this. domino's is adding salads tots delivery menu. company has announce its partnering with ready pack foods to deliver salads nationwide. three pre packaged to choose from, classic garden, chicken caesar and chicken apple pecan. salads are 5.99 when you pair them with mix and match items already on the menu. doctors in bensalem implanted the world's smallest pacemaker into a pennsylvania woman. >> that woman is the first to get the new technology in northeastern pennsylvania. dr. nanda from st. luke's health network put this tiny pacemaker into mary molinari the pacemaker is the size of a vitamin it can pace the heart for 12 years. doctors say the implantation the lead free device was successful and mary is now at home recovering.
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>> that's amazing. cement truck barreled 92 over a mini van. all that seemed to be left was twisted metal but believe it or not inside were a man an woman and they survived. the question is how they did. >> creepy crawly consequences of the heat wave. cockroaches running around local businesses. that's not all. the special power they're getting in the heat. >> super hero power. kathy orr is tracking that forecast. >> we continue with the heat and humidity into the weekend but there is a break in that heat. coming from the great lakes. we'll talk about when the heat wave gets busted coming up with the seven day forecast.
10:42 pm
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♪ i mean this really is heart stopping video from overseas. i've seen it a couple times now. each time just grabs you. cement truck collided with mini van in china. completely smashed it. all that was left of the van was a ball of twisted metal. rescue crews had to use a forklift and heavy duty tools to rescue a man an woman who were inside. they somehow survived and they're in the hospital with
10:45 pm
serious injuries. now, in georgia some thieves are getting creative. >> authorities say they're using movie props to steal. according to police these guys use author's sap dollars of movie prop money to buy lawn equipment at this wal*mart in beauford then the woman got a refund in real money for the merchandise at another wal*mart. the same money used in movies like the wolf of wall street according to rj rappaport who owns a warehouse full of movie prop. >> those are two chicken heads and it says kfc underneath f i had to caution people no part of this was copied from real money there's no way they can possibly mistake that from real money because close up it will look like monopoly money. >> police are also looking into weather the wal*mart theft was an inside job. when they were questioned about the incident, the cashier quit her job right away. it's not just us humans looking for cool spot inside during all this excessive heat. creepy crawlers are looking for relief as well. we're talking about cockroaches.
10:46 pm
>> yeah. the bugs are invading businesses across our city. fox 29's dawn timmeney check out the problem that is unfortunately growing. >> no, i never happen to me. this is the first time. >> reporter: raul castro is beside himself the city health department shut down his south philadelphia restaurant on friday. an inspection found roaches on the walls and lurking behind pipes castro owned plaza garibaldi on the 900 block of washington avenue for 14 years. the notice and $300 fine now right smack on his front door. >> i don't know if it's the weather but they came out it's really really hot. it's been extremely hot for the last -- for the last couple weeks. >> reporter: experts say the heat is contributing to the rise in roaches. he can terminate matt kelly prodigy pest solutions says when the temperature soars above 80 degrees the roaches actually start to fly. >> they start to come in frequent flyers and what they're doing they're looking for a cold spot to go in. they're looking for, you know,
10:47 pm
cracks and crevices or open doors, open windows. >> reporter: castro is not alone in dealing with the problem. other restaurants in the city were also cited for roaches including kosi at fourth and chestnut woodland village diner on wood land avenue and lucky garden chinese take out in southwest philadelphia. >> these things are,ings they're everywhere. >> reporter: kelly says summer storms are driving roaches out of the sewers and up the drains in restaurants and homes. >> if there's moisture or anything, rain full is coming down or you have water in one of your commercial kitchens, that's what they're doing. they're looking for that damp, nice place to set up shop. >> reporter: the swelters summer conditions also increase the metabolism of roaches and their ability to reproduce. raul castro says his wife and children eat in his restaurant 90% of the time. he's committed to curbing the critter that is carry disease causing bacteria for the safety of his family and his customers. >> it's my priority here in the restaurant because this is what we do for a living.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: castro has been closed for five days now. he says he plans to pay his fine tomorrow and reopen. he just wanted to make sure this restaurant was squeaky clean before opening his doors again. in dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. i still maintain these roaches are much smaller than ones down south. >> yeah, not tow tree roaches and flying roaches. >> in houston. >> hey there. they can be carried on winds depending on the storms behind you. >> there is a lot of moisture out there and also we have to talk about the mosquitoes with all that standing water and humidity. it's just a mess as far as those bugs are concerned. you can see on ultimate doppler we have a line of some showers no lightning associated with these. but they are moving toward the southeast and a few could move even through philadelphia during the early morning hours. but it is definitely rain moderate to heavy rain moving through the poconos and heading toward the lehigh valley. right now, at the airport our temperature is still balmy. high humidity, 87 degrees. that is higher than the average
10:49 pm
high this time of year. the normal high is only 86. the high today 94. it feels like it is 96 with the humidity. right now you can see where that orange is. that contour. temperatures in the 80s along the i-95 ford or and to the south and falling into the 70s to the north and west in the poconos it is 72. down the shore still warm as well in cape may, 74. that's the cool spot. 81 in wildwood, avalon, ocean city it is 79 in atlantic city on the boardwalk and beach haven the southern point of the lbi78. we watched a warm front set off the heat and humidity. ahead of this colder l cold front some storms and once this moves through late tonight into early tomorrow we get little bit of a break from the humidity. it will be noticeable tomorrow. more avenue blew sky with lower humidity. and temperatures in the lower 90s. so the heat wave continues tomorrow will be day eight that makes it the longest heat wave of the summer. we'll watch these storms move through during the early morning hours. could see some showers to the north and west of the city possibly even moving through philadelphia into south jersey but that will be while most of
10:50 pm
us are sleeping. and then we dry it out in the morning. tomorrow afternoon, that front is going to stall to the south. the best chance of seeing a shower or thunderstorm will be extreme south jersey and delaware tomorrow afternoon. in the city overnight 78. the suburbs 72. a few scattered storms possible. otherwise some rain showers. and temperatures that will be in the 70's with muggy conditions. tomorrow's high 91. partly sunny and still on the muggy side. but it will be improvement. high temperatures in the 90s and by the afternoon, the heat indicies will be in the 90s as well. we're not talking about those feels like reading in the one hundreds. down the shore as we go into the week and highs in the mid to upper 80s. ocean water temperatures between 68 and 74 degrees. and on your fox 29 weather authority seven day forecast, 90s right through saturday. possibly sunday. that would be 11 days for this heat wave and then we break it monday and tuesday temperatures fall below average. that's the latest from the weather center. it's tough to play football in this weather, howard.
10:51 pm
>> yeah it's tough to play any sports in this weather. all right. the eagles they make a trade for player at a position that right now in training camp really was and is a weakness. it was the nice that chase utley came back to philadelphia for the first time since his trade last season. you might think with his dramatics he was still a phill phillie. that's all coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
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♪ tonight it was the opening of a phillies series again the los angeles dodgers that's not what was important. it was chase utley's first game back to philadelphia since he was traded last july by the phils. and the fans treated him like he was still a phillie in many ways. he was the first batter up in the game. let's go to citizens bank park. >> number 26, second baseman, chase utley! (cheers and applause). >> the ovation was over a minute and his first at bat not a good one against vince valez quiz but there was much more to come. he strikes outlooking in the first inning let's go to the fifth. dodgers up two to one. and chase utley getsville lasques. my gosh what a good pitch to hit and did he. gives the dodgers 31 lead and
10:55 pm
take the curtain call. remember, he's playing for the road team and chase utley in the seventh with the bases loaded. a grand slam. he has two homeruns on the night. amazing night. puts the dodgers up 13-two. they win it, 15-five. over the phillies and chase utley tonight you were the man. all right. today was technically the last day of training camp for the eagles as they head into thursday's second preseason game that be will in pittsburgh. then the eagles go back to a regular season schedule. now, the news today was a trade by the eagles picking up a wide receiver for a player that probably would not have really made the eagles team. eagles acquired wide receiver dorial green-beckham a second round pick out of missouri only his second year. eagles sent right tackle dennis kell toll tennessee. it look like a steal but there's a catch and reason. green-beckham has had off field problems. >> we spent a lot of time here
10:56 pm
in the last few weeks behind the scenes doing some background work. he comes in with an opportunity no promises have been made, and we felt comfortable bringing him in here and giving him an opportunity to compete. >> i think that through the structure of the football, the way we practice, the detail, the organization, i just think there's so many life lessons that can be learned from the way we work and the way we train throughout the day and throughout the year. >> wide receiver had some off field issues. >> um-hmm. >> he better straighten this out or he won't be playing in the nfl very long. but if he does -- >> right. >> he can play. there's a question there. we'll see what happens. >> big night forge chase itly. >> it was incredible. >> yeah. >> good to see that. >> exactly. brings back memories of 2008. >> awww! >> all right. that will do it for us at 10:00. lucy what's coming up at 11 alcohol. >> iain urn washed up in the shore in the middle of trash and debris not the final resting place anyone would want.
10:57 pm
why this person's familiar l probably be very happy about who found the remains. that is neck at 11:00. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes don not forget your mega millions lottery drawing is coming right up next. ♪ ♪ what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear,
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