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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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breaking news out of delaware a child rescued after an accident in with a tractor trailer. steve keeley is live. police are investigating a double shooting out of point breeze where police say the victims were standing and how many shots were fired. develop this morning ryan lochte indicted in brazil. next up video that, well, different sport here the eagles, they played their second preseason game. we will let you know how that went. we will tell you latest on the ryan lochte alleged robbery, they are called it lochte gate f morning on this friday august 19th, 2016. lauren johnson has the morning off. we will get right to steve keeley with this horrible crash in delaware. steve, what is the latest. >> reporter: we are on the other side and you can see how devastated this ford pickup truck, this is an extended cab
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truck meaning it is like a car, pick up combined, we have back seats and a six year-old in the back seat of this probably strapped in, a child restraint seat which is great to keep them safe but in the so great trying to rush out of a burning vehicle. you can see some fire extinguishers in the back, they look like little ones that would be there on stand by, standing by for an emergency maybe with the police but this is a busy intersection here and people driving up to this, who witnessed aftermath, witnessed the accident helped get people out of a pickup truck that was across the street facing the opposite way when it was rear ended by that tractor trailer across the street, and he will walk over to the front of that pick up tractor trailer and show you front end damage of that and the initial report is that the driver of that tractor trailer some how fell asleep driving in the direction he is in but on the other side of this intersection, rear ended this pickup truck waiting at red
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light with the family from new jersey apparently judging by license plates, and, probably at delaware beaches, maybe coming back from a summertime vacation because it looks like all of the stuff you take to the beach. a bunch of coolers, debris, but a family would pack up going to the beach and this truck pushed the damage alone is horrific and then you add fire to it as well and a six year-old we're told by officials here on the scene now flown to crozer with third degree burns, hopefully will be eventually okay. we don't know where on the body he was burn but probably in the child restraint seat as closest to the impact and close to the fire as a gas station exploded in the back of this pickup truck. you can see where i am right now the fog is starting to roll in making it hazy at glassco park you see the sign here at this intersection in new castle county but part of the intersection was allow to
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stampede to traffic. would be kelly, you will let you see this picture and describe the scene in terms of the traffic is what opened and what is not here in delaware. >> let's stay with that camera shot if you could. what we are looking at is the intersection of the 896 and route 40. you are right, glassgow park is on your corner as your landmark there and that tractor trailer was coming south, on 896 when it approached that intersection. that family in the pickup truck most likely was stopped at the red light, and that tractor trail are right there came barreling through and rear ended that pickup truck. i'm told by our floor director that f150 the gas tanks on those f150s are located on the passenger, on the driver's side left, which is exactly where that impact occurred, on the opposite side there so that would explain why the car instantly burst into flames. right now we are looking at a
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total shut down of that intersection, those headlights coming toward us in the camera scene there, that is 896 and all traffic pushed on to route 40 there, in delaware. there you go. those headlights coming toward us, they would be coming south on 896. let go to my maps and show you the spot again, we will slide down to delaware at intersection of the route 896, which is known as college avenue right at route 40 which is the pulaski highway. that is the intersection you want to avoid and thoughts and prayers go out to that family that are recovering, and hopefully that little guy is going to be okay that six year-old child flown to crozer with third degree burns. here's what is left of an accident on the roosevelt boulevard. we had a one vehicle crash in the wall. we have got all lanes opened backup, all lanes opened up here on the vine street expressway, that is good news for folks coming in and out of the city on this friday morning. north on the extension though
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watch for an accident between lansdale and quakertown on that northbound side and then it is camden concert weekend all weekend long we have got concerts tonight and tomorrow and any of you not going to the concert but maybe to the shore these past couple weekend have been tough. shore crowd as they come over that ben franklin bridge meeting up with the concert crowd so give yourself extra time heading to the shore. speaking of the shore? what is that shore forecast looking like for the weekend. >> looking good for upcoming weekend bob kelly. in fact looking good across the area as well. look at weather by the numbers scale of one to ten, we will give today a nine. much improved. heat wave ended with highs in the upper 80's. the as we look at ultimate doppler much improved but we saw pop up showers and thunderstorms late last night after 11 or 12 midnight moving toward parts of the south jersey, even into sections of northern delaware we saw those downpours with showers and
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thunderstorms. it is a humid morning. 74 degrees. humidity at 85 percent. temperature wise we are looking at 07 in wilmington. lower 70's right now in atlantic city. zooming in down the shore 77 degrees right now cape may point. we have 74 in avalon and 75 in beach haven. bottom line planning your day by lunchtime 84 degrees. afternoon high temperatures upper 80's to around 90 this afternoon. by 7:00 this evening looking dry, temperatures right around 85. coming up we will talk about that entire weekend forecast and when to expect really nice temperatures in the upper 70's for some and lower 80's with the seven day forecast. >> scott, thank you. 5:06. we are following breaking news out of delaware where a tractor trailer collided with a pickup truck sending several people to the hospital including a six year-old. steve keeley will have have much more on this throughout the morning. we will check on the latest
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condition on that boy. 5:06. we are following breaking news out of the point breeze section where two men were shot late last night. this happened on south 23rd and mifflin streets just after is 11:30. one was taken to jefferson other to penn presbyterian hospital. both are in stable condition. police tell us 16 shots were fired hitting the men standing outside a chinese restaurant. >> both of these victims were standing outside of the chinese food take out on the corner of 23rd and mifflin when they were shot. there were two vehicles struck by gunfire. there was the chinese take out, window was struck two times by gunfire. >> police say crime cameras in the area recorded them so they have a good description of who they are looking for. no arrests have been made. authorities indicted two of the four olympic swim hours claim to have been robbed at gunpoint, one of them is still in least other this morning. ryan lochte and jimmy feigen are accused of lying about the
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alleged armed incident as authorities continue to piece together exactly what happen. dave kinchen live along ben franklin parkway to explain what the authorities in brazil are now saying, good morning to you dave. they are saying jimmy feigen will have to actually pay an amount of money to a charity down there in brazil this was just tweeted out by several news agencies. he will make a payment there perhaps to spread some goodwill after this whole situation. we do know that feigen is still the only one in rio right now from this group facing charges of falsely reporting a crime. this is the u.s. olympic committee apologized for a distracting incident that is over shadowing the olympic is it self. of course, ryan lochte is known for grabbing headlines and star gold medal swimmer now star of this international incident is back in the u.s. after being indicted in brazil. surveillance video from a gas station in rio appears to
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backup witness claims that there was in robbery as athletes claimed. it shows lochte and others outside the gas station early sunday morning at the same time that they said they were rob. police actually say they were drunk disorderly vandals and ripped apart a bathroom. a security guard did show his gun to hold men until they paid for the damage. we asked villanova professor of political science what it all means in the long run. >> does this put the icing on the cake, the claim that their police 85,000 strong police presence in rio but here you may have had some police, the official part of the state being corrupt and extorting money. >> they should not go to jail for lying but he lied about somebody robbing him about rio and big commotion about nothing so something has to happen. >> this is a big deal, is this a international crisis or something forgot men 48 hours. >> it will be forgot men 48 hours. it is not an important
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international thing. >> two of the swimmers pulled from the plane wednesday night, admitted to making up the story. they have been on their way home, we're toll. the latest news here jimmy feigen agreeing if you can call it an agreement to make a payment to the brazilian charity to clear up some of this but still facing charges down there and also ryan lochte back here in the u.s. but big questions about his endorsements, millions of dollars on the line. we will see what happens there. >> chris? >> dave kinchen live for us, thanks very much. at 5:10. we now know who police found in the trash bin in wilmington delaware wednesday night. last night police said that someone shot her over and over. they have identified her as 21 year-old miss precious hoskins along 800 block of east 22nd street. police searched a home of the person of interest yesterday morning, however, they have yet to announce an arrest. in new jersey authorities arrested 40 people on child pornography charges.
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they have come from every county in the state. state attorney general says six month investigation resulted in this sting operation with people from all walks of life involved in cinnaminson you'll find one is adam farrington a former schoolteacher who has worked in philadelphia, bristol township publication county and delran new jersey. the attorney general has this message for the bread tors. >> we will find you, whether you are in your basement, you are hiding in the dark, we will find you and arrest you. >> this morning search continues for many of the children seen in the pornography. in chester county the willits town police chief is calling a child porn discovery staggering. lawrence jamison and john brown face a long list of charges for sex trafficking, child pornography and sexual assault. county's district attorney's office accused jamison of possessing 1,000 tv d, thumb drives and other device west more than 50,000 sexually
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explicit images and videos of kid. up investigators say jamison introduced a 15 year-old victim to brown and that both men raped the girl and took photos and videos of her that they would then exchange. we're following breaking news on the scene of the horrific crash in delaware, a child rescued after an accident involving a tractor trailer, steve keeley live at that scene gathering information and we will have his report straight ahead. glass co.
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good morning welcome back at 54:00. updating breaking news out of delaware, this nasty accident, that occurred this morning right at the intersection of route 896, route 40. we are looking live at the scene. our news van we are the only station down there this morning bringing you this breaking situation to you. it happened early this morning when a tractor trailer, seems to have fall's sleep at the wheel, coming to the intersection, and there is the tractor trailer you will see right there. we are getting a sense that the driver culled have fall's sleep at the wheel, and came and plowed in the back of this pickup truck. it had a family sitting at the traffic light. it looks like the pickup truck had stopped for the red light and this tractor trailer comes up from behind, and slams into the behind the truck here and we are looking at a family injured. a six year-old boy flown to
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crozer-chester medical center with third degree burns. what we are looking at here is intersection where they are doing the investigation. they are measuring, and measuring distance from maybe impact to where that car wound up. this is all right at the intersection of glasgow state park just to give you an idea. let's go to my maps here. there is the sign for the park. so from what we're looking at that tractor trailer was heading south on route 40, when it came to the intersection of route 896, which is also college avenue. that interest sexist the scene of the impact. there is glasgow state park, just to give you a locate or. this investigation will probably last throughout the morning rush hour, if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, heading south route 40 is a busy route for folks to get down to the delaware beaches, not to mention just your morning rush hour, use the baltimore pike, or maybe use route 72 to stay
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away from that investigation w that closure things will start to get busier and more grid lock as we move into the next hour. otherwise we're good to go on the schuylkill, i-95 and blue route. everything is wet from the rain we had again last night so you'll see a puddle here or there. in problems on i-95 working your way in the city. here's a live look at i-95 right here near girard avenue. crew are still out there but they are not blocking any lanes. vine expressway looking for business, both east and westbound. we have a disable on the north east extension of the pennsylvania turnpike, right there northbound between lansdale, and q town, so heading up toward quakertown this morning watch out for some delays and it is a camden concert weekend. which one are you going to scott friday or saturday. >> i don't know do you have tickets. >> tickets. >> you got tickets. >> oh, man, there you go. >> give me some tickets then. lets talk about this weather.
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we have the heat wave, it is over, it ended yesterday. highs only in the upper 80's. today we have highs in 80's to right around 90 degrees, dry heat today, and then humidity, it returns and also showers and thunderstorms for part of the weekend. ultimate doppler ride now much improved but we still have more scattered downpours rolling through ten or 11:00 into southeastern pennsylvania and then it rolled into sections of south jersey before diminishing, so as bob was talking about those road they are still wet out there this morning. 74 degrees, humidity at 85 percent. still high out there we will see wind out of the north and that will mean lower humidity. seventy-three in trenton. we have 73 at atlantic city. lower 07's in dover. temperatures down the shore we are looking at 57 at the boardwalk. seventy-four in wildwood. planning your day temperature by lunch 84 degrees. eighty-nine at three. eighty-five by 7:00 o'clock.
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baseball game, cardinals taking on the phillies, we are looking at mostly clear sky by first pitch 58 degrees, whipped out of the north. saturday let's skip ahead, dry, quiet, kind of warm, muggy and as we move toward sunday watch the clock, clouds start to roll in, lunchtime north and west looking at showers and thunderstorms as a cold front approaches but behind that front we are looking at nicer conditions, lets talk about the seven day forecast we're looking at 90 today and tomorrow. upper 80's for sunday afternoon evening showers and terms but look at the temperatures behind that front. eighty-three on monday. eighty-four on tuesday for the high temperature, mid to upper 80's by middle and ladder part of next week, back over to you. three people in the hospital after gunshots in the streets of fair hill, sky fox is over the scene on the 2900 block of waterloo and cambria yesterday. police say two teen men along with the 37 year-old woman
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were all shot, that women is in critical condition, police are searching for whom ever opened fire. olney police are trying to find whom ever shot a 22-year old man along 1100 block of gaining avenue just before 5c yesterday afternoon. the main is in einstein medical center in stable condition. no word on a motive just yet. city leaders in philadelphia are focusing on making sure former felons get a share shake once released. mayor jim kenney discussed the issues with the cities work force development board and local employers. kenney understands employers may be reluctant to hire former offenders but he believes it is an important break to the stigma. he says employing formalin cars rated people is a benefit to the entire community. >> if we can put more and more of our formally incarcerated people back to work. they will be paying taxes and not eating taxes. they will be paying for their
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children and not having their children paying for somebody else, they will be home as a stable force with their kid and with their families and with their neighborhoods so our neighbors become more stable, less violent and more productive. >> during the meeting city leaders discussed hiring incentives and strategies that will help employers around legal risks from hiring former fell a ons. philadelphia school official commission is getting praise this morning. last night they updated student code of conduct banning most suspensions for kindergarteners and ending suspensions for students who violate the dress code. under the new rules kindergarteners cannot be suspended unless their actions result in serious bodily injury. decision to not suspend over dress code violations comes as the district realized some students don't comply because they are in poverty. thousands flood the art museum dressed all in white for the annual philadelphia tradition diner en blanc but it is not the only dinner that has everyone talking. the new tradition putting a
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1:00 a.m. august 20th. there is mack books, tv, iphones and much more included in this sale. one hot ticket, place to be last night art museum for annual diner en blanc but some locals snubbing the exclusive picnic. they instead showed up for a competing dinner party, that went way casual, all right. what a perfect summer night. chris o'connell has front and center at each event last night. >> reporter: sea of white came with their chairs, picnic baskets and charred in a flowing. >> we had goat cheese, a little bit of this. >> reporter: more than 4,000 diners made their way down the parkway to the art museum for fifth annual diner en blanc. >> i felt like a vip. you get to be right in front of the art museum. rarely do you get to do that. >> reporter: exclusive pop up picnic is held in a different location across the city every year. >> it is very international.
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it is, you have to be creative, to be attending. >> reporter: and get a text message minutes before to tell them where to show up and set up their picnic in the city. >> it is an amazing event and i think the suspense is what makes it exciting. >> reporter: but the all white dinner party is becoming so popular diner en blanc is getting some competition. up here in hey fair they are doing things differently it is dinner in pajama pants. >> this is sort of mayfair's answer to diner en blanc. >> reporter: mayfair's thursday night summer market is more blue collar than white pants. >> it is kind of the unofficial uniform of mayfair. >> ♪ >> reporter: more rock and roll then class will california and while some were eating fancy cheeses and french bread here they are eating pulled pork and frenchfries. >> we are comfortable in our neighborhood. we feel like we can go out in our pajama pants.
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>> reporter: they didn't have art museum but they had family, friend and their community. >> something new in the area, something to do something different. why not dinner in pajamas pants. >> all right. chris o'connell clearly had more fun in the ladder event because come on, cookie monster pajama pants these rock chris o'connell. it will continue every year. how fun is that. 5:27 is the time. we are following breaking news. a another just crash in delaware. steve keeley is on this. steve, good morning. >> chris, we have a very bad accident here at a main intersection in delaware that part of the intersection is opened but look at that pickup truck. family of four from new jersey likely coming back home or going on vacation for the weekend and hit by that tractor trailer across the street. we will have the latest details for you.
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we are on the scene of a who can crash in delaware a child rescued after an accident involving a tractor trailer, steve keeley is at the scene with the live report straight ahead. more breaking news, right now police investigating a double shooting out of point breeze where victims were standing and how many shots were fired. and more breaking news, regarding one of the swimmers involve in the robbery
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controversy in rio, who just made a huge payment next. good day everybody it is friday august 192,016th. my co anchor lauren dawn johnson is off enjoying a three day weekend. scott, she pick perfect weather for this. let get to keeley live in delaware. steve, good morning to you. overnight, this ford pick up with an extended cab and family of four inside rear ended by tractor trailer across the street in glasgow, delaware at a main intersection 896, 40, college drive, look at the ford pick up. notice this, bob kelly mentioned this. we have a staffer who necessary about this pick up. see where gas would go? that dark circle there a little six year-old likely sitting right over the gas tank, right there on that side behind the driver when this was rear ended in that corner and folded up like an accordion and burned up like a
5:32 am
matchbook. you see those fire extinguisher right behind the crash scene here, witnesses nearby, police rushed over here but witnesses at this very busy intersection in the middle of the night helped pull this family out. see this cooler here on the island? that is one of the many, whole debris stream from where the impact happened where you see flashing yellow lights. that is how far this pick up was push as it caught fire and tractor trailer driver we're told likely quote nodded off. he doesn't remember the accident but can remember waking up at the impact and not knowing or realizing what happened. he is okay. there is maryland plates on the engine part of the tractor trailer and oklahoma plates on the trail are park. we are near maryland right on the delaware, maryland line essentially here at the this intersection. so, this may be a local tractor trailer driver and a new jersey family going to or from the beaches. we are seeing boat traffic and
5:33 am
trailers on the remaining opened part of 896 south because it is friday morning. people getaway for the weekend. you can see bob kelly, part of it is opened but parts still shut down with all this tea brings here and a lot of investigation still going on. we are told the six year-old bob was flown to on crozer-chester for third degree burns. >> unbelievable. our thoughts and prayers with that family as we stick with the shot there for a second. the stay right there. that is intersection of route 40 and 896. what we're seeing here based upon where the cars and trucks have all wound up it looks like that tractor trailer was coming south on route 896, there is the tractor trailer, the pickup truck, was stopped at the traffic light, so imagine your family, you are stopped at the red light you are doing what you should do, and then the tractor trailer driver appears to have fall's sleep and come barreling and
5:34 am
plowed in the back of that pickup truck. keith, our floor director familiar with trucks said the gasoline tank for those ford f150's are located right there on the driver side underneath, and that would explain. that is where the impact hit and that is exactly probably the reason why that car burst into flames. now lets go to the maps. if you are heading out the front door is there the intersection. so that tractor trailer was traffic south on route 40, which is pulaski highway when it hit that intersection of 896 which is also college avenue. we have glasgow park right here, we have got the big shopping center with the movie theater here. it is a busy intersection but light volume, early in the morning. now your alternate as that investigation is underway would be the old baltimore pike or route 72, because again, with this accident investigation, it could be out there for most of the morning.
5:35 am
i just talked to jen fred who walked in visibly shaken she was right behind this accident on the schuylkill expressway. look at this, this is an overturned vehicle here eastbound on the schuylkill expressway at the syringe garden off ramp. jen said she was behind this vehicle when this guy went to go off at the spring garden street ramp, tractor trailer didn't see him, smush him, flipped him upside down and that is where it laid. she was the vehicle right behind this accident. good news jen's okay, visibly shaken understandably and she said the driver of the vehicle got out of the car. so he appears to be okay but obviously right now eastbound on the schuylkill expressway an overturn vehicle right at spring garden street coming into center city. again you have what looks like only one lane as police are
5:36 am
now just pulling up to the scene. two big situations we are following as we get started on a friday. hopefully the forecast is a better report, scottie, right. >> we have good news bob kelly, heat wave is officially over. it ended yesterday. for today we are looking at high temperatures topping out in the upper 80's to around 90 l contend with more of a try heat. it will be more tolerable. humidity will return and also showers and thunderstorms, though for part of the upcoming weekend. diminishing activity is out of here we saw pop up thunderstorm late last night around philadelphia rolling into part of the south jersey, even new castle county but you can see ultimate doppler it is dry, quiet with you it is humid. they are patchy fog especially where we saw overnight showers and storms. seventy-four the temperature at the airport. 85 percent humidity. we are looking at 07 in wilmington. seventy-one millville. seventy-three in trenton. temperatures down the shore, this morning.
5:37 am
avalon 73. thirty-seven in ocean city. seventy-five this beach haven. by breakfast 76. lunch eight 46789 by 3:00 o'clock 89 degrees. by 7:00 this evening we're looking at temperature of 85. coming up we have you covered for pocono mountains down the shore and that seven day forecast spelling out that heat relief. we are following breaking news in the point breeze section where two men were shot late last night, this happened on out 23rd and mifflin street just after 11:30, one was taken to jefferson other to penn presbyterian hospital both are in stable condition. police say 16 shots were fired hitting men standing outside a chinese restaurant. >> both of these victims were standing outside of the chinese food take out on the corner of 23rd and mifflin when they were shot there were two vehicles struck by gunfire and there was also chinese take out, window was truck two
5:38 am
times by gunfire. >> police say crime cameras in the area recorded the shooter so they have a good description of who they are looking for but no arrests. breaking developments, james feigen one of the american whimmers till in brazil will pay $11,000 and then leave the country. authorities in brazil have indicted both feigen and ryan lochte about lying about the alleged robbery. dave kinchen along ben franklin parkway to explain what the authorities aring a this morning. dave, good morning to you. >> reporter: this is a big payment. we're hearing to a charity here that feigen will be sending out here. a lot of money to pay ape also to leave the country: he was only american swimmer caught up in this whole controversy held behind facing charges of falsely reporting a crime. this as u.s. olympic commit thee apologized for a distracting incident that is clearly over shadowing the olympics itself. of course, ryan lochte known for grabbing headlines.
5:39 am
gold medal swimmer now start of international incident or one of the stars and he is back in the u.s. now after he was indicted in brazil. new surveillance video from a rio gas station shows to backup witness claims that there was in robbery that the athletes claimed that shows lochte ape others outside early sunday morning at the same time they were rob. police say they were drunk, disorderly vandals who ripped apart a rest room, security guard did show a gun to hold the men until they paid for the damage. hear an olympic official say it is no that the big deal even as police tribe the crime. >> there is strong evidence that one of the whimmers took action that is would be defined as false indication of crime. >> it was contradictory from the very beginning as a matter of fact roaringses of one of the athletes has confessed. >> lets give these kid a break. sometimes you take actions that you later reget. they are magnificent athletes.
5:40 am
lochte is one of the best whimmers of all times. they had fun, they made a mistake, it is part of life, life goes on. >> reporter: we'll but it goes on with a big payment for feigen before he leaves the country. police say two swimmers pull from the plane wednesday night admitted to making up the story but you have to consider ryan lochte and millions oven doorsments on the line for him as well. >> good point. >> all right. dave, thanks much. next up we're talking eagles, game two in the books still ahead how home team handled the pittsburgh steelers. sean has the break down next in sports.
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the eagles showed us a little bit more of what they actually might look like when the season starts. many starters playing up to a half of football, against the steelers. the secondary shined bright this this one. first one no land carroll announced he is back from that ankle surgery. he has the pick six right here. eagles had huge take aways. and then, we go to later in the game. look at this, beyond i on the spot, malcolm jenkins after the great individual play, the eagles had four interceptions in the game. they went on to win 17 to nothing. to the phillies and dodgers, ryan howard is red hot lately. batting .385 in his last three at bats hit a shot to dead center to give phillies a two
5:44 am
to nothing lead. we will go to the event, miguel franco hits it to basically the exact same spot, that will give phillies the lead and the win. they win five-four. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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>> january 20th, when president owe wam a was inaugurated the first time. it is my birthday. i was 07 today. >> correct. >> i'm always, a big fan of the action phone. all right. bill clinton, 70. >> i save that for my friend big daddy graham, how are you. >> okay, there you go good so, hey we're two and another owe at least it is preseason. >> don't get carried away. you did that last year. but no, you know what was nice about last night's win that is defense. jim warts brings it. that is what he does. he brings it. it apparently this defense is buying into it. not one, not two, not three, but four, first half interceptions. now look i know ben roethlisberger was not, their backup quarterback landry jones was. i get that. but you still have to have make those catches. how many times have you seen a
5:48 am
ballgame where an interception would have turned it around but it is dropped. they are not dropping these interceptions. and that one there, the grimes interception the one you just awe, sensation willal. really just a hazing. look at this catch. look at this. and this is why you watch preseason football. he is fighting for a job grimes is and making catches like that will certainly help. here's last of the four interceptions, speaking of catches lets see if they have this play, lined up, this is arguablably the greatest catch, oh, we have another interception to go here. >> that is the touchdown right there. but nelson agholor made an unplea ofable catch last night. >> well, finally. >> yes. >> here it comes right here. it is his greatest catch, here it comes. he goes up high. that is a grace catch. >> that is a great catch.
5:49 am
>> for him. >> for him, yes. >> yes. >> he also had a drop last night on top of it. so that is a pretty good catch for nelson agholor. maybe a confidence builder, i don't know. jim warts was the tar of last nights game. i like ken barner. i have been saying all along that i think ryan matthews, kenbeyond barner and darren sproles is not a bad backfield. >> is he signed? >> he played last night. not a bad backfield. watch this kid paul turner who is making a big play to make this team. he had some great catches last night. >> we have to go to weather. you have seen two games. will we go 12-four this year. >> super bowl bound. >> boom. >> what are you nuts. >> mike jerrick happened. >> lets do some weather. >> good morning to you, chris. >> we're talking about temperatures in the 70's. the bus stop buddy is ready for hazy sunshine.
5:50 am
he has his hat for the game this evening. water bottle and also that sun screen. it will be a hot day but humidity will be dropping. ultimate doppler right now much improved we saw scattered showers and thunderstorms rolling through the area but that activity has moved out. 74 degrees the current temperature in center city. 85 percent is that humidity. dover this morning 72. seventy-three in trenton. upper 60's toward sections of the lie he valley. look at the wind direction more out of the north/northwest so that means more try heat today. ninety in center city. eighty-four down the shore. eighty-six in the lehigh valley. back over to you. you got it, good morning, everybody, 5:50. updating our two breaking stories both traffic related. first of all in delaware route 896 which is college avenue, avoid that intersection with route 40. some new information that i just got from talking with steve, it appears that tractor
5:51 am
trailer was heading northbound on 896 when it rear ended that pickup truck with a family at that intersection and the six year-old boy was flown to crozer-chester medical with third degree burns. as they continue to investigate the accident at this intersection for the morning rush hour i would use old baltimore pike or route 71, to right there at glasgow park intersection. so stay away from that intersection at least for the morning. here's a live look at the nasty accident on the schuykill expressway where all lanes east bound are closed right now at spring garden. you heard me say earlier jen fred was right behind the accident when it occurred this morning about a half an hour ago a guy trying to exit for spring guard up, and clipped by a tractor trailer, flipped upside down. jen's okay, wristably shaken but guy in the vehicle that was flipped upside down he seemed to be okay.
5:52 am
he was able to get out of the car. bottom line is, traffic is at a stand still, bumper to bumper here with a shut down from girard into center city. so coming into the city right now, kelly or martin luther king drive. ryan lochte and "good day philadelphia" forever linked. >> yes, i know. >> it get this every single day that ryan lochte interview. now i'm getting it more and more and more. you got to be a man at night, man at night, you know what it is. pokemon go, they are having a special one at philadelphia addition today and bunch of people are getting together during our show to look for pokemon characters. >> this is still popular, is it growing in popularity. >> i'm afraid it is. >> what is wrong with people.
5:53 am
>> it is friday. >> then yesterday difficult go over to sugar house casino and audition for bold and beautiful. wases there a long line when you got there and did it allow you to do this and go to the front of the line. >> the line was three hours long. >> there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds people. >> did they tell you what the role was for. >> it was a walk on good quick line. >> listen to this, publicity stunt but people at channel three, nobody is getting a role on the bold and beautiful. you might walk on and say do you want some coffee and then you are out. there had to be, these pretzels are making me thirsty. >> can you do that line now. >> these pretzels are making me thirsty. >> no, these pretzels are making me thirsty. >> so, i did it. i proposed marriage to a with man that was my audition. >> really.
5:54 am
>> yes. >> can you give us the line. >> i don't have a shot. >> you don't. >> i messed it up. >> are you going tie or no tie. >> i will go tie. >> michael, thank you. >> all right. >> my tie. >> very latest from michael and alex coming up after a quick break. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things
5:55 am
he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
5:56 am
5:57 am
he was released this trooper cullen's memory. he died in march when he was hit by a car investigating an accident in west deptford on i295. we're following breaking news on the scene of the the horrific crash this delaware. child rescued after an accident involving a tractor trailer, we will be right back. black blank
5:58 am
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] look at this crash, see that truck right there?
6:00 am
it was involved in a horrible crash. look at what is left of this pickup truck but a child was rescued, a family of four in that pick up. we will tell you where that accident is because it is creating major problems this morning. and then ryan lochte. >> they had fun, they made a mistake. it is part of life. >> what it shows is lack of judgment. >> the lateness rio with one of the olympic swimmers just got indicted, and just agreed to do. >> um-hmm. >> money talks. out of the shotgun, it is picked off and taken it down the side line noland carroll for touchdown. >> get this eagles beat the steelers. preseason game number two. eagles win. shut them out 17 to nothing. what did we learn? good day it is friday. >> my goodness it is


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