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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i like being around people. >> there's lot more going on here than meets the eye. the decades long love story and the big promise she just kept. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. this is breaking at 6:00. route 55 northbound is closed in gloucester county. initial reports are we had an accident happen in franklin township. the chopper has gotten there. this is vineland. sever cars an dump truck were involved in some kind of accident. you see the dumb many truck turned over there. several people were hurt. one had to be med vac out and there is a big traffic backup in this area. we of course will bring you update as soon as we get one. tonight at 6:00 the end of the longest most oppressive heat wave of the summer. it is still hot in our area but not quite hot enough to stretch the wave into a ninth day. >> don't get too comfortable we could soon get hit with another heat wave sooner rather than later. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland.
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so what is headed our way this time around? meteorologist kathy orr is in atlantic city tonight tracking that heat. ♪ >> we have beautiful sea breeze, lucy, and we're at the back bay here. it's called gardner's basin so beautiful breeze after a warm day everywhere but as you mentioned not warm enough to keep the heat wave alive but it will be back. take look at thighs beautiful back bay as everyone gets ready to enjoy a lovely evening. high temperatures did peak in the 80s pretty much everywhere. in philadelphia the high temperature made it to 88 degrees. you can see allentown 87. pottstown 85. and temperatures elsewhere in the mid 80s. a few spotty showers will be around for the next couple of hours especially north and west of the city. and later tonight a few spotty showers possible as well. if you're coming down the shore, looks like it will be a nice weekend. temperatures will be in the upper 80s tomorrow. mid 80s for saturday and sun day with a chance of a shower or storm. that storm on sunday will bust the heat much more comfortable on monday with a land breeze.
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temperature 84 degrees. low humidity ocean water temperatures between 70 and 77. back here live, getting ready for the weekend. a jump start to the weekend in ac we'll have your forecast if you're staying at homecoming up a little bit later on in the broadcast. we'll see you then. >> all right, to you soon kathy. make sure you know what weather is coming your way with our fox 29 app. see live radars and get alerts sent right to your phone. search for it in the apple and google play stores. >> tonight three people are in the hospital after gunshots ring out on the streets of fair hill. skyfox was over the scene on the 2900 block of waterloo and cambria a little while ago. police say two teen men along with a 37-year-old woman were all shot. that woman is in critical condition and police are still searching for the shooter. developing to night a shocking bust in new jersey. more than three dozen men at least one from every county in the state is now under arrest and facing child porn charges. and some of them have worked pretty closely with kids.
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>> these arrests are the result of a happ half year investigation that swept the state. let's head to fox 29's sabina kuriakose following the investigation in cinnaminson. >> authorities say the scariest thing here is none of these suspects fit a particular description. they were school teachers and custodians some of them were it professionals who may have set up elaborate systems to hide what they were doing. >> i don't know them to be anything else. they're very friendly people. >> reporter: neighbor and friend rose saint allen is stunned perfect fodder of three next door caught up massive stink by new jersey's crimes against children task force that has netted 40 men from every corner of the state for allegedly possessing and in most cases distributing child porn. >> he was a family oriened father because i've seen him all the time working with his three children. passing by. >> reporter: attorney general announcing the arrest at a press conference thursday. the suspects ages 20 to 72 from all walks of life.
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several have worked around children. two are undocumented immigrants. in pitman police say they found 76,000 images on the computer of 47-year-old john de fay fay. >> we have prevented the future sexual assault of children. >> reporter: the individual cases against each suspect remain under investigation. farrington and defray are out on bail. there was no answer at farrington's home thursday. communities in every new jersey county now rocked by the allegations. >> it's very hard for me to process. >> reporter: now, this does not end here. authorities have identified the suspects but they still have to find the kids. they tell me that some of these images they found were known to authorities. others though are brand new and they have to find the individuals in those photos and videos and make sure they're safe. lucy? >> yeah, they've got to save them as soon as possible. thank you so much sabina. philadelphia police are searching for the man caught on surveillance cameras snatching a woman's purse. take look. it happened earlier this month inside a restaurant along the
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4700 block of north broad street in logan. police say as the woman was paying for her food, when a man grabbed her bag. it had 300 bucks and iphone in it. he ran towards wyoming street. if you know this guy, give police a call. in bucks county the district attorney says that he will leave office a year early. david heckler making the announcement today. he'll be leaving his spot as the county's top law enforcement officer next month. he was elected in 2009 after serving as a judge for nearly 10 years. the da says it's time for someone new to take on the role. he's now ready to spend more time with his family. >> i look back at this list i was pysched. at least i set the direction to make this office a heck of a lot better. i believe in adding value. i'd like to think i've add add lot of value around here, but we're coming to an end of that. >> heckler thanked his wife and all the fellow prosecutors in his office. a panel much judges will choose his replacement. happening right now,
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visitors at the king of prussia mall have a whole lot more stores and restaurants to drop by. forget that walk across the parking lot you've had to take to get from the plaza to the court. thanks to big new addition you won't have to venture into the elements. this has been in the works for years as you well know. today it finally opened to the public and guess what? our karen hepp was there. >> reporter: mall makeover, 50 new stores, lots of luxury to impress your friends, but even if you never shopped there, king of prussia is bringing everyone the luxury experience. you can feel cool and beautiful and pampered no matter what is are in in your wallet. >> i like to stop. >> it's gorgeous. it's beautiful. i think that, um, it was a long time coming for sure. >> reporter: two years and $2 billion to connect the court and the plaza. two malls finally married with one name, king of prussia. the royal treatment starts with valet for everybody.
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coffee and cookies at the concierge. plenty of charging stations for folks to refuel their phones and their bodies at the trendy new safer section. hip restaurants and lounging spots to hang surrounded by fresh flowers. new retailers say the expansion is a happening. >> now it's a party. it's fantastic. such a difference to see the traffic coming by. i think the moment customers come through they're going to be inspired to shop and they're going to want to come just to explore and see what the mall has to offer. >> reporter: lots of back to school shoppers say it's just fun to be a look key lou in the high end district they've got their dollars and their dreams. >> it's really cool. i mean, a lot of stores are a little expensive for me but i mean lie like to walk around and look. it's cool. >> just fun to walk around and look at the stores and stuff. >> i just came some family today and i got two shirts, two shorts and a free backpack. >> parking you know it's always an issue they made it easier they say there's more of it now. there's electric signs to let you know how many parking spaces are left on each floor and all
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of the garages. the other thing we've got 450 stores now. that is the most retail space in the entire country. so take that, mall of america. we've got our bragging rights back. from the king of prussia mall, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> city leaders in philadelphia are focused on making sure former felons get a fair shake after they are released. mayor jim kenney among the leaders discussing the issue along with the city's work force development board and local employers. kenney says that he understands employers may be reluctant to hire former offenders but he still believes it's important to break the stigma. he says employing formerly incarcerated people is a benefit for the whole community. >> we can put more and more of our formerly incarcerated people back to work i can tell you predictable they'll be paying taxes and not eating taxes. they'll be paying for their children and not having their children paid for by somebody else. they'll be home with their families and with their neighborhoods so our neighborhoods become more stable, less violent and more productive.
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>> during today's meeting city leaders discussed hiring incentives and successful strategies that will help employers around legal risks of hiring former felons. new at 6:00 glimpses of the man police say burglarized a local k mart and what he got away may leave you with a few more questions. >> and proof that it's never too late to try something new. this woman is making a big change to mark a milestone many of cuss only hope to reach. sean? iain, eagles should give us a glimpse of how the team will actually look this season. how much the starters will play and who will be sitting out tonight coming up later in sports. ♪ you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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♪ new surveillance shows a man wandering through local k mart earlier this week but cops say he wasn't supposed to be there. this is video from inside the store along aramingo avenue and port richmond he now made his
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way in around 3:00 in the morning on tuesday according to investigators. grabbed a new bike and then wheeled it right out of the store. police think this guy made his way in through a back door. if you know who he is, please call police. >> delaware county woman is proving it's never too late. today she marked a milestone birthday as in one most of us will never reach and she's doing it in a rather unique way. dawn timmeney joins us with her story. this is my favorite of the day. >> it is so great lucy. this woman is about to turn 100 years old and i'll tell was, she looks fantastic. she's up for just about anything mini white of delaware counsel see always on the go. hard to believe this lovely lady is just shy of her 100th birthday. >> i love life. i like being around people and of course i love my family. >> reporter: neti was born on september 26th, 1916. she married the love of her life albert levitt in april of 1940 and had four sons with him.
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boy has her family grown. >> i have 10 grandchildren and i have 14 great-grandchildren and the 15 is this on its way. >> today we caught up with this great grandma at the springfield mall where she decided to celebrate becoming a centenarian by getting her ears pierce. >> a slight pinch. not enough to say hurt. >> neti pierced ears years ago but the holes closed up and she wants to wear the beautiful pierced earrings her husband gave her many years. >> that was my true love. my children's father. he died at 53 unfortunately. i figure it was time to wear them. >> reporter: some of the staff from the wesley and mainline where neti lives accompanied her on this latest escapade. >> really not surprising to me even just the beginning of this year she decided to also join our drama club. >> there's no other thing that you think you're not goining to skydiving on us neti?
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>> no. >> skydiving. >> no, i'm not that adventurous. >> she wouldn't tell me her secrets either. i don't know. but neti does work out. you'll love this in the retirement home gym in the strength training room and also does aerobic. everyone says she's a real inspiration and so sweet she wants to wear those diamond earrings again a cherished gift from her sweetheart. >> i love that. >> love of her life, dawn. thank you for doing that story. fun. >> kathy orr is back down the shore. >> tonight she's gardner's basin in atlantic city. afternoon, kathy. gorgeous there. >> well g afternoon. eighths beautiful day with a deep blue sky. we're here right on the back bay and it is spec tech. we just saw sunset crews going out. they have seen lots of dolphins this summer and even some beautiful lots going by you can see the sun getting a little bit lower in the sky this afternoon as we get closer to sunset which is just an hour and 45 minutes away. temperatures around the region
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still quite warm in the 80s throughout most of the delaware valley. the high temperature in philadelphia today did make it to 88 degrees. and that is our current temperature and we're going to see if we can get back in the 90s over the next couple of days. elsewhere across the delaware valley, temperatures quite warm as well. we're looking at numbers that will stay in the 80s tonight, then go back into the 70s and then over the weekend we will go back believe it or not into a heat wave. the toe poconos it's only 71 degrees. but down the shore it's pretty warm. on the boardwalk in atlantic city it is 85 degrees. it feels that warm here in the back bay. ocean city 82 degrees. and you can see ultimate doppler with a few spotty showers in the heat of the day but mainly in the poconos and a few showers northern lehigh valley. hot and humid again as we roll through friday, saturday and sunday. a few spotty sprinkles overnig overnight. and then even during the day on
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saturday. but in between it's hot and humid. we're watching a front that's going to get very close on sunday. hot and humid air ahead of that front and even some showers and storms nor numerous on sunday late sunday you really have to pay attention to the weather. behind that front, a refreshing air mass that's going to change everything in our forecast. and that front will also help us to keep tropical storm fiona well offshore. the 5:00 o'clock advisory has max wind of 45 miles an hour moving northwest at 10 and that bring it well out to sea. it will not be a threat to the mainland u.s. and this goes all the way out through tuesday at 6:00 p.m. now overnight tonight in the city 74. in the suburbs 68. a few spotty showers north and west. but nothing really of any consequence. not like the past couple of nights. tomorrow hot again and more humid. here we go. the high around 90. on our exclusive fox 29 extended seven day forecast, 90 tomorrow. saturday 91. the showers and storms sunday still making it to 90.
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and then after that front moves through a refreshing air mass for monday and tuesday, wednesday and thursday it gets hot again. look at those shore temperatures. back in the 80s for the next couple of days and then beginning to warm up the ocean water temperatures will stay in the 70's. back here live we are at the back bay ale house and there's lot of fun going on here. this is lisa and her children. where you guys from? >> we're from brigantine. >> and this is little hidden gem back in this bei bei, isn't it. >> it absolutely s we love it back here film we're going back to school. back to college? >> yes, we are. >> what are you doing before you head back? >> this. every day. i'm sitting on the beach. >> sitting on the beach. good news. we have a member of the beach patrol. everybody safe on the beach? >> everyone is safe. >> all right. we're glad you're get something nourishment. thanks lisa. good luck at school honey. we also have a wonderful family down here. hi, guys. >> hi! >> now, up tow dues to us everyone here i know you guys are from pa. from ambler? >> ambler, yes.
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>> luke. >> kristin. >> what's your name? >> and this little guy. what's your name? >> jack. >> all right. jack. are you guys on vacation? >> um-hmm. >> yeah. vacation. for the whole week. >> yup. where are you staying, what town. >> we're in brigantine. >> what made you come here to the buehl fullback bay. >> good food, good drinks and good vibes. >> beautiful sunset. >> absolutely. >> right? >> yeah. >> are you guys having a good time? >> yes. >> yeah. all right. you know what i have to tell lucy and iain that angela i who i met earlier at 5:00 o'clock saved me my drink. is this it? >> that's your drink. >> you know what this is called? >> bob marley. >> it's called a bob marley. and i'm going to bring this back for lucy and iain. i know you looked up the ingredients. >> we did. >> heim sure there's no liquor in here. >> no! of course not. (laughter). >> be careful. peak sure you bring it back. >> put a lid on that. >> i'll bring it back to you. >> you don't want to do that and drive. >> don't zippy cup what we need. there we go. >> top that sean bell.
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>> vacation time. i like to be on the beach also. eagles it's not vacation time. time to get down to business. the birds have their second preseason game tonight. unfortunately we won't see the future of the franchise but we will be able to see a glimpse of what the team will actually look like this season. starters getting little more time. we got a preview of tonight's game coming up next in sports.
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♪ all right. eagles second pro season game tonight and they're trying to avoid another injury. carson wentz you'll remember this right here, not a good look. this is why he won't be playing tonight and won't be playing for the rest of the preseason, maybe the last game. tonight follow it's all about guys getting in and getting out without getting injured. we could see up half a real football tonight. howard he is skin with dave spadaro to tell us what we can expect from tonight's game. >> reporter: what do you look for in this game? obviously you'll see sam bradford little bit more. what are you looking for in the second game. >> i think they'll expand the playbook a little bit. maybe run a screen, get darrin sproles involved in the passing game early. to get him some touches. but i expect more urgency particularly howard from a wide receiver core that has been sent awake-up call. these roster spots are not guaranteed ruben randall and josh huff and chris gibbons and nelson agholor who really
6:25 pm
struggle this summer. >> we got to see what happens with the offensive line because of the change there is. >> with alan barber at right tackle against a three-four defense tonight the steelers like to mix things up up front and sam getting his start at left guard has been really up and down in his rookie camp here. the offensive line has to perform with the new look the eagles don't have whole lot of other options dennis kelly starting journey man player still an option to start at some point. >> all right. so what you want to see is more offense tonight? >> absolutely of the first team played three snaps last week against tampa bay. they scored the touchdown in the red zone. i know frank reich and doug pederson want to see this offense string together some drives get sam bradford into a flow and see if ryan matthews can run the ball a little bit. >> hopefully that offensive line finally holds up. all right. thanks howard and dave. to the phillies after winning four in a row they're in a danger of getting swept by the dodgers. injury read eikoff back on the mount.
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that game starts at 7:05. check this play out. white sox and indians last night. adam eaton hits a grand slam in the top of the nine toth within the game. check what he was doing when he was hitting the ball. yeah, blowing a bubble. chewing gum like it's nothing. this is what i do game winning grand slams. i'll below a bubble as i hit this ball out. unbelievable. i mean, can you walk and chew gum at the same time? most people actually can't. did you see that grand slam. >> he's relaxed and focused and concentrating. >> come on. >> jaw is loose much it's good, man. that's why does he what he does. >> we should do that in practice. get kids to do blow the bubble and hit it. >> talking about practice. i don't think they can. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. very good, iain. >> we'll leave you with a hidden gem a lock at the beautiful atlantic city. we're back at 10:00. see you then. ♪
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>> did they make up the story? >> were you guys robbed? >> after being hauled off the plane, shocking new allegations against ryan lochte and the u.s. olympic swim team. did they get into a drunken brawl at a gas station in rio? >> wow. what a bombshell. >> then the millionaire's son accused of drowning his mother in the deepened of the pool. >> how could anyone do that to his own mother? and to the rescue. what's inside the car that is making them so desperate to break in? then frat boy in the worst jam of his life. his mother's just released call to 911. >> he's a little delusional. and the synthetic drug that cops believe


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