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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. right now at 11:00 coolest evening in more than a week. looking live at wilmington. it's sounds crazy but we're only in the high 70s right now after finally breaking one long heat wave. moving to south philly, eight days straight of 90 degrees or higher and we got our break today. thank goodness but it's not going to last long. good evening, i'm lucy noland. our temperatures are going to sky rocket again as of tomorrow. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11:00. kathy. >> that's right, lucy. it's not just the heat but the humidity again. today we made it to 88 degrees. tomorrow we'll go to 90 again and you can see on ultimate doppler we have showers to talk about. some pocks of heavy rain heading toward the i-95 corridor. they'll cross the delaware into south jersey. you can see through chester,
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upper chichester upper darby moving across 95 across the river and head toward national park and into south jersey. right now, seeing pockets of heavy rain. they move into south jersey and dissipate during the early morning hours. when you wake up tomorrow morning, the heat will be on the increase and here's a look at the temperatures. 60s to the north and west. philadelphia 73. that will be very refreshing. to the south and east temperatures generally in the 70s but wildwood waking up to 77 down the shore. by the afternoon, 90 degrees for your friday. hot and noticeably more humid with a southerly whipped down the shore you will have sea breeze as you look at planning your day, breakfast 74. lunch 85. by the afternoon at 3:00 p.m. we'll be pushing 90 degrees even temperatures in the mid 80s. as we go through the day saturday, some spotty showers and storms moving in from the ocean with a sea breeze front but the main event comes sunday. sunday afternoon. down the shore you'll see this front move through last but some
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showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon associated with a front. it's very warm and humid ahead of the front. behind it it is refreshing. that is the change we've been waiting for. so here's a lock at your extended forecast. another heat wave for friday, saturday, sunday that front busts the heat monday very refreshing as well as tuesday. and then wednesday and thursday the heat builds again but mainly in the 80s. we'll talk more about those storms and have the latest on tropical storm fiona later in the broadcast. lucy, we'll zen it back to you. >> thank you kathy talk soon. police in rio released surveillance video they say shows 4us swimmers at the same time the amulets say someone robbed them at gun point. in fact, brazilian authorities have just indicted olympic gold med list ryan lochte and one of his teammates for lying. fox 29's brad sattin is here with all the fast paced developments. brad, yet another twist to this story. >> lucy the twists keep oncomi oncoming. in the end experts say really these charges are not that serious but this has become a
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bit of an international incident and certainly an embarrassment for the swimmers especially ryan lochte whose story about being robbed seems to be falling apa apart. this video contradicts ryan lochte's story that he and three other american swimmers were outside a gas station in rio early sunday morning when they were robbed at gun point by police. today police in rio said there's no evidence from witnesses or from what was captured on cameras that the swimmers were victims. instead police say they were vandals. >> but it was contradictory from the very beginning as a matter of fact the versions of one of the athletes he has confessed. >> reporter: police say they were drunk and disorderly and tore apart the gas station until they were held by a security guard who may have shown him weapon. they were only allowed to leave after paying for the damage. police say two of the swimmers confessed after they were were pull off their plane headed home last night. tonight lochte whose already back in the us and fellow swimmer james feigen have been indicted in brazil for false reporting of a crime. now the two swimmers who gave
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their reports to police are headed back home. us olympic committee just released a statement saying in part "the swimmers behavior was quote not acceptable, nor does it represent the values of team usa. twists and turns continue, luce seem back to you does we'll see where it goes from here, brad. developing to night in wilmington we now know who police found in trash bin last night and tonight police are saying someone had shot her over and over. they have identified her as 21-year-old nu precious hoskins much officers found her body in a bin along the 800 block of east 22nd street. police say they searched the home of a person of interest this morning. however, they've yet to announce an arrest in new jersey authorities arrested 40 people on child porn charges they come from every single county in the state. the state attorney general says a six month investigation resulted in a sting with people from all walks of life involved. in cinnaminson you'll find one
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of the accused adam farrington arc former schoolteacher who has worked in philadelphia bristol township, bucks county and delran, n. the attorney general has this message for predators. >> we will find you. we will find you whether you're in your basement, if you're hiding in the dark, we'll find you and arrest you. >> i hope they do. tonight the search continues for many of the children scene in the pornography. meanwhile in chester county, the willis town police chief is calling a child pornography discovery in his county just staggering. lawrence jamison and john brown face long list of charges for sex trafficking child pornography and sexual assault. the da's office accuses jamison of possessing 1,000dvd's thumb drives and other electronic devices with more than 50,000 sexually explicit images and videos of children. investigators say jamison introduced a veep-year-old victim to brown and that both men sexually assaulted the girl
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and took photos and videos of her that they would exchange. we do not know what happened to that child. a local veteran is having just a horrible night. he left a portfolio on septa bus and is begging for help finding it. inside that folder was all of his personal information including his birth certificate. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in northeast philadelphia. he's got to be desperate, shawnette. >> reporter: he is lucy and you know what, i just text with septa they are right now in the process of trying to narrow down the exact bus he was on to try to see if they have get any clues what happened to the portfolio the in the meantime this veteran says he needs the documents so the va can help his family move. >> i realized i left my portfolio on the bus. >> keith mitchell a ma reply veteran is in desperate need of something he left on a septa bus this evening. >> everything about me is there. my social security card, my birth certificate, i mean, my whole military live my resume g
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mitt can chill was on the 84 septa bus headed towards the franklin transportation center he got off on straight road in the northeast when he realized he left it. he says he was coming from the veterans assistance office in center city to get help for his family. >> my family, we're going through a process where we have -- we have to relocate and again like i stater earlier was speaking to the veterans assistance people down up to, and they were helping with the process of us moving, and like i said all the information was in there. >> reporter: and mitchell says it's black portfolio and has an fbi stamp on it. if you've seen it contact septa. lucy, back to you. >> hopefully he find it very soon. thank you, shawnette bucks county district attorney david heckler is calling quits. he'll be leaving his spot as the county's top law enforcement officer next month a year before his term expires. he took office in 2009 after serving as a judge for nearly 10 years. heckler says it's time for new blood to take the role. he's ready to spend more time with his wife and work on his home and cars.
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>> this was never going to be a long-term proposition for me. i wanted to get things into good order, and then it was going to be time to pass the baton. >> heckler started his legal career in the same office he'll leave next month. panel of judges will choose his replacement. one hot tick, the place to be tonight. the art museum for the annual dinner en blanc. but some locals are snubbing the exclusive picnic. instead they went to a competing dinner that was, well, way more casual. what a perfect night though for the two events. chris o'connell front and center being the social butterfly that he is at each tonight. chris? >> reporter: that's right, lucy. the fifth annual dinner en blanc actually winding down tonight as actually a rainstorm starting to come in to center city. take look. people making their way home. really one of the coolest locations in the city here at the art museum.
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this pop up white party picnic quickly has become one of the hottest tickets in town. >> we have goat cheese, a little olive tapenade. >> they came bite thousands dressed in all white picnic baskets packed and ready to party. >> it's very international, and it is -- you have to be creative to be -- to attend. >> reporter: exclusive pop-up dinner en blanc is designed to bring diverse groups to the table in an elegant and chic way and there's no better back drop than the philadelphia museum of art isn't kind of feel like vip little bit. you get to be right in front of the art museum rarely do you get to do that. >> reporter: eakins oval filled with diners who just fund out the secret location just minutes beforehand. >> it is amazing event, and i think the suspense what makes it exciting. >> reporter: for hours they ate, they drank and met new friends in a new setting and they say they'll do it all again next year. >> join in with people you haven't met before and have a
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lovely dinner with meeting new people. >> reporter: for those who didn't wanting to so formal, we did attend what they called the anti dinner en blanc. that is in mayfair. lucy i know you were looking at it isn't yeah. >> take look. it was the dinner in pajama pants party in mayfair for those who didn't want to step out too much little less casual fair. you like that em. >> i do. dinner on pj's i like that. i like that, chris. you're looking very dapper both sides. >> well thank you. had lot of fun. >> i know it's raining. thanks so much, chris. a mall marriage of sorts in montgomery county. the court and plaza officially tied the knot to become the one and only king of prussia mall. it's all mansion thanks to new huge expansion that connects the two former mall. inside you'll find 50 new stores and handful of new restaurants an couldn't seven will make
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everything easier. the expansion took two years and cost more $2 billion. cop has the biggest retail space in america. there you go. crackling on dresser and the smell of smoke woke up a teenager. what caught fire right by his bed. more children injured on amusement park rides this time an electric jolt zapped several children burning one. what investigators think spark this. a hug a decade in the making. what this teen wrote this soldier nearly a decade ago that she's never forgotten. best story of the day. how she finally got to say thank you. >> and christina grimmie' family has released a video for her song "anybody's you" latest in series of videos the singer recorded before a man shot and killed her in orlando, florida in june. the gunman then killed himself. two remaining videos will drop in august and september. grimmie, of course, was a native of marlton, new jersey.
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indeed leverage to secure the release of hostages. it's the first time the u.s. government has clearly linked the two. but the state department maintains the payment was not ransom despite the appearance of such. it says the money was payment already owed from an equipment dole. a florida high school student is okay tonight and very thankful his entire house did not burn down because of his portable phone charger. james dodge of lakeland used portable charger so he can use his phone in class. some of his classes actually use phones for lessons. lost them do these days device promises two charges on the go. last night, he woke up from a dead sleep. he heard something it was his charger charred on his night stan. his mother came running in when she heard the commotion. >> smelled like something burning but not like fire burning of like chemically like wires. so i tried moving things around and i'm looking around to make sure nothing was on fire. >> consumer product safety
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commission do you meaned at least 540 fires coming from all kinds of charging devices, however, it says cases are extremely rare. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your hood. all right, iain what's going on. >> brookhaven delaware county police are investigate a crash lucy it happened in the thee hadn't dread block of westbrook haven road around 9:30. two cars collided. we do have call into police but we don't know how badly anyone was injury. in olney police are trying find who shot a 22 year old man along the 1100 block of grange avenue just before 5:00 this afternoon. the man is at einstein medical center in stable condition. no word on a motive. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and make sure to use the fresco app so you can zen it to our newsroom. us will see? >> thanks iain. another amusement park accident. this time a ride shock add group of children in connecticut and two days later, official are still trying to figure out what happened. connecticut state police say
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officials think a loose wire may have shocked the children. all six ended up at the hospital in fact firefighters say one child had burns on his hand. that boy grabbed a metal fence. investigators say electricians are now fixing the wiring and inspectors will check out the entire park in new london. >> see the lights going on and off at different rides behind us they're trying to isolate where the electric surge is coming from. >> all rides at the park are shut down at new london' as mews many park as the investigation into what went wrong continues. in your money, it appears gop presidential candidate trump is leaving a bad taste taste in the mouth of beer maker a brewery in chicago created trump golden ail. ale. trump tower was supposed to feature it. after trump's comments about immigrants coming over border from mexico the brewery pulled that partnership. it's brewing the beer but rename
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it it's not at all appropriate to say on it it has to do with the presidential candidate's hair. there you go. on your radar chris o'connell was in enter city at the dinner en blanc and man he said it was raining, kathy? >> yes, some showers moving in to philadelphia and lucy i have to show you this on radar. you can see flaring up right where chris is. it was light green and now it's yellows and also oranges. so this has gained some strength. unfortunately, right over chris' party there in center city philadelphia. but this line extends through chester and all the way down claymont, delaware, and it's moving across the river into south jersey. so you may hear a few rumbles of thunder but general just pockets of heavy rain moving into south jersey tonight and it will be did he say is he pating during the early morning hours. update you on tropical storm fiona you may have heard about this storm with maximum wind of 45 miles an hour moving toward the northwest. the good news, it will lose strength become a tropical low and stay far to the east of even
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bermuda as it takes a northerly turn over the next couple of days. lows to night in the city in the 70's. in the suburbs 68. around of rain moving south and east that was south jersey overnight. tomorrow 90 degrees again. hot and humid. down the shore looking good. a chance of a few spotty showers saturday. late storm sunday but i think you'll get your beach day in and look at that land breeze and very comfortable by monday. ocean water temperatures mainly in the 70s. rehoboth beach, delaware, 78. lewes, delaware, 79-degree water. extended forecast calls for another heat wave friday, saturday sunday the storm on sunday with a cold front will bust the heat. could get good deal of rain by the evening much more comfortable with lower humidity, monday that was next thursday. that's the very latest from the weather center. we'll zen it back to the news desk. >> thanks so much, kathy. just love this next story era georgia boy wrote a letter to our troops overseas in 2007. nine years later, he actually met the soldier who received it. colin martin hand wrote the note of encourage many as part of
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class project inside he include add coupon to his family's pizza shot for a free slice. the letter ended up in the hands of lieutenant kernel pig. she got time and drove to at land to cashing coupon and meeting martin who's now a senior in high school. >> it was amazing she even saved it. >> simple card or an e-mail or care package random thank you on the street just means so much to us who are serving either here or abroad. >> beautiful thing. lieutenant colonel pig gave cole len two patches from her uniform as a thank you for his gesture that meant and means so much to her. sean bell now in the house. >> lucy, of course, it's all about the eagles. they're second preseason game in the books. offense had no rhythm. really struggled to get things going we did see one group shape
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we thought would be the weakest link this season. i'll break it down coming up next in sports.
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♪ coming out of the eagles second preseason game still a bunch of questions. offense had no rhythm. wide outs didn't step up and make plays and we saw nothing great from the quarterback sam or chase but the one good thing that we actually saw was the dee finance. they were great especially that secondary. that group is supposed to be the weakest part of the eagles defense. still, it probable system but it's much better than we thought at least that's what it looks lying. they absolutely shaped tonight. four interceptions in the perfect spot most of the time. look, i know, ben roethlisberger didn't play. antonio brow didn't play. they were stt in the right place. at this point in the preseason that's all you can really ask for from guys who are just trying to get a rhythm. just trying to get it done. defense johnny on the spot at the right time. we already know the front seven will be great but the secondary has to step up defense is truly going to be special.
11:25 pm
truly going to be elite. the second preseason game a lot of preseason, a lot of training camp to go, but the secondary stepping up nolan carol emerging as lead corner something we can really keep our eye on and be very happy about. lucy. >> i'm excite excited thanks soh sean bell. big day for fans at singer and actress victoria justice she was in our area celebrating the grand opening of pry mark new store they got in the willow grove mall. we got a chance to tuck to her about her upcoming musical on fox the rocky horror picture show. >> i play janet weiss. i'm so excited to be part of this. i've been a fan of rocky horror since i was 15 years old. i saw it first time the when i was in fifth grade. i went to my first midnight showing when i was 15. >> you can watch the rocky horror picture show on october 20th right here on fox 29. you guys have got to watch it. i can believe neither of you have. bring rice so you can though it. >> two nights in row --
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>> brady bunch last night. >> i have no clue. in clue. never seen it. >> do you have a clue on the weather. >> yes. >> right here. >> he's been paying attention. we have rain in old city philadelphia chris o'connell near the art museum. he noted the rain has gotten heavier you can see it on ultimate doppler yellow and oranges right along the i-95 corridor similar the past couple of nights. really interesting. you can see that rain moving no south jersey maybe a few rumbles of thunder but really some light to moderate rain and the humidity is riding high. so any shower could be a downpour. >> all right. you know what, i need my garden watered so this is,ing. >> thank you. >> tonight is the night. >> thank you for the good eagles stuff. >> thanks for joining us. scott williams, bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning. have a good one.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: nicole scherzinger has done something that has never gotten props in the 10 years, 11 years of "tmz." ♪ she was singing to her own song. >> as fine as she is in a bathing suit. >> it trumps it. >> and it feels natural. she doesn't feel like she's doing it for the cameras. >> no, with no cameras and leg up on a stool shaving, dude. >> they just released video of the alleged robbery that happened with ryan lochte. they go to a gas station. according to the gas station, they go in and it's locked, the door. so they start kicking and like damaging the door. harvey: these swimmers were drunk and defiant. either the security guard or the manager said you're paying for the door, and they said screw you. right. >> katie ledecky landing at


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