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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> firefighters battling flames and the heat. >> you know, really takes a toll on a fire fighter. >> how this extreme weather is affecting our first responders >> creamy crawly consequence of the brutal heatwave. cockroach. >> what they're doing, looking for a cold spot. >> yes, roaches are running wild around local businesses. the special power they're getting from the humidity. >> plus donald trump is overhauling his campaign, once
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again. his new hire, and the shake-up just 82 days away from the election. >> chase utley. >> what a grand entrance, chase utley, adding another memorable moment. to his career in philadelphia. after homerun, and another homerun, a grand-slam. what he has to say about fans right here in the city, where it all started. >> he is still the man. what a performance. good day everybody, it is wednesday, august 17th, 2016. here we go, scott. >> talking about more heat, on scale everyone to ten, it will be a eight by this afternoon, take a look at bus stop buddy, muggy start, 70s, 80s, short leaves has his phillies hat on. look at the humidity, still 100%, dover, 93% right now, and pottstown, and looking at
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humidity philadelphia at 74%. so, planning your day, looking at temperatures warming to 87 by lunch, 90 degrees by this afternoon, and hey, we've got a big ac air show taking place, look at the forecast. warm, breezy, hazy sunshine, temperatures top out around 909 along the board walk, bob kelly? >> make sure to put on your suntan lotion, but your shades, from looking up in the sky there. here is a live look at the blue route, 7:02, as we get ready for some delays, the blue route, coming through delaware county, the benny not bad at all. sun splashing, certainly sun glare again for our morning rush hour. speedometer readings, down to double toothpicks here on the schuylkill expressway. south on 95, heavy cottman, down to girard. accident in the neighborhood, just above aston, delaware county, pennell road which is route 452, right at highland. traffic lights are out on the kelly drive. right at fountain green. and then we have an accident on the martin luther king drive, which isn't that far
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from the art museum circle. so the drives are a little tough coming in this morning. steve's got the rest of the details on this fire location, route 130 and mt. holly road, and mass transit looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> let's go to the location right now. >> this is in edgewater park where steve is. >> look, here is what bob just talk b you're looking right into the sun, like a lot of drivers are this time of day. you got that sun glare. and in addition, that sun, makes it feel like it is 30 degrees hotter, when you are standing in like we are now. this is route 130, where the right lane is completely shutdown. the middle lane, because if you just step out little bit, into this way, going to walk with you here, and just show them, you have got slow driving here, because you have got a couple of hundred firefighters, and ambulance personnel, and fire police here. now, chris, come back with me if you can. these firefighters are coming, chris, come back. chris, come back here, sorry, for example at home if i am yelling in your tv's. you see these firefighters
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coming out from the back of this rv center where they are going into smokey building, all of that gear, coming out here to get relief. some of them they go to the fire hydrant, follow me again, chris, they go to this fire hydrant over there, little water skirts out of there. kind of mist fan we saw earlier in moorestown, a lot of these guys are beverly, delran, cinnaminson, riverton, at the earlier fire. so it has been hours. look at the guy putting wet tall behind his head. these guys have been out in this heat, humidity, for eight hours out. mike, they are doing bang up job. they prevented both fire here in burlington county from being bad fires, no one has gotten hurt, first fire likely caused by the weather overnight with lightning show. so weather playing a part in causing the fire perhaps. and also playing a part in fighting the fires, these guys, most of them volunteers, so after this long, tough night, putting their lives on line, know go to their regular jokes after this, so me, you, scott williams, alex, none of us complaining if we have to
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go out in this hot humidity today knowing what these guys did all night since around 1:00 a.m. >> i'll remember that for sure all day long. fire on south street, right at south street inbetween wharton and reed streets. >> this one happened just about 1:00 this morning, dave kinchen assisting. dave? >> reporter: that's right, south broad, let me step out the way, what's going on, first see the damage right there, three-story building, row home right there, certainly the top two floors where the fire, the flames were just shooting out of those windows right there. fire crews are still here, right now, wharton and reed street. we should say south broad southd between ward on and read. as we take you into the video, philadelphia fire commissioner, they tell us that there was one firefighter injured in this case, but he's in stable condition, we don't know his he can act injuries, that was not disclosed, the heat was major issue for fire crews dealing with this case out here, also battled this
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blaze during the downpour of rain that came through early in the morning when the call came in around 1:10 in the morning, at least one person lives at this howls, we don't know if it was a house divided up into apartment unit. a neighbor described the scene. >> i woke up from some guy laying on the horn and like screaming at to be wake up. i look out the window, and i see the second floor, has like flames inside of it, people lining the block, knocking on dives. >> still hot out here, even after the storm, not as hot as it was. really takes toll on firefighters. they've been working, i was down in this neighborhood sunday, we had three on hand fires going at the same time across the city. our firefighters, medics working in the heat for almost a week now it, takes a toll. hard to stay hydrated when you are out here doing this every night. they've been out here doing it every night. >> reporter: no doubt about that at all. fire commissioner also says it takes about two hours to get this fire under control at
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south broad street, 1300 block. they needed 75 firefighters to do that. now, of course, the investigation begins. was this weather-related in terms of the cause? we don't know that. cause is not known right now, we do know again one firefighter hurt, injuries undisclosed stable condition at a hospital. recovering at this hour. back to you, mike anal next. >> now, third fire, in moorestown, new jersey overnight. group of townhomes went up in flames here, fire broke out on window clusters drive. interesting name. >> fire in california, state of emergency is declared in southern california, as a fast moving wild fire forces 82,000 people to evacuate. can you imagine? wild fire has burned at least, well, a dozen buildings, shutdown, the main highway, between los angeles and las vegas.
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then, up in northern california, fire crews are making progress on a wild fire there. and get this. they have arrest add guy who is accused of start that fire. ridiculous. >> in louisianna, thousands of people are displaced from the devastating flooding. eleven people have been killed in what's being called the worse flooding in the state's history. the storm system damaged 40,000 homes, sending many people to shelters. officials say the threat is not over. and new place cents downstream could still see heavy flooding >> i want everyone to understanded we are still very much in a emergency search and rescue response mode, for much of the florida parishes. saving lives the most important part that we have. >> first responders have rescued 30,000 people so far. remember there is video that we were showing? >> oh, my god. >> rescued woman as her car was singing into the water. well, they continue to search more people that have been affected by this disaster. talking about this last hour. cell phone service has been
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down, trouble reaching people. can you imagine if you have family in louisianna and you can't call them, cell phones are out, no idea how they are doing. >> 30,000 rescues? >> 30,000. >> un real. >> thankful for all of the first responders out there working. >> i tell you something, if you come back to philadelphia as a baseball player, and like chase utley did last night, you got a standing ovation. but then he's got to play the game right? >> have you heard what he it is lays night? first, here is the g ovation. >> chase utley. >> ripe howard there. >> fans greeted utley with massive standing ovation, as he came up to bat. >> he's been traded. so what did he do? well, he struck out.
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he did. >> this are you kidding me? >> he comes back, and he hit a homerun. now watch what happens when he goes into the dig out. again, this is in philadelphia. >> oh,. >> and he is long as less -- on the opposing team. i can understand a standing ovation at the beginning of the game. keep cheering until he does a curtain call. the opposing team. >> look at that. >> pretty coolment then he gets up. >> then, next, to up bat, maybe not the next one, but definitely, the bases are loaded. bases are loaded. >> he hits a grand-slam. this guy is magic.
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thirteen to two. and now here is the question. if the phillies were still in the national league race, would they have asked for a curtain call? at this point the phillies aren't going anywhere. the game is a blow out. >> i think chase utley so great, even if the phillies -- even if the phillies were in a race. >> it is chase utley. >> i don't think so. >> 's philly forever. you saw the sign. >> i bet nobody was mad about it. oh, it is chase, it is all good. >> you know what's weird? his first at bat, people booed. we struck him out. that was weird. >> how do you top that, chase utley? do you have another game today? >> big shake up for donald trump's campaign. man, he cleaned up last night. >> new manager now calling all of the shots. >> doug, what happened to paul manatofr? is he still on? >> still there. you know, the trump campaign
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doesn't like this term shake-up. >> no. >> clearly seems to be what's happening here. no one actually has been fired. but we do have now a new campaign manager, to talk becomes and a new campaign chief executive. >> true. >> the democratic party is failed, and betrayed, the african-american community. >> donald trump making a direct appeal to african-american voters in wisconsin. what appears to be new tactic coming from newly reorganized campaign. paul manafor brought in earlier this summer to proficient eyes the campaign will remain the chairman, but two new hires, kelly ann conway, well known republican strategist, now the campaign manager, and steven ban on, who heads bright bart news is the chief executive. not a shake up according to conway. he said in a statement: this is an expansion during the busy home stretch in the campaign. trump meantime is preparing for his first intelligence briefing today as a nominee. conducted at f.b.i. office in new york, just as the fbi
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turned over to congress, notes from their investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail set up. information that the fbi says is classified, which is something clinton critics are seizing on. >> court too long miss clinton, unclassified, can't have it both ways. complete and utter failure of the system. >> the clinton campaign quick to say that the fb i am decided not to charge hillary clinton, than there are no new revelations here, but at the very least, this keeps hillary clinton controversial e-mail set up in the spotlight a while longer. >> i notice you were saying trump is going to get briefed on some classified, really high level information. why would they view that before, i'm sure they do this, as well, but why brief candidate then before even a necessary. >> what if they get elected and all of that info in their
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heads? >> generally getting security clear lance, pretty tough theming to do. you don't need securely clearance if our major party nominee. you get these briefings without getting any kind of clearance. we don't think hillary clinton has had her yet, at least not saying that, but she will get one as well. just so they're prepared to take offers on day one. >> day one. >> if they end up becoming the president. >> now you know what all is going on in the country. >> well, still want to do this? >> now they know what's going on in area five; all of that weird stuff. >> oh,. >> do you believe in area 51? >> well, it does exist, right, we don't know what's really happened there. >> doing weird stuff out there. we will talk about that later. >> if i disappear, it is probably because of this conversation. >> well, maybe we will see you tomorrow. >> we'll tell your family. >> oh, thanks. >> here we go, go not front page of the paper. >> i love doug by the way, can i just say? so great. >> do you? >> yes. >> he's married.
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>> just saying he's great. >> kane takes her leave quickly. boy she made quick decision there. where is the other paper smear. >> less than 24 hours? >> oh, yes. kane cracked. kane cracks. who will take her place? montgomery county district attorney bruce castor will become acting attorney general today. after all these years. he's wanted this. >> state supreme court justice will swear him in. >> that's right. >> kathleen kane announce dollars she will decline at the close of business today after jury convicted of her of perjury. >> hillary clinton campaign rolled through our area, over at west philly high school yesterday afternoon. >> urged every within to vote ahead of the october 11 deadline, also jabbed at donald trump, she took aim at what some consider the vagueness of his policies. >> i talk specifically about what i want to do.
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i know that some people make fun of me, they say oh, she has all of these plans, you could go to my website, and read my plan, but i tell you, you know why i do, that because i want you to know what i'm going try to do so you can both help me and hold me accountable for doing what i toll you i want to do. >> she said she will open campaign offers at 52nd and cedar. how about that? >> ladies and gentlemen, the weather styling of scott williams. >> i don't know if you will be clapping after you hear the heatwave could be extended into today, mike and alex, talking about not at oppressive, still hot stepping outdoors by this afternoon, but the extreme heat and humidity will come to an end. high temperature around 90, maybe pop up isolated thunderstorm, hazy sunshine right now, 79 degrees, feels like 82. thunder boomers overnight produce add lot of heavy rain, vivid lightning around the
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area into part of south jersey, in particular, camden county, burlington county, but here is a little bit of relief by this afternoon, that weak frontal boundary will mean wind shifting more out of the west, northwest, of that, will dry the atmosphere out, lower that humidity. so still hot, but less humid is the headlines for today. high temperatures in philadelphia, around 90. by this afternoon. most of us once again will stay dry. so area wide, 90 in center city, calling it not as oppressive. down the shore, big air show, temperatures upper 80s, lehigh valley, 86 degrees, with that humidity dropping. >> 7:17, happy hump day, slow going on the turnpike, from ft. washington, over to mid-county, starting to see a beginning of the morning rush hour, pop, and sun glare, all at the same time. westbound on the schuylkill, i got the sun at your back as you head out of town, delays from the boulevard just inching along, up the hill, in toward conshohocken. south on 95, put about 22 minutes and jelly donut on the
7:18 am
way, 422, the same deal, sun glare from observation oh, in through conshohocken. then out in delaware county, right on the border line of aston and media here, pennell road which is 452, a crash at highland, martin luther king drive traffic lights, right at fountain green, so that will be hot mess for folks using the drives, coming into downtown. alex back over to you. >> thank you so much. bob, 7:18. school bells are already ringing for student who attend global leadership academy in west philadelphia. school officials say opening their doors today will really help student in the longrun, and so jen is therefore the first day of school. it is that time of year, jen. >> yes, it is really cool, and d as you see the little guys, girls, getting offer the bus right here, and i've already pick, forgive me, i pick a favorite, my favorite first grader, good morning to you, shaheem. so we've been talking little
7:19 am
bit off camera. you did your summer packet, right. >> yes. >> you're very excited for first grade? >> yes. >> tell me the name of your teacher? now you say you're excited to come back to school early, right? >> yes. >> your favorite subject is? >> math. >> math, now, mike our camera guy, little tricky. he said what's two plus two? >> four. >> what's two times two? >> four. >> dude, you don't even need first grade. we got to skip you to up third grade. i think you're doing good. wave high to all of the people. congratulations and happy first day. we will be talking to you a little bit later at some point. but the bottom line here at global leadership academy you want them to come back early to reduce summer brain drain, right? >> absolutely, absolutely. all about eliminating that summer lost, one of the ways we do that is by operating on year around calendar, where they have shorter summer so get to the ground running after only four weeks off of
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school. then we transition and have longer breaks throughout the year. >> i love it. well, there is more kiddos coming in. we'll be here for another half hour. listen, you tell your teacher you're famous and you know us, see you soon. >> hi, guys, is this not adorable. ladies and gentlemen, school is in session. and people are happen. >> i jen, he is so adorable. >> i know, so cute. >> so-so cute. >> i know what kids might like? this is an aquarium full of cockroach. we have a cockroach pros in our -- problem in our syd i because of the heat. would you like to see a man, he has an agree, a doctor, he is going to put his hand in there, and we will tell you why in just a bit. would you like to put your hand in there? >> no. >> how much would i have to pay to you put your hand in there? >> big monday. >> i look at the billing roaches in there. >> i see them. we're seeing them everywhere.
7:21 am
i want to know waist going on, should i be concerned about this, when i go out to eat? >> doctor cambridge will come in and talk to us, and he'll put his hand in there. >> all right. >> plus forget the toys, kids. when mcdonald is now putting in your happy meal. it is not a toy. will you be disappointed? this is weird. what they are putting in the happy meal now
7:22 am
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> we are having a cockroach debate. >> oh, it will be settle. okay, mcdonald, when you were a kid, go to mcdonald for little plastic toy. >> make my grandmother, we have to get the alcohol collection .
7:25 am
>> i want to see. >> i want this. >> secret, sit in front of the tv, then i don't get burned. >> can you imagine whether they get, open it up, looking for the toy? >> this is bigger story. >> eat bananas, bananas may become extinct. can you imagine, world without bananas? >> become extinct? how could this happen? >> no. >> the researchers at the
7:26 am
university of california davis, they say, there are three fungi, that are affecting the banana crop. as a result, they are ruining it, but the good news is that we have pesticides, and ways to get around this. soap, probably not going to see the banana crop go away, considering it is what, in 120 different countries? this research scares us, by saying, the banana if not treated could go away in five years. >> what? also scares me, because probably going to be more expensive. >> thank you. >> paying more money. >> i swear, the last two grocery stores, i was in, the bananas look terrible. they were green, and one, like the shelves were empty, night not be because of this, could have been coincidence, but i saw this story this morning, and i said, hum, something to look out for. >> changes, and the price or quality of the bananas that you were buying. >> they still have appeal. >> mike? >> good one. >> good night everybody.
7:27 am
>> and at that i got to split have all right, thank you, lauren? nice. >> split. >> split. >> oh, you can slip. >> see you tomorrow. >> so let's get to this roach thing, roach problem because of the heat. so it is even closing down some restaurants, mike. >> still. >> that's actually an aquarium, full of roaches on our desk right here. and alex is going to stick her hands in there for an experiment. >> oh, no i'm not. >> what? >> you're going to do that. >> i just want to know how this is affecting my restaurant dining and everything, because if they're everywhere, should i be concerned? >> by the way the doctor just told us these roaches are edible, we will do that, well, we will eat them, touch them. >> you mean you -- >> after the break. >> okay.
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>> hey, chase utley dominated last night with solo homerun. and so how do you top that? hit a grab slam later in the game. dodgers blasted the phillies, 15 to five. we'll replay the garage slam. that was something. >> plus, uber is now in the food delivery game in philly. how you can track your order, right to your front door. and then right in your mouth. we'll try it out live in the next hour. we will order the first uber eats in philadelphia, right
7:31 am
here, in the show. >> that would be groundbreaking. what we're doing this morning, then. >> we're making history. >> yes. >> the first tv show in america to order food, through uber. >> other sit that's have it, i think dc has uber eat. >> do they? also, first in our area. >> san francisco has it, my daughter has been using it. >> first in america? >> just play along with me, will you? here comes scott and weather. >> sounds tasty, that uber eats. let's talk about bus stop buddy this morning, he's dressed for the heat, a muggy start, 70s and 80s out there. planning your day, hour by hour, it is going to be hot again, but not as oppressive. yes, talking 90's degrees for the high, not as hot, we certainly don't have any heat advisory, or heat warnings to talk about, for today. so that's a little bit of good news, hey, we had thunder boomers overnight, that activity has diminish. so looks like most of us will stay dry, but that frontal boundary, that cold front, will bring some humidity relief bob kelly by the end of the day.
7:32 am
>> 20 miles per hour on 95, jam up on the turnpike there, 28 miles an hour, again, sun glare, volume, from ft. washington, on in. delays on the schuylkill expressway, westbound, and now we got crash north on 295. this is 295, at exit number 11, that's for center square. there is also delays coming in toward philly, on feet way, look, up in the sky, it is a birds, it is a plane, no, it is the ac air show, and we're going see a lot of volume using the a.c. expressway, to get down therefore the event that kicks off at 11:00. mike and alex over to you. >> cockroach, cockroach, cockroach, there you go, over on sansom street two nights ago from walking out of a restaurant. and the roaches are outside of the restaurant on the streets. >> so much so, i started hopping around, because there are so many of them crawling around my shoes. so how the out, now seeing all
7:33 am
of these roaches everywhere, hum, so restaurant owners say the bugs are even impacting their lively hood. >> city health department shutdown this south philadelphia on friday. and inspection found cockroach on the walls, in the walls, looking behind pipes. castro has owned this place, for 14 years. >> i never happens to me. just this is the first time. >> he says his own family eats here, 90% of the time, and he's committed to keeping the bugs at bay. >> it is my priority here in the restaurant, because this is what we do for a living. >> other restaurant in the city were also cited for cockroach, including cosi at fourth and chestnut, woodlands village diner on woodland avenue. lucky garden chinese take out in southwest philly. ex turn nature or matt kelly of prodigy, tech solutions, said he's had twice the number of calls for cockroach, during this heatwave.
7:34 am
>> and what they're doing, looking for a cold spot to go in, looking for, you know, cracks, crevices, open doors, open windows. >> and he says summer storms like the one we had last night, are also driving roaches out of the sewers, and up the drainpipes, into businesses, and homes. >> if there is moisture, anything, rainfall coming down, if you have water, commercial kitchens, that's what they're doing, looking for the damp nice place to set up shop. >> okay, doctor john cambridge is here, good to see you my man. where do you work? >> insect -- north fill. >> i oh, north philly. that's where they had the butterfly exhibit, don't they? >> so close to finish it, yes. >> so you study cockroach? >> i have studied all types of insect, and today i will talk about the stuffy know about cockroach. >> so whether i walk out on to the streets, like i said, over
7:35 am
rittenhouse square, roaches running all over the sidewalk. not in restaurant, outside, running around. >> yes. >> what's the heat have to do with it? >> all right. so like any other animal that is cold blooded even though we don't really like that term, everything speeds up when it is hot outside. these guys are in warmer environment, going out there, trying to cool off, looking foreplays cents, trying to mate more, trying to get more food, everything just moves quicker. so you're going to see a lot more, even interest these, the common ones around here. >> so you have aquarium here that's cool? >> yes. >> and you got one that's heated up like the temperatures are around philadelphia right now? >> yes so watch what happens when i come in here and i we will stir the picketing pot. see little activity there, okay? >> we want them to see all of the different types. >> yikes. >> no, no. >> but this one is a lot hotter, and these guys, you will see a lot -- >> look at them. >> oh, look at that guy. oops. they're huge. >> so, the reason, we don't have to worry about these guys
7:36 am
flying around like everyone is seeing, though, because they're not really good flyers. they'll crawl up on building or something, then flutter down. but you're not going to see one take off on the sidewalk. >> so they don't fly? >> they nutter? >> they flutter, they want to fly but not actually not great fliers, not like wasp or something. >> so when the heatwave is over -- >> you won't have to worry about cockroach. >> won't see them as much? >> not like they won't be there. >> they're there. >> not flying in your face as much, no. >> so they'll run back into buildings? and hide? >> rotting logs, anything around here, cracks in the sidewalks, they're if the going to be the issue, not going to see restaurant getting closed down like this. let's just get past the heatwave, yes. >> even when it comes to people always concerned, oh, cockroach in a restaurant, is it because they're caring some type of -- should we be concerned there are more, we can see more in restaurant? >> you guys are all stands back. >> yes. >> i'll give you some space. >> thank you.
7:37 am
>> cockroach are contact factors, mean, they can actually carry pathogens and stuff on the outside of their bodies. so cockroach don't bite, they don't sting anything like that, but they live in objectively dirty places. and so if there is, you know, something gross in there, they'll take that to another place. >> so we need cockroach in our lives? >> ya, absolutely, these guys -- >> the grossness. >> they eat the grossness. >> yes, these guys, you know, they're very important de composers. so rotting logs, things likes that, they help turn organic material back into soil. >> maybe we should be happen that i this heatwave is happening, more is getting done then? >> and more being made. >> ya. >> mike and had i a debate this morning. >> what's the debate. >> was talking it about the fact when this is hot outside, they do more, they move faster, oh, then they must love the heat because, you know, they are getting busy. so mike says no, no, no, they are just running, trying to
7:38 am
get cool. >> okay, okay. >> do they like the heat or do they like to be cool? >> i'll knock you a satisfying answer, kind of both. >> okay. >> certainly if they are getting too hot they'll try to find shady spot maybe somewhere cool and damp to get that body temperature down. because they can get so hot they can't funs. but, they're hot, they're getting bothered, so they're going to end upgoing out and making a lot more little cockroach, a lot quicker at that, so exactly what both of you said. >> so we're both right? >> bamm. >> just suck it up this time. >> that's really discusting. trying to have intelligent conversation. >> listen, mike, you look at cockroach all day, so it is pretty rough. >> no, no. >> i can't imagine. >> hey, dating anybody? >> kind of. >> ya? >> ya. >> does she pick up roaches? >> if she is feeling it, ya. >> , no you say a wing go out like that, when you held it in your hand. they don't fly.
7:39 am
>> they reserve the right to fly. but just not very good at it. so, i'm going to hold this by the legs, take a look, see, a lot of inch second have this cool behavior, if you blow over the front of them, they think they're falling, start flapping their wings, i don't know if it will work. sure isn't. but, ya, i mean there is guy even though he is up here, still not decide to go fly. >> maybe he is too cold? >> no. >> so ya, i know what you just saw on good day philadelphia. >> what? >> a man blowing into a roach. okay. >> got to see it somewhere. >> that's great. >> ya? >> you just shake your hand. thank you. >> thank you, mr. cockroach. >> and he is a cockroach intern. >> here comes jen. >> first day of school. >> yes. >> first day of school, yes, at the global leadership academy, there are no un attractive children. they're all adorable, smart, and you're ready with that,
7:40 am
right? you have your fresh haircut, you're ready to go. we'll talk to them right after the break. by the way it is hirst birthday here, pretty cool.
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against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
7:43 am
>> we are back, amazing school, the global leadership academy, good morning. >> good morning. >> happy first day of school, even though last day of school was about a month ago. so, you get four weeks off during the summer, but you say there is a trade off? >> yes, our winter break way longer than everyone else's, so more every win-lose situation. you lose more in your summer but then get longer break during winner -- winter. >> you're excited to come back to school, right? >> yes. >> what are you motion excited for? >> making the a friend, meeting, new people here, and just having fun and learning. >> yes, you know what? this woman has been here for ten years, you probably know her. this year is her first year aspirin. owe said -- i said what kind of plans do you have in.
7:44 am
>> our theme creating image of excellence, so we are setting eggs lengs as our standard here. >> really cool. your first year here. you slid in, your mommas a teacher here, but you're excited to try this out? >> yes,. >> i am what has she toledos special about this school? >> well, there is themes in almost every classroom. and there are just so many people to meet. >> pretty cool. you're in charge of one of the themes? >> yes, i am in the global studies educator here. one of my primary responsibility, preparing our scholars, travel internationally, inter continently and locally. >> amazing. so one guy, who has been traveling nationally, is chase utley. so when we come back after the break, we will show you what philly had in store for chase utley, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for your time this morning.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
>> 422 into king of prussia. hello, south 95 stack up from academy in toward girard, no major incidents on the major roadways, just a lot of volume, some sun glare, at least on the philly side. now in new jersey north on 295, an accident, right at center square road, that's causing delays for folks headed up toward the commodore barry. southbound, on 95, just under half hour, as i mention, coming in on the freeway,
7:48 am
about 20 minute trip accident in media, pennell at highland. more storms on the way for late, scott as got the answer coming up in 15 seconds. >> might be one or two pop up, but for the most part, looking drier across the area for today, that humidity will be dropping, as well, so, the extreme heat has come to an end, still will be hot, high temperatures around 90 degrees, but the humidity will be dropping. 79 degrees, right now, center city, feels like the low 80s, early this morning, but, here is somewhat of a game changer, this cold front, that will bring a wind shift out way, means the temperatures will be dropping, behind that system, but high temperature today, of 90 degrees, still hot, but once again, guys, not as
7:49 am
oppressive. >> let's talk about chase utley coming back to town here last night. >> welcome back with open arms. >> true. except he had blue on. well, before becoming dodger as you know he played here his whole career, 13 seasons, what is he, 37 years old now? fans greet him withstand g ovation as he came to bat. even played statement music, cashmere. >> oh, they still love, the dodgers were cheering for him, the phillies were, oh, good friends, ryan howard at first base, applauding him. wip sport radio was here. >> i was there, good to have electricity back at citizens bank park, south philly, pretty wilds. >> the standing ovation at the beginning was not surprising at small. >> oh, no. >> it was incredible, almost minute and a half worth of applause for a guy that helped bring championship to this city, guy that helps take the team to another world series,
7:50 am
awesome to see that develop we deserved. >> let's see it. >> went on for a minute and a half? >> the phillies officially tweeted out minute and 242nd. >> wow. >> around the same time i believe jimmy rollins applause was, as well. really special moment. >> first time. >> called out, weirds thing with the fans, happy and sad, it was booing, it was cheering. like he got called out on a strike, they cheered because the opposing player struck out, then realize it was utley, booed, cheered again back to the dugout. >> booing our pitcher? >> a smattering of boo's, if you will. >> okay. >> it wasn't a thunderous boo, philly boo if you will. >> then as chase utley always does, he comes through.
7:51 am
>> here is a homerun. >> the right time. deep to right centerfield. it is gone. >> back to the dodgers bullpen. solo homerun. >> dodgers are up. curtain call. did you like that? >> did i not like the curtain call. >> why not? >> twenty-one game at this point, excuse me, three-run game, two run game rather. looking at it, well, the phillies right now, six and a half games out after wild cards. a month and a half left in the season. i didn't like the idea of cheering another, another player, despite it being chase utley. unless you are standing up level watching there is total stranger, thinking, curtain call? >> i get the applause, but the curtain call for me, first homerun, little too much.
7:52 am
>> why do you have such crappy seats? >> what about grand-slam. >> oh, play it. >> deep to right field. it is gone. grand-slam for chase utley. >> his timing is amazing, second homerun of the night. >> he does not show emotion. >> no big deal. >> he cracked a smile in the postgame press conference, which was amazing just to see that. little bit. but that to me, i didn't have a problem with this curtain call that he got after the grand-slam. because it was a blow out at that point. get your money's worth, give the man as much respect as, pay him as much homage as possible, grand-slam curtain call, no problem, two run baseball game, curtain call, ya, that avenue problem with. >> so play again tonight? >> play again tonight, will get another standing ovation, most likely when he walks to the plate again, they'll play cashmere. most likely he'll get another
7:53 am
# zero second ovation. >> like groundhog day? >> how did they top that? >> how does he top it? i hope he doesn't. phillies win. i like to see him play well. >> do you think, nice thing, phillies weren't doing as well, wouldn't have been as excited, done as much for chase utley? do you agree with that? >> probably not because you look at jimmy rollins last year, and last year they didn't have a shot. >> no. >> this year, again, what, seven years out of a wild-card spot in the national league? >> no chance. look. >> you had a team, last year orphan base, jimmy rollins, three days for standing ovation. >> still think the phillies are in it. >> you're in it, don't give back. >> 7:53. atlantic air show starts today, thunderbirds, you know doctor mike has flown with these guys. so talk to doctor mike, live shot from ac. acme has everything you need, every day!
7:54 am
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for a healing night's sleep. introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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>> coming up on 8:00, found this new article, washington post blogger, says her parents happy marriage ruin her love life because it gave her unrealistic expectations about her owner is. for a partner in live, preston, we start with you. what do you think of that? >> mike, you know what? i think that this could be one of the most stupid things ever. i mean, no, i mean, i think that this person, that they're laying blame on parent, for having a great relationship. >> yes. >> and giving them unrealistic expectations, of how their love life is going to turn out. i think that's a bunch of garbage, to be honest, i've seen stud that's say if you grow up, in a loving household, and you see your parents being affectionate with each other, it can actually give you wonderful he
7:58 am
can pecks takes or hope there is someone out there. >> steve, what about this, though, think about it, they are different generations, so you can't expect, men are different from what they are from our parent what they are now. could you argue, hey, maybe from different time, maybe that's why? >> my dad was albert desalvo, better none as the boston strangler. and i have a wonderful relationship with my wife. so, no, i may be generational, i think people they look, they examine things too much. here, yes, but if your parents set wonderful example shall you're blessed, follow suit. people just look for things to complain. they're not even complaining because it was abusive parent, complaining because they were -- >> alex, my parent didn't have a great relationship, got divorced, and i have an awesome wonderful relationship. so i think the generational thing, no i don't think it has
7:59 am
anything to do with that my parent have been married for 30 years, sometimes my parent say maybe your expectations are too high because of how they are, and -- >> well, you know the old saying, i want a woman like dear old dad married, and in some cases countries they do. that will not here. but still the olds axium. but i think, listen, you're bless philadelphia your parents in your case, they set a good standard. not ruining it for you. you know, you don't want to starter marriage. you want the real deal. example, something something to shoot for. >> casey wants to ago something. >> i feel bad for my wife because her father was the guy that could do and would do everything around the house, fix anything, including cars. then she married me and she had this unrealistic expectation of what a husband and father should be doing around the house. and she didn't get that in me. >> and you guys are still happy, right? >> yes, we are. >> mike will come over and fix all of the stuff. >> is nick around?
8:00 am
is he really going to climb a mountain? what's going on? >> oh, you heard about that? >> i'm around, planning on climb ago mountain, climbing mount ren air over labor day weaken, i have solicited your support if possible, thank you for bringing that up. >> sure, how do we help you? we see the graphic. >> you actually carry him up the mountains. you needs to get on your shoulders. >> i'm not that strong at climbing. >> also going to be a party on tuesday night, at iron hill, ardmore, and we will be from six p.m. to 8:00 p.m. all of the information up. wmmr. com. yes, pre-party. basically raising fun for this disease that nobody has ever heard about. it is awful. it is deadly. it affect children. and carl had two boys, carl had been fighting good fight, and enlisted my help, as well. >> you guys still -- >> yes, we, are a week from friday, speed raceway, horsham, everybody's invited to come out for that. >> we'll remind everybody about that next week. >> appreciate it.
8:01 am
>> hey, it is april the 17th, 2016. here we go. >> from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia. >> back to school. almost time. and it is important to feed your kids brain and belly food. the best food to get you ready for back to school. >> plus, the biggest mistake you're making, when you try to get your kids to taste something new. >> speaking every eating, ukee now in the food delivery game, and philly, how you can track your order, right to your front door. >> i can track it right into my how the? >> right into your mouth. >> wow. >> twitter react when the star tweets about an olympic splinter. why some are recalling her a racist? why she is not apologizing but upset. >> oh, the beauty of brazil. adrianna, alexandra, brazil
8:02 am
yam woman use the beach as their spa. you know what, you can do the same thing, right here at home. >> they use the sands at the beach? >> ♪ >> rub being olive oil and sands onto her body, i would think? >> of course. >> the most beautiful woman ever made. >> ever made? >> okay, you don't have to me in there. don't be rubbing sands on me, i'm good. >> eight on a ten scale as far as the weather. that's pretty darn good for me. a eight? >> making small gains there, mike, all about progress, but still going to be hot, not as oppressive for today. i mean, still looking at high temperature around 90. making it the 33rd, 909 degrees better day, and day eight of our heatwave. don't have heat warning or heat advisory in effect across the area, so plan your day hour by hour, looking at temperatures by lunch, 87, 90
8:03 am
by this afternoon, most every us stay dry, might be an isolated pop up. but down the shore, hey, big ac air show, warm, breezy, temperatures mid to upper 80s, winds from the west, ten to 15, miles per hour, bob kelly. >> can't beat that. 8:03. put on 8:03, put on your suntan lotion, and pack your shades, if you are head today that air show, accident here for you. this is westbound, on the schuylkill expressway. right near 476, looks like one of those classic three car fender benders, we got some wicked sun glare this morning coming in from new jersey, delays on the freeway headed into 29a just under half hour on the clock, coming south on 95. almost 40 minutes west on the turnpike, from philly, over to vale forge, no accidents, just a lot of volume today. martin luther king drive, earlier accident, right before you get to the art museum, the traffic moving, but things backed up there, coming in on the drive. traffic light out. on the kelly drive. at fountain green. so that's causing for delays during morning rush hour, in
8:04 am
media, delaware couldn't, crash at penn he will road, which is route 452, right at highland. mike and alex back over to you. >> 8:04. >> well, three fires are now under control, in our area. the excessive heat making it difficult for first responders, the latest fire was in edgewater park new jersey at a building near route 130, the second in moorestown, wind cluster drive, several townhomes went up in flames. one firefighter hurt fighting a blaze overnight in south philadelphia on south broad street. no word yet on what caused all three of those fires. >> man, big state of emergency in southern california right now. as this fast-moving wild fire forces, listen to this, over 80,000 people to be evacuated from their home. at least a dozen buildings have come down. hundreds, and hundreds of firefighters are now battling this huge fire. both on the ground, and of course in the air. then up in the northern part of the state, fire crews making progress on wild fire out there. they think that a guy actually started it on purpose.
8:05 am
he has been arrested. now to kathleen kane. >> coming up 8:05, today the last day kathleen kane will serve as attorney general. she is expected to resign at the close of business today. her announcement came yesterday one day after jury convicted her of perjury, obstruction, former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor will serve as acting attorney attorney general, wore works for a permanent replacement. >> okay. >> i feel dollars need for speed. >> flying against the best fighter pilots in the worlds. >> you guys really are cowboys >> steve will be in full over the beaches in atlantic city for the air show. >> while the golden nights, they're going to kicks this of thing offer, they jump out of airplanes, i've flown with them, watch they dive out of a working airplane, yes, do it on purpose. so that's going to be around
8:06 am
11:00. then, the air force thunderbirds the precision team, they're going to close the show around 3:00. so dramatic. doctor mike, he got to fly with precision team, back in 2004. remember this? >> this is awesome. absolutely awesome. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> there is 4g's. >> did you great. >> i don't think i'm ever get a media ride on the space shuttle. but that was as close as you can get. just intense.
8:07 am
>> doctor mike, even though it was 12 years ago, i got to fly with the blue angels, and what they tell to you do, pilot tells to you do, grunt through the g's, pounds on your thigh's. so you don't pass out. >> it looks intense. >> i bet it was like yesterday, doctor mike. >> well, it was fun, you had to play me saying help. i just love that. >> i am with one of the thunderbirds, i've major alex turner here, the opposing solo number six. listen, it is a great pleasure to be with you, what's going on, man? how are you doing? outstanding, and great to be here in atlantic city for the air show. >> couldn't ask for any better weather. now, i have to ask you a couple every questions. number one, how does someone get to be on the thunderbirds the premiere, best of the
8:08 am
best? >> relatively long road leading up to the thunder birds, there are minimum result, at every pilot has to meet to be a member of the demonstration team. and once you hit that certain threshold, application goes in, includes all of your flying qualifications, your performance reports as an officer, and then several interviews, as well fine out whether you will gel with everyone, and able to well represent the air force and air men out there. >> you just look like a thunder birds pilot. you got the look. as a doctor, how, because you're pulling g's, and and you don't say help up there like did i. what do you have to do to stay in sheep and keep your body at its top shape? >> he can err size and fitness, what we do for air men, all have our minimum standards to meet, but some specific things to answer your question about flying a fight their help us out, the first,
8:09 am
workouts, things that strengthen your lower body, specially your eastbound, your legs, your glutes, there because those are very involved in the g force anti-g strange maneuver, when you took your ride, there as well as honestly sprinting, and, kind of area robe i can style working out helps us with breathing and quick onsets that the g's bring on. so we also get very, very specific training from our flight docks, and physiologist specialist, as well. to do that. >> all right, i got to say this. all right? are you ready? we're going to say i feel the need for speed. are you ready? >> i -- >> oh, it is air force, common. are you ready? >> i feel the need for speed. ya. all right. >> he's air force. >> thunderbirds. love it. >> love it. >> new respect for you, doctor mike. >> really is amazing experience. that's cool, doctor mike. >> up on the track. we need your opinion on this.
8:10 am
the united states, new zealand runners collide in this long, long race. 5,000 meters. >> she doesn't run, she helps. you're not going to believe what the olympic committee decided to do for these two women. common. >> well, you know what? why don't we call in ooher? >> uber, no, i don't need a ride, i need food. no, the food needs a ride to us. uber eats now if the food delivery game. how you can track your order right to your front door, we will do this live on the show, because we're hungry. >> okay.
8:11 am
8:12 am
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:13 am
>> 8:13, this wednesday, take a live look, what's happening on ultimate doppler. pretty quite. temperatures in the 70s, 80s, bus stop buddy has the short sleeves on, the haze, humidity right now 71% philadelphia, but look at dover, still at 100%.
8:14 am
winds out of the west, drier winds, so humidity will be dropping. we have 80 right now philadelphia. eighty-two in milville and dover, down the shore, wildwood, right now, 82, 80 in atlantic city, so across the area, don't forget the shades, sunscreen, 90 degrees, but not as oppressive. center city, down the shore, 87, big air show taking place, stay hydrated, of course, have the sunscreen there, as well. lehigh valley, 86 degrees, the humidity will be dropping behind that front. seven day forecast, shows same song and dance, upper 80s to right around 90. pop up thunderstorm, can't be ruled out bob kelly during the heat of the day. >> you got it, scotty. 8:14, good morning, everybody, on a wednesday hump day. got an accident right near the king of prussia mall. now, that we've got everybody's attention right by the mall, 202, right at henderson road. here is a live look downtown, the vine expressway, folks coming toward our camera, coming off of the schuylkill, the flip side, headed over toward 30th street. so in full gear here, some wick sun glare, this morning. traffic lights are out along
8:15 am
the kelly drive, at fountain green. so that's causing delays, for folks coming into the city. also we had earlier accident, on the martin luther king drive, right hine the art museum. causing delays. and as scotty mentioned, the ac air show, will bring a lot of extra volume, on the atlantic city expressway, heading to the beach, and then of course when it is over, at 4:00, that return back to the city, right around the rush hour. mike anal he can back to you. >> bob, always home? want something to eat? >> let's do it. >> the problem we used to here, none of us could go out and get significant. >> what about, let's call an ooher? >> i need food. >> uber is expanding, folks. so, starting today, you can order food. >> it is called uber eats, available in more than 10us cities including new york and la. but the philly version went life, just little bit ago. so we put it to the test, right here on the set. we will order breakfast. >> general manager over at
8:16 am
uber eats is casey. hi, casey. this is so cool. >> it is so cool. really excited. today is the first day uber eats is live in philadelphia. our new stain alone app to bring you the food at the speed of uber. >> you need to download something separate for this. it is free to download, yes, from the app store. we can click in it. see how it works. you just saw that. looks for the fork. uber eats. >> fork? >> look for the fork. and you simply open the app. and you can brouse all of the restaurant in philadelphia. the way ube eats, partnered with over 100 of the best local restaurant in philly. and you can scroll through at any time to see what's on there, to bring you where you are. >> closest? the top things? >> whatever is open, closed, ready to be delivered to you. >> because uber, regular uber, pulls up, you see the available cars. >> available restaurant, gout. >> so you have our address, 330 market street? >> here, what are you guys in
8:17 am
the mood for? paying else? >> well, why not? i'll get bagels. >> right? >> alex, all right. let's see, so you can scroll through, see, we'll look specifically, for a bagel place. >> i know that place. that's 17th and chestnut. >> good, right? and they have the time there. that's what that mean? >> estimated time for delivery. >> so important to note that nationally on average our delivery times just over three minutes, so this really is lightning fast for food delivery. >> now, when it comes to also it says bagels, the dollar signs, have -- price range, cuisin, all of the information there, you can search for favorites like we just did here or brouse and see what strikes you? >> would you bring up their menu? >> sure can. >> what do they have? >> oh, let's get rain bro bright. >> okay. >> so we will order one of those, you click on the item you're interested in, add any special instructions would you like, we'll add this to our cart here. >> okay, lox? >> oh, ya.
8:18 am
>> and a breakfast sandwich oring? >> see what sells in the app? >> alex is hungry. >> i want to see it. >> see how many calories? >> all right, that's enough. >> there go. yes, you can make any mod any cases, if you want to add anything, do that. >> now what if i want something particular. know how mike is, no, i want a little bit of salt on it. can you add note? >> sure k yep. we work directly with the restaurant partners so they will see all of your nights right in their application. >> so only got up to five bucks here. >> is there a minimum charge? >> oh, so that's a great question. actually there is one fat delivery fee typically usually between four to $5, others, no additional neice to have your food delivered. but for right now, to celebrate in philadelphia, our launch. >> there we go, okay.
8:19 am
>> we're done. >> have we orderer? >> almost. >> so check out. this is important. so for right now delivery in philadelphia is free. so you have no additional, oops, no additional charges. other than the food. for rye naught. >> oh. so a car will go there now? >> yes, as soon as we place our order, it will be on our door in roughly 35 to 46 minutes, we can probably beat that, and you'll once we place this order right now, watch it, order it, and then would you like to check the order? >> yes, we would. >> so, i say it all the time, 8: 52, in just a bit here. you can see the restaurant currently getting your order in, confirming it. >> and at the time you when the food is being prepared. i love that. >> and as soon as it moves, in actually cooking it in the background, you will be able to see. that will once courier is dispatched which we use our existing network of uber driver partners, one of the most around. >> we will watch the car come here? >> you'll watch it, as soon --
8:20 am
the courier is on the way, status will change, and you will be able to see the map like we're used to seeing with cars? what if i say my gosh, i forgot to order something, do i call the restaurant? >> yes, we have great support. you can always contact us at any time. so, let's say, you put the wrong delivery address in, you can give us a call. >> cool. >> if your order, whatever the issue is, here for you. >> kacie, hang right here. let us know where the car is at every point. >> we'll update you. >> thank you. oh, look at this. uber eats. let me get my phone. >> want the lox and bagels. >> oh, we have to share. >> cooper gets the green light. >> oh, remake of star is born, has a lead. the big name that just signed on. >> jen is going back to school, i know what she is doing watch are you doing? >> brazilian beauties, you know.
8:21 am
>> in the united states, super models look all the way different. right, from tyra banks to christie brinkly. but in brazil they have a very specific look and they are getting into the very specific way. how you can look like a brazilian super model, without the lacks
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> we ordered these bagels from philly paying. >> i food being prepared right now, cooking it up, it should be here momentarily. >> do you think the car is there yet? >> not yet. we'll dispatch the car in time to pick up the food. so that it will arrive in great condition. very quickly. >> then 17th and chestnut over here to fourth and market. okay. the divorce battle between johnny dep and amber hurt every day it changes. but it looks like it might be over. >> they settle the case yesterday. she withdrew allegations deposition deposition had been physically abusive. they had a joint statement. talk talked about this
8:25 am
yesterday. interesting how each line was sworn to the statement, because said it was quote intentionally passionate and sometimes volatile. but always bound boy love. >> so she said he didn't hit her? >> that's the thing. sometimes -- >> wording? >> yes, the wording was very particular here. >> she had bruises. >> she said she quote wishes the best for johnny dep in the future, also it is like she didn't say necessarily abuse, he hit her, at the same time, people saying she's in for the money, married less than a year when this happened. at the end it said she will donate a portion of the settle: got like $7 million or something like that, to charity. >> that's what they say, i'll donate a portion. three bucks? >> they didn't say specifically. >> but, ya. >> okay. >> lady gaga is headed to the big screen in the re-make of that classic a star is born and yes she will be opposite bradley cooper. >> lady gaga, and bradley
8:26 am
cooper? said that she is the latest to be directing, to be directed by and starring with bradley in this project. >> yes. >> so she will be young singer on the rise, and the career of her mentor in love, bradley cooper; falling. rise and fall. >> oh. >> so first the project off the grounds with beyonce, can you imagine, beyonce opposite of bradley couper? >> i think i would rather see beyonce and bradley than gaga and bradley. >> why is that? >> i just find beyonce extremely attractive. >> you don't finds lady gaga extremely attractive? >> anyway, this will be the third major remake of a star is born. let's go back. 1954, you had your judy garland and james may mason. oh, james mason. that's my impression of james mason. >> your impression. >> hey, megan wilson, could you find a clip of james mason? >> james mason. >> james mason.
8:27 am
>> you sound like the godfather. >> nothing against your family. >> and then of course barbara streisand, in that movie, with kris kristopherson. that was always an odd couple, too, i thought. >> maybe supposed to be odd cup snell. >> oh, like us? >> oh, ya. we're very odd. >> of course, the original came out in 1937. and that was janet gaynor, and frederick marsh. so james mason, ya, he talked like this. >> i can't wait to hear. >> megan? >> oh, okay. our machine is not working. you know the poor craft woman who blames her tools. >> i like when you bat your eyes like that. >> (laughing). >> you know, back to school, we have a school bang in session right now, already. and you're all going to be back. >> first day. >> well yes, but all of the schools will be back up and running. we have some important
8:28 am
information here, about what to feed the kids this year. it is called brain food. brain food. we have five brain foods, that will help the kids learn. we'll give you the list after the break. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:29 am
how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> who would you want in the delivery room with you? some say the more the merrier. >> national i love my feet day. if you love your feet, you take care of your feet, right? mike will get, after much convincing and arguing and everything else, i finally convinced him to get his first pedicure, live, on the show. >> i don't like people touching my feet. i don't want people looking at my feet. i've never had a pediatric cure.
8:32 am
>> would do have a shot. let's see it then. >> hold, please. >> okay. >> we will be getting into. that will the equipment not really cooperating today. >> oh, i see. >> probably the ukee eats people screwed everything up. >> you think so? well the food is still being prepared. >> yes? >> scott, want to see a picture of my feet? >> no. >> i do. >> oh,. >> you need to shave a little. >> will they do that? will they wax my feet over there? >> i'm sure, wax ago area, not the same thing as a pedicure. that's extra services you got to get done. just focus on your toenails. >> okay. >> have you ever, do you clip your own toenails or just let them grow? >> no, no, no. well, we'll all show you another shotty took in my bathroom last night of my feet, a little later. >> okay. >> because you didn't answer the question. >> i'm afraid, scott, like
8:33 am
have my toast bleed if you clip them too close. so i let them grow. >> oh. >> ya. >> maybe you should just have them file them instead of clip. >> either way we want to see this. >> so doing this live. >> that means eat your breakfast now, eat your breakfast now. all right, let's talk about this weather, because it will still be hot, but not as extreme high temperatures, most stay dry, could be isolated thunderstorm popping up. but, this cold front, going to be moving through, no arctic air or cold air really behind it. just a wind shift. that wind shift will mean some drier air. eighty-two millville right now. zero eight in philadelphia. across the region, nine the zero center city, not as oppressive. down the shore big air show, warm still kind of muggy 87. lehigh valley 86. hey, big game taking place, at the bank. talking about 84 degrees by first pitch. nice evening, and not quite as humid. tropics, kind of heating up. tropical depression number six, winds 35 miles per hour, could become thee own a, but
8:34 am
stay well out into the open waters of the atlantic. so, not as owe oppressive, high0 today. pop up symptoms, 88 degrees. >> ever rule them out. >> 834, problem on the benny into downtown. accident on the ben franklin bridge? it is coming into philadelphia. here on the down side. >> coming in, bottom line, stack and pack? from the camden toll plaza, up and over into philly. so if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, maybe try using the walt whitman bridge, or the betsy ross bridge, coming into town, we got the ac air show, going to see a lot of volume headed down the expressway, to catch the show at 11:00. make sure you pack your shades, and then of course that return trip, at 4:00 coming back to the city right around rush hour. pennsylvania turnpike, slow going, from philly bensalem, over to valley forge. and then, eastbound on the schuylkill, about 30 minutes, into downtown, with some sun
8:35 am
glare. mike and alex back over to you. >> real quickly, can you move? >> yes. >> i love you. can you move? so, casey, you say the uber car is at 17th and chestnut now? >> yep, courier will be picking it up and brinking it over. >> you predict what, 8:52. >> 8:52, our expected delivery time. so get hungry. >> speaking of food, let's get the kids some brain food. some belly food as they go back to school. >> these are foods that you want your kids to eat specially on to be alert, prepared, so they can take in new information. >> steve, what's the list? >> eggs? >> good morning. nutritionist, talking about brain food for back to school. and how to get your kid to eat it more importantly. we start with eggs, first thing in the morning? >> yes, sir. definitely want to choose eggs, that way the hence are out in the pasture, eating, insect, eating natural diet
8:36 am
which then gives us higher nutritional qualitying. >> so whether we talk about nutrition, not only in the egg, but the nutrition for the hen is important because that nutrition is then passed on to o the nutritional value that your kids will eat. >> we are what we eat. whole new level. >> wild salmon, i have to say, what is this guy crazy? >> definitely give the kids salmon or body fish, owe mega three and body fish, then helps. >> 60% of the brain, is made of fat. so really people saying oh, take it or leave it, but very important stuff here. >> like you said, brain 60% fat, so eating low-fat diet, starving our brain, essential component that's necessary for it to work properly. >> for the kids, just not going to eat it, when is the best time to get them to try it? >> when they're hungry, either filling out better shot at getting them to eat, something they don't necessarily want or like to eat when actually really hung. >> if all else fames, fish oil
8:37 am
supplement. talk about coconut milkment see coconut water on the mark, but coconut milling? >> yes, fantastic source of mct which stands for heed yum change high engliss err identifies, fat that your body absorbs easily brain can use as fuel. >> avacado can calm children? >> yes, magnesium, serves as a component to help us calm our brains down. >> finally berries, antioxidants of course, but the neat thing about them, because they are freezing, nutritional value doesn't change whole lot? >> exactly, so the berries pick, frozen at the meisha of freshness, so they have good amount of vitamin and minerals and antioxidants. >> so pop them in a smooth i. eat them as a snack, whoever you do it, we talked about this earlier, they don't try enough with food? so how many times before i should finally say all right, he doesn't like it? >> i've seen some studies say up to 20 times. >> wow. >> i would imagine moms and dads after three, four, like i'm done.
8:38 am
i'm done. >> case mcnuggets, done. >> right. listen, great ways to get your kids to eat recipes, facebook. com. >> great job, steve, thank you for. that will aim going to pass this information along to my daughter jessica and her husband russ because yesterday was my granddaughter's teddy's first day of kindergarten. >> oh, looks adorable. >> doesn't she look great. >> she does. she looks happen. >> i she was very eager to go. so she sent me three picks of her getting ready to go with her back pack. >> what did you say? did you wish her good first day. >> i said i just love this kid to death. >> you do. >> she wears little uniform. >> yes, adorable. so does she have her avacado's and negatives. >> oh, she is a big avacado fan. >> i love it. >> you should meet up, have avacado's,. >> she likes quinoua. >> , oh, i love that. >> do you make that for her when you see her. >> no. so cute. i lover. >> how about this? >> oh, i love her back pack.
8:39 am
she is ready to go, eager to leave the house. look at that view. >> they have amazing view. >> that's her bedroom balcony. >> she has a balance cony? >> spoiled rotten kid. >> how is uber doing? >> doing great, mike. on it way, so our delivery partner sebastian has it in hand should be here in eight minute, you can track on the app, the food being pick up at the restaurant all the way to our location, and if you have any issues we can give sebastian a call if we have any special delivery notes or requests but should be here moan end tarly. >> they adjusted the time, now 8:46. i'm liking the way this looks. >> on the way. what street is he on? >> it tells us. >> seven minutes away. >> okay. >> we will take a break, and we'll eat. next.
8:40 am
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:43 am
>> the food is on the move, alex. here is his little car, right? >> tracking it live, yes. should be to us in about seven minutes. >> we're basically over here. >> you got it. >> speed of delivery, the speed of uber. see how effortless then, we brouse the menu, made our selection, and we can track him in real time all the way to the door of the student yes. >> oh, six minutes, matter of minutes. >> jen, we have to break away from you when this uber guy pulls up. >> getting brazilian beauty tips. >> oh, in that case, forget the uber guy. >> tell me, summer, our intern, doesn't look like a brazilian super model? they all look very similar. not like in the s. , where we have like iman, and we have carly, and all kind of different looks. very unique and very similar look. she is here to tell us how to get it done. by the way, find out why that cell phone, after the break. beyond has a natural
8:44 am
grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one.
8:45 am
and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
8:46 am
>> oh, she is looking good, all of the brazilian secrets. most beautiful woman, some people say around. so former super mozul, gisele,
8:47 am
oh, gorgeous, we have ahmaddiya tress, adrianna, and victoria secret model, la rubei. re, and my favorite, alexandra, so how do they manage to look so effortless? i can't even say it, they're so beautiful, jen, i can't. show me how to be beautiful like they are. >> and the thing is they all kind of look the same, right? we can't run away from that, they all sort of look like summer sheik, one every our favorite interns, tan, a lot are brunette. looks the same way, tan, brunette, good morning. >> good morning. >> okay, so everyone has heard the horror stories of the brazilian wax. we won't go there. >> right. >> brazilian. yan women have a lot of body hair. >> but they don't hide it, they highlight t so if you walk down the beach see a lot of women with all of this skin and golden baby blonde hair on their arms, on their thighs, sometimes their belly and
8:48 am
peach fuss. they take bleach, cream bleach to the beach. what they do is them bleach all of their hair, and -- >> at the beach? >> doing this at the beach. >> you just let it sit. >> okay? >> it gets activated by the sun, now we are not privy to that formula here here in the state, but use the regular drug store bleach. look it, glistens in the sun. >> that is prep. >> i you can see the difference. >> also, good, if you have to do inbetween waxing appointment? >> exactly, let your hair grow between wax appointment, so great way that you're not going to be able to see the hair, but it will be when you go in for wax point. >> i love it. >> we have summer, like laying out by the way we have the coconut water, i'm feeling very tropical. >> nice. >> and you had said, i said to you, talking beach segment, i say i'm trying to get the sand off of me. because the kids are all over me with the san. and you said again, embrace the sand. >> embrace the sand. so, women in brazil, what they do, they'll hijack, little
8:49 am
kids pails, fill it with sand. now, you want to make sure you take any of the big particles away, so go grab the san closer to the water. then what you want to do a lot of women will bring olive oil, canola, in a plastic water bottle. they pour it directly into the sands. some of them will even bring some essential oils, you just do a few drops of essential oils, mix it together, then go ahead, you can apply it onto your elbows, knees, your entire body. >> okay. >> what i love about this, too, if you are going in to get waxed, this has going to free up all of the hairs, all of the dead skin cells will involve off. then just walk into the water. >> this is the reason why gisele and adrianna and all of them have gorgeous skin. >> and glowing skin. >> also the cucumbers, did great job. >> talking portuguese. thank you again. listen, brody frederick, i'm happy you're making mia sandy
8:50 am
mess now. >> that was cool. >> 8:49. i guess the ukee guy is here? >> he is? >> is he here, casey? >> he is here, time to eat. >> where is he? >> he's right outside with our sandwiches. so just? about 30 minutes, our eastbound eastbound err eats was here door-to-door. so do you see the nissan altima? >> no, i don't see any altima. i think jim driscoll, our news director, he's walking in. >> so if he's here, where is the car parked? >> you really think he is here? >> just outside, i saw him drive by. he must have handed the food to someone at the door. >> oh. >> food? >> oh, the food in the studio. >> oh, there they are. >> uber eats guy. look at that. >> looks like sib sebastian. are you sebastian? >> led today another trip. >> oh, good morning. >> there go. >> look at that, uber eats right on it. who are you? >> my name is may. >> hi, nice to meet you. >> were you in the car with him? >> yes. >> were you? >> yes. >> he left you? >> ya.
8:51 am
>> what? >> he had to go. so i just brought it in. >> so what are you going to do, walk back? >> really, how are you getting back? >> she will take an uber. >> i can always take an uber. >> oh, sit down. sit down, sore that i sebastien just took off. >> no, you want a bagel with us? >> no i brought it for you guys. >> all right. thanks. >> she hates when i touch her food. >> true. don't say that. >> smells really good. >> does smell amazing. >> okay, thanks, kacie. that was fun. >> same to you. >> can't believe it. uber just leaves her here. >> checking out lottery numbers, when i come back, i'll get live pedicure. i'll get pedicure for the first time in my life on live television. >> so proud of you. >> not the first time i've done it on live television. i've never had a pedicure because i don't like people touching my feet. >> you'll enjoy it. >> i took a picture of my foot last night. >> did you? >> yes. >> you have to see this. >> so i thought it was time
8:52 am
for a pedicure. well, maybe not. we'll show it after the break. our equipment is not working today. >> so what do you think? do you think i need one? >> yes. i think you'll enjoy it, that will happen live in the next day of good day philadelphia. hang around. hey, you're clarence!
8:53 am
yes, sir. you know, at the model year end clarence event, you can get a great deal on this 2016 passat. steve. yeah? clarence is on a roll. yeah. i wish they'd name an event after me. same here. but the model year end becky event? that's no good... stevent! that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a one-thousand dollar volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on a new 2016 passat.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> what are they? >> cumulus, fair weather. >> fair weather. yes, well the weather seems fair. that's fair. >> all right, so we will play this footage again. >> by the way, here is our -- >> oh, i love lox. oh, mama. >> look at the powerful bagel i have here. >> that's the new thing here. >> oh, that's the bottom of it.
8:56 am
>> all right. >> just look at that, that's cool. >> so at the olympics the other day, was it yesterday, two runners, this very long race, 5,000-meter run, but two of them fall. inch steve of getting up and running away, the american girl helps the new zealand girl. >> the one who helped the new see around runner up, or are you one of the other runners, running to get qualified? >> tell you what the olympic committee decided to do with these two, even though they came in last? private? who do you want in the delivery room when pushing out a baby? anyone you wouldn't want in there? >> you. >> oh, that's a good point. all right, we will talk about it. cc1 cc1
8:57 am
8:58 am
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>> ♪ >> why are we playing this. >> because it is donnie wahlberg's birthday. >> really. >> um-hmm. >> forty-seven years old. still looking good. >> hi karen hepp. >> good morning guys. >> i heard from a birdie that you were at wahlbergers yesterday. >> who was telling thaw. >> i have my sources. >> bird are always chirping. >> they are opened now. >> they are opened but they have not had their grand opening, that will be probably in october. >> where is it. >> it is at piazza in northern liberties at second and germantown avenue. >> yeah. >> yes. >> wahlbergers. >> so they are opened. you can get burgers, but they are having a big grand opening. >> you are invited. >> well, i don't know, hopefully we will be there to see mark, donnie. >> that is cool. >> good day, everybody. karen hepp has joined us. you look so summery. >> and bright.


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