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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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number people inside. the frightening seen unfolding in the city's nicetown section. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. tonight, that gunman remains on the loose. let's head out to sabina kuriakose who is covering this investigation tonight filing this report. >> reporter: it was just after last call inside frank's place on north 15th street when cameras captured this terrifying scene. watch as a man in the bandana pulls a gun on startled bar patrons. then he drags a man from the side of the bar pointing the handgun straight at his head. and next, turning it on a woman sitting nearby. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. >> reporter: charles reynolds has been a regular at frank's. >> for years. >> reporter: he's shocked anyone would target the mostly older neighborly crowd here. >> i've been here late at night, too, you know and never have nothing like this happen here. >> reporter: police say the
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gunman barged in just before closing at 2:00 o'clock wednesday morning. the video shows the man pointer his weapon at the bartender who ducks under the counter. remarkablely the horrified customers appear to stay calm. one even apeasing the armed man by pointing out cash he's left on the bar. the agitated thief is seen taking that cash along with the woman's purse. finally, he leaves. no shots ever fired but the terror was very real. people here are upset and angry. >> come around sticking up bars, darn right he ought to be locked up. quick an hurry. >> that was sabina kuriakose reporting. in other news tonight, philadelphia police have arrested one man and are on the hunt for another in connection to the shooting death of an innocent man caught in the middle of a gun fight. it happened last month in east germantown when 25-year-old ford was shot and killed. police say he inadvertently drove between two men shooting at one another along the 5100 block of germantown avenue.
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ford was shot as his three-year-old daughter sat in the back seat. she was not hurt. today police announced they've arrested 18-year-old jameel bird on murder charges. detectives are now trying to find his accomplice 19-year-old saku monte. if you have seen him call poli police. wilmington police arrest the ex-boyfriend avenue woman who was found dead inside a trash can. it 20-year-old meredith charged with first degree murder in the death of precious hoskins. police found hoskins body inside a trash can along the 800 block of east 22nd street on wednesday. he's being held tonight without bail. turning to your fox 29 weather authority now. really nice warm day across the area as we take live look at our wilmington, delaware, sky cam. don't get used to this good stuff, though, high humidity expected to make a return appearance this weekend. let's head over to meteorologist dave warren with a look at the weekend forecast. hey, dave. >> it will be making an appearance, you're right, but not really here today. what we have around a few
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showers and storms out there. very very isolated there's one or two that we're keeping an eye on. right along the sea breeze front developing here right in cape may county, atlantic county and drifting to the east. they're smiling in see aisle because the storm off the cove. great shot if you're in sea isle city. look to the east. you might catch a rainbow caught a picture of somebody sent me that. i'll show you little bit later. right now the rain is off the coast and if you're on the ac expressway heading for the tolls, you might see a few showers once you get through those tolls heading down the shore this weekend. just very very light showers and they are isolated and they will continue the next hour or so. these showers continuing. pick up by the computer foreca forecast. really starting to die down by 10, 11:00 o'clock at night. it would be a nice mild night. the clouds are around but we'll see a repeat of this and maybe a bit more widespread tomorrow. showers begin to work their way inland tomorrow. could be a heat wave. we hit 90. that's the latest hour here in philadelphia as expected try to stretch this heat out here for
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the next three days, but no question it will get cooler next week. dew points down. so it's not quiet humid yet. those numbers will be climbing. could be another heat wave because we're looking at 90 today, tomorrow and possibly on sunday but this weekend storms continue. we'll track those and show you the timing with the complete forecast followed by a cooler breeze and a tropics update all coming up a little bit later with the complete forecast. >> all right, thank you, dave. in newark, delaware, state police are investigating just what happened after a serious crash on the polaski highway. authorities say that crash happened about 2:00 o'clock this morning when a tractor trailer hit a pickup truck. the pick up caught fire and left four people injured including a six-year-old little boy. listed in critical condition this evening. two new jersey transit buses collide in newark, new jersey, and now two people are dead. you can see the video one of those buses smashed like a tin can much this happen this morning. 17 people are hurt. six of them are in critical condition. one of those killed was the bus
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driver. i driving a bus with no passengers inside it's not clear what made the driver slam into the other bus that was filled with passengers. authorities are trying to peace together the tragic chain of events. >> whatever it is that we fine out from this, will help us or n to us make sure that we are safer in our city and we bring closure to obviously horrendous horrific kind of accident that took place this morning. >> now coming up in a little bit we'll go live to the scene in newark for the very latest in this investigation. a change to philadelphia school district's code of conduct involving the youngest of students. >> kindergarteners can no longer be suspended for school for discipline problems. fox 29's bill anderson spoke with parents about this interesting rule, bill. what is their reaction. >> reporter: hahn neverly, chris, there were two reactions. some didn't know five-year-olds were being suspended and when they found out most honestly thought it was ridiculous. the question is basically, does
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suspending a child that young have any real benefit and apparently now the district agrees it does not. with few exceptions it's hard to imagine what a five-year-old could do to get suspended from school. >> i would never expect them to do that to kids. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: most of the parents i spoke to also had few really good answers. >> my immediate response as a parent that's ridiculous. they're kindergartners. they're five. >> reporter: up until yesterday, it probably happened more than anyone would expect. >> they're about 400, um, 500 suspensions of kindergarteners last year. about 1500 suspensions of first graders and 1900 suspension suss against second graders. >> reporter: last night' school reform commission meeting, after years of active visit pleas they decided that the current policy needed to change. >> we convinced the school district tore most suspensions are restrict the suspensions for kindergarten students we commend the district but the district did not go far enough.
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>> reporter: new code of conduct will allow kindergarten students could be suspended in extreme situations. >> i talked about this early on. i said we could not suspend, arrest, or expel way to better schools. what we have to do, though s create the environment that our conducive to change in behavior. >> reporter: new policy will be in place when the youngest students return in a couple of weeks and hopefully at that point the results will support what most people say is just a common sense policy. >> i feel much better. my daughter do something small she won't get suspended i feel a lot better. >> reporter: dawn and chris, that was pretty much the response that i got. earlier when alex dutton said the district didn't go far enough, he meant that most are happy that five year olds will no longer be suspended except in the most extreme cases, but they're wondering what about six and seven-year-olds. so now the discussion turns to fires and second grade.
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will they be suspended in the future. dawn, we'll stay on top of it. >> all right, thank you, bill. delaware judge rules today that a senior old girl charged with the death of another 16-year-old girl will be tried as a juvenile. that judge rejecting a request from prosecutors to try that teenager as an add dull. it all stems from an assault inside a bathroom at wilmington howard high school of technolo technology. prosecutors 11 the 16-year-old suspect repeatedly hit amy joyner francis in a pre-meditated attack. joyner francis had a pr pre-existing heart condition and the medical examiner ruled the attack contributed to the sudden cardiac arrest of the girl. the 16-year-old in question will be tried in a family court on charges of criminally negligent homicide. turning to you decide tonight. donald trump releases his first television ad for the general election. >> hillary clinton's america the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in. illegal immigrants convicted of
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committing crimes get to stay. collecting social security benefits skipping the line. >> pennsylvania one of four battleground states where this ad is set to air. hammering home trump's message on illegal immigration. meanwhile, trump's campaign is seeing its second major shake up just this week this time his campaign chairman resigns. >> lauren blanchard shows us that change in management also comes with a major change in tone for the candidate. >> reporter: the candidate known for his tell it like it is attitude showing off a touch of humility last night in north carolina. >> you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. >> reporter: just it's a it seemed trump was stabilizing his campaign his controversial campaign chairman paul manafort announces he's resigning a mid growing speculation his ties to ukrainian politics are a little too close for comfort. >> my father just didn't want to have the distraction looming
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over the campaign. >> reporter: trying to stay on track, trump and his running mate mike pence made a last minute trip to louisiana to visit with those impacted by the devastating floods. and while the gop nominee attempts to show a softer side, his democratic contender says the words ring hollow until trump quote tells us which of his many offensive bullying and divisive comments he regrets and changes his tune altogether. >> meanwhile, clinton is facing backlash of her own after reports that clinton foundation received money from other countries. the campaign responding today saying the foundation will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations if the former secretary of state wins in november. but some analysts say by then it might be too little too late. >> it's an on-going problem for her that she cannot seem to separate from the clinton foundation. >> reporter: clinton' campaign says although manafort is out his abrupt exit is a clear
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admission of disturbing connections between trump's team and pro kremlin forces n washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. in university city today, a big push to register african-american voters ahead of presidential election. actor sean patrick thomas the star of barbershop launching the event inside a philly cuts unisex salon. he joined hillary clinton supporters to launch a new grass roots campaign which will push voter registration efforts inside of small businesses across philly. >> like to remind everybody how important it is to vote. we have to register to vote and get out there and actually vote on november 8th. it's so important. pennsylvania is a hugely important state in this election. to within pennsylvania hillary has to within philadelphia and to within philadelphia the black people have to get out and vote. >> clinton's campaign held a similar voter registration event on tuesday when she spoke at west philadelphia high school. swimmer ryan lochte is
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saying he's sorry for bad behavior that led to a couple of days of bad press. but why u.s. olympic officials are also apologizing as this case comes to an end. >> new jersey store clerk out smarts a couple of thieves when they bust into a store. what he did that had the men praying -- prying their way out. >> plus, are you willing to volunteer to be infected with the zika virus? who is asking people to step up and how it could help stop the spread of the virus. ♪
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♪ a big about face for swimmer ryan lochte. he issues an apology following an alleged robbery scandal in brazil. what a mess this is. one swimmer involved is now having to pay to get back into the united states. fox's steve harrigan shows us how the case is finally coming to resolution. >> reporter: ryan lochte takes to instagram to issue an apology for his behavior while in braz brazil. the u.s. olympic swimmer saying "i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the olympics. he went ton say, i waited to share these thoughts until it was confirmed that the legal situation was addressed and it was clear that my teammates will be arriving home safely. the apology coming after jack conger and gunnar bentz returned to the u.s. aft being pulled off a plane in brazil a day earlier and swimmer james feigen's
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lawyer reached an agreement which would avoid criminal prosecution. >> translator: brazilian law concedes in the light of the crimes the possibility of reaching an agreement before the criminal prosecution. he will donate 10,800us dollars to an institute and with that the case is resolve. >> reporter: olympic officials don't believe the 70 will march the history of these games. >> i think that the -- we will september his apologies and we want to put this matter to an end and i don't think despite the movement of last couple of days i don't see this as being a factor that ma mark these games. >> reporter: u.s. olympic officials apologized to the brazilian people for the distract caused by the us athletes. in rio de janiero, steve harrigan, fox news. well, philly fans can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing
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one much their stars has been cleared of using performance enhancing drugs. >> and with the end of the season approaching the phillies will have no more distractions as they push for the playoffs. sean bell with more on the ryan howard investigation. sean? >> that's right ya'll ryan howard cleared of any wrongdoing found innocent of using hgh. back in december if a zoom see claimed ryan howard used hgh in an underground investigation by al engineer is a america. ryan howard and several other players completely denied these reports. howard zimmerman went as soon as to sue al engineer rah for the lies. everything about this report seemed i can a complete fake from the start. the farm mist who made the claim admitted to lying about the report. but regardless each league had to do their due diligence nfl going as far as threatening to suspend some of the players if they don't cooperate. howard, he cooperated from the get go. here's what he had to say about being cleared.
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>> i'm just glad it's behind me. that's about it. um, you know, the process is the process, and, you know, for me i'm it's behind me and i can move forward and focus on playing baseball. >> feel good. just trying to stay focused on the task at hand and, you know, just taking one day at a time. i mean, not trying to do too much but just doing my time out there. >> again we all knew these accusationaccucompletely false. everything about it looked fraudulent. the man admitted to lying, but it was important that each player had their names completely cleared. you don't want to cloud like that over your head and now ryan howard is completely free of any wrongdoing. >> all right, good news there, sean. thanks. the fbi is now involved in the controversy over philadelphia district attorney seth williams and his delay in reporting $160,000 worth of gifts. a spokesman told the philadelphia inquirer the fbi questioned a number of the da
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staffers according to records filed only this week williams got high value gifts including eagle side line passes and $45,000 worth of home improvements between 2010 and 2015. health officials in philadelphia say the fentanyl problem in the city is an epidemic and more needs to be done to fight problem. officials meeting at city hall say in 2015 more people died of drug overdoses in the city than from homicides. the city health commissioner says fentanyl overdoses increa increased more than six fold from 2013 to 2015. the city's department of behavioral health says it's offering more treatment to addicts. >> we have a behavioral health access center which is at north philadelphia health system that operates 24 hours day, seven days a week where people can go for an assessment and they can be facilitate flood treatment.
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>> health experts say fentanyl which is injected similar particularly as heroin is 100 times more potent than morphine. chicago police superintendent is calling for seven officers involved in the shooting death of teenager to resign. what he says the evidence now shows about will he kwan mc donald'ings death. >> plus a man gets a very very special gift. for the first time in 65 years, he can hear. what made the miracle possible. >> and accusations of sexual slavery in montgomery county. the victim that prosecutors say this man targeted. ♪
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies.
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max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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♪ new information tonight about the fatal apartment explosion and fire in maryland. investigators now say natural gas is to blame for the major blast two weeks ago in silver spring. seven people were killed after a gas fed fire ripped through that complexion. >> at this point in time in the investigation, there is no indication that a criminal act occurred. there was no incendiary or ignition device recovered in the location of the blast seat or the blast location, and there is
5:24 pm
no indication of unauthorized access to the meter room prior to the explosion. >> investigators have only identified three of the seven people killed in the fire. authorities do not believe there are any more victims. next week, president obama is set to head to louisiana a mid the deadly flooding in that state. the president has received a lot of backlash from republicans as he continues his vacation in martha's vineyard during the emergency. meanwhile, as flood waters continue to recede people are getting a first hand look at the damage left behind. thousands of people remain in shelters as police and fire crews continue to search for anyone trapped in their homes. the federal emergency management agency is working to get temporary housing for all of those affected. some 40,000 homes are damaged and the flooding has claimed at least 13 lives. to the state of emergency in southern california where officials there say 96 homes have been destroyed in that area's huge wildfire more than 200 other properties also destroyed. but fire agencies say they are
5:25 pm
finally gaining more control in the battle. that fire has scorched nearly 58 square miles. it was 26% contained as it entered its fourth day in the mountains and desert 60 miles east of los angeles. chicago's top cop is calling for the firing of seven of his own police officers following the deadly shooting of a black teenager. superintendent eddie johnson says the officers all played role in the 2014 shooting death of laquan mcdonald. johnson said all of the officers made false reports. video showed the chicago officer shooting at mcdonald 16 times. officers claim mcdonald held a knife and was lunching at police but that is something the video never showed. the officer who shot and killed mcdonald faces first degree murder charges. the fate of the other seven officers is now up to the city's police board which is expected to rule next year. well, old city, we love it. got a number of tours you can learn about this rich history of
5:26 pm
the city but now we'll tell you how one group is using a popular game to take their tour up a notch. dave? >> temperatures up a knowledge hitting 90 today after 88 yesterday. we broke the heat wave and possibly starting one again. only three days, though, because we have 80s in the forecast. but as that cooler air comes in, showers and storms are likely. i'll track them and let you know when to expect that over the weekend coming up in the complete forecast. and more on that deadly bus crash involving new jersey transit. what investigators now know about that nasty crash. we'll have a live report coming up for you next. ♪
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♪ a night out for some late night drinks ended up with customers looking down the barrel of a gun. take look at this surveillance video. it happened early wednesday morning inside of frank's place bar that is along 15th street in nicetown. police say a man with a bandana pulls a gun and robs the customers. no shots were fired and no one was hurt. disturbing allegations tonight against a philadelphia man the montgomery county district attorney has filed 34 felon know charges against bruce steal after they say he forced female drug addicts into sexual slavery. authorities say they found two sex slaves inside the 44 year old's home.
5:30 pm
the victims allegedly told police that steal would rape and beat them and threaten to kill them if they tried to leave. he's being held on $1 million bail. a hour horrific scene in the city of newark, new jersey. two new jersey transit buses collide leaving a mangled mess of metal. that crash taking the lives of two people. >> tonight more than a dozen others are injured. some of them critically. fox's arthur chin has been following the crash investigation. he's live for us tonight in newark. arthur, what is the latest? >> reporter: the latest the second fatality we learned about that avenue can he female passenger on the bus that actually got t boned into and we have an exact number of injured at this .17 and obviously some of these injuries are quite serious. this was the scene after one new jersey transit bus crashed into another. the bus on the 59 line with just the driver on board was beginning its morning rush hour run when it t boned right into a 13 line bus carrying 18 on board including its driver. joseph the driver of the 13 line
5:31 pm
bus was dead at the scene. injured passenger would die at the hospital nearly everyone was hospitalized. seven of them went in critical condition. >> we're praying that they survive. i mean, obviously we are not doctors. we wouldn't know. i mean at this point we know that they are in the hospital some people have been and are being released. >> i saw one lady her entire face was bloody. it was mess. >> reporter: on impact bystanders rushed in to help including two starbucks employees had came running with ice, water, rags and a first aid kit. >> a couple severe injuries. head injuries, a couple major leg injuries. um, anybody that was on i want to say the back half of the bus was trapped for quite awhile on the bus. i mean we were here before the police and emt's and fire department were even here. >> reporter: the area surroun surrounding raymond boulevard and broad street was shut down to all traffic. new jersey transit officials say both drivers were in good standing each of them with about 30 years of experience on the job.
5:32 pm
the process for answers will take time surveillance cameras may help. >> a number things have to be done. there's an examination of any vehicles involved. that's mechanical examination that takes while. there's an interview of any witnesses involved including people involved as passengers, operators, in the incident. >> reporter: now already on social immediate that smell are laying blame and they're really isn't the evidence to do that right now many as you heard investigators are checking to see if both buses were mechanically sound and check into the health of the deceased driver to see if something like a heart attack may have had a role to play in what happened out here. we're live in newark, new jersey, arthur chen for fox 29 news. back to you guys. >> arthur, thank you. and back to your fox 29 weather authority. dave warren we're in for another heat wave? >> yeah, possibly heat wave here but not like this long extend tended heat wave and the item which are touching 90 like we have seen today. also seeing more showers. this one popped up off the coast of sea isle city drifted east
5:33 pm
and cleared out. a little rain somebody sunshine. no rain, no rainbow. beautiful shot here from the boat just off the coast of sea isle city but the rain is clearing out. these are all developing here along this sea breeze which develops that cooler air work its way in. a few more showers right in atlantic county. they will slowly possibly drift to the southeast or even south. so cannot rule out tonight's -- isolated shower in this area overnight tonight. repeat of that tomorrow. repeat of the heat. 90 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington at 89. little cooler northern and western suburbs down to 88 in millville, and much cooler with the sea breeze there atlantic city where it is 82 degrees. warm start tomorrow. it's 74. 85 with these showers popping up we'll touch 90 tomorrow. showers could end still pretty humid, though, by tomorrow nig night. we'll get saturday out of the way and want to talk about sunday. another heat -- with hire humidity there on sunday. another day with 90-degree temperatures. however, we'll see some increasing clouds these are the
5:34 pm
showers tomorrow. then look at the moisture just working its way in on sunday. partly cloudy skies. now, we might see a few more clouds that could keep the temperature down bit but i think we'll get a little bit of sunshine and maybe push that temperature up close to 90 because this is the change in our weather and look at the time. it's by 3:00 o'clock. we're still getting much its day we heat things up before this will work its way through. look for few showers developing it late in the afternoon on sunday. really the storms develop in the north and western suburbs first by three to 5:00 o'clock and by seven or 8:00 o'clock right through philadelphia. this is a very heavy rain. not expecting severe storms but you'll see a burst of rain as this front moves through sunday. after 8:00 o'clock, it will work its way through new jersey and off the coast there by monday. so there are the storms late sunday. the humidity increases ahead of that. we'll see that heat index peeking on sunday. however, it could be below 100 degrees. we're not talking about excessive heat. not talking about severe weath weather.
5:35 pm
but you will notice you have to work your way around late sunday because these storms will work their way through. breezy on monday. that wind picks out of the northwest brings new jersey cooler air. tropical storm fiona that front will work to keep this storm out to sea, but tropical storm with the latest advisory 40 miles an hour wind over the next five days tracking to the northeast turning north towards bermuda. working its way into that front and will just weaken as it moves through. so here's the forecast. 91 tomorrow. 90 on sunday. these are the last two days of our heat wave. stop here with nice two comfortable days a bit breezy on monday. but look at that temperature on tuesday. 80. morning low temperature of 63. just a light breeze. just a beautiful day there on tuesday. still a nice day on wednesday. but by thursday and friday, things will heat up just a little bit as the humidity increases. shore temperatures they'll be into the mid to low 80s but want to mention on monday a strong land breeze will develop and that could drop the water temperature significantly and not make it the best beach day
5:36 pm
but just one day because by tuesday and wednesday, things are looking much better down the shore. >> looking good monday and tuesday looking forward to that, dave, thanks. a new jersey store clerk out smarts a couple of thieves when they bust into the store. what he did that had the men prying their way out. plus a new bridge going up over the schuylkill river. how it will give outdoor enthusiast as new chance to be a weekend warrior. and new at 6:00, police say a suspect got into an officer during an arrest but what the k9 wasn't having of it. how he helped take down the bad guy.
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the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! this is a home improvement project you may want to skip. astronauts on the international space station venturing out for a space walk today to install new door. docking part port will be used by future cruise coming to the space station. space x hopes to launch astronauts from its capsule to the space station by this time next year. boeing is shooting for a two person test flight in early 218.
5:40 pm
a pair of thieves break into a new jersey store only to get locked inside. >> they were outsmarted by the store's clerk. listen to this. it happened in paterson where the suspects barged in a boost mobile store demanding money and cell phones. as the men looted the store an employee snuck out the back door, ran into the front of the business and then closed down the security gate locking the suspects in the store. the robbers were trapped inside for more than 20 minutes before finding a tool box to pry the gates open. >> i thought they were playing at first. i thought it was prank or something. when they come this way, and them he show me the gun. where are the galaxy i phones. any phone on the wall, you can take anything whatever you want. >> the thieves were so busy trying to escape, they forgot to take all those stolen goods with them. witnesses called 911. but listen to this. it took authorities too long to arrive so the thieves well they were able to get away. >> i can't believe it.
5:41 pm
old city has a number of tours you can take to learn about the history of the city, but now we'll show you how one group is using a popular game to take their tour up a notch. all right. are you willing to volunteer to be infected with the zika virus who is asking people to step up and how it could help stop the spread of the virus. sean? >> chris, once again ryan howard cleared by major league baseball from any wrongdoing when it comes to using performance enhancing drugs. hear more from howard about the ruling later in sports.
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♪ florida health officials now say a small area in miami beach is new place where the zika virus ask spreading. >> health officials identified five cases of the zika virus believe to be cracked in miami beach. fox's phil keating with more for us. >> reporter: popular area in miami beach including world famous south beach becomes the second zone in south florida where the zika virus is sprea spreading. florida governor rick scott says state health officials identified five new cases of the zika virus. it is believed all five cases were contracted within a 1.5-mile area that encompasses most of south beach. these new illnesses bring the number of locally transmitted cases to 36. >> two of these individuals are florida residents and live in miami dade county. one person is a resident of new york. one person is a resident of texas. and one person is a resident of taiwan. >> scott has requested additional support from the
5:46 pm
centers for disease control and prevention and says the state has gun more aggressive mosquito campaigns in miami, dade county. state efforts are working to control the spread of zika as they were able to clear three additional blocks in the wynnewood area free of the vir virus. >> this is in addition to the 14 blocks we've already been able to clear in wynnewood. this is good news and shows our efforts to aggressively combat mosquitoes and educate the public are working. >> reporter: and the cdc adding to its advisory that all pregnant women avoid the wynnewood district by now including advisory for miami beach warning all pregnant women to stay away for now. in miami beach, phil keating, fox news. meantime this may be a tough job to fill. scientists are looking for people who want to be infected with the zika virus. scientists are launching a study this winter when mosquitoes are not biting to speed up development of a vaccine. researchers would inject paid
5:47 pm
volunteers with different amounts of zika. they would then study that information when they are ready to test vaccine. potential vaccine for zika, however, for general use is not expected any time too soon. west norriton filled with hundreds of hikers, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts today as officials opened a brand new bridge. fox 29 at the ribbon cut of the brand new sullivan's bridge. it goes over the schuylkill river and connects running trails through the valley forge national historical park. the pedestrian and bicycle pathway was made possible through a partnership between local, state and federal officials who wanted to increase recreation in the area. >> it's a huge asset obviously valley forge historic park here in our region. we're so proud to have it here and now we'll allow people to enjoy it in all new ways. >> the project which costs nearly $10 million has been in the making for years. it was financed 100% through federal dollars. well, it is favorite
5:48 pm
summertime tradition in central pennsylvania. >> it sure is. little league world series underway in williamsport. little league lovers from all around the world coming together for the 70th year of the series. 16 teams eight of which are from the united states take part they're all vying to be the best little league team in the world. it's quite an exciting time. not just for the players but for their families as well. >> so i came as kid never been to an actual game. just kind of walked through here want not. actually unbelievable. it's craze zoo. once in lifetime experience. >> can't explain the right now much it's insane. i mean this is the farthest you can get. i was actually -- i got goose bumps right now talking about it. it's cool. >> his smile says it all, right series ends on sunday august 28th with the big championship game. remember two years ago what we were talking about. >> mo'ne davis. >> taney dragons. all right. well there's new twist on touring historic philadelphia and kids, yes, you can bring your phone with you.
5:49 pm
>> i love it. jenn fred reports, it exines history and the pokemon go app. >> reporter: i know you know all about the history of the city of philadelphia and you probably know a little bit about pokemon go. but did you know that these guys have a way to bring it together. it's urban adventures. you destroys tour called poke adelphia taking people through the historic sights and letting them use their phone. you are the tour guide. you are professor willow. we're in historic sight right now. you give them little bit about what the sight is but we're also playing the game? >> yeah. we're playing the game the whole way through. it's kind of cool just we're out and about in the city learning all about the city playing poke man having a great time. it's a great way to get all people involved and like people who wouldn't necessarily be interested in all the awesome history, some of the little known sites about philadelphia that you don't necessarily see at first glance. so it's just been a really awesome way to showcase the city and turn it into, you know, your own saffron city here with professor willow. >> i love it. you're keeping them safe.
5:50 pm
they don't bump into trees and cars and stuff. >> yeah. one of the main concerns about pokemon go is walking off of a cliff. so will make sure do you not walk off a cliff here in philadelphia or get, you know, i'll keep the taxis away. >> what if that dragon doing. >> for rookies this girl right here you're helping the parents help the kids through it as well. >> yeah, yeah much if you need some help figuring out, you know, how to hatch your eggs or, you know, what the difference between a hyper possession is and a regular one, parents, i can help you out with that. i can kind of translate between you and the kids maybe little bit. not just philadelphia but also pokemon. we'll learn little bit about everything. >> i love it. the tours are thursdays and friday nights at 5:30 and i'd love to talk more about this but i got to go. with my pokemon go. i'll see you guys later. so i'm here. >> see ya, jenn a man gets a very special gift for the first time in 65 years he can hear. >> new at 6:00 police hey suspect got into with an officer
5:51 pm
during an arrest but this k9 wasn't having it. how he helped take down the bad guy. plus, a no man's land. how princeton is scrubbing its campus of that word.
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5:54 pm
>> i think i've heard it all now. >> a health clinic in new york city is creating zika inspired art. >> yeah, but it's all to raise awareness about the zika virus. artists sean crawford is the mind at hand behind these creative illustrations at all
5:55 pm
city. the drawings of mosquitoes will be turned into an educational brochure. the goal is to educate people and give them a better understanding of just what this virus entails. >> kids when they, h they do color them that they get that in their mind that these mosquitoes are bad w they walk away from here that they just think have that in the the back of their head. like they're having fun but learning a little something at the same time. just this week new york city health officials announced that nearly 500 people have contracted the virus either through travel or acquired during sexual contact. hearing is a sense many of us take for granted. >> but for one man a hearing aid is giving him the gift of clear hearing for the first time in his life. as fox's shows us the man is now being exposed to the world he's never known. >> reporter: david suite is a 65-year-old retired logger an grandfather of six. he's had issues with his hearing since he was born but today was
5:56 pm
able to hear clearly for the first time in his life. >> hearing out of both ears for the first time. sound pretty good. >> yup. (laughter). >> a little stack tick key. >> that static was actually the fan on in the room. david suite has never been able to pick up on sounds like that. >> that fan i see the fan moving around. i don't hear it. with those i can hear it. it will be great. >> sweet was born with a hole in his right eardrum and eventually discover his ability to hear out of his left ear was failing him, too. >> i realized i needed one. i didn't know i needed two. that really surprised me. >> reporter: suite doesn't have insurance and thought he was going to have to deal with his hearing loss. that's when he found out about the miracle ear foundation and applied for the program. >> they can two refurbish hearing aids for no out of pocket costs. >> this will hang over the top
5:57 pm
of your ear. >> reporter: nicole is sweet's hearing specialist and fitted him with new hearing aids today. >> to final be able to hear clearly most of the time is going to definitely change his life for the better. >> foundation helps provide hearing aids to children and adults all over north america who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them. >> to hear for the first time their eyes are lighting up, and a lot of times people start crying, and that's really row warring to me that i'm helping better somebody's quality of life. >> reporter: sweet finally able to hear his wife cindy with both of his ears for the first time ever. >> can you hear me? >> yup. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> aww. >> wow. miracle ear foundation has donated nearly 10,000 hearing aids to almost 6,000 people since the organization started back in 1990. >> more than 80 young people from our area hitting the links to show their skills today. some of them have only been playing with sports for a couple of days. children and teenagers taking part in the police athletic
5:58 pm
league's junior golf camp. it came to an end today. a lot of fun. it's a chance for the city's young people to get to know their local police officers all while learning new skills. the police athletic league hosts several different programs throughout the year all aimed at promoting character development for these young men and women. ♪ >> frightening moments inside a philadelphia bar when a man storms in with a gun. >> he come around sticking up bars, darn right he ought to be locked up. >> people inside sat in fear of their lives. to night we have the bar owner's account of what happened. plus, a deadly crash. a new jersey transit bus t bones another in newark leaving two people dead. what investigators know tonight about what went wrong. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. frightening surveillance video released of the moments a gunman storms into a philadelphia bar and threatens
5:59 pm
patrons inside. tonight police want to find that man. good evening, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. we're hearing from the owner of that bar about the terrifying night. let's get straight out to fox 29's sabina kuriakose covering this investigation. sabina? >> reporter: dawn, the owner of frank's place so shaken up he can barely watch the surveillance video. his regular customers people he has known for years with a gun pointed to their head and tonight the person in that video with the gun is on the loose. >> frank's place has stood on 15th street in nicetown for of a a century. >> frank's the friendly bar. friendly place to be. >> reporter: frank took over from his father 15 years ago. frank's sweat and blood into building up the block. >> we did all new pipes, all new concrete work in and out. all the garages, brand new. everything is all electrical. >> bright spot in this struggling neighborhood. but the small business owner says he's crushed somebody has shattered the peace carefully
6:00 pm
carved out and invested had in. terrifying surveillance video capturing the moment an armed man pulls a gun on the mostly older crowd that freaks the bar. even grabbing one customer and putting the gun to his head. >> i felt angry. i felt disappointed as you can see the video the way he was and the way he came in here. i was like, it was horrible. >> police say just before 2:00 wednesday morning minutes before closing time. when a man wearing a bandana stuck up frank's customers. taking cash and a woman's purse. the scared patrons hand over their valuables. new video obtained by fox 29 shows what owner frank describes the alleged gunman casin casinge business before busting in. black sedan can also be seen outside. eventually the gunman leaves disappearing into the darkness of early morning. now frank is determined to find out who did it and he needs your help. >> hoping and praying that this guy can get caught and taken off the streets and put him in jail where he dese


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