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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 17, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. we're following two breaking news stories. fires overnight. flames shoot-out of a philadelphia apartment building. how one firefighter is recovering from injuries right now. >> another fire erupt in south jersey. steve keeley putting together the latest details for us live at the scene. >> and expected creepy crawly consequence of the brutal heatwave. cockroach taking over our city invading local restaurant. but that's not all. the special power they're getting in this heat. >> chase utley makes us miss him even more. highlights of the game. big return and homecoming, lauren dawn johnson. >> good morning, it is wednesday, august 17th, 2016. best day on the calendar year,
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because my mother was born on this day. >> oh, happy birthday. >> hoping she is sleeping soundly a lot of people here didn't know because it stormed overnight. >> it did? i slept right through it, scott you. >> slept right through it? scattered showers, thunderstorms across the area, but everyone did not see the rain, how much, i can say the heat will ease, as we move toward your wednesday, so that will be some good news. weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten for your wednesday, we will give it a eight. so looking much improved across the area, because we're tracking, look at this, a cold front that will be moving through the area, and that will set the stage for slightly cooler conditions putting ends to the heatwave for most. talk about that coming up. meantime, your weather headlines, talking about the extreme heat will end. so we don't have any heat advisory or excessive heat warnings for today across the area. highs once again, in center city near 90 degrees. there is still the chance of couple of pop up storms, depending where you are at
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with the frontal boundery. look at the current temperatures right now, 81 in philadelphia, 78 atlantic city, 75 right now in reading. soap, across the area for today, we are looking at center city not as hot, high of 09, down the shore, 87, warm, still muggy, lehigh valley high of 86 degrees. we'll talk about the best chances for rainfall today and when to really expect a break from the oppressive heat. bob kelly? >> scott, good morning, everybody, 4:02, we get started. first of all, all of the rain that we had last night, you will find leftovers this morning, maybe a trash can lid, or some debris, if it was trash collection day, i know we've had handful of situations where we have downed trees, maybe some downed limbs here. it is construction on the roosevelt boulevard in the area of wissahickon, between wissahickon and germantown avenue. so watch it. the crews are still out here. they are also still working on the vine street expressway shutdown both directions between the schuylkill and broad street. now, a water main break in the
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heart of norristown there is along elm and route 202. so watch for detours. downed tree, waverly and river view, just off of the schuylkill expressway there. you want to use young ford road, there was downed tree on the schuylkill near gladwynn, they took care of. that will you'll find big old puddles from the area that got hit from the storms late last night. service adjustments on the regional rails, following four lines make tweaks to their timetables, added new train in the morning, on the lansdale-doylestown line, one in the afternoon for the folks headed on home, and there is new traffic pattern in center city, all in relation to this construction on the vine. there is only one lane on the bridge on 20th street, mass transit, they're using buses on the market frankford and the subway until 5:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. following breaking story out of point breeze, firefighter in the hospital after getting hurt in an apartment fire. >> this evidently broke outright around 1:00 in the morning, we go to dave kinchen
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live near the scene with the latest on this, dave, good morning. >> good morning to you, we can tell that you firefighter is in stable condition, exact injuries not specified by the philadelphia fire commissioner. this is a live picture, right now, you can see firefighter going up the crane, right there, dealing with the situation on the roof, perhaps, hot spots, or structural integrity concerns out there. this fire under control after two hours of a fire fight here on the 1300 block of south broad street in south philly. philadelphia fire commissioner as we said, injured firefighters, specific injuries, but saying, that he is in stable condition at a hospital. the heat, a major challenge for fire crews who battled this blaze during a downpour of rain, as well, at least one person lives in this home where the fire started around 1:10 a.m. it went to two alarms, during the duration of the fire fight. we don't know if this is one house or divided into units, though. fire officials could not tell us that. we do know how neighbors
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describe the scene. >> i woke up from some guy, laying on the horn, and, like, screaming at everybody to wake up. i look out the window, and i see the second floor has like flames inside of it, there is like people lining the block, knocking on doors. >> the heat is really still hot out here, even after the storm, it is not as hot as it was. it real he -- really takes a toll on the firefighters. working on sunday, all three hands-on fires going at the same time across the city. so our firefighters, our medics have been working in this heat really for almost a week now. it takes a toll. hard to stay hydrated out here doing this every night. they've been out here doing it every night. >> fire commissioner says it took about two hours to get this fire under control again. he could not say if weather was related to the start of the fire that, the cause not immediately known. coming back, another live look, real twi cranes here in action, fire crews on the 1300 block of south broad street dealing with the aftermath of this fire, still little bit of smoke there, suggesting hot
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spots, but the fire under control. one firefighter hurt. we do not know the specifics of that firefighter's injuries, because the fire commissioner would not release that information. but we know that fire fight is her in stable condition at a hospital. back to you. >> dave, great hustle, thank you for the update. >> more breaking news, out of moorestown new jersey for you. >> townhomes went up in flames overnight. steve keeley live on that scene with more details for us, hi, steve. >> reporter: yes, a long walk off oklahoma avenue, dan's street, dan doesn't have any super fancy hope that would like to know that. but lots of firefighters here, and i can tell you i live here in moorestown, and this fire happened right after we had a lightning show, starting around 1:30. i live on the other side of town t wasn't as severe as the other storms we've had this summer, but these are two story condominiums hidden back in a very nice residential neighborhood down a winding road, right off stand wick,
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oak, then down to here. they're getting a lot of help here in moorestown, mostly volunteers out here, they are getting the full timers from mt. laurel helping, but people from riverton, delran, and cinnaminson, all chipping in. we'll try to walk a little closer here, gave you a sense, but it doesn't look too bad from here. the good news is once the moorestown volunteers get here, this isn't too far away from their apparatus and fire department and firehouse, right on chester avenue. so we don't see any ambulances, screaming out of here, and everybody looks relaxed, that's good sign. we don't even smell smoke. i thought it was strange when i talked to our great assignment editor why this was happening, i didn't hear any sirens, i normally hear sirens for even every car crash in moorestown because everybody screams down the main drag. and you hear everybody. but i didn't hear bunny is reason, maybe because i was listening to the thunder and the lightning. but it doesn't seem as serious, but another likely weather-related lightning caused fire. my guess is since it happened
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right around the time that we had the storms tear through. chris, lauren? >> all right, steve keeley, thank you so much. and fires in southern california, at least dozen building in southern california including some homes, more than 82,000 people forced to evacuate as the fire gross to 15,000 acres. meantime, in northern california, fire crews are making progress fighting a wild fire there that's destroyed 175 structures, authorities by the way yesterday announced arrest after person they're calling a serial arsonist in california. >> today is the last day kathleen kane will serve as attorney general. she is expected to resign at the close of business. her announcement coming yesterday, just one day after a jury convicted her of perjury, obstruction, and official oppression. former montgomery county district attorney, bruce castor, will serve as acting attorney general, in the meantime, governor tom wolf will work to nominate a temporary replacement. castor says he's ready to get to work and restore confidence
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in that office. >> i don't know that anybody's prepared to assume a job of this nature. i certainly have spent my entire professional life learning how to run a large government operation. >> as for kane, she could serve prison time for those convictions, her lawyers are vowing to appeal the verdict. >> people living in maple shade are worried what's coming out of their faucets, concerns come after pictures and video began to surface that makes the water look more like coffee than water. neighbors in the new jersey township say the dis color is agents happens regularly, they don't feel like the township is giving them clear answers. no pun intended. group of nearly 2,000 residents on township facebook page say they need to know the water is, in fact, safe. >> sometimes they say oh, we had a main break, that did it, or somebody opened the fire hydrant, that did it, but all of these excuses don't seem to, if you excuse the expression, carry any water.
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>> the township maintains that the dis color is agents is a result of sediment in the pipes and so they're flushing the few hydrants all week. town meeting scheduled for next week to address resident growing concerns. can you imagine? gluck a fight in frankford takes a turn for the worse. a woman gets her finger bitten off. police say several women were fighting over money when the incident happened. this is at bridge and penn street near a septa terminal. officers responded and took that injured woman to temple university hospital. meanwhile, another woman, who was taken to northeast detectives. >> oh, terrible, you know, it was terrible, why would you bite somebody's finger off this. >> girls put her finger off, you know, bit her finger, her hands was down. >> doctors worked to re-attach that woman's finger, at this point, no charges have been
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filed. >> former phillies second baseman chase utley welcomed back to the city last night with open arms. >> before becoming a dodger, utley played 13 seasons for the fighting phils. >> chase utley ... (cheers). >> massive standing ovation as he came to bat for the first time, you can see, traded to the dodgers one year ago, won world series with the phillies in 2008. chase had this to say after, so much love from fill. >> i completely overwhelming. like you said, the standing ovation, first at bat, was, you know, something that i'll never forget, to be honest with you. truly special. it really shows how passionate and how great the philadelphia fan base is.
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>> philly fans continue to cheer even as the dodgers were winning, utley got a homerun in the fifth inning, and later a grand-slam. >> what? >> right? with a grand-slam, you're right. los angeles won that game 15 to five. and as you heard, they played cashmere, his wack-up. >> oh, howard will have more in sport. 4:12 this morning, who is out, who is in. changes just made to donald trump's campaign. the faces you will now see standing by the republican nominee.
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>> so not just humans looking for a cool spot during this excessive heat. >> yeah, so are the cockroach, yes, they've been invading several local bits cents. >> oh,. >> the heat is contributing to this rise in roaches. summer conditions increase metabolism of roaches, and their ability to reproduce. in fact, restaurant in south philly, shutdown by the city health department after the insect were found on the walls and behind the pipes. >> no, it never happened to me. this is the first time, i don't know the weather, but they came out. it is really, really hot. it has been extremely hot for us, for the last couple of weeks. >> they start it to come in frequent flyers. what third doing looking for cold spot to go in. looking for crevices, open
4:16 am
doors, open windows. >> oh, they weren't alone, either, other restaurant in the city also cited for roaches. said committed to getting rid of teethes bugs for the health of his family and customers. >> look at my arms. >> oh,. >> it is did i cussing. i can't even look at that video. >> what's for breakfast? >> you know, i'm in the hungry any more. i'm just drink some coffee or water. i'm not hungry after that story. >> let's hope for cooler weather so we can control these cockroaches, across the area. let's talk about ultimate doppler right now, as we are looking over the past several hours. >> showers, thunderstorm, we had some thunder boomers, bob kelly, kind of rolling through the area during the overnight time frame. so as we expand the view, you can see that bermuda high still down to the south. but this will be our relief, cold front, no arctic air
4:17 am
behind the system, certainly, but we will see temperatures dropping several degrees, still, right around 90 for the high temperature this afternoon, in philadelphia, but that humidity will start to drop. 81 degrees right now, winds still out of the west southwest at 14 miles per hour, feels like 86 degrees, so still kind of steamy, stepping out on this wednesday morning. we have 82 millville, 75 right now in trenton, along with allentown, 70 in the pocono mountains, look at the humidity, 90% in the pocono mountains, 93% relative humidity in dover. bermuda high steps out to the south, frontal boundary moves out of the day today. temperatures will top out today around 91 degrees, across the region, so as we talk about the forecast, not as hot for your wednesday, still, steamy start out there and looks like heatwave day eight is possible for the philadelphia area. >> talking about not as hot or
4:18 am
as humid by this afternoon. >> temperatures tomorrow, warm and muggy by friday, into the upcoming weekend, couple of pop up storms around. sunday, into monday, bob? >> scotty, good morning, everybody, 4:18, we get ready for this, what's today, wednesday? wednesday morning. live look at king of prussia, route 202, right near gulph road, left over crews from last night, right there, at that first traffic signal, as you make that turn into the mall area. here is a live look, curbside of the 42 freeway, now, scotty mentioned some areas, got hit harder than other, so, depending upon where you begin your trip, there could be a downed tree branch p, trash collection day, your trash cans all the way down the end of the block, and along the way, maybe some puddles, jump on out the front door. big delays, at last night, at philadelphia international airport at the height of the storm. so the airlines could be playing catch-up. mainly late night flight, they did not make it into philadelphia, they're not here to take you out of town this
4:19 am
morning. so, just check with the airline, to play it safe. and no reported delays at the moment. but again, not so much your delay, at the moment, because the plane is not here yet. soap, just check, regardless of your airline, check down there at philadelphia international airport, as we heard from dave, philly firefighters working hard in this heat, broad street, between read and wharton, the scene of the two alarm fire, this is about maybe 15 pieces of fire equipment thereon broad street in norristown, a water main break, at elm, and route 202. and then lower merion, left-over tree, waverly and river view road, so at least for now the beginning of the rush hour, youngford road your best wedge. majors are open, the blue route, the schuylkill, the turnpike, no major problems there. septa they made some adjustments on the four regional rail lines, just little tweak here or there, maybe five, ten minute or so. so do check with the schedule, they've added new train on the lansdale line that rolls out of the station at 6:23. >> thank you so much, bob.
4:20 am
wilmington woman behind bars this morning. >> police say she poured bleach on a woman's head in target after a fight over shopping cart. quickly escalated. thirty-nine year old latacca mason turned herself into authorities yesterday. police say after verbal altercation at the target at brandywine parkway last week, grabbed bleach, poured it on another woman's head. bleach also got on one year old baby. police say mason took off out of the store, prosecutors have charged her with assault, endangering the welfare after child and related charge. >> now for what race for the white house. new development overnight, on the he one can side of the race, donald trump overhauling his campaign once again, he's bringing in steven, campaign ceo and promoting pollster kelly ann conway to campaign manager. on the campaign trail, trump spoke to milwaukee last night -- night, addressed room
4:21 am
full, paid a tribute comes on the heals of violent clashes between police and protesters after the police shooting after black man. trump also facing criticism from some of the military because of comment he's made about prisoners of war. but, in last night's speech, the billionaire businessman tried to bridge that gap. >> let me begin by thanking law enforcement officers here in this city and across this country for their service and sacrifice in difficult, difficult, difficult times. the war on police is a war on all peaceful citizens though want to be able to work and live and send their kids to school in safety. >> and trump by the way went onto accuse rival hillary clinton of not supporting police. >> police are enforcing that curfew for teenagers in milwaukee there is comes as protests continuing against a black hand who police say was armed, there were no violent clashes like we saw on
4:22 am
saturday and sunday night. smith's family is speaking out against the shooting saying he and that officer were friends from high school, and smith was not threatening him. >> we don't have answers, we going to find them, and we're going to find them our way. you're in the going to find them your way. we're in the going to compromise no more. >> the wisconsin justice department is conducting an investigation into the shooting. no word on when they will release the footage from the officer's body camera. >> a lot to talk about in the worlds of supports this morning. >> talking about the eagles first stop. big trade what they say is the weakest part of their team, huge night for chase utley. would you say it was a grand homecoming? more on that straight ahead. winning lottery numbers, as well.
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>> it was phillies and dodgers last night, but it was chase utley night returning to philadelphia for the first time since being traded by the phillies last july. let's go to the ballpark. fifth inning. chase utley o for two, not here. the homerun against vince velasquez in philadelphia, he hits a homerun, and then in the seventh, a grand-slam, the salami, dodgers win it 15 to five. and chase you were the man. the eagles, need wide receivers on this team, they made a trade yesterday. they traded dennis kelly, not
4:26 am
really would have made the team, traded him to ten sees for door yell green beckham, second round pick with previous off field issues. >> we spent a lot of time here in the last few weeks behind the scenes doing some background work. he comes in with a opportunity, no promises have been made, and we felt comfortable this time to bring him in here and give him an opportunity to compete. >> and that is sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> breaking news about fires. >> that's right, firefighters work too long separate fires, dave, you're at one of the scenes this morning, right? >> reporter: yes, that's right. one firefighter injured in the hospital right now battling two alarm blaze here in south philadelphia on south broad street. we'll gave you an update and tell you what firefighters are doing at this moment after the break.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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and as of now, i'd have to say no. this pimple's gonna aw com'on.ver. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you... forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. >> firefighters bus which two separate ones, the first happening in philadelphia, injuring a fire fighter. >> plus, another fire erupts overnight in south jersey. that's where a group every townhomes went up in flames overnight. steve keeley putting together the latest details on that. >> while we're trying to beat the heat, hot temperatures are bringing out creepy crawlies.
4:30 am
>> quick. all right. >> just few hours ago. >> yes. >> we'll take a look at ultimate doppler, over the past several hours, and just look at that line, that kind of moved through the area, likely, waking some folks up overnight. we zoom in little closer, you can see it just kind of moved right through the center city area, also, crossing the delaware river, into sections of palmyra, cinnaminson, moorestown, moving into burlington county, as well, just a lot of lightning with the system, heat and humidity helping to fuel the activity from yesterday into the overnight. rainfall totals out of the system about a quarter to a half an inch. so, weather by the numbers for your wednesday, on scale of one to ten, we give it a eight. much improved for today.
4:31 am
it still will be hot, but not quite as humid as we move toward the afternoon. a live look right now at the philadelphia international airport, 81, feels like 86 degrees, so still kind of sticky, stepping outdoors, 80 in wilmington, we have low eight's right now, in millville. so the forecast, for today, calling it not as hot, steamy start, looks like we will still top out bob kelly right around 90 degrees, mean the heatwave would extends another day for today, but once again, not as oppressive, no heat warnings or advisories posted for today. >> 43:00; we get ready for a wednesday, dealing with a lot of leftovers here, major roadways are open. looking good on the schuylkill expressway. no problems on i-95, or the roosevelt boulevard, the blue route looking good, again, watch for some puddles, watch for some downed tree limbs, not so much downed trees, but, again, as those storms moved through last night, some debris, the left over, this morning, ben franklin bridge,
4:32 am
looking good, everything little damp and wet as you can see the reflection of the overhead lights and the road surface there, philadelphia international airport had ground stop and big delays last night during the height of the storm. so, they could be playing catch-up this morning. i would just double check with the airline before you head down there. fire location, more details on this in a moment. but watch for detours along broad street, in south philly, between wharton and read. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you, 4:32, firefighters in stable condition after getting hurt fighting a fire overnight. >> started around 1:00 a.m., south broad street, dave kinchen in point breeze with the very latest this morning. hi, dave. >> reporter: we don't know that firefighters exact injuries. we do know as you said in stable condition here. now, in addition to the heat, fire officials are also dealing with a lot of the cars as we know, as they're park on south broad street, the way they are in the median, in the middle of there trying to get all of those hoses through those vehicles. now, fire crews likely dealing with hot spots at this time.
4:33 am
you can see where the crane is hoisted up from the second part of this fire damage scene here in south philadelphia. philadelphia's fire commissioner telling us that the heat was major challenge for fire crews who battled this blaze, which went to two alarms, they also dealt with it during a downpour every rain. the call came in around 1:10, and at least one person lives in this home where the fire started. we don't know if it is a house or if it is divided newspaper apartments. neighbor described the scene. >> there was someone yelling, when i went, i yelled, knocked on my neighbor's doors, i didn't know what was going to happen, so -- >> this was aggressive outstanding attack, transitional attack by our fire department. everybody's been working hard, had very busy couple of weeks in the heat. real challenge for us. so this is very, very challenging fire. once again, philadelphia fire department did an outstanding job putting this fire under control in about two hours.
4:34 am
>> fire commissioner said it took as you just heard there two hours getting it under control there. co-not say whether the weather was related to the start of the fire. the cause is not yet known. again, one firefighter as we come back live here, injured, in stable condition, at a hospital, the exact injuries are not yet clear, right now, we can tell you that this scene will likely be here for little while as crews go to hot spots, also the investigation into this getting underway, as well. back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, thank you so much. >> another big fire this one out of moorestown, new jersey this for this morning. >> group of townhomes went up in flames overnight. steve keeley on the scene with the detail, good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: well, the only trouble here is the heat and humidity. and that is the big concern. even after the fire is out and everybody is safe, fire wise, but this heat and humidity is the worse overnight yet, here
4:35 am
in moorestown. i can say that personally, because i exercise every night. and today i almost passed out pushing it on my integral training, and it happened just as storm pushed through around 1:30 to 2:30 this morning, and right now, they're going to look to see if lightning strike caused the fire. but look at these firemen. group over here, they have missing fan that just shut off. the stuff you see on the side lines in the eagles pre-season game in the summer where big fan comes on and blows cool water mist. those guys over there taking a break, you pan to the left, see these townhomes here, three of them caught fire, but one really got hit. it looks like lightning strike on one of these, and i saw the lightning show right before this fire was called in at 2:20, and then more firefighters over there. you can see that guy putting on his jacket. all of this equipment ways a minimum of about 37 pounds, when they put their air tanks on and their masks, you are looking at 75 pounds plus. that stuff is made out of
4:36 am
canvas, it is wearing thick, thick clothing, than can take a toll on a fireman when pulling these heavy hoses and working diligently to put a fire out or save a life. here is moorestown's public information officer for the fire department, talking about battling the conditions out here, as much as the fire. >> hydration, hydration, hydration. what we do, whenever we go, all companies in service, which this fire was, we call in our cover companies that will sit, just another fire in town, they'll put, help us with those calls. we called them in to help relieve some of our firefighters inside that were, you know, catch by the werth. we rehabs set up, emergency squads, so hydration, hydration, drink plenty of water and just check, make sure they're okay. >> well, this was a one alarm fire. but they called firefighters from five different towns, just to help out, just in case. and just to get reinforcement, just so their guys and girls
4:37 am
to get a break. and you see, a fireman back there behind that fence, flashlight back there, he's got exactly what i said, because he's going into the house, burn the most, he has the tank on his back and very heavy helmet. so there is not any fire or any body heat getting through that helmet. here he comes in your shot. and i'm telling you, i put on all of this equipment couple of times, for stories, and you feel like you're wade down, plus when it gets wet, then gets even heavier, it is even harder just to walk around. but these guys, doing great job getting this fire out fast. keep it from spreading, keeping anybody from getting hurt including the ranks of all of the fire departments out here from six different towns here base in the moorestown, right in the middle of what is a very nice community, never have anything happen back here. my guess is this is going to be determined eventually when they can investigate it, find out for sure, caused by lightning strike, because it happened right as we got another one of those pop up
4:38 am
storms your weather people mention almost every day in this heat and humidity. >> steve keeley, active scene out there, thank you. >> firefighters really busy in california, as well, wild fire in southern california has burned at least a dozen buildings including some homes, more than 82,000 people have been forced to evacuate. as that fire grows to 15,000 acres. meantime in northern california fire crews are making progress fighting a wild fire that has destroyed 175 structures, authorities arrest add man accused of start that fire. >> i think they said he lives in the neighborhood, because people sort of were familiar with him. >> calling him serial arson ills. more money problems for another philadelphia public official, this time, hundreds of thousands of dollars misused for slush fund? who is behind this miss spending next?
4:39 am
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>> good morning, welcome back, 4:41, to the stop story here, the city of philadelphia controller says his offers found that hundreds every thousands of dollars in proceeds from the philadelphia marathon were used as, quote, a slush fund, for all sort of purchases. city controller, allen but butkovitz said found several red flags, that fund operates mainly from procedes from the philadelphia marathon, and money was supposed to be used for grants to improve the city. instead, the controller said, tens of thousands of dollars were used during the nutter administration to pay for a trip to rome, pay for hotel
4:42 am
rooms in philadelphia, and other credit card purchases. the controller says the spending was approved only by the chair woman of the fund. city representative, desiree bell. >> in addition to the questionable credit card charges, it appears the former chairperson also used the marathon reserve account to fund celebration events, instead of making grant awards, one example including $45,000 paid to various vendors for the mayor's 2015 tree lighting ceremony. >> the controller says a more in-depth audit of that fund will happen soon. meantime, former mayor michael nutter released a statement slamming butkovitz, the control serra liar, a snake, a hipocrit. there is no truth in what he says, every expenditure was proper and for an approved purpose and he never talked to desiree peterkin-bell or
4:43 am
myself about any concerns. >> controversy this morning for ellen degeneres. why she is facing some serious backlash, over a tweet about one of the sprinters in the olympics. but the very much
4:44 am
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4:46 am
of herself riding on the back of bolt caption this is how i'm ringer around from now on, some people said the picture was racist, they referred to times in slavery where white families would use black people as mules and ride on their backs. ellen responded saying i am highly aware of racism that exists in our country, it is the furthest thing from who i am. >> okay, now, to the reason we've all been watching for the games. >> yes, and one game did not go the way the us thought it might have. yes, talking about women's beach volleyball. the us versus brazil. take a look. >> right now to the brazilians . they can win it here. ago that, that's it. brazil has upset the united state. >> the american team, sammy walsh jennings, ross, they came up short. they lost to the brazilian
4:47 am
team, and that's denying walsh jennings of another gold, before this lost, walsh had never lost an olympic beach volleyball match before. wow. all good things must come to an end. much better night for two of our top geminies cents, the end of gymnastics ended on high note for simone biles. wrapped up her remarkable olympic game with more history, the american gymnast won her fourth gold medal winning the floor exercise, she has claimed a team gold as well as individual gold in the all-around and the vault. she won bronze on ball beam monday. she is now the fourth american to win five medals in one olympics. her teammate ali took home for her team. >> let's lock at the medal count, shall we? >> yes. >> oh, ya, we're beating awe of the rest of the world, we have 84 total. that includes 28 gold, 28 silver, 28 bronze. how about that? >> that's nice. >> just keeping it even. china in second, 51 overall, great britain with 50,
4:48 am
russia -- russia rounds out the top, with 38 medals. >> simone biles leaving with one more prize, a kiss from her celebrity crush, zach of ran. met after her floor routine, snapped a bun of of pictures, where he surprised her with little kiss on the cheek. he planted one right there. she admits to having a cardboard cut-out of him in her bedroom. i remember one of the stations interviewed her before, she headed over to rio, i saw that cardboard cut out. so it is true, it is there. >> she is clearly in love with him. >> big crush. big surprise? >> fantastic. >> what a great week for her. i don't know how she will top it, scott william, all every these gold medals, celebrity crush? >> pretty nice for her. a lot of highs and lows during the olympics, but good to see her bounce back and get the gold medal. talk about what's been happening overnight. showers and thunderstorms across the area, waking folks up, a lot of heavy rain, gusty winds, even very vivid
4:49 am
lightning. look at ultimate doppler kind of showing that line, that blew through the metro area, into part of south jersey. as we zoom in a little closer, you can see, right around one, to around 3:00 in the morning, we saw that nasty line just kind of plow through the area with the very heavy rain, and the lightning. expands willing the view, we still have that bermuda high off to the south. but, this will bring a little bit of relief, later on today, in the form of some dropping lowering humidity. still pretty sticky, steamy, stepping outdoors at the airport, 81 degrees, winds west-southwest at 14, so it still feels like 86 degrees at this early hour. eighty-two right now in millville. we have mid 70s, north and west in the lehigh valley. but, watch what happens as we progress throughout the day. that frontal boundary kind of moves toward the area. kind of stalling out a bit in part of south jersey and delaware, but otherwise, looking at that high temperature of 90 degrees. so not as oppressive. but we're still looking at
4:50 am
potentially expanding our heatwave into day eight for today. and in the philadelphia area, down the shore, 87, warm, muggy, lehigh valley not as hot, high of 86 degrees. hey, we have another baseball game tonight. first pitch temperatures, 84 degrees, nice evening, not as humid, by game time. as far as the seven day forecast, looking at 88 for tomorrow, couple of pop up storms, warm, muggy again by friday, into the upcoming weekend, still, a little unsettled, not a wash out for the weekend, but there could be some of those pop up downpours, during the heat of the day. how are roads on this wednesday, bob? >> scotty, not bad. good morning, 4:00 ooh, actually off to pretty good start, speedometer readings in the 50's, on the blue route, the schuylkill, i-95, let's go outside to live look, at the schuylkill expressway. right near spring garden street. coming into downtown, roads are damn. you are going to find some puddles along the way, maybe even some downed tree branches, trash can floating around, or maybe a cardboard box, if it was trash collection day, and the folks
4:51 am
put their trash out last night. good to go, though, downtown, on the vine street expressway. all of the lanes are open, construction completed for the overnight. south philadelphia, dave's been on this one, again, halts off to the philly firefighters, working hard along broad street here. the two alarm err between wharton and read, as you mention, the cars that are double parked there, giving things, giving firefighters an extra run for their money there, trying to get the hoses across the street. south on 95, no problems through the construction zone. just watch it when the roads are really soaked, like they are this morning, it is do you have actually see those lane markers, in the construction zone. we had early morning accident at girard avenue. if you intend to fly out of philly, or maybe even drop somebody off today, there could be some left over delays, from last night, again, philly international had a ground stop, than was big delays last evening, when those storms came through. if some of those flight or airlines are not able to get that plane in last night, it is not there ready for you to pull out this morning.
4:52 am
so just make sure you check ahead with philadelphia international airport, and the airline, this morning, out in norristown, water main break at elm and route 202, and then lower merion, downed tree, this one here, waverly blocked right at river view, so traffic using young ford road at least until they can get the chain saws out there and chop it all up. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you so much. what happens when you put a tram car up against a monster truck? how about massive tug of war? we have the video to show you exactly how it goes down.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
all right, how about this? this is wildwood. the ultimate summer smack-down just happened there. we are talking about a tram car on one side, a monster truck on the other, as you can see. believe it or not, this is a tug of war. how does this actually happen? after the bitter back and forth, the monster truck came out on top. shocker. dragged the tram car over the line, the war kick off the monsters of the beach, monster truck's races which starts with qualifiers this friday, the races will be this weekend, so a publicity stunt to get you out there and check out the monster truck. >> the tram car driver should get out. that's a lot of bouncing around? the egg harbor township folks got early preview of the atlantic city air show. the annual free event happens today. actually i think it must have happened yesterday. among the highlight, at the show, i don't know if it was today or yesterday, going to be the us air force over the ac boardwalk, so it does
4:56 am
happen today. kicks off at 10:30 a.m. >> how about this? playboy mansion has new owners >> sold the man shore ton $100 million. >> wow. >> its new owner, darren metropolis, the co-owner of the hostess brand, like hostess cupcakes? >> yes. >> my favorite. my mom would sneak one of those into my lunch. estate originally put on the market last year for 200 million, playboy founder and current resident hugh hefner has lived there since 1971, ten years before you were born, lauren, put that in perspective. under new deal, the 90 year old will reportedly remain at the mansion for the duration of his life. metropolis cannot move into the lavish property until hugh hefner dies. bizarre. >> bought it but he can't live there until hugh hefner passes away? >> basically like a rent-back, like buy the property from you, but you can continue to live there. like a rent-back. >> interesting.
4:57 am
okay, 4:56. following two breaking news stories this morning, we start with dave kinchen. >> reporter: one firefighter injured while battling a two alarm fire here in south philadelphia, on broad street, crews are still at it, we'll gave you an update after the break. first, here is steve on another fire. >> yes, dave, firefighters here in south jersey also battling both flames and heat, from mother nature, too, making fire fighting the toughest job around these days. although just 4 foot 8,
4:58 am
simone biles is not to be underestimated. despite her size, simone's packed with power. refined, concentrated power. that's why she trusts tide pods. she knows small, can be powerful. tide. number 1 rated. today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds.
4:59 am
it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days.
5:00 am
live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. two fires burning overnight, firefighters battling the flames and this intense heat, where one firefighter was injured on the job. >> quick. brown water, coming out of faucets, local homes, where this is happening, and what the water department is doing to fix this. and, what a return. chase utley making us miss him even more. we have highlight from the game last night. >> did you ever see the movie the natural, with robert redford? it is just hard to believe, right? the story line in that movie, in front of all of the homeruns. that's what happened last night in real life with chase utley. we'll give you the details on that. meanwhile, the it is the morning after, wednesday, august 17th, 2016. >> more on this brutal heat. >> high there, lauren, chris. of course we've been talking about the heat, the humidity, even showers and thunderstorms, a little bit of good n


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