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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ >> what is happening here is this a scene there breaking bad what are they headaching.
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>> frank ocean. he came out with a new album. people have been waiting for this. my goodness. it is even less. >> that is what it is called. >> two things i think that are happening, this is first project, video out, that came out and another one dropping this weekend they say. >> okay. >> hi karen. >> good to see you. >> twenty-five minutes long, it is endless. >> because it is a visual album. >> you know, beyonce came out with visual albums like watching a movie. >> yes. hi karen. >> hi. >> how are you. >> happy friday, tgif. >> her kid after lieutenant of hair. we were talking about kids, having no hair. >> why are you looking like that. >> has anybody looked this up, if you are born with a big head of hair do you lose it and if you are born bald like she was she has a big set of hair. >> there is different things. babies born with full head of hair give you lots of indigestion when you are a
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pregnant with man and sometimes you lose it, sometimes you keep it. it tea pend on the kid. >> i asked your dad glenn to send in awe pick. >> this is you at what age. >> ask you you are the one texting my daddy. >> very young, of course. >> but here was the key. >> we needed to see her head. >> well, that was the point, they used to put stuff on me because you could not tell i was a girl. in all my picture they would have a little bow or hat because they are like this is a girl. but you cannot tell. >> you haven't change that much. >> what do you mean. >> you still are adorable. >> thank you, i was waiting for it. >> what my mouth opened is that what it is. >> yes. >> open your mouth like that. >> repeat my baby picture. >> the things i do, owe kay. >> put it backup.
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>> ladies, why are we doing this. is your man cheating? is your man cheating on you. you may be able to tell, the top excuse men give to get out of the house when they are having an affair? what would that be. i'm going down to the garage to talk to the boys. >> the man cave. >> they have all these bars called the office, i'm going to the office. >> i'm going to the office. >> another hollywood classic is remade but can you really do ben hur again. >> why, do they really need to remake ben hur. >> such a epic movie. i have never seen the original. put it out to a new even if racial but is it worth it. we will find out. we will talk to the critic. >> charles man son was in the original. >> jen, do you know what jen did. you know a big star. >> his name is mike jerrick. victoria justice was here
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yesterday, and she is on nickelodeon and everybody loves her. but she had a really cool situation when she tried to get the a picture with justin timberlake. i will talk about that. how it effects how she gives and takes pictures with kids, right around 9:45. she's cool, adorable. >> thanks, jen. >> someone said i look like john legend in my baby picture >> wow. >> breaking news. >> yes. >> we have all this exclusive footage of ryan lochte. he is at the gas station. we have footage of him going back in the olympic village with his teammates, they were drunk. but then he got wind that he was going to be maybe arrested by rio police, so he split. he got out of town. he moved on. he escaped rio. >> yes. >> we have exclusive footage of him on the run.
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>> he escaped through a sewer pipe. that remind me of shawshank redemption, did you ever see that. >> no, i haven't. >> it is interesting, he is bat hed in water and rebirthed and made it through. >> he is a good swimmer. >> yes. >> meanwhile reality show what should ryan lochte do from a couple years ago will reair on something called the esquire network, they will do it tonight. >> what should or what would. >> well, that is true. >> the show is on e entertainment television originally, it only lasted 13 weeks, of course. that was a couple of years ago. in fact, that is why he
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originally came on "good day philadelphia",. >> for the big interview. >> for the big interview and this is why ryan lochte will always be forever linked to this program we called "good day philadelphia". >> we will be watching. >> thank you. >> seriously, how are they go to go get enough material? what was the question that stumped him. >> i guess silenced. >> a would hand could not say anything. he is good looking. >> i need some oatmeal on that
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>> seriously how do you get together 15 weeks of programming. >> he is so cute. >> he is cute. >> did you see the played. >> you should do your tie like that because that is sexy. >> do you see that. >> what did he say i'm a man at night. >> i'm a man at night and a man in the morning. >> there you go. >> that has to be the last time we play that, right. >> he totally predict they could not get 13 weeks out of the show, and they just like thinness of who he is in terms of character. he is a very good looking man. i love to look at him all day long in pictures he is not the shy. >> that was part of the lie, he said, the gun man ordered all four to get on your knees and said i would do it. >> i was only one still standing. you have no reason to put this
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gun i will not get down. >> okay, i'll get done. >> and cocked it. >> in of that happened. >> in his defense some video did show, there is video of it in the gas station and he is standing up and his hand are up and they did identify that was him. he just lied about being pulled over by the cops and that kind of thing. >> other big liars in the world, now, memes came out when ryan lochte was busted for fibbing about this. in brian williams, he got caught lying about coming under enemy fire when he was overseas. that ended up getting him suspended for six months. now he host a show on the sister network ms nbc. >> completely demoted. >> he didn't lie, he was misremembered. >> how about a manti take owe. >> i was obsessed by this.
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>> what did he do. >> well, he had girlfriend, cancer, watching from the stands and fell in love with his love story that he had going on with her and then, then she died and everybody is very sad and he played the game anyway for her and then we found out she wasn't real. >> then he said his grand hotter died too. >> on the same day. >> she didn't exist. >> i feel bad because it is one of those friend, someone he knew was making it up and talking to him on the phone. >> and then lance armstrong said i never used performance enhancing drugs, to help him win seven tour of france championships, but he did test positive and those championships were all taken away from him. >> so many people like that. roger clemens, a rod were performed answer enhancing drugs. >> how about bill clinton. >> i did not have sexual relation was that woman. >> what he said was i did not
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have sexual relation was that woman, monica because he was sticking to the whole thing fit is just oral sex, it is not really sex, which he have never understood because the word sex is in the term oral sex. >> good break down, mike. >> my thing is when people do this don't they know it will come out eventually, if you have a high celebrity and everybody knows you like ryan lochte did they not think you would look at surveillance video. >> well, when you are drunk. >> you do a story. >> yes. >> i would be on the beach and everything talking about it, what happened that night, they put the gun to my head, you should have been sober then. >> that is true. >> people think, the story is, i say it is going to be and when you are caught in a lie, so many people are caught and getaway witt, 40 more times and then they finally get caught on this one. >> seinfeld episode about lying, megan, see if you can find this. they are in the diner, coffee
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shop and george is very good at lying about anything or everything. he is an architect whenes is not. jerry asked him how do you least so much. he goes, it is not a lie if you believe it. >> now we have to not watch the clip. >> it was very good episode. >> last night when it was one of philadelphia's hottest events, it has become hotter and hotter every year. it is a very popular thing to do. 5,000 people showed up all dressed in white at the steps of the philadelphia art museum for diner en blanc. >> you know, how this works. basically, you all meet up in a certain location and then send you a text moments before and tell you where secret location is. >> look at this. >> it was art museum. >> it looks so beautiful. >> looking at your pictures, on instagram and video, and everybody looks so classy, and
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gorgeous and amazing and elephant. it is like we're in paris. >> you saw it all classy and elegant and then as night goes on there is dancing. >> yeah. >> it was in the so glassy and elegant at 10:00 o'clock. >> i left by then. >> people are all sweaty. >> there were parts the that i like, you are about to eat, and then they wave them up in the air, and we are about to eat and then around 9:00 o'clock everybody takes out sparklers and real magical moment. i'm all about snap chat. they have sparklers on the art museum steps. >> ♪ >> wow. >> where was i? >> i don't know. >> was that quincy's wife. >> ivy. >> she looked fabulous.
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>> you have to look at my picks on snap chat. but they are having date night by the way. >> really. >> they were kids at home and lets go have some fun. >> he has a good life. >> he has a good life. >> she's really sweet. they have cold play play. >> i didn't see thaw much. >> did you have fun. >> did you have fun. >> chris murphy was there too. >> he showed up. >> it was nice. >> why in the world would they remake a classic like ben hur. >> came out in 1959 and no one seen it since then and if you missed it. i have not seen it. i want to see it. i think it will be fabulous. >> i know somebody who has seen it. >> yes. >> here's a clip from the new ben-hur. >> how long there. >> years. >> is what your name. >> ben-hur. >> welcome home. >> i need to you tell me who our enemies are.
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>> morgan freeman is in it. kevin mccarthey our movie critic. original ben hur was best well men for that chariot scene and they have recreated it now. >> good morning, mike, alex, karen. it is one of the most famous scenes in the history of movies. thinks the fifth ben hur movie, the 1959 ben hur with charlton heston was third one all based on the book called ben hur, 19007 and 19 25678959 film which won an 11 academy award. then 2003 animated movie which is voiced by charlton heston and that film, this is a fifth movie, which is crazy to think
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b you are right, mike. chariot race is amazing. i believe we have b roll footage of how they did tonight this movie. because back in the day in the 59 version, they did it fully classical, and, and, and now, now they have computer generated graphics and looking at the footage here, you will see, ben hur driving chariot and look at him being dragged across the track, they really did pull off chariot race in this movie, but for the entire scene they have been doing horses they have to have cgi to show injury. film itself is very well done. chariot race is phenomenal. boat scenes are phenomenal. jack houston is incredible. morgan freeman place the shiek who trains ben hur, and he was only 22 years old when the 1959 ben hur was released. i asked him where he was in his life? i also spoke to jack houston about how they pulled off the chariot race.
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watch this. >> i got out of the military in february of that year and that is when i was already in california. i came to los angeles. >> yes. >> i remember steven boyd and charlton helps ton. but only vaguely. you are talking way, way, back in my life. >> any dark horse was injured, or fell or something terrible, that would be cgi. but every piece of the chariot race we did for real. it was crazy. >> it is insane how they pulled it off. >> we have found from 1959, again there, was no computers, no animation, no cgi, they actually had to race, let's listen to some of this. >> yes, it is incredible.
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>> that is real action. >> but mike, cool thing is they did the new one too, with all of the scenes are real. they really had 32 horses going all around. they had every time a horse falls that is where computer generated stuff. >> they didn't want to hurt animals. >> twenty-second announcement about the movie is about, tell us about the movie, is what the premise. >> so ben hur is a prince who was best friend is an adopted brother of toby. he rises to power and accused ben h hot ur and his family of treason. ben hur is sent off to be a slave for five years escapes, gets back and wants revenge on his brother. that is why chariot race is his only form where he can get revenge he needs because it is a power trip, incredible story. >> and this other hoff i war dogs what is that? >> yeah, this is mike, the most insane story.
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this is a true story about two young guys in their early 20's who had a 300 million-dollar tiehl with the pentagon, to supply arms to the afghan army. i mean this is, a insane story and miles teller and joan a hill play the two leads and they are fantastic. todd phillips directed this move hoy did hang over thrilling. one of the cool things, thinks a true story but they got to fictionalized a lot of things. you take artistic license. i spoke to hill about playing a real guy but making up a laugh for him, watch this the laugh is such an interesting part, because it is one of the funniest things in the movie. >> it seems like your character is getting pretty complete but just one thing missing, and i thought about people i have met once or twice but they are very memorable and i remembered them long after meeting them and you know, one of the characteristics of them, was also a specific laugh. so i came up with this laugh.
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>> um-hmm. >> i give that a four out of five. i gave ben hur a three and a half out of five and cubo i gave four out of five animated film. stop motion animation film about a young boy who is searching for an arm or to save himself from the evil spirit. same spirit that brought you caroline and boxes to and stop motion animation. absolutely gorgeous story. beautiful scenes and elements. i gave that four out of five. great week for hoff is. >> thanks, kevin have a great weekend we will see you next week. >> you too, mike, bye alex, bye karen. >> see you later. >> now overseas, they call people like us on tv presenters. >> okay. >> i like that. >> bbc. >> you would be a presenter if you lived in london. >> presenter. >> so these presenters, are, of course, covering olympics and awkward moment for bbc presenter, dan walker.
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watch what happened, in the middle of a live report from rio. >> people are asking is what going on in the background. we will zoom in but reza shourd, it is not that, it is just a hug. they are reading a book. apparently a reading a book in the strange pose. they are asking what is going on in the background now. >> are they getting it on. >> my goodness. >> wow. >> people were in new jersey for that they had to pull them out of the ocean. >> reading a book. >> what are they reading, seriously. >> fifty shades of gray apparently. >> empire, tv show on fox, yes. >> coming back. >> yes. >> very soon. there is a new trailer and cookie is back for her family. >> why there may be some heat between her and luscious and people are tweeting about this cheating chat what excuse men give when they say they are going when they are cheating.
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>> several excuses when a guy gives for a few hours with their girlfriend, adultery.
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>> ♪ >> season one of empire is coming up. >> yes, it is so we're getting ready. we're making our plans, for our big empire party. >> yes, party. >> so, mark that on your california tar september 21st. to you want to see what will happen. >> do they have a trailer they have a new trailer. >> all i ever wanted was something good for this family . >> you're all about family. >> it change my life.
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>> crime, punishment, bloodshed, and find our way back together again. >> if you want, we can. >> we don't have anytime. >> as long as i see that fire in your eyes. >> the flash back. >> yes. >> when they were young. >> yes. >> this is going to be good. >> they are already starting to film it. they're back in chicago now. >> um-hmm. >> flash back idea i like that idea good they have done
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flashbacks when they were really young now we will see beginnings of their relationship. >> when they first fell in love. >> yes. >> are they even in love anymore. >> it looks like she's still loving after luscious. >> yes. >> all right, as you know, yesterday, the casting people for bold and beautiful were in philadelphia. >> were there lines, was it crowded. >> three hour wait. i bet at one point there were 1500, 2500 people in line to audition. you have about 20 seconds to read a line in the camera. >> you weren'ted to go. did you go? what happened. >> well, i went, and we have the full story. >> full story a full report. >> were you good. >> we will let you know how get call back. >> audition is new on tape and we will play that after the break. >> okay.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things
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he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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>> are you interested in shacking up with me, my fair laidy? >> what -- i would love to shack up with you. >> (laughing). >> every scene i like to ends with a kiss. >> yes. >> ya. >> not happening. >> so how did it go? >> after the show i had to go over to sugarhouse casino, i love that place, there were thousands of people. i had plenty of company auditioning for bold and the beautiful, b and b. >> well, when i got to sugarhouse casino, look at that line. hundreds and hundreds of people, waiting for like three
9:33 am
hours to walk in and audition for a role on the soap opera the bolds and the beautiful. >> perfect for bold and beautiful. >> thank you. >> you're beautiful, but are you bold? >> i'm here, aren't i? >> that's a bold move. how long have you been in line? >> little over two hours. >> these folks were looking for a chance to star alongside stephie, brooke, ridge, eric, and that weird owe, quinn. >> the family was right. i was a slew. >> i made my way to the front of the line, stopping for selfies along the way, met a lot of nice people who watch "good day" live philadelphia. >> oh, thank you. >> and want to be soap opera stars. and one just -- >> are you ever embarrased to say that you watch? you know, we're men. >> not at all. i've been watching it ever since it came on. >> i like mia. >> i like wyeth, i like eric, ya, quinn is craze.
9:34 am
>> i quinn is crazy. >> how do you like stephanie. >> yes. >> those lips? >> i wonder -- >> has no impact. i'm sorry, you don't have any power over her, none of us do. >> so person after person, hour after hour. one audition after the other. finally my turn. >> let's go. let's audition. >> how lucky a man has to have you, a children, a friendship, your love, and your indomitable fate in us. simply said, i love you. >> i love you too. >> didn't help that i'm all sweaty, and reading with glasses on. >> that was your audition in. >> that's it. >> well, the cameras -- >> what? >> where are the judges? >> they put on tape and then go back and look at it back in hollywood. >> had a long time to
9:35 am
practice. >> i really didn't. it was a cold read. >> that was it? >> you didn't even memorize it? >> didn't let you. they hand you piece of paper and you have to read it. >> well, how do you star in that environment? >> you two are just beating me up. >> wait. really didn't gave you a chance to memorize? the whole time everybody was just reading? even though the other people we showed, they weren't looking down at their paper. >> you know why they weren't? because they had to wait two, three hours, they had to memorize your lines. >> so you could have memorize in the. >> i was tired and i cut the line, all right? >> you didn't give it your all. you think you're getting a call back, reamy? >> i bet nobody is. >> there were a lot of good looking people, talented beautiful people that came out for that. >> because the show airs on channel three, the pr guy was there, he threw me out. >> really?
9:36 am
>> yes, through me out of the main room. these people, these people, have been waiting here three hours, you can't be cutting the line. >> because you're cheater. what was your excuse? >> i said -- >> put a gun to your head? >> i've been up since 4:00. let's get this over with. >> well, let's talk about cheating and excuse. >> wait. so that means this didn't work for once? oh, oh, oh! >> i did go all the way to the front of the line, but when i got in there to do my thing in front of the real camera, he said you can't cut the line. and he didn't have any allegiance -- that other thing. >> well, he was right. he was right. >> really? >> i expected it. >> oh, a cheater. >> i knew it. >> i'm not going to get a job on bold and beautiful. >> but we wanted to see how far would you get. we believed in you. we all believed in you. >> let me tell you about there is the 2,000 people that were there, they had a lot of -- ugh -- >> watch it now. >> no, dilutional people.
9:37 am
>> hey. >> everyone has a dream. doesn't mean their dream can't come true. >> i was all exit sad dollars -- all excited. and you toss it off like you did it, that makes me mad. >> i don't know why you're upset. >> why? >> you thought if i got the part i would move to hollywood and be out of your life. >> why do you hail me. >> now he's getting dramatic. don't let the doo door hit you -- >> this is a soap opera. that's what it is. >> oh, people are on twitter want to know what is the thing that guys do, what do they say, excuse, to be cheating on their wives? i'll tell you what it is. it it's one small world, the word, a four letter word. >> really? >> ya. it is not very -- >> what?
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>> i never should have admitted i faked the audition. >> i can't believe you did something like that, i'm upset. and tyler is upset, too. >> tyra banks? >> yes. we were all rooting for you. how dare you? learn something from this. go to bed at night, you take responsibility for yourself. because nobody is going to take responsibility for you. you rolling your eyes, like you've heard it all before. >> don't go rolling your eyes,. >> like you heard it all before. >> we were all rooting for you. >> you cheater. >> how dare you? i can't even look at you. >> i left everybody down. >> we did a whole show yesterday, practiced, i don't even watch the show, you had me getting lines and memorizing them. you can't even memorize it for an actual audition, you can't even do, that don't even have the decency to really put it together? >> cheater face. >> that's how he typically looks at me by the way whenever we're talking.
9:42 am
>> he sheets there, cheats all the time, then has many excuses. >> let's get to this, the number one word we say, the number one thing we say we will go be doing, instead, with our lover, the woman we are having our affair with. >> what is this. >> hey, i'm going to play a round of golf. >> golf? >> golf. told you it is all balls. it is because of the time. >> well, because if you're playing, nine holes, doing 18 holes it is a long day, very normal foremen to do. >> sure. >> nothing you go out and do by yourself, makes sense in all of those capacities. >> kit cat kline. >> what were the other ones? not everybody plays golf. >> hold on, kit can kline, is she in the control room? no? good. i know that her husband, her husband, plays golf by himself. >> oh, maybe.
9:43 am
oh, you are not going to say that, are you? >> well, that's what i'm implying. >> anyway. >> he said he wouldn't have the nerve to cheat on her. >> really? >> have you seen kit cat kline mad? oh,. >> not at all. >> so the other one, business meetings, going to the gym. have you ever used any? >> i've used two of those. >> not going to the gym. >> obviously not to the gym. i have used i got to run by this tv station. >> oh,. >> because nobody is going to -- we don't really allow a lot of people in here. you know what i mean? >> yes? >> just like the way to ditch someone you are with them, you want the time to be over? >> they need me to come by the tv station. >> breaking news? >> yes. >> that's terrible. that's terrible. >> oh,. >> karen, have you heard any excuses, back in your day? of course not with your husband, but when you were dating? >> no, i'm trying to think
9:44 am
about, no, can't think of anything off the top of my head that's a good one. >> the only one i remember, this is back if college, i have to go back to campus to study. >> is that what you said? >> no, no, used on me. >> how do you know he didn't go back to study group? nobody runs to a study group. >> i should have known. >> specially at the university of missouri. >> oh, come on, kansas, really? really? >> he was lying. >> ya. >> i was drying out of my apartment complex, this car. >> oh,. >> still there. same complex. if you're going to do something, go somewhere else and do it. >> seeing another woman who lived in the same apartment complex as you? >> or they were there, yes, his car. >> wow. >> so i had to drive, i went that way. >> convenient, though. >> both women in the same complex, same gas. >> don't be lazy about it, if you're going to do it, at lows different areas, change the
9:45 am
scenery. >> across town. get one of those steven's girls. >> what do you know about -- >> i date add stevens girl. >> did you really? >> uh-huh. >> university of kansas so much? >> two and a half hours. >> of course, if mike is going to date someone from the university of kansas, you dated someone from missou, didn't you? >> stevens. >> art college. >> they were artsy, yes. step up, too, step up women. >> that's hilarious. >> we've lost control. we have 15 minutes left. so you take over tomorrow on good day philadelphia. >> with bill anderson. >> ba in the house. >> now, tell me who victoria justice is? >> good looking. >> and justice, right, a show called justice? >> the show is victoria, victorious. >> yes. >> all right, this is my my
9:46 am
bfe. i love to know the song, come on back, hi, baby. we're just dancing. she was in the market with me at willow grove. get down. we'll see you. go to this commercial.
9:47 am
9:48 am
>> she an actress, and she is a singer. >> let's get right out to jen. she has major star from a major show that is here. jen, explain. >> reporter: okay, it is victoria justice.
9:49 am
her nickelodeon show is victorious. but she just hosed, co-hosted, i have to say, the teen choice awards with john. so she is rising star, you'll also see her in fox's newest live action show, rocky horror picture show. that's going to be in october. i think it is october 20th. yesterday she was at the willow grove park mall, at the primark store, because she lofts pri machines mark. i said you could represent any store. why primark. >> i think i love most about primark, they have so many different styles, things on trend, so affordable. my earrings i'm wearing right now were only 1.50. my dress is 24, no, my dress was $16 the shoes 24. so this whole outfit is like -- >> craze. >> i so affordable and great. >> i have to same, some of our interns wear really cute clothes, you ask them where they got it, it is like $8 from primark, not to do big
9:50 am
commercial for them, but if you need affordable clothes, that's the way to go. the other thing i like victorious, keeps it real on social media. look at this picture, two pictures, of victoria, and justin timberlake. the first picture when victoria was 14 years old, she saw justin timberlake at an event. she asked to take a picture with him, one of his publicists said no, no, he doesn't have time. and justin turned around and said, no, i have time. let's make time specially because she is a young person, blah, blah, blah. fast forward she was at the teen choice awards, co-hosting as i said with john is cena. she said can we take a picture, he reminded him of that story, she said it meant a lot to me that you kind of like poo poo the publicist and made sure me and you got a picture as a young person, so i asked her, yesterday at primark 200 plus screaming girls wanting her autograph. i asked her how she handles that situation herself? >> and i think i always try and go out of my way to take as many pictures of people as
9:51 am
possible, because specially the little girls, like how can you ever turn a little girl down? you can't say no. that would be a terrible person. so, ya, i always try and take as many as i can, you know, really cool to be able to have the ability to make someone's day, make someone really happy. so why not take advantage of that? >> so, she's not only is she nice, she is adorable. jason, get in here. do you want to dance? come on, we're about to dance. everyone loves her song, we've been playing pokemonday go. all right, here we go. so mike, and karen, and alex, if you don't know, okay, there you go. yes. ♪ >> oh, the interns. they're fun. >> yes,. >> thank you for that, i think. simone biles, we know, she likes sake effron, professed her love for him. >> should she? apparently she has boyfriend, have you seen him?
9:52 am
>> no. >> just saying. >> what? >> there is another olympic athlete that's coming, telling zacarias moussaui effron to back off. >> simone really has a boyfriends? >> oh.
9:53 am
i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients.
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i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter!
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>> not that it is any of my business, but let's bring this up, simone biles, best gymnast ever, does she have a boyfriends? >> well -- >> and is he from brazil? >> it all started because she was taking about zach effron, she loves zach effron, he surprised her, and went to rio, they had this great moment, kiss on the cheek, everyone freaking out about it. so then everyone was like oh, that's so cute, someone is a little upset.
9:56 am
brazilian gym that is author marie ann owe, 20 years old, and he took on the bronze medal in the floor exercise of the game. he post add photo of himself with her saying hey, zach effron, i saw her first, that's my girl. >> well, light hearted thing, but let me tell you something, simone, let's take a look at this fake boyfriend here. i think he needs to become real. >> wow. >> i mean, pictures of him with his shirt off, oh, my gosh. >> oh, lord. >> it get better. >> it does? >> well, okay. well, "tmz" live yesterday, showed pictures every him, with his shirt off. you know, zach effron, we showed that picture for days, with his shirt, how muscular he is? this guy! >> well, hold on. did they just, because he is from brazil. >> yes? >> they know each other previously from other, from other -- but they're not actually boyfriend and
9:57 am
girlfriends, but right now basically the hottest woman in the entire planet. so she get pick of all of the hot guys out there, like, you know? >> just look at the picture of him, you know? >> ladies and jep, alex, common in here. >> she is one of our interns, it is her last day, going back to the university of michigan. >> yep. >> okay. during the convention, the democrats convention, she brought in blue berry muffins, i said the best blue berry muffins of my whole life. now you made cherry muffins, and they are the best i've ever had, and these chocolate chip cookies could be the best. >> thank you so much. i made the cherry ones just for you because you said you love cherry, but alex like blur be i, karen? >> i like chock lap chip cook. >> i very happy that i got to provide them to you. >> where did you learn how to cook? >> my mom and the internet. >> the internet, yes. >> a lot of people on the internet that do really weird things, but also -- >> well, good luck in the future. >> great job. >> thank you, thank you so
9:58 am
much. >> have a nice day. >> happy friday. >> see you tomorrow.
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: so nice. >> kwhwhooo, whooo! >> wendy: thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.


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