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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and her seven-year-old daughter is watching the whole thing unfold but what that little girl did next stopped that man in his tracks. good evening, thank you for joining us i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. really unthinkable to be held up at work but with your child right next to it that makes it even scarier. fox 29's dawn timmeney spoke with that mother tonight. i imagine both of them pretty shaken up. >> reporter: shane to the core, iain. thankful to be alive. this mother never ever imagined she'd be looking down the barrel avenue gun let alone her little girl would be standing there right in the middle of it all. >> 26-year-old brenda garcia thought it would be fun to bring her daughter brianne in to work at dunkin' donuts on north front street in olney on monday. she wanted the seven-year-old to see what mommy does and brianna was excited. >> she brought her coloring books and everything. it was just like a normal day. >> and snacks. >> and snacks. >> reporter: but several hours into garcia's shift, a nightmare started to unfold before her eyes. with her innocent daughter
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watching in horror. this as the chilling surveillance video. it was just after 4:00 p.m. a customer or so she thought came in and asked for bottle of water. >> garcia placed it on the counter. >> next thing i looked down when i looked up i seen a gun in my face. when i seen the gun, i seen my life in seconds because he pulled a little thing back. >> reporter: as frightened as garcia was she was more afraid for her little girl. standing right there by the counter. >> she was like mommy, mommy. >> garcia tried to reassure her daughter she was okay. and told her to just step back. >> so she stepped to the corner and the guy was just like give me the f'ing money. >> garcia says with that, her little girl yelled out. >> so she started screaming. a scream i swear everybody heard her outside. that's when he look at her and he left. he just walk out. >> the robber was gone. it was over. everyone was okay. brianna was trembling as garcia ran to comfort her daughter.
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>> just ran to her and hugged her. she was shaking just panicking. >> reporter: as mother garcia says it breaks her heart that her daughter had to go through such a traumatic experience. but she believes brianna saved their lives. >> her screaming saved everybo everybody. because the first thing -- if i would have made any move he would have shot me. i saw it. he would have just shot me. >> brianna is staying very close to her mom's side since the attempted rob breach this little girl who loves to play on her scooter and is looking forward to first grade, just wants to put it all behind her. certainly understandable. police are hoping that someone recognizes the man in the surveillance video. they say if you see him dorks not approach him. just call 911. little brianna and her mom are just hoping that he's caught for fear the neck time he could hurt someone. lucy? >> hopefully they catch him soon, thank you very much, dawn. police are investigate a double shooting in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood that killed one man. we don't know the condition of
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the other victim. skyfox flew over the seen 18th and wingohocking streets. gunman shot one person inside a store and the second outside just past 3:00 this afternoon and so far no arrests. remembering a top cop former philadelphia police commissioner john timoney who led the department in the late '90's and early 2000 sands has died. timoney work his way up the ranks in new york city before being tapped to come to philly back in 1998 and today police brass are remembering the former commissioner. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live now from philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: iain, john timoney was born in dublin ireland came up as beat cop in the bronx in new york, went on to be police commissioner here in philadelphia and chief of police in miami. along the way he touched a lot of lives and won the respect of the men and women who served with him. from his first day on the job as philadelphia police commissioner john timoney was all about reaching out to the community putting more police on the streets and modernizing the
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department. >> on the ground kind of guy. i mean you know we have that expression cops cop. he definitely was that. >> reporter: he was a true change agent and was one of those people that you could pointer to and say, he was an example leadership. >> reporter: timoney was all about change. he led the men and women of his department from the front line whether it was here in philadelphia, deputy commissioner in new york or as police chief in miami. >> very confident guy. very colorful guy. i mean if you were around him at all for about five minutes, you picked up on that. >> he wanted to talk to people in the community and he wanted to talk to cops. >> reporter: timoney led the department here through the protests heavy republican national convention in 2,000. he initiated com stadia weekly meeting of commanders to review crime and crime patterns. he utilized bike patrols to keep the troops mobile and fighting crime wherever it happen. >> he had no patience for people in this uniform who didn't respect the rights of others but also people who didn't give it
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their all. >> reporter: in miami he also brought change. reduced officer involved shootings and at one point no officer there fired his gun in a 20-month period. his officers also helped capture philly cop killer john lewis who fled to miami after the murder of officer chuck cassidy. >> we hate for the familiar -- ache for the families and the other members of the police department obviously philadelphia has a big spot in my heart. >> reporter: he wasn't without his critics. he could be loud and direct unafraid to express his opinion. he spent his later years as a consultant overseas in bahrain. he was respected worldwide for his knowledge of policing, his courage and his leadership. >> i thought he was fantastic police commissioner. he will be missed. >> reporter: indeed. john timoney lost his battle with cancer a four-month battle last night at a hospital in miami. tributes were paid today in miami, new york and here in philadelphia. funeral arrangements are still pending.
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lucy? >> all right, thank you dave. another hot one in your weather authority. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr who is keeping an eye on this incredibly long stretch of heat. kathy? >> absolutely. and we took a break from the humidity just a little bit today. we do have more storms to talk about. did you hear those rumbles of thunder, did the house shake last night between 1:00 and 2am it did at my house. more storms by virginia and west virginia going to move along the same plane into philadelphia its suburbs and to the south and east. that's going to come later night. first let's talk bout temperatures. so far in philadelphia the high 89. i think we'll spike at 90 again. millville 91. wilmington 89. look at the poconos refreshing at 75 degrees. lower humidity and you can see here's the proof. right now in philadelphia the temperature is 89. it only feels like it's 90. far cry from the 100s of yesterday. even in dover it feels like it's 97. the poconos dry conditions the heat index is 75.
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temperatures will be cooling through the 80s into the 70s late tonight. around the 11:00 o'clock hour, showers and storms and temperature of 78 degrees. we'll track those storms. it's after sunset after about 8:00, 8:30 we see them firing up through baltimore and washington and moving no south jersey, also, targets like chester county, lower parts of montgomery, even into philadelphia and delaware coun counties to the south and east and that goes till about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. we have morning clouds leftover thursday morning. coming up we'll be tiling out those storms and show was to expect during the late night hours. the heat continues. we are waiting for relief. it is coming in the seven day. i'll see you later in the broadcast. all right, kathy. thanks. well one firefighter is recovering from an injury after work tag two alarm fire in south philadelphia this morning. it happened on the 1300 block of south broad street just after 1:00 this morning. philadelphia's fire commissioner would not say how the injured firefighter got hurt, but did say he's in stable condition at a local hospital. fire officials say the hot weather was major challenge for
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crews who also battled the fire in the middle of a downpour which didn't bring temperatures down that much. witnesses say it was chaotic. >> i woke up from some guy laying on the horn and like screaming at everybody to wake up and i look out the window and i see the second floor had like flames inside of it. there's like people lining the block knocking on doors. >> everyone did make it out of the house safely. investigators say it took about two hours to get the fire under control. you know also a tough night for firefighters in burlington county overnight thunderstorm the one that kathy was just ta talking about sent humidity levels soaring and could have played a role in a fire in moorestown at 2:00 a.m. lightning began striking shortly after 1:30 or so and then residents in these townhomes smelled smoke and saw fire. no one is hurt. hot weather of course makes firefighters already tough job that much more challenging.
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>> hydration, hydration, drinking plenty of water and just checking the vitals and making sure they're okay. >> firefighters from six towns raced to this one to battle the flames. many then got called away to assist another fire on route 130 south in the back garages of the willingboro rv center. no reports of any injuries. outgoing pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane shows up for her last day at work. kane was all smiles as she walked into her office building. she summit add resignation tuesday morning a day after she was convicted of abusing her power as state attorney general prosecutors say she leaked grand jury files and then lied about it under oath. kane says she believes resigning is the right move for pennsylvania. >> it's bittersweet. i loved my job. i am proud of the work that we've done. but at the same time it's time for me to focus on other things and it's time for pennsylvanians to continue to move forward. >> kane sentences is center for october 24th.
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philadelphia police looking for the people who stole some jewelry from philadelphia mills in northeast philly. skyfox flew over the mall this morning. police say three men armed with sledge hammers took gold and diamond rings from the sales jewelry store in the mall. so far they've got no suspects. >> senator pat toomey abandoning major international trade deal as he campaigns to keep his senate seat. the republican senator says he cannot support the transpacific trade partnership because he says it's not good for pennsylvania. toomey's position is in line with democratic challenger katie mcginty as well with presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump. a troubling new report about safety on the rails. what many railroads are putting off that could put your safety at risk. the heart ache continues tonight in the gulf coast. many still cleaning up from historic flooding while it's only getting worse for others. >> a simple thing brave men and women who protect us every single day. the special event honoring philadelphia's first responders.
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♪ philadelphia police are investigating two burglaries in the same area of north philly. the most recent happened on ju july 28th at the kendra mini market on the 700 block of west erie avenue. police say broke the glass front door and pride open an atm. they think the same person may
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have broken into a store on the 800 block of west erie avenue last month and stole cigarettes and cash. saying thanks to the brave men and women who keep us save every day. that was the goal today as many came out to personally thank philadelphia's police, firefighters and ems. fox 29's jenn err four joyce has more on today's outpouring of support for our fir responders she's outside engine 64 in lawn crest. jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, iain. that's right. this is the city's first ever first responders appreciation day, and everyone that we talked to says they're feeling the lo love. mission barbecue in northeast philly serving up something sweet. showing support for philly's first responders in the form of saussy savory free food for those in uniform. >> all the support makes the job a whole lot easier. >> reporter: whether it's barbecue in the northeast, complimentary chinese food, water ice deliveries or signs of support from local children that now hang at ladder 16 in port richmond, philly fire, ems and
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police hopefully felt the love on the city's first ever first responders appreciation day. >> basically, dropping off car cards, saying thank you for your service, thank you for your he help. thanks for everybody you do. >> reporter: councilman david oh organized the event. >> august 17th is sadly the day that the largest number of public servants in public safety accidently firefighters perished fighting a fire was the oil refinery fire. >> reporter: today is about saying thank you. >> you see a lot of very, um, unhappy situations. there's stress involved and on top of it, you know, it can be quite isolating and so it's nice to know that people out in your own neighborhood and across the city recognize that you're making a sacrifice. >> reporter: absolutely. a very important day. i just hope we're helping to get the memo out lot of first responders we talked had no idea
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that today was their day. it's the first year. so i guess it takes time to catch on. lucy? >> good stuff, thank you very much, jennifer. a special honor tonight for a folcroft police officer shot in the line of duty. officer christopher dorman is getting commendation of valor during fulcroft council meeting a man shot him seven times in june and as he responded to a call of someone possibly dealing drugs. who prosecutors say the man who prosecutors say pulled the trigger faces several charges including two counts of attempted murder. they say he also shot at officer david dee pet but did not hit him. he will received an award tonight. railroads across the country are delaying up grades that are necessary for commuter safety. the federal railroad administration says many commuters in 48 railroads have made very little progress ology installing safety technology of that uses digital radio communication, gps and signals
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alongside tracks to monitor train positions. kit automatically stop or slow trains to prevent from from disregarding signals. railroads have until the end of 218 to install the technology. >> the flooding getting better in some areas of louisiana while worse in others. 40,000 homes have now been destroyed or damaged and at least 11 deaths so far. in what some of the worst floo flooding ever to hit that state. fox's casey stegall has more from baton rouge. >> reporter: throughout southern louisiana, scenes of utter devastation. as residents return to assess the damage after days of floo flooding. more than 40,000 homes either damaged or destroyed including 75% of the houses in hard hit livingston parish. at least 11 people have lost their lives including an elderly woman traveling with her grandson. >> you know, there's bound to be another way around. hopefully if you're not stranded
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but do not drive through deep water. >> reporter: there have been more than 30,000 people rescued since friday. many of them brought to shelters or hotels. now overflowing with evacuees. most are anxious to get back home but aren't sure what they'll be returning to. >> it's like my subdivision was in a bowl. everything around us was floo flooding. >> it was pretty scary because we didn't know how high the waters were goings to rise or how fast. >> reporter: meanwhile the federal response is ramping up. more than 60,000 people have signed up for fema assistance so far and local officials say the rescue and recovery effort will continue no matter how long it takes. >> saving life is the most important priority that we have. we're going to dedicate every available resource to that effort. >> reporter: even more help is on the way. the american red cross has mobilized a thousand volunteers to help recover from what they are calling the worst u.s.
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disaster since super storm san sandy. in baton rouge, louisiana, casey stegall, fox news. a local music producer is giving back to his hometown as we all try and beat the heat. jahlil beats was in chester today to hand out box fans no those in need in chester. producer teamed up with health partners foundation for the give away. foundation has now given hundreds of fans through its chill program this summer. >> i think it's very important, man, like i said, i'm from the the projects you know what i mean, so i mean, you know, i know how it is to come out here and, you know, come up and, you know, not have certain things. >> this is the last fan delivery of the summer season for health partners. though it doesn't really feel like it's summer is winding down and volunteers are working to make sure children start their school year right. 500 people packed 30,000 backpacks full of supplies for children from low income families across our area.
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volunteers helped these backpacks forgive the children some of the tools they need to help them succeed in school. >> we're giving 30,000 children a chance to start ready for school. something that far too many of our children in this region do not have. >> cradles to crayons and the united way of greater philadelphia and southern new jersey sponsored the backpack a thon. >> wildfires continue to burn across california after five years of bout there's no end in sight. what crews are doing to try to get the upper hand. big changes could be coming to your grocery store. how a change to the state' list core laws could have you adjusting your shopping list. olympic swimmer ryan lock tow now a wanted man. brazilian judge wants his passport seized. why that may be impossible. ♪
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more than 500 people back on dry land tonight after a fire
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broke out on their cruise ship. it happened this morning aboard the caribbean fantasy as it he headed to puerto rico from the dominican republic. police say the ship is docked safe until puerto rico and no one is hurt. don't yet know what started the fire. tensions continue to escalate after slaw's use of you're rain yann basis for air strikes in 0y obama administration is suggest the emissions could be illegal under u.s. sanctions prohibiting the arming of eve ran's military but the russians say they're not arming anyone and accusing the u.s. of hypocrisy the missions are causing concern in iran as well. russia's first deployment to the country since world war ii and many lawmakers claim it's illegal. >> trance tran the fact that we have cooperation with russia as our ally specifically on syria does not mean we've given russian as military base. >> reporter: it's jets are continuing the air campaign today hitting two isis command centers and two training camp in
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eastern syria. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is back in the us. problem he's a wanted man in brazil. brazilian judge ordered lochte and james fee began to stay in the country as police investigate their robbery claim but lochte as we said is already back here. fee began is still in brazil. lochte told rio police that a robber stopped a taxi he and three other athletes were in and demanded money but fee began told police that several robbers were involved. the us olympic committee says as its standard protocol it does not make athletes travel plans public but it says it is cooperating with brazilian authorities who aren't quite sure the robbery actually happened. lochte's attorney says it absolutely did. meanwhile, brazilian police arrested a senior olympic official today accused of scalping tickets. police say ire land's patrick hickey plotted with at least six others to illegally sell tickets to the games. officers arrested the 71-year-old hickey this morning at his hotel room. he's been part of the ioc since
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2012 and also head of the olympic council in ireland and european olympic committees but announced following his arrest that he is stepping down from those positions. thousands of firefighters battling wildfire that forced tens of thousands from their homes. we'll take you live to the front lines as crews work to try and get the upper hasn't. tragic over there. all right. mom and dad, we've got something for you. why doctors say it's okay if your little one had sugar right before bed. ♪ >> you haven't met my little one. i don't think that's such a great idea. take a look at ultimate doppler. dry for now, but not for long. these storms through virginia and west virginia moving toward the delaware valley. did your house shake a little last night in those storms? this could be the trick again. we'll time them out coming up when we come back.
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♪ an armed robbery at a dunkin' donuts in philadelphia's olney section. police say man walked into the store on the 6200 block of north front street monday afternoon and pulled a gun. however a child started screaming scaring the guy off before he got any money. you decide and donald trump has decided to shake up the top brass in his campaign after seeing his poll numbers take a big dive recently.
5:30 pm
trump changing up who calls the shots and trump is trying to expand his base by appealing to african-americans. fox's lauren blanchard has more from washington ♪ >> reporter: hillary clinton going after donald trump at an event in the battleground state of ohio this afternoon. democratic presidential nominee painted trump's economic plan as favoring the wealthy while leaving the little guy behind. >> he's even created a new tax loophole that we call the trump loophole. (laughter). >> because it's really good for trump. >> reporter: clinton's own economic policy was one of the issues trump brought up at a rally in a milwaukee suburb last night. laying the blame for recent unrest there at the doorstep of democrats. >> they have foster the dangerous anti cleese atmosphere in america. >> reporter: donald trump has been painting himself as the law and order candidate. today he met with law enforcement officials in new york ahead of receiving his first national security briefing this afternoon. >> we're going to talk to the
5:31 pm
people about policy. >> reporter: meanwhile we're hearing more from trump's new campaign manager kelly ann conway. she along with the new chief executive steven ban nan are pushing trauma top emphasize substance over style. >> i think this is a campaign structure that looks like it's been built to allow donald trump to continue being donald trump just more effectively than he has been over the last few wee weeks. >> reporter: congress has received a heavily redacted report on hillary clinton's interview with the fbi last month. some house members are accusing clinton of committing perjury based on differences between that interview and congressional testimony she gave last year. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. not really as warm out there today. >> no. the humidity level i think dropped. that's a good thing, kathy. >> yes. correct and correct. >> okay. >> paying attention and being weather observers out there. did you notice the sky a little bit more blue earlier today and
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through the afternoon with lower humidity. as we look at center city philadelphia, our camera shaking a little bit. we have do have northwesterly winds bringing in drier air but it's not going to last that long. on ultimate doppler plenty of sunshine out there and a few showers moving just to the north of hagerstown, married, moving toward the northeast. but the wider view shows what is coming. see these showers and thunderstorms associated with the disturbance moving toward the northeast. these are tonight's storms and after sunset, after 8:00, 8:30, that's when we'll see these begin to roll through south and west and moving toward the north and east. right now, it is 75 refreshing degrees in the poconos. 89 in philadelphia. none in millville. 89 in wilmington. dover checking in at 89. down the shore, warm temperatures as well on the boardwalk and ac where we had the air show today. 92 degrees. hammonton 90. so not much of a sea breeze here and voorhees so far 89 degrees. on the fox future cast you can see sunshine through sunset. and then after 9:00 o'clock, we see these showers and storms moving in.
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by 11:00 o'clock for 11:00 o'clock newscast we'll be talking about storms through delaware and into south jersey and then all this rotates to the north. right through philadelphia, right around 1:00 a.m. just like last night. between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. my house actually shook and i had vivid lightning and thunder. then it all moves out and by tomorrow morning a few spotty showers and some clouds giving way to sunshine maybe some clouds lingering down the shore during the afternoon. with but for the most part improving weather. so after sunset mainly between 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. some drenching downpours especially philadelphia chester county, lower montgomery county, delaware county into the south just like last night for the most part. some thunderstorms and also the possibility of flooding where we see these downpours. when we look at our computer models most of them are saying between about quarter of an inch and a half an inch of rain in the storms during the late night and overnight. in the city 74. the suburbs during the early morning hours skies becoming partly cloudy late. and as this front continues to sing to the south, tomorrow
5:34 pm
drier air does move in and high temperatures will be right around 90 degrees for yet another day tomorrow with some afternoon sun and more humidity to talk about. as we look at our extended forecast, we stay in the 90s until sunday. that would be day 13 of the heat wave and the heat breaks monday. tuesday looks good. wednesday looks good. the dew points the humidity so low you'll think we're in cana canada. that's how low that humidity will be. take look at the shore temperatures. 82 tomorrow. then back up over the weekend it's going to be a hot one. ocean water temperatures in the lower 70s. we'll send it back to you lucy. >> thanks so much, kathy. we have breaking news right now. camden county we go. skyfox let's take it there it is. live over a crash in clementon. if we can zoom in, there we gosh psych a car slammed into a light pole along white horse pike and trout avenue. now, we know that people are injured. we don't know how many. we don't know how severe but we do know this is an area that you'll want to avoid.
5:35 pm
again, white horse pike by trout avenue. we are on top of this and we'll bring you more as the news warrants. you may want to adjust your shopping list the next time you head to the store. the big change coming to the grocery aisle. and one pizza company wants to deliver more than just pizza to your home. the plan to bring music right to your living room. coming up at 6:00 officials in delaware are cracking down on your pup. what you now need to know so you don't get fined over your four legged best friend. ♪ 1
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♪ ahh! >> wow! >> what a show for a group of kayakers. it happened last week near penn island british columbia. the group was exploring the area when they came across two adult whales and a calf who are clearly showing off. that is fantastic. you can now add a bottle wine to your grocery list the next time you're shopping in
5:39 pm
pennsylvania. the state' list core control board approved 84 applications for grocery stores to start selling wine. the board began accepting the requests last week. governor tom wolf signed a bill that loosens pennsylvania liquor laws and welcomes grocery stores into the mix. another nearly 100 applications to sell wine are right now pending. the atlantic city air show thrill spectators for another day over the beach. our cameras got a pretty close look with pilots this morning. spectators love to see the high flying style. all five branches of the military are represented in all the performances and for many pilots the thrill of flying and performing is really a dream come true. >> i am super happy to be here and i never would have gotten to this position if there weren't a loft people that paved the way prior to me. i started flying because of another woman pilot, and when i first started flying, women weren't allowed in combat so i'm pretty lucky and pretty happy to be here. >> the show attracts thousands of spectators every year. mom and dad, we've got something for you.
5:40 pm
why doctors say okay if little ones have little sugar right before bed. >> football coach who refuses to allow his physical limitations to keep him from living live to the fullest. how he inspires his team and his fellow coaches. >> sean? >> iain, i can still hear the crowd cheering for chase utley. last night was amazin amazing of the best come back moments i've ever seen. very special day. more on that big moment coming up later in sports.
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♪ charter bus ignites in flames in virginia this morning. state police say the bus was traveling from new york to charlotte on i-95. investigators think the cause of the fire was mechanical.
5:44 pm
they're not calling it suspicious. so far there have been no reports of any injuries. wedding ring symbol of love to many married couples but for couple of weeks that symbol was gone for one massachusetts woman. elaine and joe core roane got married 60 years ago on may 19th, 1956. the wedding date elaine maiden initials inscribed inside the rink and a couple of weeks ago she was taking part in senior citizens event at a local park when the ring slipped off her finger. someone found the wedding ring and took it to police and that's when a detective took over the case and used the inscriptions inside to help reunite it with its owner. >> i was so busy preoccupied whatever, what a nice time i must have had. i didn't notice it was missing until i got home. >> came up with a name. came up with an address. happened to be in bevel. we passed the information along to detective barrett. he was still waiting at the counter. >> of course they're happy to have that ring back and they want to thank the beverly detective who helped make it all happen.
5:45 pm
little desert before bedtime maybe not so bad after all for your kiddos. some doctors say the myths of the sugar high may be just that. a myth. fox's matt king has more. >> ice cream, candy, sweets. >> reporter: six-year-old ben jean eight-year-old tabitha shared their first shake shack milk shakes. sugar and otherwise. >> this is a lot life sugar h high. >> eat a bunch of sugar and watch this lose their minds before falling asleep. this is an experience most parents probably noel. >> you have to peel them off the ceiling. >> analysis conducted 20 years ago conducted more than 20 years ago found no scientific connection between sugar and change in behave behavior among children. perseid sugar high some parental
5:46 pm
expectation of how candy should affect their child. >> this is a typical disconnect between science and common sen sense. >> reporter: pediatrician and likely every other pan on the planet believes in the sugar high. he says when a child ingests refine sugars like the ones in seeming everything for sail in yogurt and candy world the child's body quickly absorbs that sugary leases insulin which leads to low blood sugar which the body then attempts to correct. >> what happens in the body is that it releases adrenaline, and we know what adrenaline does to everybody. gets you agitated. >> that might explain benji and tabitha's excitement. or perhaps most milkshake their parents are simply looking for those signs of excitement. whatever the reason, no kid will turn down a chance at a sugar high whether or not scientists, doctors and parents can agree whether or not such a thing exists. >> we like cupcakes. >> i'm matt king, fox news. it is a state of emergency in california tonight and this
5:47 pm
is why. a wildfire is burning out of control forcing thousands upon thousands of people from their homes. fox's victoria is live in california. this thing just exploded. >> reporter: that's right, lucy. this fire got out of control very quickly. firefighters just could not stay ahead of it. this is the community of salem behind me. i'll step out of the way. we're just going to pan along this ridge line so you can see that fire raging along the mountainside. it's moving towards the community of right wood. take look. you can see those flames right now the blue cut fire as it's called has charred more than 30,000 acres here in san bernardino county. fear fighters are challenged by that thick dry brush. this area hasn't burned in five years and the winds have picked up heavily as you can see that blowing smoke. this fire started just as a few acres yesterday and exploded
5:48 pm
overnight. doubling in size. firefighters from across california have been brought out fight this fire. right now more than theen hundred personnel on the fire lines working to contain this. crews are also out assessing some of the damage and there is a lot they don't have a count yet of how many homes have burned. but they do know that at least two restaurants historic buildings have been lost. more than 34,000 homes have been evacuated, and that amounts to roughly 82,000 people. damage assessment teams are going out today. they're also sending cadaver dogs to check out some of these burned down homes since the fire moved here so fast it's possible that some folks didn't get out. lucy? >> victoria, my heart just breaks for these people. because a lot of them were told they cannot go back home and get their pets or their personal belongings. so those animals and all of their stuff was just left there in the path of the fire. what's happening with all of that? >> reporter: victoria may not
5:49 pm
be able to hear us. >> i'm having a little trouble hearing you with my earpiece here. >> it's okay. >> i'm going to ask you to repeat that. see if i can get -- >> victoria. we'll go ahead and wrap. >> wave to victoria. let me say a couple of things to iain. this fire the blue cut fire like we said it exploded. could you imagine the people they're told they're at work that there's fires impending coming towards your house and you can't go back home. and get any of your pets, get any of your stuff. you go to the stay here and that's it. >> unfortunately. >> that's what's going on. our prayers go out to them. >> you can now get your flu fix in a k cup. cvs health is rolling out new cold and flu magazines you can make in keurig daytime and nighttime versions. the pods should take more like tea than medicine. they tell for 10 bucks a packa package. pizza hut looking to give you more than just pizza they want to you turn knew a dj. ♪
5:50 pm
>> pizza chain introduced calling world's first playable dj pizza box. the cardboard box is battery powered and got decks a mixer volume control and other buttons built into the bottom it connects via blue tooth or computer or smart phone. no word on when it will be available here in the us. >> illinois mother is planning on opening a one of a kind autism gym in her area. this is three-year-old brody door nick and his mom. when she found out brody has autism she sprang into action creating ways to make speaking and every day tasks easier for her son. she transform the family's basement into a sensory gym. brody loves it so she's now trying to open one for the public by 218. >> very, very aware that other kiddos could benefit from what we've done for brody and i have to be able to help them. i have to be able to help their parents make sure that we have a good system in place and just
5:51 pm
really a place where they can just be. >> sensory stimulation so important for children with autism. door nick is hoping to raise $150,000 by the end of next year to help open the gym. what great way to spend part of your summer vacation. you have fun and you learn how to safe lives all at the same time. the red cross is hosting something called camp save a life. children learned incredibly valuable skills such as cpr and first aid and today even philadelphia mayor jim kenney dropped on by to check out the camp. >> he's a football coach who refuses to allow his physical limitation to keep him from living live to the dull fullest. how he inspires his team and his fellow coaches and coming up at 6:00 delaware dog owners look out. the state is cracking down to make sure your pup is properly documented. what you need to do to avoid a fine. you love big concerts, wonted says going may change the way you feel. even after the concert is over. but researchers found coming up.
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at and t following verizon lead by raising prices on data plans. rate hike comes with more data. so company says you'll actually pay less for gigabytes and the company says you can keep your existing plan and still add lines but you cannot change your data level without paying the new price and those rates kick in sunday. story about man who refuses to allow his physical limitations to keep him from living live to the fullest to follow his dreams. fox's amber lee has this
5:56 pm
inspirational story. >> shorter steps. let's go. smash route. smash route. corner, corner, corner. >> you can't just look at someone and just completely judge them right away. >> reporter: robert mendez was born route arms and legs. what he does have is an ever present upbeat attitude. >> leave that big boy running it. yay! i got too happy too soon. >> i'm not a disable coach. i'm different coach. >> reporter: 28-year-old says he has a job that he loves. coaching football. >> the energy that it involves. >> reporter: mendez is the assistant coach for san jose high's varsity team. the bulldogs. >> lessons you learn from just one little practice. i ran across so many different people, you know, in this 10 years i've coached. >> reporter: mendez can turn physical diss advantages into advantages. he uses his wheelchair to draw plays on the field. >> i want the ball to be dropped like 18, 20. right here.
5:57 pm
>> when i start thinking about what i'm really blessed about and fortunate amount it picks me um. slot left. go to seven, that's number one receiver to the left. what i want is this. >> reporter: smart phone and stylus allow mendez to put plays in his head on to the field. he acknowledges the physical challenges. he suffers back pai pains from psychology scolioses curvature of the spine but he appreciates all that he can do and it's grateful for what he does have. >> i never really felt sorry for myself. >> reporter: mendez lives with roommate and has a caregiver when needed. >> i try to be self sufficient and that's like one of my main goals in life always to be independent. some people would call it stubborn. i call it just figuring things out on your own. >> reporter: mendez uses his story to teach students about facing live's challenges. >> he chooses to be out here and teach everyone else and i think that really inspires everyone to pay attention to him and like lice zen to what he has to say. >> reporter: head coach says mendez's knowledge of the game and ability to inspire got him
5:58 pm
the job. >> he's a football mind. double slot b base flood. double flex big a he watches a lot of tape. >> you guys got to realize where the ball is at! >> here we go. run it. >> he spends a lot of time with the kids he puts his work in and i just hired him purely based off football decision. >> you're to do a dirty texas run and it's going to be toe so dirty aaron won't know where his shoes are at right now. >> reporter: in the game of life winning is all in the attitude. >> there is going to be a better tomorrow, because in life there's something to be happy about. >> reporter: amber lee, fox news. that's inspiring. mendez says he's grateful for a loving community and a community that embraces him as well as his family he says he dislike the word disabled. he describes himself rather as differently abled. ♪ right now at 6:00 armed man walked into a local dunkin' donuts, point add gun right at
5:59 pm
an employee all caught on came camera. but gets away empty handed. who police say may have scared the guy off. i served 27 years in the air force, and i fought three tours in combat and i was like many blessed to come home large the unscathed. >> veteran biking thousands of miles along the entire east coast just arrived in our area. who he's helping to honor the men and women who gave it all on the battlefield. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. day at work with mom ended that terror a woman walked into a local dunkin' donuts armed with gun and demanded money. store employee's little girl was there and her big voice may have saved the day. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. now that mother is talking about the frightening moments. let's get right out to dawn timmeney whose live outside philadelphia police headquarters
6:00 pm
tonight. dawn? >> reporter: iain, that mom never ever imagined in a million years that she would be looking down the barrel of a gun while on the job let alone her little girl would be just inches from the gunman. >> were you scared? >> no? >> this seven-year-old little girl is sticking very close to her mom' side these days. everywhere i go, in the house, she's following me. she just don't want to let me out of the her site. that's that. >> that terrifying day was monday. brenda garcia brought her daughter brianna to work at the dunkin' donuts on north front street in olney. she thought it would be fun for the seven-year-old. but several hours into the shift, garcia was held up at gun point as you can see in this chilling surveillance video. >> the gun was writ there in my face. i seen my life in seconds because he pulled the little thing back. >> reporter: garcia was scared but even more frightened for her little girl who was standing there right by the counter. then as the gunman demanded money, brianna


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