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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. two fires burning overnight, firefighters battling the flames and this intense heat, where one firefighter was injured on the job. >> quick. brown water, coming out of faucets, local homes, where this is happening, and what the water department is doing to fix this. and, what a return. chase utley making us miss him even more. we have highlight from the game last night. >> did you ever see the movie the natural, with robert redford? it is just hard to believe, right? the story line in that movie, in front of all of the homeruns. that's what happened last night in real life with chase utley. we'll give you the details on that. meanwhile, the it is the morning after, wednesday, august 17th, 2016. >> more on this brutal heat. >> high there, lauren, chris. of course we've been talking about the heat, the humidity, even showers and thunderstorms, a little bit of good news for today, because
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the oppressive heat will end, but it is still going to be hot as the sticky start out there humidity will drop during the day, high of nine the around center city, could be one or two pop up storm. speaking of storms, look at the nasty line of showers, thunderstorms, that blew through the area overnight waking some folks up. a lot of heavy rain, some gusty winds, even very vivid and frequent lightning, so as we zoom in little closer, you can see, a lot of lightning around the philadelphia area. that crossed the river into sections of camden county, burlington county, around mt. laurel, moorestown, into cinnaminson, as well. we saw some very heavy rainfall. as far as what's happening right now, at the philadelphia international airport, 80 degrees, it feels like 84, so, still, pretty sticky this morning. eighty-two in dover, right now, 74 degrees currently in pottstown. so, the bottom line, looking at temperatures this morning, low 80s, by lunchtime, 87, by the afternoon, high of 90, by the evening, looking at
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7:00 temperatures around 84 degrees. so, much of the area getting a break from the oppressive heat and humidity, but it looks like we'll still extend our fifth heatwave, bob kelly, to day eight for center city philadelphia. >> wow, those thunder boomers moved through. i didn't hear a thing last night. good morning, everybody, no problems at all on the blue route, the schuylkill expressway, the turnpike, looking good, but everything is a little wet behind the ears as we go outside here to live look at the blue route between conshohocken and mid-county. so, if it was trash collection day in your neighborhood, or maybe downed tree branch or some loose leaves and branches, going to see a little bit of everything throughout this morning. the vine street expressway open, no problems or delays there. couple of situation toss look out for, lower merion, waverly and river view, watch for downed tree, youngford road is the way to go, coming into center city, new traffic pattern, 20th street down to one lane on that overpass for the vine expressway. and a fire location, dave's going to give us more on this in a second.
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broad street in south philly between wharton and reid, watch for local detours. market frankford, broad broad st subway, free parking at the france forward transportation center. same deal at nova care. trains running every eight to ten minutes, septa makes tweaks to it service on the following four lines, to make sure you have an updated schedule. back to you. >> thank you, following the break news story, bob just mentioned out of point breeze, firefighter recovering at the hospital after being hurt while battling a blaze in point breeze. >> this broke out around 1:00 in the morning, dave kinchen on it, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris, lauren, we know that firefighter is in stable condition at a hospital. we don't know his exact injuries at this time. you can see, fire crews still on the scene there, cranes, still hoisted up into these buildings here, on the 1300 block of south broad street in south philly. philadelphia's fire commissioner telling us that heat was major challenge, for fire crews battling this
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blaze, which went to two alarms, and they were also battling it during a downpour every rain in addition to the heat, at least one person lives in this home, where the fire started around 1:10 a.m. and a neighbor described the scene. >> i woke up from some guy, laying on the horn, and like screaming at everybody to wake up. i look out the window, and i see the second floor, it has like flames inside of it, and it is like people lining the block, knocking on doors. >> the heat is really still hot out here, even after the storm, it is not as hot as it was. but you know it really takes a toll on the firefighters. they were walking, down on sunday, three all hands fires going at the same time across the city. so, our firefighters, medics is have been working in this heat for almost a week now. it takes a toll, authorities stay hydrated when out here doing this every night. and they've been out here doing it every night. >> fire commissioner adam says 75 firefighters were called out to this case right here, and it took about two hours to
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get the fire under control, co-not say whether weather was the start of this fire, or if it was a lightning strike. co-not say the cause is not known at this time. again, one firefighter hurt while battling this blaze here, that firefighter in stable condition, exact injuries, not specified by the commissioner. did he not release that. but, still, active scene at this hour. back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen thank you so much. too morristown, for another breaking story and another fire. >> group of townhomes went up in flames overnight, there, and steve keeley on the scene with the latest details for us. hi, steve. >> reporter: yes, if you were paying attention to scott williams, we are in one of the towns he mentioned with all of the lightning strikes. that's suspected cause here in these very nicetown homes. you see the garages are open, and the neighboring townhomes, to air them out. but this happened right as lightning was striking down here in moorestown. >> is this weather relate in the.
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>> at this hour we are still investigating the fire, not sure. >> but coincidental? >> we did have thunder storm, some heavy lightning in the area at the time of the fire. again, our fire marshals are in there working the fire right now. >> and they had this moos g fan, the place to be for what may be more firefighters here on this side of the river, than the 75 that kinchen just reported over in philly because they got help from five neighboring towns, they didn't know how bad this would get or how bad the weather conditions would make it feel like it is get withing the firefighters with the heavy equipment on. they're doing well. no firemen hurt here. no residents are here. job well done here in burlington county. hopefully with me, too, because it lasted so long, the producer wanted to ask me if we needed an intermission so they can go to the kitchen or the bathroom inbetween, fortunately i kept it under two minutes this time. sore. >> i a minute .59, thank up, sir. today is the last day kathleen kane will serve as attorney general, expected to resign at the close of business, her announcement coming yesterday,
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just one day after a jury convicted her of perjury, obstruction, and official oppression. former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor will serve as acting attorney general, in the meantime, governor tom wolf will work to nominate a temporary replacement. castor said he's ready to get to work and restore confidence in that office. >> i don't know that anybody's prepared to assume a job of this nature. i certainly have spent my entire professional life learning how to run a large government operation. >> as for kane, she could serve prison time for those convictions, her lawyers are vowing to appeal the verdict. all right, so, if you live in maple shade, you are dealing with this. concerns come after pictures a and video begin to surface that makes the water look brown, like coffee. neighbors in new jersey township say the discolorization happens regularly, they don't feel like the township is giving them any, well, clear answers. the group of nearly 2,000
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people living thereon a township facebook page saying they need to know the water is, in fact, safe. >> sometimes they say oh, we had a main break, and that did it, or somebody opened the fire hydrant, than did t but all of these excuses don't seem to, if you excuse the expression, carry any water. >> the township maintains that the discolorization is a result of sediment in the pipes and is harmless. they're flushing the fire hydrants all week to try to fix the problem, town meeting scheduled for next week, to address residents' growing concerns. >> 5:08. frankford, turns for the worse, a woman gets her finger bitten off. you can't make this stuff up. police say two women were fighting over money when this happened at bridge and penn street, near septa terminal. operation err responded and took the injured woman to temple university hospital. meanwhile, another woman was taken to northeast detective.
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>> terrible, you know, it was terrible, why would you bite somebody's finger off? >> girl stuck her hands, i was -- so in the process, i put, you know, bit her finger because her hands was out. >> doctors work to re-attach the woman's finger, at this point, no charges have been filed. it is not just us humans who are trying to escape this intense heat. >> are you going to get goosebumps again reading this story? >> oh,. >> cockroach are coming out like crazy. >> eww look at this video. >> i'm not going to watch you. >> look away, i'll read this. the critters have been invading several local businesses lately, experts say the heat is dock this. -- is doing thisment summer conditions, well, they increase the metabolism of roman the ability to row produce, hence, this sort of influx of roaches into restaurant, plaza in south fill which actually shutdown, because the city health department, after the insect
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were found on the walls, behind pipes. >> no, i never happened to me. this is the first time. i don't know if it is the weather but they came out. it is really really hot. it has been extremely, extremely hot for us from for the last couple of weeks. >> they start to come in frequent flyers. what they are doing looking for cold spot to go in, looking for, you know, cracks, crevices, open doors, open windows. >> other restaurant in the city were also cited for roaches. paul castor said he's determined to get rid of the bugs for the health of his family and his customers. >> wow, former phillies second baseball chase utley was welcomed back in a big way to philadelphia last night. >> before becoming a dodger utley played 13 seasons with us here as a philly. >> chase utley. (cheers).
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>> fanning grated utley with a stands ovation as he steps up to bat. he continues to be well loved in our citiment look at. that will so grateful. while the phillies were playing, utley traded for the dodgers one year ago, this to say while he was back in town. >> completely overwhelming. like you said, the standing ovation, my first at bat, was, you know, something, i'll never forget, to be honest with you, it was truly special, really shows how passionate and how great the philadelphia fan base is. >> philly fans continue to cheer even as the dodgers were winning, utley had a homerun in the fifth inning, then later, a grand-slam. la wins the game 15 to five. >> you saw ryan howard, he had a homerun last night. tip of the cap to the philadelphia organization for playing that walk up song by led zeppelin as he stepped up to the plate. >> search on for missing
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bicycles, not just any bike. we'll tell you what makes these so special.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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>> fashion moving wild fire in california, fire grown to 15,000 acres, has burned at least dozen buildings including some homes there, meantime, northern california fire crews are making progress fighting a wild fire there, that one has destroyed 175
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structures, authorities arrest add man, accused of start that fire, and you learned he has a background, dating back to his 20's? >> think guy now 40. and he is being called a serial arsonist in northern california, that fire in lake county by the way wine country north of san francisco area they say that he attacked with arson earlier this week. unbelievable as that continues to burn out of control. >> we have to pray for firefighters right now, though. because this heat is so intense already, scott. so it is like double work. >> yes, i lauren, chris, really taking a toll, not only on the firefighters, but much of the delaware valley. we've been dealing with this oppressive heat across the area, today likely will be day eight of our fifth heatwave. we will see the humidity drop by this afternoon, but it still will be a hot day. weather by the numbers on scale of one to ten, we will give today a eight, across the area, look at ultimate doppler right now. much improved, but overnight, we saw a line of some gusty wind, a lot of vivid
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lightning, heavy rain, just kind of blow through the area waking some folks up. we zoom in little closer, kind of start the clock. you can see the line just kind of move through the philadelphia area, south philly, into sections of camden county, burlington county, as well. with a lot of heavy rain, and thunder and lightning. so as we expand the view, this will be somewhat of a game changer, a cold front, now, not anticipating a loft cold air behind it. but we will see winds, by the afternoon, more out of the north and west, that will mean dropping humidity. making it feel a little more comfortable. 80 degrees right now, wind a little breezy, west-southwest at 16. feels like 84 degrees right now. as we look at the current temperatures, we have 82 in dover, 81 millville, and wildwood, mid 70s right now in allentown across the area for today don't forget the sunscreen, not as hot, calling 90 for center city, down the shore, 87 degrees, warm, muggy, air showing going on,
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should stay dry for. that will lehigh valley 86 degrees will be the high temperature, first pitch at the ballpark tonight, looking at temperatures around 84 degrees. nice evening for baseball. once again, it is not going to be as humid as it was last night. the seven day forecast, bob kelly is going to dot seven day forecastment you can see, pop up storms, warm, muggy, so once again, bob, still going to be hot today. but not as oppressive, no heat warnings or advisories for the area. >> cue me to walk in now, 5:17. ready, set and go. good morning, everybody, live look at route 309. little bit of haze in some fog out there this morning. 309 out near paper mill, but everything is wet. sort of like grandmom come out and used the hose and squirted down the front pavement last night. wet and slow here on the freeway, as we start to see the beginning of a morning rush hour. now, some of the areas that got hit hard last night, you may see some left-overs this morning, in the form of a puddle, maybe some downed tree branches, maybe some boxes, or
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debris from trash collection day in norristown. we got water main break getting cleaned up here elm and route 202 in lower merion. a big old oak tree down along waverly and river view. right at that intersection there, so use young ford road at least for the beginning of the rush hour. left over, left over wednesday. left over delays from last night, down at the airport, now, the philadelphia international airport had a rough go last night at the height of the storms. some of the plans may not have got never therefore not there ready for to you leave this morning so check ahead with the airline make sure everything is on schedule over these last couple of days even today and tomorrow, as these storms roll through. it does play havoc with air travel. broad street, firefighters out there, between wharton and read, as we told you at the top of the show. here in center city broad street at callowhill, watch for midday work krause tying things up beginning at 9:00 lasting until about 3:00. chris back to you. >> thank you, now to the race for the white house, now to the new development overnight on the republican side of the
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race. a major shake-up and overhaul in the donald trump campaign, he's banking in steven ban on, campaign ceo providing pulsar, kenny, conway, on the campaign trail trump spoke near milwaukee last night, addressed room full of veterans and police officers. comes on the peoples every violence crashes between police and protesters, after the police shooting of a black man. trump's also facing criticism for some in the military because of comment he's made about prisoners of war, remember what he said about john mccain? but, in last notation speech, the billionaire businessman tried to bridge that gap. >> let me begin by thanking law enforcement officers here, in this city, and across this country, for their service and sacrifice in difficult, difficult, difficult times. >> the war on police is a war on all peaceful citizens who want to be able to work and live and send their kids to
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school in safety. >> trump went ton accuse rifle hillary clinton of not supporting police. meantime, hillary clinton was at west philadelphia high school, on 49th and chestnut yesterday. she was thereto urge everyone to register to vote ahead of the october 11 deadline. the former secretary of state also jabbed donald trump, she took aim at one issue some considered vagueness of his policy. >> i talk specifically about what i want to do. i know that some people make fun of me, they say oh, she has all of these plans, and you could go to my website and read my plan. but i tell you, you know why i do that? because i want you to know what i am going to try to do so you can both help me, hold me accountable for doing what i told you i want to do. >> by the way, clinton said her campaign is opening in southwest philadelphia office today. it will be at 52nd and cedar,
5:21 am
lauren. >> looking for two young men who robbed grocery store there is happened in july, the 1300 block of unity street. police say the two guys asked for water ice and when the employee started scooping it, they attack him. they got the register open, took off with cash, police think one of those two men did have a weapon, if you know anything about this, you're asked to call police. >> the search is on for some missing bikes, and they're not just any bikes, custom-made for veterans. nine custom re cup want hands pedaled bikes used by the wounded warrier project are now gone, stolen over the weekend in tinicum township delaware county along with u-haul truck caring them the the gear was supposed to be dollars at a soldier ride. the loss worth about $40,000. the organization now asking for the public's help, to get those bikes back. >> maybe a pawn shop, or scrolled on some social media site perhaps the lovely public of philadelphia will help us
5:22 am
retrieve some of this equipment. >> police say the u-haul truck sporting the wounded warrier lowering go, arizona plate, unfortunately no surveillance that captured the crime, but the organization is hoping someone out there notion something, and will come forward. >> 5:22, you might be willing to take advice from billionaire investor warren buffet. he had strong words about a website you might see his face on. >> you might see warren buffet's face around the country club and other places he hangs out if you win the lottery.
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>> face time is about to get a run for its monday. >> i that's because google launched a brand new video chatting app, oh, you're going to be all over this. it is called duo. not too much different than face time, skype or messenger, has a feature called no talk, let them see who is calling. app available for both android and iphones, google marketing duo a simpler, more reliable way to see friends, family. as you try to surround vale their every move. >> really? you're there? well, proof it. >> just walk around and show me you're at the grocery store. >> anyway, warren buffet says
5:26 am
not ledge it. berkshire hathaway say there is a website that purports to show cnn interview between anderson cooper, said buffet has not spoke tone cooper in the last five years. he also says he doesn't know anything about the scheme. and be on the look-out. >> interesting. >> bolo. be on the look-out. >> yes, doctors in bensalem have implanted the world's smallest pacemaker into a pennsylvania woman. >> that woman is the first to receive new technology in northeastern pennsylvania, doctor from st. luke's university health network put this tiny tiny pacemaker called the ventronik trans catheter into mary of mount pocono. the pacemaker only the size of a vitamin, and can pace the heart for up to 12 years. doctors say the implantation of that lead-free device was absolutely successful, mary now at home recovering. >> technology just backing so amazing, what they do with that.
5:27 am
>> incrediblement following some breaking news this morning, steve, you're ten scene -- your a at the scene after fire. >> now firefighters rush to go edgewater park, all hands on call, this fire may have been caused by lightning, who knows what that is, but on our way shortly.
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this is pearle vision.
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>> breaking news, on fires overnight, two of them, steve keeley, headed to a third, flames shoot-out after philadelphia apartment building, and this one, how one firefighter is recovering from injuries right now. >> another fire erupts overnight in south jersey. that's where group of townhomes went up in flames. >> jury convicted her of perjury, obstruction, and official oppression. now, today, attorney general, kathleen kane, of pennsylvania, will officially resign. expected to make that announcement next. >> good day, it is wednesday, august 17th, 2016. it is my mother's birthday. >> happy birthday, trish johnson, in atlanta. >> yes, hotlanta. i heard it has been hot down there, as well. >> hot here too, so she watch on line hopefully in the air-conditioning at 5:30 in the morning. >> truly. >> look at that, 08 degrees, it is still hot. >> scott william, we just need some relief. the ac cranking for too many days. >> we really do, lauren, chris. we will get little bit of
5:31 am
relief by the afternoon, not as humid, but still is oppressive start out there. but the extreme heat will end later today, high temperatures only around 90 degrees, as opposed to the mid 90s, there could be one or two isolated storms, bus stop buddy this morning, prepared for a muggy start, temperatures in the 70s and the 80s, as we talk little bit about how you plan your day, as far as the temperatures, looking at lunchtime right around 87 degrees. high this afternoon of 90 degrees. by this evening, 7:00 temperatures right around 84. ultimate doppler, much improved. but, overnight, take a look at that nasty line of showers and thunderstorms, that kind of move through the area, heavy rain, gusty winds, around philadelphia, across into parts every south jersey, and you can see it had a lot of vivid lightning with that, as well, waking some folks up during the overnight. a weak cold front will kind of press through the area. there will be a wind shift, and that will mean those temperatures will be dropping
5:32 am
behind that system. also, things kind of heating up in the tropics. we have tropical depression number six, 35 miles per hour winds, movement to the north and west at 15. we will talk about where that could potentially head and what the next name is, on the list, coming up. bob kelly? >> scotty, good morning, everybody, it is 5:32, as you get up, get out, no problems at all in south jersey, 295, new jersey turnpike, delay free, everything little wet behind the ears from all of the rain we had last nightment going to the airport, live look as the sun begins to rise, over philadelphia. this is i-95, right near philly international. at the moment no delays on the tote board. but we have an accident here. looks like the roosevelt boulevard southbound on the boulevard approaching the ex iter here, for the kelly drive and ridge avenue. not quite sure if they have everything blocked. saw some police cars going up to flip around. but, again, coming southbound, on the roosevelt boulevard, looks like they're pushing everybody off here on to the kelly drive.
5:33 am
we get more information on that, and stick with that through the morning. now, downed tree, lower merion, waverly and river view. so you want to use young ford road at least for the beginning of the rush hour, again, storms last night, you may be finding some debris, maybe downed tree branch, maybe some left over delays, from last night at philadelphia international airport. if you intend to fly out or drop someone off or pick up today, check with the airline, again, every day that these storms have been moving through, we've had some delays, and some stoppages, at the airport, sometimes the later the delay, that means, that flight doesn't get in here for the overnight. and down here, in south philadelphia, as we heard from dave, broad street fire location, between wharton and read. >> thank you so much, 5:33, fire fight nerve stable condition after getting hurt. >> this fire started right around 1:00 in the morning on the 1500 block of south broad street. dave kinchen is there in point breeze with the latest, dave? >> reporter: chris, lauren, we do not know the exact injuries of the injured firefighter,
5:34 am
the commissioner not specifying filing that. but again, he is in stable condition at a hospital recovering here. as you can see, fire crews still on the scene. looks like they're rolling up one of the fire hoses, there but the investigation now at play here, trying to figure out what sparked this fire, at a house on the 1300 block of south broad street, here in south philly. philadelphia's fire commissioner says that the heat was a major challenge for fire crews, who took on this blaze, and also, took it on during a downpour of rain, at least one person lives in the home where the fire started around 1:10, in the morning, we don't know if it is a house or simply divided up into apartments. neighbor did describe the scene. >> there was someone yelling, when i went out of my apartment building i yelling and knocked on my neighbor's doors because i didn't know what was going to happen. so i figure they should know. >> this was aggressive outstanding attack, transitional attack by our fire department. everybody's been working hard, had very busy couple of weeks
5:35 am
in the heat. a real challenge for us. so this is very, very challenging fire. once again, philadelphia fire department did an outstanding job putting this fire under control in about two hours. >> fire commissioner also saying it took about 75 firefighters to come out here, and deal with the situation, within two hours, a lot of broad street, seemed like almost a mile stretch. wasn't that much i don't think, but about a mile or so, broad street, shutdown while crews work on this situation here, again, one firefighter injured, in stable condition, the exact injuries not specified. but the firefighter recovering as the investigation into the cause is underway. back to you. >> dave, thank you so much for the update. >> more breaking news about a fire this one in moorestown, new jersey, for this morning. >> that's where group of townhomes went up in flames overnight. that will fire broke out along cluster driver, just about 2:30 a.m., placed under control about an hour later. several homes were damaged, flames were showing through the roof of at least one of
5:36 am
the homes. no word yet on how that fire got started. >> a fight in frankford takes a turn for the worse. when a woman gets her finger bitten off. police say two women were fighting over money when this happened. this is at bridge and penn street, near septa terminal. police responded and took the injured woman to temple university hospital, meanwhile, another woman was taken in to northeast detective. >> so, it was terrible, you know, it was terrible. why would you bite somebody's finger off? >> girl stuck her hands in my sister, i was -- so in the process, my sister, you know, bit her finger because her hand was in her mouth. >> ya, well, they got it out of the mouth, then they took her to the hospital, and they reattached her finger. at this point, no charges have been filed, believe it or not. >> attorney general kathleen kane will resign from her position at the clogs of business today. her announcement coming yesterday, just one day after a jury convicted her of perjury, obstruction, official oppression. former montgomery county
5:37 am
district attorney bruce castor will serve as us a g attorney general. attorney tom wolf work to go nominate a temporary replacement. castor says he's ready to get going, and restore confidence in that office. >> i don't know that anybody's prepared to assume a job of this nature, i certainly have spent my entire professional life learning how to run a large government operation. >> after kane, she could serve prison time for those convictions, her lawyer vowing to appeal that verdict. >> 5:37. what a return to philly. chase utley making us miss him even more. highlight from the game, you won't believe what he did, the thirds and fourth!
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> good morning, i'm howards eskin. the phillies and dodgers last night, but really chase utley night, returning to philadelphia for the first time since being traded last july. to the ballpark, fifth inning, zero for two, not here, vince val as quest, homerun, boy, what a way to come back to philadelphia in your first game back here. in the seventh, the bases were loaded. this is the time. grand-slam for utley. he has two homeruns, dodgers win it 15 to five over the phillies. chase you are the man. and the eagles need wide receivers. traded dennis kelly really would not have made the team. goes to tennessee for wide receiver door yo grown
5:41 am
beckham, second round pick with previous off field issues. >> i think that through the structure of the football, the way we practice, the detail, the organization, i just think there is so many life lessons that can be learned from the way we work and the way we train throughout the day and throughout the year. >> and the eagles play on thursday, that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> the us bringing home the gold medals during the rio 2016 olympics, but there have been some upsets. man, one of them happened yesterday. we have the breakdown, all of the highlight, from rio, coming up after the break.
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so arguably the fastest man of all time, bolt, got heards gold medal sunday, looking back, he said he approached the finish line, going all over the internet. >> so ellen responded now people are talking about what she tweeted, posted a picture of herself riding on bolt's back, how i'm running from now on. rio 2016, for many people thought the picture was racist, referred to times in slavely where white families would use black people as mules, ride on their backs, end responded, i am highly aware of the racism that exist in our country. it is the furthest thing from who i am. >> now to the reason we've all been watching the games, for people to win, right? >> of course. so one game did not go the way the us may be had hoped. talking about women's beach volleyball, us versus brazil.
5:45 am
>> right now to the brazilians . they can win it here. ago that, that's it. brazil, has upset the united states. >> the american team featuring walsh-jinx and april ross, hoping to advance to the finals, came up short, lost to the brazilian team, denying walsh-jennings another gold before this lost, walsh had never lost an olympic beach volleyball match before. >> much, much better night for the gymnastics team. >> that's right. the competition ended on a high note, for our two little heroes there, simone biles wrapped up her remarkable olympic games, with some more history, american gymnast won her fourth gold medal winning the floor exercise at rio, she has claimed the team gold as well as individual gold in the all-around and the vault. won bronze on the balance beam monday. now the fourth american to win
5:46 am
five medals in just one olympics. her teammate, alley reisman, took home the silver last night for her floor routines. >> the overall medal count here it is the us well on top with 84 medals, 28 gold, 28 silver, 28 bronze, china with 51, great britain one behind them at 50. russia rounds open of to the four with 38 total medals. >> em embarrassing moment, for gold medalist, one of the divers belly flops. oh. >> really? >> maybe doped up? >> ya. what a dope. his knees buckled mid-air, causing him to miss the landing, scored zero points. >> wow. >> oh,. >> like kids hanging out at the pool, not the olympics, right? >> oh, he went sideways. back in 2012 this guy won the gold medal at this event.
5:47 am
really? what happened was four years of hard living caused that. >> that makes knee feel bad, though, it is like you work that hard, scott williams? >> yes. >> four years you're waiting for this, and then that? >> didn't turn hard enough. >> man! >> yes, unbelievable, kind of disappointing looking there at that performance. let's talk about the weather, been disappointing, we've been dealing with the heat, owe press i have humidity, little good news today it, won't be as hot, forecast by the numbers, scale of one to ten, we give it a eight. muggy and sticking stepping outdoors this wednesday morning. drying out, though, but look at the nasty line of showers, and thunderstorms, that just rolled through the area, during the overnight, a lot of heavy rainfall, some gusty winds, even a lot of vivid lightning, as well, in and around philadelphia, a cross into sections of south jersey, and in particular burlington county, also camden county saw a lot of very heavy rainfall,
5:48 am
the tropics had been relatively quiet. take a look at what's brewing well out into the open waters of the atlantic. this is tropical depression number six. right now, movement to the northwest at 15 miles per hour, 35 miles per hour winds, this could become thee own a, as early as today, as it continues to move on off to the north and west, should stay out to the open waters of the atlantic basin, encounter drier air, but we'll keep you posted. zero eight philadelphia, if feels like 84 degrees, so very steamy start 73 pottstown, 75 allentown. across the area for today, not quite as hot, 90 degrees will be the high temperature, down the shore, we've got the big ac air show, warm, muggy, 87, lehigh valley 86 degrees, and then, nice evening for baseball. first pitch, looking at temperatures around 84 degrees. it will be a nice evening. lower humidity out there. that seven day forecast, showing you, temperatures today, right around 90, as
5:49 am
opposed to the mid 90s, and feels like temperatures in the triple digit. so backing off of the oppressive humidity by the afternoon. eighty-eight for the high temperature tomorrow, couple of pop up storms, warm, muggy though as we move toward the upcoming weekend with once again those typical summertime afternoon and evening pop up showers and thunderstorms. bob kelly? >> you got it, scotty. 5:49. good morning, update on the accident on the roosevelt boulevard, southbound, boulevard, all lanes block approaching the kelly drive. for the last ten minute or so. couple of cars, three, four cars all involved here on the southbound side of the boulevard before you get to the schuylkill expressway, folks getting through but only one lane instead of the normal three. so expect delays starting to build there from wissahickon on down to the schuylkill expressway. steve keeley mentioned he raised to the next fire, edgewater park, new jersey, route 130 right at mt. holly road. that's in addition to the one
5:50 am
in moorestown, so, double fire locations we're watching here in south jersey. coming north on 295, over the delaware memorial bridge, no problems or delays at all today is national cupcake day. how about some cupcakes for breakfast? take a look at this. eggs looking like eggs. >> exactly. >> cupcake day, here, at lower merion, downed tree, waverly and river view. some local detours, young ford road probably the way to go. then watch for i95, starting to see some delays build up northbound as you head towards the airport. no problems at philadelphia international airport. and no problems on mass transit. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> okay, bob, thank you so much. we are going to be entertaining. >> you bring me? >> hey, because it is so hot, and has been so hot, should you be able to wear lighter clothing? i mean, less clothing to work? >> well, you can't, because it is so cold. do you see.
5:51 am
>> well, that's here, lauren, i am talking about generally, in a universal sense. should you wear a tube top or kulots to work. >> oh, no. >> a fashion seg many, what it wear in the heat? not exciting? we will move on. kids going back to school, so we have food, their brain food, i need, that let me just give you one. avacado's, good for the brain. well, let's get some guacamole. and also, this will be the first time i've ever done something in my -- >> in your entire life? >> national i love my feet day. >> really? >> i've never let anyone touch my feet in a pedicure situation. i've never had a pedicure. >> you don't like people touching in you general? >> no, not anywhere. >> bob kelly comes up and pat you on the back, do you like
5:52 am
that? (laughing). >> makes my skin crawl. oh, god. >> that, when he does that to you? >> you had a massage lady at sir massage. >> you didn't like that at small. >> no, no. live on television today, i'll get pedicure at a place down the street. >> are you going to go through with this? >> yes, i am. and i want you there with me. >> i don't think i ever had. >> the reason i want to do this, women, i took a picture every my feet, ya, just want to kill that dude. >> whose feet? >> looks like a been john? >> up in the news room, i said obviously, i need a pair of white feet, to make it seem like mine. >> yes. >> those look like women, right? >> right. >> it is a woman's foot in a different race. >> yes. >> is this stuff you can't make up. you can't make up.
5:53 am
>> wow. >> who would have thought i had to say use a white man's foot? for the love. >> and on that note he left. >> what happens when you put a tram car up against a monster truck? how about a massive tug of war? we have the video, of feet
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> little duranduran for you this wednesday. all kind of people every day head from the delaware beaches to the jersey shore, celebrating big milestone, yes. cape may, lewes ferry, just welcomed its 45th million passenger, yes, marcus and jill of jackson, new jersey, bought the ticket just before 10:00. the family won some ferry a parm, free trip for future travel, the ferry first departed in 1964. now, wildwood, ultimate summer smack down happened. ya, this is ridiculous, tram car one side, monster truck on the other, tug of war, back and forth, the port tram car operator, i think bob kelly knows this guy, the war kick off the monsters of the beach, monster truck's races, which starts with qualifiers this friday, the races will be this weekend. all right, to egg harbor township, some folks got an early preview of the ac air
5:57 am
show, the annual free event happens today among the highlight at today's show will be us air force thunderbirds, which will fly over the ac boardwalk at 10:30 this morning. breaking news, three separate firefighters -- fires, kept firefighters busy overnight. >> one firefighter injured on south broad street, firefighters still on the scene. what they know about this blaze, after the break.
5:58 am
5:59 am
[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ]
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>> chase utley added another memorable moment to his career in philadelphia, almost a year after he left for a phillies uniform. what he has to say about fans right here in the city where it all started. >> see i think the highlight might have been he hit a grand-slam. overnight, three fires, firefighters battling flames, and this ridiculous heat, how the extreme weather conditions affecting our first responders, we'll take you to these fire locations, plus: >> across the country nearly 100,000 people are evacuate interesting wild fires in california. the state of emergency right now. >> and, boy, i'm telling you, we have creepy crawly consequence to this brutal heatwave. cockroach, have you noticed, running around, very fast, in local


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